The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 17, 1945
Page 3
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; ;__SATUJiDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 19-15 Public Is Urged To Produce Food Townspeople Con Help U. S. Reach Food Goal Set By Government "During the past three years, every American who has played a part in the job of growing, conserving, harvesting, distributing and processing ^.our food supply lias done a magnif- ..•iccnt job," said President Roosevelt Hi a recent appeal to every citi/.en to continue this job. "As we enter a new year, the demands for our food at home and abroad are so great that it is essential for every woman and man to do everything to help in tiic huge task of setting the food produced and seeing thai a j, s conserved and shared. Many of our favorite foods are scarce. ' 'To this end, I ask Hie people in cities, towns, and villages to assist our farmers in every possible wax- to reach Ihe food coal which have heen set for this yc:>r. "I call upon the millions of victory gardeners who have done so much lo swell the nations food supply in these war years to continue their good work. "1 ask those people who can spare the time to assist the nation's food processors in the task of preparing the food for our armed services, our civilians and our allies. "I ask the millions of women who have preserved food at home so that our armed services could have the milts and vegetables they need to carry on until the war is won. i "1 ask every American to share our available food by observing the rules of rationing nnd by cooperating with food merchants in the observance of food price ceilings. ^ "1 know 1 can count on the American people to respond lo (liesc calls to action, so that we can all trillv continue to say when the war Is won that our food has played an important role in the fight for freedom. Election Bill •Is Introduced By Helena Man tITTLE ROCK, Feb. 17. (UP) — Senator John Moore of Helena has introduced his bill in scrui . c vvhal he terms "White Supremacy in Arkansas Democratic primary" elections. The bill, introduced in the Arkansas Senate, proposes reparation ot primaries to noininalp cjrdi •dates for federal and state' of- liccs. In one election, Arkansas Democrats would vote for all federal officials, and in tiie other only state county and township officials would be voted on Moore says the bill < ras drawn P by Arkansas Khmcc'.ati; Party leaders. p. an clfoit to comply with a recent United Stales Supreme Court rulini! and still bar Negroes from voiiiM in t!i? state elections. The Hupu'im Coini ruled that no one could be barred because of color from voting in "pRESCiiFWS" BLYTHEVILLE COUHUMl NEWS V»OH JN WASHINGTON Washington's Five Blocs UV PETKR El)SON NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, D. C.—For e.lse In , understanding what makes things happen the wny they do In this crazy toivn, it may be conven- ICIH to strike a parallel with the pre-war French system of political blocs. Instead of there being one U. S. Democratic party which determines nil policies of the administration, there are In reality about live blow, For lack of better names call these blocs the Middle, the Liberal, the extreme Left, wing the Conservative and tb c extreme Right Wing UHiu-Conservative. Each of lliesc blocs has Its doni- i Insult personalities. There Is no formal organization In any sense, but making an arbitrary division of people who can pretty much be counted on to think through the same straw makes It. easier to understand iiow these blocs pull and haul ngalnvt each other In Irym" to Influence While House opinion («»d the administration line. BREAKDOWN SHKOS UGHT Making thLs breakdown will shed A certain amount of background enlightenment on the Wnlince- Joncs affair, the fight over the work-or-else bill, the teacup tempest over the six Assistant Secretaries of State and practically anything else.that Is Hkely to happen in the next lour years. ' In the ,\flddlc Is tiie President and the people who can be counted on to think what he thinks no matter what he thinks, for publication at least. Ed Stettlnius. Claude Wlchnrd. Madam Pcrki'is p«ul McNutt and such people. Perhaps Presidential advisors Harry Hopkins, Judge Sam Hosemmui and the yea-men of the White House faccretarlat should be included in this group of the Middle because Ihey go along with whatever the President docs. Most observers, however, would put Harry Hopkins ' some what further to the left. The pros!- jtir^ Drag Store Try Our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ob Hickory inn Across From HJjrh School Save 50% On TRUSSES Steel and KlnsUc STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 1 will pay you CEILING PRiCES for Into model, clean cars. Sec a man who h;ts given you fair tle;tling.s for ]8 years. .... I,ex Chamijlin \Vc }];>vr> a complete REPAIR staffed by" competent mechanics . j . Also good stocks of parts and accessories. Bring us your, rural r work. . . . (tone Oshnrnc Sorviet! Manager. \Ve have; .several late model cars in good condition on our used car lot. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ash & Hailroatl Sis. Ph. 2195 dent IiiiiKclf lias said Hint Ills co iirsc is Jitsl a little lo the left of center, so that throws the biil.ince In Uits scheme of thihjj.s well to. wards the Liberals. In this yrom .should probnblr go Supreme Cuurl Justice Felix n-nnkfurtcr. Fed(?rul Reserve troard Chairman Marrlnei S. Ecclcs and Henry Wallace. Here aijain there will be many votes lo put not only Harry llo|)- klns but Henry Wallace " lu tlie yroup of extreme Leftists. Mast «I the real radicals of the early New Bcnl now turn up missile-Re* Tugwcll, Lcou Henderson and thai group. Accepted spokesman for this grouu now Harold Ickcs, Attorney General Francis Blddle and the anti-trust crowd la live Department of Justice. CONSEHVATIVKS AND UIVI'IIAS Looking on the other side of the Middle, you are apt to find In the .Conservative group such flumes as i, ','',. Mt * II! '-«' James P. llvrnes, Stabilization Director Fred M' Vln- son, Secretary of the Treasury Henry iMorgciilhaii, War l-'ootl Atl- m nlslralor Marvin Jones, Uuilsel Director Harold Smith Among the Ultra-Coiiserralivc.9 there should 1» listed Dcnicrd M Baruch, PorelBii Economic Administrator Leo Crowlcy, Assistant Secretary of State will Clayton Secretary and Undersecretary of War Henry L. Stlmson and Robert Patterson, secretary of the Navy James Forrcsltil. . One way of looking nt this division of blocs is (o view it, as n Happy blending of nil shades of opinion into a really Krc;U pomical par y. The other in to see H us an explanation for all the lovely fights. Actions involving federal olficcs Under the proposal, Negroes could vote in elections involving federal officials, but would not be allowed to participate in the election of stale officials IN MKMOKIA.M In memory of our dear sister and daughter. Mildred Ciulcl, who departed this life four years ago February 18th. "Gone, but not forgotten. Just a flower budded on earth to bloom in Heaven." Her Christian life will ever live on in our memory. Her Mother and brother. All the world's flowers arc descended from ihe simple little buttercup, according to many famous botanists. AN APOLOGY- At last night's performances (we had two) of 'The WOMANLESS WEDDING' • ',;& -v* ,:-;' ( •'<"-,• '••'_-, we played to crowded houses, and had to turn many prospective customers away [ By special request, this all-star focal talent show will play a return engagement at AUDITORIUM Tuesday, 8p.m., February 20th Admission 31c & lie, tax incl. Benefit Sudbury P. T. A. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, 8MTIH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TKWiWmTKKa H8 N. 2nd BTRKKT ' , Mart B« B»tl5ractorj) ^ REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 321 EAST MAIN Cfty Radio Repair ACROSS FROM LU.LY STREET NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Next Door To City Super Market) Foster's Liquor Store WHISKIES-WINES-LIQUERS rhonc 2127 BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Scarce) STEEL WOOL IN 1-LB. PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. Aluminum Paint. N.ght Latches. Electric Churns. : L d '°? ks t\ect,ic Solder Irons Hawaiian Wigglers. Shannon Spinners? —All In Plentiful Quantities At PLANTERS HARDWARDE CO. 126 W. M»ln Th« Complete Hardware Store, Tlioiic SIS Evangelist The Rev. Hob A.shbv of 'Atlsa Okla.. will be the evangelist In a revival (obcinn tomorrow nielli, at Full Oospel 'niuei nacle. It was announced today by the: Hev. Ira M. Dryec, pastor of (he church. A well known revivalist, the liev. Mr. Ashliy hus held successful evangelistic services from coast to coast. He also is a talented musician and shificr. (he Hev. Mr. Hrycc slated. In Inviting the public to attend those services. Desert Panics O/ Guard/ Colonel Lackey Urges Members Arkansas stute guardsmen who leave di,. K ,,,. vici . ror lr|vtl) | ri . aMlll . s nnd who [: ,n Ul i^,,.,,,,,,!,,, tm ,| r )VS . poiislljjiity | n formhiH n slroni; (m;- uin/alinn in insure Internal security sticiiiilii is (used on (ho war Iruiils were criUd/cd by Col. Hi'lidrlx Uickcy of 1,1111,. llock.commaiKlhin MI w of Hi,. Kt,,tp military orBnn- wntlou. in u bulletin this week lo aiMifflri'is and enlisted men. -'rail for Ihoiiijhl in the build In s Bivon to Oapl. liex U.< l.>Mlf or "IP Michigan Slate Otinrd, and it apiH'incd us follows; '"'''»•: i.«in> HATKS A (iiiiri'iiit" 'Alimy mwnlicrs of the Arkansas faint" (iunni hnvo left tin- scrvlcu for silly, trlvlui mul flimsy exnisrs. Many dibcr.s hnvo been 'forced to leave us for sound, coin-uncoils nnd patriot!? reasons. Tills country is at war, ini ( | ,|,.. S p]t c (i,,, OJ i|imi sls l( |. s a war that rcnnlres (tie nll-oul el- lorls ol i-verj- AniMlciiu worthy of iiiimi;. Jnsl as nirely as Ihe soldier, W'lio dcscil.s h| s |xis(, ,m |)],> front lines, wlthdut projier amhorily is a f|iii|tei- ; so Is the Arkansas stale (jiuird man who leaves our ranks ,°, r i f " kc or hls (HV " '«'•>' «'»• "Tliere nru many Ililnns thiil. can canw the weak hcarled mini lo renlly [eel that he must slink from our ranks. Maybe Ids wife ohlccis to his absence from the home ono or two ovcMilnus. n week. Let her jlulk to snine i;lrl-frlnul wlnw Ims- bund went uway with the National titiiird In HIM, H she h silll ion i.olllshly unaware of (lie war niter this Interview, we pity her narrow little soul. May)*' l| )., hard to i-rt na.sollne wllli which l» drive 'to 1111,1 from (III 1 armory. If so v our eommundthi; ofilcer can ( .<>t y ( ' nl ; , .supiilemenlary rallun (o crnvr your drlvlins iiirils for nils nerrssiiry pnlrloUc work. Possibly vmu - ,,,„; ployer Is one of a .small' inhuiillv wlio object lo Ihelr rmplovnvi do- IIIR nnyllilni!: bond buying, Worn] KivJi>(! or .State nimrd iiinnlicrslilp Mint may, by some mhaele. Interfere wllli !il.s pleasure, 'i'heio lire a few of these imlnwls hi Amerira and they are not wmlby ( ,( |,eliiK Hie employers of pairiotle clli/env "To (lie weak funnel jiiniibm nl (lie iroops who lelt our ranks for flimsy lert.sons we offer two MigBi'MloLis: Kiist duiil best) Come back and help us Imi-k u[> |1». frleiida who htivr- none nut to luce iiirdflilps, liome«lckn,--.s mid death >" Ihe ie(!tilar armed service.'. Second, lluy one cubic yimlof suml build n line deep sand-box In your back yard; mid bury your |ii>a'd In it when (lie real heroes of this war rrliiMl f«r you will never be able lo look them In the (ace. To suy that I lie various Slate Ciuard units lhroi>|!hi>iu I lie nation, win be ih« I only trained combat nulls lelt In tile vnimlry, ( s not dlvclixslnc u PAGE THREE , inllllnry tecrcl but iiierc.|y you uuardsmen the cold racts /We will be the- only line of defense '"Hi only a coward'mid n quitter will .sneak, mid leave old frlciid!i in danger, when the Arkansas To Reduce Assessments On Banks UTTT,K HOCK, Fob. n. (ui 1 )- Aikiuisus Ijank Commissioner T W. U'tiKRll reports that assess-' ments nmde on AvkniMs bnnks for o]ieratlon of the Slate Hank Uepiirtinenl will be reduced an additional 30 |>or cent. This brings the lota] reduction lo one-hnlf of assessment.* two yeiirs UKO. Tlic reduction will be made nt, the of Governor I.nney, who nskcd for n report .sliowiiii! what further reductions mlRhl, be miule iuu| allmv continued niiprntlon ol Ihe, WAItXl.N'fi OHIIKH III Ibe Cliiniri'ry Coilrl, Ciilclia- SlIM'lKI Dlvtllrt, ,^IIssl.sslll|ll (.'ullll- ty, Arluthsas, 1'almer A. Yonkiun, I'liilnllll v.s, ND. flflOV Miny K. Yoiikiim. Dcfcndnnt. The defendiuit Mmy [•;.. Yoakum Is hereby wiirneil lo appeiir wltWn tlilrty days In Ibe court named In Hie ttiptlnn hereof and answer the: complaint of the plulnliir Palmer A. Yoaknm. Diiled tills 7 day of |.'eb 10-15 '• HAIIVKY MOHUIR, cieik I'erey A. Wrluht, Alty. for |>H|r. C, !•'. Coupei 1 , Ally, ml l,)tcw. WARNING, ORDER '« die Chancery ""Court, Chick*- sawba DIslrlct, Mississippi Coun- ly, Arkansas Melvln E. Adey, Plaintiff. vs. No, son Mary Vlgnovlch Adey, Defendant, nio defendnnt Mary Vlgnovlch Adey | S hereby wnined to appear' within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of Ihe plain- till Melvln E. Adcy. : Bated this 0 dny of February, 1945 HARVEY MOHR1S, Clerk. ' By D. Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pit IT Cliiudc F. Cooper, Ally, ad Lllem. 2|J7-24-3;3-'lO - WARNING ORDEll- '» die C'luiiiccry Court, ''Chkka'- »:iwb:i District, MlssisslpprCoun- ty, Arkansas. John Dudley Nccce Jr., PlnlntllT vs. No. 0001 Anno Belle Ncece, Defendant. The defendant Anno Belle Ncecc s hereby warned to appear' within thirty dnys In Hie court, named in the caption hereof nnd nnswcr llic complaint of the plalnllff John Dudley Ncecc Jr. Baled tills 5 dny of February, 1045 HARVEV MORRIS, Clerk liy Doris Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pltf. O. K Cooper, Ally, ad Utem. ' 2llO-17-24-3|3 The fine dusi discharged In vol- ciinli! cni])llons has been known to remain In sus]raision In the air for several years. f~ consider ft This might be \\\\ cxccllcnL use for some of (he barbed wire left over from the beachheads and barricades. ; Placed between a man and ilio War Homls hu's sAfcly lucked away, it would give him pause . . ; in case he was templed lo cash in a single Bond. It would make him slop and Ihink . ;; Slop and think that (hose Bonds will mean income.:. security .;. perhaps oven a good inca.stiiu of financial independence in the unnrcclidablo postwar world. Stop and think that every Bond will bring hick -not just its purchase price-but f/ for every $3 at maturity. Stop ant) (hi,,k (l, n l holding War Bonds is as Vital lo Victory as buying them . . : nnd as vital to a secure fuluro for (he individual, a secure future for his country: 1'ut your War Bonds in a safe place. And keep them Uiero, :. I,B you keop on buying more. 1'cn years from now, you'll thank your lucky slars you did. This space is a contribution to America's all- Arkansai Grocer Ct. L. K. Athcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdette A. S. Barboro k Co, Barksdale Mff. Co. Blytheville Water C«. The Crafton C». Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chenclet Ct. Gay & Bilihm, Inc. Guard'i Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Ca. Herrick'i Jewelry Hubbard Furaitore €•• Hubbard HariNritri C«-, Huddleiton Jc C«. JicJel'i I.angston-Wrote» Ct. Charles S. Lemo&t Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Sitrc Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney C«. Phillips Mol»r Co. war effort by Robinson Dnif Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. Tom W. Jacks*! Rustic Inn ' A. G, ShibJey Wholesale Gr«cer» C. G, Smitk Floyd A. WaH e Zellner's Slipper Sfcop . ' "'i

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