Muscatine Weekly Journal from Muscatine, Iowa on June 13, 1879 · 3
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Muscatine Weekly Journal from Muscatine, Iowa · 3

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1879
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: t"- ' -it- LOCAL NEWS. Remember SwANthe Jeweler. . Supplement untfi Ihilume To cure. a felon hanjg the scoundrel. Chimes of Normandy by khe Kendalls last' nig! ht. -f.. Aiimeuccraenta ard at hand and the J ' - - ,L eu term is upon us. - . - l.ivcnport base ball club of 11 to 2. beat e Omahas by a score The best flour in town . A. Wilson s 26-d&wtf i atent Waterloo flour. 'A large bullsnako was killed in the ard of a Front street residence las' eek . Linen suits; and ul sters, for lowest prices, go to i Ci Cl Weeks & Co. 'Fifteen car loads VP ive i of rails for the cstern extesion h been received at 'iverside. )pera shawls clwop at C. C. IVekks & Co.8. Davenport will have no public demon stration on the Fourthjof July. Everybody is coining to Muscatine'. ''.' L. P. Davidson has .90 far recovered i from his recent illness to reopen his I barter shop on Mulberry street. . ; . luibejrjry -I if. Mr. J. J.lUsscll states that urevious engagements will render it impossible for hiiu to orate in Muscatine on the Fourth. i ' i arasols ami sun umbrellas at your own prices, j C.C Wkbks & Co. Sajs an exchange If the barbed wire fence conies into genera) use, rhero is the undecided, pbliticiau tq seat himself? A 1 '!' White vests, new ami nobby, at Fre J. Mark "& Co"s. i Walking j matches betw een youu ladies and seiiticmen are advertised at-a fair given among the attractions at by the members of a Colored church in keofcuk i LVhn sell the boss white vest for $1.00. The Iligh School Alunn.i, at their meetiug last evening. resolved to give the graduating the usual reception to 'class on the .Monday following the grad uation. Daily, IS. r Linen and alpaca coats, latest style, cheap, at Fred. J..Mark & Cos. Mayor Dillaway, Alderman Lander and .City Treasurer Jackson went to .Cedar Bapids this morning to cheer when the Muscatine boys take the prize, Vail.i 11th. ' . I Straw hats, straw hats," straw hats, at Fredi J. Mark & Co's. i A little Dubuque boy named Freddie Daling, 11 years of age, was drowned while bathing the other morning. With some older boys he had played truant I roui school to go swimming. . i :. j ! -: r. ! We have just received another large stock of children's hosiery. X! j . . Li J. McColm & Sons' I 'The numerous members of the otate University Alumni in plus'catine will be interested in knowing that the annual re-unidn and banquet! of the Alumni will be held next Monday evening. An elegant line of ladies and chil dren's black and colored silk mitts. ; J. McColm & Sons.' Major Pickler will give the people of Richmond, Iowa, thej best Fourth oi July oration they ever listened td, unless possibly we except last year, when they listened 'to-the same 'gentleman whom they have invited back agaiu this. -f " ' - " i ' - . . t We are showing a splendid stock of Jap. and silk fans. ; I J. McColm & Sons. A DesMoines girl, who says she has 'considerable money, has written to the riqws editor of the Register, making him a square out offer of marriage., This is the way for the girls j.q talk. Unfortunately the DesMoines man ia married. " For the next 30 days S. & L. Cohn, will sell all classes of goods at 'reduced prices. ' . : , - . There are 5,00b men in the employ ol the Chicago,; Rock Island & Pacific rail- . road, and their pay roll foots up about $273,000 a month.' Take the-employes and their families, and at least,-15,000 Deonle have, their support from the road. Mi' i j If you j want a, good light suit for summer, call at S. & L. Cjhn's,. Silver man's bid 'stand. t s ' The weekly Desmoines Register is offered to 'single subscribers during the pending campaign and up to November 1st for IX I cents; clubs of ten or more . can obtain it for 40 cents each. No bet ter paper than the State Register is pub- lifhed"in the West, If yon want a suit made to order. Now- York ftyle, call at 8. & L. CoHx'a John Chambers is expected to return tram Texas in about two weeks, to su perintend the runm e of the Chambers mill this season. jribune The Tribune is always reliable, of course, but we learn there is no founda tion whatever for- the above item. Daily 11th. . .'j There Was a gran d Republican rally in Desmoines last evening, with torch light procession1, music, speeches, &c The firsfcf speaker was Hon R. M. Bur jnett, of this city, whose . speech5 was a model m every respect. lie was fol lowed by! James F. Wilson, of Fairfield, and John - Y. ' Stone, of Glenwood, Dfiity, 12th. : I ' The clpthing house is the ' place to buy all manner of summer clothing. ; L : ' ' Died. Joseph Wier, saloon keeper on East' Second street, died suddenly at "4i o'clock this afternoon. lie had been ill since ' Friday ' last but the illness was not deemed serious, and his physi eian pronounced him better this morn ing. ite expired in a vomiting spell. ' D iHu tlth. i M ETgOROLOOicAL. Rain "fall for the month of May, 3 7r10 inches; for first ten days of June 1 156-100 inches, making a total of 5 36-100 inches. The first ' half of i May being dry, caused the last 3 ) daysi to have i of the averago annual rainfall. 66-100' inches fell this morn ing. Daily HtJt, Call on J. B. Dougherty, the druggist . Personal, j Charley Dold is back from Leadville. J J. A. Bishop returned- yesterday from hi eastern trip. ; Mrs. J. A. Picklerj is visiting at the home of her father near Iowa City. Miss Ella Broomball went to Iowa City Wednesday tct attend the com- mencement exercises at tne otate university. U ' John It. Munrpe and G. G. Cars tens, delegates to the State Republican convention? smarted for Desmoines " last evening. Daily 11th. Mrs. W. H". Sharp, accompanied by her sister-in-law, Mrs. T. C. Fisher, pf Mechanicsville, retujrned from a visit to P.bceton.Ill.. Wediesday evening. Fred II. and W. Ei. Ingalls. formerly of this city, but.nowj of St. Louis, are in town for a short isit after a four years absence. They are stopping at the National Dail, lStK - We were pleased to meet to-day two very pleasant gentlemen from Muscatine. Messrs. J. H. St. John and W. A. McOampbell, delegates to the Firemen's Convention, to be held in this city this aft ernoon. Cellar Rapids Republican 10th. -' : " Mrs. Chas. McBride, Mrs. F. Giesler, Mrs. Conductor Fox, and Dr, and Mrs. Sterneman, were among t he I departures for Cedar Rapids this morning. Mrs. McBride and Mrs. Giesler will extend their trip to Burlington before returning. Da'ilji lllh. : We claim to have as complete an as sortment of grain and grass-cutting ma chines for a farmer can be found in the 'o select" ironi as country. 13w3t. A. K. Raff & Co. Dubuque is,to bo heated by steam- on the Holly plan. A sompany has been formed for the purpose with a lib eral amount of .stock. Noting this fact the Davenport Democrat truthfully says: "ine time is coming ngni aiong when city heating by steam will be as common as city lighting by gas. There is nothing morex probable and there is money it to the companies and consum ers. - .' i We have both 'front and rear cut reapers, front and rear cut mowers and ire agents lor the Marsh and Llward har- vesiers. , .a., rv. iavv ct v;u. The Muscatine county delegates in attendance on the! Republican state Convention were i R. M. ' Burnett, Thomas HaunaJobin H. Munrpe, G. G. Carst ens, John Mahin, I. K. Terry, J. M." Rider and J. L. Brooke. All returned home this morning except Mr. Hanna, who' remained in Desmoines to attend to some business. Daily, 12th. . . i i '. ' In reply to criticisms on the press the St. Louis Republican justly says that those who know the. least about the management and construction"of newspapers are most disposed to criticise them; . and that while ne"wspapjers go wrong occasionally, o do" the greatest statesmen, the greatest scholars, the" ereatest preachers; but their purpose is to do right and they hit much oftener than theymiss. "f : - i Tub Lawn Concirt. The lawn con cert, given by the."Seeds of Mercy" a society composed of; little misses of the Congregational Suniday School, on.jthe beautiful lawn of W. ,W. McQuesten's residence on West5 Third street' last evening, was a novel and. certainly de lightful entertainment. In addition to pleasant promenades in the brilliantly lighted lawn "and Cool refreshments the company were treated to a musical programme of real merit and enjoyableness. But ' that which probably proved aost interesting, at least to the twenty or more members of Co. C, who,: headed by "the company band, marched to the scene of action, was the fascinating: fan drill by. eight young ladies, J)ii3scs ,iewitirK, uias, Cinon, Broomhall, Mayes, Smith Mc-under direction of Uister and Hatch. Col., Banks. Not being posted on fan No, indeed!) the Journal, of course, can not pass an opinion. J ne yomng geLtiemen, now- ever, seemed to regard it as irresistible, tnd at once joined I forces in an attaek on the ice cream table. Daily 11th. Old Settlers'I Meeting. At the old settler's meeting, held June 11th, 1879, called together on the death of Absalom Fisher, the Hon. D. C, Cloud was made chairman. On taking the chair he noticed the death also of Louis Springer, during tlie night. ; . Messrs. L. H. Washburn, Block and W. II. Woodward were made a com mittee on resolutions on the death of Mr. Fisher, and H. W. Williams on Molis, S. Foster and the death of Louis springer. The De report ed to the papers, jand same to be ac cepted by this meeting, i D. C; Cloud, J. P. Walton and Wm. Gordon were made a committee to draft suitable notice of Mis. Azubah Nye, who djed March 4th, 1879, and also of .urs.warv Blanchard. On motion of Ht Mdlis, Resolved. That the old .settlers at tend the funeral in a body. On motion adjoarned. I ' 1). C. Cloud, Chairman, P. Jackson, Secretary, J The committee! of the Old Settlers' Association appointed to draft some expression of our loss in the death of r- . a ' - T-l i 1 1 urotner ADsaiom risner, Deg leave to report as follows:!; The tntelliarenoe Iwouirht to our notice to-dav that no icm than four of our members have recently fallen, to a forcible reminder that we are all passing on to that bourne from which no traveler returns, and the injunction comes with increased force "Be ye ready." v That in the departure of Brother Fisher we lament tne loss of a consistent christian man whose life (rave abundant evidence to all who knew him intimately that his professions were made practical reallities; and we know of no hitf her tribute to par his memory than to suy of him, that in the midst of many adverse circumstances he was ever true to Crod, to his family and to others. That his bereaved widow and family have our deepest sympathies in this affliction, and our Secretary be instructed to rurnisn them with a copy of this stateiaent. with expressions of oonaoienoe. Ii. H. Washburs, M. Block. W. H. WOODWAHT). The committee appointed at a meeting of the old j settlers of Muscatine, held on the 11th inst., to draft resolu tions expressive of the feelings of the society in relation to the death of Louis. Springer, one of its members, reported the following, which were adopted: Whereas, It has again pleased the Almighty ruterof the universe to remove by death another of our members from amongst us.xcnd while the arrows f death are nyintr thick and fast throiurh our ranks. We are admonished to be ready to- follow those of our number who have g-one before us to join the shaddowy band, . - Jtesolvrd, That in the death of ' Brother Bprimrer. who has. been amonir us dusinor the last thirty-nine years, his aged partner has lost a kind and considerate husband, his children pa affectionate father, and our society and fae community in which be dwelt, a worthy and unobtrusive member. Resolved. That We hereby tender to our de ceased brother's family our heartfelt sympathy in theii sad bereavement. Itesoived, That we will accompany the- remains of our deceased brother to the grave; that the foregoing he published in the English and German papers of the dty, and a copy of the same be presented to the family 'of the deceased. , , i i, t . n , . ' " . ii II! Henry-Molls, f , Buel Foster, VCom. M ICWIUlams. J. B. Dougherty sells drugs, t WEST LIBERTY. High School Commencement Festival The Fourth IMphtueria The Trl - bunc's Trouble The Weather. -1 j ; West Liberty, June 10th, 187U. The commencement exercises of the nigh School 4ast week were very creditable throughout. . Wednesday and Thursday evenings were occupied by the graduating 6lass, and at the closo, Miss Clark, the Superintendent, gave a very fine address to the class. This class; numbered 16, 10 young ladies and 6 young gentlemen. They received theiridipUDtnas from the hand , of the President of the Board, Hon. W. C. Evans,' and stepped out of our public school into the great world to write diplomas for themselves, and an interested company hereabouts will anxiously, watch to see what kind Hhey each write. Friday evening was " devoted to the Alumni meeting. I will not speak of any individual effort, all were good. All went away feeling that the High School was a credit to West Liberty, and was paying a large, per cent, on the. cost of its maintenance each year, i , , The Board of Directors have- deter mined to dispense with' a. . General .Superintendent and! employ a principal teacher in each of our two school builds ings.1 They do this on! the score of economy, and as an experiment. I hope it will work well. - I ; The young ladies of our town are making arrangements for a festival for the benefit of the West Liberty Cornet Band, next Friday evening. Oi course it a .success, tor everybody wishes it to beY Mr. J. N. Scott lost a little daugh ter this morning at 6 o'clock,, with that fell diseaae. the diphtheria. While the disease is not epidemic here, we have an occasional case, with a great tendency to throat disease in the . community. Too great care cannot be taken in- the very hrst stages or this treacherous di sease. We will have some kind of a Fourth of July here for those who cannot get to your big celebration at Muscatine. , lhe Tribune man seems ito have a pick at West Liberty. All I have to to say to him is, pick away, if it is any comfort to him. He don t make any body feel bad out this way. His wit is of a low order when he tries to injure anybody with it. We have had experience of that kind to our hearts content and we are glad now that it is as far away as Oxford and Muscatine . ' I guess what is the matter with the Jribune is the 400 Republican votes in old Wap-sinonoc. . ! ' t ! ! v The weather to-day is beautiful-1 It may look better from the shade into the sunshine than it would . from the sunshine into the shade, I can't tell about that; I notice that the folks in i town hug close to the shade. H ; McElravy is back to his post in the Ehterprise sanctum, from his western tnp.i He looks reireshed and no doubt is as stalwart aa ever. Wapsie. : Cedar Township Items.' '- Cedar Township, June 9, 1S791 Fourth of July is drawing nigh and we tlunk it about time the Cedar folks make" arrangements for a grand celebration in some of the fine groves in ; this vicinity. LKetter come to 3Iuscatine. Ed. Journal L I Mrs. J. M Fulmer, of Greenfields 111., is visiting her parents, Mr. and M rs. S. Barkman, of Cedar Township, i As we have noticed the wheat and oat crops in time we jiotice that .small fruit will be scarce iu this vicinity, i 1 ' I The' school ' inarms" of this" vicinity attended the inter-cbunty istitute,:held at Lettsville June 7. : . We have so often noticed the Cedar Center martial band of late that probably it would be well to give the names of the boys. : They are: ' ' H .. i O. A. Townsley, I, Meeker, M. Towns ley, filers. H. N. Gates, j.G. A. Gates and F. Hendrix,' snare drummers, and YV. M. Narvis. bass druml A more jo vial and social set of band boys ' we do not think can be found. They make the air resonnd with their music, although having been in practice but a short timel As a martial band they are hard to be excelled. ' Again the farmer pursues his course through the bright and glowing corn held. 1 i Miss Alice B. Walton, of Muscatine. spent Sunday with Miss Ida Collin?, of this vicinity. . ' - i r- -A coon hunt was in-order this week, which resulted in the , capture of five coons, or which Wm. .rjpperly keeps two,JH. N, Gates one, E. Shcllabargcr one and D. D. Webster one, as pets. , . ' II ,. .. : Leon.'- Fourth of July A Word to County ; Townships. t Mr. Editor: Inasmuch as Muscatine expects an immense crowd of people i on the 4th of July, may 1 suggest that it well for the townships to organize, elect their marshals, and conic in processions. On their arrival they can report to me and I will have them assigned their places in the general column with as little detention as possible. I believe this method will ma? terially facilitate the, organization of the procession and prevent vexatious delay. ! " - W. S. Robertson, i dlt w3t .. : Marshal. ; Scasdal. Justice Shipman, of West Liberty, is having a scandal case be fore him to-day. It seems that a daughter of a citizen of Pike town ship has been living for some time in the family of A. Ames, of 76 township, Ames took her home a few days" ago, alleging that the girl's society was demoralizing to his sons. The girl then made a charge against Ames of assault with intent to rape, and on this he is being tried. Daily, 12th. A: : f '; I i m : '." . - A provoking error in our i "Green Gardens" article yesterday placed the number of sweet potatoes sprouted by the firm of Middleton, Hoopes & Hol-comb this spring, at "sixty bushels." It should have read six hundred busliels, which amount is in full accord with the immensity of every branch of j this firm's- gardening business. I The above error is carried through a partion of our weekly edition. -Daily, 11th. Strawberry Festival. Atalissa, Iowa, Juno' 10, 1879. i !Ed. Journal; Please notify through your eolumnsthe people of At alissa and vicinity .that Uncle Sam Croxen will give his annual strawperry festival at the brick' store room Tuesday evening June 17th. All , are cordially invited to attend. Proceeds to be used for the purpose of procuring a new library for 'the Presbyterian Sabbath school. H. B. Heberling. Gov. Gear Is a Unitarian, and entertained the State Unitarian convention at his Des Moines residence last Thursday. He was elec ted vice-president ot the State society for the ensuing year. Muscatine Tribune. i Wrong. It is 'Gov. Gue. our bid Quaker friend of pleasant memory who did it all, and is it all.i Iowa City Jrress. I The Tribune is good at -giving the news. ' . : . ' , j S webtland Cehter, June 13th,. 1879. i Eos. Journal: Please publish the I tollowing notice: i s I haye been sick - for a week land un able ; to attena to my usual study or j woric Am-improving now and hope to be ready for service next Sabbath. I Rev. J. R. Reasoner. of Illinois Confer ence, is expected to preach here at 10 . j t vrr irr.-rr e at tlne, at North Prairie at Zt p, m. A. McClintoc'k. ':. "Was It Decoration or Desecration? Eds. Journai.: Knowing, thit your paper is the best medium through which to .reach the public ear, -I ask'a small space to arraign that same public, and especially the managers of the ecremo nies of Decoration Day, held in your citycemetery, for the damage and desecration, done by the crowd, who were called together on the , private ; lots and over the graves of our relatives and loved ones, to listen to the speaking there heM. I; ;c. us strange that men who havt : lots intliat cenuetery, which they would not wish to have trodden over,' and the flowers planted thereon destroyed, should be so unthoughtful, so careless of the property and feelings of others. Unfortunately forme, my lot, lying close to the speakers' stand, had been recently raised, dded around the edges, and my wife had planted flowers thereon. Being among the last in reaching the cemetery, we found our lot occupied by the crowd, who had already tramplpd down the sod in several places, broken down the flowers, and regardless of anything or any injury they were doing, sought only for an elevation that would enable them to see- the crowd.- For awhile I endeavored to keep he crowd from doing further, injury, but becoming too angry to trust my own tongue, I left" my wife to do what shet could and went away, and while the pro cession was returning I had the honor of closing the exercises of the day at that place . by trying to repair the damages. And strangely as it may appear in print, all classes of society were alike reckless and unthoughtful. A crowd becoming interested in any exercise have ho sense of.propriety, and do things that at other times they would scorn. Hence the im propriety oi holding public meetings amid the graves ofs a cemetery, whose narrow streets and alleys will not accomodate a crowd, and the iots being the property of private parties, conse crated and kept as the home of the loved and lost. It is a public indecency to treat them thus. Lest I should be misunderstood let me say that 1 am not opposed to decorating the graves of the soldiers all honor" to our country's gallant dead but to that of holding the speaking in the cemetery. And most emphaticly am I opposed to the manner in -which my lot and little children s graves were decorated by that crowd on the 30th. A moments thought on the part or the managers of the ceremohiesseveral o? whom I know have lots in the cemetery will show them the inexpediency of turning it into a public park,, throwing open the gates and allowing hundreds of teams to rush in there without restraint and drive wherever they please. If Sexton Seiler should allow parties to do thus, how long thjnk you would he hold his position, and what kind of a cemetery, would you have? , ; In conclusion, allow : me- to suesest the holding of the ceremonies of ' Deco ration Day elsewhere,4 and the placing of flowers on the graves deputed to se lect committees. i. Gfo. W. Foster. It is a satisfaction and a comfort to every laruier to possess a hrst class reaper, and- mower, and it affords - us pleasure to say that we are selling just that kind- ' A. K. Raff & Co: The Drive Well Swindle. Our Daily readers have beeu "informed- by advertisement , that , Mr.' . 1'arsons, sons, agent of the Green patent drive I well, is in the city, demanding $10 roy alties from those using these wells, lie threatens suits against all who will not.i pay. Every one must be his own judge whether to accede to hist demand. .''It is the duty of the newspaper to give infor mation so that men can act intelligent ly upon their own ; judgment, there- tore we publish the tollowing Ironi a late issue of the Waterloo Reporter: -Andrew inompson oi tins city is1 in receipt of a letter from Hon. JecL Lake, in which Jlr. .Lake says the Judges of the U. S. Court, at Des Moines have refused to grant the injunction asked for by W. D. Andrews et al. vs. George Hovey. Mr. Lake says further: . lell those who have not answered or settled to not settle, but to answer at once. "We have good prospects ahead tell all to stand firm.1 The following is' from the decree: The only question for the court to de termine on tms application tor a pro visional injunction is whether or not thus constructed are infringements of complainant's patent. .-The patent of defendant having been' issued by the patent office is for the present at least presumably valid. And this court will not ordinarily, upon a preliminary ap plication oi this kind,; pass upon the question of the validity of the defendant's patent, 'but will postpone such ac tion until the final meeting. The court for the present decides simply to refuse the injunction, reserving all other questions raised to the. final hearing, not, however, intending this as a precedent for olher cases arising under complainant's patent, where an infringement is clearly shown. -, . ' Thus it will be seen that the question is at least an . open : ope, and that there is a possibility that the parent oa which Parsons is now demanding j$ld each from the three or four hundred farmers of thisjcouhty may yet be de-clared invalid by the courts. One thing is pretty evident) and that is even if his claim is legal, it is nevertheless a Bwindle.-Daily, 12th. : ! ' ''- Big stock of everything in the clotting line at the clothing house. - And the convention of yesterday, summarily disposed ot Frank Hatton and put Burrelll in his place. We also felt for our esteemed contemporary across the way on seeing that he was also left off that committee. Tribune. Our neighbor labors hard to make a point where there is, none, in the ease of Mr. Hatton, it was. on his own sug; gestion that Jlr. 5urrell- was made a member of theTJommittee, and the joke is how on Burrell, who' criticized Hat ton severely because he had expressed unfavorable opinions of certain promi nent Republicans while a member of the I vcommittee. Ta this dis trict , also Mr. Lorigley, editor of the Tipton Advertiser was made mem ber of the committee .in place of Mr. Mahin on the hitter's, motion. Both these members of the old committee declined places on. the new one. Daily, 12th. : ' , ; i : ' Remember the City Hat Store for i your summer hats, r t t . : wit. Mark & Hopkinson. The Anamosa Journal says that Fish Commissi6ner Shaw, ?f Jthis State,- started far the Rocky j mountains this week. His : passports will ultimately land him m Utah, but he-will spend a greater part of his time among the mountain streams, in questof mountains trout of whose eggs he wishes to pro cure two hundred thousand. The editors of tH'e Eight district .met in convention at uouncii is tuns last week, and a saloon-keeper of that city remarked that, they were .the "cold waterest crowd he everheard of. "They have been in the city two days," he ret marked, "and nary a Ted have I got out of 'em." Interest Reduced. Money can be had at 7 3-10 5 years, Q 10 years. Option to borrower after first 3 year to pay off loan on 3 months notice. Enquire of 1 : - ; G.M.Tittjs, r 12w3t ' Muscatine,-Iowa. Largest line of slippers in the city and low prices. - f A. Davidson. THE FIRE" BOYS. They Will be Given a Grand Reception - , " To-KIght. The news of the victory of the Muscatine Firemen at Cedar Rapids -caused general rejoicing: and no little excite-ment this aXtcrnoon. iFlags were unfurled from business houses, and arrangements were at one commenced for arand reception to-night. All the fire- men. in town and Co. C will march to the depot in uniform. The air will re sound with music from the bands, and citizens will turn out by thousands. Parties are at work preparing for a big bonfire in the levee. The train will arrive at 10. Come out everybody. We will allubedar." I Merchants are requested to . leave boxes on tho sidewalk, handy for the icoramittee. ' Daily, 12th. The Weekly went to press too early tojjeport the reception proceedings. BASKS BOYS. Ihe Handsome Hooks Abroad A Mer . Ited Compliment. , The Cedar Rapids Republican, 11th, has the following of interest to Muscatine: I' We are free to sav that the Muscatine Hook and Ladder Co,, 35 strong, is the best' disciplined company we have ever seen, moreover the members are the finest looking lot of gentlemen any fire organization in the State can boast of and -wear the best and tastiest uniforms. As they marched down the Avenue and Washington streets this afternoon, in sets of fours, with their own excellent band in their front, everybody stopped to look at their soldiery bearing, and in voluntarily praised their splendid appear ance. . Robbery at Atalissa. Monday last a package of silks, sent from the Hjhicago office, and addressed to "Miss Anna Dickens, Atalisa; Iowa," marked $740.00, C.O. D.." came into the hands of Mr. L. A. Reynolds, express messen ger on the JLavenport ana Uouncil Bluffs run. The package was delivered t the agent at Atalissa, who was advised by Mr. R. not to leave it at the depot, but to take it home with him for safe keeping. The agent acted upon the advice. That night the depot: was opened, and thoroughly searched for the silks. The burglars were disappointed, of course,: but they stole . a valise and afew siuaiH articles the total value of tie swag hot amounting to enough to -pay passage from Chicago to Atalissa. It has been discovered by the! express company this is part of a well planned scheme of professional thieves. They buy packages of valuable goods',-jewel ry, silk, velvets, etc.:, of eastern dealers and have them sent C. O. D. to fictitious addresses at some small station where the duties of the railroad office and express agency were discharged,, by one person. About the ' time the package arrives at its destination, the rascally consignor stepsoff at' that place and in the night breaks into : the ;. depot and steals the package, thus making a good haul without paying the C. O. D. barges. ': Adams Station, i ' Adams, Juno lith, 1879. Editok of the Jourxal. That ig noramus who writes tor the jocrnal and signs theJetter B. at the bottom of his letter, had better explain 'nimself. ile denies the Bugle's statement in ream to the Republicans .out this way favouring a certain man as their candidate- for sheriff. As B. was the first man to mention it, I supposed he knew something about it. Tribune Bugle. Now, Ihj Bugle, you know you make misstatement When you say that B. was the hrst one to mention it. llad you not better be careful lest you blow rourself away with your untruths? The Methodist and Presbyterian Sun- wday schools, of : Cedar Valley, united in having a jpicnic last Saturday in Holmes' grove. Among other amusements there was quite an interesting game of base ball played between two picked nines of Cedar Valley. A gentleman or this Ticinitv wiRhps ito return thanks to the young jady that decorated, with cherries, the corn hills which he was plowing. He. would invite the fair one to .call again. 1 he Blue Ribbon club of Adams held an interesting meeting, last Saturday evening, and the members in general took ; an active . part in the exercises which caused the meeting to,, be lively and cheerful. On account of the busy .season of the year the iclub decided to adjourn their meetings until tne first Saturday evening in October. !; i liuly liurke, oi : West ! Liberty, has made hia appearance with his butcher wagon in this vicinity. ' . ; Corn plowing is now on deck with the farmers. i 13. Running. -The many friends of the the Chambers. Bros. , in, this city, will be interested in the following item from the Austin (Texas) St'itesman, 7th, V Chambers' mill commenced work yes terday, with two runs of stones: The other two will'be put to work in a few days, when there will be a formal open ing of the mill, to which business men will be generally invited. Last fall Chambers .Bros, bought tor S12,500 .the old Dross mill property one mile and a halt below the citv. Ihey have built a substantial dam across the river and erected a four story building in which their splendid mill machinery has been placed, lhe costot this has been D00, and. the result is that with all the most improved machinery of the age moving like a charm they are now pre pared to turn out at Austin as good flour as is made Sn the world. These gentlemen possess the finest water pow er in Texas, and the prospect is that they Will soon realize a bigger thing than a Leadville bonanza. Let the community lend all aid possible to such enterprises as this one for out of such Austin is to look torward to ; at present a doubtful prosperity. In the test of steamers and hand en gines at the Bremen's tournament yesterday the Burlington steamer took first ze ($100) tor throwing 1 water one hundred feet The quickest, the Cedar Rapids steamer,! fifty dollars. : tor throwing the longest distance, the hand engine of Independence took the first prize, and LaPtfrte second. Daily, LIST OF LETTERS Remaininafcmalled for in the Post Office in Muscatine, Muscatine county, Iowa, June 14th, 1879: i : - . i - - .- ; . - . Chambers. Mrs A 15, ; - IJoliday, Miss Mary (.'arlocr, William ivnoit, miss ttoue ia; . Dickitnose, W C . " Little, Samuel 1 Herrmannsoortcr, tiott-i-arai, James - tried (retf'd) T tlerman Stewart, Mrs ueorgia Hogan, Mrs Sarah. Schwartz, Mattice Papers?Held for Postage. John Reeder. Tipton, Iowa. ' . Parties calling for any of the above letters will please say "aaverusea. DIED, Tn this cttv. June 10.. 1879. at 11:30 I. m- oi dropsy of the heart, Louis Spbingkb, aged 71 years. -i - - Funeral from the late residence of deceased on Seventh street, between Chestnut and Pine' Thursday afternoon, June 13th, at 2 o'clock. Mr. Spmkger was born in Gottingen, Han over, Sept. zm, -itkn. ae was marneu iu imi and soon after emigrated to" America, coming to Muscatine in 1810, being thus one of the oldest settlors. . " - !.,-,. He leaves a wife, three sons and twO daughters, all grown, and residing in this city, except two- f the sons, one of whom resides in Des Moines and one. In 'California. -- PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD Of! .SUPERVISORS. official, i Monday, June 2, A. D. 1879, ? , - 9 o'elock a. in. j i Board in session. . ! Members all present. ' j Thomas Birkett, chairman of the com mittee of the whole on location of bridge across Cedar river, made the following report: i .. ' "Tn ihrt Jlna.rd. nf Siinerniitors. in se.Si- sion, June a s.tiu : On the location bf bridge on ; Cedar river, your committee would make the following report: i j I "Af terx making personal examination of four different points on Cedar river, committee met in Auditor's office on the 23d day of. April, A. D. 1879. Members present Thos: Birkett C. Cddle and A!. Cone; Auditor acting as clerk of com mittee. , ' . j t " J. E. Lyman, engineer, being present, made report showing estimated cost of bridges at Lord's: Ferry,. Saulsbury's Ford and other points. ; - ' J j '"On motion ballot was had upon locar tion, when it was found that two votes were cast for Lord's Ferry and one foj: Saulsbury's - Ford, when Lord's Ferry was selected by your committee as thii place to erect a 'Free Highway Bridge across Cedar, river. 1 J. "Plahs and specifications being prej-sentedby J. E. Lyman for foundations and masonry and trussle work for approaches, the same were approved by your committee, and : the Auditor wan instructed to give notipe soliciting bidn upon said plans and specifications, also for iron superstructure to be openecl and contract awarded by you June 4th, 1879, all of which with said plans and specifications, together with the Auditor's actions in giving said notice, as re quested by committee, is submitted foi your approval." Attest Thos. Birkett, chm'n. ; Attest R. H. McCampbell, clerk. . I Action on report was deferred till afternoon session. In the matter of the payment of tho costs in the case of the vacation of roac on south line of the ne, sw of sec. 6, township 78, n. 1 west, ordered that thd time of payment of said cost be extend-ed till September session of this Board. Adjourned till lb o'clock p. m. i Monday, June 2d, A. D. 1879, ) ' j.: 1J o'clock p. m. . y Board in session in Court room. A paper signed by Wm. C. Evans and F. Bacon was presented to the Board protesting against the action' of the Board in making an appropriatiou for , bridge when the probable cost is mort than $5,000, without first submitting the same to the electors of the county ; Also petition signed by 1,051 citizens setting for that the contemplated location at Lord's Ferry, as reported by this committee, would net subserve the in terest of the greatest number and askj-ing that the ocatioa be made more cent tral. . - ' ; ; - : Also petition signed by 316 citizens asking for a bridge located at Brecken-ridge's Ferry, "f . !. . ' ! : A- : ;! Also petition signed by 417 citizens asking for a bridge at Tice's Ferry., Afternoon occupied in hearing dis cussion upon said protest and petitions. ilUJUUIUUU Llll U KlKfB. CL. 111. y 1 Tuesday, June 3d, A. D. 1879, ) 8i o'clock a. m. ) Board in session. ; Members'all present, i A paper signed by Pliny Nichols, Suel Foster, Robert Cochranr G. H. Wood and S. E. Whicher was presented to the Board setting forth ; the opinion of the signers, after extended conference witt the signers upon the j various petitions now before the Board. that a large majority of said petitioners were in favor qf one bridge, centrally located, erected and paid for before commencing anoth- er. 'i -.11 ", ,v ".-;' l.-.l'-.': :-':.; Samuel E. Hallock ' presented a peti tion signed by 659 citizens asking for the erection of a second bridge to be lo cated at or near Saulsbury's Ford. After hearing remarks upon afore said papers and petitions, th ayes and nays were called upon motipn to disapprove the action :of the committee of the whole and relocate the bridge at some other point. . . . Thomas Birkett.. . . . . .aye 1, C. Cadle and A. Cone." .nay. .... .2. Motion was lost."; Ordered that the report of the com mittee of .the whole' as presented, le approved. -: ' - ; j ' Ordered that an engineer be appointed to survey and estimate mst for: tie erection of abridge at the points here-s after mentioned, which; survey shall show the high water line across the Ce4 dar river bottom and the surface line on the roads leading to the crossings at or near Tice's Ferry and at or near Saulsbury's Ford and at or near Brecken-ndge's Ferry, and report to this Board at the September session. Adjourned till 1J o'clock p. m. - Tuesday, June 3d. li o clock p. m, Vj Board in session. Members all present, i "V.;i . ' j J. E. Lyman was appointed engineer to make surveys, profiles and estimations, as contemplated in forgoing order of the Board. ' 7 : 1 " . "Matter of abatement asked by J ohn Schonbergj on nwl,section 29, and j ei nei, ne section 19, twp. 77, n. range 4 west, tax apportioned upon said land tor construction of Kuhn ditch ' and branch, came up, when evidence was heard as to the benefits to. said lands; by reason of said ditches, when it was dered that the amount apportioned to to the nwi, nwi of Seel 29 be reduced $1.00 per acre and that the amount portioned to the ej nef,' nei sec. ap- 19, township 77, 4, be reduced to 95 cents per acre. , ; J .. . ' . - Ordered that the County Auditor be authorized to assign, without' recourse, to Hampe Bros, a certain mortgage held by the county for the school fund, given by A. TVElder,for $500t dated July 27, 1868, as provided by law. , ' ' I Wilson's relocation of part of Dick- en's road" came up for final hearing and there being no claims fot damages nor objections to relocation, ordered that the same be relocated as uer report of committee upon payment of cost. j Adjourned till 8 a'clock a. m. : Wednesday, June 4th, A. D. 79 8 o'clock, a. m. I ) Board in session, t. , : ! Members all present. j t J. A. Mathewson, engineer, made report upon the apportionment amount charged against the lands "di I Kuhn for the construction of the Kuhn ditch, recommending an abatement ne-half the amount charged-against the e. " I of sec. r. .19.,;;' and. the n. e. 1 of sec 30," 77, 4.w. Report was a p-approved and abatement ordered. - . t Also, recommending" the labatcmen of the amount charged against the s. 35t a. of s. w. s. w. section-. 29,- twp. 78 4 w;, construction of the "Harvy Ditch." : Report was approved and abatement ordered. j - Matter of Wilgus Ditch catue up, being continued from April session, when it was ordered that the same be located and established as per report of the engineer, a"nd that the . damages as appraised and which are secured to be paid to John Fisch remain the same in amount to be paid as provided by law. and that the time fr-r.the cuniIetion of said ditch bo fixed on Oct. 13, 1870, and that the Auditor ' put the same under contract as provided by law. ' L : Board examined J ustipes'- statements of State Cases and ordered payment of fees in said cases as will appear in "claims allowed." ; - ; i . Adjourned till 1 oelock, p. m. . Wednesday,J une 4th, A.'D. '79 ) li o'clock, p, m, Board in session. . Members all present. . rrpceeaea to epen Dias ion the. election pf a free highway bridge k cross Cedar river at "Lord's Ferry" .on , the road from Muscatine to Coneville, pcrid-the examination of which Board ad T"- , i i n I i journed till 7 o'clock, a. m: - Thursday, June 5th, A. D. '79. . 7 o'clock a. m. , s " Board in session. Members all pres-eift " fr "' ':''; ! '-A. '"-.. - Forenoon occupied in examining bids and plans for Cedar river bridge, verifying strara sheets for superstructure, hearing the bidders discuss the merits of their several plans, etc. Adjourned till 1J o'clock p m. Thuesday, June 5ths A. D. '79. . ! 1J o'clock p. m. ( Board in session Members all pres- ent. . '-. ; , Board examined bills on file and ordered payment of same as will appear in list of "Claims Allowed." : , Also bills for lumber and other necessary expenditures for brjdges, and ordered payment as in list, j In the matter of .repairs needed on the bridge on Iowa City road, near the farm of S. W. Jacobs,: ordered that Thos Birkett be a committee to have needed repairs made, and report : to the Board. " - , . -,. . Ordered that 400 feet of : two-inch boards be purchased to repair a bridge on the road -near the camp ground in Moscow township, provided iihe road supervisor will make all the needed re pairs to said bridge with the labor of the district. , . : . "' Ordered that 1,000 feet of lumber be furnished to : repair bridge near Mr. Barger's, in Lake . township, . provided the Road Supervisors make needed're-pairs to said bridge with' the labor of the district, including hauling fithe lum ber from the mills.; Auditor made the following report pertaining to the permanent school fund in the county,; which was examined together, with the securities for loans mentioned in the same, all of which was, approved: To the Hoard of Supervisors of Muscatine County, 7bra ; I have the .honor to report the following as pertaining to the permanent scnooi I'und in the County: ; - j - t TOTAL ASSETS JANUARY 1, 1879. Mortgage notes on hand I .$25,003 60 Contract notes on hand. J 1,379 53 Cash on-hand ...:'.i : ii. . L488I55 $27,8'; Da. I 68 1879 i January 1. To Cash on hand .$1,488 55 January 17, Am'tfom E. Kose...... 200 00 January 31, February 3, February 7, February 7, March 23, April 4, April 19, April 21, April 28,' May 10, ' A. B. Wiles... 200 00 J. Meeker.... 200 00 II. H. Briggs.. 240 00 Geo. Stiles,.'. . . 100 00 P. Uearn 50 00 Jas.Younk... 222 53 U.S. Griffin... 250 00 A. W. Elder.... ' 300 00 . ! L. Banks.. J..' 500'00 11. Wood . ... 300 00 $4,051 08 CR. 1879 January -, By am't loaned J. S. Heiuly. $ 400 00 Jan. 13, "1 " E.llose...)..... 500 CO Feb. 1, ' ; A. B.. Wiles.. A 500-00 Feb.l, . " 5 " J.Meeker: A 340 00 March, " ' " It. Galton... 275 00 March 24, " - " D. Zedikcr. .. 225 00 JUnel, By amount cash on hand, j.; .. 1,811 08 . !- $4,051 08 TOTAL ASSETS, JUNE 1, 1879. : Mortgage notes on hand'. J. . .$24,903 60 Contract notes op hand... 1,157 00 Cash on hand.. 1,811 08 $27,871 68 : R. H. McCAMPBELE, Auditor, Board examined the reports of the various Township Trustees) of relief granted the poor in their several townships, and approved said reports, and ordered the payment of claims for nec essaries furnished, as appears in list of "Claims Allowed." j Adjourned t'll 8 o'clocka. m. i Friday, June 6th; A. LT. 1879. j i 8 o'clock a. m. ) Board in session. Members all pres ent. ; ' ' r - : ' j Proceeded to examination of samples f iron fence for Court Square and to open bids' for same. ; At the conclusion of which the Treas urer s - (Jash Ualance, , showing the amount of cash on hand in the several funds of the connty, was examined and approved: " i ' r TREASURER'S CASH' BALANCE, Made June 1st, 1879. ; - , " (Jr. I ..! Dr. County fund..:..... .... $7,802 17 State fund -4 .. Overdrawn . .- 1,657 92 School fund..... ..$J9S BO.'.L.'; Road and Bridge......-- J.. 8,872 03 1,963 28 3,874 31 1,645 66 Insane fund . . Relief fund. . . . "....'. L I.. Railroad- v . J , . j. . Swamp Land.... i.. !.. Institute. j... 2,255 66 149 75 "392 35 709 20 1.811 '08 Insane Hospital.... J. . School Fund interest j. . " " principal.. ....i.. $31,133 41 . 968 65 Muscatine District . Bloomington . r 287 17 ; , - 1 77 .. .242 33 .. 336 11 sub-district No. 1 Seventy-Six District. Pike . Lake " ' Cedar ' " . " ;. 297 42 .. 130 31 Orono - " Orono sub-district No. 1.; . 489 60 . 48 13 ..' . 3037 ' No. 2 No.3.... .. - 51 22 . . 65 29 'Wapsinonoc District . . . Wilton Township District. .. . . 189 86 , .. 1,164 25 ! . . 263 64 .. 36 23 .. 79 56 115 75 35 93 ... 23 04 66 32 .... -74 18 ; 31198 . ., 617 11 Wilton Independent " Goshen No. 1 2..... 3................ 4..:. ......... 5.. 6........ 7 'V " ...... Moscow Township District. . . ; Independent - '.. . '"i sub-district No.3.... 5.... Sweetland Township No,:i .. 30 ... 100 A. 36 17 .... 91 4..... 5...,. 6..... of 27 "8 - " 75 3B 61 23 86 26 158 21 4 68 1 99 2 98 4 53 2 50 '- 57 99 1 25 89 83 78 151 67 237 30 1186 51 4 37 4 18 "191 21 270 18 ' 44 00 2 83 47 06 51 50 . 54 00 249 50 . 37 87 '13 65 80 50 1 25 13 54 9 45 18 06 2 57 75 : I 7......... i 19... i 3 Ind'pt3 Montpelier No' 1. Wost Iaberty.'. .. North Prairie Linn Grove ....... West Liberty, (Corp.). t J.. - (sidewalk)....., GosUon, ditch fund...."-..' Nichols, 1" ."i Harvey, " . llnuieh-oe Wales, ditch! fund. Wales, ditch futid... Kuhn's, " "'.... Conwille (corp.)..r . . . Bloom, Sp., railroad.. Pike 'I ". ' .. Bloomington road Seventy-Six " ... Piko " " .... Laka . " Cedar " ... Orono . " Goshen " . . ; Wapsinonoc road Moscow : I Wilton ! ? " Sweetland " .... Fulton " " 34 ihf. 18 59 63 44 6 On 79 56 -2 00 - 0 36 Total.. ..-.' .1195 50 40,803 81 Total cash on hand! :39,608 31 Joseph Morrison,-, " Treasurer. . Adjourned till half past one p. Friday, Junes 6th, A. D. 1879. 11 o'clock p. m. . Jioard in session ent. : : Members all pres Ihe assesor's books of the several townships were placed in the hands of the Board, with an abstract of the aggregate assessment of all elasspa nf mvr. ty, for the purpose ;of making an' equali - zation ot assessment for 1879, - pending wmcn jsoara aajourned till 7 o clock p. m. Friday, June 6th, A. D. 1879. 7 o'clock p. m. " T? j - ' jLJuuiu iu aession. , - Members all present. Board concluded tne consideration of bids for the erection of Cedar River -bridge, and ordered'that contracts be entered into with the "King Bridge Co., for the superstructure (iron) 560 feet in four spans of 140 feet each, to be completed on the 1st day of October, A. D. 1879, price $9,380; and with . James B. Locke for th& substructure, one ' wing abuttment and 4 piers with, pile foundations for. all, to be completed on the 20th. day of August, 1879, price $9,281; and with R. H. Hine for approach of trestle work 240 feet long, upon oak piling, to be completed on the 20th of August, 1879, pritse $666. ! - A,djourned till 8 o'clock a. m. BILLS. B Horton, assessor Pike township... $ 85 00 John Wiley,. Wilton town. 74 00 46 00 80 00 36 00 62 00 70'00 78 00 48 00 80 00 54 60 375 50 57 00 36 25 Dan'l McCurdy " Orono township.. Bloomington"...;. Cedar Moscow ' " Goshen T Sweetland "...'. Montpelier .' 'i. "Wapsio "...v TVest Lib'ty town. Muscatine .... J W Miller, " John. Snider, ".' ChasSchulte, W T Jones, A-Tunison,. ' " George Metz, C l'ark, , Wm Henderson" JR Thomas &; Schmidt & Bro, binding, &6. . . . . B F Neidig, printing ........ .1 ..... . J;E Stevenson, att'y State case, $5. ...not all'd Wilton Review, printing . . '..!,..... ... 4 60 4 50 13 26 174 65 55 55 24-00 111 60 6 75 ; 4 60 3 50 ' 5 00 3 90 H Wienker, pauper account..... T;Thompson & Co, hardware; RW Leverich, Co. Sup't j. . . ... H M Bean, commissioner insanity. .... Wm Hoffman.. j.".. . ;...4.".' '.'....i. Journal Printing Co, Printing.....:... Aldrich & Gibbs, pauper account. ; . . i . Mark & Hopkinson, i ' " 'i: JM Do ran, reporter State case.. . .1 .... J W Illingsworlh, ! do do Adam Bitzer, matches, &c, for C H.... Muscatine Gas Co, gas for C H & jail., : R C Jewett, conveying insane .... ... . RCJewett, " I " ............. A L Bliven, " j " 22 00 , 40 66 43 25 34 90 R C Jewett, boarding prisoners and Sheriff's fees. 266 30 J WWeippiert, printing..... ........... 37 95 Tribune, ...... J 57 60 C T McCampbell, pauper account. ... 1 . 7 50 Fritz Kuelper, const fees State cases.. 5 75 Thos Birkett, committee work......!.. 12 30 A Cone, " ' 11 35 Wm Parkin, bbl cement 2 00 Thos Birkett, member of Board-V-. : .'. 26 50 ACone, 25 44r CCadle, j " ....... 24 12 - ( $2,2U 38 STATE CASES. Geo Meason, J P, State vs Woodruff.;.. T S Berry, constable...; ....... Geo Meason, J i, McKenzie ... J... , 2 00 1 oo 4 50 2 65 R T Wallace, marshal. , . . . . . L . . . Geo Mpason, J P, King. . . . ,". '. D J Parvin, constable... Mary Davis, witness PM Davis.. ...J:., Hunter..,.. I..: .;.. .. .. , Wm Spring .......................... j .. . -- Spring ... ; .- 3 50 3 95 200 2 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 50 Geo Meason, JP,Wright.. PLEwing, const Geo Meason, J P, Wright ........... D L Ewing,- const Geo Meason, J P, Sebastian :....'...... D Ii Ewing, const. - . ... . i -. 7 ' Geo Meason, J P, Minor . ... DLEwing, const A Clemons, jwitness 3 12 1 50 5 42 3 50 9 95 3 50 5 41 1 80 1 80 1 80 1 80 0.80 Warren Purcell.. ....... Sherman Purcell .-. ..... L. . . QbasFix...i John Dodge. . . : ..... ... ..... ... ... . . Geo Fitzlander Ed Raymond . . . . .....L.I. . K Raymond ....... John Kemper..- ; ... '..;'..'.!. Chas Kemper. ......!.... Geo Hartman i. .!... John Hartman.. ; Sherman Henderson. ; 1 80 1 80 1 1 80 1 80 1 80 1 80 1 90 Jackson Wrisht : 2 00 1 90 3 50 W Webstei 3 MDoran,jj P, State vs Goodman j... . 1 D L Ewingj constable. . j ... . Geo Meason, J P, State vs Stiehl 3 25 3 50 4 80 D JParvin const.. R T Wallace, marshal. D S Biles, juror 1 00 1 oo BMHummell.. .......... ... J M Van Patten.. . . . . ; . . J.... 1 00 George Kflehler... i i.-... J A Neyenhouse. JK-WaIL.L.. ...:.... ....... 1 Q0 1 00 1 00 60 Mary Price, witness.., Dod Lee.. L : W H Fayle ........ W S Richie.. D Rothschild, sr. .l. D Rpthschild, jr.. ! Marx Block. P Bernius . U John Price......... P O'Brien: i : J M Doriri, J P, State vs Stiehl. . . j . . . .'. D.'J Parvin, const J M Doran, J P, State ys McClosky . . . . DLEwing, const J M Doran, J P, Hall D J Parvin, constable J M Doran, J P, Murphy DLEwing, const;...- J M Doran, J P, Bailey D Jj Ewing, const :. ' 60 ' 60 50 3 50 1 85 3 50 225 3 50 2 65 3 50 1 85 i 3 50 . 2 10 R, Williams, P J, Redman et al,..: 3 00 6 60 T S Berry, police , Geo Schsefer, witness -. ..- Mary Waltz..... . Alice Perry .. I .' Tillie Blums. .; j R Williams, P J Connor 2 50 ThosS Berry, police 2 ' 3 3 R Williams, P J Reeves... TS Berry, const... v.- John Nestor, Jr, witness.!..;.....- S L Lawrence, J P Smith J W Kelly, const '. S L Lawrence, J P, Heed ...,. . Chas Lantry, const. i. ....... J M Kean, witness... G M FrenzeL, J P, Sharkey, et al Chas Lantry, const.. S R Chase, J P. Stager W Frybarger, const Chas Weise, witness. . Henrietta Rohr. .t.. s 1 43 3 52 296 30 02 . V: 'f : ' " 7.. :, " 1 t" " 8... " - : i ' . fc - M jg i " ' - " " 10 Fulton Township District. . . . Fulton sub-district No. 4..,.. 4 " "5.... 1 50 14 40 -375 25 92 92 44 18 Pauline Stlger i. ....... .... . Amos Ames, eonst, Kane.. . ....... Q Cornwell, const, Black, et al.... Matt Kean, reporter, Lyfbrd ...... T Bently, J P, Norton....... ...... j " "Xiggett.i.. ......... ,:.v r.','eoi ... 3o; v.-. : 11 40) .... -2 ooj .Tabled i ...NptattM S222-401 -s TAUTKR ACCOUNT ' A-bner Cooley... ,.-..'. E C Thomius Van Halter. . , . , H Mountain.. ..;..'...,. T A Savage. ;....$ 43 75 7 25 1 50; 14 15 19 50 I CManfuU. ......... Upton Elliott..;.!'... Luse & Luse....j Bowlesby & Co. ..i... Aldrich & Gibbs. A. A James P'ConnelU... Hoge & Keeoe. ...I .. . Mackemerjfc Co.l..." J W Jamison i . 1 .1 .. . C A Zeisig;.. E E Edwards j. ., j... . PC Wagner.J...j.... Lettsville store, i .. . A J Miller i.". .!.... N W Mountain, ; 4. . . . J J Boston .-. . j , . ; ..... J W Leudeman. .1:. . -r 40 001 I 6 00 ! 17 00 i 5 09 i : 7 oo ; 800 ! 3 25 1 14 45 j - 5 00 ! 58 45 ! " 8 701 u cq i 14 Wini $310 08 I - - I BRIDGE BILLS. ! H H Hine, werk en Mosqueto Creek i '.- bridge:. ..u... . '.... ; 11 mv H St. John, hauling bridge lumber..... j 21 Ooj O P Connor, work on bridge (masonry) j 2 Oflf Xavier Eisley, work ob Slough bridge. 13 7U Geo Williams, work on Slough bridge. 2 00 J S Patten, lumber for bridges , 28 OOj Hershey L. Co, lu mber for bridges. .... j 27' lOj Musser & Co, ; . " - " " .... 1 242 8$ K C SteVensou, work on Durant bridge- 354 IS Saturday June 7th A. D. 1879. f ! o 8 o'clocfc a. m.: ) Board in session. Members all .pres - ent. : f ; - t Vouciudea the equalization ot assess-j ment of allJroperty for 1879, and made the following order pertaining to hej same. " " I ' A 1 ' . '..,'. V , Cedar Township reduce money anoj t credit forty per cent. Goshen Township, reduce money and I credit forty.per cent. Lake Township, reduce money :3nd credit f orty; per cent. . ! Montpelier JLownship, reduce moneji and credit -forty per centl Tk' i m i - r ite iownsnip, reauee money and credit forty per cent, . i Sweetland Township increase monejn and credit twenty per eent, Wilton , .township, increase money; and credit twenty per cent. Wilton town, increase lots and money : and credit twenty per cent. Atalissa, reduce lots forty-eight 'pen ! cent. Wilton Township, reduce Short Ilorni cattle fifteen per cent. - Bloomington Township, no change. leaving average value $15.12 per acre. Cedar township, add twenty perj cent leaving average value $11.46 per acre. n i, i ii . i . t . . x uiton ; township, aaa thirty - pec cent,, leaving average value $14.90 per acre. I Goshen townshio. reduce fortveishi per cent., leaving average value $14.02 per acre, j . - . s liaice townsnip, aaa mteen pet ; cent., leaving average value $13.14 pe acre. --: V : 1 Montpelier township, no : change leaving average value- $12.47 pe acre. ... f ' .' i ' Moscow ! Township, . ' no .change. leaving average . value per acre. - ---:;; ' ' ' ' A . . : Muscatine township, no change. urono township, aaa twelve per cent., leaving average value . $10.34 per acre: Pike township, j no change leaving average value $10.10 per acre. Sweetland township, no change, leavf ing average value-$14.64 per acre.j seventy-six townsnip, aaa1 two per cent., leaving average value $12.00 per' acre. Wapsie -; township, reduce, seventeen per cent., leaving average value $14.73 j per acre. ' . ; . - ! ' ' I ' Wilton' township, add -twelve per cent., leaving average valuer $14.7S per acre. West Liberty township, no change. "And the .Auditor is hereby ordered to make .the changes indicated i ab6v!e upon the ; total va ues as returned by Assessors, previoua to making the re- quired certifiicate tjo the State Equal ization Board. . r : s Board considered petitions for abate ment on the file and made orders Un each as appears following: . i A reduction of fe assessment . f or 1879 on the Farmers and Citizen'sjbank in Wilton, of $2,500, upon recommendk- tion of council. ' J A reduction of the assessment for 1879, on the estate of J ohn - Heller, die- i ceased, of $5,300, upon recommendation of township trustees. V- ! j A reduction of the assessment "for 1878 "on the stock of Fred. Mark & Cq., of $800 on the recommendation of the township trustees. t ' - 1 v f An abatement of the tax on $30 personal property of S. L Waide for 1879, on '-. the recommendation of City Council- ' "A. i - Ah abatement of the tax on $10 personal property of Auua L. Mahin fjor-1878 on the recommendation of the City Council. , f . v Abatement " of the tax for -1878 ph N, one-half lot twenty, and lot seven teen, sub-division out lot three, sec tion two and three, Seventy-six, two. property of Conrad Feidlef; j also, fon 85 lot six, block 114, Muscatine, the- prip- erty of Mrs. Connelly, recommended iby township trustees. ' ; !- Adjourned till 1 oolock p. m Saturday, June 7, A. D. 1879. 3 . li o clock p. m; -u Board in session. , l - Members al? present.-' "" ' " - ' Board concluded the examination 'of 60 60 60 60 samples for iron fence for Court Square and comparison of propositions to-erect the same, when it was ordered ' thaVthe 60 matter be laid on the table until the next meeting pf the Board' whether reg ular or called, at which time parties can make other bids or let ! the present bid remain as they may elect. f , : "Adjourned tine die? i K II. McCampbell, .: Auditof I Wish Everybody to Enow. Rev. George H. Thayer, an i old - citi zen of this vicinity, known to every pne . as a most influential citizen, and Chris tian Minister ot the Bl, ti. church, just 60 60 this' moment stoppea in our store to sav- i wisn every Doay to Know tnat 60 1 1 consider that both myself jand "Wife -66 I owe our lives to Shiloh s Consumption- Cure." 1 It is having a tremendous pale: over our counters and is giving perfect-satisfaction m all cases of Lhng Dis 05 59 05 eases, such as nothing else has donet ; Drs. Matchett & France-. Bourbon, Ind., May 15, 1878. I Sold by J. H. Canon, Muscatine, -j " (4)deod&weew 60 200 3 95 3 00 425 60 ItEWARD OP MERIT The. Uo. feOT- ernment has given not only to; Dr. Price s special Flavoring, Extracts the 2 85 60 preference, and large quantities! are shipped to its mmtary posts - 11 at&wlt, i OO' !- . . .,.,M. .

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