The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 22, 1934
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Served by file United Presa BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINAJIT NEWSPAFKR OP NORTH«A8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEAOT ltIB8OD«I ROMEEIimON I VOL. XXXI—NO. 83 Blythevllle Dally New* Blythevllle Ccurlfr Valley l«.der Blytht-vUle Herild l!f,YTIIKV]I.LK. ARKANSAS, FHIDAV, JUNK 22, 19IM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Pulling Final Touch lo Victory Pemiscot Couniy Assig. 74,860 Bales and Dunk lin 48,983 Mississippi county has Ijren assigned a quota of M.IHO.HO ixninds of tux free lint coiutn for 1934 under Ihe Hankheatl colion production control act. according lo an announcement at Washington by Secretary of Agriculture Wallace. This Ls ihe equivalent of OG.- 507 bales of 478 pounds net weight. It Is the largest quota assigned U> any couniy in the United bill is less lhan half of (his county's maximum production and represents ie.^s coiton ilian has been grown here in any year since 1927, the Hood year. Even in the drouth year of 1930 Mississippi county's production ex-! ceeded 100,000 tales of 500 poiindsl gross weight. Last year, even after the plow-up, this county produced aboul 140.000 bales. Pemlsrot C.rls 14.8CO Balfs Pemiscol county, Missouri, under (he announremenl by Secretary Wallace, is given a quota of 74,860 bales, while Uunklhi county Is allotted 48,fl8:i bales. Missouri ^quolas arfi more lilpr- al than Ihose of oilier .stales, due to a provision In ihe Bnukhead law giving Missouri a 200.000 half quota, which Ls larger than Ihe state would tie enlllled to on the percentage of live-year average production basis used in fi.xing quotas for other .stales. The county quota. 1 ;, as announced by Mr. Wallace, represent 90 per cent of the slale quolas. TIJS remaining 10 per cenl of each stale's quota is held in reserve lor allolment lo individual growers under Section. 8 of the ;icl. .There is a possibility, therefore, for an ultimate moderate increase in the ta>: free production in each county. Cully A. Cobb, chief of the A. A. A. cotton section, stated that appeals from county quolas might be made within 15 days. QiMta for Rach Farmer Distribution of county quotas among Individual producers * wjll be couniy production conlrol committees. Growers will be required to submit applications for allotments, showing their record of production during the five-year base period. After the allotments • are made fanners vii be issued lax exemption certificates for the bales allowed th'em and next fall they will be givei bale tags which must be attachec before the cotton can be sold. A] cotton produced In of at lolmenLs will be subject, tax of 50 per cent of its marke value. J. E. Critz, county agrlcuUiira . agent, said this morning that h had no official information con ccrning individual quota assignments. Personnel of Ihe county prodiicUon control committee has not been determined, nor is It known whether one committee will handle all of Mississippi couniy. of, whether ihe county quota will be divided belween Ihe two districts. The Arkansas quota under Ihe Bankhead act is 952.609 478-nounn net weight bales. Quotas; of norlhrast Arkansas counties follow: Clay, 17,193; Craighead, Anchors A weigh! II's a moment of triumph for iliis pair of New Dealers and their (iinilcs show il, as Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. "Wnltacn signs Ihe commission which makes Roxfovd O. Tugivoll. slnnding, undersecretary of iigricuUure. Tugwell \vns confirmed hi his -new Iwrth by Ihe Ssnnle after a Ixitlle linn aroused national interest. FEE J FftCE Rexlorcl Guy Tu«wcll WJ1I Make Coast to Coasl S[>euking Tour WASHINGTON. June 22 (UP) - i New dealer.-. HIV .sciitlerhig through | 11"' nation in show Ihn voters u f<w brnln'lniNiprs In Ihe flcKh and lo pill srcilonul nnph:i.sLs on wlrnt lius been iu'cnmplMiod since Mart-]] 4, IBM. Dr. fiesford (iuy Tugwcllr nn- lUmccrelary of iujrlonltm,' deJpllf u biltcr senate minority ./fight iignlnsi him. will lo\ir the country in his role of brain irusicv number ono. Tugwetl departs June 24 tor Dos Muinr.s. Iowa. The Iowa Hankers assoclallnn will gel u close up of a' brain tru.stcr Ihlnr.lug mul Inlking .when the iimlerercrrtfiw i.praks al ihctr sliili 1 i-onvrnllon. ; Equally . important fronf Ihe standpoint, of ixjlitlcs and the new' (lent will 1m Tugwrlt's appearanOc. in Brooking*. S. n. Farmers from adjoinlni; si HIPS gather annually UitTi! for it picnic. Tugwell will deliver llio prli:cl|inl spm-h lo cx- plaln lo Uic horny Imndcd men of lliR grain nnd Hip cnltle counHj 1 how A. A. A., llniuipd economy, or v.'lini will you. hits aided them. The northwest, Pacific coast Mules, nnd Dually Arl/ona will see Tiigwell in turn. The. journey will 100,000,000 Ounces Re-1 Program Means Opportun- ported Acquired Under ity, Junior Chamber of Purchase Program I Commerce.Told ' WA*SHING'i6it, -Julie 22 ' (UP)— | " MIAMI. Flai, Jun«"22 (UP)—As- Approxiimuely 100,000,000 ounces oi | .sLslani. A. A. A. Administrator Al- sllver have been acquired by Ihejfred Stedman today called upon federal government al a cost of: the young businessmen of the na- ^K n around $50,000,000 since tlie noose- j lion In jrtin In support, of thc new unfold-; yelt administration began the re- deal, habllilation of silver." it- was esll- He defended President lioose- have some aspects of a personnl;., wns „ Brmt holl ,| : , y u , ll( j'rcsidpni FJoosevelt anticipated. If h! ins picture slur. Tlie farm belt discover In Tugwell a collcgl- nle type, handsomer than many movie heroes. llul the Columbia professor is nol Ihe only pre-election traveler. ; Postmaster General Farley! shortly will carry his engaging smilp. across the coumiy. Nominally scheduled to dedicate new posloffice.s. Die ex-amnteur poli-j liclan mid New York stale boxing' commissioner will be loaded for voles as he slarls west. Al about Ihe same time Recovery Administrator Hugh S. .lohn-i i;roud .smile here was any criterion. He's shown waving goodby I •.he crowd KHIhired alongside hb, yacht us he left New Ilaveu liar bor [oi 1 a cmlse in Long Island sound, Ihen lo atlend th^ Harvai'i Yale rcsalla al New London, Conn. Back of him, the Flrsl Lail and a companion Join III lite cheery farewell. 'S HE. IFIfflElL SMS veal Destruction of Out- launch speaking tour which NHA de.sci'lbed as a "campaign lo resell ihe blue eagle to ihc American > p public." iit.ym outline all phases .. Jaw Lmpire, of Hie" recovery program, rpenkingi in 15 major cities from New Kng-' Chicago Crime Figures Re- Urges Limit on .Appropria ordon Frierson Named Assistant U. S. Attorney I.ITTI.K, HOOK, June 22 (UP) — oidnji I'Ylprson, of Jotiesboro, mid U. Gregory, of fiean-y. wcro t'il iisslslunt U. S. district al- rneys for 111? eastern itislrlct Arkansas by Fi-ecl A. Isgrlf Ihh irrnnon. oosevell Reappoints Anti-Smith Democrat WAS1IINCITON. June '« (Ul>)- iink II. McNInch, inUI-Sinllh fmocinl. of North Carolina, .ipjMilulisI iixliiy by I'resldeni r.ospvi'11 us Ptuilriunii of lhi> fpd- rnl power commission for u Ove par lent). Tin 1 appointment had 'on prolcsli'd bitterly by some lulhern IVinocml.s Ivraicse or isocinlluu will) Bishop Jai aiuiiin, Jr.. In thp liilter's I'H gn lo carry Ihe Soulh for lloov- In ISl-'H TO mm Lar R c Parl of $15,000 Needed Pledged at Mas: Meeting CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo.—Mor luin 300 Interested pcisoiis at miss meeting nt t^ court Wed icsday nlglit endorsed a contract between the local city council and shoe factory committee, and the Brown Shoe Company, of SI, Ixnils, under which Uic company will isttibllsh a shoe factory liere, Enthusiastic business leaders and merchants subset Ibcd $10,100 uf the J1G.OOO needed [or remodeling the land to San Francisco. mnted semi-officially 'today. - veil's recovery program In an r.d- rnch mer, deal .campaign strategy il Iwconies eyidenl thai section will hear" ihis simi- and with some emphasis, About 60,000.000 ounces were be-: dress before Ihe Junior' Chnmber llevert lo have been secrclly ac- I of _Commerce of Ihe Uiiiled' States quired In London and New York land, declared there has lieen no iu- ovei- the past lew months by the!tempi to "regiment American life." government's S2,000,000,000 exchange j Regarding the agricultural art- slabili/ation fund. Thc was I ministration he said: beltevd to be from 40 to 50 ccni.s! "The only reBimemation of agri- an oinicu. • 'culture in tills country was regi- An nddltional 20,000.000 ounces! meniation of farmers off their were acquired lost summer at 50; farms and into the ranks of the tents an ounce iroin Urea'. Brit- . unemployed by the process of forc- nin as ;icr payment on her war I closure. That kint! of regimenla- :lecl; 8,000,000 ounces of newly i lion has been checked." iiined mrtal have IxM'n acquired I "The now deal," he said, "calls ;^ at fi-H'j penlG an ounce from j upon you and young men of your AnuTirtin producers sines Detcm- i ability in extend your horizons. It her; several million ounces more! nerds Ihe support of your energy are believed lo have be?n pur- i nnd ability nol only In local pro- j chased directly in ihe open mar-fjccts but in national affairs." about the reomployment anil rx- pendilures wliicli Mr. • Roosevelt's . policies have made possible. CHICAGO. June 22 (UP) — Gangland, Ihe world famed empire of the Inwlc&s, has crumpled and fallen. During Ihe ynir.i of prohibition Chicago v:a.s noted as the .playground lor gangsters, but a tions and Referendum on Porjd I-jsues. _ ^ ___ POOAHONTAS.-In the nrst ad- drew of n political nature that lie has made sluci he annoimced as a candidnU: for Ihe Democratic re- nomlnallon. Governor 1-ltlrell urged the adoption of the two proposed const iln I Ion al amendments old Mcnzlcs siioc factory building, erected several years ago, to meet the requirements of the new factory. This money is to be used lo eh- Itirgc Ihe present brick building approximately 18,000 square feet. It Is now 35,000 square feel, but the company will need 11 al least JO.OOO feet to house machinery and equipment they Intend bringing here. The tlS.OOo will be raised by the sale of one year bopd*. They will be retired with funds rtlsed by a Warns of Danger if "Blind J and Selfish" Leadership Is Followed .1ACKSON, Tenn., June '.2 IUP)\ —David K. Ullonlhnl. director In liurgc of ixnvcr for Ilir TEIIIIPS- 'PT Valloy Aulliorlty, warncrt and chnllcngi'd Ihe people of Ihe val- oy ami lotlay limb "imwerful . Torres nrp at work" lo thwart (hD lii'imaneiu nlma of HIP TVA." .. lilllPiilhal, spraking to u maw meeting of civic genders from several west Tennessee cities thb uftnncon, urged Ihe vnlley poo- pie to "rcfiur. lo ILslcn to Ili2 vnli-es of of little vision antl of .•.pin-ill puriiosc," add declared thai the program would • rrivil "only If you treat M>ls'>j H i national program." • Kod Good of All lie poimed out Uiat the author- ••'1 Hy Is nol only working for a bet- !j| trr balanced .economic life (or the valley, but also for a better balr iincpd economic ll(e lor Ihe n»- llon. ' '•Creation of HID authority Is..a great trlbula to the South, but at the tame tune It Is a challenge lo the South, because It calls for the highest degree of leader- lip among Die men and women f this a ret," he said. "I am not on alarmist," he ex- lalned, "bill, I want to warn you hat poivi'rfiil forces are al woVIt o deprive the South of Uic great- si opportunity that ever came 'to ny people—tin; people of this oiintry must choose whether-to survey today revealed thai gang j Ihnl he lias sponsored, in an ad- fancy rulers have abdicated, leaving a disorganized iinny imabln lo con- .linue illicii irciffip. In nil things dress here Thursday. One of Ihe proposed amendments would require a majority of prices. <;atherliiE jthc elected membership of each In luxurious hcndqunrter:; Is I house lo enact a law; would limit evidence that a crusade of latf | appropriations lo $2,500,000 per bland order virtually IMS u'iprd OM ; cmilmn. cxcepl for highways, 1 schools, p?nsloni and debt service, 1 provided the limit could te excecd- tireweries, disliller- I nQ ~ c i-uscs (\f\t\ .UUU ! ic-s gone in sport, iind jnil sen- cd in emergencies by a vole of ' I dices for many chleflains are ! three-fourths oi the elcclfid mcni- iorne of Ihe results of the relent- bcrshlp of each house. less v.'nr carried on and .^laip nuthnrlilrs for tv.n year:;. ket In the past few days. Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgrnllmi was drawing plans today for Ihe purchase of nearly 1.300.000.000 additional ounces of f.ilvcv to carry out provisions of (he silver purchase aci of 1934. Greene, 14,911; Independence, 9,-1 which provides thnt the country's 495; Jackson. 23.602: Lawrence, 14.- silver monetary icservcs be in- 415; Polnsett, 29,295; Crktcmlen.lcroaspri linlll they reach one- The old deal, said Stcdman, was irresponsible. Suit Against Shaver nnd fella bin i Kelly ,.|, mT1 , n drnp of M1 |wr , ,, . cent in Chicago crime in Hie first. A verdict iii favor of W. W.[nve n-.ontlis of the year from the Shaver and the D;lla Gin com-Kanin pciuxl last yew. by federal I Thc oilier amendment would pro- in ChlP.igu! hlblt, bond Isfiiies for purposes othe, j lhan refunding existing indcbled crimp n'pon liy Ma]. B. J. | ness except, alter approval by n "N(U only in government, but in ' pany of Manila was reliiriird by buslnpss, the old deal was irre-ia jury i n circuit rourl here IrKiny sivmsible. Business, in Us honorable in thn $25,2:'.0 ix'rroiul injury suit. ii-nsc. fought for a decent chance of Charles B. Mallbie. lo survive. Bui Ihe old deal dld| The jury dellbrralcd Murders decreased Iii p. n r ci-nl. Prosecutions were Ihe vvriipon:! of tlie criiEiidors. They were aided by n ico-opcrallve splrll omong criminal majority of the electors of the state Governor Fulrell wild thnt if the people would adopt these two amendments they would nol have lo worry aboul the financial condition of this slate. He said lha be hud made few promLse.s but hm kept Inose few. He urged the pco not give most of you chance." 50.1S3; Crass. 17,592: Lee. 20.D1B; Phillips, 23.924; St. Francis. 31.304. Agriculture was the worst vlc- third the size of Ihe monetary! tlm of Ihe old order, Stcdman de- nn even; minutes -before tindin defendant, who ivos accused Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 22 (UP) — Selling gained momentum in late trailing today. Tickers fell bo- hind the mnrkel despite close abbreviation of quotations. Prices broke in all sections with automobile shares leading the downturn. Losses extended lo more than four points. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Slcel Chrysler Cilies Service General American Tank General Electric General Motors '. 31 Inlet-national Harvester 32 1-8 Mlddlewest Utilities .... 3-16 Montgomery Ward 24 5-8 New York Central 29 Packard 37-8 Phillips Petroleum 17 3- Radlo Corp 61-8 Simmons Beds 16 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of N. J 43 7-1 Texas Co 23 5-8 U. S. Sled 33 ,V8 V. S. Smelling 124 3- gold slock. Morgenthau said he expecled lo bring about n rise in the price of silver which many adminLslra- tion and congressional leaders hope will contribute to higher commod- j' ity prices. Elaborate safeguards: have been put into effect lo prevent speculaiois from "crashing i" on Ihe government's price fling scheme. If the estimated 00.000.000 ounces recently obtained p ere obtained al nn nvernpe price f 50 ccnl-s an ounce, (he gov- i clared, and charncleriwd methods of the A. A. A. as lypieal of Uemocralic alms. 114 1-4 14 5-8 33 3-4 38 3-4 2 3-8 37 19 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high low clos July 89 1-8 90 1-4 38 3-8 39 3- Sept 90 91 1-8 69 1-4 90 1- Chicaao Corn open high low July 55 3-4 56 54 3-8 64 7- Ignes Tufverson In Boston Recently BOSTON. June 22 (UP)—A Bos- lice that- she Ls "positive" thai a customer named "Todgerson," who hod a dress cleaned twice during the past six weeks, Ls the rei|x>r.?ll)ll!ty lor the serious in- nmieiit has :i huge paper profit. , ni , ;ing Agncs ^rvcr.-.on of New s each ounce of silver reprewnls I y . k w] photographs have been 1.29 If iwd as hacking lor !»!>?>• | appearing di ,,i y in Boston nctts- icney. This prom on 100.000.000 ounces it 50 cents an 100.000. ounce is $89.- FerfMl Record for 12 Years AUGUSTA. Kan. t.UP»—for papers. Mrs. Ruth S. Hall, clerk in Ihe "Shoppers Dry Cleaners," volunteered Ihe information after a phologroph in a Boston evening newspaper had strikingly recalled , . i to her the womim who brought •ears liublcn Hime has attended | a drres to be c i CBUed on May 15 -chool here without being absent : and oncc ,„ ' June New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 22 (UP)— After small advances on the opening due lo good cables, droulh tn the west, and weevils In many localities, the cotton market turned about In the second half of the session today and prices closed one lo three'points lower. open high low close July 1197 1201 1188 1192 Oct 1220 1226 1210 12/1 Dec 1234 1208 1223 1228 Jan 1238 1232 March 1240 1240 1240 1240 May 1J59 1261 1259 1250b and June 10. Delecllves Joseph Decker and George Augusta of the I)oslo;i police comimmlcated the Inlormalion lo Chief Inspector Louis J. Valen line of the New York |»llce. Jury of Mnltbie in a Tire which swept Hie gin last January. Following disposal of the case, which occupied yesterday's session of court, Judge Neill Killough adjourned lor" this session. All jurors nol engaged In ihe Shaver case dismissed fov the teim ve.slerday and W. H. Bryant of I/enchvllle. Andy Hnrshman of Tomato nnd Floyd Homer, of X'nn- ila, were named Jury commissioners to soled a new" Jurv panel for the next .session. Nuthanlnl Johnson, 13-year-old "•^ro boy, was denied damages in S2.222 prrsonal injury suit against Dillard and Coffin Co b\ a jury Wednesday. " The jury found for tr.e defendant company, owner of Clear Like farm, after hearing evidence In the case in which the nejro youtl claimed damages for alleged injuries received when thrown to the ground by a loor-e belt on o drive snalt nl the company's gin Johnson wjis employed" as a cot ton picker by the company at lha lime and had gone to a "pump a the gin to get a drink of wntr- alxiut 20Uidgcs. The drive nl Ihe oul.sct | pie to cense to honor" a man'be lor the !<orfrani7Cd thc notorious Capmo cause he holds political power bu yndicnie by v;hnlesalp convictions'lo honor a man who justly is en or ir.couiD tax evasions. Alfonsc] lltlcd to honor for the good b Oldest Ohio nesltlfnt Dead RAVENNA, Ohio lUPI—Andrew Falllsco, 104, whose wife died 10 years ago at 96. succumbed here recently. He was on; of the oldest residents of Ohio. Scarfare) Cnpone, Us lender, is ervlng 10 years in Atlanta peni- entlary. His nides are serving docs. The governor spoke al the Fourtl district convention of (lie American enns ranging from or.e year lo! Legion at Current Diver bench, se\ en miles north of here on Highwa : G7. vc yeais for similar offends. Governor Will Be Guest i at Banquet for Driver'Will Explain New Deal OSCEOLA. Ark.. June 22—Ciov I Mrs •ill .wn 'who spends a scrip dollar attach a stamp costing two ent.s, When this scrip dollar has gone, hrouglx 1.0 transactions, It, will be cdecmed at face value. The money froin the stamps wll ;0 to a fund for the retlremen if the bonds. Oeorge Coslow, representative o he Brown Shoe Co|«iany, spoke le was Introduced by Jos. S. Wall! lember of the shoe factory com ulttee. Mr. Coslow said thc compari vould mnniifacliire cheap shoe here. These will Delude wor slioes, light nnd heavy grades, an vomen's shoes. About 800 worker., are to be used in tl» factory here with from 600 to 700 being loca -Arsons. Payroll of J750.000 Is guaranteed by tlin company for the first 10 In Ihe 10 years it is .possible, however, he stated, salaries paid here may exceed the J2.000.000 ollow the leadership of the presl- lent or the leadei-ship of the Eel-. Ish and blind who brought us ao ilosc to destruction. "Whether the people will win or lie disciples of selfishness and Idleness will win depends upon you. fliere Is no force, however powerful, however subtle, however flrrn- y entrenched, which can withstand :lii! forcrs of a united public opin- 011." Better Economic Life Is Goal Llllcnthal explained that the cardinal point, In" the .work i of "the 1 luthprity is to increase:!and,stab- O r tho_ I -as s means of better "balancing tfie: economic life. *' • . "This -Li ho overnight' Job.' We '' j are here at grips with the "mott- desperate problem of modern 'Uft.v u problem which has swept awhy Ihe dcmocrallc form of govern-'. ment In most of Ihe countries abroad, but in our own country; fortunately for the American people, this struggle to Increase and I stabilize thc Income of tlie average man and woman will be carried on as the president has said— under the principle of self help and self control." mark. Widow of Ax Victim Names Husband's Killer SIKESTON, Ruth 18 "rnor Fulrell will lie i on or tit iiiet sponsored by Ihc Osredl.i Civ- county farmers and farm c Club to welcome Congressman i " u "'. W- J Driiw. •l piM : women will meet at the Mlssts- rlnns were made nt the lun- :heon iiieellii!! of" Ihc club yes- ;erd:iy to hold the banquet in the . high school auditorium the evrr.lng of June 29. Four hundred '. on July j and all d i nice.tine. for n basket dinner The meeting Ls one of a series b;ing held over the state dur- will be present j T Co• "* J " ly 3nd Au * usl ">' " lc ' Ion Is on arrangements. The club also voled unanimously Its :ject Is to acquaint farm folk with Sept 571-4 575-8 56 5*5-8' Spots closed steady al 1307, oft 3. Uee blossomed. & second, ttaie. trc accident occurred. Vorfe Cotton NEW YORK. June 22 (UP) - Coiton closed steady." open high low close 1198 1204 1187 1183 1226 1229 1214 1218 1235 1240 1226 1230 Fe»r Tree Blossomed Twice Ja!1 1241 1244 1231 1235 GLOUCESTER, O. IUP>—First March 1252 1256 1240 1245 Wo&soms of a pear tree on W. G.jMay 12$] 1265 1252 1255 Brown's farm were killed, but the[ Spots closed sle.idy at 1210. oil against prices In Mls-,lHippl county " nder "* New DeaK Thc meeting will begin at July Get Dec Jan Gasoline prices In Osceola yes-' o'clock In thc morning. County terday remained at 21 cents with! Agents J. E. Critz of Blythevllle 15 nnd 15H cent rates prevail-1 ancl s - D - Carpenter of Osceola Ing in Crittendcn countv ;a"d Miss Cora I.ce Coleman. homo demonstration agent, arc In charge of arrangements. Fined for Disturbance - Dr. Crelchton Collete Head Gus Chitwood was fined $5 in WOOSTER, Ohio .(OP) — Dr municipal court yesterday alter- John W. Crelghton, professor o noon on a charge of disturbing j missions In Wooster College since the peace. A similar charges! 1928, has resigned to become pres Joe Parr, negro, resulted In'ldcnl of Hastings College, Hastings a $10 fine. I Neb. Hammond into Thursday named Jimmle Rogers as the assailant who attacked her and her husband, itinerant peddlers, with on ax as they slept In their auloaioblle near here early Wednesday. Hammond died | n a Cnpc Glrar- tteau hospital as a result of Ibc x ivounils. Mrs. Hammond, under reatmcnt nt Ihe same hospital, ap- rarcntly IB recovering. Officers said she named Rogers .s tile 18-year-old youth who had •amped with the Hammonds for several days. Authorities began an mmediate search for him Hammond was burled In a pot- er's field nt Cap? Glrardcau after an unsuccessful search for relatives Nfrs. Hammond, according to au- .horltlcs, said thai Rogers joined ler and her r.usband nt Jonesboro Ark., several days ago. and Mac raveled with them since. Autoist, 94, Starts Trip For Mountains Alone AUSTIN, Texas. (UP) —H. C Wright. 94, stepped Into an auto mobile, put his foot on the start er. and was off on a 500 mile, drive to the Davis Mountains without any doubt ho could mak the trip. 'I went through four years o the Civil War and fought In 3 engagements without a scratch he remarked when chances of ac cldent at his age were suggestec Bom In New York, he came Texas in 18«. He fought u Confederate cavalryman. Mrs Wright, now 90, startled New Yor ten years ago by a concert peerance. Postal Inspector Here to investigate Robbery The mystery of how thieve!; •oke open two metal coses In the ostofflce Wednesday night' and caped with »392 In cash without aving any evidence as to how ley gained entrance to the btilld- ig remained unsolved today. • A. A. Mehl. postofflce inspector om the St. Louis district, arrived- ere yesterday afternoon to Investi- aic the robbery and indicated to- ay that few additional facts had ecu uncovered. Police Chief Ed Rice and Deputy', herlff Eddie B. David were co- neraliug with the inspector to- ny in nn effort to fun down the hleves. ,. .. •.. The rifled stamp cases were dls- overed early yesterday morning ome time after the first employes cportcd for duty. Aside from the roken locks on the two cases and he missing money there was no vidence of robbery- except the acl that a supply room door, which Is not generally used, was pen. All outSidc windows and doors appeared secure. Will Buy All Cotton Needed Says Hopkins WASHINGTON, June 22 (UP) — The cotton program of the federal emergency relief administration will be broadened to permit purchases of more than the 250,000 hales already committed, It was announced today. Administrator Harry L. Hopkins promised that "we will buy til the cotton needed to meet relit! needs." WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight. . Saturday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair tonight and Saturday. Not much change in temperalure. The maximum temperature her* yesterday was 87, ' minimum 71, clear, according to Sauel F. NorrU, official weather observer.

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