The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1941
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 28; BI/VTTTEVTLLR (ARK.) CWRTRR NWS PAGE THREE ointer Likes This InvenlorySliOAvs ! J ifi-ToNose" lixe rci se (Continued, rrom I'flgf 1 work, many of t.Mc ;-ame old li'ms remained, I'.e >.as";. However, he did not have the aid oi' the WJ'A lias : during hi.s tti'.st n^iinc, and ^:i'.y was Hit 1 wi'aii.s ui' tin- obuininsj in any Jm;>ro\v- nit'iii* linrin { 'ho past two y< l ;uv.. All o: ih«- IMO niilp.s ol !Tj:ui.s and bridges ',vVr<' improved by iJ)r coitiuy and W1 J A with the county ;:!'!iii'. f:i mi iyi!v j , in with the pro- jrd with til<- JiKido by tlu> (>ri'0ii- tor drainin; 1 ihr ukt 1 (!u- phu-c ol Uic pxsi \r-;<r und er.s bein^ U'iod cross roads 10 bridges during u half. Both county mi- 1 p. i ha;- bee labor. Convicts make tile and v.ork :t.s wa.s i practice. in addition to wo;! VVPA ;uld ma!-rial i he state and other done during ihi county's ex pr us 1 . 1 . 'Cent ro;;ort m;ule Court. f>f) bridge' enlarged. ;imi WPA cquip- :i used with WHA wen* used only to nrv, on regular road in- -."Glint.v\ former done by lunu'.hed Arkansas Farms Need Millions In Buildings wa.s ;h(.' a p ty jihu-.Kl, 4200 h '4n-.v<'l s oa ('!:;. T:ic comi'y ol' such aKf.-.r.-it ol' gravel roa< lour year.-; and The county's ass ; .:>'.:m;tv d i!") !ml>* during the |>;isi ;r<'.vel',r<i HO miles inventory now i.M- Abov«;, C'apt. King shows how to do his pet abdominal-strengthening- exercise. Bring- knees right up against nose. iiont cheul by lii'iing head tu meet knees. Sketch at left shows the start. Ke<'p hands mi floor, head tight ivg'.iiiist hands and ilont push up with your feet. !ii£ idea is to lift legs with abdominal muscles. Capt, Victor H. King, U. S. A., is on duty m ihe U. S. Military Academy at West Point as Assistant Master of the Sword and Instructor in Military Gymnastics and Physical culture. From hi.s years of experience with Wesi Point cadets and others, including gym classes i'or women at West Point, Capt. King has written A .series of 12 articles outlining his favorite calisthenics. The article below is the second of the series. floor briny your knees up until they i ouch your face, as shown in the photo. Lower back to the stare- ing position and then repeat the J as many times as you can j "stomach." ; BK HONEST WITH YOURSELF Don't- cheat by pushing against tile floor with your feet at the start, by swinging your legs open 10 help you curl up. or by lifting | your head i:p to meet your knees, i At first you may not be able to (do this one properly at all; but (keep trying, because in that way I your "stomach"' muscles will be- 1 come stronger until you wiU be jable 10 cio it in the manner ill us- !trated. ; I am giving this one to you early I in the series so t.har. yon, will have ' it licked by the last lesson. In the meantime don't forget the exercises in the first lesson. By CAPT. VICTOR U. KING Instructor in Physical Culture, ; West Point j WEST POINT. N. Y-—Keeping j her waistline slim and supple and j avcidiii'g-iye'verT trie slightest trace! of •'tummy in her figure, is ever- i the mind of die woman I who takes pride in tier • appearance, j So today I am giving you an exer- i cise which is one of the best I j know of for strengthening the i abnomlnal muscles. It is guaranteed j to .. flatten any incipient "bay- ' window" on man or womar.. j Lie on the flor on your back, i knees bent- with legs drawn up as j far as possible but with the feet i = — on. the floor, your hands clasped! There are about 215.000 miles behind your head. Keeping your j of steel pipe lines for transporting heed down against your hands and • oil. gasoline, and. natural gas iu your hands in contact with the the United States. ;;}i:d(-,s siu'h road equip.'neni as .six IrucLs. two irailiTi. it caterpillar, two tractors, t'.vo ^radt.-r.v four steel I'orifi.s ior concrete culverts and oilier items to make up a . aluatiou of $22,510. Kquk'inent oi county clerk's offices iu both the court houses ol Blythevillc and Osceola, circuit clerk's offices, sheriff's offices. WPA ofi'iees. Jvisiice of the Peace court room, basement of two court houses, county health units, county library, extension agents' ofi'ii-e.s. | two jails, assessor's and auditor's j offices, county examiner's ol'iice. i treasurer'. 1 ; ci'f:c?, rooms \ •tnd poor liouses for whites and negrcr.s are inchided in the Inventory. Holland Baby Dies; Services Held Today HOLLAND. Mo.. Jan. 28.—Funeral sennets were held today i'or Donald Edward Neeley. three days old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Neeley of near Holland. The baby died yesterday. Interment was made, at the Sandy nidge Cemetery near Bly- fheviHe. Surviving arc the parents and one brother. Charles Neeley. also t)ie grandparents. Mr. ami Mrs Tom Neeley. Dell Future Farmers Will Broadcast Skit Makes a Difference An automobile that is streamlined perfectly for a speed of 30 miles an horn- Ls not streamlined perfectly for a speed of GO miles an hour. DELL, Ark., Jan. 28.—The Dell chapter of the Future Farmers of j America will broadcast over Radio ! Station &CBTM iu Jotiesboro from 3 to '4:30 p.m. Wednesday. Feature of the broadcast will be •A skit, entitled "Future Farmers Making Plans for Employment After Graduation," starring young JIM Ray Gill and "Delia." Other participants will be Virgil Shaneyfelt. Raymond Wilson, Raymond Cross and P:\rriham Johnson. FAYRTTKV11J.K. Ark., Jan. 28.—Ar in immwliato. need it!' 8^5,000,00(1 \vorUi < lion and ivtrtotU'lmtf, uiTOvdiiH',' t<> iVan IJii'vt'M'.sity ol' Arkansas "Tin's is a ronscrvalivi 1 uf AKrir.ldlui'r and ^UUt-N l")'-j);U Uitcnt o! '' ihi- uvriculiural I'lu- lid! tiinuuiu. eould 1941 '.aid siill not brin^ house condition up to :ir:-:ivutjl»- Icyr! t't-i.vjmiiuHid^d i.':<v.< hou.sinu nuthf/ruii-s," \ii'. (y'urtor :;;!)d lhav it. is no'. !ik«!y that $ will b<> spciu it r rural housing -in the .\iaif lhl s \ear. and :uJdi d tiiat liic collH^o's :' .scsM'cJi dala indicate that $1'J.- LUO.O(<0, iu^(:tm-i with home *lubor .-.lit! unlive miiUTJal.s, cuUld :ii.:c«}in- ;;}i.-!: the .vaiiif' results. Avcra^*' Aye 'dl) Vears The estimate vs'i'is'd on tho f o-;i lhai tlu> average a^. 1 of farm '; in Arkmisa.s is sometliiiit; over j:0 years, and thai the usual life f;l the frame • houses of the typt 1 commonly built in the .state is calculated at -It) \var.s. This means a normal i (/placement of 6'1!50 housing units in any one year. At a low valuation of $1000 per house, $t>.L'f>0.1)00 would be- needed '.c maintain the normal muuher of livable houses. Fur each new house built, at Uiast- 10 existing houses should b<- vc.mocielecl. Mr. Carter said. If only $',400 were spent on G'2,500 hotis- (s. i hi- remodeling bill would be SI 8,750.000. Tlie housing survey made by the college and the Department of Agriculture indicated thai more Shan nine out of 10 rural houses in the state were without electricity, :-!umbing. water supply and sewage disposal. Storage closets found in only 25 per cent of farm homes. The structural condition index for Arkansas farm houses wa.s 25. on the basis of 100 lor "good" condition. Thus, in three out of four cases, there was. r.c-ed for remodeling, repair or new construction of screens. paint, walls, floors, ceilings, foundations, roofs and other .structural parts. Should Rt'buiUl Many Mr Carter said thai the college recently analyzed 1'J houses for remodeling. Only one of the houses was more thau.,20 years old. they \vere all reasonably well built, had been painted regularly, and had received normal repairs. Yet a contractor's estimate for providing bathroom space, kitchen storage cabinets, sanitary plumbing, interior decoration and a small amount of structural change, wa.s 5600. Since the census valuation of Arkansas houses is less than $400 per house, it i.s certain that many milu> are not worth remodeling, and should be rebuilt. Mr. Cnrier pointed out. douse ri I. (\-irlcr rms of (J :i 'ropeHv Insulated Walls And Ceilings Also Reduce Healing Costs While };ood cimsim.'-iipn o! walls, ik;i>r.v and roof.'-, and propri 1 fin inn of doors and windows arc csM-nlhtl, accurilin}' 10 the tciMinical udvirc of Die l-'cdural Ifonsiiu', Adminis- initioti. uddiiional proii-riion uf- feivd by an insulating mate-rial is often recommended. Properly insulated walls and I :uld materially to both ! Suiumvr and Winter comfort and in severe climates often assist in obtaim'ni' reduced hcatint; costs. Insulating nuiteriols on Ihc market tod si y may be divided into four classifications. Flexible insulation is made in batt or blanket form and Ls placed between joists, rafters, or studs. Fill insulation i.s of a fiber or {granular nature and may be used to insulate walls and ceilings of existing as well as new buildings. Rigid insulation or board insulation is applied over structural members, cun be used as wait and roof sheathing and often for into- ,j lc . rior wall and ceiling finish. Each of these three types arc composed of a larye number of minute air spaces which resist Uu> transmission of heat. The fourth type, made of metal, is known as reflective insulation. This type, ns the name implies, depends on the reflection of radiated heat for results and is used in conjunction with air spaces, Experience has proven that ench of thc,sc types are effective.. By ObsorviiiL', 1'cw Simple Rules DcMiyM' Of i'U'O Ma Bo Reduced Greatl A i thh, ttnif of yi-ar ilu 1 i of lire in the hoMir resultir.t itirnarc:. and boilers may hi- i reduced by Dn* ob^crvaiioM N-w .simple nil''-.. J'^tJA ul!i/-ial:, A coimnon ctmsr of lifi- lc v,h)"h may ))i v t'a.'.ily eiin-ked •:im;)lc vixiluncr is (.In- o of improperly built chimney flues. Ovcrfirinx or ovcTheuUiH; of fur- naec;: and boilers ijy Iciivint'. the- ; (irulf- uiien too Ion;.; ?;hou!d be livoidei!. Automatic hcniiui 1 . control:) should chevkeu pt'.rlotlU'aliy In orUc's* U> it.-'.sui'i' their !;ood workiiiw order u.-, a pruU'cfion a:^ah^s; overheuvlnu. Regular rlennini 1 , of lurnaee and Jim- ol , i -oor ,'il.yj acts to prevent fire:,. Improperly installed healing c-qtiipnient. whli'h penults liigh- tL-mpi-i'alitre surinccs to be In too close contact with cvmbustiblr mn- lerial.s, i.s another common cuust: of lire.s, For example, in a wanri- :tir he-itint; syslcm \\'al! slacks n.r<? somelimc.s too close to wood surfaces which urc without asbestos i protection or air space, and often i the wall u\\d floor rugisievs avc too j 11«hl nRaiust wood, Anollifr reltded cause of many Winter tires in homes which FHA officials warn iMf, uuat(ended flros in firepliu-fs without screen protection. and an.swer the comphtlnt of ihc; By Elizabeth BIythf? ; D. D. phiintills, Guy IBtirks, Eddio Burks, JG. W. Barham. Atty,, I'or Plt'f. Finnic Payne, Annie Lou Payne | J. Gralinni Sudburyi Atty. Ad Litcm and l-'n-diiif Kno/icc. lioJrs at law j 24-4-11-lt} of W. C. Hurks and Cornelia Burk:;.; '. , ','. Wliin'ss riiy hatiM as c'iork of said! ,, , . _ • n .. ' . ... . \ , , . IVjnjamm FranKlm attended court and the :u-a) tlierpol' on this j ,. ( . hocl only two years of ihc L'?i,h day of January, 1041.; | lilmii fulcl that JIARVMY MORMIS, Clo.rk. m a and 10. life- ages More Valuable Than Coal Wltht-rite was discovered in a mine in Durham county. England. It i.s four or five times as valuable as coal, and both minerals now are .being mined at the same time. IN THE CHANCERY COUHT FOR THE C H I C K A S A W B A DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI. COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Guy Burks, Eddie Burks. Linnle Payne. Annie Lou Payne and Freddie Kooncc, heirs at law of W. C. Burks & Cornelia Burks. PlaintiiTs, Vs. No. Km Mrs. C* F. Boyle, Earnest Stewart, Mrs. Earnest Stewart. Claru Stultz. P. G. Worsley. Mrs. F. G. Worsloy. Mattie May Mills Peacock. Murray Peacock, Fred Ed- wnids. Mrs. Prod Edwards. Tom Flannigan. Mrs. Tom Flannigan, Lonnie Stewart. Mrs. L. L. Stewart. Thco. Pollock, and Mrs. Theo. Pollock, Defendants. W A 1C N ING O III) Ell The "Defendants, Harry Stewart. Mrs. Harry Stewart. Lonnio Stewart. Thco Pollock and Mrs. Thco Pollock and unknown heirs of .;. L. Tillmun and wli'e, S. A. E. Tillman, are warned to appear iti thft Chancery Cnurl for Lho Chickasaw- bn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty (3Qi days Al! City Licenses Tax.i--Trucks--Drays and Private Cars DUE BEFORE FEE. 1st, 1941 WARNING ORDER — In the Chancery Court. Chickn.-} T . sawba District,,'Mississippi Conn-j New Home Being DUllt ty. Arkansas. Thomas Hays, Plaintiff. vs. No. 1413 Louise Hays, Defendant, The defendant. Louise Hays. Is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer tho complaint of the plaintiff, Thomas Hays. Dated this 20 day of January. 19-11. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. Claude P. Cooper. Atty. for PItf. Percy A. Wright. Atty. ad Litcm. By Lawrence Little Lawrence Little Is erecting n modern five-room fa nil house on Highway 61 at Holbert's Corner, a siiflvt distance North of the Arkansas-Missouri State line. The frame residence which will have two bedrooms, will include ;i number of up to date features. 81NGQ PARTY LEGION HUT Hlytheville, Ark. Jan. 28, 1941 TONIGHT Many Valuable Prizes 8 p. m. Admission 35c Water Messages Indians sent wireless signals by placing a. hollow log in a river imd beating the uppermost end with a stick, the vibrations carrying tor nianv miles in the water. rpj n. ('(• 1 he dlutf \J *-r are m Fucknfiai FARM LOANS Wilson and Worthington Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges First National Bank BIdg. BlytheviJIe, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor! for The Prudential Insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON NOTICE OF EXECUTION SALE Notice is hereby given tluit I, as Sheriff of Mississippi County. Arkansas, will, on the 11th day of February, 1941, between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon ;»nd three o'clock in the afternoon of said date, offer for sale, at public outcry, to the highest bidder on a credit of three months, the following real estate in the Chick 1 .'.- snwba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, to-wit: The Southeast"Quarter (SEV> of Section "Eleven (11) and thf South Half (S'.i) of Section Twelve t!2> in Township Fif- .teen U5) North of the Bast- Line and in Range Ten U0> \ East of the Fifth Principal I Meridian. j The purchaser at such sale. v^i : ' be required 10 give bond with good security for the payment of th«' purchase price, the security to in 1 approved by me. together with interest from the date of sale at ur: rate of six (6%) per cfent per annum until paid. This sale will be made by virtu*' of a levy made by me under an execution issued out of the Common Pleas Court of Mississippi County. Arkansas. Osceola Distrir;, j on the 19th day of December. 1940. j upon a judgment rendered in snid i Court in favor, of The American j Historical Society, inc.. a corporation, plaintiff, against Mrs. Jossie P. Driver, defendant, said execution being issued in favor o' said plaintiff. WITNESS my hand this 20th day of January, 1941. Hale Jackson, Sheriff By Jess Horner, D. S. Homes are beinii buill these lonj>' winter evenings. Not with hammer and saw . plans and facts and figures. bill with hopes and start with — into the They the wisp of a wish and grow practical stau'e. That's where we come in! We'll guide your home ideas along practical lines . . . tell you hn\v you can use your "rent money" to build a modern small home on the FHA Plan . . . advise you aboul new materials. . Our ideas and advice are free. So- call us now — before you're read to build that liltle home of your dreams! We have a number of FIT A Approved Lots for Sale AVe offer a "one stop service" for home builders. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 PLANNING A NEW HOME? COMPLETE SERVICE PLANNING A NEW HOME ...? . . . como right in and sec us today . . . we have all the toob for home planning you'U need. We have PLANS , , . FINANCING INFORMATION . . . IDEAS . . . SUGGESTIONS ... AND GOOD CONTRACTING REFERENCES. There are no charges or obligation in connection with any oi the home planning suggestions we have for you. Tako advantage o! these faculties today. Call for your copy of Small Homes year book for fc) E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 Others Have Buifd an Addition to Your Home Remodel or Repair Your Home PAINT and PAPER We Carry a OompSete Stock! DOWN PAYMENT SMAtL MOMTIitY PAYMENTS New Screens Re-roof Concrete Foundation Hlocks Add a Room Add a Screen Porch Paint up and re-paper Lei Us Help You. Come In To See Us TODAY. East Arkansas BUILDERS SUPPtY CO. E. R. Jones, Mgr. 204 No. Second John Deen, Asst. Mgr. Phone 29

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