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Brooklyn, New York
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T1IK BROOKLYN SUNDAY SUN, JANUARY 1, lh7l. I A BiH 11s A lit ft ti( l' rvj kl trtilii dl tu VaS VVanj Hurry Veil agner UihU iWh ei euuk a rbbll biir than any tau (a BrouAlja. Horry vtft eolcto bu Um'-ur hi ndjtli-UriMMrtjr Imi wont hUu, Lit la A good deal, tliuce go. Hlnmi TT Hie many frh ml 111 be run-rrud hrr that Mr Ueorg BrimMi euter-lain th dreadful hallo that the Williams- trgh a nwppr Ilia ta ie but dw raid, however. Afmhr fomal arruv addd to hla qulrr Th inuy friend lrt IlfwA!) frely ml (lac klTtdiltwt Uf tb AU Bloat afclllful of beilt, hot At tbla gMlital maju of th yr lluif vlU with delight of hie bUh.

witb ao1 b( Ghwuv, Oflh rrCimham.Bi rr, le a i nation of lb Maims! of Tru I'ulitrnea, lb Hu Us AUt fUtfoUlloo of lit Dcpsrv bient. And lb I It Dlfmtlmj Jtl be aA hs full in lac ld the of lb club, might ha bceo a dole live by line tiis. 'Ld him tk miag, drink glu, And "tumble to bhk lib Such qualldi atlaug A glortuue future Una tw-fu Alwny l)ie ttino gmifr, I'm, Imt i tft, dm mmo jiiry. Jul liiiit tlmt ilui'tlii. -nj thing to lw lit-vi-ntig it.

il, uni lip tho iili-ntli al lxMilh that the lint time, mid 111 the Hie Ariull.h unmnUiny nf U.l lit-form bvlti 1 preying on the lluU of theclty. Kmirthe tte of mind whiih- ii'inimiirtiy imi-t be in hIku It (Io fur i'iu li bneli a Refurmer hirm-, CUltteml.n, a llelwnliutti ibu-klimiMi Apd the aort of Jt tlmt tbl Old Guard not only doe notnummh and we don't cure a fig for tlu4 but give no ign of dying. Mr. Anhibuld lilwi, tLd I him under th patrouAg of MJul Jam Jourdan Till! TJllIATItLS. Til buikitiea uf the (hwatrrs in New Turk and linx ktjo has Urra but iim durlug th wkt if weto.t New fears' day itAwlf.

7 he large pis, In prupurt ion to (ha el of tite buuea, bate ben Uoaa uf Ihs t'ulst Duars. The beauty uf Peutikt A play ie in art It. rtewdi uf aLoaeof it by the Nw York tirrutd an othr ajid a greater, Thera le aumrthtug eDa-Ively repsieive tu the aenas of jtieroailaU, genera ally, in seeing the power of a vaeUy tn-uiud journal hrougiit to bear against lit bnOt of a Ot(ri eoieqriee btsauas of a personal tv letwan two Inaiguiflt'ant empioyves of eah, Surely, if ths JUntfti'i fcwliag of dignity ie wound el by the castigation of Its reporter, It ran wrU uoderataod that the maoagmeut ef a rwpc table (Wire le no Ima efrttoTed by the slur Lhat reporter threw upon all the member of its company, by Ue innuendos on one of the female that ronetituts It chiofoet chanu. It ie rather shard thing to beareo severely oa a co-wurkerbf Mlea Butler and Mias Maud Uranger, Mies ('iaraMurrta and Mr. Mnataycr.

What mors aaturai than that a rhivalrU: gentleman, one of the snoet refined and popularof eurjMtore, abmld2 raenl titie, and what uuire natural than that Mr 'Mai Ibaluer should rtweui the resentment, it we a private quarrel on a public place, abut a matter dWicate in the ex prrtty girl but II be f-rrd tL4 the Uli cate cid. (( of PUn he au4 nisi ebh must ft-rtB the elm in trade uf eu a veniure, etke tuay lak that Subtly imuitUe a pre Utl- uf grafuj wit whh le lb df Lhirfc-el ebarm, however poceeeaad uf DtUch In that. If he wul, Mr OrlfTUh, t.o to be etage ptauagwr, may Pth a little UktHir otwke of her a Worthy aoirvaaor of Mary Gamuui To Mr Marlowe wUi be entrusted tit work wbD at M.UhUe we ex.uled by Mute Clarke A the lad ie unknown to ue ae an a trees, ran venture no oj hiiuti of how far she la lik'dy to aid the euc of tni very com mendaide veuture, neve sew Ko ti having bevq (urniMhed ww can gu no further in our eUuit uf the Otneae of the oouo pany to effect the purptwe. frank word or two about lh other need it, or rathef of eurh an enterprise; First A olran theatre. etyle of entertain-mrnt, while aioulaU-d tu piesne all ap peal more directly tu people of culture and taste; and people have a degraded prejudice agmiuit illrt KrKutuliy Light.

Cbecrfuloeae and ghxmi never together in a crowd of more than two. Third-A gl, WtU balanced oruhcelra; sot neraaearilf large, for the house ie fcneU, and ail the brttr for being email. Fourth-Handnotue figuraotea Femae beauty, nlomet man lu UUantiburgh, haa consented, dejrtitalloo of rtiuilnatil alliAams to oablMt brd 1b publUf on WduadaA and Friday! i iVm. Fjh-I Kmij Painful reports are crtsyilng over (oirn that (ha vuerhla tildoon Frt ha catighl cold by thuugbUnMily ebanglug hU yhlrt. We Are liitUnrd to duulit the ahlrt portbm of the elory.

We camiot believe each a thing uf Mr. Fruet. Hat. I)r. Demu Hume ha bought a juurnalistla hut," cull It, and th victim will uku It out la truda." UadaA th Doctor bailor buy a JournuUatlo baud to occupy hi at praaoat Muburraaainc property uAai WgAVm.

Mr. James Weaver 1 In cx- The pu-t wet luw brought ore lumiill-fctiou to lir, Deimm Bunnw. In looking round for Itc-foruien" who were likely to be at owe ucifvful and useful to tho Doctor, full, ho fell against 11om Mcljiugblin, who bad, tho Doctor avert'd, dona wondera for reform In nominating John W. Hunter for Mayor. The Doctor credited "Hughey with out- Gnirritiirt A jth'UMtnt fftmlo- man and god frUoo Wiilum Orintbe, the es amateur end preat prufcMtonal a-tur.

Wbra be takee hie nt benefit all the member of the eaennoue taif of the Sdmbav Hi bind to purvhaee three dua tUkte apiece. Mr OnffUhe le one of the amateurs who are But like-vUe InAplrvd idlote, and whose performance rie above the level of beffuonry. Mr Bisltup, tho pcmcxTaiU' nominee for City Clerk, is native of Virginia. He haa resided in Brooklyn for about a quarter of eentury. Mr.

Hlehop ie a journaliet by profeeelon and le one of the beet ftenographare in the country. Hie eepertneee clerk and hie familiarity with ParUejnentary rules, help greatly Uj soil! tate the bueiueae of the ihlermejt, whose olrrfc Mr. Bishop has been for several years. Tatum. Ex-Alderman Taylor, who re-celvedthe Republican nomination for City Clerk, ie a lawyer, and made a good reoord In th Board of Aldermen, In all aave the wretched 'mint eke in acting ae counsel for the South Aids Railroad Co.

At a time the Company required eertain favors from the Board. The Domination Ie an empty bon or, and no great shakes for an ex Alderman pt that. Berokm. Alderman Bergen, wlio received the Democratic Caucus nomination for President of the Board of Aldermen, ie a native of atrlpidng the Hundred, and rivalling even I evtiont spirit, rojotoe to y. I pirin to 1 trews.

Meet tu assailing a lady character the I laye valuable accessory to the etage, in a moat ticklish, dangerous thing to do hi to defend I vaudeville tliratre ie a Deceanlty. Mr, Neiihajfier was believed to be doing fhe I Fourth Paaaable acennry. ilret sad Mr. Thorne the eeoond. Mow, some yare I Fifth Pluck, peraevenuioe, and, above all, bar-ago there wae published by Mr Noah a little pan-1 snony is the amnio and in the management, phirt un the Beuoetta.

Buppuaa Mr. bhuuk should I Mu better idea than this one ever entered a re-published that, the oahiMM of the journal (of speculative theatrical braia-Haoae more oertaia of n' luuiHirtalhy'ot aoiua curious frog preserved la AlcoboL The Cotief lalaiul brand euiie him A veil aa A higher priced intieeptic Article. Corr, Luqueer, who seems to bo anxious to ascertain what kind a mortgage this eminent reform nr usksd Corporation Cocnsal Dw- tho favorite of hla aoul, tho Incom parable Fifty" (seven.) To tho disgust of tho versatile Doctor, on Tuesday lost, when the report of tho Committee of the Board of Supervisors, chargod with tho investi gatlon of the affairs of the Commissioner I Witt to cash, while tu "invtigting" th great dieooveriee from the; tho Equator would be undcrwtandahU; but vrrafhytw1th a whole theatre bmauae of chuier of une utem-ber thereof ie scarcely dignifled. It tto be hoped that oil, and not petroleum at that, wlUbe'peuiwd upon the Urwbied water, and peso one more reign between such congenial eplrfte ae Sheridan Shook and the Son of the Old Man. In the meantime, Shook getting the beet of hie theatre le Ikl A Br-tridrf ottimu tifralloa frewi bfscnl Jourdan Or rw a c-r tus Btunti I.m am.

1 1. i OUt tlrwt Udu. L' il'sfl i. I DectiU-f iu, I 3 Tb (Kg jmmdttff fits- I Utittk that tt 1 only Uw to UiU suy Ibtiig 1 have ft.r to say In tlc-fme of mya-lf Jajt flud a wide lu ytmr e- Humik a (Ue ufr and th (hla dr parV whh ha bo'fo puhhithe 4 tu your will up to not bah.q abla, far chuiarehlp to ktvp my end up ymr -(. r()atloii the furc wbi.hl bar the honr of bring ihpr-l'l-ut uf, and I do nut dd-, sire, aa far aa th dpprtmriti is ronnid to a 1 tor Into any deapute or argumant with yuur U4 pa; ail Such allli aa you mat to tiiapatrb bring my form mr najna ainre I do not ouidvr it your bultnru or anybody Us buiaoea vbat my aame is or vht It is or what was fur that matiar, but what I da act want and what I wUi not as lung ss I am prreahident of the jprtftMit is fur to have your paper threwiug mud on me hm aue I hfa to be at a diffrrrrut Jit leal kf icy fiom th jU whlchaUhottgh it pretend to be lpdp od ut (s ae democratic a flrtl and I down on me auq I am a North uf Ireland maa and a ul I bellnred sir ihr.t the day was pat vhu a man's rrUigionor tils narionnalltty has anythin to do with hi holding offU and I protteat agi-nut bring held up Urredlcule because 1 am this and tlist.

Besides this I asy yon have no rite to Intnrfhr with such a thing a ths Pidioe drppartment and go making it a Joke in the aostriis of ail dceent cltU-seoa If your paper wae the organ of the rough-Unly elasee could oompreheod it but ae it is I must own up to not seeing the drift ef your ai (relate meats about the boys. As far ae the detective is concerned I have dun the very best I can with them they have given ms more treble than all the force put and I onely wlh you had to dele with such (mbarr easing tncu for I am 1 heartily sic and tired atemptlng to do right myself. This week I have distribbuted some of them threw the precinrtond now that I hare dun that I trust from the botom of my hart you wl ht nm alone because I am very much hindered by my caL leges Mr. Briggs and Mr. Jensen they zpaan to do the rite thing but what can you expect from such associates in a Board of police as either of the aforesajf gentlemen, ftr.

Briggs 1 nothing but an old grandmother and be kauere mo more treble than Mr. Jeoeen who will alwaye do what I UU him purvided onely that he get hi ruik in apnintmenta which of oours Is onely fare and square. If Mr. Briggs was mri such mi old igvuor-immui and was qot so fussy and eo about 1 trlphlee I could fix things much tluut it is now but be Is a reel old woman and he giv me more con sera for to argue with him than I ever would argon for he wants kt nuk also and what can I do but let him have it take Riggs for Instance. Mr.

Briggs put Riggs u( at Headquarters and made tt a pursonall mater with me for to rot-tain him which I didn't deseire to do by no means. Riggs know as well as you Is nt a fltt man for the deppartment In any cappaslty but what can I do when that damned old Tool Biigirs Insists upon 4 my keping him on the force when he might to have been broke long ago. And the same thing over agon with Jensen. Them two sergeants Kerr and Hallett wtnm-ju wrote about lat Sunday in the Srx they was Jensens appointments and of court I had to indorse them being fourced to do It by my obligations to the party. I shall get ridd of these fellers if I only have time to run the machine carefully without being bothered by you and the loyfr.

I mean to do rite but it is mlty ruff on a Affairs of hi offloA, 1a Informed that It vab a I lU chattol mortgag." I gMoKHis. Tom" Morrl is anxiously looking for the bxao who drove hie Anger through 1 hie io unkind friend euggeete that the article of headgear in question wae perforateJ by tho i of Chartlea, wo pretend, Hughey (sh the Doctor says) used all hi Influence to provent the report from being received. The Doctor has now coine to tho conclusion that there il but one genuine reformer In Brook' lyn, and ihat wlih hi worry In looking briek which Mum ovried hom. in it on N.w Brooklyllj Uwywb, ud tort, I imir wowdod nihtir'jr wn r-zm after the affairs of other nd his own advertisements, he stands tolerable chance of of hiding up in lunatic asylum. Yra Dauoutkii An ngry matron writes from Curoll tretto eompUln that herduhter IU l.t on Humlr night to read th Sckdax years of age.

Mr Bergen represented his ward (the Tenth), for several suoceaaive terms in the Board, and wae twice elected its Presided Two he for the offioe of Tax Collector, At WaUacks puatisrs are moving v(th more smoothness. 4 The Mian of Honor.11 though aota profitable mas to tie Is a nice man to know; and It Is a pity hlwVnmpsnyyVwoVostly that pv up 8ck. The Si'KDAT Boh nerer ahin. brighter then Christmas and New Tears Day having I when rciieotd in the of Women, in uch passed, the balls and receptious of the city re nfiturally growing fewer. Enough of Interest in this department will be found, however, in to-days Son to pique tho curiosity of those ladies who have not had the leisure or Inclination, so far, to attend public festivities this season.

success if fairly tried none mom oertaia of failure if but half tried. Every lover of the beauty of th ttrfulnnes. of wit, of mseedy nfr wlU bedUghtd to aid la turning this temporary attempt into a permanent Institution; and it depends aoldy ea the managw ment to secure their patronage by deserving It van. oonvavi ritma There wee a risible improvement la the also of the audienote at Mrs. Conway during the week, where a varying bill wae presented.

On Friday evening Eastache Baudta was played with a cast that Included Mm. Farr a. Miss Kelly, and Miss Bavory, Mr. Lennox, Mr. Jordan, and others.

The good old melodrama wae well rendered and the scenery excellent Thle week we are to have Mr. Conway1! youngest daughter In Bartley Campbell play of Little Bunsbine.11 MU Conway haa a floe intellectual face, no small degree of nascent talent; and though, perhaps. It were better for ber own sake that she should serve her time to her profession, ere appearing ae a star in in It, she seems sufficiently able to in time overcome, even this erroneously placed stumbling block. There no royal road to art any more than to learning. rUX flliTKI.

The feature the pest week at this house was the performance of Damon and Pythias on Friday evening last. The Damon wae Hr. MoCullough, the Pythias Mr. Adams. Tim house was crowded, and a Urge delegation of New Yorkers, chiefly from the Astor House, were present.

Mr. Mackey of the Union Square Theatre, and Mr. Brooks, the well known Uwyer, also paid Her Adams the compliment of crossing the Bound cm a foggy night to assist at hla benefit. The grand old drama was very fairly played, and would have pieeeed still more than It did but for the fact that on reaching the last act, Mr. Adams voice failed him, became husky end disobedient During the present week; Mr.

John Jack and Miss Firmin will appear at this honse in a dramatisation of one of Robinsons novels. It is en- ca ae, no matter how Email the typo, it can be road. Ai-ddritch. General Jourdan (Brevet) he. aollclted Mr.

Aldritcb, the Ug carpenter of the Academy of Muelo, to join- the police force. The General ha hla eye on three (null boy whom be yearn to hare crippled fur life. Thle la branch of Ur. Aldritch'a buainesa. We learn, with feelings of the liveliest apprehension that our generoua anil public-spirited fellow-citizen, Mr.

John Btudwell, has been moved to anger by our reference to himself. On beaded knee, the Scndat Bom protests pie avuid him more than lhy auuk him. II VI lack will have no with after this week, wgrsg At (the Olympic, In. New York tkeMftjntons have succeeded In playing to better businthaa that theatre haa known for some time, and deservedly ao. There is grotesque weirdness, a clever-about the performance Admirably adapted to holidaytlmea.

At the Fifth AvrfnueJTheatre Mr. Belote lurid play fails to attract. The days of the dark melodrama on Broadway have passed sway; and. Indeed, the company Is wholly unfitted for its presentation. At Niblos the Yokes are playing the ''Children in the Wood1 to houses averaging a thousand dollars a performance.

Mr. Stewarts new theatre on Twenty-second street is progressing but slowly. Mr. Boucicault In tbs meantime, is writing letters to star actors like Edwin Adame, pfferlttg hisjkervice ae play-rright. Few of them seem to see it.

Some unkind correspondent has been driving poor Matilda Heron from the privacy her old age needs, and has beep hawking her pecuniary difficulties, and askings for help into the columns of soms paper or other. The unkindness of this is made the greater when we remember that in her daysof prosperity hermouth was dosed to all humiliation of her fellow while her hand was ever PERSONAL. years ago, ran but was badly beaten by Mr Burroughs, hU Republican competitor. Last fall, Mr. Borgea was elected br the skin ef his teeth in the Tenth, el' though the ward la very largoiy Democratic.

The gathering on Ladles Night at Mr. Thomas J. Reynolds residence, Fourth and North Sixth streets, was enlivened by the presence of the handsome Mis Mollie Reilly, Miss Battle Gorman, and the Misses RWlly and O'Brien of the Western District, the winsome Mtae OBrien of Greenport, 4. Miss Aggie OBrien, Miss Keenan, Miss and a host of others. Little uFaded Flower11 will not be soon forgotten.

Hiss Mary Reynolds, the hosts accomplished daughter, looked for and contributed to the pleasure of all. Turkey Dr. Amo G. Torrcy, who haa succeeded to that precious heritage, the Floatation Bitter of hie celebrated relative, Dr. Demas Barnes, is In despair beuause he cannot And 11 men of character.11 He has essayed a hundred different characters himself on the chemical and amateur stages but has so far failed to establish a single one.

Like a good maqy other desperate men of genius, Dr. Torrey has taken a drop to the degree of a gratuitous and voluminous contributor to the less notorious press. If he were not eo nice about character, and so painfully modest, we might hold out an Inducement to this rising young Drake. Dr. Drako is passionately attached to WtU hi.

hymn. Co IT. It Is authoritatively stated that ths Bon, Willtun A. Colt cumot goat. Beam Mr.

Harry Beam, so far, has not oouna Mr, RumIu wm at hom, he la, got eon-Beem but only daughter Bemn in hi. attending to a buatne. whoae hospitable function. It will never do so no more, If he will only let us off this time. Ruhsell.

Probably no nuu in a public business received more calls on Mew Tear's Day, than Johnny Russell, of the Academy Shades. Of family. Cullen It was generally remarked of Air. Henry Cullen, on Thursday, that he looked real elegant.1 Roche. Sir Dominick Rocho Knight, did a vast amount ofoalUng on Thursday.

Hie embrace some of the best men iu the city. Malone. At Stu, Peter and Paul R. C. 1 Church, Second, near South Third street, a new mass, composed by the organist of the church, will be sung at the 10:80 services to-day, A choir of twenty-four voices, with reed and brass Instruments will assist.

Rev. Father Malone, speaking handsome bay team was nearly worked to death. the compoaitJon, declares It to be most grand. I druggist to lend nis tonio powers to the Ben but I Pen to Jhelr wants. Whatever her faults, what- I titled 'John Garth," and was quite at I man to be halressed by too such fools aa Briggs i.

DnnailA iKn I at i ki Ka.H I ever her Aocsntriclties, this once sreat actress can I ur. tt A a i .1 a A aA mi a a 1 aa .1 a 1 1 ti I Swift. Frank Swift has tho bitter sod healthy ever her eccentricities, this once great actress can WalJacks Theatre of then the Sun is almost enough enough without him. appalled Eastern District by threatening to shave off his moustache. Jourdan.

Is General Jourdan (brevet) always styled 44 a singularly plane man" because he used to be a carpenter? Stours. A New York paper ungenerously alludes to the report that Dr. Storrs drinks Bo did St. PauL So do we. What of it? 1 BlauVelt.

It is reported that Mr. A. J. Blauvelt has left the Argug. Cause, an insufficiency of paying advertisements.

Shenck. Dr. Noali Hunt Slienck has invested In a seal-skin cap, and the ladies of St. Annes say he looks really too sweet In It to live. MALLibOX.

Tho Kuv. Francis Malllson has beep permanently retained as chaplain of the CUtf Court, Cuk Sergeant Cur, of the Third Precinct has got a Sure neck. General Jourdans dog-collar did It. Deacon. The Deke, so they say, will shortly leave the Argun, We congratulate Doctor Demas1 thirty-five unfortunate constituents.

IIcnter. The cx-Presidcnt of the Dime and Jensen and if you dont believe it I wish yon. wood try It on for a little wile yourselves. Trete me farely and squarely and you will oil-ways find me about the same of caws I kndw you have it in your to do me a good dele of harm and your redlcule and your slanders Is Injuring me and hurting me with the powers that be. Betweoe you and I my reflations with Tracy has not bin so A 1 since election that I can afford to get into a quarrel with you about the Give me time aud I will do the square thing.

Fours respectfully James J. JocrOan Brevet Brigadier-General. 8. For Horans sake drop thatbusinesaabout Fitt-pxiriek. A FTyaterloae Theft.

Last Saturday night, Frederick Clapp, of Jacks-borough, Tennessee, real estate speculator went from Indianapolis to Cincinnati, and put np at the Burnet House. Heleft $1,100 with the cleric, Henry Gates. Gates did not have the safe key, so he kept the money until morning, and then handed it over to a fellow-clerk, Corey, who deposited it In the safe. At noon on Sunday Clapp asked for the package and took out ift). It was then in charge of Baiuford, a third clerk.

He returned the balance of the money to the safe, and says he saw it there lu Wednesday, jut before CInjip demanded safe in Its depository. On Wednesday It mys-" terlously disappeared. A son of the proprietor say, with truth, that more Of her fellows have benefitted by ber than ever served her in any way. How many of our young actreases of to-day will leave as clean a record as Matilda Heron? SaKtuoo avkkoed 1 Authorial Explanation This play not fomu ed on facts that is; but ou facts that ought to was, and wasnt. It is in five acts because it Is a legitimate drama.

It is a moral pUyJttiuidti-lllcxe ain't anything in it about any other fallows wife and nothing about my own. I wrote it all myself because it is an original play ritten in an original way. The President and the Cabinet didut come to see it. They wouldnt have liked it if they had. Authorial Directions Whi'uever this play is played there must be a lone star there wasnt any star at alt at Hooleys.

There must be a 8tar Spangled Banner with very red stripes and a very blue ground a heavenly blue If possible, and the stars must have five points like New York has. Tie other properties are swords, revolvers and more swords and more revohers. Thats all. It ain't expensive to get up. There are only six scenes in every aet.

Every scene must have a window, a low window that the wUCTUin Jump In at. If fts-toa high he has i climb and it spoils the climaxes, which, forthe sake of the dramatic unities, are all alike. There must be an ambassadors Uniform Tor the Bpanish general; and a Scotch plaid dress.orthq Cuban lady. They had them things at Hooleysi If not lu the theatre, they can be hired. The oompauy must contain a villain of the deepest dye, dyspeptic and addicted to Barnes Bittei villain of a lighter hue with a fiendish smile, If he can't eotno it a grin will do.

The ladles mui have blonde wigs, especially the Cuban ones. Thej must have no expression at All, no more than they had at Ilooleys. Expression is the result of bail bringing up. They must Tiave trains to their dresses, which must be cut short in front to show white satin shoes with inverted cones for heels. There must be cork to, black the nigger, and a couple seasons ago.

Lester played Garth but the "hit" of the piece was made by Mr, Fisher as Baretti. Mr. Jack has been starring in the part of John Garth for some time, andjs said to play it quite well. NlcCalmtlnM Lively Hog Mr. McGiunis, of McGinniss Station, at the mouth of Six Mile Canon, has a hog which is a curiosity In more ways than one.

The hug, though iuitvryuupg5tands about three feet aud a half high, aud is as slender as a race horse. It not only haa astonishingly long and slender legr-, but rejoices fn the possession of a snout about half ae long os Us body. It is peculiarly marked, belug black as a coal from Its fore legs to the end of it a nose, while the remainder of its body is snow white. It is a great pet, andTa never so happy as when In the house playing with the children. By running with the cbUdteti and dogs it bos learned to do many things a hg Is seldom seen to do, os to Jump fences and tho like.

The owner guy he has not a fence on his ranch that the Log canmlYkimp. The hog takes great Interest in strangers, and likes to get acquainted with them and have them play with and notice him. A funny thing yesterday Imppeued to a couple of our James Kelly, the soda man, aud Tommy Quinlan, late of the saloon firm of Quinlan A Daley the canon and stopped for a short time McGin-iss place. They saw but little of the hog till they were driving away, and knew nothing of his playful habits. Great was their surprise, therefore, to see the great long-legged, long-nosed beast start after them on a keen galop, but when the creature came up with them and at a single bound landed himself in the rear of the soda wagon our friends thought the beast possessed of a devil, and concluded their time had come.

As the hog landed in the wagon Quinlan landed out, tumbling into a big mud bole, but Mr. Kelly did not dare let go the reins, and so was left alone with the enemy. He opened a rapid Are on the animal with soda bottles, and the playful porker, considering this rather rough treatment, bounded out of the vehicle as gracefully as a greyhound and galloped back to the otxned the safe on tlmt morning, but did not notice wether the package was there. Yates and another clerk were tin present. At oelck On Wednesday night the Covington police arrested an Intoxicated man, who seemed tube of respectability.

His name could not be ascertained. He dtposfted ten dollars as security to appear in tho morning and anaw er to the charge. He carried a bundle in which a coat, and in the lining of the coat the police ind $2,250 sewed up. Upon returning in search jiis bundle, the officers pretended they had not seen it. Ho was asked if ft contained anything of great value, and he replied, "No, only a coat worth $20 or fcJa" The man was permitted to go, and the police kept the coat.

1 Covington io across the Ohio river, nearly opposite Cincinnati. The news of the loss of Clapp's mouey reached the Covington police, and an investigation followed which resulted in the arrest of On his person MSN I HA VE MET. NO. I met him In Washington. I had been reading the "Lbst Days of And he looked to me like the Ediles Umbra in breeches instead of toga, and seemed.

Just so mirh meaner than the Roman parasite as the breeches ie meaner than the dassio robe. Like the i'mbrn he affected bluntness. Like the Umbra he used that affectation to disguise sycophancy. He never agreed with his patrons; but contradicted them always. His skill lay in so shaping dissent as to make it the vehicle of flattery which, uncovered by the blunt manner, would have sickened.

Ho was not tallrnelther was heveiyshor He was erect in body, but his soul ever swinging incense to woo alms which he called friendly, 'obligations. While in spirit he crooked the supple hinges of the knee that thrift might follow fawning, his voice asserted manly independence. He argued to be beaten, and found error in his uiastcrby telling him he was wrong in this or that act because benevolence blinded judgment; and borrowed" ten dollars. Hlmnaii' nor was perfection. It was that of a reckless daredevil who cared for no man and would as lief starve as feast.

He always feasted at the patrons expense. Life is disappointing even to the Successful; he made it hb mission to disdain success in words, but to smooth its disappointments to the Successful for a consideration neer expressed but always had. Perhaps the subtlest stroke of his art was his loudsuouthed acknowledgments of favors received, which laid the foundation for favors to come. 44 1 owe you much," he would say, but me, Im proud to owe such a man another glass of that Sherry." Next day, of course, he would bo prouder still, and owe him more. Whcu the patron's misanthropic mood was ou, it was a oaution to hear his flippancy sneer at virtue in women or princjpie in men moke a jest of all that mankfud revere, and attempt a scoff at all that mankind loves.

When the patrou would stand it, he would dwell on the secret abominations of men, every third phrase a sacrilege, and every second a disgustingobsceuity. A Costigan In beggary, a Skimpole In lustiness, a Bardolph In intern a Pistol in courage. Yet such is the ineffable vacuum of the human heart that his patron found refuge from repining o'er the vanity of human wishes in this man's society, even though he saw through his character as easily as light pierces orystal. At twenty he wonld have kicked the slimy Uriah Heep who addressed him with tho manner of a Boballil at fifty It amuses him I But no man Is perfect, and oven this otherwise perfect parasite had a weakness. He would be believed a man of work.1- To hear him talk of it, you would have thought Cresar a snail and Demetrius a drone.

But- ho never worked while he could borrow. No man ever seemed less to live on stem. No man ever more firmly adhered to oruyHe seems to have felt that Pecksniffianism is "played out," and that the Bounce of De Boots has stalted to usefulness. He hit upon the idea of veneering the former with the character of the lAtter, and has made a living by It His name (for he has a name), his name is known to every man In Washington, and myriads out of it. Togas shrink to pAiitaloons; but the meanness of man lasts as long as his virtues, and uses the experience of ages to prosper on bisVeok-nesses.

E. Y. X. sausaage to mark th. butohmao.

Th. piny La I Toh, h.r. a pmwd rf man Iwghing at th. Shin flSand cousin to Yates. pnutke 6f piggy, Tummy Qttinlau says he wante no more bog in hia'nu1 Xerada AnUrprim sniue of which Clnpp thinks he can identify picion against Curberry is very strong, but the clerk Yates is believed inuocent of complicity in the affair.

Raymond. The man who is, above every body, responsiblefor the attempt to smother the Beecher scandal Is Mr. Ross W. Raymond, of Plymouth Church. Mr.

Raymond, though an old church member, Is a very young man at this sort of business, as he may find before he gets through. Hudson. Tho Sunday Sun, which delights in chastising local folly, also delights In commending local wit. 8o it makes reoord of the fact that Mr. William C.

Hudson, lung and favorably known as a Brooklyn Journalist, produces a burlesque entitled the Happy World to-morrow 1 night at Hooleys. Go and see it. Rcbbkll. There wax an odd tu Inkle in the Bardolphian eye of Mr. John Russell about the 2d of this month and year.

And there was something In his snug hostelry, almost as good at the meroy of his numerous friends, which due consideration for human frailty compels us to avoid meu Hoping. Kinghley, Mr. William C. Kingsley still lies very low, although his physicians encourage the hope that he is out of ganger. At any rate, his illness must bo protracted.

The weather Is against him, and very little can be expected of anything but medicRl skill and rest until the spring comes, vhen assuredly Mr. Kingsley will agalifbe out." I Tender Wc grieve to drover tlmt Mr. George C. Bennett, who intends learning how to run ap American newspaper from the Sun, regards this journal as a tender of the Kngh. We should not be ashamed of any connection with such a powerful engine as thsEuglcit Mr.

Bennetts alarm was actually founded oa facts. But Mr. Benpott Is so awfully sensitive that we fear there Is more tenderness about him than About our flamboyant selves. The voyage of the San Antonio 11 was an eventful one and a ihelancholy one. On board of her was a young newspaperman, loug resident in Brooklyn, and attached to the staff of Mb Herald.

In one of the 'fierce gales the vessel encountered, Stephens was washed Hla hody was not recovered. Every man who knew him feels that he has sustained a personal loss in his untimely death. Reynolds. A long-legged booby of this name hangs around the Teuth Precinot station-house like a consumptive lamplighter. He is said to be the second cousin of somebody or other.

Second cousin is About as near as he can come being anything at alL They use him for a light ning rod in summer time in consequence of his being nearly all brass. Riggs Owing to circumstances over which he had positively ,110 control, Mr. Edward Riggs, brother of "The Irish Detectivo," and bit of on Irish detective himself, has been oompell ed to postpone sending us his revised version of "Molly Darling." We mourn the fact that Mr. Riggs is likely to sing another chune 11 shortly. Richardson.

Aid. Richardson, who re ceived the Republican caucus nomination for President of the Board of Aldermen, Is an Englishman by birth, came to this country when a boy and has resided in Brooklyn about six yean. He in good standing in the Church, and in better yet as an adroit political manipulator. Mr. Robert McNally, one of the oldest and most experienced stage carpenters in this section of the country and where else would you go for one? is now In the service of the new combination at Hooleys Opera House.

Mr. McNally is a perfect encyclopaedia of stAgc matters and if every department in Hooleys is served as well as bis will be, success is assured. Backiiouse Brother Backhouse looked too nice for anythiag In Tom Colgans, on Thursday night, with his wig in curl-papers, his hat over his left eye. an oyster In each cheek (and he has plenty of check 1, while be brnlndihed a bottle of Scotch ale In the air, am! wildly proclaimed that he owed Dr. Barnes one.

What one 11 Black. Wo are credibly informed tho police authorities Imagine our gossip anent them be written by a "nigger," as General Jourdan (Brevet) facetiously style the hapless race on whose servitude he mounted to fameand the illicit whiskey business. We own up. We are a the Generals wood pile and, with his august permission, we intend to keep dark. Leys George Leyn, grown none the thinner forTils monastic retira at Ybitestone, hae already biult up a largo business, and boasts of his a of is A one that Savings Bank shed tears ovoy Mayor Powell on New Years day.

Twus a moving scene about the City Hall. Giblets Sergeant Gibletts, of Wil llamsburgh, la not a brother-in-law of Mrs. D. D. Briggs, the E.

D. Tine to the contrary notwithstanding. Wass. Mr. Jerome B.

Wass, erst of the revenue service, is- now oomfortably fixed In the Water Board. But there are no sinecures in the Republican ranks! mind. Poet. Dr, Barnes has hired a real live poet probably to write the doctor's epitaph. He is a poet that drinks deep of the Plantation Spring, but, oddly enough, doesn't like it.

Johnson. Mr. Jesse Johnson, the rufous Assistant Ourpotatluo Ooutisel, is doing a roaring seoret divorce business. He is overwhelmed with applications from Williamsburg. Folk.

A rumor, which wo catr trace to no authentic source, alleges that Mr. John Folk, Superintendent of Police, was seen to smile lost Sunday. Where, oh! where Is the Excise Law? 1 Corr. Commissioner Hen Corr has sent us a very exquisite composition adapted to the well-know air, "Still so gently for me Barnes. Dr.Demus Barnes has received a good many calls during the week from gentlemen desirous of learning how to publish advertisements at two cents a line profitably.

Dawing. A very handsome and sweet voiced young lady has made a hit at the Park Theatre, who bears the name of Dawing. 8he promises to become a performer of deservedly wide reputation. Crittenden. Col.

Chittenden has bought a seal-skin cap. His laundress, who has more than once testified of her own personal knowledge as to his possession of real estate, feels correspondingly depressed. Evans. Mr. Evans, of the Clinton House, is the youngest and most active Boniface in town.

And Uncle Libby, who Is as full of good stories about the Deacon as the Deaoons dog is full of fleas, lends a vigorous helping hand. Btwogs. Dear old Mis Daniel D. Brigga, who is rather Improperly asso luted with General Jourdan (Brevet) la the Police Board, received calls Now Years. The sweet old lady is doing ell as can be elpccted.

Kinkel. George Kinkql was- mistaken for Unset Frits" the other day, by a beer-riddeu Wurtemburgher. A futile effort to borrow a quaiv ter on the strength of the resemblance soon undeceived the wretched exile from Vaterland. Morris, Linguist," wdio is anxious to know on what authority Mr. 8.

D. Morris pro-sonnees the word district11 as if written "dee-strict is Informed that Mr. Morris Is a law unto himself on pronunciation and District Weir. Mr. of tho Academy of Music, breathed some terrible revelations into the ear of the Sunday Suit reporter on New Years Day.

Jfi eviuuderatioa pf several distinguished familie to 1 A ffluslcal Fire oa New Year1 Nlght-Bradburya Ifiaoulkctory In Flames. Tho origin of the fire In the Bradbury piano building, 427 Broome street, haa net been ascertained. The house was a three-story and meat brick structure fronting about thirty feet on Broome, and running nearly a hundred feet back along Crosby street. Mr. F.

G. Smith A successors of the Bradbuiy Brothers, occupied the first floor front as a piano wareroom, and the entire second floor as storage and furnishing rooms. The third floor was occupied by Shannon Magm-ms. superintendents, who did the piano polishing and flnirihing by ooutraet. Seymour Sun, hat manufacturers, occupied the Crosby street end of the first floor, and D.

Shea, clothing, the basement. It is tnought that the Are originated in Seymour A Sons' store-room. That adjoined the elevator, along which the fire made its way with great rapidity, encouraged by tho draft through the well, around which greatest damage was done. Mr Smith thinks that he had from seventy-five Sghty pianos in the warerooms. One was a Isomesquare piano ready to be shipped to O.

0. Howard os a Christmas present from his New York admirers. Another a as to have been sent yesterday to Mrs. Secretary Belknap. It was a handsome grand piano worth between fire and water the instrument was so badly damaged that even the deft lingers of the lute Mrs.

Bowers can never draw a tune from it Pu anosof similar character were shipped to ry Delano, Postmaster-Gene rut ney general Williams and 1'ieMdent Grant some time ago. They feel happy that (host escaped the flames. He estimates his loss on finished stock at aboirC whu is swelled to bv damage to tools and mat uni. He Is injured fur Miannun Magmais, hhers, loe about $5 insured. hyiuour Son stock was tt Uy destroyed.

They estimate their h. at aim is covered by ineuonee. Miea, elo'hf- was damaged bv water about $15 he ha. ') pnrau e. The building can bo repaired for 1 ms makes the total loss about Smith Co.

have another large fatcuy corner of Raymond and Wli'oiighby Brook, lyn. They employ about 1.5 men. nave be-u run mug night and day, and can turn out, on au aver-ae, five pnnow per pay, aud have an umved capital of Royalty fifty dollars a night ACT FtRST. Yankee girl iu the hands of Spanish villains Enter Cuban rescuer by the window 41 Release her, minion of a degraded Power!" Pistol pointed Tableau ACT SECOND. Cuban girl in the hands of Spanish villains Enter faithful nig by the window! 44 Let go of her, inassa!" Pistol pointed Tableau ACT THIRD.

Both girls In the hands of SisinUh villains Enter faithful nig and Cuban rescuer1 14 Release her, minion of a degraded Power! "Let go of her, mass" Two pistols pointed Tableau! ACT FOURTH. Cuban girl in tho hands of Spanish villains Enter Yankee girl by the wiudow, white satin boots very visible Release her, minion of a degraded 7ciMin ACT FIFTH. V- AH the girls in all the hands of all the Spanish villains Enter Cuban patriot vrith lone star in one band, star spangled banner in the other, a sword under his arm, aoolt in his mouth Release them, minions of a degraged Power!" Cuba Libre Tableau! 1 Time, 11:30 P. M. A NEW BROOKLYN VKNTURK.

Mr. Owen Marlowe, Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Fiake, having associated themselves Into a firm, have taheu Hooley's Opera House for a short tiire, with the view of trying to establish a light vaudeville and farce theatre, after the model of Mitchell's old Olympic ih New York. Thq enterprise Is a laudable one aud if these gentlemen can find artists equal to themselves In taste, experience and ability, they are not unlikely to succeed.

The great diffi 'ulty they are certain toeucounter will be the finding of actresses who can ac and sing and it Is necesaarythey should do both well. The secret of the later success of Mitchell lay In five people Mary Gannon, Mary Taylor, Constants Clarke, John Nlckinson and Charles Walcott. The two Marys acted like a Vestrfs and sang like nightingales the Constantsa was as an actress able to rival Julia Bennett, while Niokinson and Walcott have not left their equals behind them. Still Mr. Fiske is an excellent actor than old man Griffith we have none better, unless it bo Gilbert, of Wallacks and In a certain limited range Mr.

Owen Marlowe need fear the rivalry of no living actor. The weakness lies in the femKle part of the The numerous friends of Mr. Paddy KeenefTizi the Sixth Ward propose to give that gestleman a complimentary testimonial of their esteem on his retirement from office. At a meeting held in Martin Shea's back room, tu Court street, last week, Messrs. McCann, Lalor Loughlin, Horgan, aud others, it was resolved to give a variety enter taimnent at the Assembly Rooms, in Columbia street, next week.

The following programe was approved of, and will be offered to the cltlzeus of the Sixtit Ward: fart 1. Mulligan Guards. P. Keenan A Keating Song" HurXAufM oy'. Jumpy Michaels Feats of Strength Kelly Song (from Beggar's Operal Jotr Jfapo-g could tee bn with eitber Alderman Dobbins Boug Light otlur dayg Ex-Auditor O'Bnen PART n.

The performance to conclude with a screaming farce, in one act, entitled 44 a primary." 1 Characters by Messrs. Hughes, Kane and Galvin. Performed by the artists with uubounded applause for over one hundred nights. I A Strange Case of Somnambulism, Mrs. James Riley, of New Haven, who wandered away from her homo in her night clothes, on Sunday night, was found by a policeman at 8 o'clock on Monday evening leaning over tho rail ing of tfrp draw of the East Chapol street bndgo.

Besides her scanty clothing, sho wore A pair of rubber boots. When she sufficiently recov ed, she said she must have been asleep, as she does not remember leaving the houso. She crawled beneath the drawbridge aud luy all day upon a beam flfteert inches wide, while the dark waters of Mill river ran but a few feet beneath her. Once during the day she remembered having her senses. Then she heard footsteps, and voiceB saying Jim RUeys wife was being sought for.

Some spell that could not be broken impelled her to silence. Foot and hand prints were found in the snow on the timbers of the drawbridge, where she had climbed down and crawled in beneath, and prints were also found where she had crawled out on the opposite side of the draw. The place where she remained all day she' could hardly have retained in her right xnlnd. Her wanderings are attributed to a I A promising youth at Des Moines recently stole mothers last ten dollars and purchased a pistol. While a boy may get along without bread, for time at least, it fs difficult to understand ho it would be possible to get along without a pistol.

An engraver in Springfield, has cut tho Lords Prayer into a piece of copper less than one-fourth the size of a silver three-cent piece, and there is room Inthe circle for fiftoen or twenly words more. A Greenville, quilldriver pleasantly bay anther writer His siondefous soul is imbued with the electric firo of hell his black heart emits the sulphurous fumes till his whole nature Imbued in one homogeneous mass of heliish-nes, and a Norristown paper says admiringly mao might go to the Yale School of Journalism hundred aod fifty years and not learn to te way." The regular weekly pale of cti Ac at Cole A Murphys repository, was fl attended, and the following prices obtained 1 wagons, $)5 to 175 phsdon, 1 aways, $100 to $30; sleighs, to $1 sudden and strange attack of somamhuli-jiu, I large quantity of harness, blanket1, robc-4, A rganuatioa. Miss Fiahel a yiracious, InteU'nt, Hartford cunruf, Ac at equ g-od pricts. I.

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