The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on December 14, 1901 · 7
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 7

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1901
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THE MUSCATINE JOURNAL,' DECEMBER, 14, 1901. '"All NUAL EDITION 15 .What Pound ; pri a; Jqurnal Page Twenty Years in the Future. 1 The Paper !' Price Two Cents Per Week. J ft. 4 Today Is 108 Pases. - ESTABLISHED 1840. MUSCATINE, IOWA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, .1921. PRICE 1 C ENT ANNUAL EDITION THE MUSCATINE MUSCATINE ANDPEKIN 'TUNNEL "' OF THE OTHER END. Earth Ships Will Be Running in Seven Years Power to Be Furnished By the Moscow Canal Swift and Sure Transit.7 Pekln, China, Dec. 14, 1921. Special Wcrk began today on the great Pe- kin-iMuscatine tunnel. It will pene-trate the earth with its exit at Muscatine, America. In diameter the tunnel will be 25 meters and the sides will be curbed with polished aluminum. It 'will be completed in seven years. The intention is to make it the great highway of traffic between the two hemispheres. Power from the Moscow canal will give the great earth ship sufficient momentum to send' it through the earth while the desire to get back to Muscatine .;wlll:be all that is. necessary to send the ship back to that place. . . , ' , BOER WAR ENDED. ' Ar.other Rumor Today Says The Long Conflict Is Finished. London, Dec. 14, 1921.--There is a rumor afloat that the Boer war is ended. Another large, force surren dered today but as It is Baid that there are a few. Boers still at large the 'war can hardly be called finished. When Knier died 15 years agD it was- thought that the great struggle was over but as Gen. Kit"hener said when he returned to England 10 year? ago broken In spirit and health "as long as there are two Boers at large in thB'land with guns ,ln thejir hands the Boer, war can not, be .caned ' ended." LAST ANTI EXHIBITED. But One In Country Yet Avws He :w Opposed Expansion In 1898. . ' .Boston, Dee. 14, 1921. Special. A curiosity 13 being exhibited in this city. It is the only living member of a j which to furnish the 4,000 horse power species of peonle somewhat prevalent ) necessary for their plant. This per-in'the United States in the latter years petual motion machine is a great suc-of the last century, who declared pub- cess and was invented by Amos Kem-Holy they were opposed to expansion. ' ble, an old resident of Muscatine, and Others aTe living -hut this is the only the man who built the Moscow canal. cas- who still professes to believe th He is the only man in the world who : anti-expansion theory advocated would, is known to have solved this problem. : have been for the beat interest of the j . country. NIKOLA TESLA DEAD. r Once Called the Wizard of Science r .-. u;ea Aimasiorgouen. . 1 Will J-ayne he. asaJn been chosen New York, as;. 14, 1921. Spacial president cf Chicago university; Mr. Nikola Tesla died today. He is com-'j.3yne, wh.o is a well known former paratively unknown but 20 years ago; Muccatine boy. was given a rousing tie, was famous as a wizard of electri- ovation at an immense mass meeting cal science. He is remembered as th?' last evening. Never in the history o! man whs declared he would talk, to ths wert 'ha 'a. college achieved such 'Mar3 by means of the transmission of success ais "the Chicago university un- I Special Sale! i Come to the frg Clothing: ; ' More," fa' ft Will Mark, Proprietor. Tomorrow: Gents solid silver collars, the latest thing but, all sizes. "27c Neckwear-The up-to-date ' combined necktie and sash, all colors .50c Suits The combination suit a novelty,' includes underwear, suit; overcoat and hat all in one pi:ce. Put on or'off with one buckle, a real time saver, each .... ....$2.75 " t . - ''"'''- I t &f)e Artificial Ice Comp y. Our seven big plants are now busy making ice for next summer. Give un your orders. Rannmber our ice is the finest no frozen river water. ' v . Cornelious Cadle; President. electrical vibrations. Since then hi3 crude theory has been perfected though he had but the germ of the correct principle of inter stellar communication. When Reuben Stafford, formerly of Muscatine,' Iowa, conceived the idea of using the sun rays as the connecting lines between earth and planets Tesla pined away and has not been himself ( since. Sir Reuben Stafford, E. D. S.'r., Eminent Doctor of Sun Rayology, simply connects a eun ray with his thinker and his thoughts immediately go dashing ( Tnrougn space ana enlighten the in habitants of all the planets who re ceive the communication at the other end of the rays. THEY MAY COMBINE. The Muscatine and Niagara Power Co. ' The Greatest on Earth. Buffalo, : Dec. 14, 1921. Special It is rumoured that a combination is to be formed between the Niagara Power Co. and the Muscatine-Moscow Canal Pow er Co. J. L. Giesler, president of the latter company arrived here today In his private car and is said to be in consultation with J. P. Morgan, of the Iiagara .company, today. An un official statement says that the com pany will be known as the Muscatine Niagara Power Co. Combining as it does the great sources of power of the east and west the company will be the greatest of its kind in the world. BRYAN WILL RETIRE. Announces That He Has Made His Last Race For Presidency. Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 14, 1921. Spe cial. William J. Bryan has Just recovered from the comatose condition in which he has been since the announcement of the result of the last election when he was defeated by, a plurality of twelve million vltes. His first word$ on (awakening were, "Tell the' Muscatine Journal it may announce to the people of the United States that I have made my last race. With its opposition I should have known' ;better than to run the last time but 'Bill Hughes told me he thought I might pull through." . ' INSTALL NEW POWER. Perpetual Motion Machine Will Be V Placed in the Pickle Factory. The H. J. Heinz Pickle company, operated a small branch plant in Muscatine a number of years, but now have their' main plant here, having moved from Pittsbjrg, Pa., will put in a perpetual motion arrangement with RE-ELECTED PRESIDENT. Muscatine ,Man Is Given an Ovation ' 'in Chieaao. - 't--j 1, . IV t nerd coime.3 from Chicago that Hon. rlf" Mr. .TBvtie's lsairlprRhin. Thfv hnild n,-ra nf Vio voraitv Tina iho, ' Midway" for two mMes on either side and there are 63,000 students enrolled. MANY MUSCATINERS WILL GO A Large Party Will Go to Des Moines to Help Inaugurate Gov. Titus. "It is now decided that a special train will from Muscatine to Des Moines next week over the D. M. . I C. & Eastern. This .will be for the purpose of accommodating' the large party who will go out to attend the inauguration of Gov. G. M. Titus. It is thought the main business before the coming legislature will be the attempt to paas a 'bienmial election amendment. -a. Congressman Ed. P. Ingham fs home from Washingtcn, to spend the holidays with his family. Ed. Stocker, the treasurer of the Etate of Iowa, is In the city for a few days' visit at home. He was formerly a county ofllcial of Muscatine coMnty. ALLIANCE IS ASSURED FACT GREAT BRITAIN BECOMES PART OF UNITED STATES. Only Russia Is Left Out in the Cold Without the Protection of This Government The Stars and Stripes Prevail. Washington, Dec. 14, 1921. Special Tha Anilc-Baxon alliance is an assured fact. England na3 grown somewhat desperate in her attempt to subdue the Boers and thinking that the world wide prestige of America would be just the thing needed to end her troubles she has sought persistently, and lately in a suppliant attitude, for the final acceptance of her tropositicn. The president and secretary of state with the ether 12 members of the cabinet decided they would admit the Brit ish people to the great Union. The senate will ratify the action. The red white and blue is to supplant the Brit- ish colors in all the possessions of that empire. Russia is now the only ccun- acknowledge the protection of the United States in some way. LOCAL NEWS. For air ship supplies go to M. N. Bond and Son. Combined milkers and separators! at Frank Giesler's. J. G. Van Lent s name is prominent- ly mentioned as the democratic nom inee for congress in this district. Remember J. J. Haver camp's is the place to buy. quick meal tablets. "One tablet Is equal to two square meals, 25 cents a box. Supt. Fiske of the Metropolitan Street Railway, states that the rumor of a proposed strike of 10,000 conductors is without foundation. It is said that many of the residents of Davenport are in favor of giving up their ancient suburb city government' ana come under tne control or tne regular Muscatine city government. A dispatch frcrfi London says that the Duchesir cf 'M'-tnterbury was the acknowledged belle of the royal ball Tuesday evening. The duchs'ss 'as formeTly Miss Linda Mussei4,' of Muscatine. " "Andy" Davidson, son of Col. Drew Davidson, arrived home this morning from West Point for a short vacation. He is a real soldier as the mem of his family have been before him. H. W. Huttis, president cf the Great Western Sash and Door Co., left this morning for Londo.i where he will spend the day hoking after business matters, returning home tli3 evening. It is rumored that j the republicans and suffragists will unite in ruining Mrs. Alice Walton Beatty for Secre- t&XY Of State at th'3 next election. I Mrs. Beatty would fill the portion well and would undoubtedly be elected by a large majority. The new directory which the Jour nal is anout to issue gives a splendid showing of Muscatine's population. It ia very, close to 900,000. This, of course including the suburbs of Dav enport, Wilton, West Liberty, Colum-; bus Junction1, Wapello, Letts, etc. F. P. Sawyer, president of the International Oat Meal Co., returned this morning from Chicago. Mr. Sawyer states that the removal of the company's offices from Chicago to this city was a good move as they are now much more conveniently and centrally located. Lyle' Day,' president of the Hershey State bank, is building a magnificent home on 11th avenue. Some say he is not building to occupy alone. . "At the recent meeting of the Muscatine 'Cornme'rcial club, V. G. Block, the popular secretary was unanimously re-elected. This morning as the east bound airship was nearing , Fairport station, about eight miles from the heart of the city, a tramp lost his grip on the blind baggage and was killed. A number of the1 citizens living in that part of the city were watching the airship pass, when they noticed a man fall' from it. It was all over in an instant and before them lay a writhing mangled mass of humanity. ' The police identified it as the body of a tramp who had been hanging about the city. ENLARGE AIRSHIP DEPOT. Also Trains Are Wanted With Another Coach for Muscatine. The city council has passed a resolution and appointed a committee to go to New York and confer with the management of New York, Muscatine and'. Sam Francisco Air Ship , line ret garding the need of another pa-senger car being added to the east and west bound hourly trains. The business is fast beoorning so heavy that an extra car is badly needed on the "hourlies" between Kansas City ami Chicago, both east and west bound.; The first five years the passenger facilities were adequate for accommodating. the Muscatine traffic, 'but for the past . two years there has been, a decided increase and the present passenger, capacity of the Air Ship company does not comfortably accommodate the enormous traffic. It- was also decided to ask the ' company to have the station) cn the old market square enlarged and three mere elevators placed in the building; The- present- seating capacity of the depot is only about , 1,200, which is not enough for a city j of 900,000. A NEW TRAIN. Muscatine North and South Road Will Put on a London Express. The Muscatine North and South railroad, which has always been so enter prising and up-to-date, will establish next Monday a through train service "raon, aeriin, w. rwwMbouns. mui connections for nn anu Kome. This road ow"d, contr0,I18 thf Alaskan and trans-Siberian railroad, It runs from Muscatine to Dawson CttXC es the Behring Sea and thence across Siberia to St. Petersburg and on to Berlin and London. This train will be equipped with every modern conven ience, and its schedule running time is over 500 miles an hour. It-has se- PTftnt fast, mail contract that . t . I two old companies, which have passed out of existence, used to ngnt ior in Mrvrthw&strn fl:ni(1 BurhOZtOn. It IS 6tated cn good ailt,hority that this road will socn extend ifc3 system up mro Sweden and Norway. ' IS A SUCCESS. Kemble Company Doing Wel With Waterworks at Cedar River. One of the enterprises started 20 vears ago and which has proven a success is the John M. Kemble company. It will be remembered that this company purchased the old city water works of Muscatine for the taxes and a year or so later moved them to Mos cow, wnere tney nave ueeu u&eu inverting the Cedar river Into the Mos . i i ji rniv ranal. This Company declared a large dividend the other day, and everything around the pla?e is on the 'room. The water work3 were purchased for less than a thousand dollars. NEW UNION DEPOT. Council Arranopp for th! Building of $175,000 Structure. ,; The granting of permission to .build the grand union depot and train sheds to cover the tw blocks running from Iowa avenue to Cedar street and from Second to the river front was consid ered by the council last night. The depot will be 'built at a cost of $175,-0000 by the C, R. I. & P., the C, M. & St. Paul, the Minneapolis, Muscatine & St. Louis, the Des Moinea, Iowa City & Eastern and the B., C. R. & N, R. R. companies. The depot is to be completed and ready for occupancy within two years. Dissatisfaction in Muscatine's fe eral building is growing each day. The structure only covers one block square and is quite inadequate for the city's postal business. In answer to many letters word has been received from Senator Wm. L. Roach that he. will take up the matter at once"1 and secure Muscatine a new and modern building. QUICK LUNCH ! i The Quickest in Town at POWERS BROS. We jerve it to you right at your desk. You do not need to stop work. Our 30 second lunch is a daisy-price 7c (if served with silver tube instead of tin) We must have your order at least 1 minutes in advance RUSSIA SINKS OUT OF SIGHT ENTIRE EMPIRE GOES BENEATH WATER AND ICEBERGS. Only Lives Reported Saved Are Those of Three Anarchists' Who Are Floating Toward Anarchist Isle in Pacific. Berlin, Dec. 14, 1921. Special (Received three seconds before going to press.) The entire Russian empire sank out of sight three minutes ago. The rush of 'water and icebergs from the Arctic, ocean is killing the struggling inhabitants by millions. Thus far the only lives reported saved are thce of three anarchists. They eiz: ed a jagged spur on an iceberg and are floating 'rapidly toward the anarchist isle in the Pacific. BOAT ARRIVED LATE. The Sub-Marine Torpedo Government Boat "Roosevelt" Arrives. The submarine government torpedo boat named after a president of the United States twenty years ago, arrived in Muscatine this morning, and came to the surface opposite Iowa avenue about 20 minutes late. It made the trip from St. Louis, a small town 1 J 1 I L II 1 cown me river, m aDoui inree nouns, which 1 fast compared with the rest of the navy. The "Roosevelt" was one of the first submarine boats trallt end is a great aid to the navy. The tars aboard lovingly call it "Teddy, MORE EDITIONS. Journal Will Issue Every Half Hour Hereafter. The Journal has become cognizant of the fact that it can not supply its thousands and thousand's of readers by issuing only hourly issues every day, and will hereafter issue a 33-page paper every half hour during the day and night. This is found to be necessary on account of the great demand for news. There are now over 200 reporters employed and the people can rest airsuivd that all of tho news will be thoKHighly covered. PNEUMATIC LINE DELAYED. Four Sscond3 Lost This Morning By the N. Y. M. & S. F. Railway. Train No. 10420 on the New York, Muscatine and Francisco Pneumatic line was four seconds late leaving Muscatine this morning. The train made its three hour run from New York all right but on arriving at Muscatine one of the tires on the engine burst, the repairs to the same causing the serious delay. -:' 1 Ed. McColm, Pres. J. Bennison, Vice-Pies. . . M, Quinn, Sec." $ . ........ J. RYAN, Treasurer-,.. ..... - The McColm Department Store. J immense Special Sale Tuesday, 8 to 10 a. m. ' This sale takes place on the 11th floor and is unsurpassed In Muscatine's merchandizing. FIVE CARLOADS of handsome winter wear must go In those two hours. Come early. The doors will be. opened at 8 a. m. promiptly and only 3,000 buyers will be admitted to the llthi floor. When this number 'has passed in the doors will be closed. Come-Early. ' " ... : , ' Cloaks A etupendous assortment of the late Wide coats, 35 inches $ wide, special fabrics that stand J out in the swell . box shape, S only $111.00 1 Skirts , A great assortment of skirts including many of the new $ short combination, "New Wc- men" make. In the late scarlet and light blue colors. Your i choice 'at this sale, 19c! to . 21 7-lOc. Choice Calicoes The calico trust has again ad-vanced the price of calico We have a few left specially suitoa-v ble for dress occasions. OUR ST PRICE REMAINS THE SAME. Buy them, now, per yd ....$5.00 When yott come down tow doa't forget to call us up by wlro-less telepoae and have one of our free airships' coll for you. . Weather Forecast. Washington, Dec. 14, ' 1921. 'Special Indications' for 'Muscatine: Sunshine and warm zephyrs in southern part of city. Record broken on large icicle formations in northern part. Business district too busy to care about th weather. A SMALL ACCIDENT. Car on the Underground Railroad Breaks a Wheel Flange. This- morning when car No. 387,650 was just leaving the suburb' station at Davenport and had- only gained, half its accustomed speed of 100 miles, an hour, it, was discovered faaat a flange on one of the front wheels was broken. It took considerable time to repair the same and the- people of that suburb were a trifle late to their various occu- I potions' in the heart of the city. A numoer of tne business men or Muscatine are now living in that delightful suburb, where lots, and land are very cheap. COURT ITEMS. Little Bits of News Around the Flno New Building. Things are rather quiet at the court bouse today. Judge Charles Hanley is holding court, and the only case of Importance is that of Daisy Sheppard Rosey, who is up again for vagrancy. She has figured in the : Muscatine county court dealings for some time. The last bill for the new court house was allowed by the board of supervisors today. The total cost, of the building is over $200,000. WANT COLUMN. WANTED Girl for general house work. Electric ' machinery t all through kitchen. 'Girl can have only five evenings and three afternoon? a week out. Wages $12 a week. Address X care Journal. FOR SALE Fine lot and cosy ccttae within 3 miles cf center of town. On elevated, underground and surface railways and also near .Air Line, Only $70,000. . - '. , . FOR SALE Good second hand automobile standard mijke: cost 544 new. Will sell for $15 if taken at once. FOR RENT Fine offices in the 12th story of the bsf ment,S;cf the Mus-ser office building. . . StcrncniJit Clothing Co, MUSCATINE IOWA. JOHN STERNE MAN, President. "The World's -: Greatest Clothiers." We are . truly entitled to this name since our recent purchase of the Rog-ers-Peet and H.- ij5. & M. Houses. STERNEMAN CLOTHING IS THE CNLY CLOTHING, We take train load orders only.i . Seal Skin Coats Very nice garments for every day wear. We have 500. in all shapes that will go at this sale for, each . $18.98 Kitchen Outfits We have a few kitchen outfits left. Get them now. They include electric battery, automatic pump, ' and 6 dozens assorted pots, kettles and pans, as . well m 4 dozen knives, forks and; spoons. Former price $3.00, this sale . j. ... ...... $2.13 Choice Groceries ' Don't miss our grocery department. Here are some specials for Tuesday: ' . , Muscatine beet sugar 100-tbs.$l Fresh Gutter, per lb. $1.15 Eggs, fresh from the Chicago Hen Trust, per doz. . . . , .$2.00 Watermelons, from MuBoatdnie: Island hot houses, 6 for. . . .5c f99

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