The Brooklyn Sunday Sun from Brooklyn, New York on December 28, 1873 · 6
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The Brooklyn Sunday Sun from Brooklyn, New York · 6

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 28, 1873
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V. THE BROOKLYN SUNDAY SUN, DUCirMHEK 2. 1873. 8 A GOOD D1NNKU, MV HOY. . jui-momh o ukHt ' m r jin irniKKi. Tk TkrM rlnrll Brlhrr ( HrMli!)-Uknt Bln aa4 kal Ml-lkt bMllMB'k k 1W Bltlrri Rnutnal. Kiuniiu v It k kmAi k la VaUl mJ truflt fnk m k KMiik, in tiuiM ljr fin-Shoe who go (brt U N ha iheft, kiul tbo Who go tlrera to tfarra. It ta ft4 llltl wu-tl ueMtlinMi to n mr aountry rcmalna am a vtoto to Brooklyn or New York flail D4trs or Drimuft-leo'n a ft sort at matter d duty, Th Frpw h of th Dili uf Far puaaie thriu, aqd lb Wfeotful ai-dulilm of lb waiter trouMra them. tlll la they will go, amid elliiatiaitlvftii4 to the tntaif bork la on fiiiflft4ovi kNlncMtiM" th or on of those looking out oa Weahluytoa anH you mar oeoaolunaily ire ft youthful -ettliHaJroai ' New Lotte, with a ruey girl wbaee timid glaucra I but too clearly reveal the eweet bofm of coming happier relfttlooe, sitting Lwe to tomato soap, and drinking therewith the eweeteet and mut j cITmeft liii cltftBipHM, mU to dUpenee forever I with Rochelle or any other aalto. And then Veee I I). M)H MKh ltML mrtlK. M. f'HMIK K Y mtOKKlW IN lit At JM ATh AMI LOAN, SO- ft UUNUUIK STREET. Amity trwrt 4 lrr, Brown stone 'fjntxlfi Atr! hi nrt 4(ry, hrown e4itie . I"'1' ilri'hl erwt, kttory, brli k 4lH.tii Mmt, Weiiry, brl ft k oil A ! rwt, ft etorv, hrt fe ...... 9 Mil Adm etrt, fteiory Liur liasL bri k .... 11 ! Aliutl' ivmu, 9 story frame I" AtiaiMie frmw, ft story, Rag hai't brkh... 9 oil iimup, Ittufjr, bokwa-elone ...... 19 Mil birii4 vniui.teory, brown etoae. , K fard frd aveaoe, heionf. frame 9 MV Rritljm fttreet, ft etory, brt ft ill BrM etrvet, tetury. bnwn etone, lAofi ltr( jih el reel, I wo ft story, Bri k (rat'hi 9 M) Halilr fttiwt, ftetory and atlle, hrirft .... .. II, MV lisliie eirwwt, tweft-elory, browa-oUioelambi IO Halite trad, ft ury, brt k. ..... . ........ ... 17 oil Hoiul etrrrt, 9 story, l rt k . . 9 MO Sutler itnet, four a-try, hrwwa-etone (e'fal 1ft 1 ufuli tirrai, tatory, l.rtok li4 rroli stroal, 4 story, browa stone ....... v. hoiv ( arroll etiwt, k etory brown eton, II OV Oumlmrland etrwt, 4aory, Brt fc,,,., H Uunitterland street, ft-etory, bri k 1ft oO ( umlkerlaitd etree S-etory, brown stone ... 9 MV C'uniltrrland street, ft-etory, brown stone ... imiV l'trlte avenue, two ft-atory, frame teach), . . 9 Carlton avenue, i elory, Brown atone ....... IH' t ariton avenue, ft story, brl k 9 'll) Columbia lirlirlita, ft etory, brink tft 1,10 Columbia Height. 4 etory, brbk WHO . ir I Columbia Hetehte, 4-etory, browa-etooe Wi'kO U.m try to lhnh nrin of . to t llllUl , .u,rJ 2.d V h root, U. t . . . MMNtf, when their heart ft re yearning for jbunk I ( tiuion erruue, 8 ebiry, brirk J...., 14 "0 A Mrs bnifl Katln mlwl b.ton bulM nuttoa. Hlnuw ..tiu.L .t,irr, SAT nilktKRAftr T4III.R, .. JL WHY MUlir GAUl.ltJH T(kAl1Mll, and ft pickle with tbeir lco cream! la eon treat to three, there la omueement of a different kind la watching your true artietlc fee-flMal some la and take the darkeet table, order Ria riut uui (JURY Aanurrai and half ftdoaea blue polnla hie pint of Cheblla, and mm N hie rmfti end Vereeaey, hie piece of Boequefort, generally aiod Croat Jeraey cards, hie final l im fe i Aorfrraw, to era him looh aft the addition and hand the obeequioua, yet arret oh truoivftCW Alter a quarter, and walk out with a ague Idea that he would like to go to the eerw bouft, bat falling Aimer, he'll go ae far as Nihlot and see the bollei. Then when he return, hie cut of a gollontine and pint ef krrmiiapt and the sub sequent beftiUtloa which finally ends la hiegtdng to elrK'p. ... Of the two restaurants Delmoa Leo's Is the grondret, Dieter's the cnsleet and most home-Uks. There Is a peculiar pleaeare in being met at the A rdoor by a huet like Dieter himeelL His clear face, ahinlng, slde-whiekers end bright eye euggeeting the welcome his manner confirms. The Iron rule that eeparatee the ladies' dining-room from thooe of the gentlemen le not without its odTontoges, se well oe its disappointments, and If occasionally U creates any, it secures that respectability and Ton or GOOD BftftftOINO which Delmonleo's has long possessed. Taken altogether, DlctCr's Is the place for gentlemanly ease, and between the eeiMnes, there is too little .difference to necessitate a comparison. Aristo- I ll III. f K(IIU, rni j , i mug. ( UiiMm street, Astory, Wit k LVUO ( lluton street, ftotory, brick bH.inO 4 hni. -o street, ft-story, browa-sltmt. W'U) Cllntoa street. Astory, brick ..... 9 oft) 1 tefnxftit avenue, ft-etry, browaioo.... Ift.iib 4 lermiMit avenue, ft-sbiry, brown-stue 1ft (V ( lasmm avenue, 9-story, brown-wfcwie 9V llien avenue, ft-siory and f h roof, brick.. 9 MV C'lasana avenue, Aetory. Iran...,..,.,,..,.. T (l9 fheever Place, ft-sMry, brick fidO ('-osord stret, Astory and attic, frame. .... T d Cambrhlgw Place. AsUvy and attic, frame.. ILM0 Degrmw street, Aetury and ottio, brick. ..... 4 M0 Degraw strei't, Aatory and attic, bri k. ftdft) Degrmw street, tsiory and attic, brick...... fV Dryraw street, Mtsrt. frame....... ......... IIM Dean street, ft-etory, brick.. 9.d0 Dvan street, Aetnry, frame 7,1W Dean street, ftwtory. brown stoat. 14 CtO Dean street, Astory. brick................... 0 VV Decatur street, Astory. hog bas t, frame.., ftV Division avenue, Astory brik ft MV Douglass street, Astory, brick. ........... ... ft dV Eighth street, ft-etory. frame AAV EUkAt place, Astory, brown sUme lKdV Eleventh street, 8 story, frame...,. 4,d Eranklin avenue, 8-story frame . .... AMO Pori Ureene place, Aatory brick llM Fort Dreene place, Astory, brli k.,.. ......... lft,dV Hrst place, Astory, brown stone ftntiO PJoyd street, Astory, frame Fleet street. Aatory, Eng bas t, brick First street, Astory. brii k Oates avenue. Astory and attio, britk. Oatesftvenue, f-stoiy, brick Oates Avenue, Astory, brick. Oraml avenue, Astory, brown stone Greene avenue, 8 story, brown stone Greene avenue, Astory, brick Greene avenue, Astory, frame Graham street, Astoiy, frame Grace court. Astory, Caen stone Garden pisoe. Aatory, Eng. bas t, brick.... Gold street, Aatory. brisk -c ratio Brooklyn may be sold to dine there; and Hicks street, Astory and attic, jritk....... Brooklyn dine welL The following I a photographic sketch of the aristocracy which usually dinea at Dieter's, and rhat It affects for lunch. Hr. Jesse Johnson, Assistant Corporation Counsel Mock turthNaap, Hamburg beef-steak, pat4 dr foU gras, pork and beans, Limburger cheese, spinach, and a qnort bottle of Murom's extra dry. l Colonel Chittenden-Cold corned beef and cab bsge, Ice-water ondapleoe of pie, ? Mr. A. Ammerman 1 Tomato soup, araelt4 Chicken livers mhm oq toast, olive, small bottty qf ChaUam LajitU roast saddle of mutton and cuft, rant Jelly, cabinet pudding, pistachio cream, small battle of Roederer and a MarmrUlm cigar. Bam McLean, Esq. A haggis, Scotch oatmeal porridge. Iced beef-tea. Loch Fyne herrings, and ft pinch of Lundy Foot snuff. Mr. Wm. C. Kingsley and friends Ommmmr aoup, with an egg, Duff Gordon Sherry, oysters, crimped salmon, with prawn sauce, Pemartin sherry, poultt awe cAamptyium, Haute. ftnutemry ortolans Jellied, Chateau La AW, reed birds, AmoutU-ladoy canvas back AuckamfmHn, haunch of venison, artichokes, pommr,de tern a la Hint toga, red currant jelly, asparagus, IMPORTED DUKE PKlE, English hares Jugged, borcttteo$ and nightingale's l tonKnp potted, Mon to Pohiano. Emrilgh rout boot "t, -tory nd attic, frame .... . ,7 , . , . l Oxford street, Astory and attic, brows-stone. East India eurried snipe, with Deccan rice, RomJi " cooled with snow from the Appenlnes; tunny and cockscombs fricasseed ; entree; Clot de Yougeot; Nepehode pudding, ioe pudding; Iceland moes pudding, apl a a geet,. ChHott Rum Yeurt Ct 4uot; various fruits, dates, pomegranate mongosteens, bananas, pine-apples, port wine and caftnolr ateev jtit rerre rral cognac and t cigarette. , Hon. Demas Barnes. M. D. Big cup o coffee and piece o' pumpkin pie." Dr. Wilson Tucker. Clam soup, baked bhieflsh, roast beef, Scotch ale, plum-pudding, oup of oof-ee, gin and milk, and a Rcina Victoria, Hon. Thomas Klnsella Quarter of quail on toast, Duff Gordon sherry, Pemartin sherry, Amontilledo sherry, London Dock sherry, English Dry sherry, Ssuteme, JIocYhelmer, Rudeeheimer, Johanniebergrr LMfravmikA, at, Juien, CKateau lajittc, Chateau Varga u Chateau Laroee, Chateau Lajttte, Chablle , Chamberlin, Cloede Yougeot, Mumms extra dry, Krug, Imperial, Roederer, Veuve Clicquot, Old English port, an Intimldad cigar, and a pony of brandy. Hon. k Win. 0. De Witt, Corporation Counsel Oysters in every style, soups of all sorts, fried smelts, salmon, cod, striped bsss, mackerel, scol-jopa, bluefish, halibut, fried perch, roast beef, roast pork, boiled mutton, roast veal, roast mutton, roast turkey, roast chicken, roast duck, veal pot-pie, stewed turkey, chicken liver, stewed kidneys, Hamburger beef steak, Died potatoes, baked potatoes, Lyonnaise potatoes, Saratoga potatoes, Asparagus, tomatoes, Lima beans, string beans, domestio peas, celery, porter-house steak, With mushrooms, tried liver and bacon, poached Hbggs on toast, mutton chops, veal chops, country sausages, vW cutlet, pork chops, whole broiled chicken, fried chicken, Maryland style, sweet- Alll) 7..V0 8.(10 7 NO 8 NO UI0 13,(10 17.00 9(10 ft.N0 ft.(k0 5(10 14.(10 15 (10 ft) GO Hicks street, Astory, brown stoo........... 17 U0 Hit ks street. Astory, brick 900 Hamilton street, Astory, brick 9.00 Harrison street, Aatory and attic, brick 16,00 Hoyt street, Astory, brirk 900 Hanson place, 8 story, brown stone 14,00 Hanson place, Aatory, brick lft.NO Henry at, Atory and French roof, Br'n ston 15,00 Henrystreet, Astory, brick 11.00 Henry street, Astory, brick...,...., 9,00 HaU street, Aatory, frame 7,00 High street, 94-story, frame 9.N0 Herkimer street, Aatory, frame 7,00 Joralemoa st, Astory and attic br'n stone... 2ft,fii0 Joralemon street, Astory and French roof, brown stone SS.OnO Jay street. Aatory, brick 19.00 Johneoa street, ftatory and attic, from... 14.00 Jefferson strt, Astory, brick 7,00 Jfoeoiuaco street, Astory, frame 6 NO Kent avenue, Astory, frame ft. 00 Livingston street, Astory, brick 13.N0 Livingston street, Astory, brick 17.N0 Livingston street, Astorv and attic, frame. . 9.N0 Lewis are, Astory and French roof, frame.. 9,00 Lexington are. Astory.AFrench roof, frame. 4. NO Lafayette avenue, Astory, frame j. 7, NO Lafayette avenue, Astory, brick 9.760 Lawrence street, Astory, brick 10.00 Monroe street, Astory, brick 8,000 Muroe street, Astory, broMrn-stone 18,000 Monroe place, Astory, brown-stone 80,(10 Madison street, ft-storyand Freqch roof, bk. 7.N0 Mamy av., Astory, bru k A GO M aeon-st, Astory and French roof, frame... 8.(10 McDonough street, Astory, brown-stone. . . . 18.00 Nassau street. Astory, Kug bas't, frame 7, GO Mirwh street, Astory. Eng bos V frame 7.590 Nelson street, Astory, brown-stone 9 NO 10, GO M"0 Oxford street Astory and attic, frame ...... 7, NO Pierrepont street., Astory and attio, b. A... 9K.G0 Pacific street, Astoiy, brick 9.N0 Park plao, Astoiy, brown-stone. 14, NO Putman avenue, Astory, brick 7, NO M ir fa a nm v " Is WkeMeCIrttk' fu (hr nuk " okef ffceCoins ftfF 4a I lilt f (hr uuf Mvh tit Hits ( InMOo. 1 1 s Urufiil J Uikt, alt i. (..ii f.irtp ai4 1 li(a U t t GW Irg(ii U MtU (lit. Uturisi. TMl Is tlt Mika icit Uis Mur). ft rr SkMG ben wv ri( m bM iftr til Jntn wt llttol hr hail u usrs lltM sir iusrl f 4sl lit tt Ilia! M M Btral, i,4 (Ora arwl off atui ImU) hr4 tail al borisM fcuiUis. Mat Juasa M seal sqfiilsU Siuiscit. Vtt1tajr prrcn( fv Wrw ear, at Masea'k cor. N)rtls IGhuc sad Drtdgr strvat. WASHING AS( MOVING Two ynang mm, a as Rad tairl utr tir scuats(ancs ufa a MtW (M (m-IU - a rrr dlru4ks (trf claim luVsil), hfU uim uf lit. m aid dial Rt-r trrr r) bt k, l a hl k iVumrk (he ttllirr. Ill d fra S of Ihr fair cat !! that br ihpI alora hid ftwil dla Fiiltiffd h) llir Utr u( lrn ft rtl Mill lh BN iakfr, N II tv oiiti(ta if He washed worn, and trdeed kas, sits WmM4 t aura Ih A darRcjr Is N'airhr m Haa(1ng lo s rvocer of Ihf rhraitif uf lea inxiuiti of augar hr had Iturrhaard at S rlial alore tt se wr(gh Ihr i hagr, ' aald ihv gne frf, 1 ha daR') atotnl d, as4 U wa L'Ukd I u pounds Phoft 1 he rolofrd VrUtlrtiiiH liH.hrd rrtlfinl fir S Murtiieht. sad (lira aahl " (iuia he dlilli t rlirol dl HHd hum ii. a hitr b Mc(Utis the sugar 1 Mots two pair u9 Ftarv rhilrvofsll kinds, si Mssoas,eor. Myrtls svw nils auu UrlOgr ilrerl. A lady, while engaged Is the psrvnft ef her demrsde dulif-a, runmulrrt il s mutiae lu s flouf hamd. No SMasf ladle, uitilrr sltudar clrruniptaticra. Would have uh ft rrd s fra ft mtnliia eirtrRs, and (lira saskM aaft'lf Is the garret, put (his one ptaacaerd nittrs loan (he ordinary ilrgrre of fituluine rourage She suuuimnrd ()i hired mail, sihI (old hint o get Die shnf gun rail (tie hull dig, and sUilon himself at statu rnlrnt tlManrr. Tin s she l(m)H t) half a a up stairs, and rotnment rd to pmit 9 the ft our barrel Hn s fMde. PrreenD) iba mouar uiad his Sfirarame and slartrd arntsa Dir floor. 1 hr dog at onre went in punxill The roan flrrd aodlhrdogdrtMMd flrad. Ttie tail) falulrtl and f r II doao the alalrs, auu Dig hired man. thinking Dial ahr aas kill' d, and frariug rhat hr vroukd De arrrated for Hiarder, disappeared, sad Rea Sot beta area Uoce. The moue eacapco. Great bargalss, s4 Mwotft, or. Myrtle Sven at and Bridge street. N OBJECT IX V1BW. Thr celebrated Doctor Sydenham had a pattest whom Re Rod long prescritM-d for. At laat HUenhain erkuoW-Mged that his skill was exhausted that Re could not prrtntd to advise him any further. Bwt, as) h, there is Doctor Hohtnson. who lives t Ivf-mt-as, who fa iitueh more skilled In complaints of Ihts Rind than I amt )ou had better coomtlt Rim, 1 will prm Die ) ou with a letter of introduction, and 1 hope you 111 return tnurh bruer," TR jtatlrni was s man of fortnne, and soon took the road; but Iratrlltig was n very different undertaking Dien to what If is uow and the journey from London to Dernroa w m out a trifling one. He arrived, however, at Die place of deilnaifon; but no Doctor Hotifnson waa to be f Hind, aor had any one of that name ever been In town. 1 IDs, of course, euraged Die gentleman very Hum h, nud lie look (he road to London, raging and vowing vengeance os the doctor. Os IDs arrival Re tented all his rage on the latter, and abused him for aeuding him on n joiirnc) so manr miles for nothing H hen tils birr was s little abated. Doctor 8)deultam asked Sft il, now after ail, la your health any better9" Better, said A; )e. to better! 1 am, Mr. aa Weil oa ever 1 waaiumy Uf; but no thanks to on for that. Well. said 8)denhain. you have still reason to thank Doctor KohliiMin. 1 wanted to aetid you a Journey with an object in Dew 1 knew It would do )ou good; in going you had Doctor Kohlnson In contemplation, and In rrlurttlug you were equally bua) lu tblukiug of suoldlug me " . Ms ms ! do buy me that splendid toy bed-room set of furniture I saw to-day at Mr. Mamm's Nitrile avenue and Krlilge street, aald s line brlght-ejed nils of scares six years, hhchad espied Its beauties, and fora good half hur stood exanituing It with Die most heartfelt pleaMirc; Huch aiMala will tie frequent during the month, apd (o all a ho hesrtbeai we recommend s visit lo this estahllshinent- It coala hut very Utile to gUe long pleasure to childhood. Ordinary toys are easily broken and are expensive, but toy furniture, rocking-fbalrs. etc., arc kept for along time, and are a perpetual well saving of pleasure to the young. Besides toy furniture tends lo make the llttl miss think of the pleasure.! of real house keeping, and may in s great measure counteract the strong minded current of thought, into which the female reformers of the present day would have tlielr youuger rlMert indulge. 8o buj toy furuiture for the lu f an t, mother of Brookl) n, say we. IN A HUBBY. A boy with post office pants and ventilated hat, rnahed I Into s drug alore In Bellows I alia, the other day, with s I dipper In his hand, and exclaimed,' Doctor. mother sent f me down to the shotterrary pop, quit Iter biases, cos hub's sick as the dl hens with tfiey uioru m. J J I K T K It' . DDDDDDDDDDDIUltlBDlDIp b 1 Moots AND RllOt S. A! n si niMi, DO CitAI M a Mauagcr MAM! K I T H'H. i 1 mi. trill' A l IUUI l 1 if V I It T K B ' Lui)i)tiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiunu lOTAl RANT obex OX SUNDAY. If eaM swrvad si all Roars. Raapolftsa sod FaRf? H j CUKAM ft spclait PUIVATK DINING BOOM FOB LAUUJS. M T 111 WABJIIXUYOB ST. UE iALtr AND FAttNT, AND lOWi I. HNKOKKimH tJ Hhl At K AN r, , Iffl Mu.St g( K RTHKKT. Oi)ptlir ACADMY ok music. HS BKRTIVKCH In ths ( H Y It K ( IO AM, k ( lit A Mt )( K 4 ID AM, K ( DRAM, lCK i ItRAM. FI lih, FI HR Ft HK, Fi HR NO Ant'll HtATlnN. TUV ttMtlU.kk.Ub I Ilk. AM. n k THOtbAXM wax TbbTtrr THAT BtMITt AND IHUn FKCIAI. NOTICE. CMOKY CTIIMXKT (XltEP. TUB OOTUIC PATkM CHINNKT TOP AND VENTILATOR U , .on cur for fMOKV CBIMNNY AND DOWN-DRAPT. Will b. put ip on trtal for Uilrtr (fk By J. WHITLEY SON.WS FULTON BTBEBT. SEND TOM CIRCULAR. MADE Off MuCOMUkVS FATRNT LAST AHS SUFEHIOR TO ALL OTBKRt. wry? R-TMf ftr Bkftds I At Urn foot t wksreas, Msoriiag to U old plm IRs feat vers mads to St ths ahosa, ftbsord, ftOMtroas sad pernleloaa ewtow, vkkk anade partial or eumpleta ertpUa of ms half faunas family. PMW toss, m I MrJti kh Ras I of ths I H gTr l THAT IIATTUU fie plpen chox. and she Mn this dipper eoswe wants a thimbleful of pollvgollc I.. ain't got s buttle brand) . auu the kint pups g ot the blue I wiutcra lu 1L Out any ? 1 ADVANTAGES OF THE CHANGE. A gentleman who hid been keeping how with his I wife was out of tuwn recounts Die sutsutsges of tbs change. Heaaia The The Idea of haring to put on s clean shirt, black my I books, aud briidli up my clotiiea in er morning, is simply ridiculous. It is a miracle to me how I eter did It and attended tomyoiher sfTairt. I now read the morning naHre without being forced to see an Impatient woman standing, with her tin In one hand, looking very mlKcratdc. and telling me she to going down town, auu wsuts that paper. Great reduction In prices at Mason's, cor. Myrtle avenue I and Bridge street. f Give Mbmod a call and you will ho aatisfled yon can buy I cheajKjr at Ida ealablldimeut than slaewhere. 1 LOOKING OX THE BRIGHT SIDE. Here Is a letter from s wife to her hnahsnd in California. Bite dout tntoud going through Die world with the blues; My dear Hunband: As ft ts now some time since you left fjr California, I nuppoae that you would be glad to ' arliowweare getting along In your absence. J am President street, 8-story, brown-stone 15.GJ0 happy to say that we arc enjoying very good health on Portland avemie, 2-story and attio, frame.. , 7.NI0 the whole. Just at present two of the boye have got thq OF WINDOWS AND DOORS. STOP THE DRAFT, KEEP OUT THE DUST AND SAVE YOUR COAL BY KEEPING WARM ROOMS, U6E BROWNES METALLIC WEATHER STRIPS. THE BEST IN USE. I WILL NOT WARP OR SPRING LIKE WOODEN ONES DO, BY THE ACTION Id-Boots sad Shoe mad os thea lasts art mads as I ftotnmoft-seBs principles, with whfte soles and low Rseto, ood it lbs feel sssily from ths ft rat, and m4 o breok-i lng U, bat efta fa worn with comfort from ths nomaal j they art put oa. Bd They sr more durable, the prossore being equal st I all polnta. therefore do sot ran over, whereas is ths 14 style, frtcUo and inequality of pressure cause them to 1 ran ever, consequently produce conn and bunions, sad .premature wear at particular points. 4th-Because tho wearer esa woiR farther, with taor ! comfort in them than In any other ahoe. 9 A full assortment of Ladies and Misses Boots, to several widths, made on t ri'XHH mi mi px i j i ; . . . , . hivu si u ti1 Of (Re LlllDgUlaJ(4iil Ir tl'AiX AIMWn M 4 h"H ir ii hi h i i IS' USD Inn p.r CMVDfVfl piM'M OV X. M Ol I ut iiiM t( i M y, NEW irtltx 0X1 ftllliA ' M vi isr h A t i F M, ftfOriM f hUUA, JAMrj . MH H'WIW AhawM j Oft fthR-h I If r ) . lurid T'wrdUfl . MW JmHV M I Jitf uH, has kindly v uHit an,, to kis pSGUrs fuf taDfori I In DAMuM sod rVTHI t Pw' MX Jim.', i lun oii J'jrllilM Nil kIiH( Alukrt 4rl-n (he n pt) Dm t Wr M W ft tnR wui ewodiu t m on Rusos a l)tl M M Juia I of IRs VIT I IoaV t.uartfnk Teeooctwd Uh the ! n.ii , ,,t BLAcR M Mi Rt aaX. J Wimit! Vf'i'iiiN M.-rn I ori.rt I JmhX Tv i., MM. kltHI), AltAMS avt A WlllUm ,... MR rilWIN XdltOnJ MR John HtULiARuU 8i pMirl-d hr the JfftW PARK Lft tOMFAXr MATIN kK lUKl toil KIM) A r J F M Mil itDW SHiHf, Ttlk K'-mo y os tis roftPhT UK ttofIKMI 4 f,MU A. M. lu t K M, U, M 111 j Bnisdw), R, , 118. V. B. COX H aV . kiiooKI TN TllEATIlt. LAT NIIIMT. nr 1 HK .!( km worn n . Mr. P K l(iHAT,M-tlFK, Mm IDA -AUHI .KIM Mr. IUk Him II (i, M F niAIH Mr A H II IVi.J m, mu OR. Mr. N ALTFH I ksui l.l UN. Aud Dr grrt drin ,f TlIK hlllMMl K1LWABMKH.MIU i.Millllln KKLLOOO. Utl ! OMI AS1 . SATTHDAl HIM I A I. BILL. AB kou LlkK IT Mr. P B. CON W AT, Mim ID iA VORT Mr THANK KiH HP ' Mr k FU, B A l s R. Mr. WALTkM LF s'NOK. Mr P.LHin'k.NDAlX, lu prru.r,fli.u, Mm n 4i .N-.MIN LITTLE hi khlll.SK, LILIAS CONWAT. QLYMPIO TIIEATHK, FULTON BT. HAPPY STw TKAR. I! AFP NMT i 9 AIL rNpRKf KDFXT9 D ATTK HTuS. t'Mil lUM 9D9XTFD ATTK tTloX TRs Charming Arttou, MUR JOSFPHTVE. MLLR. JuhAi'liiNk. the wfVNrrm. TDK ftl.S.Skl id. M ARTUI 8NIKKKX. MAolkU bMkkEX. KRM8 K AND RMitilj Ubsmploa Bkstera. TDK RAN RAIIhTHorPK OP GYVNAETE. THE RAN KA lli TUULFK UF UlMNAbld. ! Reappearance of HU(.li FAT. HLUH FAV. , BILLY RART. . AW HIE IIUOIIHL J V UAMFHKL, MLSd I GHI-KNMELD. MIh Al Ul hfA And Ue ! lllllMi AND ( HUlsiDhd BIT McCOMBKIUB PATENT LASTS, Can be fonod only at EDWARDS FAMILY SHOE STORE, 166 and 166 ATLANTIC AVENUE, (Opposite the Atiicueom.) BROOKLYN. Remember Mcfcomber's Patent Last Shoes, 1 ARK STYLISH, DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE. AUCTION SALKS; yyai. cole, auctioxeek. BY COLE A MURPHY, Salesroom 79 Fulton street and 854 to 858 dam street. gaiM of Real Estate Merchandise. Out-door sales of J Furniture, etc., personally attended to. Regular weekly n II B.n iMl A A., I As sale of Horses, Carriages. Harnas, Ac. Kery ttoturday st ii o'clock. LTLfcH AND UiKloDlM PAVTOMIMR COMPANY. PANTOMIME COM FAN f. WOTHFB (ithisK. MOTIIh U (DH)hR MONDAY, Jsnnsry 4, Harrigau and Hart. Foley and 1 Wade, Master Martio. jyOOLKY B OPERA IIQUBE. A NEW DRAMA Replete with startling effects sod founded on facts I connected with the Cuban war, written by aud produced ' under the direction of J. Z. Little. SANTIAGO AVENGED. FI rat appearance of Profeaaor Dialer. Thft perform Mac will conclude with ths farce GOOD FUR NOTHING. Matinee Thursday st half-past two. JJY REQUEST, j ' THE PURITAN SUNDAY SCHOOL (Lafayette sad Msrcy sres.J 1 Will repeat ft portion of the entertainment given oa Tuesday last, adding new features to make the pro gramme of unexcelled interest, oa MONDAY EVENING, 2tb INSTANT, At 8 o'clook. TICKETS CENTS. Tickets Issued for the last entertainment which were 1 not then used will be received on this occsaiou. TIKE HOLIDAYS. JJOLIDAY GOODS. HOLIDAY GIFTS. F?H THE HOLIDAYS I , ' , . ' AND 19.000 8.500 smalt-pox. With trifling exceptions, we are all well, and getting along nicely. You needn't be at all anxious about Si I Inc V t rent Aatorv hrown-atone lOflG) I almost forgot to say that Sarah Matilda eloped last "irJH week. Poor glrll She's been waiting for the last ten We havtt also other houses with and without I years for a chance, aud Im glad shes married at last, extrh ground, in all sectioun of the city. Dent 1 .... - - rable vacant property for sale. Furnished and or PROPfcYiY AEft SrECIALLT JIOTIFli THAT IT IB OUR ANNUAL CUSTOM TO RE-ENTER ALL FliOrERTY NOW ON OUR LISTS For sale ok TO LET, AND THAT DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY THEY ARE REQUESTED TO CALL AT OUR OFFICES, 189 MONTAGUE STREET, AND m FLATBU6H AVENUE. AND ENTER THEIR PROPERTY AEW. Bv this method we correct and revise our Lists, and are J 7 1 f enabled ' to omit any property which has been sold or bread with mushrobm, ham and eggs, golden withdrawn during thejear.o! buck, Welsh rarebit, tomato omelette, cold roast beef, smoked beef, chicken salad, sardines, Inch o vies, mince pie, apple-pie, German pancake, Charlotte Russe, bread -pudding, plum pudding, apple oauce, strawberry ice-cream, buckwheat cakes, double' Gloucester cheeseTcrackers and a glass of water. ! Theodore Tilton, Esq. A maccaroon and milk ' punch. Bhe needn't havu taken the trouble to elope, though, for I am sure I was glad enough to ha e her go. bhe was s great eater, aud 1 And that baked beans doot go off near I o fast now as they did. The way that girl would dip I into pork and beaus was a caution to the rest of the fain- 1 I lly. The cow took it In her head, yesterday, to run away, I which waa very fortunate. I'm sure, for the barn caught fire, last night, and was consumed. I waa In hopes the house would go, loo, for it's very Inconvenient, but the I wind was the wrong wsy, so It didnt receive much in I 1 y. borne boys broke Into the orchard, the other day, I j stripped all the fruit trees. I sin very glad of lt for I If they hadn't, i presume the ehlleran would have made themselves ill by eating too much fruit. Hoping yon enjoy yourself In California as well aa we do at boiue, 1 re I main your affectionate wife. I A elek in a city book store, thinking to annoy a I Dusker customer who looked aa tough as hewssfresb f ' from the country, handed him a volume, sayiugt " Here la an excellent essay on the rearing or calves. Thee had better present It to thy mother, young I msu, was the spontaneous retort of too Quaker. 1 Beene In a London restsnrsnt. Old Gent" You dont I tnesn to tell me, waiter, that you can't give me a tooth- f phk Walter' Well, sir, we used to keep 'em, bat the gents almost Invariably took em away when theyd done with em." A young lady had coquetted until her victim was com- I pletely exhausted. He rose to go away. Bhe whispered, is "he accompanied him to the door : LsbaU be home next Bunday evening." Bo shall I," he replied. Beautiful snow! when a delicate thaw t .Makes the atrhlll.aud damp, and raw! Beautiful saiow ! they may slug whom it suits I object to the Hull, cause it soaks through my boots. I Do try to talk a little common sense ! exclaimed a aar astlc young lady to a toitor. Oh ! was the reply, but wouldn't that bo taking an j Unfair advantage of you?" Corner of Mrrtle avenue and Bridge street Is the place I to buy your furniture and carpeting. A man In Cayuga County, New York, sent the following advertisement to a dailv newspaper - ... -- that vt OF THE WEATHER. FOR BALE BY GEORGE ELF0IU7, BOLE AGENT FOR KINGS COUNTY, No. 806 FULTON STREET. (NEAR BOND,) BROOKLYN. CALL AND EXAMINE FOR YOURSELF. Mr. Editor. Please publish that vl anted a vonng lady 1 ovp rrtXT, AND SAVE DOCTORS BltLS. r,n th ai nf M IB hn vnnld IIU In vmnltl. her. BAVJi tUAli AU fcAVB HULIUIW ilMnn mimTntJnd- nffertiiw nronertv thrnnwh our 1 from the of w to Vi who would like to younlt her-nonH na iTJlir tnnniilv na nd thif MAniD I selfe In the Iocs of matHinoula i the wflter of tliU am ti agency the coming year to notify us ana enter tne same I tn Di 22 j ears of age 5 feet height in weight 135 of occupation fanner. William Furey, Eeq. A fricaseed mocking-bird and a Santa Crus sour. I , KKNWARD PHILS, Eq. A bottle of Bass ale, some bacon and eggs, another bottle of Bass' ale, a cigar, some Bass' ole, another elgar, a toothpick, soother bottle of Bass' ale, some Btilton cheese, a bottle of Bass' ale, another bottle of Bass' ale, some Seltxer, a bottle of Boss' ole, a cracker and another bottle of Bass ale. Hon. S. D. Morris Britton en barbecue, with a quart -of gore, blood-pudding, and rum punch a la Deestrick Attorney. Hon. William A. Fowler Beefsteak-pudding, pony of Ridgewood water, 'Hempstead small potar toes and an imperial gallon of Extra Dry VerX-enay. r District Attorney Britton Fried liver, a la .Vor rle; Reform hash, Shanks' tart, Mid a oup of te Hon. William A. Colt Pickled beats. . .The editor of a Minnesota paper has a buffalo robe which was once the property ofbe Sioux chief, Son of the Sun, whereupon are pictured al his battlbs, scalps, and other trophies. He uses it fts ft means to frighten delinquent subscribers. Joaquin MUler, in, his book about the-Modocs, relates that sa old fellow who hod been on the warpath brought to him a leather bag. While he tapped it lightly with his bowie knife the blood oozed throngh the seams. Looking at Joaquin the Id Modoc said, ' Them's scalps. It is said that nearly 900,000,000 of letters, 80,000, -000 of postal oardCTt5,030,(X of newspapers and 100,000, (X)0 of book packets, pass through the English Post-office annually. That's where the paper 06S. 189 Montagus Btbeet, and 999 Flatbfsh Avxkce. CONCERTS, p'HE TABLEAUX YXYANTS FOR BT. MARYS HOSPITAL,' &o mnch admired on November 34, trill be repeated by general request at lire ATHFNEUM, on TUESDAY. DPfTMRFR, 80, Y, 1TH A CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. Prominent members of tbe Eentre Nona Dramatic Society will also give the popular farce of "Peter W hlto. Mr. Peter White, Mr. T. H. 0'( oimor ; Frank Brown, Mr. K.C Ellis; Major Pepper, Mr. W Edwards; Mra. P. VUitte, Mis Ada Forrester; Kitty Clover, Mlaa Louise Forrester; Widow White. Mlaa LflH L. Langford. Music by the OReilly Band. To commence at itoclock. Admission 75 cents no rairvel seats. -Tltkets cAn be ha0 of W. W. bwayne, 214 Fnlton at.; M. Nevln, 810 Fultoh sL, and at the principal drug atorea. f CADEMY OF MUSIC . ' TUESDAY EVENING, JANUAR1J ft, f " DRAMATIC RECITALS BY MKS BCOTT-fUDDONS,2 ' - ' ' Assisted by the 4 WONDERFUL MUSICAL PRODIGY, j MASTER HARRY WALKER. Tlrkets will be ready on Monday morning. 2Pth int., , at HANDLKU S, ITi Moutague street, anil UOLLEs, 344 Fulton street. GRAND CONCERT - WILL BE I given In the YORK ST M h ( HUIit H, cor 1 ork and Gobi sta., on TI lMAY f VKV I'( December 80, (ouiineiMhig al 8 o'clock. Jacob Burn. I)rectof, Wm. G Burns, pianist, Mra Osborn, Mies Ladier, Mlaa Jeremiah, Miss D uon Met Dye, Mr. Stmldard atid others 1IIrkMy Mrs Onborn and Mr Dve w Hi slug-some of their inosrtopular duels- 1 it kets 5n cento. Squabbles, an old bachelor, showed his stocking, which I he had, Just darnod, to a maiden lady, who contemptu- J ously remarked, "Pretty good for ft man darner. I Whereupon Snuabbtes remarked, Yes, good enough I for a wotfian, darn her. PARKNTAL ENTERPRISE. At ft party, while a young lady was playing with peculiar brilliancy of touch, a bystanding bachelor ex claimed : ( TOBACCO AND CIGARS QHARLES EDEN, TOBACCONIST, sole manufacturer of the " 8ILVIE BRAND OF 8EGARS, 123 ATLANTIC STREET, I Between Henry and Clinton Sts., ' I d give the world for those fingers ! Perhapayoumlght get the whole hand by asking, I said tho ouug lad) 'a ohaerv ant mamma. BROOKLYN. ESTABLISHED 1861. Galllnarlnni is St. Lonls for hen honsc. Next e I shall have Eqclnsriuin, aud Bobinarium,and Aamorluin. A bore The man who persists In talking about him elf when you wish to talk about yourself. Patent iron coffins are advertised. Those who hare used them will use no other. The tea-kettle fa said to be the onlyslnger which never j gets cold. Coquets are like weathercocks only fixed when they I become rusty. The man who will suit you to maker. SADDLERY P. W. WILLIAMSON, Manufacturer of and Dealer in HARNESS, SADDLES, BRIDLES, . COLLARS, WHIPS, ROBES, BLANKETS, Brushes, Combs, Fly Nets, Ac. ITT ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLYN, N. Y. Repairing Promptly attended to. The most thrilling tale known is that of the ratUe snake. Brcftth of good manners For ruin to store yon fi) the I face. - 1 PLUMBING. When is a young lady like a whale? When she's pout-fhg. 1EMEMREH THE lll'TC'HIXSON X Kamllv tng at AbtH I TION HALL. or Fulton st met and Gallutm place, NEW LEARftEVE, MED-F.DA Y, Dcvcuihcr 41. An Intellectual feast The entertainment of an Idea. , Cruelty to animals Throwing physic to the dogs. The womans club The parasol of the period. The child who cried for an hour didnt get It. Electric bells Female telegraph operators. P Preferred creditors Those who dont dun. Ship's bread Rolls, and plenty of em. The test help Help youraeif. t The cheapest furniture and carpet warehonse in tbe Timed rtrea is Maaos, corner Myrtle aeoue sad Bridge street. ARYEY BROTHERS, IJT PLUMBFRS, GA8 AM) hTPM FITTFR8, TIN. COPPER AND 8HPFT IRON MORKfcUS, No. 114 COURT blRLLT, . BROOKLYN. NOTICE We would adrise those who are In want of Gas-Fixtnres, Plumbing, Tin Hoofing, Ac., Chat they will save 15 to 3U per cent bv calling on G4fM BUO. 114 Court street Agents for the KNIt KKRBCK KER RANGE. 6IXTY DAYS THEREAFTER, i JAMES McMUIUlAY, ' WATCHMAKER, JEWELER AND SILVERSMITH, ' OF 1 NO. 8 FULTON STREET, 9 (Nearly Opposite Pierre pont Street J OFFERS FOR SALE HIS LARGE AND ELEGANT STOCK OF GOODS, COMPRISING EVERY ARTICLE TO BE FOUND IN A FIRST-CLASS JEWELRY ESTABLISHMENTS AT AN ADVANCE OF TEN (10) PER CENT. ON COST. 1 N. B.-A DEDUCTION OF 5 FEB CENT. FROM PURCHASES OF 0 AND OVER. k TJAKB HOMg HAPPY." NEW NOVELTIES yon HOLIDAY PRESENTS I AT HERBERTS. 467 FULTON STREET, And opposite Young Mens Christion Association Rooms MANUFACTURERS' AGENT. . OUR GREAT SPECIALTY, STEAM LOCOMOTIVES. In presenting this onr Annual Circular for Holiday Season of 1878 and 74, we beg to fccknowlcdge favors, aud feel confident that our stock this ' be found complete in every detail, and at thpvcry lowest Cosh Prices. , ' . Mechanical and steam toys of every description. STEAM LOCOMOTIVES (perfect model) , running on track 10 to 15 miles per hour, the wonder of the age. Prices from SA W up, with track all complete. We are the sole agents in Brooklyb, and warrant every locomotive leaving the store. Passenger Cars, Flat Cars, Ac. fitatlbnary Engines, Steamboats, Ac, XOTK! TOYfcst TOYS! SANTA CLAUS HEADQUARTERS. Villages, Sheep Folds, Poultry Yards, Railroad Trains, Soldiers, Furniture, In neat boxes, from 35c. up. Grocery Stores, Store Houses, Pack Houses, Stables, 4k c A pice Use of dolls st very reasonable rates. Tin Kltcb ena,t(fi Stoves, Toy Castors, Tea Sets, Coffee Sets, Ac. Everything Id the Toy Trade Kill be found complete In assortment. All of'our own mmxcT importation, AN ELEGANT VARIETY OF CHOICE TOY BOOKS. AU the new novelties in Mechanical and Operating Toys. Elegant Gigs, Handsome Buggies, Racers, ftc. Magic Lanterns, Panoramas, Ac., Ac. A splendid variety of Nine Pins for Parlor use ; also all kinds of Games. c. ' , CnXAP TOTS FOR CHRISTMAS TURKS. ' CHURCH FAIRS TREATED LIBERALLY. We especially Invite you to call ftnd'examlne our Nov cities. Ac,, without feeling obliged to buy. gyOrderi jor Holiday Goods packed immediately and delivered when .required. Respectful y, R. HERBERT, Agt., 467 Fclton Btbert, and opposite Y. M. C. Assn Rooms. BROOKLYN. N. B -Please call and see our Miniature Locomotive In operation. HEATH A BD8H HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BIJHH HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BIJHH HEATH A BlIHH HEATH A BU8H HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BU8H HEATH A- BUHH HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BIJHH HEATH A hH ,TII HE f I BUbH AT HEATH A BUSHS. A FULL LINE. 4 LADIES CAN SAVE MONEY BY BUYING OF US. FULL LINE OF HOLIDAY GOODS. WONDERFULLY LOW IN PRICE,. AT HEATH A BUSH'S, 217 A 249 FULTON STREET. Ti . BUi HEATH B! bff I IE A ill A . BUbH ATM A BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A Bunn HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEVTH A BUSH HEATH . BUSH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH J JJOUDAY GOODS, MILLINERY. I It. JIODGINS, ' FASHIONABLE MILLINERY, DRESS AND CLOAK MAKING. ALSO, FRENCH FLUTING AND PINKING, DRESS CAPS. l FULTON STREET, UP STAIRS, J , Near Johnson urcet. . BROOKLYN. BOOTS AND SHOES. piUKLEa UEltBACirAi BOOT AND SHOE MJlKEIi, " No. 88 COURT STREET, (Between Livingston and Schermerhom xtreet BituOKM V. Bwt C1f Boot 112 1 Dost Cftd Gaiters lv W HEATH A BUSH HEATH - A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BlbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH . BUbrt HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A IU SH HEATH A Bt MI HEATH A BUSH HEATH A BT MI HEATH A BUbH HEU! A BUM! HEATR Blbil AT- HEATH A BUSH'S. AFULELINE. LADIES canTave MONEY . 4 BY $ , BUYINGOF US. FULL LINK OF HOLIDAY GOODS, WONDERFULLY LOW IN PRICE AT BEATH A BUSHS, 247 A 249 FULTON STREET. HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUHH HKA Ti A BUbH HEATH BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUbH HEATH A BUH HEA l'H A BUHH HEAIH A BUbH HEA TH A BUSH HEA TH A BUbH HEATH A Bt sir HEA TH A BT H HEAIH A BU'-H HEATH A BUTT HEAIH A BUbH HEAIH A BUMI HEA TH A BT bH HEA TH A BUU I i I

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