Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida on January 20, 1969 · Page 9
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Playground Daily News from Fort Walton Beach, Florida · Page 9

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1969
Page 9
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COURTHOUSE REPORT Marriage Licenses Richard Solon Humphreys, 46, Fort Walton Beach, to Dorothy May Humphreys, 45, Fort Walton Beach. William S t a n l e y Xack, 2 7 , Fort Walton Beach, to Florence Sue Howard. 38, Fort Walton Beach. Alonzo David Arcc, 20, Fort Walton Beach, to Maria Amparo Meza, 20, Fort Wahon Beach. Elijah King, 20, Fort Walton Beach, to Lillie Mae Nelson, 17, fort Walton Beach. Daniel Anthony Newton, Sr., 34, Fort Walton Beach, to Ursu- ; la Martha Taylor, 30, Fort Wai- I ton Beach. Loomis Gibson Hester, Sr., : 64, Pensacola, to Mogie Hester, 44, St. Louis, Mo. James Lawrence Oven, 22, Niceville, to Diana Lee Carl, 22, Titusville. Raymond Eugene Stokes, 19, Laurel Hill to Betty Frances Jernigan, 19, Laurel Hill. Willie Earl Ford, 22, Spring- I field, Mass., to Katrena Parker, ' 20, Fort Walton Beach. Durward John Hegland, 47, Eglin AFB, to Kay Ellyn Cunningham, 36, Valparaiso. Alexander Golovko, 23, Eglin AFB No. 9, to Lois Rebecca Cassels, 22, Fort Walton Beach. Francis Festus Parker, 24, Crest view, to J a n i c e Marie Getz, 22, Fort Walton Beach. Alan Jerome F 1 e e n o r, 25, Fort Walton Beach, to Carolyn Sue Messer, 18, Pineville, Ky.- Douglas Franklin Hart, 21, Crestview, to Bernice Whitaker, 21, Crestview. Glen Louis Fuse, 21, Eglin AFB, to Mary Lou Allred, 21, Niceville. Ronnie Autrey Holloway, 20, Baker, to Noma Faye Garrett, 18, Milligan. Danny Joe Towe, 22, Eglin AFB, to Elsie Carolyn Finch, 21, Fort Walton Beach. Mark Robert Kurzen, 21, Eg- lin AFB, to Barbara Jo Brown, 21, Crestview. Douglas Charles Reinhard, 22. Fort Walton Beach, to Nancy Jean Saxon, 18, Eglin AFB. James Clayton Mason, 23, Crestview, to Marjorie Ann Crews, 19, Crestview. Charles Richard Hunter, 23, Homestead AFB, to Barbara Diane Gomillion, 19, Florala, Ala. Donald R a y G a r r e t t , 2 2 , Crestview, to Sandra Kay Garrett, 19, Niceville. Kenneth Warren Phillips, 20, Fort Walton Beach, to Marilyn June Fiorillo, 19, Fort Walton Beach. Winston Huber Merritt, 27, Baker, to Marie Annice Driggers, 22, Baker. Garland Gegg Eastman, 22, Fort Walton Beach, to Wilma Nell Spriggs, 26, Fort Walton Beach. L. C. McQueen, 19, Fort Lee, Va., to Jacquelyn Louise Bellow, 24, Crestview. Mikel Loren Williams, 20, Fort Walton Beach, to Sarah Louise Engle, 20, Fort Walton Beach. Caray Lee Kemp, Jr., 22, Chickasaw, Ala., to Janice Marie Hayes, 20, Niceville. Ronald Patrick Evans, 22, Carlisle, Pa., to Phyllis Elaine Latham, 20, Crestview. Keith Russell Jung, 20, Eglin AFB, to Sharla Ann Raitz, 21, Eglin' AFB No. 9. Douglas George Webbere, 21, Eglin AFB, to Kathy Ellen Lenox, 20, Bird in Hand, Penn. Albert Eugene Friend, 19, Eglin AFB, to Cynthia Joyce McCorkle, 17, Elwood, Ind. Gregory Neel Mattock, 26, Eglin AFB, to A l i c e Marie Dickey, 20, Freeport. Frederick Charles Hill, Jr., 24, Ferry Pass, to Lotharie Courington, 19, Niceville. Walter Donald Phillips, Jr, 22, Fort Walton Beach, to Gloria Jean Morris, 20, Fort Wal- ton Beach. Jack Harris, 22, Fort Walton Beach, to Jo Ann Campbell, 21, Fort Walton Beach. Dwight Wayne Garrett, 19, Crestview, to Mary Lelia Thompson, 20. Crestview. Joe Ladon Dewrell, ?.8, Shalimar, to Maxine Ronk, 29, Kokomo, Ind. Charles Edward Wesseiman, 22, Fort Walton Beach, to Sharon Lee Romagnola, 22, Fort Walton Beach. Joseph Douglas McLendon, 25, Fort Walton Beach, to Sarah Louise Lowery, 20, Fort Walton Beach. Charles Clinton Hart, 20, Baker, to Patricia Ann Parker, 20, Baker. Charles Ettorie Brocketto, 23, Fort Walton Beach, to Rosemary Alice Fayette, 23, Fort Walton Beach. Robert Adeodatus Homco, 22, Niceville, to Linda Diana Bradley, 20, Niceville. John Thomas Scott, 23, Eglin AFB, to Priscilla Joann Koerner, 21, Crestview. Civil Actions Filed Patricia A. Payne vs. Ronald W. Payne, divorce. John W. Gibson vs Alvin L. Hammett, d-b-a- San's Electric, judgment. William L. Courtney vs Betty Jean Courtney, divorce. Donald E. Woodruff vs Stephanie D. Woodruff, divorce. Lucy M. Hoover vs. John William Hoover, divorce. Burlington Savings Bank vs William W. Lynn, et ux., mortgage foreclosure. Nathan Fleet, et ux, vs Mack D. Sessions, lease contract. Geraidine Kazlauskas vs. Joseph Kazlauskas, Jr., divorce. In Re: Change of name of Anthony Wayne Dawson to Anthony Wayne Whitley, by and through his next friend and natural mother, Mary Alice Whit- When newcomers move to town, we greet them with a personal message from friendly and progressive businessmen. Primarily we endeavor to contact potential customers who we believe are seriously interested in establishing residences and remaining in the area. In time instead of acquaintances, they became friends and customers because we extended a welcome hand to them when they were new in our area. Ours is the oldest continuous Newcomer Service in the area one we intend to continue. We sponsor the original and only Newcomer Club which is continuously growing and adding new members. Newcomer Greeting Service MRS. RUTH HAILS HOSTESVOK n. WALTON BEACH, VAIPAIAISO * NICCVIUI Kt INFORMATION CALL 243-3105 ley. John Rudolph Chrastina vs. Helena Viola L'Heureux. partition suit. A A Sales Co. vs Ronald Getz, d-b-a as Jackie's House of Diamonds, judgment. In Re: Adoption of a minor by Steven L. Nickman, et ux. John Gentry vs Wilburn Strickland and Wilma Sue Fedorak, judgment. The Xerox Corp vs. Jerry Melvin, a-k-a- J. G. Melvln db-a Melvin's Business Services, judgment. A. J. Dickerson, Jr., vs. BH Amusement Rides, Inc, et al, judgment. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. vs. Sammie O. Chambless, et al, mortgage foreclosure. John Richard Watts vs Ruth Holland Watts, divorce. David S. Biddle vs.- Patricia Ann Biddle, divorce. In Re: Adoption of a minor by George Herbert Lamb, et ux. Lucy Diann Van Deventer vs. Richard G. Van Deventer, divorce. Evelyn Hlnesly vs. Thomas Eugene Hinesly, divorce. Patricia V. A. Kite vs Dale Kite, divorce. In Re: Adoption of a minor by James Ray Monk, et ux. Federal National Mortgage Association vs. Otis A. Fowler, et ux, foreclosure. John J. Gaudoin vs. John H. Perry, Jr., and Perry Publications Inc., damages, Eva Elmore vs. James A. Parish, et ux, foreclosure. Carol Hope Guy vs. Donald Ray Guy, divorce. Carol N e v a 1 d a Baker vs. Richard Loyd Baker, separate maintenance, Marvin H. Brown, individually, and for the use and benefit of Bank of Crestview, vs. Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. of Hartford, Conn, et al, damages. Gulf Federal Savings and Loan Association vs. Marshall Custom Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. Rocco Paciello, Jr., vs Elaine W. Paciello, divorce. Robert R. Debruhl vs Minnie Lou Ellis, partition suit. Walter D. Harley vs Florence L. Harley, divorce. Michigan National Bank vs. James E. Nail, replevin. In Re: Adoption of a minor by Jimmie Oscar Shepard, et ux. Daniel W. Johnson vs Peggy F. Johnson, divorce. Fort Walton Transfer and Storage Co., Inc. vs. Shamrock Van Lines, Inc., judgment. Carol A t t a w a y Crook vs. Gregory Melbourne Crook, di vorce. P. L. Coleman, d-b-a- Coastal Apshalt Co., vs. Croyle Co., damages. Moody-Kelly Concrete Co. vs. Croyle and Co., damages. Stockton, Whatley, Davin Co. vs. Lynn Builders, Inc. foreclosure. Stockton, Whatley, Davin Co. vs. Lynn Builders, et al foreclosure. ',. Ruby Etta Fleming vs Wil liam T. Fleming, J r . , divorce. Betty A. Lawler vs. Patrick R. Lawler, divorce. Doria Anne Therrien vs William Marshall Kerr, partition suit. Thomas W. Coleman III vs. Shirley Linda C o l e m a n , divorce. Leonard B. Kay vs. Marie H. Kay, divorce. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. Lynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. Lynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. Lynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. ynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. nn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. Joann Barrow vs. James W. Barrow, divorce. William S. Harrison vs. Cecil rOlirgame, appeal from S mall Claim Court. M a r t h a Hobbs v s . Adolph iobbs, divorce. Margaret Estelle Spicer vs. Zollie Daniel Spicer, divorce. In Re: Adoption of minors by James T. Pulli im. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. P L A Y G R O U N D D A I L Y NEWS. Monday Morning. J a Croyle Co.. Inc.. re-establish lost note. C e l e s t e M a e Bowman v s . Robert Chesser Bowman, divorce. William Walters vs. Helen Lois Walters, divorce. William C. Arnette vs Frances Marie Arnette, divorce. The Commonwealth Corp. vs L y n n Builders, Inc., foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs. Lynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. The Commonwealth Corp. vs Lynn Builders, Inc., et al, foreclosure. Florida Pool Fence Co. vs. Howard L. D i m ^ n i g , et ux, damages. Richard L. Baker vs Carol N. Baker, divorce. Ella Jean Alford vs. Roy Alford, Jr., divorce. Wilma H. Beaudry vs James O. Beaudry, divorce. Susan Caruso vs. John P. Caruso, divorce. Billie A. Batson vs. O. Z. Goodwin and Jerry M. Goodwin, judgment. Thelma Smith and James T. Cummings vs Fred Feldman, d-b-a FS Automotive Machine Shop, et al, judgment. Universal C. I. T. Credit Corp. vs. Franklin D. Pouncy, replevin. Commercial Credit Corp. vs. H. J. Strickland, replevin. The Bank of Gulf Breeze vs. Leslie F. Mackin, judgment. John W. Gibson vs. J. R. Parish, J r . , d-b-a Parish Plumbing Co., judgment. Real Estate TRANSACTIONS Marion F. Taylor, et ux, to James R. Jackson, et ux, Lot 21, Block B. Cloverdale S-D, S14.500. ,William P. Horton, et ux to Spencer W. Shippee, et ux, Lot 16, Block 3, Rosewood Homes S-D, $13,100. Jackson Land Co., Inc. to L. W. Lord, Inc., Lots 2 through 7 inclusive, Block A, Miramar Estates S-D, $15,000. Mary G. Glessner to Andrew P. Ferrara, et ux, part of Section 24, Township 2 South of Range 24 West, 511,500. Taylor-Made of Florida, Inc. to Wallace Angelino. et ux, Lot 12, Block 7, Oak Tree S-D, $17,500. Charles R. Luten, et ux to John Gilbert Whiddon, et ux, Lot 17, Block 7, Highland Park, $15,300. Alton William Corley, et ux to Armando C. Dos Santos, et ux, Lot 15, Block 8, 1st Addition V i s t a . Heights,$12,500. Martin-McC'lellan Co. to Ralph Newsome, Jr., et ux, 29, Block C, Forest Park SD, Unit No. 2. $36,000. Ashlawn Construction Co. to Homer Markos, et ux, Lot 6, Block A, Kenwood, 2nd Addition, $30,700. William J. Brock, et ux to Ernest D. McDonald, Lot 26, Block 8, 1st Addition, Gamier B each, $11,600. Nelson P. Davis, et ux to Oral D. Rooerts, et ux, Lot 18 and part of Lots 17 19, Block 84, Townsite of Port Dixie, $14,300. Ferol F. Kimbro, et ux to Paul R. Lemons, et ux, Lot 7, Block 2, Highland Park SD, $10,300. Bake Construction Co. to William W. Raitt, et ux, Part of Lot 3, Block B, Kenwood, 2nd Addition, $34,000. Henry Clyde Hayes, et ux to Robert DeWayne Warren, et ux. Lot 7 Block 9, Bryn Mawr Park, 1st Addition, $15,100. Thomas E. Brennan, et ux to Albert D. Dismukes, et ux, Lot 4, Block 8, Oak Tree Park S-D, $23,100. Ben H. Eubanks, Jr., et ux to Leo A. Whitworth, Jr., Lot 16, Block 4, Villa Russ Park, $22,500. ALL MERCHANDISE ON SALE 1/2 OFF SUITS · SKIRTS · PANTS SWEATERS · DRESSES IN DACRON WOOL COTTON AND LEATHER OPEN 9-6 MON-SAT. PHONE 243-1714 112 MIRACLE STRIP PKWY TOWN SHOP, INC. ALL SALES FINAL-NO LAYAWAY UP TO SOLID BRASS Fireplace Screen WAS $75.00 NOW $37.50 CHINA CRYSTAL GLASSES GAMES CANDELABRA Brass Wrought Iron BRASS WALL DECORATIONS HAND CARVED Wooden Figurines GAG GIFTS PICTURES OFF Merchandise In Gift Department EVERYTHING MUST GO SALTON Hot Trays ' 2 Pric BOOKENDS % Price BAROMETER'S % Price ABACUS BOARDS ASH TRAYS LETTER OPENERS WASTEBASKETS Office or Home OIL PAINTS, WATER COLORS FLOATING FISH KNIVES 25 ENAMEL WARE O EWSPAFERl

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