Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1891
Page 8
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f: Genuine Lansdownes. We are offering to the Ladies of Logansport a Complete Line of the Celebrated Reads Lansdownes, A 1 ! the Desirable New Shades. Come and see them, at THE GOLDN RULE TRAVELING MEN, Please Take Notice I have Secured a Choice Line of Gray Mixtures for Business Suits Just the Thins for the Road. Call and Examine Them. ResDectfully, JAGOB HERZ. 5,. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR 'You will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles Tours Truly, "PUCK." FACIAL BLEMISHES. The Ur K «t eitakt!«lim«lt In the world for :h» tr«U ra»to;ihfl ikla Mdi«lp,*c**n».niQlM,'>r»rU,«nr>er- Inoci h»lr, Wrthmarki, Moth, fr«ckl«", plmpi«,*r»ik- hi, red noie, red Ttioi, oily ikln, fccne, blmckhflndt. terbiiV Uch, «c*n, pittlDRf, p«ir(J*r marki, foclftl J*Y«lopro*nl, etc.' ConiuIlAllon Free, *l office or by ;«tt«r. 128-page Book on fttl Skin **d Scalp Aff«- tloni tod t6«Ir Treatment lent (utl«Q for IOC. 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U. • Loop, of Galveston, was in the city yesterday. Go to the Vendome for your ice cream, 5 cents a dish. apr23d4t See the new ginghams and new chal- lies, at the Trade Palace. You can always get a good glass of soda water at Busjahn's. apr23d'2t Mrs.,Louis Kienley is quite ill at har home on Market street. Eli D. McClain, . of Washington- township, is on the sick list. Crushed violets cases, such a delicious taste. .Try it, at Pryor's, Our baking powder at 20 cents per pound, is a world beater.—Foley. New tan color reefers and blazers and shoulder capes, at the Bee Hive. Get your bargains in hosiery now, at the Trade Palace. See our underwear. Busjahn Bros, use nothing but. pure fruit juices as flavors in preparing their soda syrups. - ' apr23d2t Absolute fast black hosiery for ladies, misses and children, at lowest prices.—Bee Hive. Trade in onr dress goods department is booming We are quoting low prices.—Golden Rule. Our lansdown.es must be a good thing the way all our merchants are using this name,—Bee Hive.' Charles O. Bower, a fireman on the Pan Handle, has returned from a short visit with his parents in Maryland. Delegates will meet at Logansport on the second Saturday in May to organize the farmers county alliance. Do you want a carpet? if so, do not think of buying until you have seen our exclusive line only to be found at our house.—Trade Palace* South Bend Tribune: Judge D. P. Baldwin of Logansport. spent Sunday in the city visiting his sister, Mrs. Joseph Hibberd and other relatives. Mr. Amos Helvie and his brother Charley v> enf to Greentowa last evening where they were called by a telegram announcing the death of their sister, Mrs. James Ulery. Owing to illness in the' family of juror Keys of the North Side, the jury in the Wolcott damage case was dismissed yesterday until to-day when the trial will be resumed. Miss "Toadie" Fitch, of the South Side, who is on an excursion of pleasure through the South, is at present at St. Augustine, Fla., where she is enjoying the chivalric southern hos- piiality. Rev. Henry A. Davis of Wheatland street church, will preach Sunday at 11 a. mat the Cumberland Presbyterian church, and Wheatland street Sunday school will be held at the Cumberland church at 2:15 p.' m. Mrs. Lucy Hildebrand wife of Abraham Hildebrand is dangerously ill with lung fever at her home' in Jefferson township; Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrand are among the first settlers of Cass county having moved to their present home in 1834. A TRAGEDY AF WOLCOTT. A Terrible Double Tragedy at Wolcott 'VcMtcrday—Murder and Suicide. Martin Ferrick Shoot* T. J, Buimell in the Back Xhcu Kills Himself. The little village of Woleott about 35 miles west of here, on the State Line division was the scene of a fearful double tragedy yesterday at noon which resulted in the death of T. J. Bunnell and Martin Ferrick. Ferrick was for 1 many years section foreman of the Pan Handle atWolcott, but for the past two years, owing to advancing age has run the company's pump and water tank at that place. He has for some months past entertained the strange delusion that a band of bis fellow citizens were plotting against him. to accomplish his ruin, and he imagined that Jeff Bunnell, a real estate loan agent at that place, was the chief of these conspirators. Constant brooding over this imaginary trouble evidently unbalanced the old man's reason. Lately political excitement consequent on the approaching town election at Wolcott has heightened his mania. The politics of the.ytown had resolved itself into two parties, one seeking to raise the saloon license, the other to lower it, and much feeling 1 -has been manifested on both sides. Bunnell was one of the leaders of the low license party and Ferrick of the high license. They had had bitter words on the subject, but no one- suspected that a terrible tragedy would grow out of the affair. Yesterday at noon when the east bound passenger train pulled into Wolcott, Bunnell walked up to the station and was approached gby Ferrick, who without a word, pulled out a revolver and shot Bunnell, the bullet taking effect in the side, penetrating- into the kidneys, inflicting a wound from which the victim, died a few hours later. On seeing his victim fall Ferrick turned the still smoking, weapon on himself and sent a bullet through his heart dying instantly. The bloody tragedy was witnessed by quite a crowd, among which were several Logansport people who were on the train, and for awhile the wildest excitement prevailed. Martin Ferrick leaves a wife and four children, one son who is telegraph operator at Effaer, and three daughters, the youngest of whom, 'Miss Kate Ferrick, a charming girl, has been attending Hall's Commercial. College. The terrible intelligence of her father's rash deed and death was gently broken to her by a friend yesterday afternoon and she departed last evening at 7:25 for the scene of the tragedy. Martin Ferrick was born and reared in Ireland. Before coming to this country he was for some years a member of the London police force, and after coming to America was engaged for awhile on the New York police force. He finally drifted west and found service with the Pan Handle, As a section foreman he had few superiors on the Pennsylvania lines, and was held in high regard by the company. He was a man of distinguished courage and unquestioned probity, and it is exceedingly unfortunate that bis failing mind wrought such a dreadful tragedy. Jeff Bunnell was about 40 years of age and leaves a widow and six chil dren, the eldest son, Bert Bunnell, being a Pan Handle brakeman who has resided in Xogansport for the past year or more. Bunnell was one of the leading citizens of White- county and was widely esteemed throughout that region. He was a son of the late Barton B. Bunnell who was prominent in financial circles throughout northwestern Indiana, and who during his life was well known here. This tragedy is one of the most sensational that ever occurred in this part of the State and White county is convulsed by the dreadful occurrence. He Will Succeed. South Bend Tribune: Rev. D. E; Williamson, the new pastor of the Second Presbyterian church, began his ministrations j'esterday, preaching morning and evening to good sized audiences. Mv. Williamson is a young man of fine appearance and address, a recent graduate of the McCormick seminary, of Chicago, and will undoubtedly make a popular and successful pastor of the little church on the east side. Attention, Republicans! The Republican City Committee will meet at the Club rooms over Keesling's store at 7:30 this evening. A full attendance is requested. S. B. BOYEK, Sec'y. Logansport, April 24, 1891. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McNary returned yesterday f rom a trip of several weeks duration through the West, where they visited at Salt Lake City and Oakland, Cal. The Battle of The Ballots Next month will decide who shall be Logansport's Kuler but that Harry Frank is the Ruler of all the .Clothing Trade is so well, known that it needs no introduction. WE ANNOUNCE The Inauguration of the greatest Suit Sale ever made by any one store. TMs Cut Represtnts One of our Leading Styles of suits in Sack, three button Cut-away Frocks or Prince Albert make. . We have in all the Leading Makes . From $5.OO Upwards And a saving- of from 15 to 25 per cent, is assured. This Cut Represents One of our Leading child suits Our lines for children and boys are Positively Great, Comparatively Grand and Superlatively. Stunning. We have them f^ f-r\.'^t—i 'i^»~i i !"••¥•• i—% from $1.00 upwards. BDYS SUITS. An all Wool Men's pants lor $1.00. A good Boy's pants 4 to 13 years for 2§> cents. Our Lauodred and Unlaundred shirts (3 for $1.00) and up, are the greatest value ever offered and warranted absolutely fast colors. Come and visit the greatest Establishment for fine Clothing, Hats and •Furnishings and we'll sell you a good flannel shirts for 29c., worth 50c. . - Clothingly- Yours,- -.'..... HARRY FRANK, One Price Clothing Leader for .Logansport and Delphi. Sure 4- Death! To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. Three Kinds of People! There are three kinds of people who are not customers of McCaffrey's, and each kind has a different reason for it. These probably are the reasons. Don't Believe It. - ; . - ' " . i • . Some may figure that as every dealer advertises the lowest prices and every dealer cannot have them, all misrepresent themselves. We publish our prices, though we hand you a sheet every .fortnight. If we are not correct, you can prove it, If_ we - are, you most believe us. •"••'',.Think Something is Wrong. There are those who know that are prices-are lowest-but^suspect that the quality is lacking. No!, that isn't where we,cut—for we guarantee our qualities. We save, by buying in large qualities and buying for cash—by selling in large ' quantities and selling for cash, we save you nearly a third by that. We do not ne4d to scrimp on quality.^ - - ••• Don't Think About it. There are those who do not think aboutsit,: yet some-of them work for'days, to earn what each mouth they might save if they only stopped to.think about it. TO WHICH'DO YOU BELONG? M. McCaffery & Go.

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