The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 103.1 RLYTHEVIT.LR, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE MODERN HOME Conducted for tills Florence Brolwrk, Edlloi 1 In 111? Intfresl nf ils svorrifn rfSrii=r= by rfYr,cr,l7F.1 cuMinrlllfs nn fill nlinff-.i nf II,-;MP maVlng, Mrs. ficorpc Thiini, Assnclalu Kdilor Bit EM! Mrs. Thuni Gives Some Recipes Appropriate for Summer Menus Dear Friends in Ulylhtvillc-: Tt is no use 10 sccld vou again about meringues. for I've done li so inndi HUH 1 have used up all my stalling wonts. Put when mics- Uoii after (|uesl!o!i comes In m 1 .'. week after week, on lemon im-r- Ingue p!e nnd hrnv to mako it -rood jnerlnuue on any bind of |>ie. I begin to feel that my scoldings, my good advice and my l)est rocipes are nil in vain. I'm KOiiiB to five you ihe meringue liislrncliOHS onre ti'juln but please remember 1!';r. pc!rfofL re- snlls fire only passible \viih m-sli eggs, a regulated oven, and your own exact following of tile d- 1 - tnlled instructions. It Ihe dish is to Ix 1 served liot. the incrliiRvu 1 must be ready in put on as soon as the dish is ready; if to served cold, lei tr.c dish cool and do not, put on ihe meringue nn'il cup.-} finely cut rhubarb; i\vo cups fresh pineapple ciil>es; one and one lilted cups Mi^ar; Uvo ieu.sp:ions Hour. Mnke enough pnMry lhal Ihe! 1 .' me oler.l iwo-and-one-biiU inch rounds. I'rlck eaeh wiih a lurk. Cook ihe rhubarb, pineapple and sugar losellu'! 1 until lender In nn enamel taiu-i-pan. pour into a baked paMiy shell, .sprinkle with Hour, iirniiige the of piislry on lop of Hip pie, bake nl 115 decrees 1-'. .or hot oven, i-iu'lit In leu minutes. (.'old (,'uts wllh Asjilc One. (ablesiwon gelatine; Uvo <-ans ID- eups or ehicken bi-oili; Juice or one lemon; sail and pepper 110 lasic. Soak gelatine in two cold water. Heat chicken idd Mill and pemv-r In< lealed :id:l jjelailne. dLuoliv well Add lemon juice ..-.Iruln. Pour Into hallow dish tlor. Arrun^ mill roasi b"i on piatier. Garnish Conceal in ivfrker- Proper Preparalion Is Key: ""'"• "," il|! -; 1 ""»'"' lvo « 1 » > n ""' 11 ' jfmioniailc red-iterator or packed in lO I alalablc and Allrac- -" mold *el i» salt and U-e for four ry i 'hours, '['o make ii use, one minrt llVO.UlSnCS of rream; onv and mic half cups iliuht bru'.sn su^ur; Iwo luble.spoons Sueh dishes as '.hex.' are welcome j m'lallne; mie cup |>eanut brlule for Ihi- oue-ilisii luiu'heiiii nr as i chopped coarsely; one fourth leii- an Imporlant nditillun to dinm-r. 'spoon .suit; three table-spoons lint No malk-r h<:w .simple Ihe v:-je- i walei; two labli-sixwas cold water; lable, II may be seasoned and pvop- ! one teasprxjn v.uillla. erly cooked and become an uppv- Whip ilie cream and fqltl Ihc s»- ti/lns and importani- pan or any iK ii r inso-il. Then ailil Ihe Belallne menu. Cauliflower especially, call.s. which bus been soaked In cold wafer yocd .seasoning. Tr> li ilii; w.iy j li-r, i! ( llsviii-e;l in Ihe Hot \vn-| Ilii- iii>xt tliiia; I.M-. |.n iiin], Uicn mill chopped' . One small i.i-ud i-anlillnuvr; imp j'':iiiily, -,a!t and Ihivorlns. !( Ciown cold chicken, ham|i l: ijf ( ., L|) | ne: ,i| <.ruuib.s; three la-I hi Hie n-frl'.jcruioi. pai-k Inlo the !n alienni'.i- slices j blefp.-xin.-i bulter. Uemove ouier I pan nnil let sluiiil iinlll nun bu! j wi"i sliced! (jn-en leaves I mm the i-aul:lln-.vrr. • " OL ton haitl. Serve in lull |Kir-1 of one lemon; iv.o hard bai!e:l o?u.s: sail, popper. c:>'.ery :ilt 10 last?. Soak gc)allm> 'in a little cold water. Treat t!;? tmnaio iui'-e. a^-l •rasoning. lemnn juice and lind. Add su;ar. Then a;l;l gelatine and a shori. lime before usiirx. It does jd:.v,olvc it. strain, pour l.:e jelly \c;!o one inch tliickneys inlo an ob- nol imijrove willi slan<liii'. r . A oven should be used; the usual cause or loneliness is too hl»h an oven liun|M?raturc. If the inerhi^u: 1 is eooked loo fa=L ii -.vhl iaufi:.en. •i-rlnV.le cooked fame. , .shrink :>i.d inn slowly ii Hi T-AO t!i;sr whites bc-nti-n; on? fourth cup Miijsr. .sifted; cm? fointi! to mil.' teaspoon fluvoriiv:. Be sure the eijgs arc very cn!:l, ihe whiles must be freshly hrmten very stiff. The sugar. may be pondered or fine (jrantilatcd and it) uilher case jnust lx- silted. I lav 5 the egg whiles stiff hi-tons any su- Ear is added. Br-;it in ll'.c suiiar with an czg whisk. Add flavoring and spread at once. Set in lower part of slow oven (abm;l 300 degrees F.) to brown ten U> twelve minutes. making a larger meringue using three or lour e^g whiles use a little cream of tartar 10:12 eighth icaspcon to two cgi;s>. Far a very festive meringue use three egg whites and sly. t.iWr-spoom of p"w- dered sugar. I am giving another recipe for again. The re- cniM. o,- covered ivnl-i wii-.ii unn.-i,- n.oij. Wlun neaily ,d , buuei- in a wncepan. sllrring ,,„,,„ <.,,,., Lhe eaulitlO'.ver an<l 0 ^.. I'lace the cherries in • i.n;l hr-atiiiK until t!-.e erumbs are un enameled .saueepni with the one browned .sl^iillv. I'oi.r bullei- and ,.„„ or Ml!4 .,,_ Cm! . ,„ „„,;,. owll juice nnd suxa:-' until sofl. M?an- w.:ile. hnal the milk with the corn- Ktarch, brini; lo boiling nnd conk .slowly ror live minutes, 'rheu (idd Ihe u'si of tin- su : ^ar. ihe ejiHs and prepared cherries. Mix iliar- i umhs over rve hot. 'I'oniarn i'anrakcs T-5s ]-ecipa server io-.u-. One half cup [lour; one half lea- won baking po-A'de]-; one fnurlh one CZK; one third ;oii s lilv. lei ci.ill and freexe us you .saf.; alt an:t p-]>;>;j-. Cuv2r wiih li(|liitl j ,. I'.-lly. let iiiiitly s-.-l. tiiell fll! w:ili's cr.s of ii-.;):ira^i:.s find e^i;. Cover j all with jelly. Lot congeal in the "rUeinifir. Umnold on a bod ol i lei luce and serve with inaynininisi- I --MHS. OEOHOK TIIUIIN kle the milt. Mix v.e:l. lomatnv.s nnd sprtn- !)]id p-'Piie]'. Drain slices In il-.e batte]-. plain pastry, once \-\\K m;ikes pie. ' Plain I'aitry TVo cup-^ flour; one half lea- spoon baking pomk-r; one half teaspoon sail; one half cup shortening; five to six tablespoons ice water. Four medii Sift to^ethf-r dry in»rcdicnte; add \f.M-(\ cooked KITCHEN BY MAHY K. DAGUE NKA Servii-c Staff Writer Salads, sandwiches and little cakes always are accepiab'.e in Ihe picnic hamper. Perhaps a few suggestions iinrf recipes may'help you in packing your next picnic luncli- l'o;aio salad is n .standby for picnics but frequently polato chips are liked and then t!ic snlad mnsl l» someibing else lhal is easy tn pack niKI serve. A stuffed tomato salad is particularly good. Stuffed Tmnala .Salad medium sized lonialor-s, 4 Inbicspoons shonrnlng, mix in with a rork or| { j| CC(1 ci ,j c .,. y 4 tablespoons chopped finger tip.s or pastry bienrlcr i;ntit]colcl tolled ham crumbly in appearance. Add wa- [salad dressing. toplioiiol). boiled ter. a S]»onful at a time, mixin until dry mixture is moistened, just cnoiitjh to hold it together. \Vork lightly with hands nn::l smooth. Divide dtrngh in half. Roll nut one hr.lf on Iloui'."d bMrd to one eighth inch thi"-;. I n it in::i i'i" dlih and trim edye-^ even w.-i:.ji i!:i- ]>TJ:. lioll out the tt-mainins :lou'., r h fcr top cn:st and tnUE in hair and milk:.a few slil.s in il near the rm'.Lr of the ro'.d. Put the filling in the lower cnist. moislen li-.o ed-^es -.vil:'. vaicr and place [he lop crust l.iase- ly over the filling. Trim on" the edges and press the crust tojcthcr n-inij the fingers or .1 fork. Bake'in hoi oven at -!7f> degrees F. about ten ir.inutes Then rexlitca Ibe heat and take as reeled according to ihe filling. Fresh Slrawbcrry Tarl Paslry for a one crusi pie, one quart whole fresh strawberries; one cup chopped or sliced flr.i-.v- berries: three fourths cup su^ar; one half cup water; one fouv;h teaspoon sail; one and rme 1'alf t;i- blospcons comstareh. Prepare and bake a j>astry slicll Fill with whole strawberries. Mash the chopped berries very fine, heat the. sneai 1 . water and salt toget'rcr to boiling. Ad:! chopped berries stir well and strain. Heal to toiling again. Remove any from the lop. Mix cornstarch «-illi nvo tablespoons or cold \valer. ndd 10 the hot mixture stirring constantly. Cook until thick and clear, about Icn minutes. Cool, pour over bor- ric.s in the crust. Cover with a meringue or whipped cream or r.erve plain. T.emon Mcrinpnc- Pir Pastry rot .1 one rn;st pie; one cup sugar: three tablespoons corn- Scald and cbiil lomaiee.;. ;>eei and scoop o;;i the seeds. Sprinkle the inside ivilh sail and pepper and turn upside-down lo drain. This usp is Important, because It tends :n make the tomato firm. Hard .-o-.k eSijt and chop coarsely. Add i-elery and imm and enough ealad :3ressiu« [n make rjuiic moist. r:ll lomatocs wiih mixture and pul at-h tomato into a small bakim- cup lined with lettuce leaves. Chill until ready lo pack. A "boiled"; is chDt,en In place of mayonnaise lieenusc Hie boiled drt&iiig stands up hn:ier than which tends to -ic-p:irate ir trealed loo roughly. finnctwichco of chog>;xd olives nnd pimentoes are goc<l to serve with this salad. Cream cscrsc and finely chopped nuts together with lettuce snudwich might- co:np:eir> ihe »iih and di>> Cook on a hoi. ^leased uritldle tin- I well luuu-ii'.'d on hr:'.ii s 1 ''"' Ci.-uen tnnliilors may be prcpm 1 ed in ihe same WAV usln? a iryn« pan .and Iwo (ablespooivs or ho'. fal. Ckued Carrn:, r.nri Ouiun-i Two buni-h: j s sin-ill, yniui-^ c-:'tr- rol-i; one hair pnimd .small onions; three tablespoons bnller: Ihree lablespcons siti-av. Scrub the carrols and cm in fliinrters Icngihwise. Pc?l onions and prick with n rork. Leavi; them whole. Cook incelher in unillns. salted water until tender, pulling the onions in fifteen luinuti-.s before the carrots. Mb; bulter nnd sugar logether In the frying pan. add vegetables nnd rook slowly. stirring often i;ntil well browned and si:iniii5. Delicious 35 a gar- j nish for iwss!. Iamb'. —" 1-2 teaspoon eacli nu'.u-.ej, cinnamon and ciovcb. 1-2 raip sc;'.-l- r':l raisins, 1-2 cup chopprd nut meats. 1-2 teaspoon «ilt. Cream shortening and beat in smjar. Mix and sifi Hour, sail an-.l smccs and add inns and raisins. Mix thoroughly and add to first mixture. Add milk and stir until smooth. Add F»y well beaten nnd sli:- until bleiutid. nivoive soda in 1 teasiwcn cold water and stir lightly into batter. Pom- imo bak- 'ng cups antt take fine™ minutes in a moderale oven. These cakes do nnt need to b? fro.iled. Tomorrow^ ^Trnii UREAKI-'AST: Clnl!«l tomalo juice wii;-. lemon juice, en-am, plain omelet, reheated rolls- milk, criiree. LUNCHEON: Creamrd shrimo and broad noojlles, cabbage salnd. raisin bread, lemonade. DINER: Chicken Kalian wiih macaroni, fresh fruit -salnd. chocolate eclairs filled wiih vanilla ire cream, milk, coffee. when fiopen In (lui ]KHIS in ilr-j automalic i-e[i-l;t-i-.iloi-. Alter ilu-l inixuuc I.; linn aliuiii. one incl'i j from Die cd^e of Ihe pan. beat weil on angel caki- -.vah fir, :i .saner-. \ COLLAR SORKS Ml Can bu hc-uk-d witlioul lulling! l| you; slock froui wort:. Cross- Solve, ibat for almost a third ofl a century has been successfully, overcoming the most obduratei i liunnn sort-?, is equally eflica- j clous in similar animal ailments.• Raw, open collar snrcs, huge asl the palm of your haml. hull In an unbelievably .short time, with the collar in place each clay.; Try II on any wound-your stock! may have—or Pink Eye, lnfecl- : Ions or sprains; it Is sold under an brmesl guarantee to give ab-! =olute satisfaction or your money, cheerfully refunded. iiOc and fine, at a!! doaleivs. The. Cro.": fjulvil |Co.. Inc., Marion. Kentucky. | CRAIG'5 DAIRY fffame 1H When it comes to cake. 1 found that individual cakes, have such as cup cakes nnd cookies are much picnic than t'.vo tibiesnoon; flour: one stflrch fourth teaspoon salt; cr.iicri rind of one Ismon: two cup- boiling water; thre; egj yolks; six tablespoons lemon juice: one tablespoon butter; one rccip? for mer- Bake pastry shell as directed, mix half the euear with the corn starch, flour aim salt. Add lemon rind, pour on bollin^ water slowly easier to handle ai one large c.ike. C'hrtrolaln Cup Cakes These little cakes are easy to make. The rule will make ten or twelve, depending on the f-m of the cups. Onr cup flour, 1 tea.-poon baking- (lowder. 1-2 tca.snoon sail. :i laWe.srxans butter. 1-2 cup 1 egg. 1-2 lenspoon vanilla. 5 tablespoons milk. I .square bitter chocolate. Mix and sift. (lour, salt and baking powder' sift tSree times. Cream i butler and gradually beat ill siinr. beating until the mixture Is .very 'Shi. Melt chocolale over hot'wa- ter and beat into butter mixture. : egg unl'.l light v.-ilh milk. Add vanilla and add alternately with dry ingredients to first, mixture, dry ingredient!; flrsl. Stir to keep smooth. Pour Into olletl 1 llourcd muffin pans or bakini; cups and bake fifteen minutes in a moderate. 375 degrees P.. own. stirring constantly. Cook in enamel double boiler ronltnuin; slir iinlll thick an-J clear. Mix the remaining half of sugar with egj yolks and lemon juice. Add to the first mixture and cook atom two minutes lontf.r until thick and smoatl:, Add butter. Pour int.n baked pastry shell. Cover with meringue and bake as directed. Pastry for one crust pie; two Cover prefer. BURPEES New Pressure Cooker icing or nol as you Spice ('up Cakes One-ti'.trd cup shortening. 3-1 cup brown sugar, 1-2 cup sour milk. HOUSANDS OF WOMEN SAY flfl HAS HELPED THEM only CVtparity 10 Nn, r.r 10 No. * Ca IP Tim nr 7 Qi C.his-s Jan, Hubbard Hardware Co. PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Prices lor Friday and Saturday HAMS Shankless Picnics, Circle (S) 6 to 8 pounds Average Pound 121c Neckbones Roast THICK Kil I'muid - - II1USKUT. I'niiint - Bacon Sliced ilitui" ('«rc S(|imres I'ound Salt Meat For 'ound Sausage I'urc 1'ork Steaks K. <:. lite Itniinil I'ntmd Butter Cminlrv Club Hull I'oimd I'rosh Shmiliiei I'ii'im- Sl.vlf I'ounil Lamb Spring Hilldqlr., 1,1); - liir iMinxjimrUT, I'ounil l.'iil! Dressed round Cheese l.ivcr I'ri-sli round Comp. Lard = 7Jc. ER MK !;?^. Av,, 59 ( HGNEY UKWSH r«... 19 C ONIONS ffHle(H -J l Sn5 l : MALTED MILK 'tr.-nlO COOKIES s " owbil11 ..., 23 C POTATOES Illiss TriumphOC I,I). L TOMATOES Kv \ S. 13 (: MOTOR OIL !S:g""- M i-(JI. Can - :tOc APPLE-SAUCE N c-.n 10 t: FRESH BREAD'S10 C CORN Tender il Kars ll'ClR'I'L; 1 ICach CARROTS FLY SPRAY T "Z. 23 C A vulon -tnC, .'1-1.1). Tiox il yc ' w - Wheat Tinosl Hnind li lioxos Or iMiu-nroni liislk Lb. 8c Lemons Juicy, Sour Thin Skin , . Dny.en Oranges Calif, M«1. Si/e Thin Skin Dozen Bananas (Joltlen Ripe i! I'ounds Fine (Ir»ni]la(o<l inn-l.h. Siifk - --- $|.r,() 10-1.1). I'liiKT HIIK IMBN-- No. 2 C'lin 2 for 15c •••UMM Scminolp TISSUE 4 for 25c JAR CAPS ^L.,, 22 ( Z \. K e. Cans. VIEANNA SAl !^;v s GINGER ALE ^ 10 ( ' l-Vcncli I!) Z»v\ Jewel lt> 52,:; .Icw«!l lilli (ilc (tiillnn Jujj or Kiich i(J CAAD r.&u. ICC l3l/f\r -I I.KC. HarsiU TIIVI?nA White Shoo ir(; 1 UALUu polish. Kit. 10 AKKS I'ost or irC KclhiRK. 2 for 1C TPA Wesco 0 7 C IL/i i/ 2 1,1,. pkjf. Li CATSUP "- oyal 17C :( I'kKS. it . POTTED MEAT ( ,L 5 ( sir inc Knch lU \2-(h. .J:ir FLOUR "'loir's 86 C SHREDDED w ^£ 23 C CANDY A " 5e n rr or 10 C Pineapple Arnndale Lire. 2Vi can (•Inch Dressing Salad Country Club Qn;irt Jar Dinner Ucgular Si :l Cans Mustard Full Qtiarl Jiir PET or CARNATION Lurgo Can Small Can Cri'ain ^ Sai-k Butter COUNTRY CUM I'onnd SPUING 1!ROOK. Pound IT Tomatoes No. 2 Cnn :i for Crackers Cnunlry Clnt) Krcsh and Crispy 2-Lh. llox FreshEggs .ftiirtrantcef Dozen

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