The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on November 14, 1877 · 4
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 4

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1877
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' - ' -II'1 ' ! .!': ! V' ;.:--''N:..;".: '''' -:V ' ! : -'"-j .'-v' ;"-;,'M '.':'! r:''..- ' 1 i K L.l-' !'., .-, . j : j": ' '.. i .. : '.-.;' ,' : ' HI T .1 . I 1 3 3 ' li 1 1 j f i ' I- J! ' ft il'i i; I ih r If " ' i ! M 3 i ! is ( f I t 1 t 1 : . 1 - - r- .-! T' "f i ' - v- Plflllii tuned and regelated by a compete it .workman ean hardly be overesiUmated. uid tuoae owning plMM woold find it the c&eapest a natter ortiiwoM and Ur hetwr tor the, to ay nothing ot the ooov tfleneo to bare the piano toned and looked ifter by a ' regular and competent toner, j ' It 1 ainUtHkeu idea that any oi wltn a good ear can tune piano, for it certainty reouirea the closest obnervation nd Jong practice, to day uothlng of tneexp rteuce required in regulating, of whlehj all i dano ae wore ofton ln need than l geneially up- - Order for piano tuning and rrpe receive prompt attention by W. K. irlng will Battcy, a practical inner aau im1i" i ' , ORANGE'S. TERkySi Ml'IIC NT (Jit K. COPPER CREEK O O JLX llet wet era eal to joarke,, leave orOrs afl byrne "."'.IT,'.,?;.. JUII.V K. Wit A If A 1U-punitory f t'aiittlotl. Hsihi Instruction."! e, aud lltirpc.r'fl Uaziir. ILLUSTRATED. Notices of J to world, and tu expouniier f thai worlti'v Miatlem ol iimiinerii, eii'uu, cw"i HH -lttir 3raiclUr. J rim until r niimiiendl llKtlf lOC nirlul hub' vrtry btrr of the liouHonoid to titm cli Idreti Uy Iroll ami prelly plctura,to tbe .... It- .n In .t( 1 I ,MM ' IhcIioh to I ie i.rovKlntit tiivtron by ilx putternij , vanHiy lor tilt'' by il- uUlldrei)' clothtu, to jhiuvwwik lierit iuiiI luxurloux dretmlug Kowns. But llni rfntiiui; uituT of Hie Krtjr i unlforwily oi imIIuiico. The pnMr iiatt aflonlrCTl a ularlty for the firewkte etijoyinenti hiiiI lia lwMiiie an eHtaliliHln-d with tlio lndleK of AiiitHlif.t- A'. 1 k;r-ftt I'.i- lUepop-a fiord h, utiiorlty ThllMS: 4 l'otdiiKO trwt tottll Hulmcrllert in UJi UuileU JlABfca'M Haar, onojfeur Ji "0 1.00 ino.lnden prepayment of If. Ml iKtage by the puol inherit. riubMcrlptloim to Harper' Mmjazli and WH-klv. to one addretiM lor one I' t ear, lllh or, two of Harper' Ferlftdi'-aU. toon for one vear. 7.UU. noNlaee frw. auureN An extra copy of either theMaunzine, -or weekly win ne Muppueu Kiaiin Club of Hve Hu bttcrl berg at Hi eai lr every h, paid lor by one reinltlanw ir, hIx col lea - one year. Without extra copy, tor f2'.M), Hack Nomberii cati lie uppl)i;d at y time, l'n VnluiiiM of the Baxar Conimelice with the rear. When no time Ih mentioned It will be underHtnod that the miixcrlltjr wixiieK to coinruenee with the numbur next hfler Uio recelptof hlorUer. The Annual Volumen'of IIarper' i ltazur, In rwat cloth blndlDK, will be He m by toxirenrt irettof expenne, protaet tne . eight hieM not exceed one dollar, for t7 ,oo ear,i. A complete net, oinprtlng Tun Volume, sent iOI receipt . or oann at tne raie or per voi L'XiHtntie of DUicliaaer. frblcht at Ulnth C'awM for ea-h volume, inttlable for bind In or. will be sent by mail, pohtpAid. on receipt of t.00 each. f . InJexeH to each volume seat gratis on re ceipt of tatn p. HutmcrlptlouH received for Karpcr'B Period ical ouiy. Neuixptiper arc, not to c-jjiy this ailvrilitenumt without tm ervrcx order of Harper dt Urolhers. ... Addreaa HARI'KU HROTHEI1S, Hi dlw New; York. ENOCH WOOD. COMMISSION MERCIipT, - IJTOJl THE SALE OF Graia, Butter, Ees, Lard, Hides, fallow, Driel Fruits ani all linds pi Alt ConsienmenU and Orders for Quods or Produce will receive prompt ulUuUo i OFFICE m fFTH AVE,. CHICAGO f nvH dtf - 1 EIGHTH WONDER OlMHE- TIIE COLORADO PETRIFIED MAN, WITH A TAIL ! I'ronor.nred' by gclentlntn the pet ;fiel rfj- tnalim of a human being, the race of which is iouk muce ex unci. Prof. Paiok, o Conncll lilutl'a. dec dc it is over one million yearn old. i Mothiue like it has ever before bee diacov. ered, and it In Indeed a wonder won ly to be Kceu uy ait. i lioN. P. T. BARN UM. the reat 1 owrann. Uw iNHixht a uue-hnlt Interest in it Wr i Will be exhibited at " OLDS' OPERA HOUSE, Thursday &Priaa' Xovciuber 15IU and l illi. , ADMISSION ClULOKkN under 10 yeur...... i (nov3 dw) ..2f CF.NTS lj- CKM i'S POOR-FARM-NOTICE. Healed propoaaU will be received by the Hoard ot Mupervlnora at tlieir stisnion iu January, 1STS. to keep the Poor Karln lor one year irom the lt day of AprU.i7i , bid!) to between 1- yenre uo per ween per uead, uesianaung the age of li years and under, and and over. The service to be, board an d wnsu itvr ail oecupanta, and care fori the hick, and o mena cioiniog oi male, make aud i .the clothing o( women and chiidTMi, mend , mate- rAi ror ciotninz rurniKhed bv th Kuel for use in foor lloane nirnisinfd coUniy. in tne tree, ana l ie pa,uraite of the poorttarro all iepirn mj I0BOUK ana oUb-OUlldin to be ntaoe oy in tiwam or CoatractJor, rial being furnished by the Coonty Wt2Wlwwim ' - , t T , mate- BOARD. I COME IX MVQAI. PX.EXIOR. Tho Most Beautiful S ores. .'r .j -THE- SUvor Sliorin Made by. Daniel E. Pari A Co., Ttfy, N. V ... MMBMM ThU Khm a BIam .a contmted tha each, in boUt a Stove and. a Rn : the qualiviea ot a Ktove aud all thi ill haa al- ad van- tagea or a iiaote. it ia no bJither tn nrtr man any move ot enal nixe,' nu ' well, and yet lt advantage are maua eqnail 7. many. . fuui d rn t oc appreciated. 1 l.M a I... . it m tb6mpkok . .... ...... V. 1 . I n I 0N tt'8 ..Dalen.laUardare,8 'Mnacatne. Iowa- T ' Jove,c. R. T. TIIOPsftV. snv kCQ. teb - - , w- MUSCATINE STEAM-BOILER WdRKS.1 JOHN B A.KldR i i ' V ;' KAJtrjr ACTtJKka F , ftoaTM, pollers, Vata TktnkN. Iron llrtdare-i, ana all klndn or f t aire woxy Work. Heparnn promptly dona, OViitWly M!M MlfttCVTlKB, IOWA NKWiVERTlSlllNTS SI :iXKDAYj NOV. 14u. 7. It (1Mb rain so eai. printin mt Jookxit. Ofllce Ligght frog waa once a tadpole. Ud lr- Lnorix's arit. ConMentln.h R hat will you do if the Min doesn't me k-raorrow? have the Ut kid ?lbve for $1. Fowxek Bkos. - ,Ttb4 failure of Andm-", the atlas man, is announced. Durant achooln are having a four weeks' vacation. A your grocer lor Van Patten 'a Hutti ifiku Stove Polish. dwtf Altbiid the meeting at the rctoinB of the M. C. A. thia evening. LMie. jrnta and cUild'ren'a under wear at Fowler IiroV. d2t Mmtry to Loan. la Huma of $'500 and bward, oo approved ecurty. ' klaw 1 T. D. OMITII. lijow many of our teachers will at tend tjbe. State AsmM-iatlou during the holldiyH ? 1. commercial travelera , are pledged not to patron !z-.a hotel where Hu itiurd Kiiuuh in (R-i ved. lJ!tL rads have eauwd an advance in tuie price of womJ, which, H now .-Iliuik at $4 o0f'ij".o0 rer cord. Hon. James T, Lane, of Davenport, . haH b4en confirmed U. H. District At- torliey for t!ie dl.ttrict of Iowa. the new wt ;ck (if kmve aiid ciitorH jtit fiened at JIornbti's BofK Store ' iihall in the third tory of Jack- moiJ'h new building was tieuicaiea uy . ...... lheJ(ivui Tetnpiara Jant eveiiinir. Now h the time to have your maga- .iiies land ieri(Klicalrt bound and tin JoifRX Ulndery in the place to have it i lone. We liave a new J'ne of casnituereH . for beat' and lxy' wear, 2r .'per t-eut beiow former prices. 1 kit Fowlfh Bko.'. prrtpns wishing to have engraving of any kind done cau have their or der promptly and feathtfactorily filled by leafing them at this offlctv . dtf The pun rose at 7:02 and et at 4:38 to-dayi We hd two minutes Icsh daybignt than yeeterday aud two min i i ' ute mhre than we will to-morrow.' . . Hrlnb your magazines to the Jour NAi, Bindery aud have them bound as sooJi as the volumes are complete and before they become mutilated or loft A roustabout belonging on- the steamer Clinton wax transferred to the stone pile in our jail yard yesterday he having appropriated a twin dollar bill belonging to a fellow "roust." i le Journal received its new type yesqeruay. It comes from the foundry of Baimhart Bros. & Hpiudler, the samle that furnished the 'lribunc with its i recent dress, aud better type was never made. Urtbune, IMh. ApofJher invoice of elegant silvr plat d Ware just received, which will be 8' bid very low at Bawyer'a Jewelry Engraving neatly executed Storfe witliouit extra charge- i dwlw The pews , of the Congregational will be rented at the church church IhiaKWeduesdayJeveniuir, at 7o'clock Chdice music by the orchestra and singers of the church. A full attend Bus. Com. ancb Is desired. Jiidgb Hubbard was probably not acquainted with the commercial trav ellers firom Mufcatine. or he never would have written as he did." .We kntlw Lheui here iu Muscatine, aud t'uay are among our most valued citi- zenk ye flearn that George Trunibo is about to remove his West Liberty Kciorcr to this city, having rentwl the upper story of Thompson's block. MtiHcatine, U already well supplied wititt newspapers, but "the' more the merrlor. tine trial is sunicienr to convince tha mst skeptical of the invaluable and unfailing enicaey of Dr. Mar eurill'ij Lung Syrup for curing Coughs, Colisumptidn, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc I ry it by all meaus. Trice only Jo eenis. Sold by J. li. Douehertv llMJlXWlW Yountrstown. Ohio. Nov. 12. Mrs. Elizabeth Brown died Saturday latt. She wlas 90 yean of atre and the oldest resident of the city.! ' Decerned wa a relative of W. P. ReVnilJs, Esq., of this city. , Her fa'nilV, we understand, are quite wetitiiy. ';' . Thejbly of Isei.j Smith, who re ceived fatal . hi juries sever! iweek sinL-e in the Southwestern roakl, was taken to Davenport le d even intr. for intrnkent. ilewr? 2i years of aire. au lrhves a wife and child at Trenton, Mo, His J'fe i was iusured 1 for f 1,WH) in an accident comnanv. Theleveral German churches of this citV will hold a union meeting at 7 o'c ock next Sabbath evenlnir. for th. pufpotte of securing tbe location of the i i oi - Uek-mdn Bible DetKisitoi y in this city. lievs. J. Meier, of the German BaptUt church, and John! Abrams. of fh German Evangelic-' Asssociation.will ofl'Jciafle. Attbeeloeeof the meeting ouikjeri will be chosen from the differ enB ch hrche. A fall attendance i. dtnirei A wlid buffalo is roaming: abbot -wkihg whom he may devour some- ly" Bn the vicinity 5 of Davenport. Hd Is 4 huge beast of great propor tions. A scouting rartyt armed and Ippf ft this morning continued the chi tiiat bad been begun yesterday, and at Hast accounts' the anlnial ' waa coriini tbla way. We larn from the Gabctti, which adds, "there 1 no huiubdg In thUj." ; Get your rifles ready and be on tbe loo iron r. fr html 1 ere s your chaoee Perforated mot toei eieo;fwayy by buying a frame at ilW .BCRNETt'c Personal .Mention. We regret to learn of the serious iM- of Robert Slere. ' .-. A private letter from New orki laked lutb, mwitioua a vudt iroin mt. aiikl Mrs. r. S, :ewart. iiormeny M is-at!rie but ixjw, of rhiladeljihiaj who epect t or Europe ou the 2lh liist:, to remain Abroad s art Ifr- dekinate p 'U. V.' perlod-. . V wrillt: from Fretlottia toitbe Murcatlue Journal, tspeaks of the wi:ou bridge being erected at that uOlBt. uver the Iowa river, a n it ia ai( to U built by Columbus Junction. fliisis a mlntai.e. 'le county apuro- t.rlateH si.j.OOO toward it, and the farm- eiVall tlirough the upper part of the cofuuty have contributed to It. Wap- iliu Il'jrublican. , , , I mmm Mr. Wm, Roach has purchased a 11 le&quare grand piano of the Emer- adn manufacture, of Law and Moore, which id another testimonial of merit fjr thene well and favorably know;ii p ano, 'DotwitbHtandlDf- the elforta of u pertain dealer m ruuaiu in tun city t(i Injure their reputation. Circuit C.oufiT. In the Court, yes tmlay, alirupny of tl50 wa9 graute! Mrs. 8 Oilman, of Wlltoo, whose husband has brought suit for divorce; Mrs. O. la professionally known an Madame LaHte, a clairvoyant. The Riddle cae, t!aken upyeslerday has occupied the attention of the Cjourt to-day. Mr. Han na now appears a guardian ad litem for the Riddle children, thiia miking a threo-cor rjered fight of it. 1 I River Items. The Victor is due from above, and the Annie is expected ijp to-morrow. I The Minneapolis ha laid un nt Ls- CroHse. . The Clinton, which patiHed low.n yesterday afternrn, tixik on l,r'H) oacknges nt thlH port, including 200 nrkins of butter and 135 cases of eggM, tlie shipment of Weiker & Bergiu. The Northern Liue (!oniauy has no iuMiram-e on its boatu, but takes its own rink. The idea so prevalent that underwriter will not insure boat or Lheir cargoes after the loth iutiit in a fallacy. , I The. Dan Iliije will make one more trip tip, following the Annie" Foh Sa t k.- 1 J-sbry bouse and J acr lot on J mil afreet, near Weexl's.' Lnrge bam and outhouses ; well improved choice fruit trees of all kind. Price $700 ; terms easy. - r '!;"' li-dlw ; : II. Han So jr. Mr. P.. Ii. Balrd, of Muscatine, will we learn, be a candidate for Second Assistant Secretary of the Henate, When the General Assembly shall con vene in January. , This position is that which Mr. Baird occupied last session, discharging its important lu tits to the satisfaction of the Senate and with industiy, ability and success iu every particular.! It is now quite probable, it would soem, in view of the fact that Mr. George H. Ballou, of this city, will not be in the field for the position, a9 it was some time ago announced he would be, that Mr. Baird will have no opposition in his candidacy. Should this be the case, the Republicans of the Senate will certainly make unanimous choice of a very worthy and capable servaut In tne selection indicated. The above handsome and merited compliment to one of our citizens is from the Davenport Gazette: 'Bob," we hope, will meet with the signal favor predicted for him, and we know-that the members of the Senate cannot bestow the compliment uion one who will serve them more faithfully and acceptably. The Bermonatihe U. B.CHURCIf. The following communication should have appeared yefterday, and we cheerfully give place to it ifowon the ground that it is.never too late to do good : ; Mr. Editor": In not receiving In formation front the United Brethren church while making up your notice of tbe services iu our cburcliea Hut day n behalf of the young men , you ist a Koou uem lor tne many friends of the pastor and this imod caue. The church w i well filled with young peo ple, ruo an uncommon interest mani fested,: especially by tho presence of many young mop not regular attend ants. Rev. Mr. Statton preached from toe text it - , . ''Young men likewise eihorttf i ci,r. minded. !'In ail thine ahewlnu tlivlf a iifltfirn (1 usb, Knivity, sincerity." TitUH '2 :-7. i nu uSsWr statea mat it wan a re markable fact that young men were mentioned 115 times in the Scriptures many times more than old men. wpmen or any other clas. He argued from this the importance of reaching out after them by every influence in our power to- induce them to accept Christ, and show themselves a pattern of gmi works. The permon:was renlete with excellent thought, and wa delivered with that sincere earnestness and forcible manner of Mr. 8. which seemed to reach the hearts of all. xx. Best family flour how in this mar ket made at the Young America mills. Awarded 1st premium at our fair, The bread made of our Ilojjr was also given the 1st premium over many eometit- or. Many of our besf citizens pro-notiDca the flour unsurpassed.- I We invite, attention, to an advertise ment in '"these 'column?, In regard to Vdndervoort's Flexible Cement, raid to be a ierfect cure for all water Unk. It kneets w ith large sales wherever in troduced. Try it. i ; : I . ;- U ; : ft , 140-Acre Farm in GtsiiEN Town- siup.r-Liea in sectipti 10, townaUip JS, Ri.j 3 weet. Part of Thomas Lewis' estate. Can be divided in to iwn nlrv tarms if desired. Ciod soil, well im proved. .Good frame dwelling, etabW. wagon Phed, corn crib, Ac. Good spfing, building stone, brick clay, &d Situation unsurpassed for beatitv nnil' coheoieuce. Prioe fnii per are;, tetme ! : fir. Marshall's Lunc Svrun ia nsr. tlctilarlv recommfmlnd fr liLlrUi, It Is the most pleasant, soothing and' effective Cough remedy known. Call on- your aropKtet and tiy a bottle otiu it only cosU S5 cents. I Sold liy J. 3 i-uuj;u;iiy ;pdwlw - ' . !'il Tii 'he Lost Hair. A baa lot .' his batr.TW whose uarrrhitp turned gray i should use Ur.v U. Af. Francois' French Hair Reswratira, infallible for restoriDe crrav hair and coring baldness. Sold by all dntseatts. w vcum jicr uoiue, ena si trip for circular on scalo and all akin di. ca$es to Pr. C, A, - Francois, iXK iortb Se en Ui: street, SC. Louis, Mo f. t - ; V . . I n - Old Bibles and the old books btijunif aud made as rjood anoewai the JornKiAt. RtvnriA-. pAVM ivHvr;w-'lh--meeting at therwoma ib&VCC A-Ja?t even-Ing.wasled by Iter.T.H.f ranrteld.Rev. Mr. fJberLarf.TkvIiitTLten ilten'sud-deotrSl. f3'e imiHr.ui'k bis text "in Roman-, 1st tfLapter--4Tltxe w therefore now h' iroieuiriliioii t tbeui which are kr tTrHtJe.- wli'i walk not after. tbe'llesh. btif after the law of the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of fife ia Chri! Jesus hath made me free from the law of dn and death. Fof what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the lieeh, "iod sending his own Son In the likeness of sinful flesh, aud for sin, condemned sin Iu the fleb: That the righteousnss of the It w ' might be fulfilled in ua, who walk not after the flesh, but after the: Spirit. For they that are after the-flesh do mind the things of the trti tbty that are after trttT Spirit; ' tKe'lrfinfel of the Spirit,?' These iuifiortaut truths contained In tbesti verses were very tioarly and beautifully exilained and ciid men ted : upon. . The uicetlug throughout was onu of! pleasure and profit to those who were to fortunate as to par tiei pate in it, and ail present bore testimony that it was good to be there. . ' . j Rev. I. K. Sutton' will' lead tbe meeting this evening. 1 Service will btglu promptly at 7 o'clock. Everybody is invited to attend. A Lovely- Landlord Mr- John B. Henderson, of EUlora, Ur jut re turned from a pier aut visit among iriends in Hlinoi-. She leiH a Ptor' ijjout the brutal treutuit-nt received from a landlord1 hi i . Muscatine, that. ibuud.li6t Jh, hid under n buucl..Ar riving at Mnjft.t.iii!, snef?iusrjmi much hojw i. JuKtltulUai; Inquiries arwit the time a boat dawn the river waHfcXitt.eij. that tho. oiuuibuMtti i isil htstitr olt tuot 'lii bad it ft. This iSwai-'. Bowman, h;HtfMl bt r into b? rinrprnt ",' -Jijr.-Ing'u.- sured-. Wf ilwit, li Ju-t a iiV -ciys iious,' Hno .r.Utnnl promialng that hewrould lr b-r to tlif !irt that Hteaim 1 down "the. river. On reaching lb Nattobal Houne, si found it an 'ifeiior b' U-lry.aiid mUt sitting up f.ljt cliiht tu ke the stean:-boat,ht w4 never ca"Ml for. althoiigh the craft i.aHt d down fho river early that a. in. Next Hiy tlie rilton were stoleil frYm her 'bonnet, ".an'il vvben she demanded restitution, h Insnltcd the ladv. "How much 1m i your ribbons worth? Will two dollars do you ?" thia brute arsely demanded. Then heJusiuuated that she was blackmail ing him. Mrs. I endviMou little uietfe iy thtbni and prised out to a better ho I, kept by; a decent man, telling tbobuily, Jiowman, that, wiii'.e he might thus talk t" a defensei k womau,.if her was near, lie wonld hunt hihHe very ptvMenly. Eldora f,tlycr. ! : When we read .a story like the above, it is a relief fo know Jthere. are two a.(des tyjtj, ..jyI'fcjally do we It el the importance of an explanation ar.d statement of facts corint-cted with an assault p pon ' the character of an old citizen, &tu one who ban hud bo much to do with the community and the traveling public daring the past tight or ten yearj'in the capacity of express man and carriage driver. Early and late he ban been, found at his pofet, with gentlemanly aud courteous bear ing, ever evinciug an accommodating spirit and a desire to leave nothing undone that would contribute to tho com fort of his patrons. Heuca we were surprised to find the above in the last issue of the Eldora y.T,and imme-j diately called upon Mr, Bowman, whom we asked to "rHo an explain." Mr. B.'says the lady hi question came in on the mortung train, rode from the depot .to the National House, where she remained tilfihe next day, await ing the arrival of a down boat,; that he fllowmanj called oil ,M-V like'.:, boat'agenl.'who' luformed him that a boat! wpnld'iiot be dovn belorw '. tle next morning, and lie stated tho fact to Mrs, Hendorw) ,wbo refuKrd to go to bed, but sat ujiall nigiitj mtu li to the annejanceof guef fari ; that duri'ig Mrs. Henderson s stay at toe Iiouhp sipi and the cfifld with her did not go to thw table, butatedinuor, supjier aud break fast from a lunch basket; that reT-oua to her leaving the house, Mm. H. claimetl that somebody -had stolt-n'. ribbon front her bat, and she ilcmand-ed $ 2.00 it ' indemnity'; he a -iked her what such ribbon wjs worth per yard,' and she replied that It cost .Jo cents. Figuring the ribbon at that rate it fell far short of 'two dollars- Mr. Bowman offered to pay her Iohh, bu t was opposed to paying a. penalty, uud.linaiiy tyld her he would square aoco'un' 9 Willi her, and Ifhe Ifcft the house indicnntlj-. Mr. Bowman telln us tiieoniy tiiintr be said tocher whlcti oould be toistrucnl at "uDgtntlemably,' w as the 'remark that .when she t tqc thbway ngain she wouid Mloubfless expect Iiim to buy her u ticket on the boat. TiiLi remark wr provoktd by a fttling that Mrs. H- wa really intending to imjKwe uon him. Let Mr. Z'fy put him sell n Uie . iaudirt -! pJa:e, and t on-sitier Ib'e niatter ni liftbt of the i ir- cum-iiauces B4 btaied, iefcre he t i.b- lishes Mr. B-wni9'i to the world aj baliV. ' " ' . ! In tiram when low prices fn insur ance prevail,- many companies win break np or ckxs tip tbef r busia?ss," because th&- business don't 'pay. It is thtn-fhet thllff-urers' :Plir.rdsck the strongeft, vnnwt suii.lauliaii ,ail permanent compaaitf.: Tl-abuHynf your ihenrartce tomparry to pay ltd loss is a very important question after yon -p$ bSd a liren; bj!r4C 80 considered when yoa tifcn p-licy. 1 air and honorable dealings iu. tbe settlement or losses is a very import. ant item far policy holders, to get yon-money -without fighting for it inch by inch or at tbe end of an exren.-ive ad tedfs'Iaw urtIJfo,t,OropS?iy 4 in tbe world hai'tlie- i"nntW fna more eminent degree , tiian the .old Insurance Cmpnay of North America, organized in .l7;l. Wj earsof prosperity and successful busineK Cash assets amounting to nearly seven mil lion dollar?, an unimpeachable record for honorable and fair dealing in the payment of losses, a 'ilieral ioIicy, and rates as low m any 'other good company, j lie fa favored who bolus-a policy In Uie oMNortb America, vi HAsLEr Hoovkr & Qjitmyt. " Agents. - ! For -Rk nt A nice, comfortable, two-story dwelling oaTuird street, on th bljb. Has r 8 rooms, Jelar, tern' cisterns, gas throughout, land ail con-venienes.Al-pIyt 'V Tito. D. SniiH, Agt. WEST MBE8TY WAIfS, Death or an Old Settler An. Iron Bridge OTr Wapsle Creek -Library Temperance Lectures on j mjsioiogy. . Vest Libkhtv, Nv.,l.s77. Eos. Journal: Death .has again invaded the circle ot Old Settlers in this vicinity. This time Enos Barns has been taken. Mr. Barns came to this county from Ohio in the year ISo'J, aud was, iu fact, one of the pioneers. He experienced all the trials aud privations incident to a life in a new country, and to the work, of making a iiome in as remote a country as this was. He raised a large family of children, all of whom are among our morit useful and enterprising citizens. He was 81 years old when he died, and leaves a wife 81 years old to walk alone for tbe remaining years of her life. Mr. Barns owned at one time a part of the land uon : which Vefct Liberty now stands; for about twelve years be bas had bis home on what la known as South Prairie, aud for a part of thai time has lived iu the family of hi sou, Charlus Barns. Our Old Settlers in discus) n; the weather for the near future, still in-ist that wc are to have our Indian summer that time of smoke is just us eertatu to come as seed time and harvest. If this Is a fact, it is expedient that it should soon make its appearance. ' The iron bridge over Wajisinonoc creek, on the Cheesbro road, is at last In place and team are crossing jit, though the approaches are not in u good condition as it is -xpc-t d to lti!ike them, it is ciiji'ldehlly thought that this bridge ill remain in pacc at ie'a.-t a long !tt some ol the old settlers will need If. Steps are being taken to org-irsbje library association in our town, the object T the t-llort is to improve the High School Library, nnd one of tfie ws ta!kd of to ri!e money, i A A onirM-oT lectures by iown men. few of vif leaHitd an exjHmsive lesion, a lew years ago, that expensive c- tures by Kastern men did not pay the bigK'"t dividends, either in cash ,or anj fhlng M-e. A n umber ol hierchahts will Ugiu the hev- year. on the cash basis exchanging merchandise for cash or its equivalent and if this Is carried out strictly to the letter, I think we will sie d'll'rent and lietter times in ait-oth'T year. It would be a good deal In. tier toK'p-on our coffee, with hope, and dine on herbs for a while, than to be forever It; debt for what we eat and drink, With the bad roads and bad weather business in ail departments is dull enough. Our police -court is deserted no horse thieves or any other kind of criminals to deal with are they all clean gone out of the State? It may be that some of our roughs have gone to Illinois lo vote and have . not yet returned. has moved his beer saloon up nearer towm He teems to be desirous of getting us near good company as possible, lie is near enough now, so that guests at our principal hotels can wet their whlnt'ts without much travel. Mrs. Anna M. L. Potts, M. D., is giving a course of lectures every after noon and evening f this week, on Physiology, at.. Liberty. Hall. . She seems to i.t veil received wherever she goes. WAi'SfK. To t tie Musical Public. Ml'HCATlMK, Nov. 11, IWT Et Journal ' In this mornlngrs Tfihimc I notice an article In reference to Profonor A, M. Shaller. Believing that true -merit should always mett with proper r ognition and a corres ponding r- ward, I wish to add my le tinw ny to that cf tho Schmidt Broib- ers iu tho article: referred to above. Some time :.' my daughter, Miss Belle, purchased of f tr-s Nellie 1 .coder her Mathtihhi k piano, which, for doqith and richm ss of ton, I ()iifiil ercd almortt uio qualh-d in the oil)', hot Ihc a' deii was so he.ivy and uneven that it v.- p very diflieu!f to play on.i- Aftcr e.:iir:iuiri!j a jnh of repairing the l'refs.tor bad iian a piaijo for Mr. Oro-shcim, after miiiu Itesitt:-tioif, I consent -d that he might t'ii'e ours nu ovt'i nauiiiig, w hich low iiki-pi iveil the in.ti uuicit far ruorc lliijiii we lutd any reason to expect. I eo!h- slder the piano worth at lesrtone hujti- 'IIS It L4.J when w( t, .ii L . drtil IolIurs more now than purchi" vd it, and have uO hesitation in rronou:ifting the Professor, In iny opinion, the 1 st repairer nr.d tuiu r. a well as teacher of haimo.iy, thrt has ever visited our city, and cheer fully recommend him to those wishing anything in his line , J. O. EVAN." We arc sole aacnts for; "ILirh'U. "Etmnerhou'h'' coiibralcd hand ulul machiuesewed h!iks. Fallftyles jjast received. Call and tts? tin m. A. I)AVtDSoN& Ci -A The ladies i-hould all te- those iCv silver and nickel purses, with ant. without chsleUines. They arc the - newest and nicest thing in tbe mar ket. POTi-HlC at Burneti s. . Two faiim-S one mile ta-t ,of A,tu-ilsd, i pro t of the late Tiio-. . Le-Wis e.-f ttc ,, one of.l7 acres and one of I jo acres. S.'ll in and rie-b, ui;d-r cul-tiva'.iou bnt two year?. Ohh is a cd U-ii 'arm. Price $:a per cre term f'ivoable. , , , Tiro. D. sXuTir, At. " ..Jilailk railroad Mjlppius .. rect-lpt boutid iu b;,'.k:, for fcale utll;e JtJlJt nal Bindery. . (iet J. I'.. Walton to move r raise youriiuil.ltngs, r to do ymir carfventer work. aogQ-d3ni Onb Ykar Abroau, by the atither of One Summer, at " . ' '' BntNKTT's Book Store. 5ly.:us, neritvincaid and music bound in aoy etylo desired at tbe . . AgroNisiiiNu Mt:ccjjss.--It is lb duly of every person who bap tised Biwcuee s Oernlao by run to let its wonderful qualities be knou to their menu in cuting consumption, sytere Cfxigbji croup", a-thma, pneumonia, and id fa (.tall Uiroat andluugdittuf a. Xo ieraoi'i can use It without Immediate reljef. ' Three d't ,wlil refieye any case. and we t oD.4b!t'r it the duty of all drugfrH to rvent!,ieii.l It to the poor djiprr coart:rrptIvi at least to fry one lo!t! -V 40,000 bottle wcr sold Issf y cir,' and no one Case where It ' tailed wras retorted. uch 3 medi- cene as-trie Oerrnan Strep cannot' be too widely known. " Auk your druggist abont It, Harnplr bottle ttry eolil at 10 cents. RirwIarslJ!- 7-5 tents.' For ale by OldJ k Beppert. ' dwtf A gret variety ol woiuea'i, misses ami erdldren's slrees jii't twHnd at A. Daridxiu iCo'a.' ndwtf ' Give tbe Youny Xltn a Chance. When young men, who have Jut started iu business, come to our city , rent oftiees or shops and liangout their signs, jf they are engaged in an honest calliiitr, kivw them me en- couragemeiif. Don't pass their place of business by everyday iu the year without caning on them, ir you have nothing for litem to do' step In and make their ucouaihtance. aud tell them where your place of business is and that you would be pleuseei to have them come iu and see you, when they find it convenient. Let them see that you feel tome interest in their wellare-If he is a carpenter, and you have some work in that line, w hich is not very particular, let him do it for .you. If he,ls astwue mason, and you have a sidewalk or a cistern you : want built, let him do it. If he is a tailor, a, id you want a common business suit made, take it to him and let hini-try his hand. If he is a lawyer, and you havo a'dced to make jr some ool lec tion you want attended to, go to hint with It, for things like these he can do an well a-. older one. .When asked who he is don't turn up y our nose ami say lie b.,d 'tidacls. Um.,Ur,'' au "up start lawyer' or a "Utch tailor." but itpdead of doing ' this' rqwnk n good word for him. Thero :re scores of yoniig toon in our e;Uy who are jiint uutintc into busiluss, some at trades aiid others ill the profusions, and if Ibey were yiwi, a small show of patronage they won d K right aliead, aud iu time will become the substantial bu-lmss men o! our city, taking the placo f those who will soon iiave to retire. You, who .arc now old and reliable business men, were ones young and just U-gin-ning, ami you rtrmemler lc hard it was lo get a start. You had ?o contend with men of tapittil, whoh.i I acquired a business reputation and built up a ioiod ctisUuu. i'.ul MupiHisf when )ou first started, no ono had given you any chance but huI iu-tiniic d to eive all their latronage to those Mho were engaged in the same hiixiness before you began, wlierc would sou have been to-day ? J'.ut I tiiink I bear someone who lias been sucessful say, 'X made my money by my own Industry aud ier--everaiue." X ainiit these qualities arc very necceswiry to suocess, but thev aie not all. The mecbatric or professional mau must fi&ve (Jvtnce to put them, into use. If insopIeUo no give them anything to;dot they must leave vour citv and co to some otner place. Don't continue to give all your patronage to those who are in gtast circumstances and can get along without it, but give a portion of Jt to those who are just starting, and need your help. -cr To the young - men who are Just starting iu business (either as mechanics or professional men) I say go straight ahead, improving your time and always t your isl. Ahliotigh your pathway may bsk tlark and you feel at times dlscouragl and almost ready to give up, as you advance the clouds will disappear aud tho tun of pnisperity will shed Its lietms umm you. When you are ready to give up in remember tho men who were reared at the firesides of poverty, and turned out into the world without anything but brains, muscles and perseverance. That was the armor in which they wpre clnd when they went out on life's, battle-field to conquer, Aud high on the temple of fame these noblo heroes b:ve. carved their names. -, A Youno Man. ArriVtiU at the Commercial Tn-tty C. L. Howe, Chicago. . J. Root, " A. W, Stednian, " M. Adams, " E. T. C'ralga, S. Henle, " J, W. Atkin, New York. ' G. Frank, " H. D. Wicks, Michigan. A. H.' AVilcox, L'es Moines. F. A. Botch, l)aveiip.rt. F.J. ICelley, Trenton, Mo. R. T. Wallace, city. J. Hooly, Nichold. O. HtibbelJ, (-dar I-taplds. E. P. ICllf'-oH, St. Loui.s. ..TTic Joi; ns. i. I'.iodery is one of the best eq'rip-d ill the Slate, with all now and m.jet improved machinery, and wai rs his all work. Mi WHITE II)IC 'Hll a-fl M f tU HU " i " - - zzz:i mm is goods;. riOMPRIMNU every new and desirable ar j uois ii he isiud in ii'- Muuuery una. !ngmg Tills w IlltxT Will llS! Cbnru4 Choir iH.tinetlun Hunk. fl i or jiJ r tlo.i Iy A. N. Jolmwui. ' m:cI colii'iK-iiilniioi-.H ol it as "imp:y tbe Ik-oI hi.i iooslS(i'irp'e:e v. o-i. of I In- Kimi iiavi ever 1';ii i.rivilt ; l to nn'i-t I! b," fmni tin 'lio-itoii Tr:ivi ll ; ," ie i;el I : inr lo 1; ax com nion as they :.r! t lt d -wtvhI, 1 ijhi I ui'l i v MHen aad i Mt(e of music. ".-COO V., (T ic r 37 -m per doc.), by l O Ci Kmersuu, ii-iiln it'l v iu etteftalve r lufl lii:na:.ivi- cuar c, :tinl i:.i;iiLil ane mi, I l. t eotiectioii ol (..u-, eiiitrtellrM, tsa :-i-e.l Tuire, Airs, and AntlieniH, for pracibx tCttKl Slui;!,,- - lt,,. tTcor$i." M. per dojt.i by W'.n. I'lrsiiivliiuofcmir.- ntirey .1 Hi rent nirt'.ier Iroiit Ibat in tin "KncirOy'' oi:t closi-!y ri-. :iil.b s 11 in plai and general exi-cl t nee of onw nt. aJ?AL.t TAriO.N. (Jl.r.orMi perdos)hy L IVook, wltUaiu'l if TiiH.ii. fliHiits ani ntfirn, a !i!' t-n-e. nnl Men !y of Kxatnp!t. Air-, lrt !-s:n;ii, ,le., foi pr:tctiri. . TM IO.V, VSt. or Hi tr dor.l. by W. O. Ver MA kins, i tne laleM. Church I.usie liisik ol the auiln.r, aud of the lirnt tjuaii y. t paicea, of whii-a I'ii p.ijjut are ,tI!K"d with Anthem, i; HSi wau ay muaie for the inxlns .-5cnirfi aim i.tpate. Willi .uelrlcii xuuui, -HptM:fmen t'opi.jfi of as' book mailed jioai rree, ror rebill price. . Ll'OX Si, XICAL.Y, Clilcago. ObIVCR;0 ITSO.V BtMltOfk. CO., THE SUN. I t AKW YORK. ism f Al tfie ttrne apprrnvheti for the renewal f 4uberlptiou. Tlf K HUN would remind IU rrit-nda and well winner everywhere that It in axaiu a onudiuate tor ueir coiiKKleraUon and Kupport. L pon Its record fur Uie paat ten yearn it reiie tor a continuance of the hearty eyin(Uiy and generomt co Ofsjratlon which Iiave liiiuerto ii.j-t exttiidvd Ui it front every (inirter of thl'niou. . lbo llly Sam la a Pntr-patre nheet of IS oolnmn, prn by rpail, pot paec', 3- ceul a month, or SG.jO er year. The KatMiay edition of TJTkHujc Is an elirht pae heet columns. While giving the new of the day, it alM oonlaiu a large amiKint.Of literary and iulrvliaoeu matusr spedaJly pn pnred for Jt. TMIC HviI)AY KUK tKM met wltii grcml kuoeewi. - poet-paid tl.tO a year. ' Tb Weekly favl Who doe Dot know Tmk W tiit-if K .? It circulate lOfoualtool Wis Oniu-d su.i. the t'4uail:u, and tayottd. Nluety thooiwitd familit ervel iw wr-lootoe weekly, ami read JV iu ite lighttA t;ui..i, and friuwd. lia im-wb. tsUUl !. auriowitiiral. and ii uxary iLwlmriiu nuke it newotMiiy a Joarnni -v fie latntly and- tul BresWe - l kicks: o ooitar a reur, ikwIixihi. rum l newHfiaiM-r pubhahrd. l-'or ciuha of leu, lth n rami, we win cmiii nn rirn eoey fr. Aiblie-r jm;r.IJ;H Kit K Til K nVH, SB. . ai O 3 . 3 t 1 CONFIDENTIAL Quickly Curctl ! ! NO. MHIiCimV CIVKX. CoiiHii lntiii.i In l'cr-siit ir by lo iter, Krre ol 'liHiise. QUINCY MEulCAL INSTITUTE OJln.iW Ao'f. VfA Stmt. DP..TANO!X Id the only cjimlilliil .l.lclioi In lliliiol", " dlploliuu lw ollnw aid dhow, who trctil. e-rluktvrly and nirtsi, where nil kIIk ii lull, evury lornt of Meoret iilwwm-of tadli M'Ji, whore .kill and cpcrl-uc Is ri iHtTei LndtcM can eoiiMitit the Urior tin nil prl-vate aud uelimle trouble-, i'iimh aid ir-rtvlHeiidcnce mwiMIv p ui'Mvuiml. cinnvin miMirrHte and within n iuhol all. I nn KdaraiiUHHl In all eiuwn tnoli-rtaken." Moll oint, With full liiRtruetloiiH lor oinu", n-iil to any part wf the count ry, by iituil or cies, Ms-uie from obairvalitin. Youinr men, uitdille-aKcd-nriil old mcn.w do are mill.. rliiK Iroin Unit luiuil-lnit rov, inn nun body-dehlroj In dmeime, NCkiiinal Weii It n ess, broiiitht on by the ltidlscretiona of youth, or exceweii and nUiihih ol mainre at", wbli'h entirely uutit ln huHereru., mitt i Ihicc or buKlinw, are perniaturntly cured by XX.' XiVX3.01?C. Kiuiu'miIht tbe number, lil North Klftti strtot, tr yoit rnuit oui, wiuu, and ml-drerui ietleix, 1 IMl. I.AOI, 1 IVortli Mllli St , (lip nIhIim), ulny III. 0 t'J dta lyr DEFOREST W HOLESA LE &'H ETAI L " BOOKSELLERSahd STATIONERS sj:t(nvi s!iti:i:T. -Air. S( IE0CL iYV .. j We sell the L0U1NG & MLAM Ii 0KUAN Which ten Kb among t ho Iir.ST l TIIK V4IItl.I! MatLnstci and GroFisluta & Filler NOVEMBER, Olliiiifii! IMiVUTKH ANI) 11LEK IN Crockery, China, 'Glassware. Maied Ware, Table Cutlery CHAfiiDELIEK S. AOKNT Kolt THE Perkins & 1'ouse Safety lamps -Merehnntii will' find one of the lariri-t muH-unoi i: oik Ik lo f. itt l Ijfim, lor their pur chaaea, to be-found iu tne htule. g: w. dillaway; Janll M UHt ATI NK1 IOWA. THEM9ST PERFECT f.ADE, LI!C!r STOAE, ETC. cONE THIRD IS SAVD3 In quantity by their nerfcet parity and great trengtb; tbe only kind made by a prao Ileal Cheniud and PiiyKtctaa, with acientific cure to inire nnifrir-nitr, herd thfn!rje", deli- acj nd frocdom from 5,11 iutiojj ciUdan- cea. ihey ere lar antierior to lu common adulterated kindn. Ol4ain the trcnuine. j! ocrre oor Trado 'Marks as abore, " (.rerun" JJakinz J owJer, "Hand and lornotota. Buy Uie Baking Powder only in can mecurely labi'Jled. Many have ls n deceived m loo or Iwik Powder aold a Dr. 1'ricVa. ' . MafiuictureI only by sti;i:li; At Piticn, So? J 5 ? y Z . ST 3 j . , 4 '3 4 1 - a I I K ' S IL.lJ'.,;-3 .TJCw ts a c. ? : . II gjjJJ S ilff r rn Mm CZuxiyo, 6. Xvum and Cincinnati NEW IIM rri'Hi; . IX 4 at st TuTaisli Parlor Saitcs. Grcnjs French Div'sgejfs,'; i roi it niFFEi:r;T. m i m:. rjnc:s in rr.nwrr.n imii ajs y SOUL ("A'; I ill Ifyow wint your llano r!.OI ilfe,; any otber ht r nrl htle ttuived pmmiptly. cittelnlly, and wllhotc, Iti.ifry if you anal im kim tir iiAt i.tsu tiH-r ii jou aunt our Irdulit del Herts! protn Id iyll mu onu your hotiNchold taalK I cllioM iu'-iljitii wain water. wi foil ! i wive your order to tbe tMiM I- . lirnt I. lit al .Muxallnr. rpit h t l!.lly IMI I.. .Ml ItPHV, 'Cor tit r Sn'oud C U"i nut S'ri t,s, JACOH UOWMAN.lVtM. r CJaotl aiwil lb . e irtiuti iK-twis n II. vi nnd IS .t. iiol-r. for r.uluue left n llidrl a III re li'vw prompt allciitmu. Jan.. till GITYBM l'i . luttn A nu A. Thlrtl at., lMWA. Ml?SCATlNi:, K"irp ctt(tnntly on hnn.l tilfeh aiply of llrrad,4 nkm, I'll., Ac. , I i cboli e lo i Confectionery, Candyl Toys, Tor flic Ilolh Wmldltte akra Mini ("a lrl oi all hlutt lor Cl-k i Is, bo purlieu, bai lit, lioiels, Au., will etw.Mi puMnpt ilt,-nit m and tts-iil eaM". Msiiulitt;luri ilII k 1 nt n ,lf 1 'rnr ki'ra. ivovl it.f r F. GlESciiiHAUS liKALkH IN I Jnckery, Chlnawtjie, Vc. Second M.,3JkiscaUmv Would reiecl fully remind fli- rlllm tia ol Mtm -iilinii and vlclully that bk u i n i.hii .I in. uiipiy i bcin un nnyiiimif ibev luay uilra in ins line, I nil nnu ci ins fi x a nine llll town Avrnvr, untbr J. f , J-Jvrn.t I'i&-it', tura. j lure unthri, JtiH utt Hlrietly a l-ndlm' and (.enl rtful. l.lawt 1 mp r. nee 1U l iiuut ui. I II A VK reio'-visl iny Ulrjlti r 'Idiom i!i"ir : It s it am) t let- .r I Mini W my j.riliniiM, !! i. ej U.h i urn hh a No I il Ti I nis UM II 11(4 ... Mint i lit ij.Xfcl l.olB luil'.iio! IIUU (IIH il' !, iiit! t lis nllon. nr d I am. u w lu f very rt t--! lo eoiuu.iul 1 buy I tic erst (rt unriiii-Ka oi iiiHikct i'iiii iiliiiid, My expel mi i uml rtt 'itiiali itr lor tl i!. I bote, be i KUllleielit SVeiyililiia will lie toileti III fintl fciyie, sty mhi, Allied, elt 1. to I lie piitilte. bits i Iihikk oi Hie Ninny Itis'in. lie in !:em hi;" nan Mreoinimai iimu. mu! a ill ProuuiSiy Hlli'titl tcidVeiy Mar i oi our (in is. Hie pi. i In hi fMlOr.-, by a llberki nl.i.rt? ol pal I li" 'ii inr i.Ki in vi. in, j f Hell tb if Ml.l of iroii!;.', l i my ' to k t-i np ft lUoluu rat i winthj. Uie eoiititt'han n of all (.'isid It. Kf Alit el'm-j It, I Ml VI fppGSiie 'Uie Cost Pit V( IS and MKDWlNKSut I II. OAW'S IT 1 H.y 7V1A'A ttnd OILS tit J. 11. CAJJO r . . :ni rroiiK. in v Hoy .., I! Mil. TOOTH ns.d SAIL MlltyJ U:SoV t J. H. CAHQK'.S CITV ii it i. k no;i:' liny PF.nlVMIUlYnud TO J L 11 '' A II 'I H 't. I J. XI. CA"WQ t-1 i m . C.Tf Id ti siOKIv. bay KIlllOSFSH andotfif r OILSrJ j. ir cai; t!fT : T; K Ruy PLATK d LASS, A Sjf,' i'tt'if, nt Jv II CANQK'S in v CO.'S , liltl tf KlUllU Hoy - 1 : ,V. TKA TIJASi'f J. H. O AlffOW Propriettr tf iCppp tit COAL BAH,i flj .' i: ;. VV.B. SPRAGUE, Dr.Al.rii i.t i I roREiux and nnniisTito 3fAur.bR IMK.JMMllJ i wmnm SMS' MAUUf-n:, gUTf.', 'JsJl IMO. , 9tL-sVL. JS rSX? -6Cj-i rJ Oermun, JirVrru-, j f j . . ; JirftC.iTi.TE. IoWa, 1 - t,,nm9.i Haw Kiei, Mid. ou WUur Vt. Jatier? d.twiwf Vlf MI .)0, !'J I'lVe.ttnenr ). Ai.rx 'Ttn.NtirtAM .. t IVRIlVrn'S ii a 13 2.1 IN ERY." J l.rok4 (. diflm'i'a "I atfy f y,i.uul In-! ri.l a -roiil "Jt-, rt oi ia nf uidiy. Wad 11.. Ni wiVor Vc Pi ve.ttnenrii l-i ii k wi i. froiiirii' (o Vx'hiy rin- ih VcwJeil. HUx k s l-ouulll Rid ft a d ir .ion j n, A f tt,i. . piHoryircwian atol f hlj irtl-. : I I , tf . '' .

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