The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on April 25, 1942 · 4
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 4

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1942
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t - i .tt 1 ; V 4 ! - M r UN j i. e i : i ' f '!' t I': I 1 i. r 2 ! i It' .j-r ! ' t ; 4 The- Muscatine Journal and NeWs-Tribcne , ' ! By JOURNAL PRINTING CO. ' t , - , ' . ' CLTDE R. RABEDEAUX. Publisher.. ' : , . - . WALTER B.CSSELU Managing Editor. - The Journal Established J M1. . , - ; - ' ! ' 5 The Tribuna Established 154S. . . - , i" i - Tba News Eatablished 1SS0. - . . r, ' Newa and Tribune merged 15S7. " Joqrnai and Newa-Trlbune consolidated Sept. X 131S. : i lUmkat of Lm wpapo Bymdlcaf. ; , ' ADTESTTSTJrO BIPMSXHTATTVXS. "? - ,' Chicago, Haw York, Xaaaa City, Detroit, Atlanta, . f - I ' St. Xmta, Saa Pmndaeo. t , - r JTOEE, OTHXgBX3tO AJTO JAJTJT. ,, ! TEMX8 TO SITBSCMBEBS. " The Dally Journal is issued every evening In the week; exempt Sunday. t . . ' Daily delivered In the city by carrier and collected Tor weekly. 20 centa per week. - - -1 Daily one year by mail iaride 1st and Snd zones. S. y I Dally one year by mail outaide 5st -and 2nd gonea. ia ; - All mall ubscriptl3 in advance, - . " -' Entered a second cJaaa matter In the po.t fflce at ,3Iuacatine. Iowa, under act ol March. 189. : Member oi AaaoeUted Pream. - '' - M The Associated Pre.s is exclusively entitled to 'the-use tor re-publication of all news credited to it .r ".otJ1I'T" wiseredited to this PPr and also the local news pub- he4 bM'b .( lowg Dany Trip i i Ds Moines news and business office at 40a Shops Blag.- ' j TXUTFHOZTES. - Private Branch Exchange- number answers ask for person or department T GET IN THE SCRAP I ; Anyone whp has been to the drugstore; lately to get a! tube 'of toothpaste or shav ing cream knows tftat.irs necessary 10 turn In an empty, tube before the purchase can be completed. - - i . 1- That httle formality which practically every- auuii. cutuom.cio num w nowdays ought to serve as a convenient, reminder that the United States is in imme diate need of tin. Requiring customers tor turn "in used tubes, which .formerly were ' discared universally is one way of making . usa- of material which was once wasted. ,' But tin isn't the only metal needed.; :k ' ; When' a nation starts beating its plow- r 1 .. UK 0''J '- vast quantities .of metal " '--..t - : f .. ... shares mto swords on. the scale this nation has adopted, vast ; metals and ' other strategic materials . are consumed. . " P '. " . ; ' .:" ! . -; Copper, zinc, rubber, steel, iron ? and ' paper may be mentioned. Even discarded, articles of clotiung,. both cotton and wool, are needed. i . .Because ample quantities of these commodities were formerly available, little attention was paid to salvaging them ih'. . ' ii i. "r i i ! i . monins - wnicn nave : passea -after, their, original function . served. . -. .- ' - It's different now. U ii viiuniug naif avaa auuxuvu kv aa.iv, a ca3w j ing the' need for these materials has also shut off or restricted previously available ; sources of supply. Ia some pi trn siirmltPS- uViprp nvnilnVilf in ocean-going vessels which is urgently needed for other purposes. I . r ! . The manufacturer of an increasing. number of household articles niDiiea Dy war production autnonties in order that the' factory facilities involved may be utilized in war production and that SIDE GLANCES 1 sr wg nwtt me T. . atq tTa.xrr.oy. "Well, Tom. if they take us in the industrial draft, HI make that old bet again that I can set up a job faster than . ; you on a drill press ("t' I t'- i1' " . ' - J" . . 1 ' ' . . , : - " ". .. f .:; - L the material used may be diverted into essential, war equipment.' -1 . f y V ' - i The ; more urgent p the need for materials becpmes, 'the greater the range of restrictions promises' to be. !.; j, ' . ". f I -The sooner the war is brought to a victorious conclusion, , the nearer will-be the date .when all restrictions can .be removed. l'Get in the' scrapi 'is' the slogan which is i being used - to ; stirnulate public1 interest in widespread sal vage activities.; That slogan is an inyitation fct all to join in a program which is directly f identified with the nation's war effort. " : I ' . : U 'I The corning (week; has been? designated as Iowa-Salvage Week; by Gov. George Wilson,! during which period a particular effort is asked in c'qllecting and" disposing of such 'materials - as ' have ( been ; indicated, so that they may be put to immediate use. I ? : Locally the Muscatine Girl Scout organ-izition has ; ahriouncecl v a salvage material drive for Saturday, May 2, which will make participation in the Iowa campaign easy for aP-PrlpiP rhp- " :, ' ' ; All the girls and; their .leaders ask is that? anyone having materials which can be salvaged to gather it, pegregateyit and; place it outside where it cn, be collected.; Arrangements . are1 being made j to gather the articles and : get them . into j the hands of dealers, - i . -. . . ' ' j . participating in the campaign will serve two highly commendable purposes. - It i will make available, to ! U. S. industry the materials j so 'urgently, needed and will bolster M. When .operator wanted. J. the treasury organization. : , :' MUNICIPAL If ACE LIFTING 1 ' Wholly in keeping j ith the theme of the clean-up campaign Avbjcti is now in progress in Muscatine is' the1 jnost recent i "face-lifting", operation . ' completed. on Muscatine's riverfront a piciurei pf which, appeared in Tuesday evening's' Journal. ,. What ! was formerly; a somewhat dingy spot on the c;ty's front doorstep, occupied by debris of varying sorts has been corivert-,ed into an attractive Ikndscaped -ground, fitting companion to Riverside park on the east and the well-kept Legion grounds immbdiate-ly.ito tlie: wtestt 11 . : : '. : ! The! : city's riverfront jhas been brightened appreciably by the'change and enhanced still further When spring ranis and sunshine have ;had tfteir opportunity to do their bit by thegriss and shrubbery which has beeni planted. v; "il;. K i CLEAR THE ROAD j j , If trrere really has I been some question as t ( the scope of Gen t MacArthur's authority, jve hope that jt; has been completely arid finally cleared iip,. ! I : It is important, that nothing be permitted to hamper, the hero ; of Bataan unheces-j sariiy. i ' Firsti' of course ih! order that he .my harass .the.! Jap mercilessly. But of ; equal importaricevj perhaps, because1 he has come ta personify aTccomphshment of the impossible, . There lis a j limit to what even lie can achieve1.' The longer the (time before that limit can h& measured, the gerater the spiritual, urge his example will give the United' Nations; toward ultimate victory. ; I : ' r : 0 M ; :i 1 : 1 . )G6mmenf and . Opinion i 18 v 4? A needed'1 j' i . . 'L upon wnicn quantities of. " ? a r i into History, j had been i . AK.t.Li CCKTAILXVIENT instances, for - Ii Elcinoi; is railroad rriiiir srapp best,us Citjr, Slole . Gazette. j-i i , j WHERE (THE TROUBLE LIES 1 ' Vf are tolji that a. sc&ntist ii trying1 to invent an, auto hbrrt . that will soothe the pedestrian but not put htrn' to sleep. le itrouble, is that often a .pedestrian is put tasleepby a motorist that doesn"t even .blow horp Kepkulf Gate , City. is being pro-rj - By GalbraitH i 1 MUSCATINE JOURNAL AND NEWS-TRIBUNE SATURDAY, APRIIi of the Muscatine Girl Scout 1 j serious j a 6out,hfr war garden, the and, airlines ;at-ft gping to. lose their one bmer during the? growing seaspbMason 1 !? 'f .1 t-r- QUIZ " 1. Thtse crossed pistols niay re mind yu of old dueling ; days, but the j are merely insignia of some hatd-boiled; ; individuals in 1 I the Army. Do you j know them? i 2. Free French forces ! recently attacksd and cap j-i.i : . n 1 t i . muw 1 pmis ..mi Fezzan. fs that in the East indies, Burma,;,ibya or Morocco? -3, jWSat do' our sailors me?.n by a 'sea"-jBing bell-hop"? . " ; : ',' j CAnswrs( on Classified Page.) Quotations . . It ma: be a good idea for students to? . wear' shorts as a cloth conservation measure. la; fact, they;may be glad to get shorts. Price Administrator Leon Hender- scn. J , I i P -:- I' ' ; . - '1 .f. 1 . :-!; . Until a divorce, there is a community interest in a husband's pockets.4-Judge; Hudolph Desort, Chicago.i upholding a wife's right to search her" fcusband's pockets. : .4 - . p . t ;i 1 i.: , v Survival is what our problem is, survival ; of 'what we have aU lived for, for - a' great many genera tions.i' President Roosevelt - : r . : ; .j- Production lines are battle lines. Let s use all the .production we've got. 'War' Production Board Cbiel Donald M. Kelson. . . 1 V - WASHINGTON j By Ray- Tucker ip .. IDLE A confidential "survey of the current accumulation of ! in ventories reveals them,' to be more mountainous than ever before in the nation's history. With: industry straining to; produce at , top speed,- the uneven distribution of supplies has led the inner .-circle to demand drastie mobilization and allotment of raw and semi-finished goods. yf. '-i ' . j i-' ; The surplus oni shelves, in yards and warehouses now represents an investment of almost twentyTeight billion dollars, i i That! figure . is seven billion more than was stored away a year ago and) almost two billion more than hadi been pilM ud at the time of the I Pearl Har bor atUck. It (is ithe result of . heavy forward buying and varir ous limitations Cn sales. But the disturbing , feature; is that while a certain key industry may b starving for metal required to make weapons, a plant down the railroad track may be rolling in. riches.' The situation explains ; why there may be bottlenecks in 'the; aviation, setup arid no difficulties in tank j factories. It ;accounts " in part fori the failure ,f small firms to obtain government; contracts; they cannot afford -ttotie up cash in large volume. ! W. rl B. and R., F. C. have tackled this problem, with extreme caution They have commandeered 60 j stock . piles ; affecting 17 vital commodities, an4 they have negotiated many voluntary sales of idle materials by i manufacture ers. : But they have not tried confiscation and rationing on a large scale, despite economists recommendations. They shy "; away from such regimentation, : The experts calculate that inaugural tion "of this admittedly novel and difficult experiment1 would mean better timing . of J production schedules, speeding up conversion and raising the; general level of output by twenty-five per cent. Unused stuff jeopardizes victory as effectively as motionless' machines and untrained troops.; r , t i -! ? ." SCION The administration has capitulated once morej to the rip-roar ihg. I red-baiting Martirt Dies froml"dtep in the heart of Texas." His charges that numerous government employes are or have been affiliated iwith questionable and subversive organizations will be thoroughly Sifted by a White House committed. S The Texan aired his indictment in October of 1940 and. provoked indignation from' thei top. j. The president described jit as' "a sordid procedure.!' . ' Federal workers were informed that - jthey ; would not endanger their j official status if they paid no heed to conimittee subpoenal. Bui F. D. R. soon took quietnsteps to meet public unrest resulting from! the j revelations. With a hundred thousand dollars F. B. T. chieftain J.1' Edgar Hoover .set afoot' an investigation of all suspects. He recently i filed a list of two thousaijd names on Uncle Sam's pay roll against whom he believes he has made a prima facie case. j ' j 1 : ' Atty. Gen. Biddle has appointed a court to pass on trie Hoover complaints. It is headed by Interior Under Secretary John J. Dempsey. He was a member1 of the Dies committee, and though sympathetic to Martin's underlying aim, he frequently protested against sta? chamber proceedings and blacklisting, of innocent j people. Other "judges" are j Assistant . Treasury Secretary Herbert E. Gaston and Commerce Under Secretary Wayne Chatfield Taylor. Mr. Gaston i was formerly associated witth the radical Non-Partisan .league, but for years he has been' a trusted Mor- genthau subordinate. Mr.; Taylor is a scion of the socially prominent and wealthy Chicago family. The nearest Jesse: H. Jones' aide, approached revolution was when, as a boy, he peeked in on the fine dinners his father used to serve to Theod6re Roosevelt, on Chicago's Gold Coast, i I ' PLACARD I The republican par ty .may fix its sights ! almost ex clusively on ! the ''white; ' collar class" in next fall's campaign. It may seek the support bf the com mon people who their poorest pres ident said must, be pleasing in the sight of God 'because jhe made so many of them- i I Numerous Capitol Hill strate gists, including ja Than i who enjoy ed top honors ;from thej G. 0P. in 1940, counsel against any.dcliber ate , attempt to win back the votes of labor's aristocracy.! They ague that . the s Green-Murfay-Lewis rankers lined ! up with the demo crats in depression yearsi and will be beholden toiF. D. R. now that "happy days are here again." Na tional Chairman Joseph W4 Martin, Jr. was far from fooling: when he announced that he intended jto conduct a "poor man's campaign." The Wall Streeterslas well ; as .Wendell Willkie have wanted his scalp for months.: He will not go to them begging, for contributions He ! also figures that war 'contractors and their financial;: backers r will dis deep for money and ballots for. the ins. 1 ney nave , long ; iavorea an aggressive foreign t policy inter nationalism, attd now they; are capitalizing oil ' the world's unhappy state. 1. f.: i i . . f y, ' . Dont expectithe mmonty group to placard the doors of; their club houses with signs reading" -'Labor and Capital keep ; out!' Practical polls never operate , that way. But they can tune their appeals so that they .will- Impress the vast group .which stands to lose 'most from the conflict's impact. 1 j i FAME A itallj athletic youngster with a gimp,- leg approached u W lPPr aflsBBsssssV mmHmtmiA-'iiwi.m v his charres- 1 ' ' , 3IARTIN DIES I ' 'i bigherup draft official at a re cent cocktail party at the capital. , ""If you were! but of. the iccun-try when men had to register," hei asked,1 "did you have ta sign up out there?" ? ; "No,-we had no facilifit-s for? that." H " ,r ' " ! -1 j "Well, what happens if you return and jion't register?" . j "The cops might get ': you and you might have: to go to jail." ; i Then the boyiexplained his.?dq predicament. He! was ! flying Jorj China when the citizen army was! mustered. While ; on a special er rand in Chiang Kai-shek's psrson-j al plane, he cracked up,: his wifd was. killed and he lost a leg. On his return he secured a : civilian as-j signment with, thie army air corps; The kindly. No. 2 Hershey aid arranged for a private registratioil so that the prodigal would be spari ed unnecessary and ' undeserved embarrassment. He couldn't afford, to be the subject; of public roisun- derstanding even for a momer.j because of his dad's great; in'egrity and fine reputation. ; The fathei was Christy Mathewson the im4 mortal Matty who ranks as basfe-i ball's finest pitcher and .gefitle-l man in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. ii ' 'M , ' - - ! . . . : j CORSET The curator of the Fol- ger Shakespeare I library; is taking no chances; on ..'.-.'girdleless- women cetting away wiUi one of his most priceless possessions.' Along with first editions of Dekker.'Marlowej Jonson and thej Bard 'of Avon, h has hidden away the 1 cast-iror corset which once .confined QueeiJ Elizabeth's, w&istlme to hugsin proportions. ! ' ; ; j : 1 ' ' : if X - ! ' NEW YORK By Albert N." Leman -RIVALS . Thei' appointment of Paul V. McNutt as manpower "boss of the country is chiefly th result of the .hatred which A. Tr of t,. and C. " I. p. readers enter tain for Sidney Hillman, accortif ing to New YorU chieftains in the national labor j movement. Botl William Green and Philip Murray picked Justice 'William O- Doug las as thir firstj choice but he was reluctant to quit sthe supreme court bench lest his N withdrawal upset the balance between liberf als and conservative?. When th administration j seemed to -fav the selection pf the Manhattan garment union j overlord, Green and Murray, pushed the Hoosier new deal favorite as their next best. ! , Insiders' say this marks the be j-ginning bf the end for. Hillmanj. To save his face he will be per mitted to strut around" Washing-! ... . - jt ton lor a wniie as supernumerary and "labor advisor to the president' But when F.; D. R. kicks anyone upstair?, the victim is fini-ished. . Hitman's press agent setj- up is being dismantled and his chief publicist is looking for ; a job. New Yorkers expect Sidney-back in this ) City; within six months. j He knew rivals had put yip finger on him Green, Murray Lewis, Thomas! of the United Aui-to Workers and the left wingers were out to getlhim. But he is a tought fighter. He concoctc a scheme to Ssplif Lewis from Murray and toiplay with the rad-j icals.- Back-room boys swear that Hillmap directed, the 'strategy Which discredited John L's peace maneuver two months ago. PEEP Shrewd Wrall street tyf-coons have pasfed the word tb pipe down on ) any wails of anguish about the small Sum offerr ed by the Mexican government In settlement of Jthe claims on the expropriated ollj wells. The suggested ; final " igure of betweep twenty - four - and , twenty - pine million; dollars j is only one-seventh -of what, the American j firms said was the worth of the seized properties. Thei bwners estimates were scaled doyri for bargaining purposes. . Informed: financiers insist that three hundred and fifty millions would,, be a true): value of the losi investment But at least;the pjrice now pro?-posed by 1 President 1 Avila Cam-acho's experts jis better than the eight millions offered them before. Local magnates feel ' that under the circumstances it is best o get what! they can ; and seal the tomb" on tnejdead issue. Their reason however Is that Jhey do not want a simmering alexicai case to put a ny- notions into the mind of a certain person in Washington. H He might : apply' the same policy here and take over the petroleum j Industry. . t , The corporations have i not yet accepted formally, as certain legal data must be completed first: Thf deal merely calls for the surface machinery. It i denies the American concerns title to the subsoil 25, 1942 inr keeping the. constitution of 1917 and the nullification act of 1938, ; w hicft ' canceled , private ownership acquired before the former, date. ' Insiders say the transaction fixes the scale for set-, tlement with IBrlii proprietors, who will not peep since j the United States Jias approved; the pre sent arrangement. f TRAITOR Grizzled old Boston fishermen shake their heads about what they describe 'as the dumbness of the navy, We are straining every j construction yard to turn out a two-ocean. fleet and a huge merchant marine, - both sof which will need ' thousands j seamen, and yt - growl' the salts r the arrriy is- drafting l younf lobster-men, sea food catchers and party-cruiser skippers up and (down the shore and setting themj to. 'work peeling ; spuds in ; Texas, cantonments .These youngsters ' have spent several years on' the water. know minor navigation! f are fa- miliar with maritime t jproblems, and yet their experiencej and special skills are being misplaced. No lose is being made by the admirals of small private boats in the system that guards j the At- lantipf coast from predatory subs". In the Brtish Isles these! are used as mine-rsweepers. ivatciiers, and lifesavers.j The New York and New 'England t ctews hqwever dd not favor! being armed lest the underwater foes, shoot back. Al-.; redyi some ships , have sighted Germans "who have notj molested them- j -; i: 1 : . .; M M; iThe F. B. I. has beep probing several such encounteiTs: Somewhere between Cape i pod and Long Island al fishing vessel owned by a former rum-runner of eh-; emy alien extraction stocked up with an enormous load 'of 'food for a month's fikhing. His return with1 art empty, galley next d&y excitedl me ssuspicion jot a patriotic, dock worker. Government sleuths investigated and discovered that ithe traitor had been cariryirjg supplies: to a hostile U-boat off the coast. 1- i ' :, f '- , r; KNIVES 'jNew York military men i are concerned about a sidelight of the Pacific war overlooked by the general pubc. .They hope that tTorregidor's bfav r garrison can be rescued j not, orjly because of pride and humanitarian reasons but 41so would be tragic to lose more) men familiar with, the' enemy's tricks of. the trade. In Hong KongJ jSingajpoi-e land Ba-i taan the V. Is.i anjd Brjtish lost closej to ' rn4-huri4i-efi thousand veterans l.-hh- had! experienced; Japanese tactics! firstlsand. StafW and ! official wireless ireDortsS cari furnfsh some vitaj iinfdrmatici apout tne xoei; manner 01 nghunjg but toothing fa quite so, valuable for ! teaching! greepj troops knowledge gained JCrbm individ4 uals j ho, have imet jthe Japs fade; to: face., Wherf the AJuptrallari Geh Gordon Bennett escaped 'after Ma-s l. m f t - i - i t i ' 1 . ? A 'K' ' - -. !: t -. ' P ' 'i ; b - ' iU ' ' !': : ' ' 'i -' - i'i" ' . ' . i . . P : plying; i ! i y: ' , , j ' ) ' I i -' ; 'j In thick weather, it is of ten necessary to "fly blincFV. .J. to depend on instruments rather "! I' " . . ' f ': : ' .1 ! than! vision and charted landmarks. Almost un-y !-: . vil. :im I, . . ' , r i canny in their accuracy, such -instruments are, .. nevertheless! II -1 !i v II Sir. ; i :- Shoppefs without first consulting the advertisements of those j( .- .--.r.t ."r.-,--'! p - .:k; ''- i 'V ;!y - same stores are Jikewise flying blind. And need-i f-- r M 'y '- - ; :;: t '. ' ' . .. .V;y y, VJyi lessly so. The advertisements in1 this paper are put j j ; ji -fj -' ' '" !- 5 ' ; .' v - ' : : f;. j here' for your guidance, for your safe landing in the J '- lilt ' I, ( : ' jl ..j H . 1 .- ! ' ' . Ii -t PorU of Value. V : h Li ; ; :,. '! y : 1' . . ;yf ; : - i .1.1 map your course before you put on drop the latch-key into your handbag, r Compare I In ft ) ! - T ' ( , ; V . M f. V -"i the, products offered their prices, their general ad- i ; ,y f ; !' '' t'i': '. 1 '.;'! ";'' " ; "'.: ' , i ; j . y ( vantages. Then set out on your shopping-trip pre- 1 I i .'I'-"'-.-': I -1 -' - H- -y ? . . i -r . ' . '-- ! ' ' pared for what you will see whatlyou will wish to have sent home. Let the P cons of j buying.; It's the smar i; 1 i : :' i t - j . I 1 f- i 1 i'p ipU.p'i.i Views by : Henry McLeniore ' Jfew York. Uncle Sam -should buyj himseU - a ydicUonary. ) Two woijds, ! that sound alikel seem itiighty mixed up in his. brain. One is ; interment. ' ine other as "in tprnment" ( '-.' 1 ' ' 'i , j -. '. ; V! 1 i ' '. In fixing the penalty for ; enemy aliens caught with the goods. Uncle Sam chose the word internment,? which; means to segrecate or detain suspicious persons. ' . '! The word he should have chosen' is Interment, which means the act of ceremony of borUL - ' ' r si-i- , . . .: - . i Right under the groUnd. sa good ten feet under, in a box that wasn't cut lor k:bmfort, t Ss the place i for . any Japanese. German, or Italian alien whose household equipment includes uch items ras firearms, ammunition, short wave radjo sets, dynamite, fuses, coastal ma fis. and the like ! ;' . Every day the' efficient and hard-working FBI agents -round up sucj characters; men and women r vhose hidden possessions automatically brand them as traitors to this "country. And vhat happens to them? t '- j You know: ;They are1 courteously escorted to the black Maria, taken to a comfortiablej and in many - cases air-conditioned jail, and, eventually, without sb much as a -smart rap oyer the knuckles remoyed'to an internment camp. There they are given three" square meals a day, dry-clean lodgings, and are generally looked fifter as if they were rare animals that must not be lost to humanity. J I've Said it before, and I say it again, that this country Is going to pay fa whale of a price for its courtesy. It's all right to say that just because our enemies are savage and unyielding is no! reason lava's fall, criticism was voiced that he should not have fled frOm his captured meni. Now "has getaway is looked upon as a lucky break since he can revealj the latest Nipponese techniques. Officers here say that the British force in the peninsula was not beale. for lack j of equipment. They claim that it was .ovsermech-anlzed -for : ; orest fighting while the oriental Icyclifets using knives and (tommy-guns, crept-1 through the bushes and ; outmaneuvered the tanks ard , artillery. This lesson proves that training for a particular' terrain is thus even rn ore. iihporti nt than material. Our of fice'rs, fresh from civilian life,-wil lnccd every bit of military education; possible to enable them o dtand up to Tojo's experts tested !by years of j battle. X A.; - r - " Jl Blm'tl ! s.t : ---' y - second choice in the navigation of the; P- i: who trot off down-town to the stores 4i .- ! . f j , J )' i i l ' P ! - ; pp P - . 'I Yr'y:-;. "! ) . p:, . y;-y; t Study them in the comfort of your home . . . i i i :: iir '.' '" - : i'i- '.-'.- i- , 1J,?.: - 1 advertisements 'serve as - '-JIM -y y. - 'i -t- thing ) 1 i i " e News for us' to lower our standards of J conduct, but that's just; a buncl of phony sweetness .and t light." There is no sense in l fighting ' skunks with an atomizer of ii Christmas night or. Chanel fia. 4.f The thing to do is to fight i them U I with their own musk. v and' -that 2' goes double when they're out lnJ front in what all of us have been! i told, and know, is a batUe of sur- - -r r - S f ! J Personally! and I believe la1 lot! I. J? of other Americans feel theVsame i' ; way, I'd a ", free,' live,! tough American than a deed or I conquered j American i gentkmanS 1 1 of the old school of warfare L ' " 5 : What do you think would hap-; Cen to an Ampriivi in iTiorlin U . . j y .. Tokyo ;or Rome.- who .' was cnushtt with as short wave set or a draw-? e tful ;of - dynamite fuses? Cant? you just picture) the Lord Ches-I terfield manners of i the cestauoi boys who picked him up, caught f him red-h'anifv?? ' Ha'H h nf-VwHv - io jas-i; wng enougn to su-aigntem his tieJ ; They wouldn't evenjwait iu t u ius icni was-puu eeiorei j shootmg him. . ' j : The rules of warfare f call fori shooting an out and out spy. A the reward for a bad job as a,spyf . is deaihV So there is somthinl; to admire" in a man who'll ven4 J; ture on such an assignment. si -' ; : . ty fV: : .f. . h - How much better it w ould? be itQ ' spare an out and out spy whoi ' after all, has courage; and brave j ness somewhere within! hini, ar. 'f snooi uie enemy aliens wno deito t -erately! prey on ; the; ! leniency of their adopted country, The tensei less decency of this country! oven f when its back is to; the m11., is the only thing that gives: enem " aliens sufficient courage to carrj on their cowardly, underhanded ! wcrk.'They are not men and v omiL en of courage In any Iarigusge; The world' would lose nothin? bt - . . . - . r .... . - ineu-passing.- If I your j son were, pit a fankeH plying th' coastal .water ho would you feel about 'an nemJJt .; alien caught on. the codst ith p -' short Wayfe receiving: set?; Voult! ' t you vote iin Jfavor of a .ibiea?url " which i guaranteed :- bim Jicdmfoift!": -: and safetji for tiie duratiop? of .'.' would you-4 ? ; . - ! Our (soldiers don't get jtrp't, !.4 why should an. enemy "alSeifi wi -aids in getting our. boys kjllpav''be-handled with consummate kin-pess? ? .0 ' .3 j i fl 'j ' !! The j day the first America , soldien was killed in thii war w- ; ihpuld, have started lt vefirl anjd started adrniinngUhat this was :io -musical cbmedy waf where thje 'social grades.had'a -part to playj y ; Theonesure way to put an emi .to sabotage and subverereuoiifJy jS for the government to sap.?; arli ; mean ; it that in - the !iutui:4. enemy; aliens will bejtreatesl just . that won't know what that fiiea for airplanes1 Ii 4 : . r ,;; J. your hat and : 1 . ;:':fi guiding bea- to do. - -I: H! : as they are treated in .the coui3-tries of our enemies. ! , - There isn't a;ble5sed one off thm .?! P j ' D 0 3 : 1 . s J '- t : I

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