The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1934 BTiYTEEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGTF; TfiRF,!.; Levee Board Musi Answer Pecan Point Landowners in Federal Court It's Up to the Women f!Y MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSKVF.LT Lot's Klrvato Domestic, Service hntdly expect that any advimce toward a sn I Is factory solution o( those problems will lie mndo in HIP future. Tninnrrnn 1 : Business Tralninir for Women. ^Copyright. 1033, by Anna klcmior Hooscvdi; ilMrlbiiled liy Unllod l-vannv,<<', Inc.) JLepanta Will Stage Big i ! July Fourth Celebration 21— F«l- . There is one iy[K o( oociipMisn In llio.s and iirf always (Ulmml to i yesterday which women ure largely employed W( >rk .is ninny nours ns l.s cunsld- | Iii! ], K |> ANTO Ark — A mnmmoli and iwliliral rally will lie MS cotuury cuinixirair.t.'iy ic\v uuun-^-;.^ ^ of lie .scrvtinls a,Kl there, nro r.lill only ' 0 | ,[ ]( nd ; n. smnll ninnlw of honsc'r.alds! J|)]nrj wlicre the home maker has »>'>• nvltli't.-T^i'iV sra'li- -imTVioVnmiiy .Uniis'fli*. illHi'noycV'oVckson.'|josi palrl ni'Hsiani.s. but in every coin- , lm|| . s „„„,,,.„. Ul ,.,„.„ ., , lnl . . comimmiW. j,ia(o<l thai n full (lav's mnnlly (here are .some Households , f .' I Olmlsci , 1<>lu lllls | K , cn j,,,,,,,,,,,. ,'„. LllTljE ROCK, June era! Jndi!P Mnrtineuii , , - Lwucd nn order to show muse why I which is entirely unregulated. i'i; crctl new :«,nry. T.-.i-y nave Uii- In-'.hold lioiv July 4 i, y ihe l.ions club a mandatory injunction .should nol''he okl dayi tlu-re \vet? in L " ls ' n-mi of UK-pu-iiiou" llself m iionrl and Willie I.innb i'o;t Numlx-i- 2(1. foe L^surd 1,,-nliisi tlif- St. Francis coinury coniiraralii-tly few domes- ;. |s [h( . cxo( , lllKs , , U1S lh ,. i, nm , sl .s' Amw !r.m l.cainn. (U-dlcalliiB Hi? Lovcc Distrla for payment of lie servants and then- nro.still on y u( Il]( , bl]si ,, P: ., . ls „ w | lr)!( , ,„ llis , H , tt . ,. u k $123,017.50 to T. J. nancy and'"- smnll ninnlwr of hons<v.alds, jnlnd , |t C0iu . fl . iul!l 0]lly j,,,,,, s . Mo ,i )y pnMnv of the oilier owners of land on Pecan "' '•—'" •""'""• '"" "'"' -• Point, in Mississippi county. The hearing will be held July 2G. | nmuny (iicr<- mi- s..,,,.: ,nm-».-,iuiu:. r<| sum of m0h( . y ! iinuiseinenl luis Ix'cn pli A mother. ;i nursi- or a novnuew ' clllc!ill E h| wl raclni;, iilrpliine rkl«. 1 rpmcmljci-readlns in sonic e.inyjjj. in U)U ,..„.,.,„„ whej .,, Hiilclivn imi'.c.sis of nil kinds. ]>ollticu] .spcak- and :i dunce ;\l Hie American , ..,,-„ - . • .,,.,..,, ,...««....„-., w. .v^,,...!.^. «..-„ i.>.-, ; ..lo» community inn. unusual situation. | or t.wo of lu-r fnends daughter.', n The I/ivi-e llourd had con.strucH-. and lead, them liflw lo do cr-ruiin ed u lem- arouiwl lh<> |u-nln.snl». : things In thc household. T.-ut WHS ,, (1| ., irih ] x . r ,,r ., iiomr-l'oH The known us Perm, I'oinl. The levee the <i,,y wht-u drw-.slH: scrvi.-c Had ! !"' Vf I i i,, , t ',J „ m Ini , Ihn, built was nine mile.s lone/no, .sunk ,o the lowly place wl ,lc:, , \£^ t ^ ^..t'^ £L i When the BOi-cmincnl look over i:now occupies in me scale of em- ! „„ a ,. C3ti | :lr unless basis a.Kl the | li.-jymvnt. sooner we ncccpl this ncottsiiy the Flu is a burden—It's I l^licve iluit domcstk- siTvk-e oi |MX»iici- \viil some of our cmploy- ... - - s °"ie kinil is going to com? up im-ni problems conic lo an end. nines ions. lasjain in the world as an occupation. Tliat, left Ihe land owners on for women. lj,u I also lieiievc that hcutehokl <hu<l?e. will never lie nl- ilie peiiln.siihi wilhont Ihe prolec- honsclioldcrs tire uoinij lo crmnsc lowr<l n»iiin. she had no Itours (Ion of Hie piiveinii-cnubuilt levee. '. tr.eir pain: of view regardiii;; .ser- . and her" IV.IKPS were low but °'" Nobody w:is liable for Ihe dam- "" ages. The Levee Board wasn't iia- Tlie^lQiid ownei-s were inlerven where Ihis is ncrossary. ors in a siilt filed (wo years ago by m.s.M-1 f:. Ciardner. ,j bondholder. 1 liLslory of Ameriuan homes lh,,t UK • , oncl ,,,, r , L , )IU t |,cy .shcuid have as the oiilgrou'll, of a complex lady of t/e Hems wumd late in on: , n , 0(| UmM fo , K.,..,.,,,,,!^ , vrcil lh ,. y . fr**e li'ojn rc.sixMisibiiii;. fo: - j : ilu'y tict^l il oi'on inoro iliiiu uny How Much Fat Did You Lose Last Week? Ihe levee program under the flood control act of 1928. a new levee was built across Ihe peninsula, iwo uimece.s- Eiiry—It's unsightly—gel rid ol il vvllhout nsking ^ossipini,' friends 1 l:oj>e Ibat the maid of all work, j lor ndvlve—you can do It—read Ihis. "1 heard about Knischen Stilus. I thought I would try Ihem nntl _ - „ .- „ - ._.., .„.. ....^ , Hiey s\ire arc nooit. i inn losing vaius. Tlii.s-is easier to do in .small! was usuallv a foreigner ami. willi I rislit alont; nnd never felt belk'r ncuschoids where only a motliji's • lesliiticd h»mi«ralion. .she has, tM« my life and I had so much e-is blc. the cut-off levre had helper or at masi two maids are ; think. disap]K'are:l, as she imdoiim-! "' "V stomndi and it is all been built by the government, lie- employed, where the owner of the cdl\- .should. . : 1 lost 5 His., last week. I say Iliey .sides it hiid been held by Ihe r.oiise and il:o maids air workliw. -^ ^,,. m „.,,.,, mnnw ,i f.ran! wl " " ol llur ' »"youe." Miss Grace Arkansas Bnpreme Com I thai Lc- loMlu-r ami nolroly feels ,hal It : ,| Clll .,, t |'c " cl i'vlee i, i«Zci t in ! E ' lk '" 1 - '-"'orte. Intl. vee Bcnrds couldn't be held liable'is beneath ht-r lo |»rforin any j amuiuoiis yomi RMO i>l- will be r c" -i If )mi > m troudinhuled cnouiTii for such lamage. and an act of the : household tasks, in larger house-! d .. , 0 en[cr ,i,k service ns well ',-' lo l!4l:fl " hn)I u-asixx>nful of Kru- leglslaturc had piovirted Ihe same 1'olds Ihis queslion of domestic ser- ; tl , e ok , cr . KO ,,!P w ho i«,1 ,„„ ,L« ' fch ™ I" a n'ass of hot water """" vice bet-omcs more complicated and I &e!iM may (iml Iprc'a uarlla] s-n- ! n ' cry " I0rl1i11 " lor -1 weeks: you I li-ink that :•.? are goinpc lo llnd ' '" onrtelvcs obliacu to make domeslic Nevurlhelr-s.s, Ihe Levee Board agreed ( O ]W y n lc | an( | O w,;e,.s for the damages at the rate of $75 an acre—totaling S233,OOI>-provld- ed it was found they had the authority. While wailisy lo icarn whether ihey had they actually paid service a ,eal business occupation. We have seen in N T ew York an oxpciimeiii where maids were (rained and woni nut on an ei-jht-hoiir- llic authority, day luisis. Liklnu iheir fcod willi Ihe land own- 'hem and p?rformin;j cerlain tasks [will nol only las:' liu but will feel ers $88.000. Then il was discover- m thc household but neither stop- the returns wHcli they receive' ed the hoard had no such milHoi-j'"R "or sating there. , tllci , ll>ho , j, ,.,, l *,„, , , nre "J-, v , „„ , ... ! , K T''. , |vr>i:lc ' rn """ " l!s ;1 V01 'y i u.'.ually the ones most concwned in Aol Nol Whal They Asked Pur • adiiiiraul!; Lirran^erurnt.. nlheis : koepiii« n'-a.-r. wl-tther it is ,••••< •(' Tlic land owners lielilioued tlie complained bitk-rly thai it was nol | between nilio'ns n- i>»u-e lie ween leeislaturc to pas.s an act permit- feasible and special dinictikies were thc em])lov( . r or C]n ,, 0 ." ... .. , ting the Levee Board to pay .such found where children were eon- concern ourselves wltn'workinn con- damage.s, but the tegislranre dls- «'™^ : ditiolls ns (]1[ , v n(rm ^^ measure, and I Hunk it may IK difficult lo j conditions of om- day. then we can lution lo li'.eir employment dim-! cullies. I feel (hat the modern wo- ; man s:-m,l;| take a. pArticnlar interest In His conditions under; . , -. - ••••which all women are coliia lo work I *"•'"' """"'"venrss. mini, »f niir! A J ' ir 1 "' il:i ' ( »'i [-k.s-uel it at ' -- ' i liu- world. —Adv. 7 Iriends when your fa I has iilied and you have gained phy-! Ix-cauw ihe, of for — carded thc proposed measure, and I think it may IK difficult passed another providing thai the achieve a complete slandard of Levee Board could pay such dam- hours in a household where nurses ages, but dial ihe amount should Ol ' governesses form part of the be fixed under Ihe condemnation! establishment because they are I act of 1905. ' ! more n?ar!y on ihe basis of c>:e:u- ] The land owners have never sub- i milled Ihis (tncslios in a court and S |, e simply charged it up lo c.x- Ju r*'' ... , iwrience, forgol it and went on to I Meanwhile, the bondholder start- whatever life held for her cd sun lo determine whether such -i be )ievc wit i, j anc thnt ynn claims aualnst thc Levee Board have lo choose what you want and held priority over bonds of the t ] le ,, KO nfu ., u . As for posi.,^,.. cnstrlct. The court ruled they do loms . ,],„. do nnbodv nnv RO(Kl ,. hold such priority. i ' , . ', ' TtiLs suit Is reviewed by ihe. ,„ -stay Out of My Life" Mrs. latest petition of the land owners Kerr also deals will, ihe problem as mlerventors. of tllc Bli ., wl)0i impntl( , nt Ptocnllse I her suilor does not. propose, decides to do Ihe deed herself. The author warns ~irls who contemplate, this step: 'Tf your young man says yes because he can't tear to say no lo a woman (bc- il or not. there really are DELICIOUS llfjt VVo:i(hor Specials Served Dally KLACK CAT COFKKK SHOl'I'K I'rires Rra.simriljlo Modern Problems Furnish Plot for Courier Story (Conlinned from Page i) lieve world by having your own outside some men like that in iho world) Die conventions." she says, "mny and ync-s throuijh with il, a more very yrnnd gesture hnl il is nil giliul gasture.s— difficult or less reluctant sacrifice to chiv- airy, IHc uvo of you will probably finish up in i!ic divorce courts. "liven if he suys yes because he really loves you nnrt had meant all the time to ask you to morry both that you yon and did like to maintain after it is made. And even if you do maintain a grand gesture what happens! You become an outstanding .spirilunl snob, that's what! Haven't you ever him. then mark down here and Xnown one of those too, loo noble now thnt there \vlll t>e many un- woinen whom you'd like to chofcpV" eouifortable moments in your life There's a lot of tosh talked about the maternal instinct, Mrs. Kerr thinks. Not nearly as many women have it. she opines, as boast of having .... And not nearly as many love all children as claim to do il. "I could (Show the professional child lover some little imps she v.ouldn't love." she mused, a Kir- donie gleam in her eye. Then she added: "Mind you. if a woman chooses to have :i falli- erlr-ss baby and goes through with 11 there's nothing lo do but make thc best of il as Jane did (she want. Or at least if he lets him- lurncd hers over to somebody else self in for it during a moment of to bring up. of course!). But what .-heer terror and embarrassment he I mean is. she didn't weep and will get himself out as soon as he wail over what wns past and clone, has time to think of .% way. BOYS and GIRLS! SOMETNI1VGNEW A PERFECT BOOMERANG PLANE logether when will remember proposing. "Of course if he says no. llm's worst of all. for neither you nor he will ever fhrijet it. The "memory will fpoil nil chance for friendship between you and ihe woman will probably cany a sense of humilia- lion am! inadequacy through life." i Mrs. Kerr believes the average modern man is likely lo say no if Hint's Ihe way lie feels. Unlike his grandfather, he refuses to be wan- Sled into an i'iig;igcment he rioc c n'i of genuine IJalsa \Vootl, wliicli is lighter than cork. H is tho most Scientific Glider ever Intilt, winning highest honors at the Toy Fair. The most wonderful toy ever invented, does a dozen different flights, new stunt-, Ihal no other glider regardless of price, can duplicate. Mysterious and very fascinating. Get one today and try to solve the mystery. Why does it come back? Instructions with. every plane so anyone can do it. 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Small --- - ;!c LarKC ..... (ic ''• & G - " r Crystal While <fl 4 _ :j (;ian< liars 11C and Kat <f A 1 A lO-C BLUE BUNNY PLOUB!?. VS. -.-.-. -.£. STANDARD I'OTTBn MKAT. tan - -.- 2'/ 2 e l3l/\ill//Hlil VIICNNA SAUSACB. Can - - fte ICE CREAM SALT ~~~ HENS Kl "" )r ^ c "- Ni " iind .^17*c. SALAD DRESSING rSu;;: CLEANSER l.i)Cht Hnuxc ?, for 10c I'- & (i- »r Crystal White «> 1 Kesiiliir Bar HFiryC rnll Dressed. Small 4 O 1 A UUUVlJ 1-ound lO^C RCSEDALE PINEAPPLE S: Ife !£ CHERRIES lti',1 Pitied 1 1 A No. 2 Can 1 JL C STEW BEEF TOMATO JUICE !>i I'onnd 5c ick of the Crop" Can Sc V'S, No. •>', <:«„ ..... I7e ROSEDAl.K. No. :>.'/, Can - - - - 15c Jg"! c 1' Deer 1 No. ~i Can CORN l.iliby's Cnlilcn I!:in(am Xn. 2 C';ti iOc Pound PORRLIVER PEANUTBUTTM^" 5 K:_£"1 " LUiBY'vS, No. 2i/ 2 Cnn - - - - - "- 19c ..M1S8..CAL1FM Xo. 2y t Can - - -.- I5c

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