Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida on March 25, 1968 · Page 5
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Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida · Page 5

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1968
Page 5
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Page 8 PLAYGROUND DAILY NKWS. Ft. Walton Beach. Fla., Mon. Morn., Mar. 28, 10C8 SERIES STARTS 6TH SEASON Benadaret Licks Tumor, Looks Forward To Petticoat Junction. HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- "Yes. it's lovely on the desert today," said Bea Benadaret, speaking on the telephone from Palm Springs. "But then, every day is beautiful to me." Miss Benadaret, star of television's long-running "Petticoat Junction" spoke with understandable feeling. She said doctors have told her that a tumor on her lung has been dissolved by radiation treatment. The actress did not make any predictions for the future. "But I do know that I feel fine, better than I have felt in years," she said. "They tell me the spot on my lung has disappeared, and I believe them." Long one of the busiest performers of radio and television. Miss Benadaret had lived with the threat of cancer for five years. During a routine checkup, a spot was discovered on her lung, then it disappeared. Her doctors remained vigilant, and she was X-rayed at least every three months. Meanwhile she cut down her usual quota of three-to-four packs of cigarettes a day. "Three weeks before last Thanksgiving, I had another Xray, and the spot had reappeared," she said. "The doctors told me to come back in two weeks for another look. The spot had grown." Meanwhile she was in the midst of shooting the fifth season of "Petticoat Junction." She told none of the company of her ailment and resisted urgings by her doctor for immediate surgery; she was concerned that her absence would imperil the show. Finally her family prevailed upon her to undergo the operation. It took place Nov. 26. Afterward, she related, the lung surgeon told her, "I found the tumor, but I have to tell you I could do nothing about it." "Why?" she asked. "Because if I did, you would be an invalid for the rest of your life." Treatment was recommended at Stanford University Hospital, where she was subjected to a linear accelerator, a super-voltage method of radiation. "They warned me that there could be side effects as a result of the treatment," she said, But that I might avoid them. Somehow I did. Oh, I was debilitated, of course, but I was never prone. I was' able to walk during the entire six and a half weeks of treatments, five days a week. "I went up there convinced that the treatments would work. Maybe I was stupid, or maybe I had simply developed a. faith in the fantastic outpouring of prayer and expressions of hope that I received from so many people. The mail was stacked so high you wouldn't believe it. I think the outcome means either that God has chosen me to live or that there is great power in prayer." Doctors recommended a desert recuperation, and she has been staying at Palm Springs with her husband, Eugene Twombley. She has been swimming, sunning, knitting, reading and--watching TV. Miss Benadaret missed 10 Last Astaire Special Way Over Budget So He Forfeited Salary HOLLYWOOD (NEA) -- Fred Astaire's latest special took so long to make -- perfectionist Fred sometimes insisted on 15 takes -- that it went way over budget . . . So far over, in fact, that Astaire forfeited his salary and didn't make 'a nickel on the show . . . Jimmie Rodgers is coming along and is itching to get back to work . . . He's been spending all those recuperative months writing poems, and hopes to interest a publisher in putting them out . . . Roddy McDowell, who has grown hippie hair and sideburns, finds they come in handy . . . He's off to Mexico to shoot "Five Card Stud" with Dean Martin and Bob Mitchum, and his newfangled coiffure fits the 1880s perfectly . . . Incidentally, Roddy says it costs him ?25 to get his hairdo trimmed . . . Sounds like he's getting a little trimming, too. Maturity has come to Lee Majors. Maybe you've noticed the symptoms -- his name isn't in the gossip columns much any more, you seldom see his picture at the gaudy parties and premieres, he has none of the problems that were around in his first season. The thing with Lee is that Folk Group For Arts Festival DAILY NEWS BUREAU VALPARAISO -- "A beautiful sound - They a:e more than a group - They're a chord that moves." Those were the words used by one New York critic to describe Warner, Porter and Warner, vocal group which will entertain v i s i t o r s at Okaloosa- Walton Junior College's "American Arts Festival 1968," here next month. Veterans of radio, live concert, and television appearances, this popular trio, which will perform throughout the three- day arts festival April 18-20, combines in its musical offerings all the beat and drive of popular music. Also all the sincerity and feeling of folk music, and the richness of sound and musical expertise which only comes from, Classificial training. Although Warner, Porter, and Warner's music programming includes some traditional selections, the majority of their repertory represents the combined efforts of composer Tom Porter, and the vocal arrangements o; Florence and Bryon Warner. Dick Gray, Atlanta Journal T V. editor said this about the group. "I understand why Jackie Gleason was moved to bestow his personal congratula tions on them when they taped their bit for his show. . .The; were Great!'' e is one of the few genuine vernight stars this town ever ad. The very first interview e ever went on, when he decid- d he wanted to be an actor, 'as for The Big Valley. He got le part, the series clicked and, ap, he was the darling of the ans before you could say Bu- eau of Internal Revenue. "That first season," he says, I was very impressed by the [amor of it all. I went to all he in-clubs and all the premiers and all the parties. I loved etting my name in the columns and dating the famous glamor als. It was thrilling to a boy Tom the Kentucky hills." But he discovered it was all urface and, actually, after a it it became boring. Now he eldom goes out; he has a ranch n Malibu and he stays there. he does have a date, he goes o the movies. He's happy these days, but he gossip columnists are devas- ated. After all these years and all lose successes, Ralph Bellamy ays he's still looking for "that ne good movie part." He says e's had a couple of good ones n Broadway, but not n film. e just finished "Rosemary's aby" which he says isn't it -- good film, fair part -- so e keeps on searching. He thinks he has a good one n television in the CBS Play- ouse "My F a t h e r and My lother," Feb. 13. But the big ne in a big movie still eludes im. Bellamy, long a New York csident, has moved his base f operations here. One reason s his feeling that the theater as changed. "It has become too introspec- ve for me," he says. "Playwrights are writing to under- tand themselves, not to bring nything to the audience. Look t Albee, at Williams, at Pinter. \nd the actors and directors, oo, have b e c o m e introspective. "Theater should involve the udience, but nowadays most ilays are trying to keep the audiences out." Narcotics Charge ROME (UPD--The 21-yca old granddaughter of the lat Italian President Luigi Einauc has been charged with usin narcotics, police said Sunday They said Elena Einaudi wa among eight persons charge after a police raid las Wednesday on her Rom apartment. Miss Einaudi was i Turin at the time but she wa later widely quoted in th Italian press as saying she an her friends smoke hashish. The oyster · catcher, a wadin bird of the plover family, feed on oysters and clams. E W SPAP £ MADAM MARIA Palmist Reader Advisor 754 Eglin Pkwy. Ph. 243-3739 shows of the "Petticoat Junction" season, but she returned to work one day in the final segment, which will be broadcast on CBS March 30. "That was quite an emotional event, going back to the show," she admitted. "I felt fine myself, but my presence seemed to traumatide everyone in the cast; no on could remember his lines." When she finished her day's work, she made a speech of appreciation to the cast and crew for their good wishes during her illness. And she promised to be back in her usual role for a sixth season when filming resumes in July. i Founder Dies BANGKOK, Thailand (UPI)- Phya Srivisarn, one of the founding fathers of Thai democracy, died Saturday of a heart attack at the age of 71. Srivisarn, a leading participant in the 1932 revolution, had served the government in · Variety of positions including foreign minister and deputy premier. He was serving as president of the Government House Privy Council at the time of his death. ADVERTISING COUNSELING Specializing In advertising composition and layout for newspapers, magazines billboards, logo designing, business names/ slogans, brochures. CLAUDE JENKINS 243-8472 r · ^ ·--· TM^^TM""««TM«i«««Ba.ia.«.«.«a» Bradford House Cafeteria Family Dinner Special "Sea Food Platter" Includes - deviled crab, fried flounder, french fries, cole slaw, shrimp, scallops Monday - 4:30 - 8:00 PM Childs Plate 59' [BROOKS PLAZANEXT TO GRANTS! 243-0015 FOR TAKE OUT P3UL NEWMaiV just bugs the Establishment as ICOOLHaND LUKE |Maf. $1.25 Eve. $1.50 TIME 2:45-5-7-9:30 PALM THEATRE EGLIN PARKWAY CALL 2433633 ADM, 1.50 OPEN 6:30 START 7 PM C R O W S Ri'use at ast - By recent decision of the High Court-IICROWDS Now all America can ste it UNCENSORED! UNCUT! j| ««·«««« HAT THE Nf VER ANYTHING LIKE IT KFOH! MEVERi THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZINQ ATTRACTION Tie MostRevealingficturc Ever filmed Scenes The Piblic Has Nevtr Seti Beforel PLUS Perils of Pauline "BIRTH OF TRIPLETS" Shown Twice When newcomers move to town, we greet them ·with a personal message from friendly and progressive businessmen. Primarily we endeavor to contact potential customers who we believe are seriously interested in establishing residences and remaining in the area. In time instead of acquaintances, they become friends and customers because we extended a welcome hand to them when they were new in our area. Ours is the oldest continuous Newcomer Service in the area one we intend to continue. We sponsor the original and only Newcomer Club which is continuously growing and adding new members. Newcomer Greeting Service MRS. RUTH HAILS Hosmsrev. FT.WAUON MACH,VAVAWAISO * NICEVILIE TOR INKMMATION CAlt 943-3105 SELECTIONS WIDER ! - SAVINGS ABE BIGGER HORMEL SLICED LUNCHEON AAEATS 4 OZ. PKGS. Boiled Ham - Turkey Loaf 6 OZ. PKGS. Ham Cheese · Chopped Ham Spiced Luncheon Loaf- New England Loaf - All In Re-Sealable Packages TASTE-O-SEA BREADED FISH STICKS . 1 % A. 79* EACH TOPCO LIQUID Detergent 39 32 OZ. 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