The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1969 · Page 8
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The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1969
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE DAILY NOTES, CANONSBURG, PENNA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 1969 SPA LOUNGE The comfortable, paneled lounge pictured above will welcome members and visitors to the new, modern Canonsburg Athletic Association Spa at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Murdoek Street. Open House is scheduled this weekend at the Spa, which will feature an ultra-modern physical fitness department, sauna bath, steam room and exercise equipment. Daily Notes Photo Detroit Mayor Cavanaugh Rules Out Third Term DETROIT (UPI)-Mayor Jerome P. Cavanagh, putting his children's welfare above his own ambitions, announced today he will not run for a third term in racially and economically troubled Detroit. "Our work is unfinished and will not be over until there prevails in Detroit the harmony that justice alone can asure . . . but I am not so vain as to think that Detroit can endure and prosper only if 'I am the mayor," he said. "After living eight years with the heavy burdens of this Friends Queried In Girl's Death CLAREMONT, Calif. (UPD-Dctectives today questioned friends of Virginia Lynn Smith, 13, whose beaten and nude body was found in a deserted canyon. They reported no leads to her killer. Virginia, recently voted the most popular girl at La Puerta Junior High School, disappeared Monday and was last seen walking to her home from a friend's house. An autopsy Tuesday revealed she died from severe head and neck injuries and tests were ordered to determine if she had been molested. Her body was found near a shallow creek in the canyon about two miles from her home. Twenty feet away, detectives found her clothes neatly stacked. Harry Neumann, her stepfather, said he was positive Virginia would not have voluntarily gotten into a car driven by a stranger. Look! Can By ARMY ARCHERD Central Press Association Correspondent HOLLYWOOD Nudity dope addiction alcoholism perversion Sandra Dee? Now you know there's something wrong with all that. Who could mention our little Sandra in the same breath with the earlier syllables? Well, it's a new Dee at least in movies. As she unreeled the things required of her in her new film, "Dunwich," we reeled first in disbelief, then laughter. But it's where it's at, baby. Everything Is "now" and it's "now" or "new" Sandra Dee. After 10 years in the business, Sandra admits she's had it with films given ' her. The list includes, of course, "Tammy Tell Me True," "Gidget," "If a Man Answers," "That Funny Feeling," and eight months ago, a picture called "Manhunter" did it for her. She refused to work until the current "Dunwich." "I had become the poor man's 'Doris Day,' " she told us on the set of the off-beat "Dunwich." "I found nothing I want ed to do. Comedies were no longer fun for me or the audiences. When this came along, I was finally shook up." i SANDRA admits the film has seduction scenes, wild orgies, strange drugs and potions. But she isn't worried that she will be affected by the public's reaction to her role and the film. In the first place, she is seduced while under the effect of & drug she unwittingly takes; further, the orgy scene includes her as an observer and a would-be victim. What about the nudity? "I'll go so far " Miss Dee indicated her neckline. "Then they'll have to get a body double for me. But mostly," she laughed, "because I don't have that great a figure." Sandra spent all of her film life at Universal Studios, where she claims she' was guarded like office, I have decided that the time has come to give greater consideration 'to the needs of my children. "Therefore, I shall not be a candidate for re-election." Cavanagh said he expects to endorse one of the 13 candidates already in the mayor's race, but ruled out support for Councilwoman Mary Beck, running on a strong law-and-order platform. He said victories of conservatives in the mayor's race in Los Angeles and 1 the mayoralty primary in New York City nearly prompted him to try for another term. But he said his children's welfare made him change his mind. Cavanagh also said he was "convinced" he could win if he ran. Cavanagh has been mayor for J nearly eight years hi a period that has seen Detroit plagued with racial strife, inadequate financing, teachers' strikes and deterioration of the inner city. His decision not to seek a third term appeared to stun his aides. At a private meeting before the news conference, many of his staff people arrived wearing "Cavanagh Cares" buttons, anticipating the launching of a campaign. They emerged glum from the private sessions. A few women were in tears. The four sons awarded to Cavahagh's custody when he and his wife, Mary Helen, were divorced last year were with him for the announcement. Mrs. Cavanagh has custody of their other four children, two more boys and two girls. Cavanafh, 41, did not say what his plans would be when his term ends in January. This Be Our Sandra Dee tells Army Archerd: a precious jewel. "I wasn't even allowed any real love scenes in a film. When I finally got a kiss on the mouth my toes couldn't stand it!' v During those days, Sandra also made films with her husband, Bobby Darin, whom she has since divorced, but with whom she is again seen regularly. However, her decision to return to films positively does NOT include pictures with Darin, she assures us. "THIS FILM is the change of pace I wanted for so long. It's a really different picture. And I don't think it will 'type' me either," Sandra laughed. "As for the seduction scene there's a reason for it and I think the public will buy it. "On the other hand, in my last picture (and I thought it would really be my LAST film) I was shown with cleav Leary Too Late For Awakening DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI)-Timothy Leary, former Harvard instructor and experimenter in psychedelic drugs, arrived Tuesday night, hours late for an "awakening" described as "18 hours of continuous music and love." Leary, his hair combed straight back and held in a small bun, received a warm welcome and an exotic daisylike flower from about 50 hippies waiting at the Municipal Airport. The hippies had waited for their guru since the afternoon', while Leary was sitting at home in Berkeley, Calif. "Timothy's reservations got mixed up, and it really blew his mind," Terry Martin founder of ONK Enterprises, said. Leary's trip was sponsored by ONK Enterprises and he was to appear at an all-day benefit in Iowa City to help the newly organized group off the ground financially. The group hepes to bring "real entertainers" to Iowa. At a short news conference, Leary said if he were elected governor of California he would do "as little as possible." Even if Leary had not appeared, the organizers of the happening said it would have happened. And they were philosophical about the lateness of their guest of honor. "There is a sort of tragic chaos that goes along with any groovy thing we plan," one said. A tradition concerning the robin is told that, when Jesus was cn his way to Calvary, a robin picked a thcrn out of his crown and the blood that issued from the wound fell on the bird and dyed its breast with red. Sandra Dee? "I'll only go just so far!" age that really seemed in bad taste. The nudity in this one is, on the other hand, justified. "You can't really dislike me," she smiled. "I'm really a good kid after all." Another unbelievably pleasing note for Sandra in "Dunwich" is the fact she does NOT have the usual glamor wardrobe given her in Ross Hunter films of yore. "I have only one costume," she smiled, "in adition to my own skin!" The film also marks the return to Hollywood of her co-star, another former child star, Dean Stockvvell. Before we left her trailer, Sandra said to us, "Take a look at the set I want you to see the altar where Dean seduces me. Frankly, I'm a little nervous about ' it." We checked the set and Stock-well. He didn't seem nervous at all. "I don't have to take off my clothes," he smiled. oating Riding Crest Of Recreationa .Pleasure boating is riding the crest of the recreational wave belli in quantity and quality. More people are enjoying better equipment more oft;a than ever. In just ten years, reports Johnson Motors, the world's largest manufacturer of outboard motors, the number of recreational boaters has mushroomed from 27 million to more than 42 million. Last year, boaters from Northern Maine to Southern California, from Anchorage to Key West, all through Canada, spent $3-billion on everything from powerful high-horsepower outboard motors to rope ("line" in marine jargon) and fuel. They got their money's worth. The modern outboard is no last-minute brainchild of a backyard inventor, glued together in a garage as a sort of semi-voca tion. 20th Century Technology It is, instead, an intricate piece of Twentieth Century technology, often designed with the help of computers, always years in development. Take Johnson's new 115-h.p. outboard for 1969. Engineers with college degrees on their office walls and grease under their fingernails designed and tested prototypes for years, eventually settling on a design producing 20 per cent more power than last year's 100-hp model, yet significantly lower and lighter. With a thin, hydrodynamic lower unit programmed by a computer, with the efficient capacitor - discharge ignition system utilizing surface - gap sparkplugs, with such easy-to-operale transmissions as the famed Electramatic, today's big outboards are truly a piece of engineering ar. .est PcpuSar Siza But net everyone needs top-of-the-line power. The horsepower of the average outboard purchased in 1968, according to John Millard, Johnson's product manager, was 31.5 h.p., a statistical model far from the 'century" kickers. The most popular-sized out-boards remain the "fishing" motors. . . 6-9V2 and 20-horse- power engines, lor example. litis is understandable when one considers 30 million Americans went fishing ence last year. And in this age of miniskirts and mini-cars, the pleasure boater hasn't been forgotten. Inexpensive "mini-motors" like the 19-pound VA have proven extremely popular with canoeists and becalmed siailboaters, and couple with the inflatable boats so long popular in Europe and recently introduced here, provide portable boating undreamed of ten years ago. Outboardis are durable, too. The Tankard Can is a dashing new way to enjoy the world-famous flavor of Black Label distinctive look of a 17th century pewter tankard , G 1959 Last year, researchers counted nearly 7-million cutbeard motors in use, more than half the 10 million sold since 1919. How many 1919-era automobiles remain on the road? Tailored to Needs Today's 42-milIion boaters can put together a power-and-hul! combination tailored to his particular needs, enjoy it on an ever-increasing system of recreational waters and have kept it in shape by factory-trained professional servicemen. That's a long way from ih bulky hard-to-start 'knuckle- buster" cutbeards of the 20's and 30's. And it's probably just as long a way from what the estimated 75-million pleasure boaters of 1980 will find awaiting them at their marine dealers. DUNKIRK, N.Y. (UPI)-A company of the Dunkirk Fire Department rusihed (to the home of Fire Chief Glenn Fisk Monday to answer an urgent call. They entered the chief's smoke-filled residence to fird that Mrs. Fisk had burned some toast. GOOD START HYDE, England (UPI)-Hyde city officials- wanted1 to get Safety Week off to a good start by testing the mayor's $9,6(10 automobile. It flunked the steering test. serve and Beer. The with the 20th century convenience of a quick-cooling, ring Look for the Tankard Can this week and enjoy beer your money can buy. CARLINS BREWING COMPANY CLEVELAND, OHIO. fF&ez -jaw Pretty girls, a swifl tout, sun and wind, aid up t the fan of boat-in- n myriad lakes in most every state and province. The modern outboard offers perforiinuice and dependability undreamed of a few short years ago. This boater, for example, equip-ped his cabin cruiser with dual 53-horsepower engines, and now is ready for big-water fishing or email-lake cruising. Today's out-boards offer motors, from lj-li.p. "minis" for a dinghy or canoe to giant 115-h.p. powerhouses capable of pushing selected boats at speeds in excess of 50 Wave ft 1 pull can. the best

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