Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1896
Page 8
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Another Harvest for the f fee. ; Fosters Kid Qfoves Slaughtered Mercifully READ LETTER BELOW ^ • , i • ~J ' New York, July 25, 1896. Schmitt & Heinly, ^'.^ Logansport, Ind. Gentlemen: ^ . I have shipped to you today BOO dozen of Job Genuine Foster Kid Glovls, such brands as the William, Fowler and Foaferma, wnioh I by a ra?e chance got for you. These goods were sold to me ^seconds but you will find upon investigation that the same>re e^ BLtionalffOod values, and first class. They beat anything I ever saw for the price I think they will do you a lot of good. It happens to be one of those things that you get once in so ' J^I £ahave sent to the Danville store 600 dozen, as I knew the quantity would Tofbe 0 an^object it the price is right Hoping <<m wm meet with your approval. Yours The above goods haVe arrived and we will place them on sa SATURDAY MORNING. These are the goods that generally retail at $225 $2,00, $1.50 and $1.00, our pricelfor ^choice of entire lot will be 58c a pair. B.e.on- hand early as we don't expect lot to last long. SCHfllTT & HEINLY. Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to'the one that U a tesw. Why run any risk when you can !W4> your wheel Insured against theft ai a very nominal figure and get Us value wlien stolen? Insur* »t once and be »n the safe side. PoDCtnred Tires Repaired From this date on for 25 tents at the Burgman Cycle Co KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. A FALL TO DEATH Engine Breaks Through a Bridge. FOR SOUND MONEY. Vice-President Brooks of Pennsylvania, Talks. Khe .7. T. Broolw, st'Cond..vice-presidunl of the PonivJylvania-.niJtroad, w:i.s asked yi'siL-rday -for hi* views -on : the .siiv^r greatest Dlstoverf of the 19th Century, • Dr. league'* Medicated Air For the Cure of Ciiturrlit Aittima nod all Pnlmonarr Dlneases, It has no 'equal rot Sicklied Nervous Jtrfu- actte, 1,000.000 people die annually from tlie aboie named 5* !• the best remedy on earth for L» 4»..*pe. It will give Immediate relief wi wHl fcflect a cure where all otber •••die* fall- •oM by B. F. Kccallng. •WEDDING ANNIVKRSAKY. . Mra. Richavil Dykeuwn oC Linden avouc, togovlic* with quite :i nainbcv oC Ser most JiuUmatc friends, tendered Mr.- Dykcman a vorj- t>le:isnnt surprise yes- 1 tcrany, tlio occnsion, being the 1'our-. tocatii iiunlverwity of their ' man-ingi>. Au elegant dinner ;Mid supper w^s t •crvcd. Many liaudsicxnie aod beautiful presents were received tiud nn enjoyable time wns Imd by nil. May tliey .five to enjoy ni.'iuy more sucli uarpy ovcnts Is the hearty wish ftf tbclv many Oiirt Laui-ol, No. 2, of the -Sisterhood will «lvc an Ice cream 1'cs- itt their' hnll -In the '.'McCaffrey g, Tlintsdiiy, ^»ly 30. A covdlal ' ihrEtatlon- la cxt'ended to -the .-public to ootne anil en-Joy a. social evenfnj with m. !«• trciim a:nd cake 10 cenw. Born to Mr. and MM. W: G. Cavcw, •Hie Vandalla engineer, nn eight pound Tjljree Men Almost Instantly Kill*''"'''• ed and Two Injured. jr\- ChaHes HeberVlWft Otty One of the Victims. Uy tlie giving away of a Inrldgu on thu Vivadallu 'a sliort disLanco north of Crawfordsvllle, at midnight Tuesday iilgut, throe men were plunged to d-uatli and two others escaped as by a inlracK'. One of the dead is Charle-s Hcber, a sou ot ex-Street Commissioner and Mrs. neber of the Northside. En-gtncer Wilbur S. Bowman escaped the fate of his Ureinan by jumping. J.'S. Brothers, of CrawfordsrJHe, lioadmnfltcr oC this division, had three rltvs broken and was otherwise injured. Charles E. McKlu- scy, brakemnn, and R. U. Fowler, conductor, both of Tcrre Haute, went down In the wreck with Heber aad were hi- stantly. killed. At the time The Journal went to press yesterday morning it was not known who or liow many .had been killed. The w.lreo-weve ail blown down by the so- ve're'storm wnl-ch raged throughout Central Indiana Tuesday night, and it was Impossible to learn the extent of the damage. The accident occurred at a trestle over' Walnut Fork, a small stream one mile north of Crawford*- vllle. Tlic rise of the waters was so t aud sudden that Headmaster Brothers became afraid that the trestle would bo-undermined and started out >vith' the erew of freight train No. CO, J0'''charge of Conductor Fowler, Brakeman McKinsey, Englnomaui Bowman aad: Fireman Heber. Before-the train veaehed .the trestle -It was slopped and tlie engine and tender wore cut loose from the train and run onto the bridge to test it. When about half-way across the .timbers gave way and the (.-nglno and tender were precipitate-:! to the bed ot'the stream below, fully, twenty feet. Bwikem-au McKinsey was caught, beneath the tender and lived but a few- minutes. Fireman Heber and Conductor' Fowler were caught in -the engStae eat) and Instantly'killed, while Engine- man Bowman miraculously escaped 'with a .few slight bruises. Eoadmaster Brothers ivent down with the tender but escaped death. The news o£ the disaster was carried to Crawfordsvllle by Bowman, .who walked the distance, one mile, and gave the alarm. A rescue party was at once sent to tho scene of the wreck, and the wrecking train wa« sent for, but the dead were beyond human help and the work of digging their mangled remains out from mider the mass»of wreckage was not begun until' ahJost daylight yesterday morning. 'The bodies o£ Fowler and McKinsey were taken to.Torre 'Haute yesterday evening,.»nd 'live body of Heber will be brought home today, coming-.via Indianapolis aud arriving here at 1:30 this afternoon. . ' "I am." said he, "opposed to Wiu free • coinage of -sliver. All. tlie Domocrals • with wlrom, I comejn contact are Koiii^' •to vote for McKlnk'y or against Bryan. I shall vore for McKinley, alihougli.l 'Iwu-u been a .Democrat for : ;.J.wen|y. ye.-irs." . -.: • ; s •' -.'••• ' '• ; "The Ppnasylvaiiia. . coin-pauy em- ployes 27,000 men., , 'J;iiese 'men ,w,ork on 'wilm-liv!, aud at least 1^5,000 persons are dependent on tlieli;.v'agcs, .They ai-o : deeply interested in liavius.-iAhe .best kind of money Miat is going; .rliat whlrih has the greatest purchasing. power. ."Thlti rule applies. to.' every- .man who works on a salary.... -Sue* .n piau knows that if lie looks Jnto.liUto;:y.tliat wages :lmve l«ett Increased, ii«- prices have increased. Relative advantages in prices and wages was roportcd on.by a co'm- uilttee of Congress Ln, 1S93. Tlic com- inlttec 'was appointed, for Uio purpose or InvtMtigaUng prices of consumption aud prices of wages- In. loading. Industrial and meehanieal employmeurs. "That report shows, if I remember correctly, that the Jucvcuse in wag«s ^yas only alwut one-half: of the Increasy of nrticlos. Similar Investigations werf made' by an eminent German economist, Socttbeor, who continued h!s Iuvestig:t Uou over a period of many years, cover; ing raise in prices, .and wages couso qticnt upon dopre.cla tion of cli'culntlns •medium, and the- facts discovered . by •him were, o£ the^sami;, general ciiaractei nud established "the fact beyond auj (lumtlon that In a tl.me of expansion -ot prices wages expand oniy alxiu.t • one- half. ' ' '••-• "The law Is therefore. deduced frou these facts tliat allipoople suffer In con sequence of being .compelled to use do predated money....- v .-.. "The whole case,: ^o- tar a.< the man who works for a fixed. sura by the da> week or mouth, or year Js in.- a nutsiioll When he learns- that. .\Vlrth,. forty goh" dollars, or any other.. -number of gol( dollars a mouth, liic canibuy more food and clothiug and more. comforts of lit than be can buy with. forty .silver dol lars, he will want the-gold.dollars cvco time," • .../•:• SQUALLS AHEAD iemucratic County Convention Will §eea Fight. COOLNESS QUELLED A MUTINY Ex-Warden, French,, of, .the Stat prison at Michigan City,, .who.retired li favor of Warden Hurley, to..uow warder of the Government .prison at Ft, Leav cnworth, Kansas, _A .'desperate.gang o coii-vlets.attemped'tp'gain their llbertj \>y a stampede Tuesday., afternoon, am It was owing- to-.the -coolness and prcs c-ncc of mind of .Warden French tlia the attempt .was not -a success. ,;,',. ' KID ; GLOyES. .. If you don't need them 1 now you cai afford to lay them away-;for fall as yoi will never have the chance again. ?3.2 Foster's 1 KM Glove? to. be soli.1 for OS next Saturday at toe Golden Ruliv Mrs. Aaron-rio'ry, and daughter, wit Miss AUie Florj-'of Missouri, are'visit ing-here.. . -; -•,.•.-•-™ ; -?rr- As Usual the Politicians are After The Big Things. Free Silver Will be Kept in the Background. There 1 is.goiaic to bo'a lively scramble unon's .the. patriots of the local Democracy at rhc coyeu-tion Saturday, for tho 'uce to'of-n.iirtont ihe county ballot wit].; , tltelr --uaimcri.- Thvrc arc - eight o.hii*s lo which .olikci-.s will IIL- i-lix-Led fhlvfall. ifu'iT'tli'e list of wnilidatcs as piiWlslie.il in air'evouiDg papm- foots up twi'ii'ty-foiu-, and Uiey have not all bu'Wi heard from us yet. " Everyuno lia.s leard of tlie diirk horse in the race, and how hu won. tbii money. !iand.< down. Saiurday'.s coiiv.tfiitlon U liltftly to IKIVU •i dark hi.n-tfO in .11101-0 than one (if the racfs. a-ud Its not at :ilJ sure that the pi;rsi)irlng (this, is lirwally true) oaiKli- :laic.s who have caused Hieir names to bo n-Mjiitiuneil ":it tho carin-st xiliella- i.loii ofj'nany voioiv," will be llrst undi-r the wire. Tht'i'i; is u-cjiisidi-ra-lile. fi-i'ling aiiidnK <i>me of tht 1 oiii-oC-tuwii MuiUldatcs over wlia-t they ttrm 1lie "pull will) ihe poli- .-iiw" wliiuliMhC! fellows in the rity m tu have, aliil Iheru i.s IiJ;i.-ly to bo a pri.it-y (iirht bi't-wt'cn thu lown .and-tliu niil. .tu\\-]i-»h!ps over tlie.ilivi.sion of tho utllces. Tln.-rc is birt run 1 ! ollici: to which tills does not'apiily, anrt 1:1:11. is -the r.'rawuior.ship. All of flu. 1 candldali'9 ire TPOJII tlieidiy. and co far as known; there sire no<lark Imrsos from o ttsidc. Looking at the- situation from the point of view or many of the leading Dcmu- crinie politicians, tiiei-o docs not seem 10 l»; but mvJ i-'andldaic for the odice of I-iMsecntor wiio will be "In i-t" when ihc vr>t«s are couitk'!], Oi-orge S. Kistlcr has a pull which- his opponents have found loonis np before them like a s<olid wall, and Ilie-cliiim/i's of the others who have anntmiKCd t.licir intention of gn!n.g before the convention are small.. Tho slate is made (in thi.< otlice. There .ire five' names 1 mentioned for Ihe onicc of Treasurer, and a number art''lying bat-k-'l'ii the Imshe.s waiting 1 for a favorable sign to eater for the sweepstakes,- As- bet ween the carnll- daii-s whcse names are nwutlomed there Is not much to choose. 'Hie nominee is cwtain to be a man from the city, though whose name !« on the slate of the politicians Is not yet made known. In fact.-'.!*' i* pivlt.v well understood ninoi'ifr-tlic select 1'e.w that none ot those who are now -In-fore, the people will be tin; liuhic-ky'ii'iaii to be names. For-"'Shi-rife' 1 there arc two uamcs, eaiWEinei-y-aml Cliarloy Hombure. Honibnrfi. while she-rlrt: before, made some of Uie-'altornoys hot: by not doing just as lhey:'w.i'.n.ted him to do and he wlU so into tlie-convention with the handicap-of the'united opposition ot these hiiwyer-politiclau.s, . T.he two candidates for the office ot clerk whose naiuea are announced, arc lioth from the cirj- and they have a man to fight who- knows every man In the county, almost, 1 While John Bliss, the present clerk, has not announced his name, he has been doing some quiet effective work'among the farmew, nnd lias also dug under the foundation n£ l,ls opponent* to the.clty. W ' h(?Q tl ' ( ; day ot the convention comes there will be" but one man In the race, and that will be John Bliss. Andy Flynn and B. C D Reed each have'sonic enemies m the "inner circle;' of politicians, t.ne fellows who divide the offices, JUid this opposition, will be manifested.in a quiet vote ogaiiwfthem. Stephen V. rouuglove and John Ilynes have announced themselvos as csvndWates-tor the office of County Assessor. Selftei.. of them stands a phost o£ a show ngalusl-the present incumbent, Chmmey Ouster." There are two candidates for the office of surveyor from the city, and'one from tho country. ' Harry Colenmn, of the city, is a gold -Democrat, M such a- thing is possible in-this year ot Topucratic -sllverism. - -H«ry Twutmon is also a resident oT'tho city, and Dos kept his views on the money question to hlu»elf, •if he has any*: Charles Reldcr, of Jack- «oa township, Us the onty out-of-town candidate, and-i;t--is-hard to estimate his strength. :••• • The Jonnmii will make an attempt to name the ticket which will go through on tho' morntap 'of the conveutJon. •WWle It is ; iiof ; certain that the slate flxed by the politicians will be made. it is .reasonably sure to go through. 7 KING-HERB. 1 ~ La,st evening at 8 o'clock Albert F. King, a well-kSjiown flreman on the fast Watash-mail- nui, was ualted in •marriage to Ills* Ltllle Herr at the residence of Ut. Rev. Father Campion. Miss Hen- Is the'daughter of Mr. Peter B Herr of Washington township. Ihe Tiowly wedded pair will leave for Andrews today 1 where the groom has prepared a home for his bride. OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank ;has ever originated [and carried put, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-- 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$.l and 1.25 (Cotton Worsteds] 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c CMldfens Pants He In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity tc he'p themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.| Subscribe for/The Journal, 10 cents, a month.,..... >:•,,-. •• ON'lTfel-'TKCT Ol'' KKKK CO1NAGK. St. Louis G-lolw I>enK>cra,i: It is .1 too Vommoii belief that tin.- Gov- i'V.mm;n-t: stamp on a jiuld win. is ilia.; which J44VCI* it at loast a ;«n.rt of it* v.-iliK-. XorMng could be f:\rrlitr from the 1'ai-r. '.flic bullion ii> a-gold co:n :; of wliatuns- droio-mtelton'ls equal to iis lave value, as can be readily proviai. Try TO jx-iss :i lighit-weight cask on a jewelvr wlio knows his busiiR-ss and he will allow credit for the actual number of grains a.ud no more... ,0r attempt to pass U at tli.o custom bouse'-!n* payment of duties, mid It will meet the amnc fate. The fsiamplnj: adds notu- IIR to t.hu value of the bullion, and Is »i-actlrally a corf.Ulc.ite or weight and awss for n mutal that passes current In all parts of the world. Tlie Government notes are. .hi effect, promises to wy a certain' cnmi of money of a stipu- [ai'-ed cluiiwctor; it is In tills respect done Uiat bbe official »l:vmp Is- a ?uar- initor of value, a.nd wherein Ihe practical differenco lies between ROW a,nd paper currency on the one hand and U)e silver dolter on the oUier. It a silver dollar wtUi a segment cut from its circle to offered at the custom house ft will be rejected, and It Ls oven doubtful I'f any allowance would be made for tte actual or proportionate weight of the remnliKler hi bullion. So far as Is known, a test of the matter has never been made, but it is probable, it the occasion should arise, that the Government officiate .would make allowance for only tttt actual number of silver grains remaining in One coin. . That is, they would consWor it fl» silver bullion atone, liavfow? a present virtue '-of about 70c an ouuc;, and would not base their calculatlous on the -face value.of the mill .'.self. It the coin had lost 20 per ceiit.'in weight, they would allow a credit of 75 per-ecu*, on a valuation of 70c instead of 7.T.C an the dollar. They would merely follow the practice ostao- aiod to the case of gold, having practically no offlvor ultenwtAve, Mid granting timt the defaced coin would be occupied at nil. This Is a *npposttiou.s case, ot course. Yet it Is one which IS apt to present itself in actual practice; and served, also to Uiustrate the diffrM-euce between gold niid sttver as mediums of exchange. A full-weight cnRlo melted down is still an eagle In buJltai. a:nd any assay office will accept lit as Mich. But should tlw oagle on a. silver dollar lose a part of Its auatomy, the stamp of Uncle Sam on to face would not save it from a depreciation of both its actual and face value. The stamp Joes not guarantee It?? bullion value, as in the case of gold, but jrlves lit a parity with that metal so long as tJie coin itBclf retains the original wcigW. Such Is the situation today. Granting tiie fact ta the ease, even though the illustration- is based ou a.u untried test, wou'ld the Government guarantee of value on a silver dollar so effect the market price for bullion tliait it would have an actual parity wltu S old ' or nt tho rate of $1.29% an ounce? Not by 'any manner of means.->SHver wouM still be a oommailMy, street to the law of supply greato tiiao the demand. The Government sin-plus of bullion would act as a drug on the market, In the firs' place, aim! then the rush- to take advantage ot free coinage vronld result, as competition al\rayfi does, in lowering are price of the 'outstanding silver bullion without regard to Jits wtnUng value. As a reswit, the -Government would be placed in the position of having attached to a portion, of Us circulating medtaui a vnlne which It does not possess and the loss ou whlob must be paid In gold. A RATTLER'S BITE. Effective Remedy Applied and Cure Results. I'red. ihe eight-year-old Son of Mr. and Jiv.s. Andrew Thompson, who rs- side norih of idaVUle, was bitten by a rattlesnake a few days ago. Mrs. Thompson accompanied by. her three; children went to a huckleberry patch and Fred was left in the shade of a. iree. His inoiher beard cries and follow! no- the snake's attack, Imrried to him. lie was taken- to ,a neighbor's house, where a chicken was killed and ' the flesh bandaged to his foot. The poison was drawn from the wound, and although he suffered some ill effects from the bite it is thought that he w'.U soon recover. BODY OF REAHARD FOUND. The body of Frank Reliard, the farm, er who was drowned in the Eel river near Roaun,.onc week ago last Wednesday, while attempting to ford the stream, was found by searchers near Chili, fourteen, miles below -where he was drowned. The body was In an advanced slate of decomposition and was only recognized by the clothiug worn. Walton was visited by burglars Wednesday night. The safe at the Panhandle stat'ou was cracked and two dol- la.r$ in change was .secured. The deed was com-jiltted ajout midmight, and from all indications the job was the work of amateurs. The robbery was not discovered until yesterday morning. It has not bc-en long siuce an attempt was made to rob Dr. Duteliess' store. Mrs. Carney, wife of Frank Carney, who . lives nordieast of Walton, died Tuesday night. She was .twenty-two years of age and leaves an infant child. ' City Clerk Winters reporte that the delinquent list this year Is 50 per cent, smaller Uiau it was last year. DID YOU EVER HEAR The like before? Foster best $2.25 Kid Gloves to be sold for 58c. But such is the ease at The Golden Rule next Satur- Read the add of the GoMcn : Another new bargain In sight. , PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD OF. The girl who burst iuto tears has been putWther, and now wears Filling's shoos. The young man who was taken by surprise at the wearing qualities ot PU1- ing's shoes, has relumed, and says he Intends to wear no others !n the future.. It U rumored tliat distance lentenchant- meiit to the view, and -now the view refuse to return it, without an equlva.- lont iathe shnpcof Pllllng'e shoes. The man who paiuitd the "signs of times"' is now out of a job, and when last heard of, was trying to get a position painting Filling's signs. The man who jumped upon the spur of the moment, was glad to sit down, and has done bis jumping with Pill- Ing's shoes since. The gentleman who went too far in the argument against Pilling* shoes was brought back on a shutter. The man wlio was moved to tears, complains of the da,mpn&S3 of the premise, and wishes to be moved back again, as the only dry part of him was his feet, and on tbcm be wore a pair of rill- Ing's shoes. • ; • '-,..... k'k^SSil^^

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