Muscatine Weekly Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on October 26, 1877 · 3
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Muscatine Weekly Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 3

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1877
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I O C AXTMVj Road IV. Lunorix s adv; L.pnliacnua.0 The streets show a marked revival of business thia week. ; . ; The buckwheat this season is said to have more itch to the' peck than there was m a bushel last yoar. ; An experienced lady teneher" desires a school for the winter. Inquire ui this cilice. , ' ; ; , wlt These beautiful moonlight nights ':mrht;to create a Uutry i thematri inonial license market. great variety otwome n mistes ami children V shoes lust received at A. Davitrson &t'o's dwtf .''. It is" supposed hat liuriington s ue -aniiuui Mayor, Parsous. is in .Mexico. - A good place for such chaps. - Dr. 1 Iarter't-4?wr 'and Ague Speei lie cures after everything else fails, is i hv l.stiinoii v of the; thousauds that . have usq it. ; i wlt . The Old e.ttlers of Scottioouhty had '- a Jrennioii at the residence of Hon James. trant, in Davenport, Tuesday evening, j . ! "'- i , ... -MtrNKY T IiOAN On good real es'iuiii iiHKiiniil security. ; "Notea and Hiurtsiagcs bought ami sold. ' - i i Tho. I. Smi'VHV Our liusheu township friends will lioti.-o the 'Public Sale advertised by J il. Lewis, aimr., in this iwiper, for 'aturday Nov. od. . i lie iiodv Kf an infant daughter of While, of S4M'kton, wiSjlroiight here YVediifesday by cars for iirterimrit itr the I'atholio cemetery. - J V.I. Temple, w ho was recently given .ilirst-claio obituary, has materialize! xsniliciently!to ivvfve his "Union Hpy av'-t'har'les 'ity this- week. ;x. 't'iKf-ui i' C'ot'K'i'. This forenoon was devoted to probate business. ' 1 '(-. (loiid maile a .motion to right the records in ihe caseof Kl la Corey. I. N'iefel, -the jeweler, is cstablishetl in his new quarters next to Silverman, t'oolc'i't (.'o s bank, andjis ready for business. He" 1ms reeeutly -openel a new and very attractive stock of goods, Sweetlaiul is doing her tlufy 'man fully orKirj-fully.wediouMsiW. The latest addition to tlie census statistics there is thejadvent of a pretlty girl baby iu the iome of W. Y. l4oieH, a young heivediet. , . The elevator in Mr. Dillaway's new lnjil.iini;-,. oterated ,by a hydraulic en gine, is jn running order and works to a charm. It's a decided novelty in -Muscatine.. tTlni patentee is L.. F. Iar- ker, of DavepjMi t, . Physii iansi highly reecommend the nseoi Jr. Marshall's Luiir fcSyrui s for Coughs or C .oadd of long standing and Pmm nary; k-omplaint geueially. It always cures in an incredibly short time. CalPoii your druggist and get a bottle. Ou!y S cents. Sold by J. i;. DougVrtyi. 19-d&wlw , Tho ferry boat has been doing a ruslih ing busiuesss'-this week, since the return of Tair weather, crossing from fifty to seven fjy -live teams per day.and ('apt. Davidson, as lie treads the hurj-4 rican'e deck, S.s as happy as a skiper under a clear sky and bracing wfiid. J. II. Lewirfj, administrator of the estate of Thomas Lewis, dee'd, will offer at public sale bu .Saturday, Nov. 3d, a large lot of farming ituplemeuts and iii'hinvry, aiid also household good and furniture (belonging to Mrs. -It. If. Ij'jwis I'or particulars see next week paper. . J . ? We were in 'prror in announcing the annual: meeting c the County Bible Society next Hunday eypiiiug, at the if'tn 51.-JO. k hureh. The meeting will be a f pKiil one, t" .hear an address in lu halfiof thW.iblo' cause from iteV. J. Sipiirti, tieuerar State Agent. All thework.are invited. Ttr. il. T. Jtfwt ll, of West' Liberty a rent for (thin i-ounty Of. Dob. Bur-d -'It's .hodk, is' .n tin? city' delivering copies' of the work to subscribers. 'About tifty Jiaines were secured in Muscatine, which number would no doubt have been largely increased had not Mr. J. taken sick so6n after begin-ui t lie canvass. luiiy,'2th. The city is well represented in the Mi ilii:al Department of the State Uni- .versity, at lowi City, as the following liat .of student-i show :" C. V. Smith and Henry Cireen, hi the third course; Fred H. Littlj', second course, and ftcn. Itublcmaiiii And tlie two Misses P.ratiii worths for the lirst! course all of whom were resent at the opening of ihe regular term Wednesday.. Ther Father jMatthew Temperance '.Dramatic Association permanently organized Monday eveniug.with the fol- lo-.ving ollicers "J)!rf lir-V'. '. Motie. r, xiilcnl Tj K. Ilyan. I'ifi: J'ruxUlfiU M. J. Fahey. A i-flary Mf.s Mackey. 'Ji-Kiminr Miss Hannah Murphy i I'liqurlJ Mat P.J.Byrne, j -The Association proposes to give an other play about Christmas. ! r --"-4 - . ' - : !. - . BouNi) Ovkk. The- sripjiery ien and stationery .eddler, before Justice Meason yesterday bn a charge Sof ob-laining money junder false pretenses, iu'elVrred iiy I Mr, Clylds, of thie Gas Company, was Condemned by almost '.'a "cloud of witiessei" and held to lui-nwer in the nuui of fjjOO. Nooneeariiig to take- that much stock- in 'him, he "now riiminaU'Sion-the vanities of life behind the barsiof the county jail. In J Court he -gave liis name as James C! Wilson, thoughlat his boarding house h. 'answered to1Putuam.--Xaiy, l ho tune prus n-u in our county ;jail hnd a nicely-laid plan to effect their escape Sunday night, but it suffered tr: frite of j inany of ttie beat laid plans of "mice and men," which 'gang oft -nulee.'j With a pbeket-' knife which one of them had, they c i; ti hide through the floor of an up per cetl, giving them access to the osvt?r Iter, wliere. ! with a piece ot old joii, they propeeded to make an opening through the jail wall. Just before ' pier completion : of the job, Sherifl Jewett, in, making- his rounds, discov ered the work in the wall, and at once issued orders that effectually blocked tlie game of the scheming prisoners WEiainv" The reason for add in r marble dust, alum, terra alba, &c. to liaising powders, are to make them weighty, aud thus add to profit. It . would be well for housekeeper to know that Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is tree from these adulterants, hence xne purest and most economical.- As i)umiiS powuers are used Dyteaspoon-fuls and not by weight, the saving in direction is no small item. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is hevoriH 11 question the b. st amj most perfect of unyuimK jn uie market.- To Insure certainty, buy Dr. Price's Cream Bak ing rowuer oniy m eans.. d&wlt I . . For the Journal. CRYSTAL WEMUNW. I iui..i,o. ii!' ivih at Hie residence! nf! T. M. brown, byi Jopli .Vy il- liams, Ksq., Mr. !SetUn J. Biv Vesta LV iVrry. In commemoration of th loth anni- vttrsary of the above event a nappy comianv tof the friends of the couple surprised them at their honao inOiouo township, Muscatliie county, where a iovfut eveuine; was suent.l Notwith- wfamlinL' the oourinir rain without, alM was iov and. mirth will nart of the eveninc was devoted, to social games : then came the offerings of friftiulfthir, bv Mi-ses tannic liank in its and Ehiora Urown-. The tokens emlrx d th; fallowing :i CJltus set. 1 pluce!, Mr. aiul Mrs. ir. r Glassier, 6 pieces. Miss tinoraorowu. Ulass I'icklo dish. Miss Cortlelin Brown. Glass sett. 4 pieces. Miss Alice Jrown. Glass liouv iiish, Mr. 'hurley! lirowu. iiiss seit. t pieces. M r. Georsei Brown. Uhiss fruit, dish; MT. John llonkins.. GhisspiekJe dish, Mrs. John Honking. Ghus l'i uit dishj Mr. Ii via Idle,. Glass pickle dish, Mrs. Mnsimni Idlo. Glass sett. -2 pieces Mr. .K W. Klel ards. Ghuss li uit dish. Mr. W m,( Kieimrds. Glass Jell v dish. Miss Kartiiie Honkings. G'asti fruit dish. Miss Doni Kerry. Glass salt dish, Miss Sue Honking. s hrendlisli, Mr. Geo. f ! Glass cake stand, Mr. G. B. Marshall. The gifts were accepted by the host a-id hostess with; this sentiment : "Kind Friends, accept our thanks, and may your future lives be as bright nd untarnished as this sparkling J crystal ware now before us.'T J 1 Then came tlie hearty congratula tions of the numerous friends, and each heart seemed to go forth with the kind words and fervent clasp. . Alter refreshments all returned to ames Mid stH'ial enjoyment, until the waning hours admonished all 'twas time ti part. May we often meet is the Wish Of il " OnB PgKSKNT. Personal Mention. Treasurer Morrison's family are visiting reiativesiear Lettsville. ' Mrs-Win. Lellingwell and hereon George have returned frm Lyons. , Frank Kelly,, for some time past assistant telegraph operator at this place, has received a deserved promo tion iu being, apiHiinted asjit-tant train dispatcher at Trenton, Mo. Mr. Wesley; Wood, of Jauesville, Wis., will suctned Frank- lvelfy as assistant telegraph operator at Musca tine. He is expected to arrive to day, i. . . i - Charley Freeman went to Califor nia a few weeks cilice, but.found that there s no place hue home?' and is Imck again, wijli-- his avordujwds and good looks increiiseil considerably. Iloii. F.lias Jcssup, late Temperance cankiidate for tiovernor of Iowa, was in the city Tuesday and visited the Good Templars' hxlge in his othcial capacity as the Grand Worthy Chief; Templar. Mr. J. doesn't seem to have ostj any sleep or flesh over the defeat of his aspirations after gubernatorial honors. 1 ' ,' A . It is said the lightning' never strikes twice In the: same place. But good uck set ms to strike twice in the same ightniug shop,' all the ; same. For right on the heels cf the promotiou of Mr. Kelly, assistant in tlie W.; U. oflicje in this city, noticed elsewhere, comes the news of the appointment. of John Brown, the second assistant, to a position in the ollice at Hugo, Cal,, which, we are glad to learn, is a very desir'ablo berth. John will leave to morrow to enter on his new duties. Charley Bennett will take his place here, 1 Hun. W. Er. Lefnngwell left for Chi cago tins morning, having ; recovered sutlliiiently to help himself quite fret Iy. Without assistance he waised from ;his brother's residence on Third street to the depot, ex ieriencing no ill etiecw troin the exercise, irie win remain in Chicago a few days to attend to various important business matters that have accumulated during his illness. 4- Clinloh Herald, 23d. " - Th annua meeting of tlie Keokuk Liadies.' Missionary Society was held at Chatham Sqhiare M. K. Church Sun day might. Mrs. Power, of Muscatine, occupied the pulpit and gave to her auditors a very interest in j rud feeling discourse mmn t he missionary theme. Kcojcukuate City.' .. Hid I we hear any one say that 8. & . Colin, the popular clothitrp, were not receiving new goods? It's another. They ire and have been for the past week, j receiving one of the finest as well as ' one of the largest stocks of ready-made clothing and geut' fur- ishiiig goods that has ever been con signed; to any clothing house In Mus- I Among the specialties may be mentioned a line lino of fall overcoats arid suit-) lor. men and boys. - These goods are-not fehoddy, but are manu-d expressly fur i bis firm, and facluri re cut in tho latest and nobbiest style. Dpn't forgt.when you are looking for fall and winter goods to give "Sam" and "Louie" a call. CutcjuiT ('ourt:-The October term of the; Circuit Court commenced this moTiiiilg. I, . The forenoon was occupied in rall- ttg tbet 1 cket 'and assigning cases. The doiket was a full one, over 80 cases being sH lor trial. ' This afternoon was devoted -to pro- bale bupineHs. The case of Kumpt ys-Messicli iii set for to-fnorrow morning. This" is (an action brought by Johanna Wihelnbina Iiumpt to recover $700 on note kiven by Geo., W. Messiok partner of which lie claims to have no knowledge at the lime. - Kichiuan & Carskaddari at'omeys for plaintiff. P. C. Cloud attorney for defendant. It is the first jury trial on the docket and will occupy all ibty tunomiw. His Honor, Judge Ellis, is looking well, and is prepared for a vigorous campaign duiing this term. He noti fied tbe; bar that he will call all cases in their ordt r and expects no delay on the part of the attorneys when their respective cases are reached. Pie de sires promptness and dispatch. Dally A NixiLK'TKiiL, LiVEii. The bile has a three fold pait assigned to it by the great manager, nature. It ass sts in the tjige-hti ve process, acta as a tolorV nig agept oi the blood, ami is essential to the ! evacuative function. When the liver grows 'torpid, complete chac ensues amine Biomacu and owweis; ii bile is inj cied into the circulation in large quantities, and constipation and iudigeslion are produced. Pain under shoulder blade aud through the right side, 'headache, verigo, yellow ness otj the skin, iurred tongue and nausea,; also follow. But these and other symptoms of billiousness, aud the disorders which accompany it, are entirely removed uy riostetter's stoin ach Bitleers, that benign rectifier of organ c distui bance and remedy for physical weekne's. Intermiiteiit and remitteDt fever, urinary arid uterine troubles, rheumatism, gout, and other maladies,-also yield to the remeujal influence of the greaf. corrective aud invigorant. It fa the people's chosen reuieuy. uowiw ' t t-t-i ' j How l it is Done The first object in life with the American people is to "get rich ;" the second, how to regain (rood health. The first can he obtained by energy, honesty and saving ; the second, (good health.) by using Green's August Flower. Should you be a des pondent sufferer from any of the ef fects oi dyspepsia, liver complaint, in digestion, &c, such as sick headahce palpitation or ine neart,"sour stomach habitual costiveness, dizziness of the head, nervous prostration, low spirits &c, you need not suffer another day. Two doses of August Flower will relieve you at once Sample bottles 10 cents. lieguiar size 7o cents. Post tivelysold by all first-class drucrgists m uie u. . dwtf OBITUARY. Death of Cyrus llawley, Esq., Another i i oia jseiuer. Between; 10 and 11 o'clock Tuesday the spirit of Cyrus Hawley passed peacefu.'- lv awav.after a lingering illness, result" iug frptu general debility, borne with mpcbiPM lifttiflime and fortitude al a meekness, patience and fortitude most heroic land a calm resignation attesting the4faith of the Christian Vhoe hope is anchoredon celestial shorrs. Not dhlyls the home of the deceased on Fourth street shrouded in "loom : not only do the bereaved wife and children and other Borrowing rel- how the head in affliction, but the entire immunity will mourn in a sincerity' rf grief that reaches , tbe deepest recesses of the heart tne de mise of one who has for many Jong years occupied a prominent and envia ble place in the social and business circles of Muscatine, oue of its most esteemed and honored members. The subject of this sketch has been a citizen of Muscatine for thirty-seven vura tie. tt'flit born in ISOS. iu Nor folk, Lichfield! county,. Conn., and spent his yputn alter tne manner oi the stirring, ambitious sons of New England-working at whateyer his hands found ti do in the summer months, and ''teaching the young idea how tosh..ot" !in the snow-drifted oAnnirv aohnnl lioiises. in winter. At t.ii Aire, of 19 lie eave up his school teaching and entered with such zest and success into the activities of busi- or., ;.,.ii him that at the UBH I"0 o- & - ----- - age or s. ne nau savcu w wages and salary J In 1S31 he was en- i r ..t... f..on months witn a -8"T-" . " 1 . Colhnsvillo (Conn. minui u.-ui, firm, and it is an inciueuv vymm i. tionimr tliatlduiinghis eugageuu nl he r , ... . . travele.1 over lS.tHHl-i hilles in , the .( - oi, f..r lii omn nvers. Having tnr bia inll.ftiri6i ften. Ansel Hum phreys, afterwards distinguished :in the political and masonic history of Iowa, ';".'? Iu 1S34 Mr. Hawley began business in. Louisville as abok merchaut, aiul In 1S40 joinedsdiia brother-in-law, Dr Wm Wilai.n: of Pittsburg, in invest ments at Muscatine. This speculation, involving $3.0M1; proved disastrous. find left Mr.! Hawley to tne resources of manuaf labor Plnckily lie faced the situation. We find in his diary that for jflve years he worked sixteen ho'ur day, lighting the; vul ture at every turn of the wlveelj In isru) he had accumulated a few hun- dred dollars and went into tho mauu- i.-ii, hihion h eontinued until 1857, wl 1 1 It V " "- 7.-- woed to the" chaVms of agricultural lifo. He spent abput six years mainly in the cultivation! of his farm, and n 1S03 established inlMuscatine his weU- kuown and successful Fire and Life Insurance Agencjf, which is now one of the leadiug firms ot lueenj.. tu this business he had associated with t ' 1 1 S r-i ' I him J. P. Dawson. n,sq., aim wit-am. Henrv Hoover, U. W. Grifflu, and J. ' L . z . a i 1 ' S. McDonald, the; lauer men, with Ui. Hawley, constituting the agency ofllawley, Hoover, Grifii-ii & Co., the preuent atyle of tbe firm' j Mr. Hawley wa married iuijjJ go Miss Martha Wilson, or ritisourg, but then visiting at Louisville, Of this mairiag,e there were issue seven children, five girls aud two Doys. Four ot the daughters survive and are married, being Mrsi W- A- Clark, Mrs. F. L. Underwood, Mrs. F. E. Hum phreys, and Mrs. H. E- Holmes. Of the sons, one died in infancy, and the other, William, died in the army ai Kenerau mountain tj the age of IT, July 4:li;,TS04, Ihus? fllhng a grave ot oue of the youngest; as he was one or the noblest martyrs; to the cause oi his country. I . f ; "i Mr. Hawley survived his wife, ami iu Match, l.S52,won in marriage Mrs, El zabeth Mfetlter, of BlueGfais Scott couuty, Iowa, of whicu jmarriage there were issues five, ichildreu, two only of whom are how living, i Mr. Hawley has been a close stu dent of hooka and men aud eveuti all his -life. Wherever; he Mias mvei. has been fell the influence ot a liberal culture and ae.ismopolitou experience. His opinions have; bnen sought as the eouvictioi) of a , Catholic nature thoroughly in i sympathy with the best thought and work, of his time. And who' that has passed an hour 'iir his i.rt-sf m;e, so gonial and refiued, will mirtdioii his title to the grand old name of gentleman 2 It was not until 1851 that he made a profession of re-liinon and then he joined the Congrt. galional church of Muscatine. The funeral of CyriisJHawley, yeste - day pi in., was Jargeiy attended, ivn esjiecial fiaturc of, tlie cortege was the large delegation 1 of Qld Settlers. The pall bearers were Jts. isriogniaii r . H. Stone, 8. ). Stem, J. P. Ament, T-D. Smith aud James Jackson. Delightful Perfumes i-Dr. Price has prepareil aud now plac-Wl (.n ipe market a rich variety of perfumes for the handkerchief, from which the nu.Bt faKtidious connoisseur can select mi Hlor that will give agreeable satis faction. Dr. Price's sPet rtose, Aiisia Bouquet,' and hi otller perfunies, are becoming K'eat fayoritea wiui uie ladies. iin Itieir sweetness ami, lrrnn- neBS are so decided. I :. l wlt i Cikcuit t-oiiKT. f his forenoon wan devoted to probate business and hear ing of motions. ; ' 'The cane of SamueUHendnckson vs Taunft P. Vunllaireu el al. came up for final hearing. Lauder and Carsfead dan for plaintiff: dlond 'for defend ant. T he juiige-susiajneii tne veruict of the jury, to whieh the. defendant ef onted. " i i- ' ! . ' " Wo. 13U. Aiiaras ys. uneseoro, iriai to the Court. Cloud jfor plaintlfr and Carskaddan for defendant; Was dis posed of, each party being. adjudged to pay his own costs. ' r No. 1374. : Farreil against Burke injunction; Jones for plaintiff aud Lauder for defendnt 'Fried .o court, resulting in a judgment for plaintiff for costs. " f : -I' -'!..'-'- ' , No. 13G7 was selMed, thus diminish' lug our unusually lirge dK;het four cases.' j : ; . At 2 o'clock the case of Thomas R. Gladstone vs. Lockiabd Smith ct aL was taken; up. f This is an action brought by the plaiintitF t recover dainagee for penopil :- Aijjory. :-' He claims i-5,Qp0. Te case will occupy this afternoon and lo-morrow lore noon. -'.'' 1 ( , '- "I"' I ' The case of Fairphild vs. frimolhy Tarpey was Bettll hj 1 consent of the parties. JJany tf. A few doses of Pr. Marshall's Lurg 8vrun Cured my ChUd of a-mostareau ful Cotigh. J cheerfully reccommend it as tl-e best Cough medicine 1 have ever tried. Mrs. V. Jinox. Cleveland Ohio. I 1 19-d&wlw i .-: r - For Rent Part or all of the house known as the'S.'O. BqUer property. For particulars, apply Q ' . ' Db- L. ii. Butleb ' dwtf Olds' Opera House. . : , : . . . . Ask your druggist ir dealer- for a copy of Dr. Harter'a Duth English Almanac for 1878. It Is free to all, is I U 1 1 Wl V itiuaiurj nMM P" " . and should be in the hands of i every one. i t Wit IN MEMOKIAW. Action of the Old Settlers on the Death ; ? of i:yrns Hawley. The 1 Old Settlers met at the City , at the call of the HallWe4ueiiday a m. Presiden t, D. C. Itichmaq, to taKe nc- tiou as a body of Old Settlers, upon the I death of one of the oldest members of the society, who was at the same time one of the oldest settlers of this place, Cyrus Hawjey-; who died at his resi- I dence in Mu'pcatine on tle 23d inst Remarks vere made by Jos. Bridg- mati, which bore - testimony to the high. apireeiation in which the de ceased member was held by th$ inhabitants of t'he place and its surrounding country so far asi an acquaintance with him was extended. He $pokeof his well-known, uncs eutatioius manner with every one ; how that he moved fn and out among all who; know him, bearinjj ffum each one ja feeling of hearty good will; how that he was always respected and esteemed, - by eVeri those who differed with him in any matter ; he alio recalled, ti e many menus he possessed, who equalled in numbers those of any of us. . r f Mr. Burnett said aiew words -ot his early 'acquaintance with this member or outjiociety gone before ijfie recant d his rirst meeting with Mr. Hawley, himself at one time a bookseller, in the store where he made his new venj- ture in Muscatine, the time 25 years ao; lie recollected his literary taste and culture, which were noticeable. He spoke of him as a kiudi neighbor : i he especially remembered" him as a patient man, enduring physical pain Mn cheeriiilne-a ; and he. extolled his nrm.i confidinsj and abiding trust in mod, which he contrasted, as above an worth, with health, strength aud all temporal eoou. r It was moved that a committee of t, beapnoiuted to express the sense i ot this meetim? in view of tins visita- tiou; of. Providence. The Chair ai- I . : T nr r-,.. t ,:.l , . poiiiiu nurnen, jos- utiiiiiihii I Mini Win 1 1 Wrntlwnrn Hiiminmiiut I : , ' -'".rvr" tee. I: X At ithenncefing of tho '..panim.ittee yasterday, the following report was adopted : u jo the Officer s and Mcmhn-H of tiki: Id tScttitrn Astoe.ialion:. Your com- mitteoto whom was referred.the mat ter of preparing a paper expressive of our deep regret tor the loss of one oi our nnmber, ami -henrtfe It, sympathy to the family, respectfully submit, tlie following : Again have we been called upon to stand by the grave of one of our num ber. It is sad nnilcr Any circumstances to part with our neighbors and friendsi but more no when tlie angel of death silently luckons one of our intniber away to the spirit land, .depleting our already too tin il ranks, changing the couuieraani.-e oi one we nave hiiowu so upon us the sad task of laying his Lnidyaway to join its kindred dust. VCyrns Hawley has s closed his earthly! career. No more shall we grasp his hand " in cordial greeting ; no more hold sweet.eon verse with' him. "If we, then, mourn the loss of one of our number, how sad land lonely the home he rendered so cheerful by his iiresenee! But while we sorrow for the Ueatlishould not our hearts be drawn out m -warmest, tenneresr, si'm-pathy for the afliieled family, oneand a!l, but! more especially to ; her wlio has so often tieen bereft of her loved ones, and who . may well, exclaim in the language of Mrs. Hemans : Voioe aftr voice hath died away," i Once Inniy rt'c!liug hoard, . " J Bwoet ItoMsehqlti uiime, by name hatb - changed, i . i - . i To griefs forbidden w rd ; i Kroru dreiims oi' night, on each I call, Knob of the lair :reuioved : ' - ! pd waken to hear my own wild oiy, - Where are you, my beloved ? . i Let usi, then, while we mourn the ilepartune of our brother, and drop the; tear and evergreen i n his silent grave,; remember with pleasure his many virtues and: hisinjwarm friendship in f.he vears that are wast as an oasis in our life's path way, . x :' ' :- Police roiiSTS- John - Mllhorn took a "horn" too many, lost his hear ing, had, collision with Poliejiuan Berry ard was towed into Fort Jt wett for repairs; The Judge apprised-the dimages at $0.50. Security was given and Milhorn was again' set afloat'. :' -.' Poor Sam House r was: ho;is 1 by Policemim Berry to-day, haying, been on tho rampage for several day si- ;s; A man enjfiying the - euphonistic mimo oi Chris, ivrauso was arrested to-day for assault and battery on'ason of: Eli Bfuuson, ' Jfnd will: have Irs hearing before JusticeJBrum field next Saturday, at 1 p. m. The partics-Uve ri JTairport tyady, 2WL 2 j Polick Points. James -FJ,e.teber absorbed too iniich tarantula juice, in consequence, of which the "jug", absorbed him last night and to-day judge Williams, on behalf of the school fund, endeavored to absorb .$0,05 of the con tents of Ei is "once fat pocket-book," but that receptacle was as empty as the average tramp's coffers, aud Fletcher is now a recruit of Aasayer Hawley's btoiit-pile litigade. The next victim plead juilty to the modest? appellation of Willi"m Jones Fie was a sort of meteoric individual. a human copcict, as it were, witliout any particular orbit. In short, lie be longed tolheMicawber school, having no means ' of support visible 1 to tht naked eye, and wasadjiidged a " vag,"; with all tfafit the name implies. ?'2.ft) and cohIs $0 5'J i the amount- of musele and sweat he wilKhave to ex pend on the slone pile. Daily '2Xth. That CJosiikn 11 a i.i.ot Box r-We have snid but little, except to ridicule the Idea, in refutation of the charge made by Uie Democrats that the jhtdlot box of Qoshen township was ''hapked around'! 0i ejection day to acporimo-date RepubKca.n voters a charge" evidently sprung In order to defeat Re publican Supervisor-, whicl) the? qpr- recteI returua frofii (loshen, increasing the Repuhiica.'i vote about frty, would tecure. I But we wish here to state emphatically i on the authority of some of the best citizens bf Goshen, that the charge is utterly fiitee. -The matter has been ciire fuljy inauired into by Repubiicansi and not a vestige of Pfoiif.can be found to substantiate the charge, As already stated in the Journal, it is admitted that at a pre-viousi eledtloB,; after the; hour 1 pre scribed by law for closing the polls; the ballot box wascarried to the bouse of an Invalid, in order tbt he might be given an opportunity to votefebut iu no ottier case, so xar as kiiov. a, iis the bHot box been removed ftim the regular . polling place. Whether the irote pf hisp.YaUd. was llepubican or Democratic, is not stated ; at any rate according to the logic of the ?Vt&W6, which coaieased tuat ostien ; was largely Republican, t..e act.Vpubl not aiaterially "aflejst the. vote Of the township either waj't1 1 ; 4- I Mr. Birkett can drive ahead w ith ins contest of the Snpervisofship williou any fear of, the; Democrats succeeding in throwing out Goshen on the ground of "fraud'? sand v.)tia.lin,g li'ts claiqi to the office.,;.-l-ii :.v;l: j.-. t The Lost Hair. Any person who has uofetj t hia iiair, or whoseAfiair has tnrried. -gray ' Uuid - use Ir. ' C A. FraneoWj Frenef.Hair Restorative, infallible for rest',ing gray' hair and curing baldness. Sold by all wruggists. Price 50 cents per Hfoltle. SSeiid stamp for circular oiubchu and afLskin uis rases to Dr..C- AFrancoi's, 200 North c-'eventh street, BtTLouis, Mo. PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD SUPERVISORS. OFFICIAL Monday, Oct. 15, A. D. 1877 VI o'clock m. Board convened as provided by law Members preeeut A. Cone, I, Graham and Thos. Birket.l. ; Proceeded to open poll books re turned from the various precincts containing the returns of the general election held Oct. 9, 1S77, and to make canvass' of said election, pending which, adjourned till Ij o'clock p m Mom day,' Oct. 15, A. D. 1S77. 1 o'clock p.. m. : Board in session.'. Members a'l present. Continued the canvass of general ejection, and declared the following as the result : s For the otirice of Governor there were 4080 votes eavt, ot which J. H. Gear received 1753 votes, John P. Irish " 1775 " E. Jessup ; " 3S7 D. S tub b's " 171 " ' j For the ollice of Lieutenant Govern nor t-liere wVre 4103 votes cast, of which 1 F. T. Cimpbell receivel 2121 votes, W. C. James " 1817 " A. McCready " 105 " For the ollice of Judge frf. the Su- preme Court, there were 4109 voles Cast, of which J. G- Day received 2123 votes,1 H. E. J. Board man ree'd 1822 votes John Porter j " 104 ' For the office of Superintendent o; Public Instruction there were 4105 votes cast, of which . C. W.VonCceiln received 2123 votes . G. W. Collisou " 1818 S.T. Mallard " . 101 ' For the nice of Senator the - District there were 40;,7 votes cast, of which J. i. Thos.-Han na received 2()03 votes, M. Ilartlett . " 1044 " and Thomas Hanna was fleeted. For the .onice of, Kf-presentative from the - - District there we 8022 .voles cast, tif; which - j . - . G H.Wok1 received 1897 votes, I. K. Terry . ; " ' 2027 " F. A. J. Gray " 2178 " S. T. Chei-bro " ; 1920 " and I. iv. 'IVrry and F. A. J. Gray .were elo.-teti. For the ollice of "Auditor there were 4,044 vote east, of which ' . Samuel Forker received 1,898 votes, R. H. M( Campbell " 2,146 " and It. II. McCaiiiplx II was elected For the ufllccof IVea-iurer there were 4,040 votes cast, of which Joseph "Morrison received 2,033 votes J. P. Anient ' "' 2,007 " and Joseph Morrison was elected. i or ine ouice ot Hherllt there were 4,083 votes cast, of which J Robert 'C. Jewett received 2.329 votes, John B Jester, " 1,750 " and Robert C- Jewelt was elected. For'the office of County Superin tendent there were 4004 votes cast.-of which 4 , , - It. W. Lcvcrich received 2251 votes, E. A. Albee I i t " 1813 " " and It. W- Leveiich was elected. ; For the office of Supervisor there were 40G3 votes cast, of which Thomav Birkelt received 2027 votes, Alfred Fuuison ." J 2030 " and Alfreil Tuhison was elected. For the office of County Surveyor there wore 2077 votes cast, of which J. A. Mathewson received 2077 votes and was elected. ':'" I For the ofllee of Coroner there "SOj votes cant, of which j John Heard received 2101 votes, Theo. (Irosheim " 1913 "j and John Board was elected. J Atljourned till SJ o'clock a. m. were i - Tuesday, Oct. 10, 1877.1 ? o'clock a. m. Board in session. Members all present. Proceeded to examine Jus-' tices' returns of State cases on file aud ordered the payment of costs therein charged as will appear in list of claims allowed. ; Xante.- of. Claim. . Am't Allowed TG Biwn, trustee woik......not allowed R W Leyerich, county snp'l..... K C Thomas, goods tcpoor...... $127 HO . e a) . A 30 . 00 . 40 85 . 00 . 40. 8 . -7 65 . 9 00 . 329 85 . 30 00 . ;01 50-, ii 60 JK hi Ed wards, relief....,......,.,...... ri II j;ine. Work on bridge... ........ Harry A iQu, gas fixtures... ,.... II C Madden, attorney's feos.............. Si-timidt Bros, binding, etc........ .... A W Jarvis, reporting...;.................:.... Ady Jt Morgrklge, MD for poor E O Thomus, coffins..:... Wm lIofTnoau, insanity coinm'r..,...."...,. Mali in Bros, printing, etc .....:.!. J It IIanleyf transcript tseus nros, printing ..........;.... J V Weippiert ...... .., Mas. Gas Co, gas for court house & Jail, 11 40j 50. 3 00 i'w 1500 U 00 15 00 281 45 5 00 4 00 4 00 5 00 ; 6 75 7 00 1 17 11 00 10 oo Kegel, w & W, coffins for poor. J W Jamison, reportlDg State cse.-Jl J a. f iKe, consianie ee, T K IiigQfu, attorney s fees..................... li Canee, reporter.......,,...,,.. :,,....,.,. Lauaer 4 Doran.jattorney's'fees.,.;,,...... RC Jewett, hoarding prisoners .......... Hurry Hall, cleaning cistern q, A Holllater, Mil for poor..,,,.., ...,. E J SLatlQi J, goods to poor.................. Wm Niokersou, do .. IWSeranton, i, do ..J,.. JEQqeU J do J Li Pickering do Jas o'Connell i do lleury Sn icier do Upton Elliott Jo 6 00 3 00 60 Sob ,10 08 i Id 25 (i Li Ulalcely : do : ' .... ZNKiiig '! '--.':. do .. ........... Manful A Ball do J PMetculf do D P Johnson, medicine for poor.....,..,,,. Q W Yanllofne, attraej'"8 fees............ 10 00 A VauOiiHip, do - A Kennedy, plan for bridge................. 5 00 20 00 A Cone, member of Hoard . .,.. 1 41 Thos rUrkett - do ., 23 00 . 20 12 3 25 6 87 . 60 ILOrabam do . ... .......v G RUlpman, JpStatovs Doland... ; Ii Dotson, const . do ............j.. W Gibson, wit do "Wm iJlles, wit . do 60 1 25 75 5 95 80 1 70 6) 60 00 00 60 00 60 00 so, ao 80 80 60 60 WO Wetland, wit do ...,... J W Norris, jp, Stato v Qerrarii K SHpdci;Bou,'.(pi. vlft J Minur4, coiiNt i vlo ChasTurpy. Wit UQ Chus McCarthy, -wit-- do M'Wlielau, do do J K Hill, do do S Norlhuj-,. -do . do Q .Sanderson, do. do W'm Wail do i do A Singleton do 1 ' do J Hanks ' d.o I O wen uo do OUas Oerrard di! " db' Win Ii Cone ' do do J Higgs ip ' do JW Nornv do (in J Wf 'irunt io, if I CQne - i ' do, . do J MeEpnald do dq Robt Williams, p j State vs Berniiis...., a M Hiniruel.,const Iq : rfo 1 a0 1 00 I 50 1 00 I 50 1 00 1 50 1 00 1 50, X 00 1 50 I 00 Uobt A Pitivte ysSchneider... B Ikf Hivnrflel.eqst, do do Kobt willtaiua, p j djo U M Hummcll euiit ao llaUl to lillams, p j - do BM-Hniumcll.couBt do Robt Williams, p do B M Iluuiuiell.const, dd Iiobt Williams, p j d M Hinu ell .const RoUt Williams', p j do iL E.wjng. ponst dQ snerman Perry, wit do Gect Lftmgr, do do Nellsel.i....; ! do . ,..J vs Bosten ! do J vs Albers. aq ,.i VS Bae? i Op ,.......,...J ys Dqcr,.,HQt allw'd. ao ..,.,... do ..... , do . 3 S3 00 : oo 2 00 1 00 1 50 4 ea 60 60 5 25 2 !X 1 30 1 10 Geo Mason, Jp, State vs Neitzel.. BMHummell, const . do .... Geo Meason, jo, State vs Baer B M Hummell, const - do James Corrlell, wit ANBGo!dsbery,ia do ... Wm Harij " do do ... Geo Meiujon.Jp, State vs Baer....... illMIIamuiell, const do Wm Culder, BherilT 1 . do ....... M Bcnham, juror i do OF A Chambers, - do ; do ! , K l)uuu, do do A J Kit wards, do do i Barnry Biel, do do L. W W do A B N Ooldsbery, wit do ..... .'. Jameji Corrlcll, da do Win Hart, .do do , GeoMeason.Jp, Stale v Baer............. B MHuiuuiell.cct do ............. . Wm Calder, sheriff "do J Bowman, juror do .............. I It Mdiick, do" Ar ..-.. ! W'm Dulany, do ; , do ... JoNeyilt, do do Fred Pluirs, do )io John Lamz do do .......... A N B GoJdfcbery, wit do ' ... iLr Jas Oorjlell, wit State vs Baer.... Wm Hart do do t5eoMeason, do I) L Ewlng, punst do .... Jas Corrlell, wit do , .... ABN Goideberry.wit do Win Hart, const . do - .... Qjo Meason, wilneos tio .... do i jp, do 1'aO D 11 Ewing, const do .., 8 33 Jas Corrlell, wit do ABN Goldsberry, wit do. -V Geo, State vs Schneider.. 1 50 li L Kwing, const, ' do ...... 2 55 Wm Helming, wit do-'.. 50 Jas Hurry, do do ........ ; 50 Geo Meason, Jp, do ' ' .... 2 o D L Ewing, const do , 1 ft Jas Corrlell, witness do j ...... CO A B X Goldsberiy, do do ; CO Win Hart do do V ...... 60 Geo Meason, jp. State vs Baer, 3 00 B M Hummed, const do ........ ,2 55 ABN Goldsberry, wit do 'r Win Hart, wit do ........ 60 v 60 ' 4 75 A Brumfleld, Jp, State va Alb?rs...... B M Hummcll, eoust do ... Win Calder, sberifl' do 2 95 1 50 1 10 1 10 Htei ueinan, juror do Jacob Edwards, jnror .State vs Albers... M Murphy j do do; do Cnas Kile, . do do do ThosSuris' do ..... LM Wood do ' do -.'.-,. do ..... ABN Ooldsbery, wit "do do Jam s Corrlell,, do do do Geo Meason jp, do do . Geo, State vs Ewing, ' do B M Huinmell, eou-t do ........ J A Eaton, juror do '. X O Smith, ': do do J W Varner, do do . SGStein,. do- , do U J A Reuling, do do - .. K II Wieuker, do . do .... A Fisher,: wit , do S N C.indeo, do do NAlteed.jr. do do John Mahin, do-'. .-, do " Kit Wienker, do A do Win Culder, do" do ' ;..;...:... PA ! do . 1 10 1 10 I 10 ;l 10 to 60 60 3 50 . 3 25 ' 3 00 1 10 1 in 1 10 - l 10 l 10 1 10 60 60 : 60 60 " 60 1 60 2 0i : 85 3 OO li VI Huinnit ll, const Geo M eason, j p. do do ............ P llrumdfeld jp.mate vs Benson.. Thos Berry, const, do do Chas Baker, wit, do do Ed Williams, , wit State vs Benson.. 2 50 1 50 60 . 60 John Heed . do do . .. P A Brumfleld, Jp, State vs I'ontal.. 60 5 0-J , 4 85 ' 5 25 B M Huramell, const, do do do do do c'O do do do do do do do . B L Ewing, do i Elizibeth Brie, witnc-ss 1 20 1 40 1 40 1 40 1 40 60 1 41 Cath Schniokf-r do John Schnloker do Peter"ETauiT do I Elizabeth lilauer do j John Ulauer . do Anna Blauer do ; DLi EW'iljg do 60 1 40 2 50 2 15 .2 50 2 50 John HonUil do ! P A BruraHeld. jp, : Van Bitrcn, const !, State vs Terry A McC 1 t Swing, const i do . . P A Brumfleld, jp-. State vi Lindner 5 50 4 85 : 60 60 60 60 60 Thos S Berry, const do . ...... John Writmon, witness do CUasOgilvie Oscar Grosheim Theo ; i do iio da do do ?do do Ao do do 'tio do do do do do do do do do M Saal 60 60 60 60 60 . 60 M Parley ! John Chambers JohnHoehl Wm Prico i .;' Jos' Parham,, State vs Matteer......... 2 50 3 80 1 00 1 20 1 00 .2 E0 85 3 00 4 20 60 "60 60 3 00 2 35 60 60 60 60 60 60 8 00 2 35 60 Tho i Berry, const do ; John Brumbaugh, wit do Jihn Power do " do ......... Wm Fishburn do ' do PA, Stte vs Madden...... T S EerrjvJconst do : PA, state vs McUlosky... B M Huminell, const do Felix Bouhelly, witness do ... Otto BoosU,-r do do x . ...... " Mary McCrosky do" do, State' vs Garron.,:... T .S Berry, const do August Maflirall, witness do ...... J W Diiikie,;. I do do James Coromer-i da do ...... John Rubelmann, do lo ; ; P-terltyan,i "' do do ....U John Rlanghter do do ...... P A, St a to vs Goodman... B M Hummel, const do ..... Giles Humes, witness "do . ........ Chris Hchlipf ' do I do ' ......... JohnBosteda do, dp, PA Brumfleld, jp. State yjj itt-ClQskey D L Ewing, cwast do i jpjj IaGrilie. wtt.Siate vs McCloskey. 0 a CO 6 75 GO 6'J 60 60 GO 6) 60 3 50 7 65 60 CO Geo Jackson, do do DL Ewlng. j ao t'o D M Gray, i do do ' ... Felix Dounclly, do do John Welch, do do Mary McCloskey, do do ... PA Brumfleld, Jp,State vs Tery & McC D Jj Ewlng, const, do do .. Martin Morris, wit do . .. DF Grant, i do do Frank Dix, do do Robt Sicresl, do do Frank to Alex Murphy, do 9 James Qlcslur, dft do. 3 30 60 60 60 CO CO 60 3 50 Wm Crouci. i do. do AftgEichftff, dQ do yeo McCloskey, do do ' - Robt. WtUianas, pj. State vs Albers., Robt do do vs McCloskey Robt do i do vs Schneider. Robt do do vs Humes Robt . do 1 do vs Baer P A Brumfleld, Jp, do vs do JW, do vs Gerrard...... do do J antes Miuard, const do .' I Clausen," w.t, do 2 50 2 50 2 50 3 50 2 00 John Tory, witness State vs Gerard Chas McCarthy, ' - ..$2 10 .. a 20 . 1 70 .. 80 Mary 1 " - V V. . "i ..... Bridget Taruy " I Owens, j-i " .. 60 .. 60 .. 6t( .. 60 .. CO . .60 .. 60 .. 60 .. 60 J, Hank?, 1 . Wm Wall, i . "-- " JKHill, 1 " " ' ... A Singleton, i " " .... H Richter, i ! " SNortBy, ; i " .... FPurcell, j " " " .... J Nelson, " " .... .. 1 20 .. 90 .140 .. I 40 .. CO .. 1 50 . 90-CO .:. 1 3J . 1.30 .. 1 40 .. 1 30 ... 80 .. 5 95 ... 3 75 .. 3 75 .. 3 75 ... 3 75 Geo Gerard, -: " " q i Chas " '.'" '. i., j Richard Lord., J B Rortonv i " ..... BrceKnay, " ' .... XJhas Hains, " " WraDCone; ' J H Wlltrout, " " .... E L Ferry, i " " .... J W Norris, " " J McDonald,. " " " .... F R Holcomb, judgo of electioa Bloom Wm P Crawford, ' V PWHaweH. '" . J W Jamison, clerk - . " Chas Stoite, i : ' . -'. ( v H t Ferry," Judgo It P Brown, :; . . H S Juhn Storms, clerk folef Storms, T Q Biown, judtfe J E Robb f Iliian. cTK Fruk KoUey. " E A Allbee, " MEPlumly, Judge W T Jones. A- " j -Robt Boothe.i " Owen Doyle, clerk J Cornwt.ll, . I " .... Matthew Coohrau. ude jHmes ils.on ' , '.' rel Sheely, i v U -;o S H urn uferttS-, clerk Harvey Gregory, : J D Evans, judge A Fricke, ' WmELowry " Geonro Metz, clerk li Henderson, . Sam'i Comer, judge DBrat ' ',. " " F"aufinu, ; 'V W Fulta, clerk E E Edwards. " ; Gioorgeiley, judge . Gus Schmidt,! I" F H Wcmker, ' ... W T Butts, ; ejtrk W I Mull, 1 Ceaar-. 4 50 4 50 4 50 4 50 ? 90 8 25 4 25 4 25 1 25 4 25 5 00 8 30 5 00 i a 0) 5 0j 4 00 i 00 6 70 4 00 4 CO 4 50 4 60 . 4 50 7 90 4 50 4 56 , 4 50 . 4 50 . 4 &0 . 4 50 . 6 75 . 6 75 ft 75 ,-6 75 . 6 75 Fulton. Goshen. " Montpelier. Moeeew. Bloom . 1 10 1 D S Biles. " 1 1 j(j u Kucituescni i, 1 10 .1 )0 J K Hill. jud(fe Thos Maxwell,"j Bobt McCurdy, 1 8eth D McCurdy. cierk Thes Tipton, Fred Hechtaer, judge John Kichula, " John Sehombarff. " Jamej Rjun, clctk T 11 Scott, : " O(onor.. 1 10 no CO 00 3 45 1 05 I U 1 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 1 10 1.10 i 60 60 Dennis Hyun, judg-e Geo Epperly. " . as Variuattn, it Mllhollin, clerk J W itijrgg. . " -. W H Kaib, judge Sweetland A E Van Camp, " 60 JACorell. 1 0 Chae Goddard, clc.k Geo SKeliey. J C Piokeriuir, judtre Wm Henderson, " J P Mountain, . " ' C W Hope, clerk E P French, " . J G Lj ford, judtre J Buruslde, . " J E Melnt're, A N Van Cum p, clerk 3 15 Wapsle (10 60 60 60 wiiton-' CO 60 J M Hider. HI'... m. Adj u ned till 1 o'clock p. Tuesday, Oct. 16, AI D. 18: I'D. 1877. c, p., hi. 1J o'clock, Board in session. f i Members all present. . A Matter of relocation of part oft Jjentz lioad in Tike tp. came ip fox ! final hearing on continuance,; whenit!was ordered that tbe case be continued tiTl Friday, Oct. 19th, at H O'clock pi iE Matter of Cole's vacatiori of a county road in secMori 36, tp. 78, :N. range 1 west, came up for final bearing: when it was ordered that tbe same be.vaca- ted as per report of commissioners. upon the payment of all costs in tbe ease. According to notice given and as pro vided by law, contracts for excavating a certain ditch in Goshen tp.; lately surveyed by J. , A . Mathewson, were awarded to the lowest bidder, by sec tions, as. will appear following: No. Estimat'd - Bid Didder s Name. 4'cc. e ydsi ffr tfd?Cott T K Ityan 1 SO A '400 00 X liltyan...... a , 1.81 SMJ 20. 20 a.4 i25 J12 18!4 ViYt Yi 16H 13 11 11 HV4 13 . Ml -1360 60 T K Ryan: .......... 3 1,000 T K Kyan... ....... .. 4 : 4,u00 H200 00 ;6o6s67 60 Thos Molntlre 5 : 1,03 Thos Mclntire.- 6 1.050 James White....... 7 : 9u8 ?1.8 9o Thos Mclntire. . 8 1.13? Chas V Kirk........ 0 . 4.000 i $iQ oo Ueuj Overman.,.. ..10 1,350 'lhosMclutire .11 ,. 010 Thos Mclntire ..' ...12 ; 780 1 l&l 14 John A Jelly... .... ..13 . , , 330 t W ho M oo :.f wiffs I isooo L.ucius Howard 14 l.uso Lucius Howard. 15 ' -150 Lucius Howard..... .10 1.0OJ HH Murkhain.... ..IT 8j0 i 160 00 Adjourhed till Hi o'clock a m. Thurs- day the 18th. lit, -1 -;: ft---J'H Thursday, Oct. 18th, A. 1)., 1877 'at o ciuck a. ru Board m session. : Members all present. :: , Hoard opened bids for a crossing at !.7fil, "n.uri nn . LiinuQ rirni? rrku,, and at the crossing of Mad ' Creek! on the "graded road, and at crossing' of Mud Creek" on the road lead ine Sofith " . from Durant. While" considering which. Board udiourued till 14 o P. m. ' " - . f h Thursday, Oct. 18th, 1877. - 1 i o'clock p. m Board in session. :. ! I Members all present. V- ; Concluded the examination of for bridges, when can tracts Were made as follows: For the bridge on "Low's Run." contract was awarded to ..the Clinton Iron Bridge company;f't for an Iron bridge 100 feet long uf be com pleted January 1st, 1878. j I t For the bridge on Mud Creek South of Durant, contract was awarded to It. Stevenson for a bridge tforty-eight feet long, to be built according j to Long's patent," all material furnished by the contractor and to cost $250. For a bridge on - graded road across Mad Creek, contract was awarded to - tor a uriugts as per pian on mm in the Auditor's office, county tot fureish all materials. " - i?i,r Adjourned till 8k o'clock a. n 1 . fwdav, Oct. i9,;js Si o'clock a. ai Board in session,. Members all present, Board proceeded to make equitable apportionment of the estimated cost of the ditch put under contract Wednesday the Kith, upou the lands benefitted by gitid . ditch and to order the same placed upon the Tax-Books of fr.77, "for collection -as other taxes,' as provided by section 1214, chapter 2,: code of 1873. Said apportioumeBt is made upon the lands following in tho amounset opposite each tract, and assessed tq'the parties named. ii fa 1 ! :' M f. n iOionc's P-tot IVr 'M.-x'V Name. Sec. S. C Overman.. 8W ne 15 Eli Judson . . et w 10a sK aeV 15 IS 3 10 &;SO;g5 00l I.W Mdntoah,, : UW BO 22 78 3 40 C V Kirk.. nV4 e 20 78 3 80 sw Be SO 78 '3 40 James White - ' aw SW 20 78 3 40 Chas Silverman.. Be ne 20 - 78 3 40 aw nw at 73 8 40 Sarah Lyon.:. : nw nw l 78,. a 40 e 3l)a n ne 8-J 78 3 ' 0 Mary A PciU n . . nSOijnenwSJl 18 3 30 3 89 R W Norton.. S Sa SW SO lu Ha?leton., ! . n 40a sOOn c ee J6-7S 3 40 EzekicI Clark.. ' .:S ptaofrdswHlS 78 . 3 130 2 80 Jos Watts.. ' . , ' i? I pt 8 Of rd ew 15 78 3 78 2 80 Thos Mclntire.. , . V n 40a nw 29 73 3 M $1 30! ! nV4 no 8 78 3 t 1 3i -li W 30 , 78 3 , 50. 4'.- 1-S 'i 0 W .:...nj8 IV) iii.a -l 3 83; se sw 30 78 3 40 2 SO Ed Xianful., ; 1 WV4 nw 19 78 3 40 1 1 ' . nw 80 19 78 34J X6- Leweily n Parvy . . - A r fi ; 'f ! ... 8 60 i I ' 4 50 i jfl '!.... 4 50 fike... 5 (10 I' 't. . 5 00 ; .8 60 ... 5 00 iff. .1.: -5 oo 5 00 -. .1 . . 5 00 f .-,1 .. 7 60 ".v.. 6 00 .. 5 00 ! . 5 00 " I ' . 5 00 " ji .. 7 70 " !i .. 5 00 . . . . nl0awHswJ4 21 R G Lewis.. . w 2 )a nJ4 ne4 29 JG Walhngford.. ) awj 19 Ben j Cha.aa bers . ' I f an sw 17 Robert Boyle.. ; y se 17 John Cunningham . . I w sw4 16 E Lambert.. p'tBof ItJ(D 3banc3 16 HHBrigtrs., n 3 to 8 50a eK nw 31 Edliock., ne se 25 Levi Wilgus.. nwsw 30 H n HUdebrand.. B 15ft e BW4 30 se ne4 25 Alex Dollai.. f W ne 21 W O H lnpraham . . i eM n 19 Dcvalve Etc hards.. - i wJ4 nei4 19 W-CLewia.. ' eH ne4 19 ; 1 . nw sw 80 sw nw 20 se nw 20 nc nw 20 tt Switzor.. - .- " ne sw aw aw 20 RusellWood.. t , sw ne 2) : W50a-nj ne 30 John A Jelly.. nHseJisw ie i ne sw 16 s 20a se sw 16 .Henry Markham... . 50a yt ne IB ' ptnof rd 8w)4 is PWMcElravy.. pts of id wJ4 e 16 78 3 10 78 3 20 78 3 160 501 too 78 3. 80 18 w ! a ao , 78 3 20 78 4 40 59 , 78 3 40 SO i 78 78 3 ?oip I i' lono 78 3 SO Hi 3 8 ',5 ' V n ft 8 50a wK seH 16 78 3 SO 1 30 e 75 S u Wallace . . ' " , 4 50i saiaseselff 73 3 ift 1 1 30 Lf-uig Ftiderline n nw ne 21 73 lnH nw iS 7J 20 81 1 30 280 26 CO ?4 00 Geo Welse tii sw and W gw 22 78 3 120 Adjourned till 14 o'clock p. 1 30 m. 156 00 Friday, Oct. 19th, 1S77, ( li o'clock p. m. J Uoard iu session." Members all present. " Matter of Cannott,'s vacation of ptir or Lentz lload, in sections 19 and 30, tp 70, N. 4 west, came up for linal hearing,' when the commiisiontr wi'hdrew report, and the case was ordered, continued and a new commission to issue " Board proceeded to examine bills on file arid ordered the payment of the same, as will appear in list of claims al lowed. Ordered that the amount to be aliow E. edE. Eyans from the" Relief i Fund be $ 1.00 per week until further order. Adjourned till 7 p. m. . . 1 ' Friday, Oct. 19th, 1877, - 7i o'clock p. ui. Board in session. i Members all present. Matter of the location of the Nichols ditch in Pike tp. came up for final hear ing, notice having been ghe i as re quired by law, and there being no ob- jections and no claim for damages, and the engineer's report being favorable. it was ordered that said ditch be loca'.ed as per report of the entyneer as shown by maps, plans and proliles on fi'e in the Auditor's officer, and that notice be giveD, as provided by law, for the let ting of contracts for the work on said ditch, and that the time for the comple tion be fixed on the 15f h day of October, ' A. JJ. 1S78. The 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th sections of said ditch shall be 25 feet wide in the bottom and of such depth as shown on profile. j Matter of VV. W. Haney's ditch in t Pike and Wapsinonoc tps. being a con- tinuation of the ''Nichols ditch," came up for final hearing. Notice being given as provided , by law, and there being no objections nor claims for dam age, and the engineer's report being favorable, it was ordered that said ditch be located as per repoit of the engineer which is shown by maps, plans and proliles on hie in the Auditor's office, and that notice be given for the letting of contracts-for the work on said ditch, and that the lime for the completion be fixed on the 15th day of October. A. D ioio. - oaia aucn to De 14 reet wide on the, bottom and of such width as is shown by profiles. . Adjourned till 81 o'clock a. m; " Saturday, Oct. 20, 1S77, Si o'clock a. in. J Board in session. Members all present. Thos. Birkett chairman of the Board tendered his resignation "as chairman which was accepted,' and the Boardjpro- ceeded to the election of chairman for the remainder of the year 1877 by bal- lott which resulted in the election of Aristarcus Cone. Ordered that ber Hatch be allowed twenty dollars from the relief fund for clothing for the winter. Adjourned till li o'cl ck p. m. Saturday, Oct. 20, 1S87. li o'clock, p. m. Board in session . Members all present. Ordered that the Auditor advertise for bids to be opened at the January session for letting the poor house for one year from April 1, 187S. Board examined, the petitions for bridge on file, and made orders on each as appear following. . , " - Petition for ah iron bridge across .Lowe's Run, ion .Lucas Grove road was granted and contract made for such a bridge. ' . . Petition'for a bridge ner the farm of J. Miller on the Slough road wis granted, conditioned that Chas. Kin- caid enter into an agieement to make a permanent chanel for tbe creek under said bridze, and guarantee that said bridge will stand for one year from its completion, and notice be given for bidders to build said bridge, and th: t the same be put under contract as soon as possible. Said bridge to be fifty fiet long and erected on piling. " i Petition for a bridge across the run near the " Vannatta farm" on "SJotJgh Road," was considered and ordered that suflicieut flooring to cover twenty feet of bridging be furnished by. tl e county, and that timber be furnished from the poor farm for the joists to make a temporary bridge at said place, provided the Road Supervisor with the labor at his command, will have tbe hauling and labor of erecting said bridge done, without cost to the county. Petition for repairing a bridge across Wapsinonoc creek on "Cemetery road" running southwest from West Liberty, was considered, and it was ordered that Thos. Birkett build said bridge and he is hereby given authority to make such epairs as he deems necessary. Hoard examined petitions for abatements on file, and made orders in each csise as will, appear following. . Petition of W, II. Marshall, J. A; Macklin and various other persons asking for relief in the matter of taxes for IS77 on account of destruction ot crops by tbe bail storm, of June 25lh 1877, was considered and said petitions were laid on the table to be taken up at January session 1878. , ; . In the matter of tax sale on lot 7 and ei of lot 8 bh ek 124 city of Muscatine for tax of 1876. .Ordered that tlie Auditor be authorized to redeem from said sale in the name of tha county , said property btflonjipjf to estate of: Wm. Conwnv. , ij . ' Matter of index toV "marriage registry" w:ta laid on the table to be taken un at January session 1878. Matter of transcribing certain index books in the Recorder's ollice was lid on the table, to be taken up at January session, . Adj iurned sine die- . 14. II. McCampbkll,-. "Auditor. .; - . 1 How to Prevent asd Cure Coughs and Colds. We alt know that while those in robust health rare ly take cold, weakly persona are af fected by the slightest change of tem perature. The reason is mat ttie weus Oiood which hacau8td tU debility, TailM'to impart vigor lt 'he organs ol reai iratiou aud j erwoi ration, th -teaiing ibetreti and cioMiug Uie only aveiiKH tr tb uarmlers cape or a lare part of the waste products of the wmIv ' Thiw cril HecruiHiM" irritate the Throat, Jjungs, Isose, Head, or other organs, producing Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, Bronchitix, etc. Parker's Ginger Tonic ac s like a chanu, jper- u.aneiiily c-urt-s iiicse iitrorn, ib pleasant in taste, j rocapidy the ;nre- and exi tu IJih . oiw.iii.iw c- cumulations alays ul! lcal irritatious, (! uifl. ad or-nauseating Uie sioinacu mi i'. H(.ril.ali)iir the bowels, as do innafc nniurh meilicine. iuviur8tea the entire digestive apparatus and blood It inus not only t-lleclualjy cures iuetis. Colds, Catai rb,, Bronchitis ji.a eivea thestronupst hose to eon suruptives, hu rewovea all Dyspep tie Disorders", uch as IndigesUon, i imiHf.lie, fonsti nation. Acid btom l.r.h liiw Spirit. Nervousness, liiver Complaint, Coa'd Tongae, Diarrhoea, and Bowel Disorders, Wakefulness, anrl Rheumatic and Neuralgic Pains. Bay from your drugKjsfs Olds A Rep-pert. Muscatine, Iowa, a$1.0u bottle or n namnle DOiiie at io cib., iuu icbi na extraordinary merits. (1) deod&w COMMERCIAL 26 03 3900 miJS0.41IiK fflARJhVET. MuacATiNK, October 25. - iraue la tue clly improved, materially. xnere is no change, howe7er. to repo.t in the ionditior. of lhe pro-luce, market, wMch continues dull and -weak, with very light receipts. '. - - FLODK Serine : Wholesale 3 Oft- rptjiil-.i per iuu ion. uiarkKvine, 4,oo per cwij ti'iiucy fl.WJ per cwt.: Mim.-r'n i:Hfin AMi.n. . sota flour w holesale 4,uu, refill H.rL CORN MEAL Itetails at 1 1,00 perlOOlba, WHEAT 90c;l; for choice, SI. CORN Old :w-i5c- new ic OATS 18 30a ' Ki'fc New4Uc ' . - ' BAKLEV 2-iCa 60c for good. " r his : !iviS Retail at 30c. Uruoers pay LiffllTlf. I B OTTER Sells at iOe. limcern nay iauj lie. LARD Paying 10c Retail at 12c 1'OVAI OK- Pay 'lY(f-c per bu. Retail 35e. ONI NfS lU I-iil 50c per tia pay itii4iHi BEANS $i3'3.00. ' . APPLES l(a l,40 per bushel, retail. H.A MH lie tor warranted. SK' ULDEUS 10c?- -. TlTRNIPrt Retail, 35e perfcu. DttlKD REEK 15c for warranted. HY Timothy tft,50; wild 4. Ill ME Snfireelr 1 -(S-5 per brL CEMENT Louisville S2.50 Bar hrl whnl. ale; J3.O0 retail. . ia'K4rta2Sc per bnshtl. Anthracite f 951L0C per ton. .kju lor soft: JSSiC 00 lor hard' HI Una Cured and tiiiniued per lb tugibtecz bu '.eher's 7c: ealf iocs kin Nc: drv flint iixml2i grabv. out and damaged price. Shearing a 15c: lambs 25c. . " t-fciiatiK-ssoieieatner 'iSjaocper B.rhar- ness 'eather Slfe&iMe ; upper tHiaD&o. WOOL Un w hed lsg,-20c; fleece Washed 30c; tub washed 3035c FLAX rtEEu i,25lJ0. SEED Timotny. pay ',50, retail at 92,0 per bushel: Clover 9.00; Blue Urass (Ua.) tg . Ohio Orchard Grass t4,00. Red Top 1. 75: Mil- -' let 75cI,00. - DRESSED HOGS None coming In. i LTVE STOCK. 1 HOGS $4,004,25. -.' - - CATi'Lfc. 0,00.1,25; steers $4,00' J5; Heiferg ra,1. - . SHEEP J,T0a$4 per bead. SAW lOBK nuniEf' MARKET ' Nit Yobk, Oct. 25. Gold $1,02. . - STOciJf! Buoyant. ! : Monet 69 per centt, . Governments steady. CHICAGO AahKET. Chicago. Oct, 2-.; '-, WHEAT Unsettl -d. Hnn. r; tl,0fll,09 cash ; ifl.W vjtol.01 bid Nov. Corn Firm; 44'; cash; iic bid Nov. , Oats ct ad ,-, Arm. '.SJic cash. Rye jJic. JOc. Pobk Weik,ea-fer, iU,-.0 cssh; $12,45 year LABD-T-Firmer ; ?S,02i cash. $8,171 -year. Whisky $1.07. - - . Chicago Livestock Market. -'' ' - Chicago, Oct. 85. - JH.OG3 Keoeipts IK.O'- i ar-et clull.weafc, Ioer. Light liacon, I KO J,00; "heavy mixed : packing, n iiiiualcy $l,7i.'a: i;0; heavy sliip-ping, fI,iWao,i"). j . - CATTLE KeceipU 4.50J. DnlL Fair to choice, to shippers, $1, kl.a5,oo. Common to 4ood stocliers, j-Vi('a;,3j. St. Louis, October -. WHEAT Very flo.v; No. 3 winter red $1,0 cash; f I,'31i31,23 Dec. ' i - " CO UN Lower; Mixed western, 43Jc cash, 42(3142c Nov. - I , " OATS Lower, 2ri -EYE 535Jicbid. . . -WHISKY 51 ,0H. ' ' PORK Dull; $13,7j. LAKD Nominal. Winter J8,37i8,50. , IIOG.S Receipts 3,s09. Lower; Yorkers, it, 0va 1.85; packing Sl,7i(S 1,05; biitchers to ex-tru, f 1.0J5,2, ' MAltltlED, , ' At Riverside, Oct.; 21th, 1S77. at thfl resilience of the bride's father.'J. Htyu, at 7 a. ii., ltv. lionu ollic-iating. Mr. I),-Iii Fssler. Jr ; memb-r ot the flriu ut Clark ii l-'essler, to -Aliss-Moliie E. Hoyil, all of Riverside. The happy coupla start cast to CI icajo'and ndta'na to ba absent two weeks. Oct. 23, 1S77. at the Scott Houserin this citv, by F. A, r.ranifield. KkjI, Andrew J. W heeler -aud Mary E. Spiker, from Port Louisa , In Iowa City, Oct. 22d, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. Edwin T. H.aoox Mr. C. Switzer aud Miss Kate Coover. LIST OF LETTEa . Remaining uncalled for in the Post Office in Muscatine. Muscatine county. Iowa. October 23,877: Alexander, Mrs MaryMitchell, Mrs Kate L Ann Mills. -Josh Biacicy, Charlie Bundy, Rachel I rtariit.s. Miss Fannie BnwmHii. (iabriel Newton, Miss Lettie outlami. n i" Overhouse, MissTeany u r.nen. .lames Oppenheimer, Jacob Pol low, Johann - Rausneubarger, John" 1 Rogers. George Burns, Michael Baxter, Wm tirown. Hulus Eckels, Mrs Mary care Mrs. Mary J huiumeroeii, Airs is r isaxier i siroup. u- - i . (iibsnn. Mrs f-aran icwiui. Mm li Onle2 . Helm. Miss KiizabetbThornton. M1r Emma Jarvis, J Thompson. John K.el itr, C Ccer, Heorgi; i , i Karz. Jacob " ; Underwood, W il W hish.r, Cliristophe A R Weisendanger, A We5tphal, Herman Webster. Mrs Sarau Lec, Daniel - 1. wis. W -. Moses, TS Midlen. Mrs Sarah Mas'nard.-Miss N V persons cal insr lor these letters will nlease say tlieyar "advertised." I'aperg ueid lor 1'ostage: Mrs, S E Uacoit. Chicago, 111. . ' ' C W. Hesser, Wakeriflil. Kans. j : JOHN MAHIN, P. M SPECIAL NOTICES. Happy Ucllcfio Women. -In al'.Wamb diseases and -dltHcultien. Every woman should read Dr. Graham's new pamphlet. AiiesiheticsinMidwifery" an inouiry into the utility anJ propriety of preventing the pain and suffering usually attending childbirth, with an account of the means to be employed Tor that purpose. Medicine sent everywhere on application. Address Db. C GttAH m. Cor. 7th and Pine Sts.;St. Louis, Mo. augzi ueoawiy To all who are Buffering from tbe errors and ndiscretion of youth, nervous weaknes earley ecay.loss ot manhood, Ac, Iwii bend you a recipe that will core you, FREE - OF Ck A RUE. This grfeat remedy was dis covered Uy a missionary in South America Send a self-addressed envelope to the REV Joseph T4 Inhan Station ., Bible House New York City , fPf- IS-deod w)y F00R FARM IN OTIC k; i - - - , SealfjJ proposals will be? rpeeive I by the Roaid I Kupervisors at their session iu January, 1S7.". lo keep ttm t'oor Farm fur oue year ll'oui tliv 1st. day tf April, IKJa, bids t be per week pftr head, itosiyii.-il in-.; ljeteoii tlie aK -f 1 ytrfti and under, and 12 ye-rs aud over. Hie servic e to lie. bo-irl ai d wash ror all occupants, and care for the sh-k, anil lo ineiid clothing of inalt-si make and niemt he clothing of women arid children, male r als for clothing furnislml by ibeouuiy.. Fuel for ue In Poor House furuishrtl n Hie. . ree anu tne pasturage ot tlie poor lurni all repaiis to feucrn and out buildings to be made by Hie Steward or Contractor, material being furnished by the County. ) y OKDKR OK THE EOARIX "ctiMllwJiwlin ; - """T MtUUML - MARRIAGE A IKXK of rtrarl.T JtM pa- DierouiMitfrivitisri: re- veal senreta wluih the aPAnPTA married and iHHe eontriu fc V I It V I nial ing inarma irr fhoulU kiHw 0 mm 0 K.Bl IiowlAcureduiefs. llunJ- rtils ot itt-t:iii'. -nt seTun-ty sitaletl tiirAi cviil- Auiires A. liuUA!AMB Uaii. Fittii Street. b'ttLmtilu. Madison Dispensary HOI So. Clark St., Chirago, IU. DR.C.BIGELOW, TrtvaMflHKKXl'AL AND (HliGMC DISK ASKS. all mercurial affections of the throat, akin .-.booea, with utiimrabHled success. Id half th rvtime. safelr. tri aLplv. RflKM iTftRUIiai fSKXrAL IIKBIUTY airf. IMi01K. V. asther--sult f self -abae or mxual excesso in Hiaiure? rear. or other eauseifwlitch pnKuc&ttoreortha following: e. licnAfjt tht- defective nifDiory, pimple on th fa-ek aversioa ua scitM.y, iossoi HKAuiii runtK, ere, remlerriig MakKIjIuk IS-FUitrElt, are ptrmascntly cured. Pamfiiiet pagn relaiktg ta t-'e alwtt sent in sealed enve)ofs, for two-3 cent Matuftx, Cwa suU-aiiou tr -e and ConMeuttal. lloonn MnraLo-Jairetiijt eeQirfTu.-a. MARRIAGE GUIDE, R RKSIL PATHOUMir. A WIS OT tOO i&nre siztHl niFtt. eontamlnr all inforo.-uion for tlmw b are MAKUlt'v otkii i-latiu mi: si ti. i i.i.i sr ii vriu. T(frrthiD;oa Uie SQbjtvt of Uie ;KXKUAT1& SlHTKX tbnt is worth jcnoviiiff. mnd och th&L in not published in any otber watt. tl(H ITITt 'EXTS, KKll Ull B MAIL AUIIKK-.S AlllSnS DISPKXHAUT, 1 WM.TU liLAKt STIUlKT, Caucacu, ilu Dr. JAMES, Xorfc JBospital, 204 Washington St, Cor. Franklin, CHICAGO. : Chattered br the Scat ot I1M9is for thoexprvss purpose of gtvios tauftediate rtJief in allcaaesof privatehionicandi urinarT dUeaea im aii thir-osfupbeated hrat. ItiaWMl . kBOvn Ir. 4aex naa atoodat: . the head ttf the professkdi for thc p&tt thirty j-eara. Jkge mtid experience are all impor-tanc Wfahap' BmhttoMfa bv dvemata, iin- k-s mi the face, lost manhood, an posi lively be cured. Ladies wnaiUnc the dau delicate aueauoo, cdl or arrite. Pleasant M!ue ffr fntKnta, A book for the million Carriage Guide rtiioh Ld)4 voy all about those diseases, h abouid marry, wot. 40 cents to pay posiatre. Ir. Jajnes b fifty rooms and-tartoTtt. Yoo jee oV one bat the Ioctor. Ofliee hoars, 9 a. a. Co I m ; PuQAlay 0 to 12. Dr. 4&Bte ia 8 yeara of are. 1 tV: A ' I. IMIEREL BeR8 leave to Inform his friends and: tbe-x pnbiic generally that he has re-opened in the ro tni next to Silverman, Oook A- Co 's, on--tCONl St'., with a iiTge, new, and handr Slue - I?.- f ' Gold and Silver Watches, . ; Fine Gold Jewelry And a goocLjussortment of Clocks, which I will sell cheaper than ever be to re. Fine assortment of SPECTACLES on hand-- rchlodtf I. NIEKEi. ' - ; -

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