The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1934 BIATHKVH.LK, (AUK.) COURIER NHWS fe Ci4ssi n ED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rave per due for consecu- itve Insertions: ' (Five average words to » line) One time per line 130 Two Umcs per line per day Three tlmei per Uni per d»y Ux times per line pet day FIVE ROOM Buofatow, *,.., ».., Doujan. flot UK) co)d water »t- achjntntf. ike MUler..' i»c kill Thret rocm and bath UNFURNISHED »p*rtment. : Newly decorated. Phone S83 or ttf lie tf Ogo nut. Phono 303. <*> Month rtte per UIM No Minimum coarg« Ho Ads oruereo 10* tnree or uiues and slopped before eiplia- t'on will be charged for the number of Urncs the td appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Claamed Advertising copy itiibniltted by persons residing out- i!de ol Uio city trust be accompanied by cash. Elates may be c*clly computed from above table. responsibility wnl be Uleu 'oi more than one incorrect In tectlou ol auy classified ad. Advertising oru«)to for irregu- j»r insertions tab* the one time Warrior Warrior to APARTMENTS: FURNISHED 3 room upsUirs; UNFTJKNISHED 4 room downstairs. 10IS W. W»l- S-ck-6-iO Boom With Batb, |j«, J-15, r |«3» up t» HJ« a week. fe«- toody Hotel ever Bea SUn, Mala and Brw4w»y. l-ck-7-8 FURNISHED Apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. 5-k-7-s the bones wore tliosi 1 ol sm l8-'li's.', vanillins, battled Miigk'-hiind- I year-old y.lrl. ul two hundred Spaniards ami Those Of Girls T| U . physician, n boiu- ipjrIiiliM. •«'»":> fhrliu- \vus n pin* of ador- ' \vus ijivcn p.-miissiim to louk ut. ''I™' <»>' tliuiisiinrts of iiUgi'lms, SAS8ENAGE Dauphiny,«!, i tlis l:on« o! thr'huo. Those wliu »'"'•' (OM\<\ In bo coinpo;ill of (UP) — Romantic tradition sur- \ fiitrm! tin' thiiiu- wiih him for rounding the ilorles of (he mighty i H>3 i-xnuiiiintiuii ol llvj lams ' 16th century" warrior. Chevalier 1 -- - '• " " ' ~' Bayard, hid a rude Jolt when u local 'physician ^iicove-od thut most ;vppL \\liL-n tlji'y U'ltrcied thnljcf l IK dollcule boni's. ihil to strike the iiUcnlion , . Allibi'. the Siissi'iiunJ phy- llK 1 rrlifs <»i frimcolx who fouyhl' Md.m. wus Ihu sliln bom 1 uf the tnr Ihrrc kin^s iiiul \vou number-' Cl'.i'vnlicr, oxcfplionnlly dcllcutc OUR BOARDING HOUSE for a stout wk'Utcr'of the jnatc,|.lhiU. the ••Cwvallcr wiw'a'Jull- Ucijecd lie-mail ' Next he observed the Bini-Tfully dellnile. TlH'ii cuine Onnl and cuiulncliiu' discovery-* Ihc \KMK boni's 'were undeniably UIOSL' of H yoiini! 'i;lil. The town council debated dell- beralcly, swunit to the UelL't tluit perhaps Bnynid wits n secuud Jo:in M»«, 91, SI, CJjAIRiSVILLE. Ohio (Ul 1 )-- Hnle u'lul heurty nt 98, John New pasMid through licre on u httcli- hlklim trek to Oklahoma, .where he LITTLETON, N. H. (UP)—A tree half pipe and half yellow birch Ls' growing bloiig the State' L<cdgc ro«id In this town. ^It has only ono base and • has , grown •bout seven feet high ns-ono, then separates, making two different trees, . • Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Haidlli, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102 Ick-tf MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrtay Drug Store, if. Simon. Call tU. SO-ck-tf Nioely furnlsbed APARTMENT, private bath. Lights, water free. 1!) W. Main. Call 332-J. c USED CARS 5 REAL VALUES DODGK VICTORY SIX FOR- DOR SEDAN. Special ... >» URNISHE1J apartment, 305 Dougan. phone 810-J. IBc ktf icely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30c R6-30 New •30 FOK!) CABRIOLET. Rubber, llarjain •33 FORU 1'UUOR SEUAN .. S363 •32 CHEVROLET COACH .. S317 •29 GRAHAM PAIGE SEDAN. ,\ Kcul Buy »' TRUCK SPECIALS •32 CHEVROLET 157-inch Whccllvise, Closed Cab, Dual Wheels " •30 CHEVROLET CLOSED CAB $116 FlCK-ur •30 GMC 2!i TON TRUCK. ,\ Real Barjain >'»• •30 FORD CLOSED CAB TICK- _ 111' Good Rubber *1< PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ~" USED CAU LOT Corner 1st t Walnut Sis. l-hgre 810 - 811 CLEANERS, TAILORS Ve clean and Mere winter clothej d bed covers. Moth-proof, flre- roof Tjolts. ray next faU. Unique Cleaning Serrice REAL ESTATE IDEAL FOR COUNTRY HOME 10 fi 20 acre tracts on Highway 61, eloee In. PRICE RIGHT. J. W. BADER 20 acres on Highway 61, improved, "2 miles Blythcville, north, $2500. E. M. TERRY 617 Phone 346 i arres, 20 cleared, near WillCord, Ark., 2 springs, small boost; 5,M« to 6,100 red oak ties on land. • * • 80 acres, 3 mlks ot Hardy. Small hqust, 8 to 10 acres cleared. Near Sprinj River. Each For Sale*:—Price 5300. Small Cash Payment, Balance, Very Easy Terms. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark. ' NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I :im nuw operating tlic lilythe- viuc Judo ;intl Jiiuii L.O., ai rear ol JUG jbu^cs' olorc. ' Mb*lut imKTNICK How wo«Jd yo* like a home of your own in the beautiful Ol arks? A « a«e farm, 1» minutes | from town and 15 minutes from a Bood'flshtne holt, send honse »nd pfenty at frmlt trees. Cm be bought OllEAP. Small cash payment, balance easy terms. Will consider trading for merchandise stock. J. C. CHAPIN, MANILA, Ark. lorincrly opio'ite Trisco Station COUNT* WORKERS UNION lor men ami women over 16- Dues, SI per year 24pi 6-24 " Keady-aisuii Slip Covers Approved by Uood ll«usc_ktepliw. Choice o! good materials. Fit Guaranteed— V: Usual Price Mrs. C. at. Gray, a sent FURNITURE FOtt SALE ELECTRIC MOTOR (or Singer Swing machine. CHEAP. Mrs. R O Hill, next to E. J. Brov.iic's ice plant. 19p^ FOR SALE—S'250 iron sale. Will take $05 on terms. 11. C. Campbell. Phono 204. 18nig ' For Siile: German Police Puppies CHEAP. Mrs. W. B. Lonin, Huffman. Ark. l6-pk-23 Seconrt Hand LUMBER. At old Creamery Package Co. Oafc. Gum Pine flooring; hrick; tin roofing See J. Mell Brooks, C. M. Baxter or City Engineer L. E. Tull. 12c k7-12 LAWN CHAIRS Uimpaintcd 'ainted $2.51 THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 25-Clc.-6-2i o( Arc, but historians leinuln firm Courier News Wiint Ads WALK INTO MY I> LOOKS UKf-'VJE GOT US 5AV.VA1NT \Htl.GU-Z-- T'aT ME J #£ WON'T. RUBBED GOT. • / 'HURTCHA / OR NU1HIN, <VMV,HE'S AS ARE VA > ) TAME A5 OVJ DINNV C'rAON, (LU VA THERE'S TO BE /TV^ GOLD TO HERE S IN (A WOP,YOUR GOLD STRIKE "BE BA.CK, ^4C'VJ .' V __/ WANTED ft ^ 01NOSA1.VR , SO WV S \ GL.OM ONTO \ \THISUN? A HUNNERT-tAU-E TDNNtL/ NOW, -ROCK QUT^ \ER rA\Nt? WELL,IT TELIS TH&T^IE: WN'V NO rWC3RE S\CSN OF GOLX3 IN Trt MINE tS JtS COMMON "ROCK- ON1LY 6OOD TOR SPECK OF <SOLt> IM IT, HEV. pis FELL A.I G1TCWER HEf\0 / DOWN HERE/ < I'OU'RE 60NNF\ BE ) i MWESTV'S / ROVAL / STEED: BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T-XPECTT '£«. "vV.O '. VOR &MV.< Of A4ATH* *AU&T «t ,AK>' OF e>W3W\M' KE TVAT E'6 PROBWBW ME ,5 \T ON VK.H OWN \\OOU ; I'M uvtt '. WEVVA OOW'T %VAV\E CHECW OP . \OO MOTt\\Vi' IM Of ' \_OtW, 6>\WCE I H^ ONE. ..... WEU. , HEU.t WE. LOST WASH TUBBS /"Boys," I'VE'FOUMDCiy«!uMStAWffAi."£Vi : OE>JC6 _. THE LAWIife fiA.RCfewER WAS KOTOiJLV AT THE MUP.DER E, BUT *S» JM /W HOP/ MOOD.' WIIAt'b White Rat Terrier, black spot near tail and black spots on ears, about Thursday morning. Reward [or return. Phone 72-M. dhtl SCHOOL MRS. L. M. BURNETTE anno«nc« tlie opening of summer ela&sei in tjpin*. shorthand, bookkecpic^ Call'824-W. Zc k7-2 AUTOM011VE Save lime .and Money by usin£ our complete stock of An to Replacement Parts Kubbarrt Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phnne «f 6-ck-7-f ROOM & BOARD Hccorrt hand furniture bought am told. Inquire Tarkhurst Co., 199 K. Main, nijlhevUlc, Ark. «c-k7-4 GOOD Mwls and Rooms. Reasonable prices. Mrs. C. R. Wilson 11Z Cherry, Phone S02. 20c k7-2(i _ CO.MI'I BET iVpOESf- BUT HERE'S THE GREATEST FIND OF ALL— AH EWPTV .2Z SHELL fOUND IM ! HIS ROOM •ICATIONS! AM fOSiriVE/fiENTtEMEM," "\ / I HME TO, COtD "S ff HIE BULLET WHICH KltLEP/WATER WU,<3RA,Oy I. L'ftNE CAMF. FROM THtS J\ BUT WE'VE BE£N ' i VERY SHELL. r— —-^ I tOOKWO ABDOHQTOO. ^~f^^s— By Cn« "F A,Mt> WE "FCXJND AN EMPTV ^2i~ LANE'S CUSPH)QR ~ THIS OUGHTA MAKK SAM CH1?:F! BARGAINS in good, clean, used ice boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 22ck6-22 U.S. Uses Chisel To Get Her Gold CHEAP—25 acres growing alfalfa near BIytlievillc, Everett B. G«e. 22ck6-22 For Sale—1 good used Dclco light plant. 1 battery radio set, I used electric refrigerator, ne»- & used electric Inns. Everett B. G«c Sales Co. 22 ck «-» REPAIRING Free Home Loan Estimates Roofing, painting. Repairs. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10-ck-7-10 Tennis Rackets Rfslnmj Overnight service, .4 grades Hubbard Hardware Co. 6-ck-7-6 KEEP YOUR. HOME IN GOOD REPAIR~ When It needs a prescription Phone E. D. Ferguson, "The Hoiisu Doctor." Phone 100. EXPERT Typewriter and Addiac Machine Rtpalrinr. U. S. Bl cnshlp, 116 E. Sew. Call 165-J. 22CW-22 KOH RKNT SUBURBAN Home on gravel road i$ mile city. Beautiful shade fruits Reasonable rent. TtiOOli Land Co. 20c k27 H SUCCEEDED IM MOT CATCH- WITH Vfl A6fMN, MR. /NG'JU, SEE HERt, v 61M(_BT ! flNV NCRE 1 FeLLPi'. EITHER ^-=s STAV; KOBSERjeS loHlLG I /OH TH' JOB HERE, iLRI'Ll'! WAS AlWAVt? j. «GK fEte AMOTHER PE-: (UHO PILFEBtO FLOUMOERfe =ISH fACTORr SAM IS BACK ON THE 106 AT GIMLET'S lARPWABe HOUSE 8?. — - i ^'s,\\>-iALS'^ (- -.' :, u •'/•<* // =&&*M OrI,MIQOSH, COftlT fl MINUTE! i LEFT MV BADGE UP IN MV ROOM > CAM'T 00 A THING WtTHOUT MV STAR,VA KNOtO / I'LL BE RIOHT BACK ( 36STA MINUTE, VOUMG MAN/ CLL mke CARE. OP •N THERE'S A HULL. FLOCK OF 'EM? ^L njtEC&LES AND ^IS FRIENDS HEADWAY! By Helen Black. Oklitoa* 'city •chool leather, found out That chiseling, really means .when federal'officen.ustd that method !o ; op«n her eafety' deposit box ind.take out JZ35 in (Old.' Sttt refus«a to M then : bav« her key am • mrc> warrant tor "bcllet.ia boirdiw," Ceclarl«< ebe'Ubugbt"ti)ir h*« i -"•'•'• /« 1 W.'<; I MOM...TELL 'KE'WHAT kIMD OF •A COSTUME MIC IS WEARING II : r -L THESE GIRLS A<JOU>JD HERE,ITS WARO FOR KE TO PICK HER OUT..,AND I'M KOT VERY AT FIGURES ' CAM i You FIK!D HER M)G HAS OH A RED MASK, AMD SHE'S DRESSED AS A SIPEW-. YOU WEAK) 'ONE OF THOSE 7HIWCS THEY HAVE O'J A BR6 ENGINE ^Jlr :ffl^5 ^t?,^^?-,- '^$$&$$%j& ' No,-tfeu DUMMY! A VAMP...ONE OF THOSE SLINKY GALS WHO SIT AROUND OH BEAR RUGS AN' MAKE coo-coo .EYES...THERE SHE IS, • OVSR THERE ! OH.FREIkLES^'p ADORE HAVlWG YOU } ILL SHOW MS . SOME ,' pj^D A COUPLE OFVOUR.NEW ) 'op SOFT STEPS! ARE THEV 1 CUSHIONS .'•' THAMV-'S. SATAVJ OLD TOP il '

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