Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on May 12, 1951 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1951
Page 4
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.^ife^^^W^TA^^g and 2229-All Departments Never Underestimate The ""*•<•"* class matter at the p'oTt office in Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES SATURDAY, MAY 12," 1951 •If- Joo Rosenberg would remember his raincoat when »kle», ; are t h r e • t e n I n ?, he wouldn't have to, borrow slickers to walk between the raindrops .'..among the crowd who will be attending the St. Margaret's school junior prom this p. m. will tft . Judy Norwash and Marilyn McKenna ot the borough and their respective escorts.. .onSun- day, the group will be enjoying a, picnic... , .Beacon Palls Schaefter-Fisoher post, American Leg-ion, will soon be-enjoying- television with the rest of 'era. . .at this week's meeting of the post it was voted to purchase a T. V. set... former Governor Raymond E. Baldwin, now a Justice of the State Supreme Court of Errors will be a Memorial Day Speaker in E. F. for observances planned Sunday, May 27...Justice Baldwin as a youngster visited frequently in the community with relatives and still has a soft spot in his heart for the town.:. Several cocktail parties are being planned prior to this evening's spring formal of the Junior Woman's club.. .Francis Dellino's orchestra will play for dancing in the Blue room of the Elton for the annual event... ; Historical note.. .Salem school construction got 1 underway in In 1884... Some of - the furnaces installed there have given nearly 60 years'; of service while their life span is rated about 30 years ..;'.. there are seven furnaces in the building now. ~ ' r Thotag George Webber of New Haven was In town.the past few days.. .George is tops with the motion picture camera. Bryant Kirkendall postcards from Brooklyn Navy Yard where he is taking two weeks Naval reserve training. ..He says he met Jimmy Bovay there...that the food is good and that he's doing a. lot of marching. . .Naturally. Superintendent of Schools H. E. Chittenden says that the music acvtlvity in the public schools has been hampered by lack of musicians willing to participate •...A lot of them have taken part-time jobs alter school which leaves little time for necessary practice with a group.. .Things have picked up in the .past year though, he thinks. A Bob Golcman, chairman of the Y. M. C., A. i fund campaign, put life and humor into his task as -master' of ceremonies at the vcanvassers' .banquet. .-.His g-ags .are worth repeating-... Many persons complained automatically about the rainfall all day Friday without realizing that it was the first significant precipitation in quite some time... •And with it was eliminated a brush fire hazard that daily threatened -many local homes. Mrs. Anthony Laguna has returned home irom St. Mary's hospital...And from Waterbury hospital, Mrs. John Gothberg has also returned home...Both were surgical patients. We understand that two Naugatuck girls are now .serving with the Civil Air Patrol, of Waterbury, . .friends say good luck to Carole Ann Keller and Mary Ann Wasdo. Rep. and Mrs. Adam Mengacci were guests at the governor's mansion Thursday The Governor and Mrs. Lodge were very cordial, and "Silent John" sang a couple of songs in French and Italian. Mrs. Fritz Klambt and her sewing club will be. in New York next weekend on their annual excursion. . /Private William Humphries, son of Mrs. Marie Humphries, 210 Cherry street, is stationed at Camp Breckinridge, Ky., with an airborne unit...He joined the service April 16, previously having been employed by the Naugatuck Glass Co. The school building committee will soon ask the Board of Education whether It wishes to proceed on a plan for six-three-three for junior high school, or continue with the eight four pro- r ram in local schools.. .Local public opinion favors the eight grade lementory, four year high school, from what we hear... Mrs. Theodore A. Schrader writes us, "Many thanks to The News and merchants for the fine cooking school which was sponsored recently. Fine compliments on Miss Linehan's recipes, whidh liave been tried and proved ;rue." Festival Of Pentecost To Be Marked Tomorrow The festival of Pentecost will be observed in many churches tomorrow. The observance is the Christian feast of Whitsunday, commemorat ing the descent of the Holy Ghos upon the apostles on the Jewish Pentecost. Received a nice letter yesterday from Bill Simmons, forme Sports Ed of The News, am learn he's been prompted to th. rank of Corporal in the TJ. S Marine Corps.-. .Bill was rccallec as a reservist many months ago and is stationed at Camp Le jeune, N. C....BU1 hopes to be among some of the reserves scheduled for 'discharge within he next few months. Breed of Rabbit r.rswer 10 rrevipusruzzn HORIZONTAL. VERTICAL IFuel 1 Depicted - breed oi ,, 2 Domestic rabbit 3 "Tar Heel lOHstiur — .State" (ab.) .". WUch like thai 4 Vertex Of'the _5 Ancient .-. '-' : - Peruvian '• , 6 Indisposed ',! rodent . 7Falsehoods ,•U Hawaiian bird 8-F.or fearthat ~ • JSdKental 9 While 29 Merit 46 Appear N<porttrs 10 Small island 33 Palatable 47 Aromatic •IjlThuS ' •'• " 11 Ply aloft* 34SonofSeth plant "feEuchnrisUc 16 On top .37 Beverage 48 Seats of T wine-vessel 18 Run away .to 38 Lame bishops 17Roman god of m arry -" 41 Operatic solo 51 Rocky. fhepherds 20 Golf device 42 Lease - pinnacle »»0te;in 22 First man; 43 Domestic slave 54 Diminutive oi .A **—=>-' vSca ] c 25 Apple ienter 44 Denomination Edwarci- AO>?- S l p " : "• , 45R .. . 55 SymboLfor 28 Greek, portico weifeht , : ! selenium :aS:*stlwtod 24A 1 ceomplish 25 Promontory 27 Church part 30 Preposition 82.0«4up 85 Correlati v* of either 36 Enthusiastic ardor •" 37 Conjunction 39 Italian river 40 Babylonian - 45 Sacred songs . ,52 Cravat SSWittte--- •-<' appearance* ""— "-vfcrtat SBTMsadvantaffes CONGREGATIONAL Bev. Willard B. Soper The. church school will meet at 9:45 a. m. for the primary, junior and senior departments. The nursery, beginner and kindergarten departments will meet at 11 o'clock Morning worship will be held at 11 o'clock with the minister preach- ng on "The Companion." Children's story will be "Adventures." Music: prelude, "Andante Cantabile from Fourth Symphony," Widor; "Come Thou Almighty King," McKinley;' processional hymn, No. 15, "Praise .he Lord Who Reigns Above"; jun- or choir anthem, "O Savious Sweet," Bach; offertory, "Send Forth Thy Spirit," Schuetky; post- ude, "Toccata from Second Symphony," Widor. Mary G. McCleary is minister of music. The spring meeting of the Naugatuck Valley U ?,1SS' ation wi]1 be hel d in the Oakville Congregational church, at 3-30 o clock. Mr. Soper is registrar and treasurer of the association. The Pilgrim Fellowship will meet at •Iv, ?^ m ' for a su PP er meeting, with their parents as guests Monday, the junior choir rehearsal, girls, 3:30 o'clock; the Religious Education committee will meet at 8 p m. in the Manse; the wn? ™f dmsion of the Aid S0c , ety Tv " >et at S P- m. in the Wednesday, the Afternoon Circle of the Aid society will meet at o clock for sewing and card pl ay mg; tea will be served at 4 o'clock • he Evenmg Circle will meet at 8 " m. in the parish house. Thursday, the Week-day Schoo of Religion, 2:30 o'clock; the Gir Scouts, Troop 4, .3:30 o'clock- the junior choir rehearsal, boys 3<30 o clock; the Boy Scouts, Troop 2 t.iU p. m.; the spring rally of The 2SES "^S!!™"'*'oonSS ST. MICHAEL'S (Episcopal) Rev. Winfred B. ot, will be held in the Congregational church . °e ; an all-day: session and a most inspiring program has been arranged. It is hoped, quite a def" ,ation from our 'church-' will at- 2, 3:30 o'clock; the Brownies roop 57, 3:30 o'clock.; the Parish 'layers will hold their annual diner, and'meeting at 6:30 -p. m • an- ual reports will be given- elec- lon of officers will be held- Haris Whittemore, III, will be the uest speaker. Saturday, "Chapel Doors" VWCO, 9:15 a. m. NAUGATUCK METHODIST Church school 9:45. Morning wor- lip, 11. Srra-on by th'e;."minister, The Relationships of Home." Muc by the choir under the direction f Clare S. Smith. A nursery is con- ucted for small children during he worship hour. Monday, 8. The official board ill meet in the church parlor. Tuesday, 7:30. M. T. F. play re- earsal. •''.-' Thursday, 6.-30. The choir will be he guests of the choir of the An-. onia Methodist church.- at a diner' in the Ansonia Methodist hurch. Sunday, 3 p. m. Board of Edu- ation Retreat. The sevrices for Sunday, May 13, Whitsunday, and for the week following are: : : :' Sunday, 7:30 a. m.-—Holy Communion; server, Richard. Mortensen; 9:30 a. m., church school; nymns to be played by the church schoo lorchestra, "Our Blest Redeemer E'er He Breathed", "The King of Love" and "Spirit of Mercy, Truth and Love"; 10:45 a. m., nursery school, Mrs. George Bower, directress; 11 a. m., morning prayer and sermon; acolytes: crucifer., Honald Grele; small cross bearer, Eugene Doughty; flag bearer, Fred Hobinson; candlebearers, P a-u 1 Freyermuth and Richard Spearrin; ushers, Walter Painter, .David Painter, Kenneth Johnson and John H. Schmuck; 4 p. m. the Archdeaconry Youth Rally qf all the youth groups in the New Haven Archdeaconry, registration and assembly m the parish house; 4:15 community sing, under the direction of the Rev. Leonard Flisher, rector of St Paul's church, Wallingford; 4:30 p. m., :alk, "Who Is Delinquent Now"' 3y the Rev. A. Vincent Bennet, J.D., rector of Christ church, Fitch- :mrg, Mass., director of the Welles- ey college summer conference-and a member of the Commission on jfouth in the Episcopal church; ">:30 p. m., recess; 5:40 p. m., Evensong service in St. Michael's church; 6:15 p. m., supper; 7 p. m. entertainment. '' Monday, 3:30 p. m ., 'Brownie Troop 19; 3:30 p. m., gramma- school girls choir rehearsal; 0-3 ->• m., St. Michael's Guild pot-luck upper. . . Tuesday, 8:30 a. m., Diocesan convention in Hartford; 9:30 a m to 3 p, m., St. Michael's Guild rum mage sale; 3;30 p. m., Brownie Troop 58. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., church school meeting; 7:30 p. m.," adult choir rehearsal. • Thursday, 2:30 p. m., Weekday School of Religion; 7:30 p. m., Boy Scput Troop 7. •• Friday, 3:30 p. m., Girl Scout Troop 34; 7 p. m. to .8 p. m., adult choir make-up rehearsal for those unable to come Wednesday night. ST. MICHAEL'S (Roman Catholic) Beacon Falls Kev. Jerome T. Cook Masses at 8, 9U5 and 11. ST. MARY'S (Boman Catholic) Bev. Thomas M. Griffin Masses at 7:30, 9:30 and 11. ST. FRANCIS' (Koman Catholic) : Her. Paul F. Keating Masses at 7, 8, 9, 10 and! 11. Children's Mass downstairs, 9 a. ST. ANTHONY'S (Roman Catholic) Prospect, Conn. Bev. Thomas J. O'Connell .Masses, at 7:30, -9 and 10:30. ' . ' ST. HEDWIO'S , (Roman Catholic) ' Bev. William J. Topor -Masses at_ 6:15, 8, 9:30 and 11. WENDY, 5^, and D. SCOLL, 18 months, are the children of Mr. and Mrs. David Ebersolo, 31 New street. (Thibodeau Studio) JAMES, one-year-old; Is the son of-'Mr; and Mrs. Gordon Anderson, 110 Grove street. (Thll)o-- deau Studio) •'-• ' •"-'.•' SUE, one-year-old, is the dauch-' ter 'of MK and Mrs. James Hab-'bell, 54 Highland avenue: (Thlbo-: deau Studio) • - •• >.,-;'-..r- : .. Scout District To Hold Roundtable A Naugatuck District roundtable of the Mattatuck Council, Boy Scouts, will be held in the Beacon Valley Grange field on Monday, May 14 beginning at 6 o'clock at night, Robert Holdsworth, district commissioner, announced today. Subjects to be discussed include: Spring Camp-O-Ree for the district, summer months adventurers, civil defense and other matters.' The cook-out starts at 6 o'clock and the business meeting will begin at 7 o'clock in the evening, IMMANUEL LUTHERAN UX.C.A. Kev. Theodore A. Schrader The Rev. Treodore A. Schrader pastor, 567 High street, telephone «t93. Sunday, May 13, the Festival of Pentecost; adult membership class meeting- at 9:30; church school, 3:30 arm.; worship service, 10:30 a. m.; sermon topic "The Church and The Home." The rite of Confirmation will be administered to .Donald Radwiek, Ralph Patterson and Donald Starziski. 7 p. m. The fourth Lutheran interchurch rally will be held at St. Paul's Lutheran church on Curtiss strc&t. Monday, 8 p. m. The Church ouncil will meet at the church mil. A group picture will be taken for the anniversary booklet. All councilmen kindly be present Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Friendship •ircle will meet at the hall. A group picture will be taken at this + JACOBY ON BRIDGE + By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NE A Service Colorful Play Is Worth Study When- pressure of business forced Walter Malowan to withdraw from tournament play a few years ago the sport lost one of its most col orful competitors. In his heyda; Walter was famous for the Ugh spots that he would get himsel into—and for the way he woul WEST AJ69 VAKQ762 *Q76 *6 Sooth !• 3* 3* 6* NORTH K 4k 10983 VNone • 1095 + AKQ1053 EAST *Q42 VJ853 • 32 *B842 80TTTH (D) East Pass Pass Pass Pass V10B4 • AKJ84 #J7 Both vul. West North IV 2* Pass 3V Pass 4* Pass Pass Opening lead—V K meeting. All members present. kindly be Wednesday, -7 to 9 p. m. The In- erjncdiate Luther League will hold 1 social, program, games and rc- reshments will be served. A'group iicture will be taken for the an- boys and liversary booklet. All girls in grades seven, eight . and HOLY SAVIOUR (Polish National Catholic) 'v Rev. Paul Kozlowski Masses celebrated at 8 and ]0:3a FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Corner of Holmes and Mitchell Ave, WATEBBUBY. CONN. Sunday services, 10:45 a. m. and :45 p. m. Sunday school, '10:45 a; m. Wednesday evening meetings in- :luding testimonies of Christian Science healing, at 8 o'clock. "Adajn and Fallen Man" will be the subject of the Lesson-Sermon 'or Sunday, May 13, 1951, • Th< !, G ?, lden Te xt is fr °m Romans i:19. "As by one man's disobedience many were made simiers,- so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous." '.'. ' •.-, Selections from the Bible include .he following: " in Adam.all die, even so in Chris't shall all be made alive." (I Cor. ,15:22). Corrective passages froiri the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health' with Keys to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker" Eddv nclude the following .(p. 1710:' Through, discernment of the spir- tual 'opposite of materiality, even he way through Christ, truth, man will reopen with-th'e -key of divine Science the.gutes of Paradise which luman beliefs have closed, and 'will'! md himself unfallen, upright, pure ind free..." . ° ST, PAUL'S LUTHERAN > .,-,, Bev. O. H. Bertram ; Sunday school and Bible class 9:30; public worship, 10:30. Theme My Church and My Nation." Text Exodus 32, 26. The Lutheran Hou is-heard every ' Sunday afternoon over WICC at 1:30, WLCR at 2 p m. and over WWCO and WONS a. 7:30 .in the evening. The fourth inter-Lutheran, rallv of Naugatuck will be conducted on Sunday evening at 7 o'clock at St ilJ,' Thls rallv wil1 feature Roy al.-Car-ley; in a religious chalk-talk ana^a. quartet of teenage boys. ^Thursday: Release-time school ^:'48?,.p.-m.'; Lutheran Vespers, 8 t> m:;,oye ri .WWCO; Walther League ™. e( ?«D.& and social in the church parlors at-7:30 o'clock. r^S rda ^' Mome nts of: Comfort rATR and' WTOR, 7:45: a. m Thought for the Week: "The deadliest sin is the consciousness of no fin.7 . Thomas. Carlyle. .. HILLSIDE COVENANT .Bev. Harry 3. Ekstam Mother's Day and also observance of Penttcost; 9:45 cm- Sunday Bible school; 11 am' Mprnm'g worship, Paul F. Ander- epn .will, sing a.vocal soib, "Mor -.ilia Mor" and the choir will also 'ing,, an -.anthem. The pastor will give!••>< ^tribute- to Motherhood and -lso'-;bring'the message on the •enteeostal-thenie, "The Burnih" Question—God-or SelP 1 ; 7:30 p m Evening; Vesper' service, every- ine welcome: ;to. attend. • TuesdayAs -p. m.^ Annual meeting if;. the-'Men's. Fellowship with the election-of-officers-for the ensu- ... . Thursday through Sunday the lastor will, be- attending the anual c °. n: l e j: en - ce .which this year is in New; Britain.' ' ' •'.••.;•'•; .You' are dinner at sev- n o'clock.:,- .. -. . , WRONG: Feel you/won't be put- ing your hostess out if you don't rrive until 7:15' or 7:20, since there vllli probably be drinks' served he- ore dinner,'anyhow. EIGHT: Be prompt in courtesy •to your hostess. " ~~ "". v^il, VJ^lll, ttllQ irst year High, school are eligible o join now as charter members )efore the June meeting. 8 p. m. The 50th anniversary committee will meet at the church: All meni- >ers of this committee are urged o be present to vote on Important -natters in regard to plans' for the nniversary celebration ,in September. . ' Thursday, 7 p. m. The New England Conference brotherhood pilgrimage . will bo held at the First Lutheran church in Rockville. 8 p M. WWCO, Lutheran Radio Vespers. Pastor Schrader will have the meditation. Friday, 6:30 p. m. Junior choir rehearsal. Mrs. William Pohl, director. Saturday, 9:15 a. m. WWCO Chapel Doors. Next Sunday, Holy Communion service at .10:30 a. m. manage to wiggle out of them. My favorite Malowan hand, shown today, gives a good picture of his coolness under fire. Malowan held the West cards s.rid had to defend against the diamond slam that had been bid by Waldemar von Zedtwitz late great P. Hal Sims. and the Look it over and see what you think of your chance to beat six diamonds. Sims, who was playing the hand as declarer, ruffed the opening l/eart lead in dummy .There were tricks to burn, he saw, if he could only draw trumps and keep the hearts from winning tricks. He led the ten of diamonds from dummy and let it ride for a finesse. Malowan dropped the seven of diamonds without the flicker of an SALEM LUTHERAN (Augustan.u) Bev. Donald t. Kent Donald L. Kent, pastor, 20 Salem street, telephone 2692. Sunday school and Bible,class at 9:30 a. m.; divine worship, at 10:45 a: m.; a nursery is maintained during the Sunday morning worship service for the convenience of parents of small children. Sunday, May 13, _ Whitsunday. Confirmation, Mother's : Day; "The Gift : of the Holy Spirit," John (14:15-21); ushers, Richard Shea- and Alan Peterson; acolyte, Douglas . Olson; music, prelude, "My Heart ^"Ever Faithful, Baeh;; anthem, "Ne- Thou • My Vision, -Pearson, 'Salem choir.;, offertory anthem; "Mother," Hosmer, Sunday school 'choir; post- ude, "In An Old-Cathedral," Fos- :hmi'; sermon theme,-. "God's. Promse of Faithfulness." Members- of he class :rnaking: ; their confirma- ion.yows^are: Joel Anderson, Rog- r An'derson, Katen 'Carlson, 'Sanra LaValle, Martha Luridin; Maria Mertelmeyer, Douglas rOi SO n nd .LenaTt Peterson? Next Sunday he class will 'receive their first ommunipn. . .-••" . , Tuesday, May 15; 8 p. m. .Board f Trustees at «ie^ home 61' Adolph Nelson, Quinn street. • ' • Wednesday, May 16J 6:30 p m Luther choir, • : : . '' Thursday, May 17, 2:30. p. m. SVeekday; School 'of : Religion:. 3:30 . ;m., Junior Confirmation 'class. :45 p. -m.- Senior 'choir. 8 p. rii., Lutheran Vespers; station WWCO Friday, May 13, 3::3G p. m.,,Brown- 3s. 6:30 p m., Hartford District tewardship Planning Conference t Middletdwn. 7:30 p; m:, Brbth- rhood' field trip . to .Bethany ;Poce Barracks, hostsi Anthony Lupo,Carl Salmonson, Gottlrid Siequist. Saturday, May 19, 9:15- a . m. Dhapel Doors,"': station WWCO; :30 a. m., Sunday school ;choir:30 a. m., Senior'- Confirmation lass 2 p. m., •Hartford District ports Jamboree, at .-'William' Hall High - schoor -for^ boys .-. from • 12 to onfirmation; bring box lunch- bev- rages will be served.;' girls'-invited or cheering section. eyelash. Sims studied the hand intently DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago Mrs. E. F. Easterbrooks was reelccted president of the Central avanue school Parent-Teacher association. Lewis A. Dibble, president of the Eastern Malleable Iron company and Risdon Manufacturing company, was among new district directors elected at the 51st annual membership meeting of the Connecticut State Chamber of Commerce. 30 Years Ago Rev. Arthur F. Lewis retired as grand high priest of the Grand Chapter of Connecticut Royal Arch Masons. Bridgeport Central High school turned back the Naugatuck High combine by a 6-4 score. Joe Biernacki was the local relief pitcher in the fifth inning, and held the game for the rest of the way. and wondered if East had the rest of the diamonds. . It looked that way from Malowan's play and from his earlier heart overcall. So Sims led dummy's remaining- trump and finessed the jack from his hand. Thereupon Malowan produced the queen ; of diamonds and two heart tricks.' ' . . CARD SENSE Q—The bidding has been: / East South West North 1 Heart Double 2 Hearts 3 Clubs Pass You, South hold: Spades K-Q- 7-4, Heart 2, Diamonds A-Q-6-3, Clubs K-9-S-5. What do you do? A—Pass. Game at clubs Is too remote to be considered since yqiir partner could not jump to your clubs. Be satisfied with a part score contract. TODAY'S QUESTION East South West North 1 Heart Double Pass 1 SUad'e Pass -.'•• ' • • • '.'• . - i • . You; South'- hold: Spades K-Q- 7-4, Heart ,, 2,, Diamonds A-Q4fc3 Clutos K-9-8-5. What, do you do"? ' Answer Monday. •-"'."'/' + Questions and Answers Q—Why -la, If that all the edi- lon» of "Joan of Arc" da not hav<* Mark Twain's name on them? A—Some critics jjay tt is due tot his desire to add ,tb< the illusion that the book waS the record or another man It is, also stated that the authoi had spent many years of preparation-.i on-this work an* thought that it would, never be. accepted seriously over his own slc- s nature. . • .... Q—Is the 'hydrangea plant naturally blue in color? ' A—The normal color 'of the flow- >r is pink but by the. influence of 'arious agents in;.the soil, such as alum or iron, they become changed o blue. • -. . . Q—How long have spoons been used? . / ' • A—The spoon is one of the old- st implements: Spoons have been ound in Egyptian tombs of 4'000 •cars ago. Q—Is button, collecting a popular A—According to a recent survey utton collecting was termed' the Sird most popular hobby in the Jmted States. The other two are tamp : and coin collecting. Q—Of what ancestry Is the Dal- omino'horse? : J •" i» A—Palominos, e'tem largely from Arabian stock. This, horse is a slender-legged, short-coupled, of a light tan or cream color, with lighter colored mane arid tail We Have Your T. V.SET '—*JeeU»—- The Music Shop — tneryOttog mMlcrt W CHTJBCH ST. ;PHb!*K Good Drivers Drive Safe Cars ,: - :•_ •' '-, '.,^v' .- ' ••>•*'•-. We will check the vital parts of your car •• Special rates on most operations during May— National Safety Car Month; . — Official State Inspection Station -^ —Ford Dealers Since 87 CHURCH STREET TELEPHO»B^230

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