Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 11, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1942
Page 2
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AT HO IXTflA ! KXAMINKO By A, W, WALKER OplomotrlHt 08 BANK ST, at CENTER Japs Reported On Way To Port Moresby , (aonttmiocl from Pago *Tho liiipm-tunoo of India as an or- fnnilvn iHO WUM «mplmals«>cl cmi|>l( 'or H I'onruM I'm 1 Intf. AilcllTHN P. () - Wt, NMU- four door >mmll Innt ooiMllllon; K<>0<1 unrl TO fllllHtdo room for 1 <>r lidJx m .mviil mnnl Illfll MlO , HpariOHO tlPOl, M K , ITorlnK mwoi'0 IOHHUH, WUH a" wouko.uHl nm Urn urn tmomy'H I'.oiiimuiul ol 11 o HOU alnlonnUs him to movo in any Hli-cd, UH.HU- odd*, the llrlllsh w« c i^i-ooil on a pUm do- ilincul to «olvo Iho riucHlipn of n- d a i Kllllottl fptKulorn nnd dlrotUod q ffl'onl Oi'lPlW- l » l<1 r U n MV mix UhlKor wltU Indian ilOHli-u fo lr U& of a Hodlomont. bo fni an amuHm^ul^ IF UlK[ nu ^ p . TOU«NUO[ IO " I6H ' • »^p^^ ' Do this—Try 3-purpo»»Vn-tro-nol, It 0) shrinks swollen mcmbrnncs, 2) soothuVirrUatlon, (3) relieves transient nnsal .congestion ....And brings grcntcr breathing ^S^ comfort. 'You'll "kc VICM t* ' It, Follow directions V ii.T»O.llOL 4< \\ i i' ^T^ - -^——* i plan wont no rqi'ther than the pro- Si o 8 nrlllBli statcmonls Umt lo- n i Inn Hlatiw was onvhusod wlujn Ll\o indluns ooulrt roaoh an ogroo- mont on Iho torms. On other fighting fl '°" l4:mi n .., orlonn and British units still flght- luvu-Di'loh officials report Ain- with Uuloli In mnunlalns ol C Sumatra ^KulnHt apanose Itivii rum si uiutin. no" 1 """ —• i w« arn,IOH;,Sooraba,la. iiava 1,UHO iloslroyocl HO thatcnoiny can t "^MiUlml'lnnKon. nougitiH. Mao- Arlluii' reports all quiet on the Lu- •^^innu—ni'lllflli foroos abandon onllro liwvnciciy Delta ami, taKp up noHltlonH- with Ghlneso: ;i«> feouth oenirul ""r'^^^^^on" 1 ": intondcd for Ghlna. m m ii~n<jolai>ntloir o! 1 war against nJi he lovorl likely aflor President notullo Vnrgftfl ordors nil Drn'/iliau s hs Into port and signs measure BivlnBhlmHeir power, to, declare Wl iumla--Hcd army pbuncllng' both'; no rand south ends- ofGorman ....... 'P..««I- hut. rtnnl.01 1 llff On. ( DJOLT NEWS. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11,1942 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^••^^•^^•^FB^MBI^B^BI^^^^BBi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i r — . ^••••^^^^^^^^^•'^•"i oooupy Darwin and other strategic north coast regions- ' TRAfFIC SAFETV CONFERENCE AT YALE POSTPONED j » ( Justice Ai'Llnn- P..Mis oM,he Su'-' ni'ome GourV.ol 1 .Errors and chairman or' llio Ui£nway Sal'dy conv, .nilllco- announced today ^tgat, : t.n.e ; •n/in fnroncd ; t,6' 1)0 '• hct(l l by .Uift .'pon?-'. c6nferoncto?ce' ;.mission al 'Yale- iml yersl ty on March has- been indefinitely .-p'ost- noncd. , • • , Duo to tho 1 Inability of several stato officials , and two. other per- Hons listed as principal' speakers .^o-, •.'ho present at • the conference, this-, notion Avasxconsldereil-. advisable- , by the ' conference , coriim ittce. T " Notice of Application lil«» IH to Klv» notlc.o thai I, Strat- lon NOTION — Wo i)»y TOP rnoo Horlml rnnUilH, wunto l-apm- and nonr»«"'. Alwayn rnllatdo and prompt Hnrvloo, (Jail Watm-l.ury, jl'niWil. C)Ui- trtiok atoly. iu of ll»7 IIIKM Hlrool, Nnu- l conn., havo ni«d an UDP Ir ton elated MftiTh 10, W« w Lh , „ rjciuor Control Gonmi ss on for „ a Hcsiuurant Moor pm-iult toi Main of alooholln llnuoi- on Iho and W Park Plaoo, and south lve front, but center ng oslruotlon of trapped Iflth army at Staraya Russa and hroak- hKUpc'nomygrlpon.southorn asc for spring offensive toward Caucasus oil Melds, ' : ." • ' Loiulon-nAK 'again Ddmbs German rmhr Industries; four planes missing. !„ tho Kflr T3nBt, Ausli-a la wnB tlio. otlvo war cantor Jnit Urltlsn m i ornplinBtol 1 that Iho JoP- Smio transports and Nvarshlps ol, /i wlflo war front and might stiiivo as fu as Goylon at any time. . a T o Australian air attack wiis UI-. routed at a concentration of JaP- annso transports and wshlps olf Now numoa. Tho Japanese wore In massing- troops y .to an attaclc on ...'juHlIbo, RUs.stated that plants will be dcvclopcd.-'i'oiv holding the TrfUnc Safety conference at, a-.later. date", j THREE teOTp I Gmim; -(UP): Had « ^ __. If you uso llio ill (Mil |f»™i ll iin«. -- i i NuUK.itti.k, CJonn. Tho >^l<^!%£ - hy Stratlon KrallH ol ivl , .MircVl NatiKaUioU, (lonn.i and svlill.^ocHuiuiUmllO'pi'aUonJu^^ of Ml IllKh Htrool, llonn.iaM jiormlttno. S'l'MATTON Dutod Maroh .10, ID-V-i. (1* 11 Dress Up Your Room — «i •< ^* «4 L for tho first day of Spring, March 21st Now Orotonnos In colorful figures and stripes. Uoocl for furniture coverings, drupes, otc. 29oto DOoayard, Olazoct chintz in lovely coloring's. Used for smocks, dresses'or bonrdoir coverings-and bod spreads. DOcyavcl, Washable, IIOWOVOl', I n dowiii ni' moi-o Jiipanoso lino wns = ue o Vapan's axis hut that some Informal ar- The Kennedy Store ri Thomas Bros, n t| 160 MAVliK ST, IMione 518-1 II Auto Body and «... Fender Work lfl II - Auto Painting - II || 24 Hour ' II Wrecker Service |j Great Oak Farm OXPOHI) HOAI) MILK — CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to All Parts of Naitgatuck Telephone 5049 In" any such . I nlgbt, however Indicate that Classified Advertising tholI^Avay. r out:'or ; a'; -ppilp^i- 'tPafc3|.:' tlui North'' A^padoWs, ; v ,today .nttei rol)binfi tlie 0, Fox £ Go,, depart:-. merit storc;'''or v av$i0;op0;^ftyrpji:;v s-; Tho bandlTs .cxchangecl ..fihots. \v\ th statQ; ithd, Hartfoi;cl;, po".9 e -,,°.JJ:. Iho' mcndows ' i'or more , tnan • an. hour ' 'fincl- word 'reported^ to ;l ia ,y.9.. escaped '"the 'Hartford, area'. 1 *V, j-.j .- Ocn'cral ; Managpr.- Samuel-. ,.TBJIn- : slolh said "tho 'holdup;i-QdoUrrocl.rj.n: tho,' company's, ''warejipusc^-wlilplj;• adjoins' \tho ;; 'Majn 1 .^pr^, .^.hcV; 1 tJtal._• thi'he paymast'ors . were•;.r.obiypcV,J'ft8 they prepare^'; to rll's'tribu'tc^pay^cp-f. vulopoa to 1 X]ic 'warehouse' fitan,•,•. TliQ-'^pi'QOp, 'said ; Winstein; w;^ only'.'a .portion 1 the : M QO_m$an,^ entire payroll;:' ';' v . .. ' •:»;••••Tho paymasters -wowvin ft nmaii plassod-ln blTico \vhon the three: Sunmori- ontcrocV the buliaing, ^ -^ "A Tow employes wcro . ^yaH^u^ oiitsldo the office, and the .bandits Jjriishod past them, warning thorn not to mako/aVoye. • ; , :^: Thoy drew guns, on the: paymas- trir's, 'gathered up several boxes m \vhloh the pay onvplopes were kept, and ran a short -distantie to street as they 'sped away In the direction 'or -Sprineneld, ..Mass., ;a mo'toroycle': polloomun was 'repot ,-r od to have «lv6n cluiso but to havo lost the oar.In tralTic. / vable for tl, e duration ;AivnJyersary Special' Bright. ; new Spring suits .-featuring . the : These • «ire the; grandest Bambury " '' 'Coats -that we have ever 'assembled. ...Ex- .. ' - fully'-!- pl. . •• Plaids and ice. cream tifuUy: tailored, -'plaids, gay checks, rich .tweeds, flue .coverts, and ever popular navy coats. Sizes 7 to ,16. ' •pastels. Sizes ..7 to v . 16. ••.yv.i ;•:.•.•;. '.".•• I, v\';o,\ .\. Other 'Coats $5.95 to $19.95 , • j.^i. 1 • v -jl. .* • •• ' i • Wash Dresses (loinplolo shows today nm* . HmcMl ns follows «l. tho folio wlnfj Inou'torsj Alcn/ni', li!)0^;00-i;-~: CJcmi, NniMiniuck Low's Poll, \Vntoi-hury 2 : HO— 0:00— f): 20 Americans, Japs Strengthen Lines . (Continued from Pago One) ,^ 26fh BIRTHbAY SPECIALS GIRLS' WOOL SLACKS. Blue/brown r 10,tol6. $5 value 2 PG. GAPE SUITS. Nayy flannel, 4 to 14. $8 value ........ GIRLS' HATS. Beautiful" ' : ; selection of! straws and,felts A up 2 PG. CREPE PAJAMAS. ors.ahd prints, 6 to 16. $1,25 value /... v ........ COTTON GLOVED White BJQ C ' and colors. Sizes l:to l^.'.--... tJO ./Values to-$1.98 , Each .one-a bargjln , ^ specially priced for pui Anniversary onlyJ Siaes 3 to;16. . '•'••-'.. Dresses $2.49 values drb'p pretty Spring frocks iii a host Of cunning new styles. Sis&es 8 to 16.-" lie' Values .to $3.69 ^ ^B ' • •• \ Silk 1 and spun/ray on for ^^. .-^^ Easter parading. ?lqw-. ^^^^QQ er -'ga'r<dei*: 'prints and -M. m * + lovely solid colors with new accents. 8 to 16. USE . OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN 'S thiin that fallowed 1 l \ j i 11 • A n. i 11 * * •-'«••»"" v> • • r I * i hy his lll-t'fttod prcclcocssor, Lloirt.v Ocn. Masaharu Momma who is believed to -Imvo committed. Imra-kl.n bocauso of his failure to break tlio Wlicrcak Homma dHqrjKUGd lip T twccn blows oh .tho Batanti land front, and. bombardrnerits of Corre-. v giaor and the other- American forts In Manila Day, Yamashlta ma'y strike simultaneously on '••.the. B^.. tan land front and by artillery aerial bombarclmqnt,, at the .islaiiu. forts, It was said. .' .'_ . i.,, Vlis purpose would., be. not, on.^y |,o knock MacArthur's'.little.-.arnry off Lu'/on island but • prevpnt, Jl; from making a stand under, siege, in Gon'ogirloi 1 . . '. Y Infants and A toddler Specials Score? of Uimdvertised Values FREE Plibifo WfttttKKl jiorilUon In raoUu-y, \ViMlo, KlvlUK elotullM of nximi'l- Muni bo u r(iMUI(!iit of Nuu- Addnmn l)o\ M hMwrcMU 1 News. H(7-cU cook lo llvn In. (Jornuui (»r Swmlluli oxlranllon v.rol'on'iu!, Kxcnllnht liocuo nrul WUKOM, ArUUMWH liox "W 11 In of Tho Dally r<ll>1 .j<;0 — Wumnn Fur ullix-ullon work In NiuiKutuok r<m«ly l< i, AfUlros*" Uox "U" In oiu'o iNoWM nITIou. !J " t ' 1 ' •WANTI'Il^llont of ^ or fi I'ooniM tor thvoo adulLH. AddroMH Hox ,1, In of Tho Nowrt. ' Jl-AcU'i* fut- inllllniM',v dopnrtmont, Kxi»orlunm> Oood'flfthiry lo rlylil. Ho\ S, hi owru of The Nuwa. iADIO SERVICE 11 ,, LOVINE EL.EOTEIO 00, 8 Ohvirch Street Dial fiOJil..!''!)!' I Metal Ceilings H oo ling Fwrnnen Work, JAMK8 BAKER ITor Sale .'OH HAM'J—HoiuitlfJil homo In Wu- torluu-y, upjioi 1 Willow Hlroot, All imulurn hnprovoitiiMitM, hot water lumt, Must ho Hold by April lU-st to HOttlu osUito, Prluo roaHomiblo. Adtli'oHH llo.s. A in ouro ol' Tho NOWH, 3-5-db, 0 H 3 ; \|,|,;_-i,;ifjht room, Ivvo-l'um- lly lioiiHO, pruolloully now, Iftto.sL inUirovuitusiils, also !i-(»ur garage, monthly lunoiiui $80. hooalod In Ssvddo I Illl Hootlon, reasonable prloo. Also a lO-rooin 2-fnwlly IKIIIHO locmtod on North Main stroot, Union City, JUM-OSH from St. Mary's oliurnh. If you . want to huv or Hi-ll, Hf!u I'nlsy Imhrloln, Phono Naugatuck Defense Cotmcil Calendar Fin- Wcok hy 5 'mcnsfs'sis ni)U'ri\s. ............. ••.•• •••- - . IIOUSK,'.-;-•"••••••••• ••'•••••• : IMi ..,..58c doz. $1.44 %&•• 58c i ;;)()-!) :,'JO p.nV, i'OH SAM':—Now 4-i'oom hoimo with two uiillnlHhdcl room? on Huroiid lloor. Ourngo uttiusliccl. PrU-.u JHfi^W). Also -G-room ono- I'niully. All Impi-ovonmiila. ClfiraKO. In A-1 uoiulHlon-, yVsklMK $4,900, A. Shoploy, Tt)l. ^l)!l. Foil SAIJO— (V IIOUHO, loontlon High Btroof, *0',200, A KM'oom IJ-famlly houno, Moc.(l- ovv Hli-oot, $8,fiOO. A (j.-i'oom j-farn- lly and la-i-ooni ;J-l'amlly hoimo on Moiulow Hi. root, !p'l«,000. . A .14- room »-fftmli'y TIOUMO on CSai-roll Hti-out, U7.8CO, A 7-i'onm .land «aru«o on tho Polloo StaMq(v-7Gtipt. Anthony Malono. 7:MOp. nv. 1 '.ISO p. III. 7:,'U)p. in. 7:«0p. in, I'Ab p. in. 8:00 p. in. FI«ST AID Wostphal. ali-oot In town, *7,fiOO. ,lf 'you want |,o buy, foullil or Hfllr, »no Pntfl^ DfibHola, your ronltor, 172.. High Htrcot or Tul, M68. _ __ QUALITY GOAL AND FUEL OILS o Counoll 7:.'WlolOp.n». MtNtilMU'lUlM l.ll«. -,.--. . l-IJO-n-SOn. m. Pollen Station—Gapt. Antliony Mulono, '. FIIIST All) 'CLASSES 7:00 p. in. 7,'HO p.m. .G. Hep^^ Pholosraphcr COAL - CiOKIfl - KUKL OII.S -, (UlAlNS •B-7 CMUIUUI STHKKT TKL 7:.'JO i), in. Mi's. 7:'!0 p, m. 7:30 p.m. ' FiHST AID CL ••.'•.,, ,.^. , -.;. '• /.^--- flonlot- School/ Boac-on, Fnlls-Miss, INlfiry. No Ri i ,. _• .• .KI,.o-]lnii80-Ml8H Mvblyh P. '.Tonos- MIss.Borlha ] • ^ lll Mrs. I<on^l,h -J,VtUnpld'8.Hoino,. Dollmny Wood^-Mrs.. THY A aLAaSIFlHD AD. JN.TWil NWWS3 •I'fVlirpnplrJ's Home, Botliuny 'yl'n'-'Mosscr. , - - . . ' HOME Nl/NSING CLASS . . . , •.-•,-• - • '.;• nbci Ci'osjj' Mnry Clarfoy. : ,'• . . .,' Conn. Light and.'.PmvcV Audiloi-ium-Miss DoroLhy: Moss. ': -,'_ ' "'•'. > •+• ~ -• , .'...• •• ••: . .- •' SA'I'UnDAY, Mnrcli ,1/i—FlNCJEMVIUNI {:ftO-IJ:30 pirn,' , Polloo Btftlipn—Clnpt. 7 lo'iO p. in; ' Same. ... ..^ '. ." ' 2 to 4 p. m, 'Defonsp Gouiioll, Helen's.; i>noTOiJi;APHS jn,OK,,,,. : NlU| ^S,^ fb oi^(^:u!v^.v.s.».N. 10 ;00 a, rn, Y.-- Mi. 0, A— Clarence--' E. Jones. x '.Phlaf, ; /rhp^s; H. ,NpJan! "Gannon" Bath Towels. . ^Sferyice-- Soft" DiajDers, ..... "Carter" and *Va.nta'f Shirts "Esmond" Blankets, 36x50 bound. . 97c Baby Dresses, ,hand made........... ,99c •*-^ i »/'_•. ^ •••' K i- • , . ^ * •Joddler Dresses and Suits .... $1,00 ' Cqats, ' boys', and girls, 1 to 4 ..... $3.99 J To Every Customer A gift, certificate which entitles you to a large, beautiful .Silvertone portrait of youi' child (up to 14 years) suitable for framing.'to-be taken by Loring. Studios. FREE i . . Cinderella Story Book . . . with compartments for coins and defense stamps. C D C C 64 PAGE COMIC BOOKS ¥OR BOYS AND GIRLS \* •; Prep 1 and-2;Long Trpwsers'' ,j Girls' Shoes Moccasins,! brown and white saddles; : loai^rs and others with'leather or rubber soles, Pine. Tweeds,. lierringbohejf.. arid / other smart, .materials, N£w three- button] plain-back styles. Sizes 13 •to'48; Others $12.95 :to $24,GO. 1 . . . • / ' J3.98 { Sizes'.3 to; 8 .:'! 2 Knickers or Knickers , ; an,d Shorts••.. -95 Long: .wearing fabrics;for rugged; . boys. : Single and double : breasted modets. Sinzes 6 to 12. Others $8.95 •to-$16,95. . • . ' ( Accessories Sport Jackets, "... ' Prep 'sizes ........... -,,;. .$10.95.,. 'Sport Jackets, Juniors $6;95; Felt Hats.... ..... ,.;. ,$1>49> Slacks, sizes,, to 20 . $2.98 up -Shirts and Blouses $1.15 Gene Autry" Sweat Shirts .to''i6'."Blue,"yel-. white,. ! j orange Anniversary Special Styled • like dad's. ^Tweeds, herringbonesr- 1 - and . navy with ' matching- .- Eton cap. Sizes;2,"to : 8. . . • .v. : , ETON SUITS ' Ail. wool •' -suitsj ^' Consisting of jacket, /shorts',: blouse |and ti€s.,;sizes-2 to 7. ''' i -.suspender style . , : .., M^H^UC ; striped <, jtop, soHd; color; shoots,}: ' J ' ^^d^cii.lors;-•••'••••'•. ••'-.• FOLQ SI1IBTS

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