The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on October 24, 1877 · 4
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The Muscatine Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 4

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1877
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(Jold Vratche:v and Chajfn. JSoIiil UoldNtck Chains am Solid Gold So al Kin-rOuT' 14 MfPlairi 0qId'Rirfgfirl& esjftyle,,.. Solid Silver- Xj japkin BingsL Coin -JVuit Knives, i Ac Fall line of Jewelry, -!- Mid a-rntlUneof Piano Covers, " Piano, ' Organ' Stool s &c. v OUt MOTTO t " 1 : ?Pronnrtiicss Cmirtcsy, lof , Prices , . ' . -y,- OfJR BIO W t ' ' 1 : V ORANGE S.TERRY. II in OLDS' OPERA HOUSE. Ono KTlst only. Friday Eve, Oct, 26. T. C. HOWAKD,...!. '.Manager. JURAIj'FV.'S II m ei an rr da rs. ! i i ii W;.h all lh scenery ana parapnernaiin a Acn.lemy of Music aad MOtos, NW iork. pruUucvii with the I-argeftt Company In America Including a Grand Httllet Troupe, led by thei dilt? tr rnomlerti, Stdlle. Kostl IIokcH, hiinnoripd by the cwlohralt'd nrciiilerea' ciindol .MUlle. Viro Klraud aiul Afdllf. Atitontlfl CH rnsi. and characlrK;oaj!fne 4f. Arnolrt Ivlral- fv ; 1 large force ol male ana nunaiw aui-i Iliaii-M.TA11 machinery and (tcentnry Vthuh-: rartd expressly for tliis prodqclioih--. . j llrv"l etH fr Kale, Uneciayn In ad-l jriiiico at KwaH'L-)oweti'y Ktore. l'rlrg an HMiiJil aiUiihuiion !?i!ii!s; rwm ved KeaUIoo.! . . Tils inntnimcnt In especially designed for UK pcrluct appUcaUua of i . , m. SAGE' S CATAB&H EEIIELT. It Is tho only form'of hiHtrnmcnt ynt Invented with which HriM medicine nan he carrtad hUih upiind perfectly apflirl to nil partunf the affected tiaoal patMaeM, and the chambor or ravitles enuniiiiiiuuiiiiiK iitorewiu, in wnicn eorrvi ana iilcfr frMiionlly exint, and from which the tai-Urtltnl dijiTfi! generally proceeds? The vmrtt rt Miocene tn trcatiiit CaUirrh hcreUdiire luw irisri largely fiom the impoii'ibtlity of applying remedte to tliese eavttfoa and elmmlxirs liy any t,t the onllnnry nn3UKnK TIiIb obafctcle in the way ot cfluctlnflr cures is entirely overcome Uy me Invention of the Dom-ho. IU two is pleasant mid so simple that a child can understand lb ('nil NiMt explicit direction acempany imrli innlriiuit. When used ivilh Uiia liiMtru-aiout, Ur. banu'a Cllarrh liomeilr cures recent aitauUijox. -com. in tue llouu " by a few applications. OATARRE. SVUlPTOm Frefmoni nemiiu-Jie. nifonnrpo r.uiiuo; in j invoat., ouie J nitt. rofiiMev wutiqry. Uncle Viticas, puntlont, o-nslvo, etc. In otlicra, a dry nesa, dry, watery, ; wcsjLbtlnfJUned a,,4)mjfnp uisnrolmlriic, tion, of lissal pnSwiK-'S, finfemft tn .lt.. deaf-n oss, hnwkinir Bud cotirhhiir to clear thnmt. tifcfftrttsn-s' aufliai flora iiloer.nloc UTler !, n?ual: tvamr. cHuniliit I , mi pa l roil or umhi dcnrlvatiun of s.'.n-i) ftf: Smell and taste, diezl (.CKlioii, enlnrfrol tonsiU, tlckltni cmuli, etc Uuly a few f Uioso symptoms tue likely to be proiioiit iu miy c:itc nt uo ; i - - lr. NaRc'e CatArrh Itemed y.vbon ascd . wil lr. I'leree'n Naatal bouchevaixl ao .-rf7ti:xiia;it rtho eaisUiutitnial -tieiilincnl wlu.'lt: is rtv.omineii'lci in tho pamphlet that yrm c; !i )tx'.4 of; tho Jlemety,' s a crfei fec1i("rtifhisfcisrtsa iaJl4.-ej It m, hi sal p'n.injiitt to ttNe.ooti(nining no ftronff or ciiistie 1 i ttvr-i or jii-xn. The Cnturrh Itcniodv Ia sold at "Wci;nt9,Iouehe utWfcut,by nil Ur'aaaiata. I ' - -?AJ.T.mjiiur i THRDAT,lUNGS,ilVfRa BLOODt tn the wnsderfal medicine to which the aflltct-1 rd nvo Blxve directed for relief. Uie dLseovercr ' etive he hatmnhiitel'Ti tomosr mr nl f h;u,nre, curat 1 propergea, whicS f !""'" mnmnnnio uie Teiretable kinirdom li-r haaimjr tii sick, than were cxr before com- I. inod in oite niodioine. The OTidenee of thisfanl U loitnd In the peat artcty of most o1tlnal? Ili;i.cs which it has been lonnd to conquer. In ' II. oxuio of Bronchltlm, hevere Congha, nil Mm i early WfMol Oonivmptlou, ft liS !utmiftlicd tlx medical faeuiiy, and eminent HivorjofUienirc, Whilo it cnrea.Uie sever. I.HKMl-piirllvlne propertlea, it cnre all I(n. S. r" if -ott Scrofula to a common mirbtf,m.,!0 KriUo. Merearlai .HHM-awi, M moral I'waonn, an, their ettoetn, are eradicated, and fitrormis health and aeonnd : eoiwuuuion eial)ltshed. , Fryalpelaa. salb rhem, Kevcr Sorca. Kcaly or llou,!. r!"i short, alllUe numerous diseases utii f ov oewi i.wof1im etiesnil M tht aewerioL . a at r i v in- a .i AaM-.Mui. ' m- r : aM . . r" ' (w eulnref ikrn, r yellowislt hrowiUpotaea f . 7 or. lwy. i,,tfet Be,l.-h o? dJijineS , l..u tas'.e In inoutli, internal bent Or chills alteiS r,.w.r?.JLh.H. ?, ,m,, ' " perfect oval 9 IMank note and receipt books .at Jbtf IJOURNAT. BIKPKKY. NEW ADM , . , : r f-H r! )r 0i p!. - .,". , fa-nr tv TO fclt IJWrataHhf Miaf of U 0f 1 Wit. XIICItClC'M f vl -.rmtaln- Hasal Injector, J DOUGIIE.; - 'i'-i. nli S. f0"""" lor sr-!rit,nd (ioomy I ml, B.I - vimttiu4 lira a - --?rrz 4 . 1 SOLD BY aJl!WnT 1T Pro Dr-mi 1 II A 1 1. V J O UKNA L. WEDNKHDA Y. OCT- 24. 1M7. LOCAL DEPAItTMEXT, Younf ttii,a'CItirUs.oetS;fc Ulm So. 1. Oidn Oi;Jr.UiUl'liir.) JReanlariueet- lasafor buaiaeea and tot free! af arid Cfcriatian Intercourse, fiittt Monday evening- of each month. Keg-oiar aevoiionii niceiing-, iuiru Monday evening of each month. Dally prayer meeUntt ate:! a, to. , All ar.invitii Read Dc, Ihnorix's adv. ConfulentiaJ, . 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 s 1 House ti r.Jnt, JltWlireat: dtf Nevapa Mill. The Hvera Sisters - ierfornv in Charles CJtyL Iowa, to-morrow even ing. Addfe'' Wile arwitxsrHinyltfg , their a new buildW on Beeondslreetriorner of Orange. - These beabtiful moonlight nigh In ught to create a flurry in' the matri monial licenie market. A sreat variety of women's, mlesee and . child rem 'a shoes just received at A .' Davidson A Cb's. dwtf fit la supposed that Burlington'a de camping Mayjor, Parsons, is in Mexico. A good place for such chaps Rem ember J everything put up will be sold at the sale to-morrow. RlDKR & MORFOBD. All old settlers are urgently requested to be at the City Hail to-morrow, to attend Mr. Hiwley'a funeral, in a body The OJd Settlers of Scott county had reunion at; the residence of Hon ames Grant, L' in Davenport, last even- Loan On good real es tate or nood iersonal security.-1 Notes inio w acvasv i " i. ' , morl-lJa UMIfht aitJ old-. I Tho'.TJ. BSTltU. ilid body of att loCanC dauffhtef of ohn .White; bt Sfocktori; was brought here to-day4 cars or. Interment in the Catuolio cemetery. Col.Templej, who was recently given first-class obituary, has materialized sufficiently to revive hls"Unlap Spy at Charges City Ibis week. , , lt . New Goods. niches, jewelry, ail verware, and nne table cutlery, largest stock In the city, at the lowest prices BAwviat's Jewelry Store. For Tiirhe Days Subscriptions for the Art Journal may be left with Demorest & Coe. Do not fail to sub scribe for thip excellent work before the agent leaves the city. ' ' -j FdB RiNTPart or all X the house known as the; 8. 0. Butler, property. For particulars, apply to . , Dr. L. LiButler, dwtf Olds Opera House 1 I. Nierel, the jeweler, is established in his new quarters next to Silverman Cook & Co. 'a bank, and is ready for business. He has recently opened new and very attractive stock of goods I . I The elevator iu Mr.Dlllaway's new building, operated by a hydraulic en gine, is in running order and works to a charm. It's a decided novelty in MuHcatine. The patentee is L. F. Par. Iter, of Davenport, : I For. Rent A nice, comfortable, the lii 11'. lias 8 rooms, cellar, barn cisterns, garf thrbughont, and all con veieactM 'Apply bm r Tuo. D. Smith, Act. i i The annual meetinir of the Keokuk Ladies' Minsk ary-Bouiett Wka litci Kl cnatuam square M. K. Church Sun day night. Mrs. Power, of Muscatine occupied the pulpit and gave to her auditors a very interesting rnd feeling aiccourse unon me missionary theme i . - . . . - -.t acokuk ticae utty. rTbeCbampkm- Hose Co. beg leave (o anuounce their third annual ball at Hare's Hall, Monday evening, the 29th ! just., - Extra preparations,, are vbeing I Inade'for (he iyentThelull InileperT irass uuvia UU lifo'clocfc.fA grand liuio may jjh zpecieu. trf ul eoa It Id said that lu us ber will be lumber .his fall.', Withfn a month past a large uivanco has been made in prlCe? of U jradasttralilw ftfeIrJraaet)-tftodSr ion lu tuber I amount to over $L25 ?er thousahd:? Another, increase wllj foon take place, and the lumber ileal- tn exiH ct to make a little mnnrv thia Jeellr ;of! Vest ilerty ieiiffor this lett's- iMxik, lain ' ttte. cityidelivtrlug ioplea of t . the work, to, .aubacrlbera. ft.bout fifty' ; na'rpW were secured! in Muscatine, which' bumber , would no doubt have betn largely iu creased had not ir.'j. taken sick poon after begin- tug ins cavaas.' -.,. . . t. !V It baviug been asserted that therms notliiug that dan catsup 'with the' to- toato. vtieiof jour oitlens ifnow Mr, C n d ejyou needn't deny the soft Uinpfacbniehtr Called ? na aside in to a pans aucr yetitmray am In tt hoarse wUlnr begged leav to Inaiouate that rlth the tomaw, because' ltf always jicatt, you know. Mr. C aarvives. though In precarious oondRion. K Circuit Court. This forenoon was levoted to probate Uualueafl. .1 . a no uuv ui Auoipii vs. AtersicK was .1 - i a. r rM Wv 9 ciouK. ui i will , proba- ily occupy all the afternoon. r , i , D. C Cloud made a motion to rlht te recordsiin the case of Ella Corey. P...The csase of ItumpUys, Gec ee ror -Uiis afteraoon, did hot me off,! one of the) principal wit- coma fftf Utalr4lrmi ' ln rry and waM towed Ufccr Fort Jewell magatt94i0j:,Sex;wUy waargiyen d Milhorn was again aet afloat.-' ; Poo Sam Hoaser vm hbtieed by Polloeniaa Berry, to-day.' ha vlmr ijeen m.uujw.un me : eupoonistlc au. wurui4jLkJmusi.wM .Arrested I 4 - KlVllraaMmp rid will have 1 is Meajlug before JuMUrtXCrumfield next Saturday, at 1 p. m. -i. . Honu KVia Jeaeap, lattf Temperance kafitKTFrft-.'tfut rliATrior -of Uwa: wa rj cAjf. taM night anil visited the ;lMidV'sTtpVl gr!' h4, official -4:n-ttr a tbr t iirai Wprthy :hjef Uymlraf. . Mf, J.. doesn't seem to nave cM bny sleep or flesh over the defeat bf ..hfs piratlon9 after gubernatorial hon6t. - :r ' vrv'-". . ?MJ Wm. Lefflngwell and her son fleorge have returned from Lyons. fD. M. Finch. Es-q.,-a prominent at- brney iof Iowa' City, is in town on egal business, and favored us with a ball to-day. ' y -;: tl'V- -".' ':!; Vs. Frank' Kelly, foreome time past Uiugtant telegraph operator at thi lplc,' haa"re3eived a deserved promo- Won in oemgt appointeu msuimiu mu ispatcher at Trenton, wo. , Ho. W.E. Lffingwell left for Chi. gff tnls morning, liaving recovered mdently - to- help himself quite eelvJ ' Without assistance he walked rum his brother's residence n Third ktreet la tUe depot, experiencing no ill btt'tcta Trom the exercise. He will re-Imain In Chicago a few days to attend to various Important business matters that have accumulated during his lll-aesa.'-. Clinton Herald, 23d 1- ; :VM It Ja said thellgUtoiog n.ver strikes w ice Itt the same place. But, good luck" set ma to strike' twice in the same j gHtnlug: shop,': .all the 'same,1; For j (right oil the lieeJts of the promotion of Mr;; Kelly assistant tln the ,W: U. : bfflc4 i& "-Oila city .noticed elsewhere, ' kimeB'the niTWB of the aDDOlhtment of ijohn Brcrtt3JMf JeOoO asaUUntr to it pflsjtlfu- Br'Jhfflc atIng,' Car, which;; weVVchyf fIearn', tf( very iesirehle berth. i. Johu' vri 11 Jeave tomorrow to 'enter on his new dtnew L'harley" Behhet't" Will take hi place O. 4 fMoberg, Ebq, promising yoang' attorney of Lone Tree, is. in the tiiy aiienuiug tuuri. Phi iyiicians highly ,rcoom mend the ?DrilaihllVIjunj:Byrnra fori Cv . ii - k Khvma'll Mway- feurea in in incredibly . short iiraej -Mill onjourj aruggiaa a Bottle. Only 25 cents, sour ny t. x w' T A M. t ... . AS, UUUK.'ieri w. w f v,;a as i t irwuuw MusicAL. Prof. J. Woollett, of the Iowa City Musie School (late of Chi- pago), jwiU open a Choral Class or Sool- fety in Jthis city,--on Friday evening hpxt to rontiiiiifl throutrh the winter. kll singers are Invited to be present .,,.11 iLomuii, Af ih . nnmrhi. City to study a high claas vocai music Mr. Woollett Is from tlieChlcaco Att- Lnteuro, and a voitraineraiid teacher j bft vop&l 'music arid elocution . The blass will meet in, the Baptist churchs at 1 o'clock. How Newspapers Helped Him to a Fortune. A New York correspond-1 ent of the Cincinnati Gazette thus I writes of the use to which the late A. T. Stewart put his knowledge, of good I English : 'He was a stickler for cor- irect Eogliali Himself a college grad- bate; and for a while a Bchool teacher Id NewYorkl his method' of correcting ttJ sentence In a letter waa by the Liv. :t 'iv'i..-;jJ ' i.i..vii.'A I ffVrff.t .,7" tram matioal methods. , He dictated all. the retail advertisements, which, I . .t iuu in mi Moa tw...ntr1k nr.1mnMrt h f th . j j.. . - , bers. This was a regular afternoon's employment, and reviewing through j circumstances connected with my liud-his mind the attractions of the several ing the Bible. It ws on Monday af- irir.-rt'm-n- i.a t-r.i.v fw,nfi,r iav 1 ' iai a. a u a-a n3 a.a u rr a m a a im w a v - , . ' - blose out a whole line at the wholesale send it to the retail, and there open it at -friee-whi;h-barely covered the luncmuun S"' "V Vvo i. advertishi, and, for his retail busi- peas usva the Xew, yorklocal papers 1 to whatitiight Jiave been styled an ex- ml tn ree I iT . 1 r ' i I ted in ftiiis city it j Uie Opera House Friday Evening, tbeSprlngileld lieg- W$r saye: ;j)neto tpe i largejjt audiences prtheseason a-ssembieo: at the Opera House, last; night, to witness the pro i,.Mb,nnfiim .ii r,).. ':iiM.n.i U. ufl.i 1 t fi.i.l vf , , ! . ,. I r "U41U vd'fwi'yM'"? fseJebrated JUrolfy iCouabination. Ab I far as thejilay is concerned, it posset-1 Lp Hftia nr ntt mihrt.i tho Vrr. L, x 11 .1 i ma linn la oviilon.Uu u nnnn Ur . rtria r . ! 1 7:7 - uwjugjiiuiiuwras, lu uo isujaii ruijgree to'ttie fact that 'the I combination em-l notably those of Aoutla the East In- dlffPrlf eess,' ky JMif? Clara Mil ton i Awahf ra, a 0itvt;tlb. .Mkf ; Iiugehf Fostervand rtattscpartouc, a valet, bf t.?C Howartf." S I , V ' .t ' i Anomer exenange says tne troupe is l pralfy V 'Arouud thV" World 'in KiilitvD.'iva. " which .will be nreeeu- nmmTl :!!eJ ,To. Mrs. A R: ktlMiJaare vfy swell listaliied, p. s t was j tne largest 10 tue united elates, mat I their Btaee scenery Is carried bv them 1 throtiglishe ouutrjr on herrj;own , r - ' . r f I . pf calcium and colofed lighrs are be- Ml l....l ...l.... ... tl.J 7.. .... . fuuu tmuiijiumuu 4iuest put, upon he stflce bv anv trotirw. that trvol r 0 1 ( ! ' .ir " ' 'I 'iltlVER ITEMS. Th river Is eomins; bo nretlv fast! It la jwiW hiaf. r-- i---- ; abovo the lowest nolnt reached about ' - . n th rivers' of the luraberi diatrlcts, fo .that, logs are now, Hoaled out in argWqUanUtles. Y ; 1 , ". ! j I ra. - m -.. . I - a. ., iu 1 reeiuence 01 tjaptain Spencer I ureuueu, iu aveoauK, was ourgianKe 1 1 Mondsty riiL'ht and ar-ntaahfe rwf h and fdiafa,lALikl rl JH T.f l 1 I I jfiyt 'y..vcr men J$l PiSl r9UIIJU-UeeatrrOTMattheW llrriairlnir at V.i.i- I r- r-- ..wjr 1 ast. . i uf row. occur reu on tne steamer DtibuqUe. The murdered man was 40 fell f.dfoIlowedtheerlS iMtarisn4waat aav hooest mad ateady 0aiWiThe murderer. Solomon Mar- In of jQuIncy, was a boy of only 30. and waa the sole support of a widowed mother., in a m omen Lof paseion he I i iruta ma victim who aguagesticK, . n dieting a fracture ot the skull. Mar-In Jain jallaiDubuqae. : I" ;t t The Dubuque went down this after noon, and loaded about 400 packages it the warehouse. T 1' 1 Tbe Minneapolis la expected op to- lirht.4- 'i- ' 1; , - :' .1 The WlUoh Is overdue from above. itte CHnton U expected down on Friday, )tk i-.ii.. .1,1.1 .11 : Wlthont cbatelalnca. They are -the 1 eweVt an5rircttf:niri' nf fLV'olaf! 1 - ' - a ' 1 -, -. . .111.. J !" 1 a aet, r or sale at JJcuNtTT's. I laE.HOlIlAB. Action or the Old Seiilrx on tbe leall v , uf t jrus ilanUy. jThe Old tilers mot at the City Hall this ij.rnoon. at the call of the Prt-bldttit, I), CV Itichiiiau. to taTie ac tion as a body bf(0!d S t'lers, ution the death of one of the oldest members 01 wtid was at the same time one of the oldest settlers or this place, Cyrus Havrler ; jrho died at hi residence' in M iscatlne on tlieSid iufet.' I Remarks were made by Joe. Bridg- (man, wnipu tore itnuiouy 10 high appreciation in which tbe ue-reied merabejr was teld by the inhabitants of the place jtnd its surrounding country so far as an acquaintance with him was extended..- He ?iokeof his well-known, untstentatfous manner with every one ; how that he movinl in and out imong all who know him, bearing frutn each oue a f.lingof hearty gooi will ; how that he whs always respected andesteemed, by eveh those who 'differed with him in any matter ; he also ret ailed tl.e many friends he poHwessed, who equ tiled in numbers th e of any of us. Mr. Burn ;tt said a few words of his early acquaintance with ihU niemler of our socie y poue bvft re; l e recalled his first meeting UitU Mr. Hawk-y, himself at one time a' UxkflleT, in the store where he made his new venture in Muscatine, the time 25 years ago ;be ' retioJlected hJs literary taste and ctilturej which, were noticeable. Ha apoke of him as a kiud neighbor: he especially; remembered him as a patient man, enduring physical pain la cheerfulne's ; and he extolled his fijin, conuditlg ud abiding trust in God, whicuilie contrasted, as above all worth, with health, strength and all temporal good. ( I It was moved that a committee of three be apijointed to express the sense , ,J; , ,.:. iiui vii in ; 1 i 1 ittt k 1 i 11 in vie 1,4- "on of PrHJ-ce. The Chair ap pointed R. M. Burnett, Jos. Bridgman and Ym. tl. VYooJward euc-U commit ,0 lice. It was resolved that the Old Settlers meet at the City Hall at 1 p. in. U morrow, to receive the report of the Committee ju; Resolutions, and go in a body to tlwe house of deceased. Adjourned to meet at the City Hall 1 ! ui. o-moriow, at which time !ia uioce every viu oeiiier 14 fc quested to be present 4 A 1 1 Historic Relic The JouR' nal mentioned the other day the re markable discovery of u bible 011 the battlefield of Shiloh, by W. W. Wil son, of Hamilton, which proved to be the property of George S. Daniels, pre- sented by his aunt, Mrs. F. R. L.ef. fingwell, of Muscatine, in 1801. This curious, relic and precious memento was forwarded to Mrs. Iiefllngwell and arrived by att evening's mail, nccom panled by thO : following intcrtf tiug letter : ilAWILTOS, Ohio, Got. 22, 1877. My Dear the Hth Ins Madatite Your favor of t. has been reteived and contenta nUed. I will forward the mle l0 yolir a'ldrew this day. I am hainv to bo the means of alfordinir vou lite treasure I am sure ton will ave in iWessiug yourself of a relic bo precious a tnis must be. - I am BOrry I cannot tell minutely of all the terooon or near noon of, i . . r a. i 1 . a xii.. wane crossing wuat we cuueu rrner- mah'sdrill grouud, tinder a heavy lire. that 1 picked it from the ground or rather fror4 the hand of him, supposed r!ht idp ,.ft(, ,n.r.i . i. enemy, and I do not remember to have noiicea now ne nai been ktiieu, but think it was from wound in the body, M nis ieatures, 10 tue nest 01 my reeoi ural. He was young to the beat of my recollectiort.' The Bible has the marker placed where I found It open, and I do not think ithaabeen changetPsinee. 1 earned it until the close or tbe war, in 18G5, and have had it in my book OSao ui r in j JTt 1 I f V w if rvAini, lAnalln lt la the only relic of Shiloh I have land I have some recret at nartinir with jit, but knowing you will value it far I mora than I ever could, I cladly sur- render it to) the; hands from whence it came, honinir vou mav receive it in good order and cherish it in memory of him who died for Jus country; and asking that youi acknowledge receipt. I informing me of his company and reir- I. . 0 T ... ', witn me nigiiest respect, ypur weaieiit servant, . ,t . h , L U. V. Wiibon. riamuton, Ohio, Lieningwell, Muscatine, Iowa. 1 member of Co. B. 51th uiuo vol. init..:, , The bible 1 is hi a good state of pre - prvtion uot a leaf j missing and the binding as nr M as ever. The marker was found in the book of Psalms, in tucaxiug, mat ironi m txcKjueni jiages tu oyuig uero sougut consolation in hi" last hours. . I l or li:t ti:hs nemalulusroncaUtvl for lulhdPostomeo In - V;"7: - ,."","r",V"'" v.wwa, vnvwr "s ! p i : ' , AUxaoder. Mrs ifary Mitchell, Vm Kate L Ann I ,! Mtus, Joan Bracler, Ctiarlle J Newton. Mlsu Lettle Itaady, ltctel P 1 Outland, H r pvyrbouae. MlasTeany uuwuian.uiiunei O' linen. Juntos !lurn". M'rhaeii '" ppenhelifr, Jacob . - '. liiow,rJoiiat.ti itaiixhenbarirt-r. John t-v v . ur ra Mary 1 lirs. Ucorwn care M r Mary 3 jsuninierbell, Mrs II F Glbsou. MrsHaraU BtewurL Mrs Ucorele i neim7tn KeUer o IKS Kt zabefhTiioruton. MIhs Km in a Thompson. John .-. Utiderwool. W II S, Vwrr - d - . WliUlt r, C'hrihtopbe A ljee' ianiei ?? W iieudanpr. A , - , W'eatphall, Herman ' ."" Welwter. Mrs Sarali ""S?mt MWlou. Mm Sarah Younjt, Alexander Peraaoacalliait for ttocae tetter will please Ulc r "awaveruaea- i , Paper held fcr PokUkc: Mr- aiciia-.-,. chleaicil.II C W ilesser, Wakefield, Kans. JOHN MAIUN, 1. M I' --fry! ... '. One Year Abroad, by the auther of One Summer, at p4yRETT3 Book Store. At House on the Hill. Ai large dwelling hoowe for side : a desirable lo. cation, with fine river view, on public square. Larg and bumII fruits on premises, .Can be, had very cJtcap. Apply to C. Weed. ,jc-r- f 1111. .. 1. ... 'Best CamiJy flour bow in this mar- V. ... ... . J - . .1.1 - . . .1 ; ; , 1 . ' n maiio at tue a uuug auirnca uruii. Awarder! 1st preaaldmi at our fair. The bTad made f Pur ttoor WRa Civn the 1st premium over many competit ors. -, Many or our test citizens pro nounce the flour unsurpassed. j - : dtrJfew-2w;r M ;;ScnRECRs & Bos. Masrail azinca, peri ! lu aifystyb periodicals and mnalc tyte desired at the i JOOKNAL iilKDEBY ! rroceediDga ef tbe Board of Saperti- sers or Jia-ieauae coaaiy. FKIt-IAL. . I ': - 1. yuvte. Ct'ute 0 ( iaim. Am'f AHowtb John Tory, witness SUte va Ot-rar.l. Cbaa MuOtrtby, ' Mary ' Brithret Tarpy I Owens, J Hjfika, Sanderson. Win Wall, J K Hill, A Singleton, il IticUter, SNortby, - r Iurc-eU. J Nelson, Opo Gerard, O . " l Chaa - L. 1 '0 Uichard Lord, " " " !..' (0 Jliilorton, " ;.i:0 A-J Urockwayil' " 1.. iu Chas Hains. ; - " , " .....L. tu Win UCone, " - t " '.. 1 ': J II Wiltrout, r' ' , .10 E L Ferry, " " " 1 "J J W Norris. - . " '. . 1 : o J McDonald. - ' ' ....... it) F K Holcoiub, Judtre of election Bloom... 5 i Win P Crawford, " " " ...3- 5 PW Howell. " " " ... 3 '5 J. W Jamison, clerk " " ...33 Chaa Stone, - . . . 3 '5 H L Ferry,. Judtre " Cedar... o H P Hruw n, " " " . . . 4 ti II 8 Gritlin. " " " .,. 4 1 Juhn fStvrms, clerk " " ... 4 ) Peter S'.oruid. ' ' M..HJ TGfirwwn, jadtre Fulton. . s :.J J K Robb, " " " ' .). 4 : 3 F Illian. ckrk .. ... 4 s Frank Kctley, " ' ... 4 5 E A Allbee, " " " .,.4 5 MUPlumly, Judre '' Goshen 5 m WT Jones, - " ... b 0 Ilobt Iloothe. - . " " ... 5 no Owen Iloyle, clerk '. " . . 5ni O Cwruwi II, " ' ' , ' ' Mutllicv Cochrun, 1 j uhro ' Lake . 4 ! Jauied Wili5on, " " " , 4 U Fred bh ly, " " . . Go S Humphrey t.tlerk .,.40 Harvey Gregory, .,.4 11 J 1 Evaii8, jud(c " Moutpelier. ; . 1 .) A Fricke, ' ' " , 4 J WmE Lowry " " . i . 4 t Georiro MeU, clerk " " , . '. 0 lt Henderson, "f - " ..4 Sum'i Cower, Judge " Motcw. . 4 t D Urutt. ; - - ... 4 F Kaulinnn, " i' .; . 4 ) W Fulu, clerk " . . 4 E E Kdwardri. " "1 " .,4 k) Georvc Wiley, judKo liUKm. . S i Gus Schinidt, " " ', ' ..8 i5 F II Weinker, " ' . 6 ij W T llutta, elerk " " .j.. 0T5 w lmuii. i " .A. rjs 1) 8 Uiles. " " " . . O b V Kuckdeachol, " ,. " ' . ff. 6 J K Hill, ; judrc " Orono.j . 4 id Ttioa Mux well. " ' " 4 UobtMcCurdy," " " .1. 8 a Beth 1) McCurdy. clerk " " .'..4 it) Tbea llpton, ' ' " .1.4 Ml Fred Hechtner, Judtre " I'ike...C f JohuNichoIa, " . " " . . 6 John Si hoinberK. " . ..... ft a Jamcj Iti an, clerk . " . . . 5 ) 1R Hoott, " ' " ... 5 Dennis Uyan, Jude' " ".0..J...5 H) GeoEpperly, " '. "....,..5 4) Jaa Vaniiattii, " 5)0 R Miluolliu, clerk " " 1 W J W ltif(f, " " " ...... 6 W H lUib, judtfe SwcctlarHK.. 5 ) A E Van Camp, " " " . . 5 W J A Corel!. " ' "' . " . . 5 (u Chaa Ooddiird, cietk " " ...7 n GeoSKelley, " " j..M J C Plckorliitr, Judtro " WuWle , . Wm Henderson, " .!.. J P Mountain, " " OWHuKCClrTk . " ; KP French, " .).. JO Lyfonl, judtro " Wilton.,..' J Uurnslde, " J K Mcintlre, .,.. A N Van Camp, clerk " " .... J M Rider, " " " . Aiij u ued till 1 o'clock p. m. Tuesday, Oct. 10. A. D. 1877 1 J o'clock, p. in.; Board in session. Members all present. Matter of relocation of part of .Lent 2 Road in Pike tp. came up for ilni.1 hearing on continuance, when it ws ordered that the case Iw continued ti Friday, Oct. 19th, at H o'clock p. m. Matter of Cole's vacation of a county road in section 30, tp. 78, N. range west, came up for iinal : hearing, whe it wan ordered that the same be vaca ted aa icr report of commissioners upon the payment of all costs in tlA 11- case. : According to notice given and as pro vided by law,. contracts for excavaline a ceitam ditch in uosben t p., lately surveyed by, J. A. Mathewson, wwfe awarded to the lowest bidder, by new tious, as will appear following: I Bui T K I A'n. KKlimnfd 11 il uttur a anme. Htc. c yi. v'r u'd. Vokl itynn 1 Wi i f aaj no KKidii... 3 .tm -M yd) t T K ltyun 3 1,0U0 si) ai 1 T K liyan 4 4,000 3) , b4l Tboa Mclntire 15 l,sJ 4"6 t Thoa Melntire ... 0 l.o&d 35 MtU 60 Jainea watte . UoS 12 lvs ;l Thus Melntire. ... ...8 1.12T 1V4 a Chas V Kirk U 4.iW 17V4 74) 1 lh:uj Overman.... .. 10 l,:ca l:H isi 4 Thoa Melntire ..11 SIS itttt 151 1 ThoaMcIntiro... 7u M l'l i John A Jelly ....I. 1:1 a II : 3 Lucius Howard.. ..14 l.oMI II 147 Lu Howard.. ..1.1 l'MI 1 IH 21 '. Lucius Huwuril.....lll l.tmo I I If It II Murkliam.... ..IT S" 1W tf Adjourned till 81 0 clock a m.. TlmrJ day tbe ISth. ! aawHSB Thursday, Oct. ISth, A. D., 1S77. ( I" ! , 8i o'clock a. m, ) Board In session. . , 1 .Members all presentri Board opened bids for a crossing alt 'hows' Run, on Lucas Grove toad and at tbe crossing of Mad Creek oli the "graded road, and at crossing Of Mud Creek" on the road leading Soutb from Durant. While considerini: which, Board adjourned till H o'clock p. m. ! j Thursday, Oct. 18th, 1S77. ) Ii o'clock p. iu i lioard i a session. J ' ' Members all present. Concluded the examination of bids for bridges, when can tracts were toad as follows: For the bridge on "Low's Run" contract was awarded to the "Clinton Iron Bridge company," fot an iron bridge 100 feet long to be coiuf pleted Jautiary lat, 1S78. For Uie bridge on Mud Creek, Soutb of Durant, contract was awarded to 1 E. Stevenson for a bridge forty-eight feet long, to be built according! tt Ixng'a patent," all material furnished by the contractor and to coat For a bridge on graded road : acroefc Mad Creek, contract waa awarded, li for a bridge as per plan on file ii the Auditor's office, county to f urniai all materials. j v i Adjourned till Si o'clock a. nt. Use Van Poiih. Patten's RuHsiati Stove dwtf See the new stock of knives and scissors just opened at ; Burmett's Book Store. The Journal Bindery i one of the best equipped in the State, with j all new and most Improved machinery, and warrants all work. Old newspaper in package of loti for sale at this effl i . ' 1 For tlie Joilrual. WHAT IS LIFE ; BT m. L ST I fa lis J What is LHef la life a pacing dream. A eoiubljial ion of tolls ni nd p: in A kweel and ad IUokIoii. ike Tbe vatjarltw of an o'erW rM!g lit bruin f Is lire a deep and flowing Mreu Upon whoa l,re:tt fond Only to be forever wnckti Aa time K!i''es on with Iioim It w e place; 1, nirtl loft. vu Ask one of itiicinn 1l Kmj fr-l. Tread maiOle hat la uiid isled divine ; Vhoe Voice la heard in r -i court; WIkmib (anilei la auatc Iroiji rCllib to itlilne. What joy la bla when h4 has jfled. And yearn roll on w,Ui siulnelis tile; What, though the crown tiedeeka IiIm bend, Sorrow la hls.Uor .atich H Hie, Aak yon pleblat, wlioae daily toll. Makes i Uh the oue with lord in. ell ; What are hi Joy ja life's fcM!iU Whut pleasure his, an tttdried Youth and hope are che allioJ, Manhood s joy, so koon ;lre o k-r: Old-aye's 'uuritWir:, cuues ai.etlled. Death sleeps us to tho l'iu.i,it:il shore. CHIKNhR FOR acV ).i Eiu The November uuintK-r of first of it! Ilfu'enth t umr is the unit Kd waul Ktfgleritoii's new novelJ 111 xy," is U- KUJ, with an iUuslration iy Waller u liniiui.a. Shirlaw. The .tf u i.i laid where lived "The'Hooii K-r r-'chtMiluiaa- ter" nud other interertJlng fbarafter lm- itiuile James, j"1., with whom, Dr. KggU Hoi the world familiar. , Ht ii rv has a short Htory in thiJ tiuiiiber, Bert B irrotighs a d A Bed yf Uarte a imk-iu, John tramping paper entill uougiis," ami tjctfrc AS. Twltr a sketch of tli carter f Thiers. Tne opt'hing ildii-traud aitlcU iiOne of Scribntr'a ifjiorliiig series, eulitled "CanvHM-baok and TerraiIn," by W. McKay Lallan, of B allliiiore. Illustrated by tho AUthorliinUelf. This paer teils alMut methdds pf hunting, which will t newto uosi reader. Mr. Frank Rrjtocktoi3 comes back from tho Island of Nassau with glowing account of its wiuter climate, and a uum hereof pictures of curious and interesting jxtroons and thing there. Col. Wari ug's usefully audj amusingly illustrated papers on Uie aaddle-horae are begun, tbe first paper being de voted to thoroughbreds ! and Arab! ana. Au articleou "TheCouiiteiis Potocka" gives tho romantic life c f allaJy, with whone portrait (here reproducel)every one is familiar, but of wlJose history nearly every ono is iruorant. Mrs. Herriek's article on "Bees ' is acoom pauietl by thirteen UIuh rations drawn on tho block bv the author MIssTraf- ton'aHtorv f'lliH Inheritance " in con- i wo uoses or August Slower win re-tou s story, f ills Hint r uiue, is con- .. , Hamnle bottles 10 tlntud, and tells ahou on the Jersey Shore," ho. Cousin biiu A name of Cards." An! articld bv John n. Stevtns mi "Tho Frl Canal" in which he predicts its Mbandonmeut is likely to Ir as much talked about as anything in Iho'preseu number Holland writes about Woiueu's Wi ter Amusements," "T te Bondage of the Pulpit" and "Indiatiihs of Pro gress." The Old CkI among other things, a ihet contains, elter from L Clark Davis on "Joe Ji uer'.u in Ijoii- don," aim in Bric-H-llrai Frank it iHtockU.n has coiitribtilii ons uhlch shows how every iniiti own lttter-writi r. a iii become his A few dopes of Dr. MarNhall's Lunc Syrup Cured my child of a nioetdread- fill eolith. I cheerfully reccoramend it as ti e beht Cough medicine 1 have ever tried ( w . Jt .-I - ., ., . iMTH. v;. JUX, I iHVf-iauu Ohio !i-dAwlw Arrival at the I oiaiatf cla I To-lay F. W. Uiswiii, Waterluirry, Con. K. O. Hoiiii H, West liilairty. L. It. LvHiin, New Y4rk A. Knopf, i C. II. Bry.ti S H. A union, ChicaL'o J. W. P.wti J. S BeiUtJn, R. M. Pay lie, Fred. Wii.x.x. T. A. Dillon J. A. Ett in, S. A. Tower, ' W. II. Kvtrlmr.l, J. McAtlaiu, J r F. Smith, D. YackevJ Brighfon Z. Kroulcs, I lardin city. C. II. Biainard, Rock1 Island. G. K. Hedges, Torre JfotJl Mrs, J. CV Hedges,. II. D. Clakesiee, Buffilo. S. Daum Cincinnati. J. K. Atwood, Phila If-lpliia, W. C. Lantz. Ch-veboid. D. A. Fesleratid w I fief Riverside. K. S. Sibell, Bortlon. J. B. Wilson, Wapell., S. H Luncf j Vilton, S. M. Finch, Iowa Ci Charley Van Pnlleii iai Stove Polinh, uiolc ial lloime. ! ceils ibe i:us- th4f Commer dwtf TWO FAKM.'f, line lllllj' Jnt of .Ata- issa, (pint of lh Id e Th uh. lewis' estate), one of l7 ai oue of 12b acres. iSoil new and rif-h, under cul tivation but twoyeai'. stock farm, j Price terms favorable. I Tim. D. On e is i per k-hj acre I Kmi fi ll, Agt. Wo are sole agents flor TBurt" A "Emmerson's" celebrated hand and machine sewed shoes. Fa) 1 styles just receiveu. tan ami ree ineru. i A. DavidHosA Co. 1 Get J. P. Walton td move or raise your buildings, or to do your carpenter work. aug6-d3m The I.H8T Hair. Any person who naa tool in nalr, or wiione nair nasi turned gray should use Dr. . U. A Francois' French Hair Reetorative, infallible for restoring 'gray hair and curing baldness. Sold by aJldruggisU. Price 50 cenU per bottle Send stamp for circular, on scalp ana an sain uis cases to Dr. C A. Fmnoow.iaxi North Seventh street, St. Louis, Mo. , In jsuri I: Money to Loan. ma of $200 and upward.' on approved security, i k. Dt Smith. 1 daw HiltKIKI In Iowa City. Oct. rid. ati the reahlenee of 1 , at the resld tlie l.rttte'a Mtnenta. by Itev. KUwIaT. lilaoua Mr.j.u.wwilarrajaaiiaa r.U9 tuover. J. Tlieo. he, PainlSiOilSiVarnishes 7 Brushes&c 1 1 - . Kre A Neolectfal- Liver. The bile has a three fold part assigned to It by the great manager, nature. It assist in l ho digestive process., acta as a color ing apt-lit of tne Mood, am la eeAential to the evacuative function. When the liver grows torpid, complete chaos enniie in the stomach and bowel; tl-e Idle in Injected luto the circulation in iarire iuanlitit-.s. and oonstination and indifretstiou are produced. Pain under Hhoulder blade and through the right side, headache, verigo, yellowness of the skin, furred tongue and nausea, lo follow. But these and other symptoms uf billiousness, and the disorders which accompany it.are entirely removed by I loa tetter's Stom ach Bittc4rs, that benign rectifier of organic uiHturbance and remedy for physical weekiies. Intermittent and i emit tent fever, urinary and uterlnw trouble, rheumatism, gout, and other maladies, also yield to the remedial inlluenceof the great corrective and invigorant. It Is tbe people's chosen remedy. d&wlw How to ' Prevent and Cure Couuhs and Colds. W all know that while thone in robust health rarely take cold, weakly ersoiia are af-ferlwl by the slightest change of temperature. The reason, Is that the weak blood which has caused tho debility, fails to impart vigor to the organs of respiration and ersplratiou, . thua xeallng the jxireaand closing the only avciiuH b.r lie harmlesa maiie of a avenue tor tne iiarmiese larjjf par! ofthe waste pr laidy. Thoc acril seere the Throat, Lungs Not roducts of the retions Irritate rota, ijtiiiirs, iMomt- iieau, or other organs, produc-lug Coughs, Colds, tuiarrii, isroncliltls, etc. Parkers Ginger Tonic ao s like a charm. . ier- imuicntly cuns these disorders, is pleasant in taste, i romptly oivens the Mires and expel ihe olsonous ac-cuinuiatii.iiH hljjM all local irrilatioua, and iiinteitil of nuiiHcallng the stomach mid troiiHtipaiing the bowels, as do hiont coiiifh iii-.liciiie. Invigorates the n ire !iges i e paratua and blootl 11 thus not only eilecluauy cure Coughs, Coid, Catairh, Bronclilllc and Klves the strongest hope to consumptives, but removes all Dyspeptic Disorders, such as Indigestion, Headache, ConstljMttlnn, Acid Stomach, Low Spirit, Nervousness, Liver Complaint, Coated Tongue. Diarrhoea, and Bowel Disorder, Wakefulness, and Rheumatic and Neuralgic Pain. 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LANOIX la tho only qiinlinml iihyKh-lau lu Illinois. diploma in olltce will show, who tivala ex clusively aii mi, wrier an outers lall. I every form of Heriet Disease of both aexos, I w"" 7 T:T".J'.T'"".';, .... uwuiwivaii w.iisiiii insiMii ia aaii l- I vnU?ttiidOijHcaU Iroulil- . i tivn ami vt,r roaioiidciiee MM-rtnllv aitiilldtiullal. CharKe niodcraUi and within reach of all. I uro iruaranUetl In all caata undertaken. Me.ll el no. with full liiHiriiollons f ;'.r,-.'r;.r: ml old men. who any part r llie country , by iu iMM-are from ooaervnt Ion. YoaiiE men. mid.lletced an.! are sullriiiK fiom that mliid-hatroa li,K ami iMMiy-uestroylnK iIimsm', Seminal Wcakm ss, brouabton by the liollserelloiiN of youth. 01 exevtuiea an. I abiinea of mat ore uxe, wbl-Ji entirely unlllH the Kuftererle. innrrlaau 01 buHliieaa, aru K riuanentiy eureu liy Xx. LanOix. IteuienilMr the nuiiiber. (il North Fifth strtet. If you cannot coiijc. write, anil aU- uiena letters, 1 L.A1VOIX. 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I ninlied, which, w lib Ihe New addiiittua, and Iniproveinenta, eiiahhviue I.i tiller lo Ilia pui.iie aa kooi a f-'.il' Imiuno Hoy In ,W WeatJ Ueutluuiauly elri ka. obiiullia imint and everything In keeping- with. A Flrst-flnss) Ilolrl. Can! accotniinatatri a few raviilnr IhimmIi m al itve Ma-einl rales ! day UMiidiia. awn nnlnat to and trotn all trions. ft aiovNdtt J.M. VAN I'Ail KM, tlerk! ' If yon want your Piano, tr;;nn Hun- ft any loihur heavy arllelo moved prontpiiy earvfiilly, and w ithout Injury If you mnt AST KINO OT 1IACI.IMO ll.VK IT )lll WHIit your Irelabt delivered proiapiiyi ou wut your household goal reinie,l II lion I ,li. hw if ju want walr, uoolt or ur ,w, ii rioi !n Klve your order o i riuwrtr ! raa us. or aiaaealinv. run tiv. apjuiyj I'llll.. .til lU'll V. MDS&ATINE STEAM MEELE WORKS W. B. SPRACUE, tnKAi.aa is ; , F0KEIUN AS II DOMESTIC M1RRI.K A.MM.IUMIL MONUMENTSuioHEilDSTOiffS MAltl 1ULK,I.ATK, A.1D IllOW ' tMWM jr'lai V fWn ina iim it KuuIimA. AVrn-A. ljtfi. OerwitH, Jltbixw, te, , . NI'8C 4T1M. lOU'i. j I OKI'ICFWllh CltAMiiKita Hit,' al ilolr Dlaiuiiid Haw Hioue Mill, on Winter slic u juiijevt a,twwiy , - UREt ATI ITS iMtk Chit hmt, Canwr f Imi, Cbuf 111 1 I Is siill treating U lTvtit, Nnnns, 'J Chrcaiie,smlmiiiiyiiic. .Sii,. I lurrmca, iinfKHjncy fttntiai im ai;ii) j, I femiil. diwsm ml riifni utiles, nr. -Coniillstinn prraniully nr by Id- y lf lrc,vUma bo., illiiMnilMl, wcls. . MCaBja Or. Keaa hv llw only .tiyuUaa lit . arjuiaaUcurcaarBopay. AUUguapuka Corner Sevonti A M'alnvt Utrcitt, PtW Sl AM Hill A JACOIMJOWMAN, 'rop'r latol Sam pi lt(oma. Carriage ,!ietwwii Ilolrl am Fr.-c IM. I' ; , ord levee rs ror. carriage f i at Holt will f rouipt title nliiiii. Jn ill! I iKOliai. JIOKKK'S'- CITY DAKERY." I Cor. Iota Av nuc &. Third t., ' MCSCATiNI'.'lOWA. t Kee Ur.a.1 ciHistiinlly on IiiokI a Irevl. suoply af, lakri, I'.rii, ar. aiho a enoien us . Confectionery, Candy Toys, Sc. " ; For tlio Ilol(1ii. 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