The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on November 19, 1903 · 7
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 7

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1903
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V- i 1 ' MONKBNNBSS CURED TO STAY CURED BT ! WHITE RIBBON REMEDY LllZnZ "ZlVl? 1 " can cur. her, brother. r any oh of liquor drinking, by secretly piactag Wbtta Ribbon Remedy nia coffee, w food without bis knowledge; Tbu uioui-uiw. vae cures nae oee . jwrrawni. j nmw Kibboa Remedy is entirely! odorless and tasteless.' ; Any good and faithful woman can wipe ont this fearful Drink evil, and permanently stop the era ring for liquor. By degrees the patient gets a distaste for in texicants, and finally leaves off altogether. RecomMeaded by Mambars of a Wens a 'a Chriatiaa Tesaperaac talon. White Ribbon Remedy cures and deatroyi the diaeaaed appetite I - for all alcoholic drinks, whether the patient ,1s a confirmed Inebriate, a tippler," social drinker 01 drunkard. Impossible" for any one to hart an appetite for alcoholic liquors after uslnf i White Ribbon Remedy. ! CURES GUARANTEED. Sold la erery drug store, BOc. and fl j Trial package free by writing or calling on jmra. a. m. lownsena iror year secretary f a Woman a Chrfstlan Temoerance union). 318 Tremont St., Boston,' Masa. Special Agent la MuscatlBsyhla.', . ( ' HAVERCAMP'S PRESCRIPTION ' l j DRUG STORE 203 East Second Street. John A.Robbins, IND ACCIDENT INSURANCE N OVER r. PiRST. NATIONAL BANK Room E, Bat tey, W;?TIU Examination F reel ....J20 West Second jstreet .. MAX GIESLER'S Parrot food, Bird seed, Bird biscuits, at McBMDE & COPE'S. Iocal'NEws, j Mrs. Beulah Cecil,' of Columbus Junction, was a visitor In thi! city yester- y- ol I ! i I 'i ij'j Miss Gertrude Hafner, -rho has been 1 Muscatine during the past summer, returned to her home in JLett3 yesterday. ' - J ' , I ' .' . ! I . - . : r : I-.-;-.- .-Jn-V-1 r I j . I Arthur -Wagner came up from Burlington Tuesday and spent a day at the home of J. MJAppel in South Muscatine, returning last evening. ; i "If; you want to be lovedj by the man I i you adore ' i . '! Drink A. B. C. Tea1- and you'll have f love galore. - i . ... ,: ': j25c a package at Havercamp'3 Pre scription Drug fatore. "I I C 4 ; JV A. GRIFFIN 4 II Wholesale and Retail OYSTERS I Festiyals, Parties 'and Socials gir en prompt attention, 'f , 11B 'WEST. FRONT STREET. Six doors west of Commercial Hotel. Two-seated surrey for sale. 5 1 ! ) 11 - . 1 J ' I ' 1-7- I; t Solid Facts Count and if you will place -a trial order with us, we know that We can please you both in quality and pricey ! III .i ' City Lumber Yard " - ill i - Ball Pkoaa. 17. Alias. Valley 6 A l! I . . ! -. t ! ' 1 f - !, . w ' HJiMfiJt' Jji 1 fifBMfilB !i s; : hp is . M I I f ) Mr. Daniel Biles, 610 East S!xt$ street, was , a passenger tor Nichols thu morning. ., . J ' j Mrs. T. J. Ryan, 611 ' Iowa arenas. went to Nichols this morning to spen the day with Mrs. J. J. Nolan.!; Mrs. D. M. Frakes, 1026 Lombard street, went to Cedar Rapids today tf spend a week with frienda in that citi Mrs. Maggie Strohuber and IdauKO- ter,! Miss Mary Strohuber, of 'Columf uu juncuon, were in ue pity saoppm j yesterday. ;., . i, ' j ' 'jJ r ' H CS nmmflfT v)in llvoa Hour th lty. went to Nichols this morning tp weelt tte bom Prf ! f ; Cecil Mullinnix, who has been work- ing ltt uie city during the isumnier, has gone nome ln RiVer Junction fdr the Winter , ' f ' Frank Canott, who has been work ing in the Ctly, went to Ihis home j Lone Tree this morning to spend. week's vacation. ... Joseph Rossi a member of the Salvia tion Army, who has been in the city for! the past few weeks, went! to St. Louis last evening. Mrs. C. M. Rankin, rural route No, 2, went to Montezuma this morjning to visit at the home of her parents, Mrj and Mrs. J. Harris. j ! Mrs. T. J. Lortcher. of What eei was in the city today. She isistopping ig r j off ' here on her way home from an e tended visit in! Ohio. I William VoelDel. of Morton. I1L. was in the city today, i He is going to Oa-ville to visit ai few days at the home of hiS'Eon, John Voelpcl. W. C. Gabel returned to Nichols tWa morning, after a short visit) wlith qis cousin, Professor Charles Grade, cor ner of Third and Pine 1 i . ill Mrs. J. CJDeitz, who has beeju visit ing at the home of Frank! Moynahan, 616 East Fifth street, returnedjto Her home in Cedar Rapids this morning, I Lt maKes women Deauuiun and; grape-. ful and prevents them from i becoming heavy and clumsy, a. b. family Tea.. 25c a package 1 At Hayercamn's Prescription Drug Store. j l; !' 'I Mr. and Mrs. J. Weaver returned to their home in Letts this mbrninir. aift - ' T" 1 son, Dr. 6treeL A. J. Weaver, 516 rhntriiit' i ' 1 j I Miss Kat O'Brien, of Mubdatirie, if- ter a short, visit in this city left Wed nesday on the Rock Island for B2dn where she will be a guest atj the horte of her brother, D. J. O'Brlen.-OttuAi- wa courier. . i i- I Disastrous Wrecks! Carelessness Is ; responsible fcr many a railway wreck ana the same causes' are making human (wrecks pf sufferers from Throat and Ilung trdu Dies, iiui since tne aavent or ut. King h New ' Discovery for Consumption Coughs and Colds, even the ivorst! cak es can be cured, and hopeless resigna tion is no longer necessary. Airs. fxls Cragg, of Dorchester, Mass., (s one if iuany whose life was saved; I by D King's New Discovery. Th,is gre remedy is guaranteed for all Thsoa and! Lung diseases by Havercamp Prescription Drug Store. Price 50c knp ?1.00. Trial bottles free. COCXXXXDOCOOOCKXXXXXXXIOOOdi RAILROAD RUMBLE. booooooocoocooo - ;. Milwaukee in Missouri. According to reports; the Chicago .Milwaukee & St. Paul railway ceased its efforts -to secure the npi Iowa and St.! Louis railway, a! line prJ- Jected from Des Moines to Centerviil and thence to St. Louis. Instead, tbje are inegotlating with A. L. Strang. l4f Sedalia, who is building a short, lim nortn irom bedalia. Alreadyj hCty-ny miles of the j road, from Sedalia ti Miami, have!been construpteq,' and k rangements are being made tio exten it further north; possibly to Centervil or. Corydon, (la.) The road teould made a short cut to St, Louis for tHe Milwaukee by connecting it bither ChiUicothe of Milan, Mo. i , ' 4t Men who let go of the life line ho wrong, of course. & . 'Not- tried Ayer's ;Sarsaparilla?T hen VOU naVeil t triea Sarsap Here is a e for lung, liver and kidney disorders, makes er a short visit at the home of theIr.'P lne 'ayers oi gravel ana sneus wuicn 8 CXXJCOOCOCO I ,. ' 1 ..1 hafe )arilla strongest cxjnsuLuuuo. iuuuugwufpuuuuuuuijiui.Ki uuuiwupujwvik r Half hai Hill Curt weaken and tary tube J iiS Third Ave., S. j Sola byf J. lit J SOe. mad ! it ; ataOl EAST HILL NEWS. 8EWER UNDER WAY Big Drainage Pipes on Et Second I 8treet Being Laid, 12 INCH DRAIN TO MAD CREEK. 1 r Work Isj Progressing Rapidly on the East Hill Sewer Will Be 3,300' Feet of Piping Laid Before Work la Com pletedInsure Sanitary Conditions. ' 1 1 , About "00 yards of the big sewer has been completed on East Second street. This sewer will, when! completed, be 3,300 feet long, and will drain the entire east end of East Hill, lit will ex tend from - a ; point on Paiik - avenue down Second street and empty into Mad creek. The piping laid is fifteen inch tile. A force of t;wenty-nve men is at work digging thei ditches, laying the pipe and filling in the dirtt. i jthe spring. ' ! . - ! J The work will cost thousands of dol-jl (Superintendent Wi. F. Chevalier says lars before Completed and will be ablei'tht the Lincoln school is the only one to carry off all the surplus the! hill. A branch will be water on run from the! junction of Smalley avenue and Second street, a distance blocks, up . Smalley avenue dwellings on RiverviewL The work was bejfun several weeks ago arid will not be completed for some i timel yeti i The oiDinsr in some olaces. barticularly the crest of the hill .on Second street, has been "laid to the depth Jof eikht or ten tee At thla particular spoti the ditch ig en feet deep. The workmen are fiiavang a difficult time in digging the I peiiches, in some places it being al Fm)9t impossible to make anM progress t t . a a T .. a . . i - . .1 .1. 111. 1- .! 1. haie been placed there to insure gooa roatts. At the present time kll of the plpjng hasi arrived and will be placed ias tapidly as possible. The contractor Iwili push the work as -fast as consis' Itent with good work, and will endeav or to have the-work finished before cold weatner sets in. WILL PLACE NEW BRIDGE. Wooden Railway Span Over Mad Creek to Be Taken Out. The old i wooden railway Bridge on the jWiltoni branch of the Rock Island railroad at I the crossing' of Mad creek neai Second street, will! shortly be re moved and a! great steel structure be placed in its stead. , The steel girders are how lying near ready to be placed. hel old bridge has been In use for veri twenty-five years and' pas the ark visible on its frame wofk of the real high Iwater In 1892. ! The struc- ures which lis to replace It Is the same ind!,of bridge the Rock Island is plac- g over itsl entire system. iTne bridge has jbecomi! rather shaky of late and tihis jhas be ;n the cause of its removal. These will be concrete piers n ade similar jto the ones on the jSecond street wagon bridge placed at i either end of the hew. structure and thei git-ders sl- lowdd to rest on each end. r The work will probably commence in the near future. ' X l Cuttlna Into the Bluff. ; Mi'n have been at work! during the past ..couple of years, slowly digging Into the blfiff , and hauling the dirt Way for filling purposes! At the bluff adjacent td the Muscatine Lumber and Box company's office, thousands of yardb of dirt have been removed In-tlia! past few years. A large space has been! elearejd from the bluff ana is used for the storing of lath and lumber, School Attendance Increasing ! The attendance at Lincoln school lias greatly increased during the past Olng to the prevalence of weel diphtheria on the Hill many parents were 'not! school but have been keeping them in ! the house father than take tho risk of having, them 'catch the ) disease. In one hom the teacher reports ;hat last week over fifteen pupils i were absent but that at) the present time they have all returned but three. 1 I s I S to wl y R eco ve r I n ai Jonn ' Huchison. Grant stroet, who cut his foot at Wyoming Hin a few days ago, while Chopping woodj is slowi ly recovering from his accident. . . . 1 ' rr & r- 1 ..i. i , Thle marriare of. Mss Jessie P, Cook and Alton jU Branson is announced for;1?. Thursday evening, November 26. 1 Miss Maiid Young, who has been vis iting f past i few months, will leave this eve- nine if or California. Jerry Metz, who has been 111 at his home during the past fewweeks with Cure Constipation, j bad blood and will undermine the DIHa nhr inw Bhwala HV UIJ UIVIV j and They ; art Dangtroot. i t You khow this; by experience. Mull's Grape' Tonic never ( fails jto make i a cure. It jis not a chvisic Ko watery and unsatisfactory stools Ithat poll yon down when youlnse this 1 great remfcdy. t I 1 Mull'sj Grape pftmic is ja soothing remedy, which exerts a strengthening and stimulating influence oVer the muscles and organs of the alimen Constipation means that the undigested 4 food is rotting andj fermentmg m the alimentary canal.' Fdom this fetid mass there arises foul odors thatfindtieirway intothe blood, causing bad health, 1 Remove this and you will b well. Moll's Urape Tonic cores. Send this advertisement ana lo cents for large sample bojttle to Lightning MedicxnejCo Kocic isiana, iu. I J. HAVERCAMP. I 1 1 TO MAKE FARMERS Agriculture to Be Taught at this Lin- coin School, i WILL USE GROUNDS FOR GARDEN. I ' I I j ' 1 L i. Principal Plans Practical Course in 'I i ' ! i i Tilling the Soil Will i Begin the Work Next SpringSuperintendent I . ' . til- t ., Approves the innovation. Principal Jessie A. Braunwarth of th$ Lincoln school, is planning an innovation in : school i work. ) - A portion ofthe grounds will be fixed up as a garden: for a1 little practical work in fapmipg Jf the present . intentions are carried out. This! is a new idea in school work in Iowa, that originated in Ds Moines, the board of education making; the necessary appropriation ini! that city for the work to begin in 1 injlthe city that has grounds large enough to use any! portion of it for a j practical experiment of this kind. several j There is plenty or room tor two garden to themlbts in the back yard and some nice i lai-ge beds of foliage could be planted m the irpnt. .... -r i j tThe Lincoln school 13 one1 of the robmiestland most attractive buildings in the city and the children are already t taking an active Interest in things that grpw.j They have brought nowers ana plants for the rooms and the general appearance of the school is improved anjdj the moral atmosphere of the en-tirfej school is better for this; reason. JVliss Braunwarth hasn't I her plans well outlined for this work, but Is willing toundertake it if the grounds can bej put in the proper condition. It isn't heir intention to do agriculture on a laige scale but to supplement the work innature study that has already been dope with a little practical work. j typhoid fever, Is reported to be slowly recovering. ! t A Card. A $Ve the, undersigned, do hereby agfee to refund thei money on a 50-centj bottle of Greene's Warranted SySnjip of Tar if it if ails, to ; cure your cough or pold.We !also guarantee a 25 i cent bottle to prove satisfactory or (money refunded. Ni B. Barkalow, ! G.A. Relmcke, J.I.J. Havercamp,! Nesper& iCo., . J.l Theo. :lveuchma DWELLING BURNS. I HOUse Located on Oak Street Partially Destroyed By Fire; Last vening at 4:30 o'clock one of the! tenement houses belonging to Charles I Freyer, located on Oak street across the i street from the old Ameri-cai jmiljs, ! was discovered to be on fir$. j Three companies of firemen re-spJndedj to the alarm. Thei dwelling, whch was a idouble one, was occupied by j the ifamilies of F. A. Hines' and Richard IHoudek.. Part of their furni-tuife j was ! saved. ; No insurance was carried im the household goods but the building was fully covered, i I 'thefire, according to the statements of Mjrs. Hinea, probably originated from the chimney. She was hot aware thit the building was on fire 'until told by tie neighbors. "The conflagration was very difficult to get at, as it had crpl In under the shingles and would suddenly break through In a dozen places. Finally after half an hour's wdrld on the part of the firemen the ""UiShd:,da2 to the furniture and household goods wi thi 1 Ipronably ; amount to $200. while t bf the building is about! $350.' ; I'-- ; ' ;: ::.. COLD. KILLS THE GERM. , Lieut. Perry Says There Are No Bald , M Heads in the Arctic Region.' TThe people who come hack from Kljonjdlke testify to .the fact that no native tbald heads are there. The evidence isj that the cold climate kills the germs that seat the hair off at the root. Lienjt. Berry, , who went to the Arctic Regions,: gives the same evidence, Newbro's Herpicide has the same effect as the cold climate. It kills the germ eats the hair off at the roots, and th4 hair grows again. Herpicide Is the first half remedv built upon thQ prln-ciH of destroying the germ that eats the hair ioffj Its phenomenal sale demonstrates the correctness of the scalp gern theory. Sold by leading drus:-glsta Send 10c. in stamps for sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit. Mich. - For Bale i at Havercamp's Prescrip tion Drug Store, special agent. AMUSEMENTS. When Johnny Comes Marching Home, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," io in its second enormously successful season, comes to the Grand Friday, November 20. It Is a more or less melbdramaticl comic opera, , with the Scene laid n the south at the time of the cijvil war. It is full of martial scenes, and the soldiers of the north flirt and flancewith the belles of Dixie landj Julian Edwards has, written a number bf ptlirlng military airs, and charming ; southern songs. , Tier are a number of choruses,; and at least a dozeh sdngs with two ; marches, that are simply superb. The quaint dresses of the time Of the civil war are reproduced with fidelity and the chorus mafc dens; in the (wide crinoline hoop skirts are a decided and a pleasing novelty in stag4 pictures.) The scenery is said to be beautiful and the stage effects are as elaborate as in any lof the so-called spectacles, i.nd the production as a wholfe isj onf of the most pretentious and altogether satisfying from a scen- ff rnntnTriA Innrf rnimlfl nnl nt Inf vlpw of anything that has been done In re cent years. Manager F. C. Whitney haa certainly presented the public! with a splendid novelty. HAVE YOU 25,000 Boxes Given ; John A. Smith and for Rheumatism and Gout. DsformHvottb6 bmnda la ttotral ' Cbraoic Articular Rhcummtlun. ' j ,1 . TyjHlf I. j 1 ' ; ! It Is now possible to be. cared of! any form of rheumatism without having' our stomach tunned upside down or being naif choked to desith and made to vomit.anil every sufferei from rheumatism should 'Welcome this, b w and marvelous discovery wltb open ah is and give lt aa honest trial. This newrenedy was discovered' by jehn A. Smith, Milwaukee, Wig.; who U generous enough to Bend a trial free to every sufferer who w ites at onc1 It la. a home treatment iid will not keep you from your work. 1 1 ! , i : Aa you know, if you've tried them, every so-called rheumatic remedy on the market today, except this genuine' cure, will cause you violent itomach painsl and somft of them arese dangerous they will 4feuse heart troubles And the worst of It la they never'cure.; I when a ' person, has rheumatism the constitution Is so! run down' that oe snouia bq very careful what he ' puts very careful I what he r into his stomach, i . It therefore gives me pleasure to present t will cure i every form and a remedy th variety of rh eumatlsm without one slarle unpleasant M-llng. That remedy la ; i ''GLORIA TOXIC." . ' Before I decided to tell the world about of "(Jlorla Tbnlc" I had! It tried on hospital patients,! also on old and crippled persobg, with perfect success. But some people never will believe anything until hey kn pw it from experience, so the kest way Is for you to write best and quli me that you! want to be cured, and I will Li I RMS! 40 acres li miles from station on Milwaukee railway.! 600 acre stock farm. 'I 300 Timber land. Timber will pay ; tor lanaj j ; 80 acres miles from station on Mjilwauuee. , -. i i W. B. Thompson & Sons, ar facts. 5? I 1 1 -Li -M . . "SI M-QU0-'TAi "j ' 'lis the best 5c citrari :: lis the best 5c cigar .in the city being handmade of imported filler anu pot iqusiea to careless worK- i. men. I make them myself. M - n H : tt . M ? HERM. GREMMEL, Mfi BAHalAIABI4cBaBBt . ii I - t ... , . ... aa My Specialties: Clelning, Dyeing and Prejsinjir Exclusively. Ten years experience at cleaning and dyeinz. I oan guarantee you satisfaction. '.Prices reasonable. i Schaef er'a Lauadri;' ' S. HAMILTON: i FOR SALE ! Houses anA lots in price from S850 to $3,500.00 iln good location, i Several good, cheap lots, well located. Three fine farms, ranging from $4.0.00 to $100 per acre. .Two houses fo:' rent. Join our excursion to Missouri ror a good, cheap home.; Also lands at the rlghjt price for investment. i I Undle & pauti 224 East Second Street. Cold r i Is here and yba must take care of the first symptoh is of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and all throat diseases resulting from colds. Remember that one ounce of prevention lis "worth onef j pound Of cure. If vou want to know: how to avoid these troubfes and what to take for. their relief and cure, come, to us and wej will cheerfully tell you. G. AXRIEMCkE, 'rescfiption Druggist, 413 Mulberry Street. GOT RHEUMATISM? Away To All Who Apply His, Remarkable! Cure - i DaHrmttyftht baadt la fymtrsf ' Canute Articular RaaumaUaaa. ' Typat.. M send you a trial box of1 "Gloria Tonic" f rea of cost. ., No matter what your' form of rheumatism Is acute, chronica muscular, Inflammatory, deformant, aclatt, neuralgia, gouti lumbago, etc., "Gloria 'jCbnlc'; will surely car you. DO not mind- If ,tber remedies have failed you, nor mjhd If doctors aay you are incurable. Mlad no- one, but writ ;me today sure. "Gloria Tonic" will stop .those acheii and pains, ' those Inflammations .and deformities, and cure you ao that I life will again be worth living: This offer 4s not for 'curloBity seekers; bat Is made to rheumatics only. To them, I will send a trial box of "Giok-ia Tonic" free. i j 1 1 - f . Never before has a remedy been'so highly Indorsed as "Gloria Tonic." 1 'has beea Quintero, of the University f j Varies aela, Hon. E. Hi Plumacher,! United States 'Consul, Maracaibo ; Prof, I Macadam of 8iiv geons' Hail, EdlnburT,the famous ig. azlne, "Health," London, and a i column of others. . i. - ; j r t: If you ore a sufferer send yotvynam today and by return mall you wllrrecelfe a trial box of "Gloria Tonic," and the ost elaborate book lever written on ile subject of rheumatism,; absolutely free., j This ook: contains many drawings from a!"ruaP life and will tell you ail about Tour lease. get Gloria Tonic"; and this arondrful book I at ; the same time, both , free, stf lot. me hear from you at once I and aoon. you will be icured., Address JOHN A RJiltTll 32 ' Germanla IBldg., Milwaukee, W1,,MJ. & A.; i Th cti i -: ? ;: An Elegant Stock Farm5 J 187 acres; located iq the 1 1 best County iA Iowa, meveii t iruiu uic county seat j. on eaiy terms', i 1 ; t ENQUIRE, 326 & 328 fast' Second St. FOR $ALE, ' 240 - Acre Farm, fine' as in . Count,.-' ,?i .. . ; t 222 Acres, jk milev tom city, at 147.50 pelf aero. ; ( Fine Farm that will ren.t for 7J. per cent, interest, 1J to ilea from good market , - ,.r i. Large list of farms and j city properties. Small farm for rent. ' E. O, Burhside. , ..STYLISH.. FramesjiLPicinres , - a nave aa assortment oi " i Pictures arid Frames j to suit all tastes and parses. J I i Corns in and see for yourself. . ( J E. P. DAY ! i 300 E at Second street. J (&aT004r4f04rm4r?0ajM. BOOOBOaOOOH0OlOst0aOBOHO ; ; swell; new 1 Dancing; Pomps, j ? , " ALSO, v Assorted Colored Leather -, 4 for Burning Wor ! ; B. SCHMIDT, ctii ' CHESTNUT ' Opea Wedacaday $t, Saturday tt O cocoooBOaK)noicoaoWDap .1 A Hew Invention.; Heat, Koltig up the chlmaty, tslay -; be utilized. jv i Guaranteed to increase the; heating capacity : of aqy stpve, 50; pielr cent, insuring a warm floor and een distribution of heat. On exhibltion at Tate Gottbrecht's Tonsorial '.parlor. 302 East Second street Examine ana be i convinced. To introduce IwiU bo sold very low for 30 days.. c L. M. GXltS. A.

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