Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 10, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather CJolclor With Diminishing Wincte Tonight, .11 * ^^^^ I Beacon Falls Bethany ~- .Bristol Tervace , •/ Circulating'In t ''. • , 'Cotton Hollow -f-,l\Iid'dlebury " 'Millville Platts Mills Slraitsville Union Ciij If It's NeWs Yori Can Find It In The NEWS r >, s * NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1942 Price Three Cent* Port Of Cebu In Philippines Is Shelled By Japanese • . " - • • • < ' . • •'A*,' „ * , '' - - ;. .::.,;.,-,- .; ' ^ . ' m - • ..'-• . • . . •, ..;-..Ward g Before Utilities C Water Rates URGES TAX PAYERS TO BRING IN THEIR BILLS Family 01' Four persons Horo Uses 40 to 60 Gallons Of Water A 'Day jOST PER QUARTER ON THIS BASIS IS $0,22 TO ¥6,30 Annual Ohavg'o Per Family Would Rango From $20,88 To $25,20 d niKlil'M mooting In ,.,. uppnlnti.Hl by Wardon j.liy ID InvoHllKniu tlin cults In NiuiKUtliok (UUl ma to in- proHWilucl on hen- lo Iho Public. ',, mm iiii'o, Wimlon Brophy ( j,,| (tn ,,liii-il (him ovor today \vi»l"i- In Iho Borough l,.. Kivi-n u i-iih- thut Is HftllH- oninmW'<f votrcl Innt \Vunl<'ii Mrnphy lo com,|,.i, In in i'ltorl l"*"i'iin» n 0,1 in., mall.-? nii'l lo Hot u ,lil,. I'oi- n lihcuiwton with Iho .MoOJ- IliKMloil, H I*1U>H llUlt IllO IIIIM'I- 'O !:Hil I'l-foro Mni'oh I'tf, ir lijforwullon and -iln.u In «!.»!»• to Iho w»mUw H locl'iy liu will . of wnlo I\B thai wlu nil -in urn! ID c,,!,.n(lar day. Usl M-< Hi/ 1 win-lien ,, w.i'u- rji'.»t In 'fl'cvt M \\.)iil(! Imllcat.' thai Iho of four |i«'i'Hr)iirt In tho iior- ouxh will IIMI- lii'lsvecn J -1,000 and tllodH IMT (ituirtor, al a cost in !>i'...'in I'ur llu> « i' nmnllis, fin u yuiirly wooavES INTERESTING TALK SHOWS SLIDES A. Uluhwuy SYutuI, onfcinooi 1 In -tho division of tho Conn, 'piirlmonl, Kavn NM Intor- lo llir mcrnhw'H of tho KM Hut*'ilMy nt'Uir- ''Oii nt tiio i;iiildr»'n'M library, IU 1 '<»Mil ihi-lr iiih'iilhin wllh aorlj.l M'< d' Ihc Mi'i-rlll parkway tind I'rtvi-d ph'lut'i'.H I'l'KiinllllK pl'Ob- nw lit HIP l!imi-UMi|in duvulopnnml f lln 1 ni-w Wllhur (IroHM pui'U- viy, tho lovely Inurol Iho Mni'i'ltt put-Is'*•')• In 1 allrlliiilnil lo Mid 'rnrtlll'/.- -.ii' IHIHlirM SVlth OOlloilMUUl r >"'<! ,uul u stnull amount of alurnl- lln udvlMOd his list- A <fit(l fni- l|Vl 'ii iiwi'li' f'T (IMi i'itM lo lha -Now (ixporlinnnl jnU- RATION OF IE RATIONING CODE ALLEGED '•"'If''!'!!, »:,,nn,, Mnnvh 10--((!1') >uild today tho ''! itiiiviiH ,,|' InvnMllKntlori in''* inoro (hftn K'X) vloiaiion of Iho llro \'b'* struck on L nt hoarders •^ "wilfully hurting Iho .•"''•IIH Ilkoly/ 1 ho Hald, "I will Mlai^ wll- unlosH nintor Unit on, Lho luHt (it I wo, iJn IllH Ihcin tin . only vnulJ/.od f nv «ul<l oil tlmlr dt'lvlOK il anil KitMdiliKi rationing tlinl, Ih a Hiirvny of'o SVUH undo.r way i| in -IIOHI inothoila to iHn Nvcti'kfvrH 16 thnl aiiloinol.illo Iruvol In ou FACES CRITICAL TIME TO HISTORY ' . f . . Y Harry A, Dalby Appeals For Support ( 0f Naua-tuckians For Christian Army Thn Salvnllon 'Army I'anos a oi-lll.- iml I lino In UK history amiordhiK Lo II, A, Dalliy, wlro hits uoouplud Iho ohalrtiuuiHhlp of Iho annual . upponl for thai, inllllanl. Uhi'lsllcin Army, "In tho fall of Slnguporu Ihc Sal" vutlon Army lost. oonlnuL wll,h Lho l»mv« ol'l'lotirs who'. tiro ongtigod in tho oporullng of nix cluy suhoolrf, Hlx social InHtllullons uiul six cvan- gnlltml PQBIH in Mint area,", wild (.Ihali'inun Hulhy. Knar was also' ex-- pi'usHHii for l,hu offlourH-sluMon'od In Mur/iui and tho Indies tiltliougli' It Is known llml all Wiii-opajur-oiTluoi's svoi-n (waouaL.od .from Koroa by Iho .lupunnso- govbrninonl. bol'oro hostilities ooniinoivuol, • "On tho hornq front," f.Ihalnnan Dalljy oojillnuod, '"Hin" dwnundH -for pornonnol of tho Salvation Army foiv work . In Ihc U.SiO,.havo' - jnndo an atldnd .bui'don to 'tho SalvaHon Army "who muHl; now employ holp at tr^roalor o>: ponso .Uuin' Ihofco paid to, the spJN 'Oft'loors of tho organlv.a- Thl« -.lai liutvo.ilo" roason^yliy; vo inuHl .«ul iHihliul Iho Salvation Army tlilB ,VJHU'. . Ajroudy .Ipttni's hftvo btfqn -riiullwl :to • the -many, Scuttling Nazi Blockade Runner Off Peru (Continued on Pago Fivo) Late News SIGNED BY ROOSEVELT WARTTTNGrrON, • March .lO--(TJP)—Prosideni ' bill roriofil inutile )3itterly-controver Attack Is Believed To Have Been Made In Preparation For Drive On Gen. JAPAN DRIVES TOWARD British Airmen, Russian Army Strike ISTew Blows At Axis Forbes - :. Sn y'.an nah,' Ci a v, • March' J 0- :Rfc'ports> '-tlia't ' enemy- sub have '- h 1-J acked ' co mni cr c i a r '.llsh ci;- •fncn,']6:.'Gc6'rgia..coasf -and' tak-r en thoir oil 'and gasoline are; absurd,' fc. 'IM.' LIps'ubnib, secretary •, ol : . OonsLal Woods nnU-.;WaterBvlnc.j an iiHSptilntibh' of spoVtsmeiv.i}nd : :com- mcrclKl- ol'ficors on overseas duty. •' STRIKING STUDENTS RETURN MTDDLICTOWN, CONN., 'March 10 moro thnn'BOO High school students BOMBING MALTA T.ON'DON, March 10—(TJP)-^-Tlie has. boon hnmhiiiir'ancl raiding tlieJslapcl Moditoi the Air.Minded: Men: Have JBefen • iPlaced In -. The^ Top -Positions ••• •'.,-•• ' •"'.••' '.'•• i:/-": '" , , By G120RG.E E,.RICKEY,. JR. • '-'-... : U..'P.--'SlatC• Gprre'spbridcnfc,-. . ' " . '. .';.. -, : j' : ~ •' ••..t ••' • • • : : •..• '-• ••'• ..'. , - WashiiVston; Mai:clv •10;'— (UP) — .Drastic 1 sliakcups ;in.:tlic army, and, 'naval .high:, commands. \yhicli, put. air-minded, man./ at,.the .top, were.: haflecl in -congress, ^oday! as a;step- .in the- right •.dlvaoMi.'-ibu^, failed:, to lessen demands f or jarilJlcation ,of. all : (Continued; on. Page :'Eight).,; MKS.M NOTEBOOKS FOR WiU Be bistributed^Tonight ;;• -At:7".'p^ciock At:'y;' Dej)._Chief B^own •'•'". Rev. A; P. Lewis To Open Sacre4 Part 6f Joint'Meet- ing At St. Michaels : for a» P-i MocLitoiTtmcim luii^ y—.« Af'timoq'thp-air'was/fiHe.a honvy loll among thojittocking P^ os -' •. .• WOMAN rATA^Brt,,KD_ iTOn Mrs. Ethel Monahan, about . to k Yiew Hotel in the srnoko iiilialatioii, SHIPMENTS SUSPENDED .-.:. TON, March ; L 0^( UP) ^Acting Secretary. - rnon , « Wells said / today -that America^ , ship- n lS3 North Africa had been suspended;. nnd. ot bo resumed until a satisfactory arrangement \va\\\(i nut >^ » ^••" •,. is made with', tho Vichy government. PLEADED GUILTY March 10— (UP)—Albert and Soi'vajno nlcafl 0. .«<» t,, ring . - XT in-Connopticu-ty-Now York, . ....,.-...... '...-•• •' Pcmisylvania- and •Mrs, Norris M. Follof-t Is chairman oC the•commit'iee ol'.tlie.Cburcli Helpers in charge of'refreshments ;.for tho, joint 'meeting of -the Church Helpers arid: Woman's: auxiliary>to ;no-held-Wednesday, March. .11. at 2:30. p. m.-.nt .St./Mlchael.'s -;-p.ftfish, : house. Mrs. l^oilcl;!;' will'be, assisted ; by , Mrs 1 . Ralph P. Oilnack;. Mrs. George B. Lewis, Mr.s . Leon R. -Sm!tii, Mrs. Clark H. Warner .and Mrs; Harold W. Brown,, , .; Rev. Arthur, .F. Le\yis will open,, the second par!, of the. meeting' at 3 p. m. and Mrs; Clarence.E; Fcnni- mun -will sing theVsolo portions of the hymn "O.Soon..Haste^for .which Mrs. -Lyman Lam,Phere:yNvill,',be at the piano. Mrs. .William .-J. Noble Wi 11 del I vcr., th c.. address'-ip f \yelpome and Mrs. F. Wlllianr-Stali'l w.ill preside. The main address will bc,\'glv.- cn by Miss'- Mary,Louise :pardee. of New 'llaven, who, .is-'ia'nlece. of Rev. 'Charles ^i'Piu'tlec 0! D,,: former..-rec- : tor o'fSt, Tviiohael's; church. Mrs. Richard ; 13,'•Bayarff/qf/Waterbury, will. speak briefly • on r.her as /R fior e ta ry ' f o i'. th c • Ch u rcb,- Per i b d i cat club i .tlic.VNewVHaven :.- : archdea-. conry...;—••••..'. ; - r ". .• : - : . . ''-..&'* ,'::•''V.';"-". .; Miss J3arliara Anclersen/ will - play .two violin ; .solds/and: : ;..Mrsx.Ilonald Jones 'wiiv:•.•.':'sinK.:V^Bol'h'- .will•; be /Pormancnt notebooks are being ^iveiv -:'to,'. Section .and zone wardens j for distribution Ho their street- wnr- ' dens fco.nlght'at. 7:00: ,p. m. at the : Y,, iyr..;C, -A.V it was"announced -today ; l3y';Harold'W,-Brown, Deputy Chief .•Aid''Raid Warden .in charge oC-the Air'Raid ..Warden. Division. ..';The. street.; wardens will then proceed', .to obtain • all.. information need .concerning e'aqh liouschold In bis area, .The following , question} noire contains the-v information which 1 is to be given .by.. every hoiischokior. In' some instances, street Sva-rUcns'-hnvcAlready obtained this -inforilmtion which -will bo ; transfcri'qd to their-notebooks. It is hoped .'that;.' every resident in-' Nau- gktuiik •-realises; '(.(ve •responsibility \viiioh; : .rpsts,-uppn .the street warden and "wlliy.-p.popefatc • ,in '• every •• "way. - po'sRibJe.'v:.'." •'•'"' '•'-. ''.• . '.'. . , • . -'. The/-family; information is .to-be obtained- from each, family in your !: • This.; : is .'.tl^'-Vec'o^^^^ Oil S uj jjmn'^m" v "* 1 -'. j, j -"v; ~—-. • ~T~-"." ;•. ;pa! ; isl(, : - '^ancl : \:-vmemWers: ( ; : ^f^: i |:l)Otn. i 'socielJes-ai'e' : '-oyideay,6i the occasion 1 f as'happy;',a~.orie as;:tha.t, : of Lent, 'U9'41;-= • whfe'n ; ,;.;MIsa- ;;vLydia • Prcn'tlss ^-6f^ Trinity :; .•'•chucoli,'.-,-: New york descrlbc'd If ttr\fi JlUJJ^i J 11 «.n<« v-.,.,. .-.-. .>..'..r:;.i.- ;v; ,•'•.•-•''. ' ••' 11" t An inyltatidn-is^extended to>alH attend. ^-.'.' ,•:''' ^:&' .-.. •:!• -i^v''^^:'••'. .. ... • . . -•Family ,head; address; type of building; 'phone number; •• number of floors;,>.number, of occupants; men, .women', and children; -give ages;..Note if 'any adults' arc aged, infirm -or .sick; con'ditio.n .of attic; car; bicycle; motorcycle; refuge roo.m. • •' '-.' • •• ; '•"'••.'.' '• . - : ' ; . ; ^.•/Equipment, such .. as:. Ladders, •ropes',-' shbVeis; sand,'..crowbars,. h.pcs garden ii ose ;•• f o g v ,i.ib'///,les,'. • s ti r r u p '.pumps, back 'pumps, v'flrst." aid material ; cxpc'.ricnce .in nrst. aid; • extra '''' ' '"''' '• As- ; t6-iheiCondi.tionvorAlie attic:— All '.valuables''.should, be stored in other parts' ; o.f- the home, 'all in- Iliimmable articles should 5 be moved tpytlie-. basement, : there .should be '.. c(Cohi,)niiqfl • on^Page' .Right);.. TREASURY; BALANCE r'i-ixyasnlngtpn,- "March • 10— (UP.)— 'Goydrn'mcn.!, expenses apd- receipts fpi^H'ie/'cijrreht.fiscal/year .through Mai'ch. 7', comjlarcd; with .a year--.ago; YEAH— —L/VST YEA.R- •:.'• Expcnseis ' 58,527d3^ ; ;/; =$7,001,335,796.38 War "Suehdino-" . ]2\-;- ; ;•.:. 3,102,903,831.82 Heiceipts . By JOB ALJ3X MORRIS, •.•":'.• (United. Press Porelgn-ISdltor) v 'Japan drove toward India and Australia today but on European f r on ts '.th e R oy a 1 Ai r Fo r ce imd th e Russian'-':., army •- hammered • new', blows at Axis-'.forces.'... , ' : -,- . ••''. " • ,.:.British. troops^n -Burma-fell back northward toward a juncture with the 1 .strong-: Chinese forces now' in central and north Burma. They •promised- af-'Ieast-'oric -'.'surprise": for the • JapanCSG invaders but gave- hO'hint,.q£. its nature.;-' .. ' ; •.''The' ,,:.,Tapanese/- -'held ;Rangon- b'ui;. theiBrlti's.h , ^ , were -so/.-coniplcte .that spme quar-: ters :lioped : -'the Japanqse ; would be;; utilise the- port -and -Unil- 1 ;their ^offensiveV: ; .north;; ;and ;> . yyest ''"•• However,." -It was' ^tiitj nil lied tho ^Japanese' 'now• ^haye po>verful : air and- sea bases' with . : .wli!cJi; to challenge control 1 .o'f/'th'e -;Indlan. ocean, arid -send raiding bombers.-over the northeast Indian metropolis of Calcutta. ''•'.'] Japanese planes blasted at Port Moresby, strategic New Guinea point only. 350 jhiles from the Australian mainland and key to. oontroJ of the Torres strait, (he ocean passage off Australia's northeast couM. There were add| ( ional Japanese troop landings oh the-north . op'asi of New .Guinea, .... Developments:—' , Dutch -indies:—Some'Dutch forces were believed to-be still holding oul 'despite;, capitulation of ' the main •Dutch army .at Bandoeng; overwhelming Japanese-..'.ttlr superiority 'and huge landing,force blamed, for loss of Java. • Australia:—Australians prepare'to, send-mission to' United States; \ l ush preparations to : meet : expected (Continued on Page Five) MANY ATTEND FUNERAL OFF. H; WIGGIESWORTH services for 1 Frederick 11. Wlgglesworth, 73, well-known resident of Naugatuck for -many yours; who died Sunday at the NVntcrbury hospital, .were hold In.Is. .afternoon al, St.. Michael's •'Episcopal church a I'2:30' o'clock with the rector, Rev. Arthur F. Lewis, officiating; Bearers were Warren- Abe), Herbert 'Churchill, Frank. Lobdc HaVry i Rogers,' Albert,.. Edwards -. and ' ' ' •:,:all members of Con tennial lodfi#, .1. 0. "0. i-.. 1'V A tion fi?om' Golumbiart: Heboknb lodge attenU'ccl ; ihe Junerah.- Intfirmcnt ' ' Apparently Japs Want To Tighten Control Of »ea Communications CALM PREVAILS OVER BATTLEFRONT OF BAT A AN TODAY Coming Japanese Olt eniive May Be More Savage Than Any Previous Attacks ROTARY SPEAKER PASSES AIR CORPS WITH 127 RATING Local Youth Home On Furlough Awaits His Call To Service v George William .Scbaffer/ son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. SchalTcr, of GO Trowbridge; place, is spending,a furlough wltlr his- parents awaiting, a -call to '.service In the army air corps. ' The Naugatuck young man was accepted for service yesterday Jlartforcl .where, he'passed the required tests!with a rating of J27 out of a possible 150. The passing marl? is.90 and Mr. is. receiving hearty congratulations from his many friends liere. today. ' .Anhouncement of .the success of Naugatuck's latest aspirant for air corps .honors was : made today : by RalplV S. Pasho, chairman of the Naugatuck Flying Cadet committee. BOUND OVffiTO .Derby, Conn., March 40—(U P)—Two 20-year-old youths,, Jack Eaton and Anthony Mastrlanni, were, arrested today after allegedly, attempting to. break into the Pioneer bowl ing; alleys. ''/',. ; Police Lieut. Frrtnk Manion said ;they" adnii lied several other robberies, and in, police court they were, held tor Superior court-trial. In lj735,225,051.4G" bond of-$2000 each. Walter B. Spencer will bo, tin? speaker at' the weekly mceling of the Naugatuck.Rotary club at Sullivan's inn in Cotton Hollow tomorrow noon. His subject will bo "Youth, iii Pence and War/' The members of the local club maintain their high average on attendance with a report of 04.89. for the month of February. During the month 32 members of 3,017 had a perfect attendance. The Naugy Rotarians won a close bowling' match on the alleys of the local "Y" Friday night in their annual contest with the Wutcrbury Rotary team. Fernando Carbagal, a member of the Lima, Peru, Rotary club was the unanimous choice of the Rotary International nominating 1 committee for intornaUona) president at a meeting held in Chicago on January 23rd. *~«~» By KVISHIOTT R; 1I.OLLI2S U..P, Staff Correspondent Washington, March iO—(U P)—A , Japanese cruiser has shelled the Important port of Ccbiij second cjl.y•-.•. of flic Philippines; In an ftpp«rcn| v, effort'to tighten-the,,invaders} son- trol bf-ftea cprn'munlciitions prepara* - tory to a new offensive'against Gen. ; v Douglas - Mac Arthur *s forces, tho .War department, revealed; -todAy. V. ' An army communique said ;iMt, for tho second time-, In '.a- week}' a ' Japanese light cruiser hurled ' into the clt : y, ,but(that "only .damage wns-hinicfodiV''•'•' V"' Cobu, lying-. liV.'tiie/ henrf, of ,thc Philippines Archipelngo, 1 is /ipO'mlies .soul/1 of Manila and con irQ point' of the Visayas ; Islands.. it 'dominates passages vital to Japan's movements of supplies and .reinforcements and to Sulu!sea, south'or Negros and Cebu. Calm prevailed over the Balaan .jungle batlefront, tho. War department said, where MacArthur's In- vincibles braced themselves for a "Naxi-styl6'V,lapi\neso offensive that may be. more savage than any they hnyc met.and crushed in their 13 (Continued .on Page Eight) . ' —:—, . .» *.». .— VICTORY GARDENS MEETING MAE12 AT THE LIBRARY CARDS AVAILABLE SAT. AFTERNOON May Be Obtained At Local Police Station Between 2 And 4 P. M, An opportunity \vlll he provided this week for the ohtaining of identification cards at the Council'hcackjufirUirs ^ Naugatuck. In addition to the regular office hours held each Thursday evening at 7:30 p. m. to 10 p. m., II, will he possihlc for those who are required to have identification cnrds to oh- 1 tain them on Saturday from 2 p. m. to 4 p. m., it was announced by John Gormlcy, chief of police and Thomas H. Nolan, auxiliary chief of Naugatuck Defense Council. fingerprinting, photographs and Identification cords »re required, for the persons -over JG years of age, who expect to be out-of-doors in any war emergency. Fingerprinting Is being done each week-day at the police station by Capt. Anthony Malone, 1:30 p. m, to 3:30 P. m. An Tuesday, Thursday nnd, Saturday of each week Capt. Malone is at the police station for fingerprinting from 7 p. m. to 10 p. m. also. MoroniSTS FINRD Boston,.' March JO—(U P)~Th«first two Massachusetts motorists prosecuted for failure to display a* federal automobile use tax stamp pleaded guilty .in U, S. District court today and each paid the maximum line of : $25.,,. .,. .,..,,...,„/ • Mnny local citizens who arc Inter-. ested in the Victory Gardens movement will attend the meeting to be hehf Thursday night at 7:^5 o'clock,-, in the Children's library, tfhe speaker.,will be Robert 0. Hepburn, of WcstvUlo, who is-assocfa.te jHMrm Uuroan 'agent' for New Haven county, who is well known and esteemed throughout Connecticut for his on.- Yjuisiasm in. this project.-Prof.-Hepburn is a member of the faculty of the University of .Connecticut at: Slorrs. '•' : lie will nsfclsrih' lending the discussions at the organization meeting on Victory Gardens Thursday night. The public is cordially-'invited to attend. . BRIDGEPORT POLICEMAN HAS BEEN SUSPENDED Bridgeport, Conn,, March ' 10— (UP)—Patrolman Alb.ert n./KocheN ko, 27, ,n supernumerary policeman, w.-is under suspension from the police force iodny,/and • faced: probable dismissal,-.b'ccnuse he claimed he was a conrtoientlouB ob.|cctOr.> As result, Pblfcc Su per in tended t Charles A. Wheeler told the-board Kochefko *'w»s not . quail fled or williim to perform the proper dulios of a pollcemnn under all proper circumstances'. 1 ' " • Wheeler said the probationary policeman was a conscientious ob- Jrclor "not nlone to war, but to the t use of firearms under certain conditions in the line of, police diOy." Wheeler asked that he be avithor- i7.ed to discharge Kochefko Immediately. • /, The policeman recently, 'ftpp.ealcd his J-A flraft claKslflcatlon as a s conscientious objector. Ills brother,' Charles, an, employe..> : of, *thc Rem-% Ington Arms'Co., also has appealed^ for Ihe same reason.

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