The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1945
Page 3
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JUONDAV, FEHUUAKY J9, l<Mr> Would Keep Tax On Tractor Gas Says Georgia Measure Would Open Way For Gasoline Racket ATLANTA, Feu. 19 (UP)— Slate Revenue Commissioner Eugene Cook awns that n, pending bill to exempt gasoline used in farm l-nictors would open the way for •• Ba.soltPo racket in Georgia. 'Hie measure, wliich carries the 'liflarsemeiit of: 108 state reprcseii- '•allvei. hns been given a favorable wmnilltec report: .Governor Arnall has warned legislators to stop draining the ••tale treasury by wliat he calls impractical legislation," Arnall and Cook both warn that !xcmi>Uoii ol form and tractor ja.soline would cost, the .state 1111 Mlinmtcci 3 million dollars in 'xxex, and (hey brand the exemption as "daiiBeious legislation." ''The actual revenue loss would >e huge, Cook say.?, compared to •lie Dolicint! expense it would in- :ur. Cook says evon an army to po- Ice the exemption law could not 31-evcnt al least five per cent of ;he farmers from isoing crooked. Cook says (ho bill is an openiii" wedge for practically eliminating i large amount of the state's ine from taxes, then the gdiners ind millers and other farm groups A'llt also demand Rasolinc lax'cx- miptions. He adds that in a few rears we'll have the state treasury Iwindlcrt beyond belief. Tiie author of the bill, \v.- 51. XoughUm of Washington, says the Jill is an inducement (o keep farni- In Georgia. He rites cases vhcrc the state's farming population has dwindled in Ihc past feu- rears. Koughton says the exemption .'ould reduce Hie slatc'i revenue ?nly by $400,000. He charges the Hevenue Ucn.irtmeiit'.s estimate of million as "ridiculous." He defends his bill by claiinini; ax free gasoline would be used }y farmers instead of cheaper fuels, J'hich would reduce the wear on -raclor motors. KfA'TimVILLE COURIER NEWS ' *«0« W WASHINGTON 'Government Corporations' Ilj- TKTEK EDSON NKA Wiiihlnji-ian Correspondent WASHINOIXJN. D. C. — Tracing the development of the mure of "government corporations" (he fourth arm of the government which Senators Hurry P. Byrtl of Virginia nnd Hugh Butler of Nebraska now seek to bring under control with new legislation-shows exactly how one innocent little seed of an idea for a new federal bureau can mushroom all over the place till It becomes the biggest financial aspidistra In the world. Hack In Teddy Roosevelt's time the government took over the Ptm- ama Railroad, and ran 11, u W ns the first, and for a long time the only government corporation Prior lo World War I all government activities were carried on In the regular departments headed by cabinet officers. But in 1016 the first Federal Land Banks were chartered. They were privately ouned, but government controlled", which seemed innocent enough When the United Stales 'cot dragged into- the first European fracas, the government corporation Klca really took hold. First came the War Finance Corporation then the Emergency Fleet Corporation U. s. Housing Corporation, Spruce Production Corporation and a few others. 1 fKW SUCH BUREAUS IN' THE 20's i All were liquidated after the war except the Federal Land Banks and the Fleet Corporation, which later became the Maritime Commission. I he 1920's were relatively free from 1 this sort, of stuff, until Herbert, Hoover came along and started the , Inland Waterways Corporation . while he was Secretary of Com' merce, anj the Reconstruction Finance Corporation while he was President. 'Hie depression really saw the gov-corp idea take hold. The Nn- tional industrial Recovery Act gave President Roosevelt powers to cre- jate new businesses. Among his first I wns the Commodity Credit Cor|»- ratlon, set up to borrow money from tli-C and loan it t 0 iarmer.s. Then Congress expanded CCC, gave it Senate Posses Stricter Law On'Marriages LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 19 (UP) — \rknnsas soon will join the growing ist of stales which have tightened jp their marriage laws. Yesterday the state Senate passed i bill requiring that couples dc- iiring to marry file a three-day notice of ; intention. The measure ili'cady has passed the House, and Governor Laney K expected to sign .he proposal e.irly next week. The bill, written by Mrs. E. L. Buchanan, Nevada County reprc- ienlnlivD, rcnuircs thai no marri- ige license may he issued except ipon filing of a notice of iiiiention a wed three days before issuance. Jowei'cr. a provision allows a.coiin- ,y, probate, circuit or chancery ludge to waive the three-day notice 'cquirement. Violations of the restrictions by :oimty clerks would be a misde- neanqr, and punishable by a fine if. from S100 to $600. An emergency clause, which would lave put the bill into effect after he governor's signature, failed to >ass. But Senator Ernest Mancr of lot Sprinys says lie will move for •ccousidcration of the vote by which t failed. powers it didn't realize it was bo- stowing—and the next thing Congress knew, here was CCC paying subsidies and was the Congressional farm bloc face red. Today there are 22 of these gov- corps and credit agencies doing business at pretty iancy stands. Sixteen are in the credit and banking business, nine deal („ war supplies, four in insurance, four In transportation, four in construction, four In economic rehabilitation, one in power, one In retail distribution and one In publicity. This last—Pren- cinradlo, inc.. Is n honey. Set up in (he Rockefeller office, it Is au- thorised to do darn near aiiylhini! it can Ihtnk of In the fields of communications and public relations. LITTLE 1NTOKMAT10N AVATLAIII.!-; Granting that all these big businesses have been ably nnd honestly run they still piwciil an Inherent danger because they are definitely not rmi in gold fish' bowls and Information about their operations is hard to get because they don't have lo report back lo Congress on whnt they have done what their asse'.s are liow much tliey have lost, or where they're B oing. incidentally, 37 of these corporations were created by l|., c |f, S() you CTU see whose fault the present condition of these gov-corps really is. The best approximate balance anybody has been able (o strike on all thc-e operation* is that 35 of the government corporations show otal tio/icfU of over 15 billion dollars, it really isn't quite that bad because about 10 billions of this win have to be charged up to the cost of the war. And the other government corporations show a total profit of G8>t million dollars Out of the Byrd-Butler bill Ihe George bill to separate the lonn agencies from Department ol commerce, the «econ ( | Wallace-Jones fracas. Wallace's statement that RFC should be investigated. Jones's statement that as Federal Loan Administrator he had powers that actually .scared him—there should come some healthy reforms, and ifn t it about high time? Ruth" was given by Mrs Dovlc Byrd. During the business 5%5ion. Mrs. Byrd was elected 'secretary nnd treasurer for the "Crusade for Christ" pledges. The meeting clo.wd with nr.ver by Mrs. II. L. Hanks. The next meeting will be a social on Wednesday at th,; Hnnks home. Gosneil News Members of the Woman's So- icty of Chrislinn Service of Oos- icli Methodist Church met Wed- day at Ihe church with eisht irescnt, itu-litriing two new mcin- wrs. olloivitig the opening hymn, naycr waf offered ijy the Rev. ?. L-. Hanks, and Mrs. R. L. Max- Veil gave the devolioniil on "The -•ifc of Jesus." A Bible reading on "The Life of Receives Letters From Sons Fighting Overseas Ilcrt Williamson feels better now that he has received letters recently from his two sons who,are overseas, both of whom .say they arc well. Pfc. Charles Williamson, 27, is fighting with thn Infantry somewhere in France where he has been 18 months, and Pvt. Austin Williamson, 24, is in Italy, having been in foreign service 32 months. He is with the ground crew of the Army Air Forces. The elder son's wife, Mrs. Willie Mnc Williamson, is making : her home in Luxora while her husband is in service. Bert Williamson makes his liorrie at 1001 West Vine with a daughter Mrs, Wiley'.Riilijh;: .•„•.;.:, ;,. v>! - Both men-farmed liribr 't6' i cnte'rJn'<> service. Yorfaro 4-H Members Hold Meeting Tuesday A mcctiiifr of the Yarbro <-H Club was held Tuesday, with Jerry Hoi- fcEXKAUSTIONWs Headache Don't lcLheadachc<Joub1« the raia- cryofcihaustion.Atthefiraliign of tin En take Capudine, U quickly brinjn relict, *oot!xs nerves upset by the pain. It U liquid—alrcadr diswlrcd —nil rt-.idy to act—all rcad to l>rinc comfotL UAC onl' ircctr^, ICc, 30c, 60c. •GAS Expels carbon Improves ignition. Givei more power .by eliminating friction m upper cylinder walls ind rinji. •' Up '° 25 rcrcen ' Exlr -'' M ''es in Every Gallon" ' • F. B. JOYNER Corner Second * ,lsli h'ts. SERVICE STATION Phone 2611 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL. SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PHONE S382 (E=«rj- Transaction Wost B« Satisfactory) Inifsworth presiding. Twenty club members and one leader were present. The group sane, led by Barbara Ynrbro, soiijf captain. Tlic county aacnt ami home demonstration agent were present. President Hollingsworth iinuoiinc- eil the Ynrbro Rlub would have both A and n lx>ys teams to enter the County Basketliall Tournament at C.osnell March 1, 2. and 3. Hil- (hcd Bunch, boys' leader, said he would help the boys gel their basketball goals in place. Reports were given by the following captains: Boy a LniiKstoii cotton captain; Ellis Ray Swain, pi E captain; Arthur Don Snodgraw soybean captain; Gcorfiia Lcc Swain, gardening and canning captain • Barbara Yarbro, clothing caplnhr Catherine Hofstcller, poultry captain; Peggy Jo Freeman room improvement captain. Lucretia Hunch and Barbara Johnson gave a demonstration on making bisquick. Later they made biscuits from the bisquick and served them with jelly before the club meeting was over. Two new members joined Ihc club They were Virgil Handlcy and Ellis Ray Swain.- Read Courier News Want Ads. 'B' Cage Tourney Opens Thursday 21 Teams Scheduled To Participate In Mcef At Shawnce JOINUli, Ark., Ffb. lit. (Ul'l— The Mfssl.wl|jp| County uiiskrtbull lour- mimetil will !><- held In tin- fihnw- ni'c uymnnsimn, lx'Kiiinl«i! ut 1 o clock Thurahy uli:)i(. Fc-lj. 22. Tiic-rc will iilso lx> sessions boulu- "iiit! id I2::io Friday uftcrnoon, 7 Prldiiy, nlijlil, lo::io o'clock Siitnr- dny momlni; mid Ilic ctwmplonshli] Siimi* slactiiiH a I « o'clock SiiUn- (hiy. Girls tennis from Mlssro, lilytho- vllle, Wilson, ICdsrr,, Omiii-ll, Osi-eolii. llur<k>tlc. SMI. l.nxorn, J-rai'livlllc, iiiid fihawiKT will IK- In tin; lourni.y while hoys It-urns from Oyoss. Mi.sxco, Doll. llmdclte, Wilson, Osccnlii, Kci.w-r. Mixorn, mill awncY will cnliT. ijcmii'; K-.iim's Kriclny nl^hl will Sluitt'iiiv Khls ai;uliist Ihe Mlss- <'<> Klrls. Wilson ,-lrls iiBnlnsl the Kcisi-r ,'irl.s, \ V lhon bays ngiilnsl Hindelk- hoys :uid Osmihi ulrls HKiilnst Huntrilc i-Irls. Tin- umnmitirm will he .slnsle cliininiulon for both l>nys imil (-Iris. Winner of iho chumiiltmMnii muncs will [;ct lirsl i)hu'p will) the losers Setting si-cmul iiliicc. 1 . Trophies will he awarded (UK am] SBCOIII! l>l:>cc winners In both boys nnd girls. All conches were iii'ued to be sure that their tennis arc. registered with the Arkansas Athletic Assoclnllon, Basketball Tournament Discussed At Armorol A meeting of I In- Armorel -1-11 Club iviisi held Monday, with Gcrnld Cfcssicly nrcsidhiK, anil 66 club members present. • Miss Cora Len Culeiiian. county. home demonstration HSCIU, and Keith liilbtey, cnunly agent, attended Ihls JuraLliiK. I.avt-rne Met?scr. ciothini; i,-ii])- tain. reported 22 nicitibcrs in the clothing club and Sue Cassidy. cookery cuptiiin reported 111 In her group. The comin.. bnskcltanll tonrmi- inciil Wiis discussed, lifter which Mr. Hillirey |;nvi- a rlrtnotistrulloii on swine. Jonesboro Five To Vie Chicks Here Tuesday Tin- lilxh .school nynt here will bo MIC scene of Knottier basketball B«m.' tomorrow iilght us Hie Ixivs praclice for (he district meet Ih'is weekend ,il Jcmeslxmi. '1'he .liiiicjiboit) llnn-leiine boys ami Osceola Mlrls will pluy the local eli'ls uiul boys in „ double hauler lo start at V.'M o'clock PAGE THREE Club Members Hold Session At Shady Grove A inedliiR of (In; Sluuly drove •1-H Cluh held Wcdnesduy with Oi'vlllt- Miissi.y presiding. 'I'ro.seW were 45 club members, two lenders and two visitors. 'I'l'c. eroti|) suiiK. led by mm Wll- saii. song captain. Hrjwrls were (Jlven by the following <-:i|ilnlus: miij. j,,;, [.;„„,, eot- ton caplHln; repoi'lo;! lour In his group; Clorald Donnev, |:I K eaiHuin, .six; nnrbarn Donner, cookerv cn|>- ln|«- 15: llellle D«>1, clothing ca|>Inin. 10; Kininn lirlnkley. uavden- I"B Biicl ciinnlni; ciiptiilii, seven- lilllie Jane Lynn, poultry captain 10; nnd Mary N C U Heennin, room Inipvovcincnt cn|>tnlii, 11. Ml« Cora Lee Colcmnn, eounlv home dcnioastnitlon agent, unil Keith Ullbroy, county nycnt, were lire.sent. A coiiiiiilltce was nppolntcil (o k Mr. nnd Mrs. Nolnml llollhiBet to be .sponsors. Athletes Leave Northwestern With V-12 Units y M.M Service EVANSTON—A wholesale exodus oi Nortluve.stcrn athletes will begin following commencement e.xcr- cises of the University's Naval R. O. T. c. ,-uid V-12 unit, Feb. 'i'i. Included ainonu Hie Ift5 men receiving degrees and commissions al :hat (iiu L . arc more than a down lellcrmcn. The Rroup includes four iejnljcf.'i of (he basketball team apl. lien Bchadler, Diiane Sickels' l-Vanfc Clawson and John Rothrock. Henry Allpeler, quarler-mller, and John KrocKcr. Jhot putter, two of the three Icttcrincn on the track WW Prisoners To Work Air Field Victory Garden SIIREVEI'OIIT. Lii., l-Y-b, 1!) (U.IM—The contiii£cnt of Oerinnn pri.soners of war to nr- rivc ut llarksdale FIcW Sunday will number 50. announces Col. William li. Wright, the air commander. A total of 750 will be Imprisoned ut Bark-sdiile Field. 'Hie prisoner* will start work Immediately buflclliiK a .stockade for enclosing a POW aren, which comprises a eroun of wooden bulld- inu.s formerly houshifi » cliemloiil wnrfure tralnini; center which Is moving to anolher part or flic base. The prisoners will be from a ( 1'OW cnni|> nt Huston, La.. and they will IK employee! principally on the JJnrkstlnlc. victory garden, whicli happens to be Ihe Army's largest, on road maintenance and on purls nf thn 2ii,(ian acre base. None will be pcrinllltvl hear iiirplnncK or around hanyar line Instnllnlions. Ili'ldM arc crou'iicd with n car- land of wormwood by Rns'ian peasants, to denote the.'trials und bitterness ol mnrriagc. team, will receive their commissions. Among: the oilier (Icpiirlinj! athletes will be Hob Fiuulerburc, Rfl.v Jiislnk, Frank Jngcl nnd nick Richer, foolball; nnd Larry Siiv- Cotton Journal To Make Award Essoy Contest Open To Students; $100 War Bond Offered MKMP1I1S. Ketj. lit. (Hpeefall.- The Cotton '1'nulo Journal. Inlmm- lloiuil newspaper uubllshi'd weekly nl Memphis for members or the cotton Industry, announced today Hint 11 $100 Win- HOIK), ma of it i;eiicroiis iMcmphl-- cotloinuan, will hi- nward- i'il to the,- high school sliidrni who writes Ihp b, r.OO-ivoul esMiy on "In li-.,w Many Ways do Men in Ilu- Cotton Industry I'riicllce the (iolden linler I-'runcls (1. Hickmiin, publisher of The Cotton '(Yndc Journnl. said ihe conlest Is opi-n to all high school sindcnis In the Cotlon Hell, (llostnv, diile of entry Is inldiilghl. Atitrdi Ifi KSSII.VS will be Jmliscil on the busts "f '/5 pi-r cent lor ronlesl and lhou(;ht. nnd '£< pev ivnl for illeuut' style. The mltclcs should be concise, rt'illlcn Icclbly or (yiicwrltd-n, nnd not over M)0 words in lenulh. They should be mailed to the Mssuy Cnu- lo-sl Kdlior, The Collon 'I'mde .Journal, aiil Cotton Kxehaniie llulldliiK iMeinplils :i. Teiin. Ili-llihil SiiBcesllims KiiRlsosllons lo aid cniUesliinl.s In rliooslns " subject inclndi! ihe following: I, Contncl n col Ion planlor. col- ton ijlnner. iviiri'lioth-eiiian. bunker colton oil imin, or textile executive or someone in the ciillon business In your lown for an bilt-i-vlcw. '•'•• r'lnd out how Ihc collon business affects (lie life of people tluoimhoot the world. II. Know tin; mcnninu of (he le.nn "Gulden Hiile". inul how (t may apply lo the cotton industry nnd international brolhcrhood. I'comlnent Mcmphlan.s who will net as jmlucs for Uu- contest urn Dr. 1-Vllx I). Cieiir. mlnlslcr. Second Pienbylcrian Clmrch; Hr. llnrry W, Kltelson, i-«W)l, Temple Isim-l; nnd. l-'red Lucas, of Fred W. Liiuis it Uo.', colton merclianls. Hcciiml Iti Si-rlt-b 'I'hls is the second In n jicrltii »l I'onlesls sponsored, by n Memphis coltonmun In mi eUorl lo sllmu- Intc constructive thinking BIDOJIIJ Hie Soulh's yonrii! people. Tlu. iii-st, entitled "The Most C.hilstlnn l)ee<l Performed by Anyone Connected with Ilic Cotton In- "liwlry." wns won by Atinn lUUh Kami, senior at Itlson llluli School, lluntsvllli'. Alii. Ml^ Hnutt. chose lor the subject of her essay n Iliinls- vllle cotlonmnn, Mlllon Ciimmlneit. who "iiossessos the most Christian quality of iimwlllshncss, nnd who onconrnui-s UIL- young people of his lown in every lumliiblo, enterprise." Itccofiiil/fd InlcriiaUonnlly l^ong rccoiiiilwd Inlcrnatlonnlly us » li-iKlliiK collon publlciidun, The Colton Trade Jonnml hns mndc Its piille,)- one of upholding nnd pro- Iccllnj! sonllicrn economy, which Is fostered primarily by collon—the .Sonlli's number one crop. American farmers, ulmioi's, CO m- pressmen, merchants and mlllmcn look to The Cotlon Trmie Journnl us (he repvesciilnllve through which they make Ihc-ir voices heard In Ihc nation, The Collon Trade Journal Is In con.sliuil totich with Ihe collon problem, and Its mosl recent cITort to iniikt! Ihu entire Uulled Slules col- lon-coiiNCloiis hns resulted In (he "Cotton Kdncatluiuil Conference", fouiiiletl !jy the cotton induslry and Ihe slnle departments of education to promote tin- sludy of colton In Die schools of cotlon-proiluclni' stales. I'llllllshcd Ullilli.jlciplly A "Cotton IJIMIojjiiipliy", t-nttilOK- nlng the writhes of 2H-I aut)iors, among them textile research men, ngrlcullnrlsls nnd governmeiH col- lon spcclnllsts. and covering the subjocl of ration from seed to (he finished fabric, wiis recently compiled under the direction of Pub- Usher Francis Ci, lllckinnn. This reference Ixiok Is in (It-maud everywhere by cotton nicrchnnts. growers, mlllmcn. , m d all those Imvlm. «n Inlcrcsl In cotton. Once ii yonr Ttic Cotlon Trade Journul publishes nn "Intcriinlloniil Kditlon", In mufiiinlnu form, In which such milslandlng world Hgures us Nelson Uockelellcr and Snmnev Welles review Ihe collou situation nnu make prcdlcllons and suggestions for Its future. In nrglnii high school atudent.5 to iwrllclpalc In the new contest, Mr Jlldtmmi pointed out that It gives theiu tin excellent opiwrlunlty to fittidy more closely the commodity upon which the whole economy of their secllon is based. : Good News for Recta^Sufferers VHKK DOOIcHrclls of Causi's, ICffccts iintl Trealmenl' COLD LbGGED NQSE?. I'Col fltnffy? 2 drojw in nunlrll, hMp ynu lircmllm freer. Oiullon: U»oonlyii,i:lirccln<i. Clot FINETHO HOSE DROPS You may now have a FREE copy ol Ihls interesting. Illustrated 122-page bin* on Piles, Fklnlti, Stomach and Colon disorders and associated, ailments. No obligations. Wrllc loday The McCleavy Clinic, 1)1422 Elms Hldv., Excelsior Springs, Mo. Crawford Service Station S. Division & City Limits — Phone 921 We Ca!! For and Deliver Cars! Siii-ciiiUsls In— Greasing - Tire Repairs - Washing Wc.'vc a few sets of seal covers le.fl w. it. -iiiir (.-n,,,f ( ,,,i • j. ;,. „,„„., Cmmn 1 will pay you TOP CEILING PRICES for Inlc model, c-lciin cars. Sco a man who has given you fair dealings for 18 yours. .... I, ex (,'ltnmrilin \Vo littvo u complete REPAIR SHOP .slnlTcd by cotnitulcnt 1110- cliaiiicH . . . Also good sloclw «!' jmrls mid acccs- sorics. HriiiK us your ru- l>Jiir work. . . . (Jeiie Osbnrnc Scrvicu Wu liiivo several late niod- «1 curs in fjoofl condition on on i 1 used cur loL" CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ash ci Railroad Sis. ' I'll. 2195 AUTO and ELECTRIC RADIOS REPAIRED KAST MAIN- CITY RADIO REPAIR ACUOSS I-'HOJI LILLY STIlliKT Spearmint, STKK (Formerly Very Scarce) STEEL WOOL IN 1-LB. PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. Aluminum Paint. Night Latches. Electric Churns, ' Padlocks Electric Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglcrs. Shannon Spinners. —All Tn Plentiful (Juanlities At PLANTERS HARDWARDE CO. 12G W. Main Tim Complete Hardware Store Phone 515 H I w y « G „ M ACT U * * Vie '£SSi *£ ^^ , . „„,_ for the fine "~ n the people here at home lor ^ *•*;"«,.« **,jf£ r^ar- -»•» - is -rr. a u «"- r .si r £» «^- ' have now . u l® ^topped making the rei-i uble[n int *.v,«t- v;p have s^yyv*"" 1 . c.nparnu-^*') that v;e n* wrigley's °P= d ' ed Forces toarVced °£f j^t" even for the A There will be no ""j 1 "?, j vors for anyone -s^sSl'Srf^iJi^ trade-maVKeu ^ ' finest quai.iv/ wrappers will be empty until further notice. IN THIS 4tH WAR YEAR...ESSO DEALERS FROM MAINE TO LOUISIANA SAY: ets save that car!" Your car is older llitui ever before ... ami it's still got fur logo,., how far no man can promise you. Keep that in ininif as Spring comes on... care never meant so much <is now! It may becm hard to realize that tlic last new cars were built over 3 years usu ... the average car in use today is over 7 years old! As a car owner, you never faced a situation like this. NOW just to SAVE THAT CAU calls for the best care you can get. Whatever your past practice, however much or little you drive your car, this spring bo sure to get (1) good, clean oil... (2) o good, thorough chassis lubrication... (3) a good, careful checkup of battery and tires and radiator.You know you can count on Esso Dealer care. You know ^ . OEAIER you NEED it now as never before! Don't dclayl MAKB A DATE WITH YOUK KSSO DEALER TODAY i COfC SOVCS W6QP STANDARD Oil COMPANY OF NSW JERSEY , 1113,1-IUL-tt.

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