Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 10, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1942
Page 4
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Fom w- * < »< ;,£ ! ;./'',„< , j( >' . , \ i 11 i f j,U , ( ,' M}$ \ ,' ,. / NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS/TUESDAY,' MA ; ROH 10, 1942 w \ . Mvnry I«;vonli»H (Wxoopt Huiuiny) hy THD) NAIMATUCJK NKWS CiOWOHATION at 1 If North Main SHi'ootv- M, and UAMMl H, Vlon I H, HI'JNNKIK, TrouMiirw, PASUO • Stewart Says: in Lower Bracket* To Bo Hit Hard JJV 0»AK1«KS ' . BTFAVAIIT Columnist MIMMMD AH HUBHlillll'TlON month ,,, • «' montfiM , < < • < MATHS yoar -.. < ,.-•.< • • • — Puyablo In Advance 11 y Orrlor wook-lHo, I yoiu 1 - The -$l>,00 1 ' 1 ' 1 ^ 1 IlttM r(Kht lo UMU for In any form, all HOSVM dK fU'odlted lo Ihln paper, It |H alMo oxttlunlvoly entitled to UMO for repuldUuiMnn all tho Ifuml en 1 untlnlocl nuwrt publiHhed l« ( "' n Prompt Payment Doairod HoomtHry Mot'Konthau would ho g'foat- ly p!tw.M()d il' inooino ( tux:pay- ot'H would moot l-lujir liabili- lion I\H cwrly an yoar. Tho ht iituu o f'oro! ovor aro boutulH and voooivoH ouu clialoly, Many tuxpayorH, o IH in niotioy Hum I'U OX'POUHOH K l>y loafm and ovory dollar it ho iiHocl immo- JIS DJGTAIU '.rrofifliiry Socrolnry Honry Morffonthnvrn wiirtlmo tux« ullon'plivn l« coriwldornbly too toch- lol find comhcatod for the aver- afjc oltixcT^ to comprehend off' huncl -He wll! lonrn m ore 01 lotus of Ua niin» utln by decrees, «y the collector call n thorn to hiu fitten 1 1 on, but he can't undo rfltnnd It very fully in advance H o w e v e r. 1 #ot a 'general aummixry, of the proposition lh<? other day from fx member of the house ot repre- non tat) vciy' wuyy and menus com- nilttoo, which hnc boon doping out methodJi of complying with rocom- mondutlons from the treaaury head and before which he has 'Appeared ropeatodly n» « wltnesa. My inform- nnt knosv he was e,xa/;^e rating ulightly and consequently wouldn't permit me to quote him by name what he ttaicl wao pretty ft'oocl a« « riot overly drown CtwHwt 1' ytewurt ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO Hattoi'y dl'Loi'iioon practlco will'fob held this ut 1 o'clock'al. tho high; school, gym by tho oandUUUos.-for, the pitching and .catching 1 position ol' thu NaiigatuoU high school nine'.; Manager Bor.nard O'Connor of the; Naiigatiink high Htmool 'basob'.ill (earn aimouiiuud 1 this morning that, the Garnet and; Gray's season would l)0»o|)OMod at . Kiremon's Mold -on. April 14, West llavon, hlgli will play here on that 'day.'. Oaoi-ge '.Kolcy of last year's, ulna .and IBIM/Uhskcy. will ho out'-foi! mount!' borlhs, ami Donald Woods, Ocorgo..-: VanDelCt and flarlton Sa'u'n'dorH will be be- lilml the iniiHlc. Francis Dunning l.> : implnln of thci': N,.M-k'S, : '.'baseball team this season. Around The Clock By/'^Jerry" Doheny George Birdsall has started work as clerk at the local fc, 0, (Note—Around the Clock prediction February 19). . , . Miss Barbara Green has been elected to succeed Miss Joyce BerryVas preside Naiigy Junior Woman's blub, . /./Recent'visitors>t^ Mrs. Henry Daly a^ bes<t wishes to JolmjiHesLly/ recently ,ele'cted vice; president DRIVING THE SNAKES OUT OF, THE U. S. A. SAIHT oourso, ol Will l)f) Dili ['nil mnmm \ng thoir Hrx I • Uioro aro HOHIO MO, Tlio ituumio U gat ion if) point I, (ax in my muni-, wlio ('.in tax ifl.ui which .should h d NH War TJmo *. f A atwly o durinK tlio last war, with rol 1 - oronoo to nuitfn'/iiioH, Pdvouls that tho volinnn iuc'.roaHod from $2(y 1(18,384 iii .1014, wlion tlio Muropoau war bo- fcnii, to $78,0^5,145 in :lMf), tho yoar a I'tor tlio ntnig'glo onclofl, "With i'ow oxcoptioiiH, including paNHongor earn and (iigarotloM whloh wont down in both war VOHPH, and (iron, silvoi'wnro, 'iruisioal instru- mont.M, nhooH, travol a n d wiuwowonl,H, which wont up in .10:1.7' and dawn, in .191.8, .American industry aw a wholo inmwMod its advorlis- ing in that poriod, Tho atudy rovoalN that Iho hu'gost inercwHoH For both war yoai'H woro For foods, toilot goodn, drugs, soaps, luAisohold itonis, clothing, [mints and hardware and office Wo can't toll anybody what tho present war years wilt produce, hut alert Iwsi- IIQSH men in Naugatuck may find tho above facts inter- OMting in onmioelion with their a Opinion Unanimous Poopjo may differ witl it IfooHovolt on worm but they will ag that he made no mistake m changing (ho name of On dull; Hoad in Washington lo MacArthur Boulevard, Tl any man is entitled to have n boulevard named aft or 'him that man Is. oot'lu!inly flondral Douglas MVicArthur, Who Remombora? Wlio 'romomburs the Kellogg Pact"/ It waft signoilVwi(li'nun hoop-la, in l^tris, in August, J.O^j'to outlaw waiv .Nearly all the nations snbscribod to its principles, It didn't keep '('.lie- peace, but 'it got tho,,NpJ)pl Peaco Pri'/e for Bocrotarv -of Stato If It had copt to givo "Honry'a achcmo," he oxplnlnoc) to ino, "ly to take from tho UIN« yor, in impostw, every com ho'fi rot and quite a lot more, and then to borrow from him, out of his remaining minim " 'flu* v/ay# and moan.'i commlttoo- man didn't «pqnU of thl« program illHnpprovln/,'l.y, C o n t r tvw i ji e, ho a^'rood that Uncle Sam .'ilmply has to hftve tiif monoy, for hmiMolf and to help the* rcuii of the "Uni'locl Nn« dona, And |jv ahio mdoriiod the iclaa tlfut U'» clomrablo to impound plenty of tho public's capacity for militarily noM-cflflOMllfil buying, to pro- vont 11 from inflating u«, Still, he warned. It'll mirpmc {oik. as tho pinch roallv boffins to make itfjelf (full. Income Tax Heaviest The income tax appears* certain lo hurt mewl. Ix'cmuie It'fl most obviously ft luj; ou I-of-pocket expense Hlht-iJ in the prioot) of luxunca like lobaeco and drinks and even nrc-'cNfliuw* mien (\» food and clothes* aren't yo painful ColH'Ctivoly, in the courye of, way. a year, they may Uo more damage to an income than a dice.'!* annually or quarterly to a fnderal internal revenue oflnco, hut thuy hit the victim only a few cttntN. or, at most-,' n few dollars at u umo. wlieroaf an tnoome tax pay- morn ly apt lo run Into Uirce or moi'e njairoa par nhot,- . Boflldo.M, a thrlf^.v-indiylcliml can r'fibnowiaH? on 'lit« wmokcir and UquUI rofi'oahmontH ftiul perhaps poi'MUacfc nln vvlfo to lx^ a l)lt .000- nomlcal fit t)io grnflnr'H, find ftt tlio <lroH. c mmkor'fi and mllllnor'a Tiiore'ii no odonomlzlnp on tho Incorno tax oolkictor, though. Wo Income camera In the oft- mentioned "lovvor braoJceta" are duo to catch particular hado.s, too. un- <fnr the now law. 'Phi* higher hrnckatocmi arc a»- ncfi»o<J Mo'morcllijaaly already as* to amount almojit to oonllficatlon of tholr ontlro wtuls. If Secretary Moi'tfonthnti oop.«i off all fchnt they have loft It won't amount to much, they're hardly worth hl« while to botlior with We little follows have not boon mulcted al any JUich per-' e.ontag'uH. And we're vastly more numoroim than Lhe high brncko^- oora. .Stick us nt a stiff nclrlltlnnal rnto, thon multiply It by our number, and the Lronmiry fret,« n wulv- utantlnl total out of us In my tlmcj, Income taxation. Htfirtlnp from uoni? at all, finally horned In, ,|unl a lltLIo, and, with that Mart, Incrcafiod grarluallyi ywnr by y e a r. until Onally It mushed a point where It wan what, al tlmt Junoturo, waft rotrardofl na a middling heavy loot! Liujt yoar'a wore the hlghont ovor Tho federal deputy collector half apologised to me u« he holpofl mo to make out my IP'll retiu-n No ApologUm Now , I-lc didn't apologl/.e thUi year, howevor, though tlie' (\gure war< a few dollaj'a In oxcofi;< of tbroe llmoa what It W(u*i thon Aivl next yoar, undor the -new law. we're advised, It will bo twice or three llmoa what wore'ji paying now I t'owiaw what wan coming and Invojitod In jiome tax anticipation notow—about half enough, though the bill for thorn made my bnnl< account uoho I don't much like the Idea of a law requiring my boss to hold n porconlnge out of my weekly pay chcick and turn the deduction m-cr to Unolo Sam on account of my tax, duo In March, J.D-1,'). It .scorn's llko a dictatorial Interference with my poi'aono) /Inanciorlng And yet I'm not MO mire that It Isn't the only way for Uncle Samuel to got .hla dough In thi? generality of ln«tanco« I've my doubu» If tho average «mall brackotoor haw tho Dtrongth of mind to tinvo, on I of hla sv.ookly or monthly stipend, enough to moot the #overnmon('?/ roriulrcmb'nt on March :tO of next youis• Porhapa It will be a kind of a moroy to him to have Htich an ImpoaalbHIty taken off his l.uuui.s by Tronwiiry Socrotary Morgan than Otherwise he's liable to bo'aoiit to JftU< ns a tax clod.fsnr, like Al Capono, onmp, Modern Wood- jiion of Amoi'lou, has HtarLud'n mpm- jdi'Hhlp (mmpalHii and the follow- < UK committee hay 'boon appointed :i .Uipiiurd Mulvoiv chairman; .Joseph , lluyrioIdH, CllwNoH Slahl, .John I, Konnoy, Honry Zwlok and '.luirlcH 1-1, Manvillo. St. Patrick's clay wl!l : bo oolo- lirakul by Iho NauKatuuk division, A. 0, M., and thd hudlos' auxiliary Krldiiy rJghl. at the Hihorulan hall: An onloi'talnwont program \svlll -be I'oncUiPud, dancing will be .otijoyod and rot'rnslunonts will 'bo served. Prominent local men will dellvor addresses, The _ committee of ar-' nmgnnUHitH consists of. David SI, John, chairman; 'Timothy O'Koefe, William Pooling and James Murray. Jrndour .who IH l.ruln- •'nurso lit, St. Kranols 1 ; llurH'ord sponl, J.hc, the «iiols of Mr. and Smith 61' North -Main / To^my; I^Adx<^^^a^ier /Large Luderi\Jc:;i\Iaci;^ Y^it friends here durinf? tlieviiex^vw^eefe 'v ; .-:^ Tom^: forrrier -Representa- .- . ^J-i' -• , '".,*•' v - : • -'-i' ' • A '• . • '• * •' . '•, • ' ' • •*- tiye to; tlie, :6eaei'a|-J^ei)iftl^ja.s ^yell^riown fiere,. as, of COUl'Se, is/Jlls^OS^ ; .;. ;j;/' • .;''.; v^'••.'•:. i'-'^''-:.;" 1 '- •':•''.. . Msgr. ,Jo!3 Ji Fit^erald is griti,fl^ in which his paris^oriers :iaye talten paTt in the annual noyena in honor of.\1jKe'-^atr^ S Francis Xavier. . ; -. : /;V ; : -:::}^'\::'.i '•-:;;/.:''.-;';',^--;^^ • '•',••'•;':;:v;^; ; - . Faces About Waterbury . bound, .with 'daughter, dressed in. blue. John Shea and Elizabeth y an Delft ; liurrying for a soa t^aboard a Naugy bound l3us i'romVWaterbury. ., Kva InK ]° bu a hospital In. MI-.M, Thomas wo (HiSfiH ol' Hoarlol. frv(M- \VOIMJ Hirl.od In iS'autfiit-iwk lusL wonk, ei'o «ro aboul. six onsos of HoaV- t'nvtT In the boroiiKh at I. he. o.snnl I line.. Tlic.n 1 , urn no onse..s dlphtliorla, Thorn IB imiinpH 1 In Aimoniu bul. no oasos that hnvo buini reported Nuugatut'.U. All'i'od llrownlow rd' Mount. Vernou, N, Y,, spmil. Sunday his p/in.'iits, Mi 1 ,, and Mrs. Thermos Urnsvnlow of Pullor Htroot. let Kounnlh »lohu«on 'Of- S spent Sunday, with, parnnts, Di-. •ind Mrs,' 10, H. Johnson ol' Church The Womnn'H »iuxlll»ry |.o 1110 Y. M. (!. A, lin.s iniiclo urruhgo.nM'.rits Lo llK'ht niondln« rlono for the who have- rented room* in Ihn ilnUon •InjIldln'K, A \voniun IHIH 'hoiin uiiK'UKCfl lo do Lhls. \yprk. I're.o of olmrKO'l.o the roomors. /rh(j .day, on whloh Hho \vlll ha nl Iho buMcl- liiK will !)o unnounr.ed lal-oi 1 . , : •liickHon, n I'ornior rc.<ii-' ilenl, of l.hl.s borough who now ,i i o- : Mid OH In Pltlshurg, Pn., ..sponl Sun-' day with rolnLlvcs horo. yoslor- vlujnlly nf Naugatuok and (jMaoon .| ( 'aJls. Suvoral robins hnvo boon, aenn Irt tho borough rc- odnlly. OtlifM 1 algiiH of spring arc In l'Y)r liiHtniJoo thu boy.s luivi! Hl,arl.iul |.o play "miffs" In, Hfivoral junior' bnsnbu'II l.uaniH hiivcj been out practhilnq 1 luring thu pusl. l'o\v clays and rollur skates aro ngaln In ovldonoo. , The Ancient Order of Hibernians and Auxiliary will honor the memory of. Sti Patrick in appropriate manner next Sunday. . . . Local Elks will hold their St. Patrick's! dance Saturday night; ; V *-,_ ^ • ~j—• ••'»«» —.'" . ' • • ''.'. Wei faro Commissioner Leo Scully .acquired an en viable coat oi: 1 tan on his recent Florid a, trip.;. > . Mr. and Mrs. WiJliam Boies leave.-toda^, for P.ompaii.o, Florida,. where 1 they will be registercclat the liillsboro Club, ... Carlisle B. Tuttle is registered at "The Breakers," Florida, • . ' ' . ———•»>•» — • —~ ••..'. i . • ., Mr, and Mrs. George Grenier are looking forward to putting two candles on their wedding anniversary cake very soon, , . , She's the former Helen Standbridge. . . , Alletron. Chapter, Royal and Select Masons (from the Borough), will exemplify tjie mos-t excellent ^master's degree tonight for the Eureka Chapter at Waterbury. . . . Miss Diana Lucas of Middlebury has-been named promotion manager of "The CoUeg-eiNews,"" at Bryn Mawr. •+••*» ire.e, deer woi'o arinmoon In Mie. H bronk, hotwonn John E. Gaskey, assistant general manager of the'loca] USB, has been n^viiied manager in .charge of the new-..Pennsylva n i a Grd naiice Beppfc; wlierer.IlN^rf or: /use of the armed .forces willbe ma]infactnred, :: , . . It-^s a big 1 . 'assignment, •.- ' -x ....;'• •;•'.'• ••.— ^ . .-?»:»..' .'.'" ••...:••:- •:^ / ''-' ' '• ' •' '-.' iDid you know that .Tom Mooney, nationally known labor leader who was buriepl yesterday, once worked iri foundries in the' NaUgatuck; Valley? Before his 1 unfortunate experiences resultant from the .West Coast Prepared ness Day Bombings, Mooney: worked in , ; c ore- ma ker. We recall wr itihg a feature •• about Mooney ' Connecticut activities :at the time he- -was Released ';. from prison some three yeairs'ago; ';.-' v T • ..-. ' ' :.•'•• /••: • •, •';••. • •-.' • ,-~~" — '»'«!», , '.. ", .. ! -- ; ' / '• -:'. '• ;•'. Lieut. Gray Gommins, ."CJ. 'S. Army ? .will remain 11 for : .tbe next three weeks -bef iff THURSDAY'S CHILD VERA BROWN FROM THE OLD RHYME: "THURSDAY'S CHILD HAS FAR TO GO' Nanatuc -before repo.rting 1 i'oi -o From Other Newspapers OM-J HUM) On rondltiK l-ho rcoommondu- IOMH of TruaHUi'y .Soorntriry Mor- Kf'aUuiu, IIH l(\ a rnvomio nioftKiii'o l.o nincl. tho uapi'nnochMil.od \var nxpotidll.ui'PH of Uil.s country wo nro rominrlnd of Uin old Aesop's I'd hl« In which l.ho mountain . la- hororl and was dcllvor'od ,of u, in thin uaso porliaps' If, would bd inoro ns-Hural.n . lo.wiy Mi a I- l,ha riimiHo pi'oriuond n mnun- lulii, Uio iiioiiMo hnlng Mio OK- l.c.omod Suorc-Lary of 1 l.hc, 'rrousury (uul l.lio nmuuliUn • Jiuinjc tho inoiiiilnlnous Inoonio l.a.x of unpro- ooMnnlrul proportions which ho pro|)o«(!,M (.0 levy on Mm .oounlry., \p\us Ihn Home old (.nxos— O\KHV- dUn.s, drinks and KUHOlino at higher I'lil-OH, Mr, MorgnnMnurn mind can work In no ol.hnr dlrootlon, Froin lh«' boKlnnlng of hlH oiiroor ho 'has honn nuinnly a hlwh Inoomo lax man nnd ho now br.lngn 4h«t pro.- posul up Lo Ihn 'form \vhoro IL Is oonflcalloii. Ha fias a Imrp; one fltrlng and, hu l.hruins oh II, active duty. :-H<5-received notice -of a'mpTitli y s deferment the night before lie was to**don uniform last-Tvtcjsday. . .'; Burgess Joe i)innon.y. leaves Natigatiic| i 'M^i k cli.l9 at 7 a. m. to answer a call to the-colors 1 .;. . . Clftck JaniJc is awaiting service orders;.... . Ed Kliniaiv leayesdor s<3r;vice March,24 with a contingent of Waterbu^!draftees- • ; : 'Clemmy 'St, John yisited'^'th^Ker'.' Vivian'i Boston during the week-end.:,, ; Ken Davis is back with the U, S; Rubber,, . ; Sill ; ^veeneyha;S; transferred from the carton plant to the n%w plant "working'on defense production, :.. ; . Joe Kenishea//boss of the local unit of the USRWA A holds the respect,of ilabpr leaders and employers in this section, , .... He gets-things^ done in his own quieK way, • -••'•,. • -.-••" -:>i.r-- ;.-. . • ., ..-..-• • - , Told onjoying* to--iis by oneAyho 7 :know's: 'Mrs. Omar Gibbs is her annual sojourn' : at Florida, .... .'Dot Lewis visited recently with.her folks at North .Chelmsford,. Mass. ._. . Mrs. Laura Oliver Murray-;is a r-egrilar visitor to Camp •'liJdwards', -Mass-,; where she visits liev'hubby, Private Jimmy Murray..-. . .Jimmy Oliver was : in ; Bristol, R. L, over : (;he week-end, He-shoiild be/arVIe'te drive -tha.t route.blind- Folded. ;•:. . Alice -Murray^ likes; heruiew jo.b at U.S.ft, . lOrine' Weyermajin presents'ai- snappy appearance " " " blue uniform. . '^ , ,..;•.-:• •• ' . ••..-''.. ••--.- s ' n CHAFER TWENTY-FOUR "I'd •' have ,.to give up my apart- and , what' 'about Octavia?" parried :*Sonny,' not at all enthusiastic over-this school idea.. • ;;"We^ll get her another job, and as for the apartment, we'll lock it up until vacation time.- Then you ,can do it 'over." '"But I don't go to school. "It's-Janice's idea, to get rid ofme!" ; Kirk .;.turned scarlet. "Don't be tidiculpusl" i "She hates me I She rtoesn't want me;'around!"- . /."What difference does 'Janice make in this?".. ; •''You're, my guardian and you're .going; to. marry her I" • • - . "Don't worry about that until it happens. .It won't : be for a lor.g; time,'".'he-said'casually; ' .' ' : -•Sonny .brightened, ' ."Shp: thought of it, just the samcj.I*': she persisted. . . ; '">You're' behaving like a spoiled child. I've had it in mind from the" Kirk stood 1 up: "I'm. going now. Think over'-what I said. It means 'a-' me but I want you to,be contented." : : : . ; ^ "Then let me stay here, near you." .."I'll come to see you. I swear it. Christmas vacation "we,'!! celebrate here in New York; A grand party." v . . , , ,- r ] She walked to the door with him', He .put both hands on her shoulders. "I want such fine things for you. Tom did too. That's-why he went:to all the trouble to, see you would have plenty of money. ,1 see in you' what he saw—the makings of a lovely woman. We must not diaap- -point him." .•<•• . . , "No." Sonny's lips were^ white. He bent and kissed her quickly. As he opened the,door, he added: "Carol wants you to meet her at the Plaza for tea at five. Until tomorrow then." . , .- : Sonny stood where he left her, her fin : ger tips touching her lips.where his kiss had been. . . cost about $9 ; 00 for next term. Her .expenses are paid until February. I-thought if: I,.didn't come in over, the hplida : ys that woald save maybe,$200. riLtake.a cut • in'my. allowance. <I can manage on $.40;less a month. That \yould make up more-than half of it. And.- if you could advance, me the.balance this summer I'll pay . it back,from my allowance. • : .. Alice .i» to think the school;-is giving her a scholarship, and; • Mrs. Metzger will '•. arrange it. What-do-you-think? iv!;-:;-i!, , T'll hater not seeing you, but. • maybe ; you.''can ••come 1 ;up" after'••• Christmas. It is' 1 now and I'm ,trying to. ski a lit-! tie,, haye b.unips on, both shins. There's the bell. I'll . write at, . the end- of 'the week.. . . .. . All- my love, Sonny,'*. Kirk put the letter down, got up and went over to .the window. .There was a faint smile on his lips. He was totally unconscious of how much of his waking:.time.'.'he spent thinking of the red-haired girl up the Hud' ' ''' hn f liooMl dolmiMn dfujiicllH aiv^ ui'^lnx their aKt'lrulturul (HHiunlll.neH v lo lake an tmllvo part In Iho'sulvugo foe vlnlory. {»uupal^n, Molnl,H, \n\v- la|i -'hn^H, and pfifckhiK oai'lons n.rn hnpoi'lanl, (H>nl-rlbul.lonH that funn- CM\M .inlnhl- make to tho program, th(V Yfomocratio oiir.iiy, _ a-;':falso awiso.of so-, ^vo arc not aclvisod, l-rouhlfj 'with 'IhlH Idea Is. il, In raise 1'our-Mfl.hH of tho fcovormnont's ne,\v rovonuo onl.Irpr ly from !hOHO'\vhp aro paid snlnr- Inn or -wnijnH -(or 'a much '.amftllor. K''oui) .nnJoylnK-tlnooino from dividends) iuir.1 to; omit from tho oul- onlftUpus ol.hor» -who arc onjoying an oqulvalonf, ' kind of ' \vonllh wlthoul Lho transmission of'mb;noy,' p 'i\o -ilotihl, Hie Lhoory Is •souncl l.hal. mone.y .must "be l.akon awtiy from Lhosn, but, II, Is not Hound. 16 Invy , Lho ."on'tlro lax; upon thu wngo•i.oru.'iiij'rs .and salary workers of f.lto oounl.ry.. Sooner or later ,a. inrjro general distribution of Uio'luirrlnn by ino'iihs of n-gcn- pral Halts' l.nx, -possibly excluding basic Horns of food ami.: •clothing j will bo fount! nooossary as Uvo only ' syny by/whloh ' l.ho * mouoy can ho pftlsprr In tho Jong run. ..' .For .tho olmnof^H nro al. loast A recent issue'-of Traffic Topics^-' : a publication o the State Motor Vehicle .Department, relates that Nattga tuck had six more traffic:accidents; in;^a;nuary, 1942, tha in^the same month bf 1941.'TheJfigures -are:; January os To i 1 , noxl, 'yoar Svoiild-^n'oL a prqporl.ioriHj.cly 1 'V'.l^igh ' I n :* l,n,\(.fs, • On l-h n 1 .con U;ary, : i t- vis qiilto likely Mm(/ the' ,salai'ios v and ifujoincs .-on wliioh.-. luxos. niusL'-,;:|je, pnid noxl yoar 'will he '-smaJl«i: f.'-arid- 1 l,l.i ft I. (ilrpady J.h'o lavy.'.oC.-.cllmjh'jshH.iija;-. roiiirnh' will- bo aL vvorkln this /!eUl; The trouble :\vil,!i- Mr. II mil's wlio.lo Jndom'e . tax; ,-U'iHl. It pt'jDiJocd.s ' nmi.nly,, I'rpm socfalfslfu-mlnrlcti advisors , oi'. .dcparimonl, .w.lio. .'trbak Inoomos us' a sourcjo of. revenue ; to. •LfixpU,', )).iit ,as. a, .f.Qr.m.'fdf 'of % ijiifc j bo punlsliad, The, , Inopmc rnaimgdrl' on ^tli'ftt- tlioory>: ' '••= X •..•'••;; ' ' . Jijs -bo 't6' TKII IT TO THE MAHIM5S •lenLhCnujok thrtf,-enables;him to dia llngulsliii'trrutii;.-• t'i-oni Xaisehbod ? : . : ,01(1 {pamuGl . Papys' givQ.s : .onQ;' 'Acobr'tl I n ( g: 1,6 h i m', . som c \oflu •f.lj'afl •'l,b]tl' Kiri$ Chiirles 1L Uia there 1 ; woi-c. wi'ngeci /Ish in••''tropl- cal :( wntprifj'?tliat-'liracl' neon'.soon to 'i'ly. , r rh c '•. 'k(ng ..Avas" inorcduIous unlJl; Ill's, cbloncl of. mai-irios nV : .'h I m '•••-- i-thutv' 1L •' .was . truc lioi-cupoh.v"according { ' to vPcpys, ClKirfOR-. decia're.d-. 'ibitt-'.^from:- Llic very •natiij'c^or/.lhcfr: calling,': -no' class; oi- pur VsiilxjccLs can have ; so wide,' a :'kno\vledge-', ^of. '. sca.s and « ..lands as the officers and'-me'n ol' • -J^piir '•.••,'..: royal''.,' : maritime ','rcgiinonL .(•HqncBi'orth; '. ( \yheneycr; we . cast ^'ijpub'l'iipbn.fav.liale^'lJmt laok'eljv' like- :.j1fhod(l,jvyc wiliaejl;!!, to: Uie marines. " fell, is'safe to, say il, scornful answer Lo 'Lho Axis duscrlpLlon oi 1 ihe.,.ynitecl i Status 'ns-. a -"natl'Qh 6f^,w0a;k].ingsV^'! "fcbl them'' tbl'l 'that..,to the. marines" a- use us -has -ever 1 . 100 to :l ,:that Mr. Movtferithau .[ \vas as .oholoc svlth his 'single, twok mind has 'al-,| boo.n inado. of ' ronily dxplodod'. tho' 'limit of In- v [«l«ng 'phras'o. But •Svivy : ;do:.we' tell oomn tax • rohirns nnd (lint his (all stories lo Ihn marines? What brnokols-whioh lie propoa- .powillar quality Is I hero- * In ,.,«! ;.; ; ;At; Jeasf;:: tliah : ls ;pn!c'story. , But |ip:, WaUci;.• ;ScoU,-qh /'Redgauni- : )oT,; ni .'iVas;'ohe:,'o'f';lvis i/oh.aracters say. • JfFe I j ; ; til al. :,to -rl'h e v n lar i iios™i,h e. ,sai lr pj 1 *. \vo,n l i .bp/lioyo :ili, ; ^ ^vhich is a far 1 " 1 esij 'i^c'oni ID I i m eniary "• ; l,real.'hven t, 1 ' oi I he marines. Now'SooU was a or?)Popya and rc- Kirk, nittingr at his:desk one bl^ak December mornings tried to be casual-as ho took the letter his secretary handed him. These weekly letters from Marlboro had become more and more impbrtaht;in his life; That was because, he told himself,- it was fascinating to see Sonny change, grow up. A lovely, .child. The,experiment had worked'better than he dreamed. ;He tried to be detached and adult 'about 1 . her> but the memory of her / lau'8:hter spoiled his pose^ ; He rjpped open the smart white stationery.. Last August it would •have been pale blue,Jie was sure! It was typewritten because she wanted •to show'liim how she had improved That noon he had luncheon with 'Dick'.and told him about the letter. "It's amazing.,walling to give ''up her Christmas holiday in I^ew 'York.. She is developing real char- acteiv Dick." ' , The attorney nodded. "I almost fainted the, first time I saw her this fall. When we. got_put of the car and she came running '.down;' the stepsi 1 couldn't believe it. And it had; only been three months. That Metzgor.woman has done wonders." • "We were lucky there. She adores Sonny." ' • "She'd-be ideal to take her to Europe next year." Kirk .agreed: "I've thought-; of that. .1 jound ,o'ut a liUJe aboiitvthe woman's financial situatiori : / v? 'She doesn't have .much mo'ney... She's,^ Vassar, graduate and I think'she mig;ht jump at the chance'.- However, .we'll wait and. see how turn out." '. • Dick came back to Sonny's prop.-, osition: "You're going to let her do it?" . : .,; • • •:-;•. •" ; • "Of course. But' I'm'going-to deduct' th"at"$40 : every "month." " ; ",'.". •"You're.a hard taskmaster^" •' ' '' "It will do her good." ; ;. An. .the.ffijrl.'.wcejjingy.had asked just how she" could manage it. ';.' "When I .was your age,. I didn't have to ask such questionB, DM your head 1" •.', . .; T.he; day .before. : ,New Yo&r's, Kirk got v to .his office early. The : w;ork^ ; was piied high on his desk, Janice.telephoned;at. 11, wanted him to,» taker,. b,er • to luncheon, but U pldadeid /, business'.. He had, a tray sent iri 'and •;kept;on. working until one o'clock. Suddenly he threw down his: pen.\-V.To; the- levil with ttl" '; * AH^mo'rning he had been forcing, himself to wo'rkV "It 1 was no;use, ; Hc, w6uld<g<>.-to-M^rlboipOf-'He.could get i there' in; two; hours ' easily and be. back for the ; eight ; o'clock dinner, "I'm not sure that I']) be back," Kirk r t'o)dr his secretary as he left. ,El}>a; smiled.;. She knew instinctively- where he was going. Thero had been,another, letter, from Marl* boro.that niornui|$v Kirk, felt gay and festive as he left' the^'garage,- turned his car toward the west side highway, nnd started for George Washington Bridge, Once in the country, Ae stepped on the gas, anxious to arrive at his destination. The drive up was beautiful and Kirk felt like a kid oh a stolen holiday. He drew up in front ofvMrs. Metzger's house be-:; fore three o'clock. When the door opened. to his ring, Sonny herself stood in the hall. "Kirk I" She rushed to him, threw both .arins about his neck nnd he lifted" her off the porch floor in a big hug. ;. "Can't you let a fellow in? I'm freezing!" , . Excited.and laughing, Sonny Jet Him, i«to- the! sitting-room where a "Dear Kirk: This must be ; ju'st a note because I've a class next . h'our but it is important. I hate always^ to be asking you for more money,' but this, is the situation. ' .-.'•-."• : You remember Alice Wel?s, the tall blonde.girl who has been .so nice to me? You met her^. when you were here just before^ Thanksgiving.; Her father ;has failed in -business arid Alice cannot come -back, next term. She; is a 'senior and very brilliant. The dean has, promised her a teaching job if she .uates. I talked to Mrs; today, and we figure it. would As the holidays approached, Kir.k had half a 'mind to tell Sonny to' come to. town and Have her alloW- .ance deductions start > after New Year's. But that, he. told himself, would spoil the whole thing. Besides he would not bo able to-see-much-of her as Janice had his time, pretty well booked. So he gave up thinking about the situation and went -out and bought .Somiy'an utterly extravagant watch, a huge bottle of perfume, arid a new ski suit. • Kirk telephoned Sonny early Christmas morning, 1 arid the sound of her eager voice over the telephone cheered him up the whole,,long difficult day; That first Christmas the Hollister home since Tom gone was a tryi ng one. ; Janice had hoped for her engagement ring f.or .Christmas but Kirk bought her'instead a handsome star sapphire,dinner ring.. She enthused over % the beautiful stone, ,but her mother,: was furious. , "Make him set the, date, Janice. ^TMa is ridiculous/' ••'.-.'-' -::'-V"'^ •"• ••".•:,.•.- : •. in had "I' ctlnj^believe you're herd" she '."s.aying, dancing about. "It'i the nicest-.New Tear's gift, your coming 1" ,.. ' . v They talked'tor a while, and then Kirk suggested a .waJk. So shortly the; two of ....them, were swinging along.the path,;intp Marlboro woods, ^'.viSonhyf talked-and talked as though there were not; going to be enough timeTto;'tell. him all the things she had on her mind. ;n they returned to tlie house an .hour; later,. Mrs. Metzgcr had tci rea"dy>- : Shis'asked Kirk to stay for dinner. , - ,-, 'He'll have to. get back to New ^Y.ork," Sonny aaid. ''You know, it's ;New Year's Eve." ':• "You.;dqn't seem very anxious^ have me'stay," Kirk teased. , ."Oh l Kirk. I'd adore it, but I understand." '?\ : He stood up: "I might telephone, :,,Maybe I could,beg off until later." i The telephone .was in the library. Sonny took him in there and left him alone; When Kirk got Janice on tho phone he asked, "Would you mind very much if I didn't get over to your house.'until about 13?" : Janice was all consternation: "On. Kirk! What would we do about the table? It's impossible 1" ' "I'm afraid I won't have time io make it for dinner." "Where aro you?" -'I had to;drive out into the coun- "You're in Marlboro, aren't you J" she demanded. "Yes" -' = JL \LsO» . . \-f " . (^To,-, be continued) • CopyrUht by V«rt Brown! DlUrJhutitil by Klnf b>«lun«» Svnrt Inf lewod i'favppably^liho' first .edition oC IG 'diary. But- "RedgaiinUcr 1 • ap- oared in'.'-:i824,. a full : year, before oi;d• Braybroo'ke pubJishod tlie llr'st: volume of Pepys and' two" years- be-' .rot'c Scott's rcylow ,fipj)cared • in Tli'c 'Oua.rl'CPly; . Evidently; whatever Clmrlps^ IT.;s aid, ..the accep.tcd meaning of I he phrase used to be that HIP, mnnnos \\eron'l as quick ns sailorsjn flclcctmg lins, Iluppily, il Jias : a /new-inVeaning./now,- given nt ^y.;.l.lio,PresMcnJ, 1 s oliallcngc- Lo the Axis;':: =.•'. • ••.•'-.•"' •-. '•-• ....... .- A compact effecUvcly combining . . -. , s 'Of l.he • State DC- .'•fense. Gqunoj.l and l,hc American ,Hca .Gross during emergeiiclos,' raid^ and disasters has bten ny Tolonoi S-mniPl }{. Fisher ait' K/i P6inei'6y,l director of Corp 'Apca'.ne'd' Gross c field .offi^rs. The first of'3l;skin;d in Cpnneeliciil, '• |1C 7' 1 pact -\vjll brftig. the full force of J' agencies- intd;.swift aclion event of nn air raid or onior Try a Class!ned Ad to < defense adinlnlsinUor, and ilnroidj odds'rind finds, ilsposc

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