The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, .JULY 80, 19S« (ARK.) COTJRTKE NEW* PAGE FIVE FBI Claims Proof Communists California Town TeachViolentOverthrowofU.S WASHINGTON «v-An FBI re-* port claims documcntnry proof thai the Communist party in the Unilrd States "IpaHies and nrtvo- cales the pvprthrow and doMtuc- tinn of the U. S. government by force nnd violence." The lonK-Kecrcl report \vap made public yesterday, with the permis- sinn of FBI Director J. Edpar Hoover, by the Senate internal se. • cuhty subcommittee hearted by Sen. McCnrr^n <n-Nev>. It says William Z. Foster, chair- ivmn of (he Communist party in this country, in July 1949 called ihe writings nf Stalin. I.enm. F.n- p ] es and Mai'X "Communisl classics . , . at-repted by nil Commu- parlies, including our own. . WP American Communists npply • them strateaically and tactically in the need of specific American conditions." "Classics" Qiiolwl The report then quotes from these "classics," asserlin? lhat "Lehin anrt Stalin both specifically reject 'peaceful ineans 1 —both insist on the necessity for violent revolution." The FBI said Stalin, In hi? book callerl "foundations of Leninism" published in 1939. wrote lhat Marx, « 19th century llieorist and one of the founders of communism, believed there was an outside chance lor a peaceful Communist revolution in the United States and Great Britain. Stalin ReJerU View Stalin rejected this view, the FBI snld, and wrote: "The proletarian revolution Is Impossible without the forcible de- ^iltruction of the bourgoise (middle ^class) stat« machine, and the substitution for it of a new one. 1 Lenin, Stalin's predBcewior lender of Communist Bussls, was quoted In the FBI report as saying that only "a swindler who juggles with quotations and references" would read peaceful Intent Into Marx's words. These »re some of the writings. Ihe FBI said, that are circulated daily by U. S. Communist* as doctrine "adapted strnleRloally and tactically" to their program. Now Fears Quake thanA-Bom 'GATOR GETS BIGGER EVERY YEAR-Pfler, four tool five- inch pel aLUgatoj- living in St. Petersburg, Fla.. seems to be rhcrk- .ing his growlh-chai't kept by his 'gator-lovin' owner (name withheld by request). Six inches long when he came to live in urban surroundings, (he would-be "lounge lizard 1 ' adds 11 ',a tnrhes Itr his length each year. According lo his owner, Pete i£ housebroken and never leaves the premises. Shiny New VVSB Takes Shape Although It Is Unmanned Eva Peron Still On Public View BUENO6 AIRES. Argentina f The body of Eva Peron remained on public view today, her funeral postponed indefinitely until the crush of mourners slows down. There wa. r no tef,up. however, in the thousands crowding inln the capital. With all other activity parlyzed hv Ihn mass prief for the beauteous young first lady who died Saturday ntirht, President, Juan D. Peron and t- hip government sought to stretch nui thp homage and thus turn Ar- ccntina back to 5omething like normal activity. By ROWLAND EVAN'S .TK \ nmnngemcnL), without the patri- WASHINGTON IJi>—A" shiny new j otic stimulus of an all-out war effort, without subpoena power nnd with authority to make only recommendations. . , ." That is a quotation from a farewell letter Felmtnger wrote the Courthouse Near Collapse o$ Many Residents Camp Out RAKKRSFIKLn. Cnlif. W — An R lorn bomb wouldn't srnrp Ihe residents nf i his busy fnrmirjz town much more than they are tnday. niikorsfirld has been through an- oiher cr\i-lhf(unke. Severn!, in fact. Official counly business ,?? he conducted on vacant lets. The Courthouse has hern .tolled so severely thai engineers feai it may Part of seneral hospital has been abandoned for (he same reason. Homes have burned, and hundreds of jittery re.sidonis ramped out after the Inst series of quakes ye.sio.rday, They foarod tlicir own homos almoM as murh ns if I lie hiiildini;s were rn dial ion - contain- inalod. And an exodus, surh ns rniphl '. :itein from any atom-blrmed nfoa. | has hoRim. ! Al least 2,ftOO workrrp are jierrlrrl at once In repair irrifration lines rlamaizrd by the quakrp- O'her thousands are noederi to harvest a 50-ni niion-dollar cotton crop, imperiled by lack of irrigation water. Bui workers and iheir families ar« leaving. They've had 11. Four titiake.s yesterday provided the spur. tremors were Die sharpest since July 21 quake took the lives of 13 persons. Quake experts say I he earth- rumblmg will continue, and there's telling where it will strike next. REFUELING BY "PROBE AND DROGUE"—I" ihis nrlist's conception of in-Hittht refueling, Iwo Navy jet fifthIcrs are about to make contact with a fWinij-boal tanker. The probe—or nose point— of" the fighter enters the drogue—or fuel cup—of the tanker, which drags the two linMwcipht hose lines from its wing-lips, A fuel-tight connection is made and the tanker crew services the fighters by remote control. Wage Stabilization Hoard free from he bitterness and controversy which surrounded Us predecessor came Into legal existence today. As yet unmanned, the new board will look much like the old WSB which, with" n membership of 18 representing the public interest, labor and industry, wa.s ordered disbanded by Congress because of recommendatidns it made last March in its effort to sett la the critical Bteel dispute. The new WSB hns no power to deal with "nation-wide labor disputes; all its members will need Senate confirmation; nnd all regulations it may issue to control wages must be cleared first by the economic sLabllJ^jitton agency headed by Roger L. Putnam. The new board has already crossed one hi]die: the AFIj announced that It wilt reappoint Ms representation on the old board to the new board. The CTO maintained official President. He made the letter public at a valedictory news conference. Reds Suggest Altering Words 'Helpful' Robber Leaves Address At Crime Scene War Prisoners Phrase Studied MUNSAN, Korra W—The Communists today suggested a possibly significant chanpe in ihe wording of the proposed Korean arini.'itice document now under study by staff officers of both sides. It dealt with a paragraph relating to war prisoners- The Issue of prisoner exchange has blocked a truce for months. Tho Reds proposed changing the term "captured I personnel" to "prisoners of war" In paragraph 52, which would then read: "Each side agrees to insure that i it shall not employ in acts nf war | in the Korean conflict any prisoners of war releasori from Senator Tires Of India Critics j Green Tells Nation j To Start Practicing ' What It Preaches j Ry G. Mtl/l'ON KELLY I WASHINGTON ',41 — Hen, Green ' <D-R.7.> snici lodrw he is llrod of; India's criticism of the Arnnricnn : renrmnment proprnm and btuntly suggested that country practice whnl it prr.nphcs. Green told a rppnrloi- Hie UnileH Stales is spending hiliion*: lo rearm itself nnd free nations apainst nRgrossinn but Indin has built up an armed force to defend Kashmir "in n territorial riis- pu te with P n k is I n n," "We nre Tar morn nn^nKish ihan India in spending IJO'BP sums and j men (or an ideal of prarc in On 1 i world," Green .snirl. "India is keep- ' inf; forces in Knsliinli lo promote ; n -selfish interest." I His was directed »t R. H. ! Sen. Indian aiiibnssnr^ni' to Washing I mi. ntui Prhnc j\Tinisler Jaw- ; nliai'lnl Nehru, bntli of \vhwn have j been shavnly critical of the U. R. : program. Son's lalesi criticism \vas in n speech Monriny 10 Die Cnitaiilc , University foreign policy conference. ! Greo.n 1-^ tliP nldosl member of thn Senate, nml would lirnri the, j powerful finnnto Foreign RrlnlInns i CotnmiUce noxi year as sncce.ssor to Sen. Connally (I")-Tex) if the I Democrats ret n in control of the ! Sr-iin! p in tbr Noveinhnr elrcHrni.'i. - Connnlly is retiring from Lovett Sees 'Flying Saucer' But Relates An £xp/oncit/on o/ It No one knows trie most distant star is. With the new tclo-| Mt.. patomnr Observatory, • cluslers can be seen that, nre a. biS- : Hon 112lit yenrs nway. WASHINGTON '/Pi Kvrn "fcrr- relnrv of Defense LnvrM hns pnrn a "fiyinu ?:mror"—but he hnd an oxntnnnlifni for it.. I'eiitnyon srturrps said Lovri-L, r el nrnfng to Wnshiucinn from Mew York Sunday, wns n frllnw pnsxena^r aboard an nlrliiip.r with persons \vho inatslrd rhcv had :-(?rn a wiiitp di.T whirling nlong be>ido t.h" plnnr. * Ijovetl, however, rrprulcdly said he had born wat<:hins n srrtrch- licht. pliiyinR into (lie <:lear. moonlit, .iky anrt al one point it--; cone nf llehl. caiicht nnd h^'.d n tuff, ol cumulus cJf'iui. rrnalinn Ihe Impression of a circular body kepp- Inp pare wilh the pin tie. "Thai's how mnny n Mylnp saucer gels born," one officer said. Anzus Meeting Aims al Defense Conference Opens Next- Monday to Strengthen Pacific MONO:,in,IT M>.-piitiinir military muse-In into the Australia -New 7eala»rl - United States Defcnsa Tart Ix ihi> lua niin of thp Anzus C'mifcM'onrp nppjiinz here Mnndfiy. A jiermnnrnt An/us Defends Council is expcdod In be orcan- lirct. Us job would be lo wpjgh available forces against potential There is oviflPiR-p also the United Stairs dcLoRniLon, hracied by Sec- iriruy of Riatn Arhesnn. may lay somo Hrnunrt work fnr an cven- liiM siNRlf* Pacific: orennizntlon to mclnrln Japan, ihn Philippines and other Pacific countries. Tho United States has separata pan.-, also with ihe Philippines and J ft pan. Acheson. Ririinrd O. Casov, Ansr Irulia's minister [or external af- frm-K, and T. ciiftmi Webb. New J calami's foreign minister, are due hi'ro Salnrtlay, Australia's rlelruHllon Includes •Sir Krrdcrirk Sheddon. defense miriir.rer; Col. R. O. Pollard and ' K. w. Major of the defense department. Air Vine Marshal F. P.. W. USfJioj-rjor. Australia's Joint service I surf iTpresF-nlalive in Washington, Jifso will atinifi with Sir Percy Sppndor, Australian ambassador lo the Unitotl Slates. W. T. Gentry of the New Zealand ni-juy will FiUcnd with Foreign Min- JKtor Wobb. The Slate Department ha.i not annmmcptl Iho American military represent^ IVPS. A rim, Arthur W. R at) ford. Pacific Fleet commander, is IMP conference hast. The UnKrd Statcfi' separate de- nuvoements with Japan,'the Philippines. Australia nnd New Kcalnml link awkwardly with th» [ United States as the common ! partner. j A Somite foreign relations com• inlttpo said "The implication (la) Hint the treaty with Australia nnd New 7,enlr\nrl ami the other security Irenlies aie but tile first step in Ihe creation of a more effccllvs security system for the Pacific." It appears the United States III snnrtins Acheson. Its lop ranking diplomat, to Impress on Australia Rtnl Mew Zealand American concern for Pacific security. Hospital Ship Return! With Tales of Battie T.ONG BEACH. Calif. MTf—A ffia- veary crew brought In the nig h(-s- pital ship Consolation recently ^nd told welcomcrs oi their bailie expo r tone. &s. "One of the worst days." ssid a nurse, "was June fi when the ship was receiving battle casualties Irom the Inchon area." On that day (he Consolation cared for 101 patients brought. abbnrd with "every type of wound—bayonet, shell fragment and bullet." Altogether, the pViip'R crew took care of 5.300 casualties rtnnnc Us 10- month's tour of duly off Korea ence but there was no question it too wouid agree to participate. ^Slated .for chairmanship ,is Harvard law professor Archibald Cox, a young labor relations expert, who now is co-chairman of the Construction Industry Stabilization Commission. Missing from the new hoard will be Nathan P. Fein singer, chairman of the outgoing board for the past 11 months. Felnsinger, chief target, of congressional wrath for the settlement j proposals in the steel dispute, left j town last nipht for Madison, Wis. I He has been on leave from his labor law professor-ship at the University of Wisconsin, The board Feinsinger headed disposed v of 60,000 petitions lor wage increases .submitted to it by NEW YORK <JP\ — Police had snap solving * tailor shop robbery last, night. The robber left a paper ] giving his name, address and de- i scription. > The "calling card" was . a coin- j plptcd application form for city em- | ptoymerit, which apparently hart j popped unnoticed from the robber's] pocket when h» drew his gun. Hcj QllModv iiwldent to the armist Lce." rteimnd he rommit-teri the S 2ft rob- j Co| / Dun( . atl s _ Home rvil]P. U.N. bery to pay an employment Agency Command Mft(f officer, said he had asked the Reds for clarification. During recent secret, truce MaJ. Gen. WUILn. mK. Harrison, senior U.N. armistice dolegnte, told the Reds the tern; captured personnel meant all people in custody, even those opposing repalrin- ffie. AFL Agrees Not To Attack 'Line' labor-management agreement. 90 per rent of them unanimously; it handled 22 deadlocked disputes, 12 certified for selUcrncnt proposals by the President, the other 10 sub- mRBn martial l;uv milted by the deadlocked parties ! ~ voluntarily for a binding decision.] The bnarri was almost 100 per i cent successful In handling all but; one of these disputes. The excep- j tion was the granddaridy ot them i all the steel dispute. | The bnarri became a focal point = nf labnr-mnnaeement relations, as | Feinsinser put it yesterday, "-with- j out the aspiRlance of a no strike, j no lockout pledge i by labor and i TERRE HAUTE. Tnd. W 1 ) — An AFlj union has a creed to rail off any more attempts to break thrn<i?b a CIO picket, line in order to EO tn ( i work in ihe .strikebound Allls-Ch'al-; Birth mers jet engine parts plant. j EiRht men, including member, 1 ; from bn(h proups. were hurt/in an outbreak Monday, when some AFT. men. forced their way into the plant. The AFL withdrawal promi^p rame at Ihe reo.urst of .state Labor Commissioner Thomas R. Hutsnn. who suRppstfd "violence might tion. War prisoners, he a dried, were al! those persons who were Lo be repatriated. NEW YORK f/P)—The ment of Health reported thp nlty 1 birth rate during the first- six months of 19T>2 was an average o 449 daily, compared with 454 fo thp .same period a year a IN THE HOLE —In seven \\coks the industry-wide steel sifikc will have drained over SI biHion from ihe nation's pocketbook according lo a recent United Press survey. Above Newsehart shows bow much the various segments ot the U. S. lost as Ihe strike entered the eighth week. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. I'lionc 58 \VKD.-THURS. your Trying when you use Hew I lost 160 pounds Here". Hrlf 1 " Fralpy's own sfory rtf a <Uo1 thai took hpr from 20iS poiinriis to a trim 135, and y-t Fb» never mi^ c or1 hannz ^ 70od meah a day, H> a heartwarming fppr>r1 by a woman wlio fouini nft* joy in lirfny a nnrmal lifp. She Kivfts her Hay-byplay riirt and thf* ?p'Tft. c she Searnpfl from ^xiirrirn* o - [iiibUshrrl in th" Journal tnr Ihp fir-I tinio. \Vh«ithf>r you should diet yonr- ?r-lf, or know *r,mf!oni* w'r.o fnnuld, road Hrlr-n K rally's amazing / Am ./"."•' Rrginritq in }/\\-f, IT'= in \\\c AiiKust ivue oJ tliR Ladies' Homo 'KANGAROO" j I'clcr l.awforH i Maureen O'Hara FRIDAY ."RAWHIDE" Tyrone Power Susan Hay ward \VK».-THUUS. "SOUND OFF" Mickey Kiinney in Tcrlinifolnr RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. \YKD.-THIIKS. "DESERT PURSUIT" \Ya\nc Morris AIR CONDmONKO HY RKFRIGKKATION LAST 'n.MKS TOMTE 2 For I'rice Of 1 I'lus 2 Reel Football Shorl THUUSDAY & FRIDAY ])oul)lc Feature ROBIHSON • RUMMIHS • o'sHNE —P I,US- FRIDAY "THE DUDE GOES WEST" Also Cartoon £ News It makes a rliffcrence. some folks say! Bnl u-hnttrrr your f\«n — nnn thin^ you prn'r.altly liavo in roiiiiiion will) most American?: oilntires .iro you rn nn owner of the electric liglil nnd power companies'. If'? like lllis: tihmit llirrr inillmn proplr [rum all walks of life — fearliers. lin\i?e- wivcs. tloclnrs, industrial workers, farmers, merlianirs — ])iit llieir savings into coin- panics like onth. 'I'lies're direct owners. t ".MKKT COKI.ISS Ant:iu:ti"—iimo 'Another swrnff-jiip million people"^ tliroujrli their life in-nranre policies anrl =av- in:is hank ncconnls. are indirect owners. Tor their Iianks and in?nrann> eompnnic? invest a 5iihslanli;i! ]>art of their premiums aiul savings in the securities of the nation's elcctrie companies. ;So. you sec. these companies that serve nearly everybody are_ .Qivncd bj' nearly everybody'„ .i.vs—AIH.'— S;ti P.M., Central tlnl". Also (!arlonn 2 Reel Comedy Ark-AAo Power Co.

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