The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 13, 1920 · 5
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 5

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1920
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Ill E. 0. 1 IE1GS SET Delegates to Chicago to Be Named April 28 at Coeur dAlene. TITIi SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, FRID A YOIORN INO, FEB R EAR V 13, K20. tre-ul rrjolclnff imnnv th R-IMiMimni htiior Witty, ftefir Dtnirs finurno n4 hUman hihJ Turinr. Wii'lHin S allin. Itajor r M. Hooth mid oihr from Jo$atHo h.-1 unRwt on th effort and word from Major Turner of thm rhoue I pleaalnf to i iHiutheAtfrn Idaho. M.rrt y. mho U Rannork rutmfy ilm sn deulne from at-ten.Mnf th Hunt nirettng. t much t Jkled ovr the jirovpecia of the big con vciiUon line. SOCIETY State Nominating Convention Will Be Held at Pocatello August 24. to 3 he Trihiioe. LU'SH, Idiho, pVb. 12 Delegatee fi uni 1 laho to the Nat.oiuil Republican cn-rntfoij lit Chicago June will V chosen Apt 11 28 at Coeur d'Alene. Th Republican nominating convention, at which party presidential iMtor, candidate for VmUd States senator, repreeentatl' cs In congress, of ths supreme court orul all electHa state officers will he nominated, will be htld at TiKatello August 24. ri he Republican state central commute meeting today selected the places for the two conxentions and fl1 the time for the firft one, the time fr the nominating contention being fixed by statute. presentation Fixed. Tlw basis of repre-entatlon fixed by Secretory of Btate Rooert O. June. as proscribed in the row modified primary law mi adopted by th. convention as the basis ui on hied tlie various countle. shall be entitled tog be represented In the tao conventions. This computation Hives the Republican jmrty a atotal of 14 members for Its conventions. i n motion of Bartlett bine air the committee went on record being against the (Olleetlon of any money from tne state by too Kepuhli on convention delegates. The sum of $75uO was approprtat- d by the lnnt legislature for the purpose of laying the expenses of the delegates to tne party convention!. Counties Unhampered. The method of selecting county delegates to. ths state conventions was left In the hands of the county central committees, the committees either to select tho county delegates or to provide for tlielr seleitlon at a county convention. C'ouer d'Alene was suggested for the first convention by Attorney tieneral Roy I,. Bla. a, and It met no oppoaition from either the nortn or the south. Pocatel o was nominated by Theodore Turner and Twin Falls was nominated bv C. A. Robins m for tho August convention. A roll i all vote waa taken and Pocatello won. Wedding Followed by Honeymoon - in East Rpeelsl to The Tribune. BOGATELLO. Idaho, Feb iu as of choosing of Pocatello for sate Republican convention by the conference of county chairman in Boise has N N ( t ' N l E M UN T Is mads of the wedding of Miss Elisabeth Patterson and Thomas Weir. The marriage took place at 0 o'clock at the apartment of Mr. Weir In Ihe Brans-furd. Hie ceremony was performed by the Rev. George E Davies. Mr. and Mis. Weir left Immediately afterward for a hone moon trip east. Tney will be at home after March 1 at the Branaford. Mrs. Will Browne entertained at a small bridge party and tea at her home on Twelfth East street -aterday afternoon In honor of Mrs. Kdwin Francis Voorhla, formerly Miss Gladys Richmond, who has recently returned Irorn the east to again make her home In Balt Lake. A basket of jonquils and freealaa on the tea table carried out a .yellow and white color Scheme In the decorations. Tha hostess waa assisted by Mrs. F. C. Richmond, Mrs Walter N. Pugh and Mrs. Charles Tyng. - Guests were entertained mb three table at bridge, followed by tea. The Ladles of Lynda will entertain at a uatice anu card party th a evening at the latdiee Literary clubhouse. The committee on ariangements Includes Mrs. O. B. Chalmers. Mrs Eugene Wheelon and Mrs. B. li. Ramey. e e The Marquetto club will entertain at a dancing party at the Newhouse hotel this evening. The dance is the third of a series. Ihe committee on arrangements Is composed of Joseph M. Pruss, Lyman 1.. Cromar. Robert C. Rlnghols, Miss Stella V. Lawson, Miss Norrtne Hayes, Miss Angela Pruss and Miss Anne Heffer-inau. I S A Valentine eve ball will be given by the Dramatic Arts society of SL Pauls Etdscopal church In the church gymnasium tms evening. Those In charge are as follows: Ward E. Ray bould,. chairman arrangement committee; Mies Carolyn Wight, decorations; Miss Minnie M(ller, music; Mias Carolyn Wight, punch, e Central W. C. T. IT. will he entertained I this afternoon by Mrs. William F. Core fat her home, 117 East Seventh South -rv. I street, this afternoon at 210 o'clock. Mrs. I - -IB V f a 111 k. . Sea l.n.. th Desirable Outer Wear These Prices Are Positively Less Than ; Todays Wholesale Cost ' Friday Bargain Sale of Shoes Womens Shoes $1.50 NEWHOUSE Table dHote Dinner, $1.00 6 to 9 p. m. Fruit Cocktail Chicken Bouillon en Tasso - . - Wafers - Fresh Crabflakes a la New burg or Veal Cutlette Milanalse Potatoes in Cream Dinner Rolls Tomato Salad, Mayonnaise Vanilla Ico Cream and Cake 1 or Tumpkln 1 Pie Tea Coffee Milk W. A. Wight will be dressed to Imper senate Frances E. Willard, and will give a sketch of Miss Willards life. Light refreshments will be served, The meeting of the Women of the University' of Utah, scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Madsen of ML Pleasant are In the city on their way home from a six weeks' visit to the coast. They visited all points of Interest from Tiajuana, Mexico, and San Diego, Cal? to Portland. Ore. a Society aewa for th Suadey edltloes win eat be received by telephone later thaa XI o'clock Satnrday Morning. Such Rome meet- male only t eeeal. of Saturday ac for .the coning week. Social evanta of the pact weak aunt be nant la by Friday eight. Baron Eothachild Diet. NEW YORK, Feb.-12. A report of th death of Baron Edmund de Rothschild has just been received from Pari by the Zionist organization of America, according to an announcement made by the organization here. Baron Rothachild wa 74 years old and tho head of the French branch of the famous banking house. The activities of the late baron In helping .lews from Russia and Rumania established colonies In Palestine made his name widely known. ( HEALTH DEMANDS IT Food chemists, children specialists and government investigators all agree that real butter is absolutely necessary fr the sturdy development of boys and girls. Nothing cantahc its place. BANQUET BETTER BUTTER Nelson-Ricks Creamery x Company . A Fciv Minutes a Day for a Good Complexion IS it worth that to you? There is a simple, sure way that costs little and if followed regularly will bring results. Tiythis simple formula- p CRFME ttCATA subbed flatly into the skm; then if you need color, a very little rouge spread carefully over the cheek before the cream is ourte dn? and alter tlut the him of Ekava fa ce powder over alls (SKEWS' EIXAYA H fy a delightful, non-greasy, disappearing toilet cream that makes the skul like velvet , a- a , . racawe J JAMES C, CRANE, Sole A prut UurJoalrr luu ELCAYA Creme Flcev Elcev. Rouge Aoj sold it for ytcru A EAcaya Face Powder i' lu Jars at 30c and 60c 148 Mtdiaow Are., New York - 1 -. Just Arrived! Shipment of New Voiles and Organdies French Voile, $1.49 Yard t Colors Pink, blue and maize. Regular value, $2.23. 45-in. Organdies, $1.69 Yard Colors Pink, blue, rose, maize and lavender. Regular value, $2.50. Today only, yard ...$1.69 Betsy Ross Long-cloth, yard Skirts $4.98 76 only, womens and misses top skirts, consisting of well tailored and styled wool serges, silk poplins and taffeta silks. Actually you cant buy the materials, much less making, trimmings, buttons, for only $4.98 For women who wear-under size 4R. Several hundred pairs womens lace or button style shoes. Made on stylish lasts with heavy or light soles, and cither Lofuis, Cuban or low heels. All good quality shoes with cloth or leather top. Remember, the sizes are 2'- to 4 only. It will pay you to buy several pairs at this remarkably low price. On sale today at $1.50 Large Assortment of Valentines and Decorations Such as luncheon sets, crepes, bon bon boxes, favors, Valentine outfits, caps, etc., at special prices. Cut the Cost of Liviu at Auerbachs Grocyterya Tree Tea, U2-lb. pkg. ...24c Grape Fruit, extra large aize, each 15c California Lettuce, extra fancy, special ....2 for 15o Old Yankee Symp 2-lb. 4- oz. cant 60c 4-lb. 8-oz. cans $1.00 Sego and Bordens Milk, tall cans 2 for 25c Banquet Eggs, strictly fresh, per dozen. 55c Large Loaves White, Bye . vor Graham BREAD 2 for 25c Try our 45c Noonday Luncheon st our Fountain, Including Soup, Meat, Vegetables and Coffee. (Auerbach's Bakery Dept.) Valentine Suggestions Chocolates, 47c A box 'of chocolates for a Valentine special today, COe large chocolate pper-mints 47c I ILSOII TO DISPOSE .. OF WAGE ISSUE (Continued from Page One.) sltate corresponding increases to all other classes. "There is no fund whatever out of which additional wages could be paid unless new revenues were produced through an Increase In transportation rates. Now, with the railroad administration about to end. It would be folly for the .railroad administrator to grant new wage schedules and burden them onto the railroad in advance of the efforts they propose to make to get increased rates commensurate with wages already being paid. It is obvious that the whole subject of rates and wages should be taken up with the forces of government designated for the special purpose when the roads are turned back and the new railroad control regulation becomes operative. The Slain Contention. "The main contention of the employees has been that their demands are just because of the rates paid In the ship yards, navy yards and arsenal The basic rat In the ship yards was SO cents an hour at tha time the shopmen presented their demands. But conditions In tho railroad and ship yards are essentially different, and were so at that time. Shipbuilding waa developed under high pressure during the war, whereas railroad employment is steady year In and year out. All the wages which tha shopmen seized upon for comparison were war emergency -wages, and it is perfectly clear that the people of the United States cannot be committed to a policy that wages bf railroad men In every city, town and village of the United States must be brought up to a basis created In an emergency and in a largely temporary war undertaking, concentrated In a few densely populated Industrial centers where living expenees are exceptionally expensive and difficult. "It Is obvious, therefore, that the principal contention of the shopmen could not be agreed to, and the same applies to the others. Just as It waa so last summer, It still remains unfair for th general public and injurious to tho railroad employees themselves, for the railroad administration to adopt a principle of moving up wages of all railroad employees so as to reflect the highest point yet reached In the high cost of living. H would mean an Increase In charges which would stimulate an Increase in the cost of everything and make reduction of living costs all the more difficult." ence agreement on the rail legislation were aent today to all member of congress by the Plumb rlan league, which reiterated Its advocacy of retention of the earners by the government for at least two years. "We eay to you very frankly, said the league's protest, "that labor la thoroughly aroused to. the menacing potentialities of pending ra'ilroad legislation an,l regards with great alarm anil not without justification the evil effect that will flow to the public, and particularly to the workers. If this comprehensive measure fa enacted Labor contends that this legislation has been framed solely with but one Interest In view, the aggrandizement of a powerful financial group." LEADERS EXPECTING EARLY ADOPTION OF RAILWAY MEASURE WASHINGTON, Feb. 12. (By the Associated Preas.) While some opposition to the railroad bill as finally agreed upon in conference has developed, senate and houee leaders j rodieted today that the conference let art en the meksure would be prompt! adopted so that the legislation woul.l be un the statute books before the roads are returned to private control March 1. The final draft of the conference report will he trerented to th senate Saturday or Mor.dav. The house will take it up Monday or Tuesday and leaders said it would be disposed of in two davs. Chairman Each of the houae Interstate commerce committee, one of the authors of th railroad bill, and other leaders based their prediction that the bill would pass upon the fact that a rewritten In conference it Is substantially the same as the Each bill recently passed by the house. Senate provisions to which there waa objection, including the antistrike section, creating of a transportation hoard and compulsory consolidation were stricken out In conference. The essential addition to the house bill -was the fixing of a guarantee of I per cent. "With the time already fixed bv President Wilson for return of the roads and the widespread demand from th people tnat they be handed back." Chairman Each said today "failure to enact necessary legislation before Manh 1 would be disastrous. I am satisfied, however, that the house will adopt tbs conference report wltliont deav." Letter pretesting against the confer- LOCAL RAILROAD SHOPMEN PREPARE TO JOIN STRIKE Unless th demands of the United Brotherhood cf Vav .Maintenance Employees and Shop laborers for increased wages are grunted, nearly s 01) member, of the Salt Lake lodge will obev the national strike order Tuesday morn ng, Joseph Blackham, secretary, said yesterday, The men are employed at the Denver A Rio Gratide and Oregon biiort Line shopa, he aaid. At the Salt Lake district headquarter, it was stated yesterday that 1(XH mem bers of the organization will leave their Jobs when the strike call becomes effective and that almost as many will quit work in Idaho. Salt Lake Is one of the fifteen divisional points selected for handling the strike, M. J. Powers, who Is to operate the atrike machinery here, la expected to reach th city from Detroit tomorrow-morning. He haa been Identified with the maintenance of wav brotherhood for more than eighteen vears. Since 1910 ho has been vice president of the organization. He was formerly a section foreman on tho Denver & Rio Grande railroad. Would Relieve Congestion. LINCOLN, Nebr., Feb. 12. Commissioner Thorne A, Browne of the Nebraska railway commission today sent a telegram to Director General Walker D. liines of the federal railroad administration asking him to permit grain movements from primary terminal. Unless such movements wfrre permitted, the telegram said, the beneficial effects of Mr. Hines" recent order to railroads in the middle west to give preference to grain shipments from elevators would be completely nullified." Omaha Is congested with grain and dealers will hot buy because they are unable to fill contract under piesent con dition. Mr. Brown said, adding that tbla will undoubtedly break th markeL In which event country shippers will refuse to make use of cars furnished. DETROIT. Mich., Feb. 12 Strike headquarters were opened in fifteen cities today by divisional officers of the Brother hood of Maintenance of Way Employes and Railway Shop Laborer, from which the nation-wide strike called for February li will be directed. Final plant for the strike have been made, union officials hers declared, and only an agreement between representatives of the men in Washington and President Wilson, they said, will av ert the walkout. If such agreement Is reached. It was said. It must come before Saturday night or the strike order cannot be rescinded before it becomes affective. At vis first sign of skin trouble apply Resinol It improves a poor complexion and preserves a good one, so that you need no artificial means Jo enhance your at--tractiveness- ' At the first sign cf sain irritation, -of a blotch cn a pimple, itching or burning, apply Resinol Ointment, and see if it doesn't bring prompt relief. It contains harjnless, soothing balsam, and is so nearly flesh colored that it may be used on exposed surfaces without attracting undue attention. Yew dealer ecti h. Klondike Pioneer Dies. SEATTLE, Wash.. Feb. 12. James W. Morrison, pioneer miner, who was one of the first men fo reach the Klondike gold fields In the r'fah of 1898. Is dead in law Angeles, according to word received here today. At 'one time Morrison was mayor of Goldfield, Nev, Vote to jAdmit Women. VEW YORK1. Feb. 12 Hie Independent Order, Free Sons of Isrcal. voted today at a convention here to admit women to membership on the same terms as men. Effort for equality of the sexes have been made for five years. Fifty thousand women are expected to Join. Landing the Big Order. Jim Evans had reported th biggest day any salesman had had In th history of tho house. "But how in the world did you -get both orders in Steel-ton? exclaimed the manager. "Ship-man. of the Jennings Company, was there the same day." Yes, as I registered, I noticed hi name," Jim aaid. "I didn't aee him, though, because I stuck around th hotel. I had th beginnings of a cold and I wanted to take cars of myself, bbipman went out to a snow, I think, "At any rate, I was out early next morning and had tho first order In les than an hour. I was sure fjhipman had th other order clinched, but I wanted to aay Tiow dye do to tho purchasing agent. When I reached there I found they didn't oven know phipman was In town. That order waa signed up In an hour. Well. I went back to tho hotel and found Shipman waa in bed with ths grippe. I sent up mv box of Wceka' Break-Up-A-Cold Tablets th one that knocked out my cold ths night before. Bent a note along with them, too, end took th train back her. tv hat was In the note? the aales manager asked with a chuckle. "Just a little friendly advice," Jim replied. "Paid that Weeks' Break-Up-A-Cold Tablets are little wonder when it cornea to knocking out Inconvenient cold and ths grippe. I advised him to Invest twenty-five cents In a box at any druggist's, but to be sure to Insist on Weeks'. Said I knew they were tho best, because tney saved me from being laid up and losing two order that were wonder. 1 guess ho will take Weeks Cold Txbleiii nn-Me trips aflet this." NOTICE OF BONO SALE. $750,000.00 Salt Lake County Road Bonds. Notice is hereby given that Salt Lake county, Utah, proposes to issue and sell seven hundred fifty thousand dollars (J750 009 00) road bopds, th same being a part of an Issue of one million five hundred thousand dollars ($l,5d0,(00 00) authorized at an election duly held February 13, 1919. Bald bonds are to be dated April I 1919, and will bear Interest at the rat of & per cent per annum, payable semiannually, and will be issued payable In eerial form. Bald bond shall be due end payable, without option of prior payment, SS follows' e yea-s after da to $2ft,(0(Me 7 year after date fo.bOO 00 8 years after date 20 tsst 04 t year after date 20,000 00 10 year after date 2o.00 00 II years after date..,, 5ft. Omt 00 12 years after date...... fin, 000 00 18 year after date 50,000 00 14 years after date...., 50,000 00 15 years after date fiO.OftO 00 1 years after date 80.000 00 17 years after date...., 80,000 00 18 years af'er date 80OO0 00 19 year after date..... 80 OftO 00 20 vears after date 8o ooO 00 Both principal and aemt-snnual Interest shall be payabe at the National Bank of Commerce In New York City. The purchaser of eald bond will be niotwumiMU,""a For Valentine Parties Fancy Ice Cream Moulds and Bricks When arranging the refreshments for Valentine parties, be sureto include Keeleys individual ice cream moulds or fancy brick. Theyll bring many expressions of delight from your guests. We make individual moulds in Heart or Cupid designs. Also special ice cream brick with heart center. Our large home-made cakes are far better than the ordinary Orange Sponge, Chocolate Fudge and Caramel flavors. e 4 0 tll't , V if iffli , iff ' ' -Be A ' ' t ' . , f furnished the approving opinion as to legality of John C. Thomson of New York City. Healed bids for th purchase of said bonds in an envelope marked Bid for Bonds will be received by the county c,erk of Balt laike county until lo o'clock a. m. on th 20th -day of February. 1920. and will be opened at a meeting of th board of county commissioner at Jl o'clock a. m. of said dav. Faeh bid shall bo accompanied by a certired check for seven thousand five hundred ' dollars ($7500 00) a gurranteo of good farh. pavable to th order of the treasurer of Salt Rake county. Th board of county commissioners reserves th right to reject any and all bids, and to accept any bid deemed ad -vanlageoui To said county. This notice is given pursuant to a resolution of the board of county commissioners of Balt Lake county. Flab, ya.-ed t'e 21st day of January, 1920, at Balt Lake City, Utah. Dated tine Jlst day of Jmuarv, 8920, C. F. BTILLM 4.N. Chairman Board of Court Cnimrleisioners of bait Lake tountv, I iu'i. At't. J E. bi-Ai.K. County Cek loea.j Notice of Application for Voluntary Die-aolutlon of La Vega A Tonopsh Railroad Company, a Corporation. IN THE DISTRICT COt RT OF THE Third Judicial district. In and fer th rountv of Halt ijvke. state of I tab. In th matter of the application for dissolution of Las eeas S- Totiopaii Railroad company, a corporaiton Notice 1 hereby given lhat the La Vesas & Tonopah Railroad company, a corporation, and a majority of tne director thereof have preauiied to tu dis-Irict court of the Third ludb'lat d strict in and tor the county of Halt lais". slate of Utah, a petition praying for t'e Ui-.oh'tion of sad corpora ion. ami tr t f uday. th 12th day of March, 1 D. lien, at the opetdne of court, or ns sm thereafter as counsel run I io m , at the fourt-oom of tVIhMttt iL X'umei, ji ilge of tut court, hove been a-tuiiUrl as the time and place for tne hmu ig of aa d anplu atiotv Given un irr my band arid tb vl ef said cn-i-t this Sto day of tf.. a. . 4 P l.'-d. I ge , ) J f U E, t.cra, D'-d LO' I t, . t i is I I . t I 1 y J, I. I .,i,. .' y, Depu'y C - k

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