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Sept. 13. da cross ing the Clnolnnatl pjver.wlth his bi plane, George Bridges, an aviator, was drowned, when an excursion boat struck and capsized skiff. his boat was struck-by the excursion boat Bridges became entangled In the planes of Ms machine and thus met his deaths Ills home is In Kalamazoo, Michigan. lt CHINA LSED Special to the News tribune-London, Sept, dispatch received today from Tsu-Ubau says that the perfect of 'police' there ait-tempted to communicate with Cheng-Tu by imoseengers, but that the latter were iinalJe Ito get -through the of rioters who'were httacking the city at four points.

Troops, the dispatch the walls of Cheng-Tu, defending the city. REBELS IN ARE REPU her.up and. in her fright' she said1 "Johnson. i recognized me and reachetl and grabbed I did -not mean to kilt her. I pulled her out of window and do not remember any thlng else." The lake was suggested to John, "Yes we to the.

Lake little Annie and. I. 'I carried her and after I don't remember. I reckon slipped back 'to home and went to bed." Beyond" that Johnson would not go. Johnson's attprneyBadvised him not make a confession but to stand trial.

Johnson refused however an declared that he desired, to get the matter through with and to be taken away beyond the posslblity of The matter was arraigned as speed as If It had been a transfer pf real estate. The' Whole proceedings, not take half an hour and most that time was taken up by John sona He was hustled Into auto which burned up the road, to Waukon. The prisoner, was delivered, there at an early hour tonight. I- A sanity commission will probably, be asked to pass upon bis. mental, This would not bring about his release would open the, case again.

probable Outcome cf the con- trbversy' Is again sole topic of cusslon everywhere and i Germany's necessarily next move wnica muex mean war or a peaceful diplomatic defeat Is with feverish, In-teresK "The German press with some few bold exceptions, continues to. -e-gard the with" oiytlmlEm but these articles are generally; conceded he Inspired and no alleviate the feeing -pf uneasiness. I 'Army maneuvers are with 'great ylgqiy and banks continue to do business under heavy 'Withdrawals of--1 French moneyv assumcK alwrmlng proportions today. Private discount; rates have advanced" proportionally 'causing great apprehenslpn' at pe' Imperial bank. Ftflht at i.

-8pecal to the NewTribun- Sepf If fesp from Melllla, in that -hiafd iflghtlng has taken place.t' 'Motors maaa a aecermmea -aiiactc, ana ai though repulsed wIUi heavy losses In fllcted severe Dunishment on 'Gen Orozco's column ami also on tbe out -The (bst three, officers land thirteen men killed and.ouf of- NATHAN STRAUS HIGHLY HONORED jlpeclal to. the Newsrribne-VV' Sept. 1 13.KathaR. Straus, itfee flew York philanthropist, 4 tbday what Is considered the moat address of the third Intei-natlonal Consr for "th -Protection of Infants. He toM of -bis practical experience, covering a score of years, In modifying land pasteurising of milk Tsu-Chau 75 nillleB floutbeast or8treets without dressing.

DIG 14 INJURED for infant eedlng arid tqld cj.thg jtUera barb wtr ipear, AND TO DIG Special to tho Newt-Trfbune Bopt cnurr loft (ParlB ht tonight tor Berln bearing the reply of France to German's spun-; ter proposals In the nogotla-! tlons. Tomorrow mornlntf Mv-Camtton'the iFrencn Arabasgadorwil! lay the reply before thV Germany foreign office and will, begin momentuous 'conference, bet.ween the Oenwan ofTIdals ito deblde whether Germany :h.ll Eand by her original proposals, an action which means war, or act for ro-open'ing. of th- negotlatlonsj 'an- al- icrwatrver. tantamount' to complete aad.hufnjllattng Fracch In ber reply empliaitlcally re-'fuses to grant Germany's demands.

XCerm4ny: Gets -Busy Special to the Newt-Tribune Borlln, Sept. 13. Kenewed activity was manKesteil Jn. Government circles Ihd today upon the recejpt- of a dls-irk'tcfi from, Paris stating that Presi dent Falllers hakT approved the French. Cabinet's reply to Germany's Woroa- cvJn note.

This message was fiuDule-. ttiented later by another, stating that: a courier -carrying the reply hud left rafis lor nerun 1 i GARY ALDERMAN SPILLS THE BEANS AIID CONFESSES 'Special tome Nws-Trlbune- Sept'. of tHe al-; dprmen charged -wllth'' bribery liionfes- ed and the, report that councll'men will reveal theiiner. Wthe.Dean franchise, tran.s: action up tolg jcitjroday. i That the confesbn was.

given at the office" of he Iean8atiorheyB, but they refused to name the; alderman: who. had Bankus, one or the couatillmeb under arrest visited itbe' i attorney's, office and after considerable questioning; ad-nfitted that he had made a statement which bag as yet not been given out. Mayor Knotts today lssuejT a state ment denying the charges that he re- delved any graft inoney from. Dean. i i TO PLEA FOR BEATTIE'S Lj'lFE Sept the Bealbtle fanrrly in South Richmond have announced that they'" wJM present to Governor Mann a petition, ask-.

lng commutation of the sentence of Henry Clay.Beafctle,- Jr. fThis potion will be based largely, on sympathy for the father of accused, The elder Beattle is and always has been popular, and halfluentM In rbat section. OF DISASTER Special to the Jews-Trlbune Catapla, Sicily, Sept. 13. The erup- tion of MIL IStna Is assinhlng the proportions of a Teal disaster.

The lava 'stream, whose path crosses the. railroad line the' volcano, Ih approaching railroad stat'pn north and especially threatening BtatiorT at Alcantara whloh was abandoned today.v The crest oif JUt- Etna appear, to be in a state of elevation. The exadt count of the number of Assures is Impossible because smoke-, which shrouds the mountain, but there- seems to ba more than thirty openings all belcining forth lava and 8ufTerlng fpr peasantry The "eruption means great suffering tor the peasantry The slopes of Jtna which have an aera of more" than square support. a ipopulatlon1 more dense ithan any other bf Sicily ot. Italy.

are sixly-flve cities and villages and the number of i inhabitants tbtaJs: more than: 300,000. ARREST "LABOR Chicago, Wan, al- GERMANY CLOSER ERUPTION ETNA to Special to the News-Tribune 'Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sept. 13. Word cauic to the Wolgast camp tonight that Levison, of San Francisco, had wired an offer of 70 pep 'oejat'of the gross receipts for the Wolgast-IMcFarland bout, to be transferred tp that city and made twenty rounds In stead of ten and Insuring $40,000 house. Jack Walsh will be delegated to-arrange It.

"i'--' SPRINGFIELD HIT BY CYCLONES Special to the News-Tribune--' Springfield, 111., Sept ,13. Sprfpg field was badily damaged by cy clones early today, one succeed; the outer in rapia succession, anq eacn stronger than the preceding onei' The first one was at 2 the gdo- ond ait 8:30 and the third at, 4,. Sam of he people rushed to their csllarg whHe down town the residents rooming-houses and flats fled Jho 7 The streats are impassable. 1 J. thlb morning, by reason of thousands pf fallen bricks and trees.

of City Gone, The. beauty of the capital, city, Its tree, have been Irreparably damaged. Many plate glass wlndowg were blown In and cellars and streets were flood-, ed. Trolley lines all over the city are jdown and street car service la at I a standstill. The oopper roof of the.

dome t0f the state houe was blown "off, The switchboards of itlie Interstate telephone company caught fir AH! cirrrents were Ehut off when the first storm struck whUch Increase thQ fnlght of 'the people. 'No lose of life has been reponted either In the city tr vicinity, FOR EX-MAYOR. eadsvopd, years and three days In the federal prison', at Leavenworth wag the fen tence Imposed upon James M. Brenton, iformer mayor ot Des Moines byiFejjer- an Judge tnis anernoon. Brenton pleaded1 guilty to gelling liquor to Indians.

SEN. POMERENE MUCH" IMPROVED Canton, Sept 13 Senator Aitlee Pomerene, who has been, confined, to bis home by an acute attack of kidney trquble for several Is 1 Teppited much improved. NEBRASKA CORN CROP VERY SHORT Special 'to the News-f Omaha. Sent. 13.

That th corn crop of Nebraska Ig bubflU short of a normal yleldr Is 'the, statement given out today' by, the'-Nationaj Bank of after ah ttxbarutlye inquiry into crop conditions among 900 bankers and elevatpr. own ers of this The loveBtlgatloii showg a yield of about bushels of corn against a 5 year aver age of 207,000,000. bushelg. i 'EVANGELICA CH UR CHE 9. Sept.

13. Congrega tlons in all parts of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, have sent delegates; to Cln- cinnatl today the annuaj conven-tion of the Evangelical Central synqd, whiph. ylll An nrnrrnR rinrinsr thtt noxfalc Aavi A 0 Loh5ani; Crestline, is of the synod, and will preside at all the sessions, Thee ere 115 clerical and about a hundred lay delegates to the meeting; v-V?" A question that will occupy much of the attention of both clertaal and lay delegates will be the best method of conducting the home and foreign mw slnnnrv of the flOvflneellnl church0s. Several foreign mlsslbnar- leg will deliver addresses "on thlg top ic. Another important" -conference win deal with the harbor mission work of the churches.

This Is ond of Jthe unique endeavors pf the church, apd Is designed to look after Immigrants landing (n New ifork and othel potU, and especially to proteot torelgrt women and girls from tne machinations of the "white slave" agents who Infest the seaport cities and are ever on tuo lookout for innocent ivlctlma. 8ALM0N PACK RECORD-BREAKER. Sept. 13'. With the.

sal'mon packing season almost over on Puget Sound, '1t' Is estimated that tue pack of "pinks" for tW feftfon reach' T50.000 cases, or nearly itwlce as much as In any "previous ygar' fleers and forty-three men wounded. Gen. losses are unknown. Aldavo'e Removal Demanded Leading' Spanish papers publish ar tlcles asking for the removal of Gen Aldave for-his Inability to handle the situation, notwithstanding be com- mauds a garrison of 25,000 men. panlsh warships have bombarded the Alhucemas districts on the coast of Morocco; wnere numerous Kabyie vlllases "have been set ablaze.

The Moors are taking refuge in the moun tains, "where they are lighting bonfires and demanding help from tne moun taineers. 1 Custom Complaints Heard 'Complaints have -Tangier from Larache that the French cus toms officials are charging 2 per cent above the Tangier rate, on imports. As the Tangier rate lis 13 per cent ad the proceeding Is regarded as an abuse wbich has for Its. only object' the' prompting of. "the Interests of the state bank.

Eleven "British families who have been practically ruined by the French authorities bave complained, to the government of unjust and cruel treat ment and demanded ompensatlonrfor being deprived of a livelihood GIRL' FOUND DEAD BY BROTHER NEAR HOME IN DEXTER Special to the News-Tribune sUexter, Iowa, Sept. 13. With a bullet In her heart, Miss Kathryn Hoy, the, 18-year-old daughter of J. J. Hoy, a wealthy farmer living- (' two miles north of Dexter, found dead.

nasi D.KHU I 11C UVUf Wtto U1SUUVCICU by a brother. In her right hand she held a rifle. Whether" was murdered or ''Jellied accidentally. Is not known, an investigation is being made. v.

Miss Hoy left home Tuesday; aflLer-noon to "go hunting. She did not return that night and her relatives, or-gamiued a searching party. She had been dead, some tfcme when Bound. PREDICTS CUMMINS' Washington, D. That a fight in Iowa over Taint and awtii-Tart delegations will provide Buch factional bitterness that Senator Cummins will be defeated when he comes up for re-election tin 1914 was predicted by Gogre B- Roberts, director of the mlnlt, Mr.

Roberta returned yesterday from a trip to Iowa and to the western mints and assay offices, going as tar as the Pacific SHOPMEN TO VOTE AGAIN Special to the Newa-Trlbune Chicago, Sept. 13. Orciflar letters setting forth Ithe exact situation which confronts the Illinois Central railroad shopimen In their threatened strike jin support of rtbe system federation and! asking for another strike vote were today sent to members of the various unions Involved, by J. F. Mccreary, head of the federation gliop committee, Secretary W.

F. Kramer, of the International Association of Blacksmiths today that the tabulation of strike votes wiW take place in about ten days and that nothing further, could be done until the strike vote is announced. CONGRATULATE BRIDE OF REAM. New York, Sept. 13.

Friends of IKleanor Pendleton, who deserted the ranks of the chorus to became the bride of Louis Marshall Ream, son of the wealthy Norman Ream, were congratulating her today upon the return of her -new husband. That Us, they heard be was back, but they did" not see him. Mrs. ffteam denied herself to all except her mother and sister, and so the others bad 'to take reunion for granted. TWO BOYS KILLED BY JjI'GiHTNING iFranklln, Sept.

13. Jarl IHerms ot Cleveland, and Walter iMlslon House were kill wa vj uguuituK uu hiSuu. I were going through the woods and i t. i i 1 met ta'ken shelter under a treq. The .1 tree, wag struck.

by lightning. Special to the News-Tribune iM'idlson, Wisconsin, Sept. 13. John a degenerate througn drink, at ,5 o'clock this afternoon pleaded guilty to' the brutal murder Of little Annie Lemberger, who was i stolen la week ago Monday night from her father's home on South Francis street. Immediately and in the star chamber session which the Wisconsin laws allow under certain hd was sentenced to JJfe TnV pflsonmenf by Judge Donovan, And twenty- minutes later departed with him In an automobile, for the penitentiary at Waukon.

against Johnson developed as soon as the. Crime' was reported He was arrested and held by the police but retfused absolutely to confess or admit any' knowledge of the crime. The credit for the confession belongs to Edward pf the Burns detective agency. was mob violence that Johnson and playing on that 'possibllty cpnstltuted hl only tblrd degree, He finally broke down have known little Annie for sa long time. She was a pretty child and I liked here.

I knew where all the iLembergers I had been drinking. -I thought that 1 would like to see little Annie sleeping. I opened the window and It was I looked at her a The cold air woke SEVEN i'i' Special to the New.Trlp(uneW,.Niy Cleveland, 13. While tiding home from their work on a Cflftt Car. seven ouf of 50 laborers were tyiHe'd7 and 'H 'fataHly their, Itrim, was sldeswlped by; a freight on tlie Erie, south of The wreck Was a mistake In signals MAZE OF FLIER JIMMIE Special to the News-Tribune iNew (Sept.

13. tLured here and there by the maze of railway tracks which lead wcet front New York; City across New Jerseyv James Ward landed at Patterson, New" Jersey, 'Sifter flying ail day. A pilot engine gairy decked him In the Erie yards and mistaking the rails of the Lehigh he arrived at Asbrooke, New Jersey. Ward again took to the air 'and was again confused by the multitude of railway tracks. This, time bis wandering way took him to East orange where tie obtained hrs correct direction he (tarted again and 6:30 alighted at fattersoi) but 22 liiiles from his start lng point.

Wards last words were before turning In for Ihe night at his hotel at Patterson, were that he would be off again with day light, set at last upon VETS MARCH IN PARADE Special to the New-Tribune Pittsburg, Sept. of veterans, most of them beyond (hree score and ten In age, fell In behind the Iflfe and, drum today and marched over a short route the downtown streets of the Smoky 'City. The parade wag a feature of the national convention of the Union eteran (Legion, an organization of those who responded to the call of President tfWty years ago, an! who had at least two years' active service during the civil war. lAmong those who. participated In the demonstration today of the, undying valor of the warriors of the sixties was iMaj.

D. C. Boggs, past colonel of Encaaipnlent No. fl In; this, city, who Ig now ninety-four yeare of, age, "MaJ. Boggs berved In the, "Fourth regiment of tpennsytvanla' lAmong the delegateg are the four surviving members of the Sheridan Scouts, an organizatlpn which per-fprraed deeds of bravery not surpassed by any other organization during the civil war.

One of the moat noteworthy of theso gcoutg was Arch IH. 'Rowland, who for two yeara wore a TRACKS over the that to lly did of an DIE IN WRECK: 1 I of to 1 Cheng-Tu, (the capital of the province) rf CviWPhiianV lnllarifnh A I rlf a rrfk. of SzelChueni' Ip "which district a re- beUUon has occured, It is aWut'balf between Cheng-Tu and Sul-Pu; where the Britlsn refugees' 'Were repbrted as having ar-rived This afternoon the foreign office received orders frohi the consul at Cheng-Tu. dispatched under date of Sept. 9.

They state that there was fighting wRhln the.lranlts of Oneng Tu oh Sept 7. when some persons were killed and others The rebels were easily repulsed and the gates of the city were closed. OSKALOOSA WOMEN VpTE. -v'Pskaioosa, towa, Sept. ''13.

Voters yesterday by a piajbrity of 1,021 rati-fledjthe action of council Jn awaVdiiiji1 IBB' tuutiifCt "ifir building io ficft Allmost 00. women voted, 'hree-fourthg of the male, voters favdred the proposition. Work will Immediately. GERMAN-BALLOON BURNS. Sept.

13. An unaiithoriaed report states that the German military balloon M-13-was destroyed by fire to-da 'while mak'ng a flight during army Aithcugh the report adds that the. crew, was saved it lacks detains and does not even say where the accident occured. BARON UCHIDA GIVES GOOD-BY Special to the NewcTrlbune "Beverly, Sept Uchida, retiring ambassador from Jap an paid, his farewell visit to the Presi dent today. His visit was purely a formal iSecretary of the Treasury, McVeagh lunched with the President this after noon and, discussed departmental bus iness with Pp EPA RE FOR HARD WINTER.

WashiD'gton, Sept. 13. 'It Is high time toVtake off "the elbow Bleeves and knee length ones and get the heavy ones out of the moth balls. (According tp un6fflclal over the country, eiiramer is due to end tomor. tow1 and winter an early and bard winter will soon be upon us.

This forecast U' based on the. chirpings of. iue Kaiytim. wuitu, mi giu uuiers know, has the' weather bureau left at the post as a prophet of cold weather. The katydids began their chirping ear ly this gummer, and this can mean nothing say tSe.

weather but that cold weather will come Jearller than usual. Btraw hats will be officially rele- gated-to the ash can on Friday, accord- iqg to ancient usage. $75,000,000. TO AID U. C.

COTTON. Montgomery, Sept, H3. Pres-lrent Charles S. the Farm-era'' Union announced today, fo'flowlng a conference with a representative of a French-English that the syndicate, has assured any volume of Lmoney.tip to 175,000,000 at 6 per cent, lor. finano'pg the South'a cotton crop.

The cotton Hg to. be "put up as secu The deal Is- to be consummated by a committee composed of a banker and two members or tne FamnerB" Union. declared that this sum. together wltli 160,000.000 already assured from Eastern bankers, will gve abundant financial faclHtleg. hlcV allowed the train the laborers toi back on a switch ot the Beveral freight cars piled up on'itoa of the flat) Car on wMch they were fldlng.

The'unfortunat victims werr ground to and" badly waJdecj by the' escaping steam froM jhe en WARD IN FLIGHT the right road and would cover at least 225 miles Will 8tart Soon Special to the Nowa-Trbune (Colfax, Sept. Few. ler arrived here at 3:15 this with the, tngled wreckage ef what was once a beautiful bi-plane that took him from the Golden gate to within 41 miles of the Bummitt of the Slerraajn his. first days flight the Hat transcontinental prize. The flier 1b In good shape 'except for limp In hl9 right leg the, result' a wrenched hip.

"I will cross the Sierras If I have work with a pick, and ahovel to get the money I need "ho said thig morning" I am going through to New York. Grundy Just telephoned ma from San Francisco to return to Cot fax and and proceed.1 I- expect to be ready Saturday morning." confederate- uniform, making his service not only hazardous while within the confederate lines, but doubly so by reason 'of the he ran 'when returning to the union lines, djlg gray gafb often made him a. target for fa1 own He captured, (Major. IHenry Gilmoce. company with James Campbell, 'he earrled Important diapatehes between Gen.

Sheridan and Gen. Grant, passing through the very heart -of the confederacy, and often within a few'mlles, of 5 St. Louis Camp No, 15 sent a large delegation, to' the convention In an endeavor to capture the 1912 reunion. WEATHER TODAY For 'Muscatine and' vicinity: Unsettled weather, with showers and. thunderstorms tonight or Thursday; 'For Iowa; Unsettled weather with showers and Hunderstorms; tonight op Thursday; warmer In east portion tonight.

'For Illlnpls'i Unsettled weather, with showerB to- night or "Thursday; warmer, in north and west portions tonight. iForecaL, Only alight changes in the MlssJi-' sippl wlll ooeur from below Dubuqu to iMuscatlne for the next 43 hours. BEWILDER raiuijiUl uouj juo iUMvu( the es tabllshment of milk stations for the chjldren of the', poor. In New York's t.East iSlde. IMr.

Straus has also estab lished milk depots In iBerlln and oiner Germap cities and In' lrelftHd.and afl of have been bighly -succeasful. The congress( whlob' ls; composed of. medical and lay delegates from nearly forty, nations, has given Its official en dorsement to IMr. work. 'Mr.

"Straus was. largely Instrument al In organizing" the International Congress for the Protection of Infants In Paris three yearSxago. was "first called the Cpilgresa the Gouttes de Qvalr, but at second meeting In Brussels, iMr Straus had, the name changed and the scope oT the organization broadened Include a general and world warfare on the diseases of InfaAts. INathan Straus, whp'was honored by President Taift with tjie oppolntnient as official delegate United iStates to the, (Berlin congress, is a native' of Germany, havlrig- been born In iRbenlsh. Bavaria, in Sle came to the United States lSf an3 settled first at (TaTbottpn, Afterward he went'to lNew' York wade a fortune In the ipottery He is now Interested, la': (wo of the largest' department stores In New York, one In iManhattan and one In 'Brooklyn.

I'V' -'i-; (He originated In 1894, and 'maintained at his own, expense a 'tfor the distribution of sterilized milk to the poor of "New which, the of the health, department, show hag saved thousands of ypjing Uvea, He also organized and maintained a number of depots for dlstribntlngrcoal amonsr the noor of New; York.b: Mt year IMr 'tStraus'wjU. fltt'erV attacked a Wew York newspaper, and to's3've hlmseM.from iperednal responsibility he caused to be organized a committee, or prominent and wealthy New Yorker to continue extend his milk stations. Hi cojitlnUes, bow-ever to be the prlpcipaj contri'h)jtor to the support of the 'Although a Mr Straus draws no sectarian lines in Wg charity and people of all faiths and of none ifrom hlg, 'He hag lately extended his system 6f milk distribution to, foreign- countries, and Catholic Irishmen and Protestant-Germans now benefit from the philanthropy of the 'American Uew.1'; Vv Nathan 'Straus is a brother bf Oscar the diplomat, apd for mer secretary of commerce '-amd, labor in President (Roosevelt'g ttabinet, and MONTE: ATTELL IS MATCHED. New (Means. Sept, 13.

Monte, At tell, ine lormer Daniamweignip. cnam- nion. was todav matched Jdhn ny Daley, the Jersey CJty bantam, for day on Buaplcloa of having knowledge Idore IStraus, th? multi-mlUlon-of thP murder bf Dcltecttlve Thimia merchant, of 'New York. Schweigyh July 15. Nolan Is said to have threatened to "gef Detective, Schwelg.

following his arrest by the latter on May 10 for roo wbery. Nolan was indicted; but -laiter. na Rhoiff'' -'was shot in the baCkva hundred feet VI 1 a ten-round go here Oct, 2, from his home..

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