Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on September 26, 1956 · Page 24
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1956
Page 24
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30 Gridders Attend Hook Practice 'Soup' Back IirtheFold; Ford Out Oilers to Open In Two Weeks Hook AA football loam, pr - oppirifc ioi ui ttm season 01 scmipro wanarc, neia us most const live workout of the year last nfcl when some ,10 gridders greeted Coach Tony Apichelln at Marcus Hook School field. Included anions the new faces nt the practice session were halfback Benny Wright, Chester . High's all - time track great; burly fullback Ted Johnson, most valuable player for Fcltonville's Class B champion team of last season; center Bill Ford, a former Ridley Park High ace who made the Afl - Air Force team while stationed in England; anci Jake McBreen. from last veai - 's finn Pennsylvania Military College FITZGERALD HACK . Also coming out for the first time was West (Soup) Fitzgerald, highest scoring back in Ridley eran standout with the Oil tot Coach ADiehclla Vm cnori several newcomers including Boh Willis, Chester; Dick Sweeney, Ridley Park; Ray Cooney, Over - brook; Thad Cibson, Chester; and Nfrm CraigalsQ - nn - Qx - G'iiiiper. Among the most impressive jiujuuvtii jidve oeen (jeorge Howie of Chichesler, Herky McLaughlin of Prospect Park, Tony Da - liessio of Ridley Township anci Ben Elfers. NEWCOMERS WELCOME Despite the raft of material on hand, Coach Apichella is anxious to give a fair tryout to any local gndder wishing to play Class A football. Practice begins each """"s rtl u UJl lne hook gridiron and ail newcomers are invited The first game will be played in two weeks. Hylan Eyes 4th in Row In BR Race tVllATIVCTnr , ... is still setting the pace in the race lOI' leadlnu - ... r, ... the fia - ,; t;eek of its 196 meet here. ere. will aim Shamrock Viola at fourth consecutive viin, - ., ; ,nM., uiic oi inc two fca - tured pacing events at 52,500 each. ftf - Frank - f. - trri Pu - l ni..,,.,. ' w: for Hylan, the best11 in '20 2rc' Shcl has amassed $7,437 in earnings so far this season. Ned Calentine, who is hot on the heels of Hylan in the battle for the driving championship, will take after the sixty - year - old Pennsylvania driving ace at the reins of Quick Way tonihl. But Hylan 's main worries will likely bo Miffhfv Ririv :i, - r,r,r,; son of famed Billy Direct and wbsllrs "P - lvc of his 20 :U6 here Jade Hanover whih hue a some S5.000 under Jack Smith's1 sKiutui handling this season. The other pacing feature, also jui i., win dc i no seventh race. Hickory Doc, which got a late start and has only 6 starts this season, none notorious, mav have enough racing under his belt lo go nil the way from his advantageous number one post. He had an outstanding 19."5 season, earning nearly S1S.0OO and carving out a mark ot 'J:02 3.3. j Post lime is S.25. with the dm! double closing at S.15. COOn TIME SELECTIONS 1. Tlit Wl - .ch. Sirxiy Seattle, Ux .' 2. Leaan Hanover. Vo'.co. Ps:,v r Hill, CockiU Named Top Cadet Gridders CHESTER - Me Cockill. juni - ; A or halfback from Riverdale. Md., - i M and Al fCappyl Hill, veteran end s"! from Claymont, Del., have been lnil1" named back anrf lineman ol the;'" ' wecK. respectively, for the Pennsylvania Military College football tenm by head coach Georcc A Hanscil and his staff. Both hoys were cilcri fir ihe - r outstanding play as the Cadeis opened their season with a lf - T victory over Wagner at Sl.V.en Inland. N.Y, Hill, bejinning his third season as a varsity regular, scored the first touchdown for PMC on a cir cus catch foi lowing a 9 - yard , , i',lss; juaner. - jacK jonn (lommtef Sich St'r" thICI,fa,Ch - Wcr which made after Hill out - for IhVtal! ftnn nT L f u! had seen in college football. v COTTON WOODS SWINK BIG CARD TCI) Ups Seating Capacity By HAKRV CfMVSON FORT WORTH Tv A , :ier seatine 9.000 is heinr - mOicvi to completion ;n shady side of 1 CU biadi - um, swelling the capacity t o 46,000, "The tier that Jim Swink built," :'em;irkeH m n. one to L. R. Meyer. "1 Swink so." 'replied Dutch M eye r, who is now ihr. (h!nH. director after hav. itlg coachr:; :r - ; Christian lor 19 JIM SVINK yen : uam a vc ever seen, nellcr on t ground than even Doak Walkei added McVer. vvhn hn: Ur.n : socialcd with I he Horned Frogs' ' ""IIUIL iJi:iuiii since ..'. - . lor by no more than 11 - 6 eariv Ins iS'cvcmhcr when the Froggies had me uau on meir own one - yard lint with third down and 2S to go. A in Martin sent in Ray Taylor in nuni asked Quarterback Chuck Curtis lmlii sum nic in wuii mstrut: - :ons lo kick,,J said Taylor. "Coach m'dn't say when, did 07" inquired Curtis. "No, he didn't," said Taylor. lhcn we II run a nlav First " announced Curtis L, - ;:;; T er' w 1 n. k .7 l '1' . " " . 1 "MV? 'a, CI - lh mirirf. ruuoiicK vein tiaiincck went upj then Swink - - 7 ! for l''J'. yards and the touchdown that i the game wide opcii. ''"""" c.c.i:ng 01 a lyoiu.iii pi.iycrs. is R hnr.d - i. - ioot one - men. ISo - pound. ,20 - ycar;old prc - mcd senior out of I Rusk, a farm, timber and small j industry town in the oil country of iSoutheast Texas. "If there were 7,(100 people in Rusk." beams Hoss Swink - ni hie teammates call him", "Hie 'ptacci'r'S'11. - "0W l,c hn no realty would be jammed." r:ivi,ltr n , j. .... r . Ihow much excitement youn" Swilik ! last autumn were for nio - n ilhan 50 yards, nine for more ihanlY Zl.J,C i Ibail writer 'and 1 . s' ( tnVof W., iped halfback. He is not too fast . . 10.5 for the 10O . . . hut a movie ;of (he runs he lias made since he a sopnomore shows that he lo be tackled squarely in the Hn tn hr.,ni,i j. "... hest defensive nlavre nnnn; !to tackle him at an an?lc havcnT Race a l Alcy on PITMAN. N.J. Ihe autumn st.T - - Racing enter f ill! card on the clay covered half - Top men in the field will he .incKIC .McLauc;lni:i. Ki - r - , Budd o.'wu. Ed Lindsay, Otto nanvi and Don Slump! iradiiale of Chester Hi;h and nue v.M - ps veter. - .::, II y intrrccprin a pass rhe l - .ni; in . later liillba'. - i rd IS v,rcU TO. fork - ill '10". IG.Vponnd speed ster. played isiste - U L'roimd : throush Hi? end KCJ..I th - Wa - ner defense in a oilher aiv:l several times lie almost 20t awav for len 'thv mm 1 ossioly th Possibly the fastesl" man on the Cadet squad, Cockill al fSt defende, ja - ainst rnemy aerials. nUtfid.'. ! ,Uale of NorlhScm II Ml - CUFTON ATHLETE ACCIDENT VICTIM miuy n.tKrox ii Kin iits Ini niiii - r - hicli - . lifi of f,t. Andrew W. '.Mi fr.. one of Clifton Heights HIKh School's ull - tinu: grid re;i(.s. Tin - iicJdTi( h:iiperi! on tlie, 2(Ji of lliis Dion ID in Grrmsiny. 0 fiirllii': - ili - tiiils uf the tr:i"". Ih.r ii'fstiickf - ii ills of (In; lllsl:,, athlefe, who iCJltl - tflllCT of Times All - Deki - Coimly fooU):ilJ k - aiu. li, only 25 at the lime of i - alll. played (Jim; ymrs ot (y foothrill miller Condi lev Tomusea at Clirioji. playcil iliirini; C'liftnti's 0 (n'.iluuli. Kvci! !h, Mi.hir had Kill Siiunds. lint (li iliiiico ol tremendous talent. The. Ma club m which Znlli played ceiiltr wns hailea by Tnmusco as "one of tho liest I over coached lit Clifion a Chinaman's chance. The Rusk Rambler just spins, and Uceps on going. He could rc - ,as perfect balance and the quick pick - up of n quarter horse. No back ever cot more out of lm bincfcnr"! And lw, l,iif oi ,..,;!.. with ihe force of Bronko Nagursk SWINK. Villfl F i 1 - t f nH4.l iv - u aucnuun as a basketball play. r Ji not only me Fort Worth's institution's athlclic hero, hut also us most popular student. The stti - Idcnt body last year elected him Mr. TCU. His R average paced him on the National Scholastir said Swink, "please add that Jo'hri - 11 V Nikkrl mn,ln ogy major last semester to" he .v - eiecicf! to me All - Amcrican aca - Idcniic learn," Xikkel is a six - foot four - inch 220 - pound b 1 o c k i g and pass - Swink switched from geology 10 I - l,"ul lu oecmc a cioc - I tor. ! !c stresses how fortunate ha was to nave hcen Ijrought up by womicrful foster parents, Mr. and Mrs O R tv.iiL - n, -, ...1 'still lives in Rusk. Uralket - is in Ihe insurance business. vmk, evL - o'boil.V.s AK - Amr - .n u - , b "y - " - bat, then. s his amhiiion in fr,t - I, - '1! ' . A sd.,c,,"I; ''vhich comprises ' "rA 1 ' Miam' of Florida, Metliodist is ' 'i!10..! play against one of lenms," savs ""They tell they'r tmi;;h 0 qiv mmm BEER dill jvuiea in ixermany ill ' - . - hlv" I:,. - (,.,;.! ui,: stv games and lost only one. Znlli'.s leanfniates on that great 'IS "efuh included tackles Jim OlGario and .John Taylor, guards Willie Toirucliio "mid IJerh IScjinclt, ends I.ou Sllvcrii mid Jim .Massimo, mid hacks ,Jrc Silverli, Johnny Volpone, Aly Trahund, Jack McCoy, Franny Qoinn and ic; Ferrari. So outsdimliiig Zulli that Season, tiuit tie, along uitJi Icam - male Volpotic, vero named co. winners ol the Tod Dorosli ;Mc - morlal Award, the highesl accolade (hat can he presented' to an allilcle at Clifton Heights Hie.h School. It was ironic that Zulli should be fjiven (lie Dorosh Award, which was institufed to pre - si - rve ihe. memory of another Cliflon all - time athletic great who made, (hi; supreme sacrifice, (hiring World War II while stiff in his teens. To ma sco, who coached both ay f "A Truckers I More Truck Tire For Less ! HI - MIIFR RIRan W GOODYEAR Now only Longer $995 M M Z . Prayed V Built iiSS Performanc,! Performance! " Low prices on oil sizes MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANY swap Dorosh am) Zulli, referred (o (lirs two alhloles as "the nicest kids I ever had the privilege Tomasco went on to say lhat both Dorosh and Zulli were alike in their good manners, outstanding leadership and willingness to "Dorosh and Zulti," said To - ma.sco, "rcpresenlcd the typo of hoys ail coaches jusl love to have on their squads. They were, clean living kids ail (he way RoJI at Trenton both those manufactured here and abroad, will hold the spotlight at ton Fairgrounds Friday afternoon. uiuir ueuut at uie iren - ton track will be such well - known maKcs as Jaguar. Austin - Healey, ,en, Thunderbird and Corvette. , Before you buy PRICE check the make I mm Life! Wore Recopsr PK t j j - f who jmm C. A. POWERS 'COR 'Home Speedway lets l itle Kace LANOHORNir mil r S1..? Pl'esi.dent, announced to - oi thP inrlmif mionsbip stock par race again .pceawa'. Scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 14 the NASCAR Sportsman chamnion - ' Nations: championship elimination! .LLS aiasi ay iNAbLAtt sanctioned tracks conducting such (out the season. and srfmcbody upstairs must mera iiiimy to have claimed their lives at such voung ages." After graduating from Clifton Heights, Zulli prepped at Bullis for sit months, and in September, J950, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy where he staved six: months before transferring to University nf Dayton in Ohio where he played three years or varsity football. Following his graduation in J 054 from Dayton, where he was a member of the KOTC, Zulli entered the Army and took his basic infantry training course at Fort Benning, Ga. He was assigned to duty In Germany in May, 1955, and'was a platoon leader in Ihe 43rd Armored Infantry Battalion, 2nd Armored Division at the time. Later he rose up the ranks to become 1st Lt. He is survived by bis parents, and a sister, Kuth. C. A. POWERS 3 - T SUPER - CUSHIOHS GOOD, LIFETIME GUARANTEE No Time Lfmltl No Mileage LlmHI No Expiration Date I Sea Us For Details! POPULAR 6.70x15 size for only 1DMSIT! FREE W7BT ' r - viwi3 1 s run OVER 31 YEARS" 2 1 CHKSTBlt (PA.) I IMKS TOO MUCH RED TAPE Prospects for ISeiv Grid Loop 'DM PHILADELPHIA t - The nn - f t?"""S football con - colJeges rZlZ tUtic,s api'eai oim accoroing to L.r T - ; ' w rector Ernest Mrfnv . J' V tvTii iir jriiudueipnw that .mh a ,. .7,::: r"j. doiibtedly enhance collegiate football, in the East, but, he added, tiling and forming a uniform code on sucn matters as eligibility, aid lo athletes and scholastic entrance surmountable ;obslade. AicuDy vigorously defended the Eastern brand of football and TV sportscasters to speak up against what he termed "this insidious whisperins caniDaien ihnt iwiudu is on tnc skids. '.liusT Sell it - "Football originated in this se tion Of ihp fniinti - ir TV; i ...i . cne power was .and still is. But w have to sell it," he added MefW al - rl (Ul Pnnfuro,, 1,1 I .... in publicizing the Eastern schools i i.L ils lonnauon was noE likely unless the schools were their search of opponents outside: rilfs new round robin NOW OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY CLOSED SUNTJAYS BERKY'2 t SNACK BAR m, '' 10 E. Sixth St. (Upp. P.R.R. CO. oc 3 pku lax or 6.00 x If; ii FYEAR Don't take chances! It's dangerous to drive on worn tirej. Buy quality you can depend on and at low bargain prices,1 too! Get famous 3 - T Super - Cushions by Goodyear. They, feature 3 - T Triple - Tempered Cord Bodies for extra' strength. Famous Stop - Notch Tread means quick - action traction. Act now and enjoy safer, worry - free driving! One dollar down or your recappable tire puts ony brand new Goodyear Tire on your car INSTALLATION! CHesUr VTI iCVW. SE)T. 2g, !9 ,im Bimii. pHe mentioned Pitt. Syracuse. own school as potentials for such an a rransemem, acciing mai tuey n..;,..4 ? r wouki constitute one ot the toueh - est conferences in the nation if ?r Ul FINAL WEEK!! f .1 Tor mis DEPENDABLE QUALITY is a bargain! OTHER KIND CO 3 - 63J7 or 2.3SI71 1 A Thrill pocked 9 t U9 Corps, dfiilv . 7r30. For me udlES! Qjeninj Kiihl Sredt Orctiid ConaEei to First (,(KHJ BRANDYWINE RACEWAY Naamcmi Rood I Concord Pilte ' (U. S. Raul. J07) liliiiiiii

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