Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 13, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1895
Page 2
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" . : .';v";^''.fi'*^'. t v l1 '-';^'X' ; V"•••'•• •'-'"''''•':"•""• ' ''''' *''''.'•'' ..:''"'^""X '.'"v' :V -'A' : ' '* i'?'^':" ' '••" •'•'.'•'-'/''I' 4 '!'' '.; '•• ^''f'.y,', ':''''.;'.-"'/.' '•^ J '"'''.:':•'•'./.''.-' '*•': ''•''•';•'"'i ; ^' WOMEN IN THE SPRING. They Need Nothing So Much as Paine's Celery Compound. In the spring women need Palae's ••lory compound. Tbo nvurape American woman, says • well known writer, wears herself •nit twenty years before her time. She fceffine tho wearing out process as a •fcUd, staying up at niffht until the whole family retire?;, and kedps It up u a growing girl, staj in-? awake until Mn or eleven o'clock, when she should to asleep at nine; and as u woman she kag BO many tblnps to do and to keep «p with that she positively hasn't a • j»lnuto to rest. By and by her cheeks prow thin and •toward; languor takes tho place of tor pld time high spiriie; she has a •generally worn out air, her nerves are gnawed by pain, and uleeplossnesa makes. fearful Inroads upon her "tocalih. .'• Her physician tells her simply that • feer nervous nystem Is exhausted, and feat help must come by feeding the train and envlro norvoua track, richly, Mipldly and completely. It is the experience ot tho most careful medical •en In this country that nothing proves so uniformly successful as Palne's celery compound in cases of brain weariness, nervous inability, fcllure of vital force, dyspepsia, sleep- H88D688, and for restoring health eud ••Igor to tho brain and body when ex- laustcd by overwork or dissipation. Every such weary, nervous, tbln- tleoded person should take Paine's •elery compound. It makes euch peo- ffe well. 1 .Talne's celery compound improves *e general health by making new, j«ddy blood and refreshing the nerves. .It reanimates tho languid body, and Wtnllzes tbe important organs so that • feey work io harmony with each •thor. Tne accomplished editor of the Oak- .Jfcnd, 111. Ledeor, a portrait of whoae wife Is given above, SBJB in his own paper editorially: "Our leading druggist, Dr. W. G-. Gregory, informs us that his sales of Paine's celery compound have been wonderful; in fact, he states that he has in six months sold more celery compound than all other medicines combined. Thoro has been a con. slant demand for it. ••Onoofthe noticeable cures that this medicine has ccada is the case of Mr. Phil Clin&rd. who last spring was Republican candidate for county treasurer. Mr. Cllnard's nerves were all unstrung-; he had no appetite and was all run down He commenced using Paine's celery compound, and today there is not a more well and vigorous ollizsn in the whole community than Mr. Cllnard. Another case that comes closer is that of the wife of the editor of the Ledger. Every one in Oakland knows that Mrs. Ytargln was confined to her bed for three whole months with neuralgia. At times her pains were awful, so much so that her hands would clinch and it took the united strength of two persons to straighten out her fingers. Dr. Garvey, tbe family physician, treated her for months, but all he could do was to alleviate the pains, not effecting a cure. Along last winter she com menoed using Paine's celery compound. "She commenced to gain in flesh at once. Her pain all went away; her vitality increased weekly, and today there is not a more healthy woman in town than she. Her neighbors all marvel at her complete recovery, and ask her tho cause, and she has no hesitancy in saying that it is all due to Paine's celery compound. This is given voluntarily in the hopes that otheri who are afflicted may be profited by using this great medicine, which today is without a peer In the land.' 1 PLfcAD GUILTY. Xorthorn strikers Flnort for Ob- utruvtliie vim Mull*. US FALLS. Minn., April 12.—In «e United States court Thursday •ant Muson, of .r.ariiosvillc, wns tried -Mr; obstructing tho mails during tho fccat Northern strike last, April. Tho i^gtitnony w:is brief, and the jury Jjuiul him guilty. His conviction was ifclowed by the conspiracy ease against ^ven Biwn'esvil.le men, und duriufr its ^ogress tho defendants all agreed to 5ead guilty of obstructing the tunili. Tho conspiracy case was stopped, and er addressing-the men briefly. Judge _elson sentenced each to pav a fine of JoO nnd until the line was paid each to committed in tho Otter Tail county ftl. Sentence, however, was not to operative till moved by the dis- ..-Mct attorney. The effect of this is to • < Jlow ths men to pay their fines in in- a ilments. Two paid iu full and tho ers paid half and will pay the bal- otfco before September. NO SUGAR BOUNTY. • >m» Comptroller Will Claim Thnt th« IMVT In UnooQ»tltutloiinl. WASHINGTON', April li.—There is a ' wcbability that the expected recipi- , «itts of the So,000,00'J sugar bounty ap- j ^opriation will never receive a dollar ^ It. The. stump agtiinst which they , R EAL MERIT U thecharactw- ladc of Hood's Sarsaparilla. » cores even after other preparations &H. Cet Hood's and ONUY HOOP'*. lire poinfj to run is Comptroller I5o\vler of tho treasury. Uis position is of a judicial character and from his tie cisions there can be no appeal, either to the secretary of the treasury Or the president. It is said that Comptroller Bowier will declare that the sugat bounty is absolutely without warrant is clearly a ffift to a few individual without present, past or future reconi pcnsc to the government, and is invalid. Deposed. HARTFORD, Ind., April 12.—The Jrlun cic presbytery, which held its session here, deposed Rev. C. Stewart Bain from the ministry for conduct unbecoming a miuister. Took Ills Own Life. ENGLISH, Iiul., April 12.—William 0 Borluv committed suicide by taking a large "dose of morphine. He had been, unfortuuate in speculation. "flothers' * 1-"< • _*»» MAKES Friend" ftp bA9 • • COLVIX, LA., Dec. 3, ISSd—My vrife used " MOTHERS' FRIEND" before her third confinement, and says she would not be without it for hundreds of dollars,—DOCK HILL*. Sent br express or m»H, on ncelpt of prlc«, U pe'r Dottle. Book "TO MOTHfcBS'' m»ll(Xt free. Sold br n COENEBED. Dover Train Bobbers Surrounded and Two Are Shot Down. The Rest (Make Their Eicape Hotly Pursued by Marshals—Cripple Creek Robber Caught The True Cure Of all AN Cirr, Mo., April 12.—A special from Hennessey, 0. T., says: The Lacey mail carrier brings news of another battle between tha Dover tram robbers and United States marshals, m which two more outlaws have been killed. On Tuesday night the marshals had located their quarry and were waiting for daybreak. During the mght the birds had flown affain. Taking the •rail they were tracked to a deserted ranch 70 miles northwest of lere. The outlaws were surrounded Wednesday nijrht by the officers and challenged. Their reply was a volley of bullets. Then followed a desperate fifi-ht. The outlaws attempted to force their way out and after a short battle three of them escaped, closely pursued by part of the marshals, thu balance taking- charpe of the two outlaws who had been killed. None of the marshals were bndly wounded except Moore, who received a bullet wound in the shoulder more painful than danfferous. The names of the dead men ar« not known, but they will be brought here ] for identification. Cripple Creole Kolibcr ArrcntcU. FLOBISSAX, Col., April 12.—City Marshal Cummin^s arrested a man filling- the description of one of the Cripple Crock express robbers while he was trying- to board a freight train at this place Friday, lie will be taken to Cripple Creek to be- identified. The man_wus dressed as a laborer and had considerable money. ADVISED TO PLANT POTATOES. NortliwcKtcrn far mar* Hold u KnUy to CoiiKldor the Subjocc. ST. PAUL, Minn,, April 32.—Western Minnesota saw a gathering' of farmers here such as even the most exciting- political campaign could not bring- together. At the little town of Dawson, near the western border of Uie state, about a,000 people attended the great, "potato rally" arranged by the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad. Two large meetings were held, at each of which W. M. Hopkins, general freight agent of the Minneapolis & St. Louis, and S. H. Hall, the potato expert, addressed the farmers on the need of diversifying their farming operations and the special advautagc of the potato as a profitable crop-for substitution, in part, far the inevitable but not always successful wheat. Great enthusiasm was manifested. _ Ollhouno and Tunkn Burn. WrLK!!3liABKE, Pa., April 12.—A fire broke out in the oilhouso of the At- Ian tic Kenning company here at noon Friday and at this hour (1:45 pi m.) the flames are still raging. Two of the larg-e tanks containing several thousand gallons of oil exploded during- the conflagration and some of the firemen had a narrow escape. The entire plant will be a total loss. It was valued at g50,000. The origin of the fire is unknown. Gentry Appc-nrs In Court, PjnLADEi.riiiA, April 10.—James B, Gentry, the actor, who shot and killed his fiancee, Margaret Drysdale (Madge York) the actress, in this city on February ]7, was arraigned before a coroner's jury Friday afternoon and formally committed to prison to await the action of the grand jury. Gentry is practically recovered from the wounds be inflicted upon himself. rreHldcnT Will P».v Income Tni. WASHIXGTOX, April 22. — President Cleveland will pay the income tax on his otUcial salary. That section of the constitution which provides that the president's salary when fixed by law shall not be diminished during his terra of office does not exempt his | salary from the income tax according j to the president's own interpretation of the constitution. lilce Mill* iJurned. SAVAXXAU, Ga., April l2.-The Savannah steam rice mill, one of the oldest rice mills in this country, burned Tlmrsday'night. The mill was owned by a stock company, capitalized at $72,000, which is about the value of tho pro'p-irty. The loss is on rice stcred in the mill, estimated at §35,000; f ally insured. ;. New Ship for tho Nuvy. WASHINGTON, April IS.-—Another vessel has been added to the United States navy by the completion at the Norfolk navy yard of the armored coast-defense monitor Amphitrite, which has been under construction for the remarkable period of tvronty-ono years. Insane from » IVcullar Cause. LEXLVOTOX, Ky., April 12.—Joseph Dennison. who for several years has taken care of Byron McClelland's breeding stock, has become violently insane. His insanity was caused by the accident to McClelland's valuable yearling colt, that broke its left hind leg and had to be shot. l>lii It to Scare HI* Wife- FORT SMITH, Ark., April 12.—The rn- mor that several society women had been indicted for card-playintr was the outcome of a practical joke a man played on his wife. The telephone system took it up and for awhile things were interesting-. Thinks* K»iirm»U» >e«d Jfot my. CfcEVEUiSD. O., April 12- — Judffo Stevenson Burke, who ranks amonf* the foremost of America's railroad lawyers, said that it is his opinion that the government could not compel the railways of the country to pay, the Income tax. Nervous Troubles Is Found in PURE BLOOD Because upon the parity of the Blood depends the health-of every orjjan and tissue of the Body. If the Blood is thin and impure there is weakness, Nervousness, That Tired Feel- ing:, and you are in the condition which invites disease. ^ If the Blood is pure and healthy, you have sweet sleep, nerve strength, mental vigor, a good appetite, and perfect digestion. Hood's Mak«s Pure Blood That is Tvhy tho Cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla are permanent. They do not rest upon the insecure support of temporary stimulant, opiate or nerve a compound, but upon the solid foundation of vitalized, enriched and purified blood. Read this: Tho cure of Olive Carl by Hood's Sarsaparilla hns few equals in medical history. Tha testimonial vrzs first published two years ago, and a late letter from her mother says Olivo continues in jrood health and ,""We are satisfied her remarkable cure by Hood's Sarsapavilla was permanent." Briefly stated the case was thiai "When petted to cat her htir, u ihe could not b»»r the -ireiglit of it. At first the change for tho better ww very gradual; the paina itemed to be leis frequent «nrt the iwell- ing in pome oJ the joints subsided after using about one bottle. Then improvement was more rspid and one night »he surprised us greatly by tellinfr us that \ve need not prop her up in bed u TTO h»d one for several monthi, and next night «he surprised as itill more by rolling over across the bed. From that tina« on Improvement was Very Rapid and «ho noon began to creep about the houso and then to walk on crutches. Kow she generally ascs but one crutch, the disease having left one leg crooked, and I fear It will remain no. W« feel that to Hood's Sanaparilla -we owe our child's life. "I can't eat, I have no appetite," is the- complaint of many fxwplejnstnow. This is because the ' Vod is in a alucgish and impure comiii.ion. Vitalize and enricb- it by taking Hood's Sarsapurilla,and you- will soon be hungry nil the time because- your blood will demand proper luste- nanc« from good food. Nervous Dy*pep»Ia. "I suffered with whsUhe doctors called nervous dyspepsia. I could hardly walk and could hardly keep anything on my alomach. I doctored for six or icven yearn. but the different medicines did not do me aiiy good and I grew uteadily worse. I would have sick headache for three days and nights causing me such agony that it. seemed as though I would rather die than live. I was told to try Hood's Sareaporills.. Makes Pur lood OliTt was 8 years old she had the whooping cough and measles, followed by in- ten«» pains in every joint in her body, lik« rheumatism. Physicians were puz- rled, but after a consultation, pronounced the disease some form of Constitutional Scrofula. "When we began to UBB Hood's Sarsaps- tllla, ihe could not bo moved without crying out with pain, and we were com- Rccolver for Knnmm IJnnk. WASHINGTON, April 12.—Comptroller Eckels Friday appointed John Perry, of Kansas City, receiver of tha Kansas City national bank, which suspended payment March 10, 1895, and John P. Smith, of Fort Worth, Tex., receiver of the City national bank of Fort Worth, which suspended payment April 4, ISO,".. j^ Prngroai or tJio Indians. WASHINGTON, April 12.—In speaking of his return Commissioner Browning said ho had visited various Indian schools and reservations and looked into their condition. He found them all progressing steadily, lie antici- pat^suhigh degree of prosperity for the Indians. For » Currency Convention. MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 12.—Invitations have been sent out to more than. 500 business organizations in the states south, of the Ohio river to attend the southern states currency and banking convention, to bo held here May 23 next. I enclose tho photograph of my daughter and I think it is a picture ot perfect health. When I think how near she was to death's door I cannot feel thankful enough lor her recovery." MRS. J. A. CARL, Eeynoldsvillo, Pennsylvania. The greater includes the less. Such a curt as the above must convince you that Hood'B Sarsnparilla is a wonderful blood purifier. Give it » trial this spring. PLEASUBE TRIPS. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and Improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, wno live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, ly more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced in taf remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and tru ly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; enectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation, ft has given satisfaction to millions and met Tithrthe approval of the medica, profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggist£ inlWc awTH bottles, but it u.man- ufactured by the Caiiforn'^i Fig fayrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every packaee' also the name, Sy^F o^. Fl « s ' induing well informed, youi will no* accept any substitute if Aumeronw Excurntons tho gtniumer at Ilennouable Jlattw. Whether the tourist's fancy directs him 10 the New England States or the Atlantic seaboard; to the South; orto tbe lake region of the North; or to the Rocky Mountains and the wonderland beyond the Mississippi, be will be given opportunity to indulge hie tastes at a small cost for. railroad fare this year. There will be low rates to Baltimore over the Pennsylvania lines in May, account the American Medical Asfloclation, to Decatur, 111., ac. count the German Baptist (D.unkard) meeting, and to PHteburg for tbe Presbyterian General Assembly. Therenwlll aleo be low rates over thsse lines to Meridian, Miss., account tbe General Assembly Cumberland Presbyterian church the same month. [n June excursion tickets will be sold over tho Pennsylvania Lines to Omaha account tbe National Jr. 0. U. A. M. ; to Chattanooga. Tenn., for the International convension of Epwortn League; to Cleveland. Ohio, account tbe National Republisan league meeting. and 10 Roanoke, Va,, for xhe German Baptist meeting. Excursions for July include low rates over the Pennsylvania to Baltimore for the Baptist Y. P. Union meeting; to Asbury Park for the L. A. W. meeting, and to Boston for the Christian Endeavor convention, and to Denver, Col., account of the National Educational Association meeting. In August excursion tickets will be on sale over the Pennsylvania lines to Boston, account of Knights Templar conclave. Tbe sale of low rate tickets will not be restricted to members of the organizations mentioned, but the public generally may take advantage of them. The Asbury Park excursion will doubtless attract many to that da lightful ocean resort. Atlantic City, Cape May, Long Branch and all the famous watering places along the Sew Jersey coast are located on toe Penn- aylvania lines, hence this will be a desirable opportunity to vitit the eea- shore. The Denver excursion will be just the thins for a Bight seeing jaunt the far West, as ticket* will be honored going one way and returning a different route through the moat romantic scenery beyond the Miasia- •ipl and Missouri rivers.- Variable route privellge* will alao be accorded Bo«ton excur»ionIsM. enabliog them to visit Niagara Fallf, Montreal. Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Bapldi the White Mountains HUd did so. When I had finished thethird bottle I was so much better that I could eat things that I had not dared to eat before for years. I havo taken »ix bottles., and feel like a different person," MRS. SIMON DECKKK, Eugglea, Pennsylvania. "Refreshing sleep b»n been given me by Hood's Sarsaparilln and I now rent well and do not feel tired in the morninff as I used to." .Tom? CRATO. Somerville. Mnss. the Hudson river territory, and- to return by steamer on Long Island- Sound, after sightseeing at Newport, - NarragaosettPier, Naniucket and the- Cape Cod reeortB to New York, and thence through tbe agricultural paradise of the Keystone State, along (he Sutquehanna and Juniata rivere, over tbe Allegheniea, around famous Horse- Shoe Curve, through historic Johnstown and thecoko and iron regions of Western Pennsylvania. It SB also expected that Boston excursionists over- tbe Pennsylvania Lines will be privileged to return via Baltimore and Washington if they eo desire- In addition to the above, there will- be plenty of other cheap excursions, over the Pennsylvania lines to'various- pointB. As the seaeon is Bome weeks- away, arrangements in detail bava not-, been corsummated, but it is certain that no railway will'Oder better inducements than tbe liberal concessions- in rates and privilagea that may be enjoyed by travelers over the Pennsylvania licos. This fact may readily be ascertained upon application to any passenger or ticket agent of these- lines, or by addressing F. Van Dusen. chief assistant general passenger agent, Pittsburg, Pa. TPoulrt II»T« ti»vril nim. Bed phosphorus combines with chlorate of potash to make an explosive of great violence. Xhe London Lancet thinks that if this factof chemistry had been more generally known it might have saved the disagreeable consequences which recently followed when a man who had not studied chemistry put his safety matches into the same pocket with his throat lozenges. Very 4|u«Kr Indeed Dallr, nay, bourlj experienced, are tbe sensa- Mons of tbe dj> pcpUc, nervous Invalid. Ask him. and bo will tell *ou tint it is w«U nU& impossible- to describe them. PidpltatlonsoItDehea.-t sug- E est-«rrontoas!j-tliat tlie organ IB art-rcttd, buzzing m tbe ears, a quc«r. metaUJc t^w la th& mouth and tingling rtwK iae«dfi«* ol the toaene. -emits*, broken dumber at c-sut. an tocllnatloa M-Oeep daring the day, which disappears wUea the rccumbem pwrare Ls Kisunie-l. fj<^aent uneasiness o! th^ fitowacte bttween and alter mea s when digestion eught to have perlormed Its office Taese «e a few among tbe Indicia of the wmpUlnU»p««lUj wnx>rat>>e bv the lisa o-! Bos-tetter's Stomach Bitwrs, wulch also cures and oreventschllL^and lever, bUloasaeas. «o-i»- I l>* SoZ rn jornadam. neuralgia and iddoeT trouble SprLnir The almost universal nabit of ualng aome kind of spring medicine to 1m- prove the blood and cleanse ine system ban its advantages. If the proper remedy li u«ei. What u needed Is to arouaethe liver and stimulate the kldneye. Tne beet remedy to us« U Rinehart's Pills. Kaesllng and Keystone drug store. .

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