Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 30, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Continued moderately Oold. Diminishing Winds. If 1 It's News You Can Find It In '-The NEWS !r Beacon Falls Bethany — Bristol Terrace Cotton Hollow -^Middle'bury Millville — Flatts Mills • StraitsviUe Union City NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, 'MONDAY, MARCH 30, 1942 Price Three Cents apan's Far-Eastern ™ . • • ' ) • ••'.."' •••: ' .-•'•- ••.•'•."•' • '.•'•••.' ...' : . •• ,'• s An JUB COMMITTEES WILL BE APPOINTED TONIGHT - 0 , 0 John P. McDonough, W1 w i>mmon Pleas Court, Endorses Campaign TREASURER OF GREYHOUND FUND jontributions Will Be Ac- knowlodgod Daily In The Naugutuck News ton* for tho linnu'cltalu conduct ,! t'uwpalKii for tho 0 myhound fund lo honor tho moinhoi'8 of UK ;,tuck High school |,un iiiul HH couch, I'Klor J. ln> uutud upon nl u 'moultng If tin; ifMiiuwl (JQinmltleo to ho L| i n Hid otTlcn of lick IlilltV Nt'NVH till.** .. - - ,, 1 ' , All momhm'H ol 1 tho urn vory unlhuslustlc Lllmonlul I'roin Iho pooplo.oi' tliu LoiiKli tuid a lldy auin should ho lilUi'd In u vory .short. Lime l-o Itiuro IIM ovi-nl Hint will show Mm Lm'latlon of L h » tpwnflpoop c |Jr ih» svlnniriK oC l.olM tho State d Now- Knffluurl championships iWi- publish hclow at: eiidor'HO- Lit of -Urn •lorfllinonlal received oilay from I (oil, John K, MoDon- iiigli, judg" or tlm Clominon "I'loas ,!wrl, ... .•.»»:.:...-•.•.•.•-./••';,••' ' '' ' Nmiuahiek, ('onn, ,Uu roh 28, 10V.!. To llic Kdlloi', N mill n I lick Dally iV'W.s. 1 Dfiir si' 1 ' Iho^n'ri'ylujnnd Ktuul," You did H nice Ililnil t<> NlHHK'Mt this »'««- oyiillliMi for a aloiil-hom'Uul »(l- 011 Pago Throe) NEW CAMP OF WOW INSTITUTED HERE YESTERDAY Unformed Team From Brooklyn, N. Y,, Performed Initiatory Work SNOWIN THE NATION'S'.CAliTAL ^A ifosv camp of the Woodmen of tho World was Instituted yesterday afternoon at 8 p. ni, In Goodycar hull with Iho Initiation of a large class oi' candidates'featuring the occasion. Tho degree'work was performed by a uniformed team from 13 rook I yn, N. V, • Tho Instruction was directed by ,|olm I'/, boyor, of Naugatuck, state ftoorntriry and state organiser, .lorry K. hong, assisted'by Pasfjiiale, Mas- tropiotro, consul commander ol Nutigatuck Camp and his associate officers, ' ); rfio spoakors Included Mr. Long. Mr hoyoi' and Bernard Thlokman; of Brooklyn, N. V., national organ- TIUOASUIW'S I»«OI»OSAL-. -Washington, 1 March 30—(U-P) ~ TlujTroa.yury proposed t'oday that family income.'.tux deductions,, be enlarged 'to allow credit' for' "extraordinary .medical expenses", and for olillclron botwoon 18-und Si--who H r o - attending f -c6llogo,, .Uanaplph Paul, 'Trnasury tax adviser, presented tlio Treasury's new rooom- inondation to the House ways and moans committee. • i ^* * + "** —'~" This world's no blot for us Nor blank; it means Intensely, and moans good; To find Its meaning Is my moat and ' (11<lnk;: ' .;" -Browning. i- . ; ' • « • ' . • ' . • I ''-,.'.. . • • • . .:,..'. Floods, Bomb Hits On Cruisers in the .Cnpitnl Thk- voinio.' hpmilifnl.miss-. looks iipon this, caiv poetically - hidylcn by snow in »io A-""^ 1 "-. 1 ! 1 .'-•!"% ftlnU-rSlS^ iiu'toinoiiiiii thntjs. minJife..tiv;shttljo\ oir;Miv;Wlri^i : v.n (he .United Vinlucks PJ«)IFIC WAR COUNCIL MAS BEEN CREATED Will Hold;its first Meeting At White House Wednes, •. . . r. .. • day.-:..,,- . ; ;,.,.,.. .-;.'•'_• Youngsters- May .'Riegist^ At fense Council Office Late News Bulletins . ! —— ; — CHINESE STILL FIGHTING KING,- March 30-(TJP) -Chinese troops r,,u.'l.t utToun«?oo on the Central Bur— +""«* ««™ uvs of terrific .Japanese pounding, but imlicutocl Allied forces were being i: |mn> hntllu north oP Toungoo on the road to Mtmdalaj. APPROVED BY COMMITTEE , WASHINGTON, March ^-^^^f^nSooo^" lal AITtiirs Ciommittoe approved today tt ^*'. "'"" ', rlmir Usion in naval aircraft and storage l«ci™ ait<°' ,,' for L David I. Walsh, IX, Mass., disclosed ho ^1 caiuoi |.|K,rtH I'rom ranking-naval clriei's on progress ol tho anU o campaign, ,____^. _: - .,..••' • Mrs. Cli.fTorcl A/. Topple,' director of the. Land 'Army : un'cU)i' ; tlib; 'Naugni- tuok' Defense Gouiioil today '.Issued Information and inslrimllons- re-' Plaobs for tuuk high s'ohool and': office of Nau-v katuok DcCcnsu.. Goiinfcil,'. v -^ ';';.- ; By— (i ) Students In', hig]i,,,sc)iools ; proparatbry' ;: si>hoois;, nnd , obllbges— hoys over W -years,, of ase-.and.;:g.irl.£5-. over 10 years . of ; age on ' • ., . (2) 'Men, women, ;? younger '•people not In school. ':..•.'••• •- , ;l , ••• , :Reasons'- for- Hbgistratjon;— The. declaration of Governor .Robert., A. mil-Icy of March '••24,; -:^2 • outlined briefly the reasons for .the registration of -every 'possUJ.lo' worker - to 1 work on Connecticut 'farms during all= avrilla'blc iimc-from now until- 'the harvest 'Is 'in! Unless Connecticut moil and women',, and younger workers -ypluntce^iheir:; ..Bpryices,: plans' for necessary increased pro- cluollon will fail. ,T.hi-s.,woi.;k is an ossontial. war : service.: Liind , army insignia and other methods of'roe-og-, •nltlon ' for ' wartime; ".service ,arc;!3c- ing plannorl for. land nrmywopltprs. • Prcvfiillns. wagns to' be paid— while; wor'ko'rs will liavb- the satisfaction of doing thcli .duty,'': it .sh6uld Ilarlford;' Conh^V^Iarcli —A : nai;U'oixtv'Con'l'i > aotbr';tcsli!/led a^ the removal 'hoaH'n'g/orVsuSpcnded: Highway Commissioner, William -f. Cox today he could . have- T; : .his 1 bid on,>the:. Hartford .dyke-con-; «tructlon-:-$'i'l,b ; Op. It: lie ^hacTv known;-; 1 that wet nif v could; be, used.! instead; of mi.'hauled•.•l > rom;inlnna;.pi : ts;'.'..;•. ..? . : The con tractor, .Nicho'las \G: Ma-. sc I 11, sub m i ttccl -a b I'd; >f :$1BG ) 5.05;. I'o iv ' the • pro)cot/ but"-' :: the'.co.ntract 1 ' was- let fo"' liio'-A! ! ;/I' Savin',Construction; ^Talented Daughter Of Mr; 'E.- Marf iRocicettes formed by the "•highway .-department;. - lho * before thic .bids were: asked for.that wet . 1111,.;pumped,,i'rom- tlie .river , ,.. . . : 'Miss: Gcn'c MrtrMn, talented daugh-- ^c)r.-|of : :'.-Mr: and .Mrs. TliomaS E. -^ la rl,in '' : p^ 'SO AVai-a'- Street,' is 'pic- .ntl ^f.; ; R(idjp ; ^M^:;,Musioar i Han' of L ^Vi;^ : prk;;,icit/V-;'^'in:-; A-'two /page-, c ? r .' [.s : pi?eacl^^nJSuUdny's .colorfotd of'.New center wet .1)11,.:pumped,,i'rom.- tlie ,,river, j^p ea - c ^vV3ri"SuUday's colorfotd 'ccll- oould-'bc.-used-roii,Lhe,fjyke l J?ul;lljaL.;]^.^ Da!]y News> no other; bidders received; this .in- • , ; Martin ^is','the -twenUetlr girl av- e iv patrioUc.wartlnie .'als6"b'c. emphasized i in Now. lrf (MiHy in May, .... N',, N'Jw Kn«lmid rcfmorios will HUMCIO thoSlxBtatoB in that area. s along tho Atlantic ooaBte-where l 'xpoctorl lo ho IOBS serioiiB than. in . okl to doHvofdniio only withm thei -e . t ___ IN" NYA DOEMITOEY M^'Mavcli 80 " Dormitory, rosidoncc OOH, wan Hwopt.todefy-by. a Hs^ •re, hours to control, A flro wall am,, to other Fodoral building'* of -onu,, from IBastport and Passama quoc y xo, siiidonlB iiad loft for classes shortly. before the ' ' • '• ' ''. ' ; (Con tin u c d ' o n^ MAYCALLREAR V\i formation. . : .. .-, . ,., , n _ .,.-... Questioning Masc.Hi;on-Avork.Savin; w as -• 'd o i n g o ii ah o tiier sects Q n- __. o L- the dyke, Defense Council Joseph- P;: Berry inquired- whether he : : knew; .Savin- 4 'was'using riyei^flll,; and ;Ma- ; : sclli'replied 'that he,,did;, .; ..:-/."It didn't .occur to -you to -ask n,you could use hydraulic .Til! ?" asked;., 'oerr y wi th reference to the: dispu t-; 'cd-bids, -. •••'••- •.,.<•''••/• •„•'.-.'•'• •'•".•''.; : ' l «.No, it dlicln'ti'Mie.replied-, ; •/ -'. ' . •Richard I?'. '.Corkey; assistant; at' torncy' general;-,; aske'd.-;. is .here'' anything in tlicse'..(slandard : spccMicutlonsX which permits youj lo' use hydraulic mr .\ :':* : - :.;. ii ,donit know.of;,any," answered., Masolll.'"' 1 ! -'V - ^'-.- ; - : , ; M ( , '„'- Ber.ry .interrupted .to ,ask ..there, s 1 n'b'thing iiiVthc ' cations which prohibits; youyfroin; •(Coritinued on; Page;.Two') "• -Washington; March- '30— (UP)— Acini Ira I isniosl, J- King, •conrmaiulor-Jn- c of of thereof anrl ohici'.of;naya momUons, probably NvMI, be .caihMl hororo tho Sona'tp Naval' AJTaii-.s Com- mlWo tlils -Avb^-'-ror. questioning. on the Axis submarine menace to •AmericMn sliippng. '. . -' . . •_' 'Chairman David J. W^? 11 ''^;; sa'id to.lay- that- King: would regarding Ihc-prpgrpss STRIKERS VOTE TO —- -- VATiL HIVEII, Mass., March SP-rA^-J-; nkiiiK loxlilo oporatiyos voted today to- ret n» arioruoon in 18 miils where, war proc ucu [iHualiy pai-Hly/ocl for a Vfpek v/Hh about lo,uu JHi', Noarly 1,000 memhers, of -the- American^ I' Toxlllo Oporntivos. (rndcpenclent) whp-hacl 'i issue or Graft vs, industrial: wiomam took .W mooting on the recommendation ol tnen botfls- which tho hottom o IT I ho U. have sent 53 since January in . A I Ian Uiv const. od ; inrormati'on • on v} : qiflcrable 'numer o: Armj o.u. -nrb .opoiitli^ C equest forvnssu^ee tlsctory'V- steps ^are' : b.e.n to mcoI,.the%ilMTiurin ?i : !l ienncc bo°on ;rq^vto q ^^^ opod ' OQvrr bo kept open to victory rnitor linos mus Sum ;0f $ Borough Fund ' ' Nor m an H . - Wood, 4reasu rer, o f/ th e, Nnugatuolt committee' for; the/ Salva-: tion army .'Maintenance,. Fund, .nounced today lhat;?1300 contiMbuted 'in. ihe bQroug Naugatuck's: 1942- <ru Ota lias i ' ' ' ''''''' " ' ' Y- '.The •-nobkettcs,-/:40 "girls. 1 in., the ^hs^mble../.^^^ :hol,Cd for 1 ,their pro- 1 l ci siqii ,v fprmV) gr a ce ah d rh y th m and h a \ T G' \yp h! ; -in te r n a t i 6 n a 1 , fa me' a s a '.unlit Uhat.?canivqt be^outstcppe^' and. iliJlat- vies' fo.r top. honors in.;drill• j nfj'i wi th' th'e. \Y c'si 'Po'i n t • Cadets or "any -other crack outfit-In -the army,' navy or marine .corps. There ; are only 36 Rockcttes oir t-lie 4 stage at vahy .and al 3times • as l<en,. of the •group are ahya.,ys 'rdta'tiiig oh yaca-. • tion:-Miss Martin • her parents lici-c,' 1 6've'r ; the '• weekend oh her .holiday, wliich-"bccurs :every foul 1 .weeks/ ... . . ...'. , ' : The '.ages of"' the! Rockette-s ' range- 'fi ; pm :)8 - to 23 .years . aiid.--. they, •'range' in-.heigjit 'frbni\flvQ feet, ..three' at the ends : pf lV tAe: line to' five feet six'for the dancers y 'in the 'center of the 'line. The fiances 1 arC'Vsfaged by. 'Russell Marker!-,, director, 1 and Gene Snyder, co-director, '";..'• '.;...•• Tlie roster of the'Rockettes includes gi r Is from', nearly ..every .state in- the nation.- Including Miss. Mar'.'tin-' from Naugatuck, pbhn;; other girls '"•• comer'Troni', V'-Meadville, Pa., \uburn, Me;, Cleveland,-Ohio,- Hav-, di ; )i-ill ! -Mass.;- : SL, Loujs;,, Mo.-.vChesr Cer^'Pix^^Atlanta, G^, : ,New; York, ;iNj;>f : Y, ) ^:Phildd'Clphia,: Pa.,' Newark, '•N.VcjiV'-'.'GoVumbus'i Ohio, Glehdale, //>'ue'cinsV'. J ^v- : .V.:;: -Brooklyn, N. Y., 'Jcr- "" •'•'•" ' •;• -,N. J;, Kansas Gity, .Mo., i--'. Fa 11 a,- N. Y., • M in neap 61 i s, Minn., .Toronto, ^Ontario, Canada, .Hrillwjood, 'Va.i .Dallas, .Texas,. New- -bii^PQrt} oMass-;;•.•.•Norfolk',; Viv.,;• Ai- 'bany, "V'N.; Y., : . an d". Chicago, • inin.oJs. ^Several other, 'npckcttes,. are,, resi- 1 delfe ; >pf -Mie' cities 'named; above. : . >. v PItECEDENT HHOKEN AVashihgton,.;.March SO^-XU P); — Creation' of .a .Pa<illie -war council which will sit in : Washington was announced ' today by /President IVoosevelt'. , - Membership' of the council—which will hold, its, first, moet'ing at the \Vh'ite • House • Wednesday—includes Australia,, New Zealand,' the Nether^ lands,. Canada, -China, Great Britain 'and .the United'States. .' ' - r The •.president, .announcing crca- /'tio'n.,of the,council,' said':, . • '::• u t' is-imperative. that all .of the : Uiiite'd : Nations,.nbw -actiyely engag- ;'e'(i, ; in ''the Paciflc'.,conflict .consider together 'maiters ; 6f ; -p'oli'cy' relating td;,our,..jointTwar "effort; ' - u An .effective;- war.»can. only he prosecuted with' the complete cop'p- •'.epatl9n' i! and'..under.8tahding' i of all the ; nations coiVcerhed." . ' '"' . . ; : -pffv lyjlfi ,':beI.Tn/fn ti nia te ,con tac V with a-similar'.body;.in London.. ', .• > -•' ; Mr.- ; Robsey.elti will represent the '.United'. States 1 at : the council's /first meeting. Y " ; ... . ,. . , Dr. Herbert V. Evatt,,'Australian foreign mJnlsterv who recently arrived in tills, country -an'd who has been demanding, a r stronger . voice •for his nation 'hi the prosecution : of th e war, wi 1 i. represen t JrJs coun- . New Zealand will be represented by its minister to"tlie Unilerl -States, 'Walter. Nash,-/and' the ^Netherlands minister, Dr. A. London, will.rcprG- scnt his government. ' • .Hume Wrong, ..counsellor of the, Canadian legation,- • will ' represent- Canada in the flMence of Minister Leigh ton, McCarthy/.:, •';.... Dr. T. V. Sobng; the Chinese minister of foreign 'affairs, will represent China, Great Britain, will be 'represented by : .BrHish Ambassador Lord Hal if a* 1 .'••'/':•• • • ••-•••.•• •• While House -\-Secrctary -Stephen T. Early, making, public the president's announcement', gave no . details on operations of the council. He declined .to .comment on recent reports That, this council' would be charged' principally- \ylth matters of action and. thtt.the council' at London would be* primarily a-political body. ..''.' •..-. ,{. . ' J Aids Night Fliers *3S3f !Si Heavy Rainfall x In Guinea Drives Japs Back ENEMY ATTACK ON THE IS FRUSTRATED Americans And Australians SMke Gpjmter - Blows; Nazis Report- Sea ;' Battle ''' • ' ' ' • . By .,1013 ALEX MORRIS •' I). P. Foreign Sditor ' ,;)npnn's Par Ehst.crn offensive wns disrupted tpdn v v by itorrcnllat. floods oh New GuincaV.bomli: lilts. bivpQi'- baps hnlf 1 a dq^o.nv , ci'ulsorSi : '.80. v fai v and a heroic Chinese- stand" ;lri iCejn- t.rar Burma; / , ' r»'.',.\\- ' ' v .-! K'orly , iiiftlves ..ofv.ralnfaU/liv.'Uhc Markham viilloy .of^NoNy'Quln^a .Is- Ihiid, norliv ; 'ol' .v/Vurtir'alJa; lias r,c- ported .to -have -j\rj von... tl'ie/ Japanese back '27 miles .from ;NU(lza r il id- ,t|vc north coas.t 'Jnvasion, Jjase of '.Lao, breaking nix an iillempl ,to.qroRB r th<s island and attack ;VoiM, f Moresby/ .-•• )n Iho Philippines, V.a.-pVolpng'ed .Sh o\yn. are the. riew <Jaitk, 'adaptcr lenses developed b.y the Medical Research Section of Xhe Navy's.Bureau of••"Aeronautics.. These' plastic, poliar roid goggles with rod leusds,,enable pilots to work,under-full'illumina- tion thus eliniinatinRr the twenty to thirty-mihute«'.period.usually spent in' the 'dark room to condition the eyes of a pilot before a nicrht flight. FISH AND GAME SMOKER AT LINDEN PARKSATORDAY ,.,v. And' 'Fill pi rib. fdrces linrl lurnefl,.l).ack/ : Mied dpwn Sunday, of (,(•! repeated' thrusts on, Bataan siila, ', . . /...'.'.-.'. • ,' T\ ''.'; (('.' " i .''• H'lgli Ie.v6l and: dive . bomber. ;.»!.'- tnckp on .American '...position's/, continued but the .-Washington (Contlnueri:.on,Pagc Two) ' George A. ciate As monies Kelly Will Offi- Master Of Cere- . t AND HIS Local People Featured In The White Falcon Published In Icelarid> • • ,' lr S. : Sherman .'/.Wesley-',.;: ot ; ^ •ford;^public relations' staff,; , 'cbndSming-ln^ stated today , tliat ;the/o.fUcial; -annual^ ^Salvati-on^ Army Day -here' has,.- been;..set for Thiirsdayi April. 2. :•, • ...-^ Mr Wesley^is: ; :being ; : assisted, by;•the .following/ uniformed represent-, ativos of ihe' organisation ^ -C Casck'v, A T Bralnc and Mr Mrs W J I awronce. Jr , , / Local residents who have , oonti'ibiilocKto the fund so lai 1 do so Thursday. / A . y and, four-year ' ' ' te tlils/vjlf; 'Is; th e : f i 1'st -'.wQman .ltd.,: h oil & '"*"";lic : youngest /ih.istory. /'Slic .who served', a term:',' ...-•• ."/•,":'.'-' •/•••' .. .•' •• • SCRAP IHON may (UP)-Farmers- live near SI PdleVs, Mo , gathered GO tons ol sciap iron in a one- d.W ditvo The iron was hauled lo SI Poters In automobiles, i rucks, wheelbarrows and coaster wftgons Captain J.' William Johnson,, of; Naugatuck,: = rates a front page story. in the March 7th issue of'The; White Falcon, a. .rie\vspnpcr ,pub-> lishcd by the American; Forces in Reykjavik, I eel an dv , The article refers to.Miss Lillian Johnson, daughter of Gapl, . and; Mrs. Johnson, 'of i2i Cliff street, who recently received -her .commis-- sl-on as, a seoohd-lieutennnt as .an ; army nurse-in, the,medical corps., j The article follows: ' : DAUGHTER OF I«G ; ^ T\ CAt'tAIN IS OFKICKR -Father and son both /.'serving their; country -in amis; often hns.--\vqn ;r wide public :dcclairir and 1 been .the [ Subject of' many,a' story-. JB^t' rare- j ly.does one read of. a falser d'aughter • ,,se ; rving -togeth'eiv jn armed forces 1 .;.'/^ . . • ' . •. Yet -this is-the experience of. Capt. j. Wllllanr Johnson; of the I. B. C. Quartermaster,; -\vho' reccntly -..-.- re-' celved a letter from 2nd. Lieut. Lil-i linn Johnson, advising her father she had 'become' an army* nurse and ; \vas .stationed at' Fort Banks,; Mass She wrote Capt, Johnson Hut her greatest, wish, now she might be stationed inro'd Baker, president of the Naii- 1 gatuck Fish and .-Garni.' Protective I Assn., announced today that George * A. Kelly, foreman of the mechanical department of the Daily News and prominent in local fraternal circles, has been secured to officiate as • master-of-ceromonips at I, he- association's smoko.r which will, be held in St, George's hall, Linden Park, -Union- City,, on Saturday . evening,. April i\ at 8 o'clock. 'Mr. Bnker and-his committee of arrangements plan for an. evening that will'be the outstanding event in' the history ' of the association and have arranged n program 1 hat- Should, tickln the heart nnd spirit of every, sportsman in this section of the state. • There will be moving pictures of hunting and fishing, .the latest 'obtainable. - three - first class ...boxing bouts, a. musJcnl nnd. vocal enter-, tain men t. and there will, be plenty. to eat nnd drink. • ,. T!ejects ,'ire f>5 cents, including; the fe'dcral tax, aiui may be pro-' cured, from' members of the association.' TREASURY BALANCE . Washington, March .30—(UP) -Government expenses anil..receipts for the current fiscal year through March 27', compared with y a year and- was in Iceland. YEAR- -LAST YEAR- Expenses gJ9,8G7,2f)2,fi2b.76 . -$8,ftJ8,3')9,'il0.23 Wftr .Spcndtnn I'l.i.OTa.TOG.SOT.O/i : •- 3,570,05J,250.49 Receipts ••8;872,538,562>i- •;. - 5,310,5Ci,8il.7f) v •', . ' ' ,'NctvOcflclt-- ^ 10,005,714,308.32 • 3,258^54,227.47 Cnsli Balance ' 3,586,476.528.03. ^ _ 2,278,098,954,36 DELAYS SCHOOL ' Tlollister, Cal. (UP)— .Holllsler schools-and the .junior college \vll open a month later next fall, school trustees dncidcd. The delayed opening will permit students to help with county harvests ..nnd offset Ihe expected labor .shortage. MEETING OF BORO BOARD Warden Leo J . • Brophy.. xv'IH make a Hiial. effort tomorrow evening to secure a quorum .for a meeting of tho board of warden and burgesses lo act on routine maltcrs to -clcai^ up'.:the. business .for tfie horoiigli's- fiscal year which ends tomorrow night. He has called a special meeting of the board for-tomorrow night,. '.'-•.Several attempts lo get', a .sun'i- clenl number of the 1 board memJ)er» present for a meeting' have; failed. Th c i 11 n MS o f B u rgess George; Pel lows of the second ward and the absence of Burgess Joseph' plhnehy who is In the army makes, ft ncccH- sary for all the rcmalnHig. inernbcrn. lo attend a meeting to prbdu'cc'ithc required number for-ft quorlJ.iftJ v MRS. HEADS UMTFM CONTROL Appointed Local By Dr. Charle* L, Larkin of State Committee ; ' ,-?'•'• Mrs, Clarence R. Fcnnlmfin has baen appointed chairman, of '.the NaugnlucU Unit of the American. Soe.ioly for the Control 1 of Cancer,, by Dr! Charles - L. Lnrkin, • chalrmniv , of the State KxccuUve Committee of the society. ' : ; "Orgftnlzatlon" of - th e•• Wpmen.'s Field Army In Naugatuck • \vlll, be one of-the first steps taken ,by the local unit," Mrs. Fenniman".said v "This Important auxiliary .Is .a volunteer^ educational- organization 'in /i7 slates and the District of Columbia • and ; now numbers 200,000 women, 1 '/she sold. • ; . •••''• "The Connecticut Slate- Medical Society endorses, and ; ur£es> interest In tho objectives' of the Field Army' and looks upon its ^activities and progress as a valuable, con- Irlbution tw . the -preservation of hnalth ai\d happiness of the people of Connecticut," stated Dr. James Douglas Gold, president of, the Connecticut Stale Medical Society In the society's • bulletin of January/ 1942. i ._ ' •. \ /

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