The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 4
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PAGfc FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS , THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ' , C. E, BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole • National Advertising Representatives; Arkwisas D»llfes, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered 85 second class raaftor at the post office at Blylhevllto, Arkansas, under act of Couercss, October 9, 1917. Served ay the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In Hie city of Blythovlllc, 150 .per week, or $6.60 l>er year, In advance. By moil, within n. radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, |l.6fl lor six months, V6o for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six. Inclusive, M.50 per year; In zones seven nnd eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. Key stoneof NCI lion's Prosperity fs the Kuying Power of Labor The greatest yain made by American labor .during the trying duys tlial liiive passed since tlie Grout Collapse in 1929 does not appear on any slat- nlo book. 11 is written ' in no court proceeding, recorded in no chronicle of Hie picket lines. It is this: for the Ili'sl time in the history o,f tlxj country, lAvacticijlly; everyone, workman, employer, professional or business man, recogjiines that the keystono-^of prosperity and the welfare of all of us is the purchasing power of the men and women wlio-woj'k. A few economists always knew it. But there were always some in influential places to deny it, and the great majority of people were indifferent to it. Now, it has been home in on us again and again, by the most careful studies 'of economists of the Hrook- iiiffs Institution type, and by Hie. daily observation of every man who studies his own and his neighbors' lives. - Without wages that will put strong purchasing power into the Hands of those who work, there can be no prosperity, no security for anyone. The American .market remains the greatest in the world. And that is because the buying power of the American workman has always been high in comparison with that of workmen abroad. It is good -to haye : all<,the .foreign markets we can^ge|' •. bi)tf";i|jte fact re-;_ > mains that the great nuirk'ct of the world is right here, and that its keystone is good wages which will put purchasing power into the hands of the many. : Merchants know it. They have seen their sales leap as employment grew and wages rose. Professional people know. it. They have seen medical, dental, and legal bills paid, after having been dormant for years. Business men of all kinds know it, for they have .seen the pulse of business beat faster as that purchasing power seeped down through retitil trade into light, and then to heavy, manufacturing. ^Working people them.s.el,ves know it, as they have watched their puy en- ' velopes translated into more and better things to broaden their own lives. Everybody knows it now, and the universal establishment of that grow- OUT OUR WAY ing truth is (he best augury for the future of American labor as it joins hands OJICB again i» celebrating its own day. The future of American labor is somewhat clouded in detail. Rival or- ganizatioJis put forth their claims for attention, Different courses of action are urged on the men and women who work. But the central fact of labor's keystone position in the national economy is so firmly established that the future can be set along only one course: "Konvard!" —Willis Thornton. Be Not Deceived! Addressing n Chicago audience the other "it'lit,, Enrl Browder, Communist cniulklnlc for president, admitted he entertained no illusions of victory, if pinned down to it, he said, he could not name one slate lie was likely lo carry. Unique frankness, llil.i, foui \\, w m \ K j,, s i as well not lo Ijc liegiilled by these disarming words. After nil, Drowdcr Is a Kunsns nlk-kDi-, nnd as such lie knows 'every trick, wile and sli-atejjcm In the bluett an of politics. If. lie could persuade us Into believing that he is jiibt a harmlcM crackpot, miming for otflce for Die sheer joy of Ihe oxcrdse, lulling us Into false security wllh his modesty inicl selt- deiirccatlon, who knows hut, we might wake up on a November morning only to learn loo laic Hint l)ie Ark of the Covenant had been stolen during the night and Stalin had hooked passage on the next boat? \Vas> H not written of old that "they that keep Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep"? And Is not tiiat undent admonition us true in the nflcrnoou us it was In the diamond dawn Of till! lout' aKO? Wherefore, we charge the Democratic and Republican natlsiml committees to be right up on their toes. The vigilance «f (lie edalc be theirs! Of thai stranjje, unaccountable Kansas exotic, Earl Browdcr, wo know that, were it in his power, he would dip every minitower In vermilion, flutter Susannah Into believing that Sonia is tin; prclllcr name, substitute ycxlka for Vmu-bon in (lie mint juleps of Kentucky and veneer MID beans and brown bread of Hoston wllh caviar. Ucgardless of what he says, he Is a fellow to Well! —St. Louis Post-Dispatch. ms/m. Clothes are just a'.i outmoded conl/eiition which promotes unhealthy curiosity about human anatomy. —Dr. llslcy Bocnc, pastor- editor ndvocale of nudism. ' • r * * If I had the money, I'd like lo buy ;i college for myself, go out In Ihe slicks and dig up players, and make u team without any interference from alumni or faculty. —Joe Snvoldl, former Notre name football star. Kisses arc yetting more friendly. People can kiss with impunity on Ihe screen nowadays; Ihey don't have lo wait inilil six reels of romance have been unwound. —Kobert Z. Leonard, Hollywood director. * * » When one gets behind llic wheel of a hi t; h- pcwcrcd automobile, the power williiii the nin- chlnc Itself cnlcrs Into his personality. His cso becomes enlarged. —Carroll E. Mculcy, New York slate motor vehicle official. * ' * * Genuine homciimklng is...a business, a science, nn art. H is llic greatest of all professions. -President Kartell, Kansas Slalc college. By William? - HIM, I EXPECT SUCH THINQ5 - BUT FROM VOU, A OROWM UP, EDUCATED VOUM6 WOMAW, I EXPECT A LITTLE SEMSE AMD _.-,.. .._. COLLAB- CRATIMG WITH His sriXJQMSEMSE.' fJUT IT WORKS/ WWV DOW'T VOU WATCM IT, BEFORE >'OU GET ALL STEAMED UP? OH, SJ-lfi DOM'T WANNA, see NCm-ilM' WORK, BUT ME.' NECE.55ITV WAV BE THE MOTHER OF BUT I'LL f3ET INVENTION) OIDM'7 VWKE GOOD, TILL V AFTER HE'D LEFT HOME- - WHY MOTWEB5 GET BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES George Clark &&V f nw»i» J&& HJ«j MM?/V \WAJl • •.-••' / . \ \< f <?4 Hi ? ft" P'•T'Ur' -^1§&?C ^^M-ffi*;llf5 ^Sig«^t^M|» <£<«i£i "We'll have to invile the iWcOe^s to make j. fom-fh aWc of bnd ? c Hut ,; m afraid they'll thinkwe'r v- intf lo be friendly ngain." •• • THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson :> g^] I -FISH LIVING IN THE [ WATERS OF DARK CAVES LOSE THE USE OP THEIR ,IK.,-T """ II EVES ' AND SUBSEQUENT UNITED STATES GENERATIONS SHOW NO GOVERNMENT .TRACES OF EXTERNAL MAINTAINS AN EVES OBSERVATORV i! ATOP MT HARQUA MALA IN ARIZONA^.FOR>THE ' PURPOSE OF STUDVlNiG BUT ONE. STTAfi,... IIKCIX j i KIII: TODAY li'l'. 1 . 1 .'.!'. 1 .'. 1 '. 1 ,!. ".<!«'•<"'>• WBIIBCli (O Mi:i'ii|.;,\ I'nwi.Kit f«r r,,ur J'i'li"' "J, 1 '" 1 !" ..... <--«K«Kt»lf«t he••HUM- Mi-Ill,,',. Ja minimum la liijlrrj- lu-r uud l,.| | lt ., ruiitl,,,," -,'J I " ir ,, J ,""' • ....... " '» >•»<•»»'- Wwlxi'f'uS? " r "" rr "' 1 " 1 ' „,';""'•''• '""> ""' ....... y. .in.iiiii "'"''' : ""' ""•» '" ' .' l'",'!' 1 " •'l> llu <>.v \viin -nii: sroitv CHAPTER X bored lo death. "Wondering whether you ncede doctor?" "I wouldn't admit that " "aye you forgoltcn the— 11 boy friend?" JUDITH was Jlenl a momen , a ''<l Harris said, "l' m sony shouldn't have asked that" "Why not? n , an ., "wef* 1 - ,, h: ' VC "' t ' ' -I""" Wcl» • Hams reached into h pocket, brought out a well-wor Pipe and a foL«.cco pouch "Wh- do you say we l ; vk about «ns Pleasant? And do you m ° "Yes to the first question am ur? !C , S<? , C ° nd '" l!lu « llcu J >'<ii'l What had threatened to be -„ ""Pleasant evening turned out 1, ;e a thoroughly delightful one Released from his arduous duliei '-den Harris relaxed entirely i, udiths company. when Ui rills dropped in, an hour latci hey found the two in the kildici W/ATfiTR. UUES ARE NOT LIUES/ THEY ARE MORE CLOSELY RELATED TO THE BUTTERCXJPS. On top of Mount, Hata is an instrument which follows the sun In Us course, and records ils heat. These observations m". marie for the purpose of proving whether, hy this method weather "an be predicted for some time ahead. NEXT: I'or do deer crow anllrrs? Bones Reveal Horror i Crime In Dark Ages ROME (UP)—A mysterious crime of hundreds of yrars ;i|,'o was discovered when workmen were <le- mollshiinj the 500-year-old Uoman hostel known as the AltiDrgo dell 'Orso. Wliile one ol the men was breaking down an interior wall he uncovered a urlcked-up patch. II Ing his pickax, he pulled down the brickwork in one piece. A human skeleton stood .staring at him. and before lie recovered from his surprise the skeleton, with arms upraised, pitched forward as If lo embrace him. II was (hen tlul his icllow- workcrs heard his cry ol honor but by the time that they had raised their fallen comrade the skeleton had vanished, leaving only jawbones and teeth and fragments of larger bones as evidence of Its existence. The blow of the fall and exposure to Ihc air had disintegrated Ihc bones. So far there Ls no clue to tho Identity of the w.iilcrt-un victim except that he had been a voune man. Reminder'of Grim Dinant Massacre Wand that for a moment Ju< nil feared he had f;ij|cd to tm - uerslancl she really winlcd to be rid of Jarvis. "Indeed yes," Eden Harris said I remember Mr. j al . vis perfectly. He held out his hand, and Jams acceyled j( without enthusiasm. "Personally I've ,,o objection lo your company" the young doctor added. "But" if Miss Howard feels- that you should, leave, then of course . " The other's f sce clouded unpleasantly. "Are you sugijesli,,,; Doctor, that you'd p ut me out'" Oh, not at all," Harris answered. "At least not yet. For the moment I'm merely suwli/ic Inat you act the part o£ ;f L'cmle- man, and accept Miss Howard's invitation to leave. If you do 't do Hint, then it becomes a ratiiur personal mallei- between us " Jams said nothing. Slowly he pot lu mii feet and walked.toward taen Harris. Then, without wani- |ng, he struck out at Inn, vicious- IJ. liul the young physician wns apparently prepared. With sur- pramg swiftness he blocked Jarvis' wild swing. fi"™ c . nny " lul '° unpleasant man you iuvc already " Avoiding Judith's 'gaze, Francis Jarvis dropped his hands. Then •liiiekly he fook up hls hat and shck and left Ihc apartment Harris turned to Judifh. "Tell "niceT-i"' 1 - ^^ y ° U - JTO " ' Ioi " B lauranl?" "' " al rcs " Judith laughed. "Oh, I've been lOeung men out oi: my iipart- "So J see." ' She looked down at him affectionately. "Seriously, I've been And when Harris had gone Vir Sinui whispered lo Judith. "Darling, I like that man!" "So do I," Judith admitted slowly. "I ... like him, too." With the realization that- she'u found a staunch friend in Eden Hams, Judith's dark philosophy changed as the days went by Virginia Bent noticed it almost al once; and she told Dob, "Judy's coming out of il now. 1 was afraid for a while that wouldn't. But she is!" She would never have been so optimistic if she had known lhal on this very day Steve telephoned Judilh, asked her to meet him for luncheon, and that she had accepted. * * a TO it was indeed a different . Steve who met Judith Howard in the hide restaurant around the corner from the building where she worked. He wore a new suit —a belter suit than he had owned for a long time. H c seemed utterly sure of himself now and much more like the Steve Fowler viK> had, so IOIIK ago, ottered to ace thai her ice skales were sharpened properly. "It's been a long time," he said looking ; ,t j,er across the table ' -Yes," Judith said, avoiding his Slew •• 8ilZC- " : k ' 10W " has ' "Why did you let me see yon today when all Ihc other iimcs you refused?" - ' She looked up at him. "Because ; ltd been such a long ti*-e i thought we C0l ,| d . (:]lk now _l so , berly and sensibly." "Do you know why I wanted to sec you?" Tiie question startled her. What reason would there be. exccnt ' wonted lo "I've heard about you -,,,,1 . fellow Jarvis," Steve Was ' coldly. "And f understand the- some doctor you've been ruim": around with, loo." j For a full hair minnlo Ju/ was so astonished that she eo not answer. Thou she Si "Steve, dial's too absurd even comment upon." She pan; "I've seen Jarvis twice. And Harris Once or four [lines. } know how I got acquainted \v them?" "Of course you'd say that." The remark was like a wh lash. "I'm not asking you to 1 lieve if, Stephen, liecausc w I do now is none of your allai * * V J-JER swift anger seemed soften liim. "But Judillr • . . doesn't Ihe facl tlj;il I s 'care what you do—doesn't ti ncan anything to you? Docsn'/ "can that I still feel the wav •Iways did?" j "I don't know what it meal levc. All r know is lhal I Wo'o, 0 !,^ ° nd ° l lh '"** f °>" ».''»'i_^;°'' ho ^ iwl c ' ( II i ooks ' now ;is if ' ''i'' 'O'e to do what I wanted long. Marry j.oii on in ' - <; "f I hat will let" you quit ; <•$. Judith s inl'ikc of I I iTl^V' 1 ^'' as "»"* soir ne had tighlened a belt at. !•? vaist. fhoi-o it was! Sudden "accountably, hcrc was ling they had both wanted tf vha frightened her. what sc ie blood from Judith Howar, nee, was not llic sudden •_- i lf ? on (hat Stephen Fowlcv was c "••ing her a marriage lhal men whole new life relieved Ire'" dice routine. What frighten er was the knowlcdp". ll n l 1 1-opo.ral slnick no ec.stacy in : er being. S|, c liked Steve v,' ; crimps she still loved him ' B' omethniB was R onc now. SomK img had been lost, and the feai d thing wns that she wasn't sii: could be found again. j "f • . . 1 don't know, Slenhc's II h?.vc lo think about it " •;Think about il! Why, Jll( iit eve been thinking about it f in- years. We—" 1 Judilh nodded slow'.y. "I i cno ,| eve. But somehow it's all dii renl now." j M I o'clock she left a puzzlr! eve; and that night she hurr'id om; the office early, nvoidir .Vn-Eimn. Shn held In her sci-li sion into the next (ia-», goins work long before vfrginia 1 come lo her door. But at llm young Mrs. Bent sought her ou shoved a newspaper in front < her. "You may as well see th now as later. Judilh." (To Be Continued) Nevada Caves Give Up Refics 300 Years Old BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) —.Five anthropologists from the University of California have completed (lie excavation of a prehistoric cave in Nevada and brought hack Ihe relics of civilization that, arc believed to have existed there centuries ago. i I Tim party dug Tor six weeks in the new Hnmbolt Cave, which is some 30 miles from the famous Lovelock Cave that \yas'ntso excavated by the University of California 20 years ago. In addition to burials ami a, large quantity of miscellaneous! remains accumulated through the: cemuiies, 31 caches were djscov-1 crcd in perfect condition. These ' represented either Ihe material i asurts or' Ihe sacred paraphcr- j lia which had been carefully!' slowed away by aborigines, piob- \ after they have had time to examine them in detail in (lie University's laboratories. Indian Posal Clerks Musi Be Linguists ncsiBAY (UP) — Indian poslstl authorities must deal with thirty- one different languages and foUy two different scripts, not counting (ho scripts and languages of foreign countries. This requires a special staff ofi two hundred employe.'! supplied] with exhaustive reference libra-! riee, working at Bombay, Calcutta, Madras. Lncknou- and Naspur. Besides these, Calcutta has experts in Chinese languages and scripts, and Bombay in European languages. Difficulties of itie Indian post office arc increased by the fact that a large number of llic popn- Florida Offers Rain To Drought Settlt 1 LAKE CITY. Flu. (UI')-Frcd Cone, who will become gover: of Fiorida next year, has suggi ed to federal authorities a p for transfer of iliought-impov! ishcil families lo Florida. j This state, in contrast with I Midwest, has had an excess fj .rainfall (His year. Cone belie--) Ihe slate would finance a share!; the expense needed to permit M", westctin farmers lo rchabilit'e themselves in new surunmclh here. "We have millions of acres i idle land in Florida, and I see ] reason why these unfortunate pi, pie should not be advised of i.-; resources," he said. i<ahtc FOND D Fits Profession Filipino Women Set A Record in Bar Exams MANILA, H. I. <W>i_j M Kbout Ihc lime authorities of Ihc Philippine Commonwealth wore settling ! on methods for rcslriaing ihe j number of embryo lawyers lhati cncoimlrred a ne«- problem In nn I influx of would be I'oilias, j Wilh the legal profo-Won In! the islands already ixulk overcrowded. Ihc last bar examina- i lions conducted by ihe Supreme 1 ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopl YOUTCTOWGUE is J ?', —PULL ^ 1MCUSATOR -BABY, AMD LET'S SEE YOU'VE HATCHED -%% ' ' rllc Siganlic marble hand, witli I VVC1 . fin fi crs clcrnally held aloft, lia3 bec " creeled at Uinanl, Bcl- fiimn. as a reminder throiiRh tho years to keep alive hatred of Germany. It was (hero that C74 civilians were killed by the Gcr- man army on August 23, 191-!. Of the victims, 02 'were women, 52 children. Oranl Thotb»rn. Y«k nsil- the coin, "FELLOW OWL 5 ^—TO ALL ,-THE A.CT OP 61VIK1G HA& EVER £. LIKE MEEDLE BEEM & SECRET <- MA-R--RUMF-I---FROM "THE MIGHTY HlJMTERS OF "THE SABEKTOOTH OKI "DoWW i*&( "THAT THE WSE6 UNTIL TOD\Y/ IjiklH' AMP THAT, MY FKIEMDS,' ME •y <SIFT TO OUR CLUB — A TROPHY OLE- AMED " BATTLE

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