Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 9, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1942
Page 8
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light BEACON FALLS BEACON FALLS CHURCH GROUP TO HOLD FOOD SALE RAILROADS ASK FOR PERMISSION TO RAISE RATES , tViiroh 0—Tito Altai ,....-.. ,.,, «.,,,.. of HI, MIolmol'H ohm-oil wll! h'lTwUlvo Maroh Haiil'ord, Clorw,, Mnroli 0— (UP)— Thn Nnsv lluvon railroad HYHtum and tho (Jontral Vormont Hallway, Inc., potltlonod Iho public utllltlnH corn- today for authority to In- tholr Inlru-Hluln frolght. by approximately (\ por cunt, >- i NE^VS, MONDAY, MARCH 9, 1942 Macassar Hero and Family if a I'ood «alo and ,' on 1'Ylday, Muroh IM, In Iho ' of .fohuHon'M hall buwlnnlfiK it o'olook In thn mornlnK. und con- tlnulnw until Iho foodMlufl'H hnvo Non dlMpowul of. Thn prowxidM <lo- rlvod will l)f« lurniid ovoi 1 to Iho : ,nnvv ohiii'Oh fund, which Ix tindur oonHtrmHIon on Muplo avom«i,< ,' MPH, David O'HIuui, clmli'liulv of 1 the 1 w«yw and rwawi oommlttnu, In ,.vln, dlini'ffn of aiTantfot'minlM and will ., |>ii uH.ilttUul by Men, (!li<<Htor (lurvli, '. U»o proftldonl, and ruumlioi'H of thn \v«y« find moauM oornmllluo oon- , Hl«llfiK of Mi% Raymond Dolron. Men, fUlHHoll Hliorry, Mi'H, Wlllhw ilouilloy, Mi'H, I toward Jortofl, Mi'H, ; Ooortfu Orirnm, Men, William Uron-' .riftii, MrH< < Inn loth Klornan, MI-H. ' (lllfti'hm Knvlt, Miu f.htoi'Ko Hun, I Mi'H, Kdsvard Rung nnd Miu J-Yunlf -Wood, iuormimi would conform with ono yt'untud by tho Intoniiatd poin- miu'oo uoinmlHsloii for Intor-slato traiiHportatlon, Tim Hlnlo iHiiiuiilHfllQM aHHlgncd a lumrlnK on tlw potltlon for 11 a. in,, Maroh l.'l, Similar WIUOHIH woro made J>y tho Now MriKlaml Motor Hatu mivoui of UoNton, and tho Wrtnlorn Motoi Knight Confdi'diioo, Jew,, of Hartford, for tholr momhm'H In CJon- wwllwil, A hoarlnK. on tluwo po- tlllofiM svlll bn hold at Jl a, m,, Maroh 17, Tlio lattor two organicIIous vop- UMit uiOHl of llu> trtiokor« In Mio liiornaHOH for MOI mtiHt bu takon up IndlvlcHiall.y tho oom/nlHMlon, Kltwl i- Thu unnual nlootlon of offlomn of fho {'Caium J'alln farunl-Tuaohoi 1 .'OHAoolatloii will hf> hold on Tlmrfl- •'dny ovonlnK at tho aMMnmbly room at (JorUor noliool at H o'olook. MM, .Kdsvard Runtf. oludrlady of tin. 1 riomlnatloK <'of(iinlttof.i in oxp.iutml -lo inakn a report or; tho Hlnto of • ofriuorH, Thorn will In) a tfuoln jipnakni 1 from thn !<lato noforiHO riouiutll of - llflr'tford, and liUi talk IM oxpncfod , to bo of Intermit lo Iho Will Clonlotli 'Klorrum, uhlof air raid • wardu/i, IIAM oallod a uuwtinv? ol All air raid svardmiw of thu oorn- ' immlly for Tluirnday iwonlnrf, svflh , tho montlnw to bo hold at tlui fpvvn Jlall at 8 oVlfioK, (t wan Htated 'Iha't Uui nirifltlnK- would bo holij ut f.!nn- I lor Hohool, bijt dun to tho I',-T, A. . ffiootlnft', tho air raid wardens 1 • •mooting will take plauo • at Urn Mown lialli Th« dbiounHlon will around thn lanl hlnokout and to tako plaoo In tho PARENT-TEACHERS MEET TONIGHT IN SALEM SCHOOL 1 Night" WilFea. turo Tho Session With A Discussion After Raid on Port Darwin What a rejuvenation to a man's jaded winter ward_ a new spring new spring tie. , . •-'••. ;':,€• P» Phonephoto .Out of the battle' of Macassar Strait in which;TJ. S. End Dutch flying' men Inflicted tilling blows on a Japanese troop and supply convoy, a nevy, hero was,born, He was Lieut. Col, 'Stanley' K. Robinson .who hacl nrrlvod in Java a little more than a week before he. crasVied in. battle. Although he was a flying fortress pilot, he was in a fighter plane when he crashed. Mra, Stanley K. Robinson, widow of' CoK Robinson ,is ploturod with ther son, Stanley Jr., in.their Morgantown, W.'Va.; home. from Uto university In JOIK)/ Mr, Howard ,/ftnoM, Jr., of Abnrdonn f.lroimdM, ' t \(d,, Mpont thi» with hhi pacont» on thn oad, and Ml'M, Hoiujrt Kord arid fri)m Kingston, Maw,, nro .ylHltlriK tVfi'. arid 1 MrM, llurold VV1I- oa Bmith olrnld, tVfr. tfnvd IH ' In tho oUsilorn Htato Miioot at l/ordrihlp whllo -, A' ttlWpOli I'OVldW, VV, H, A M \vjli rnont tliln ovonlnw at tho homo hf. : Mw*i Moooo Sablci on Wolfo ,'tio at H o'ohmk,' Avll bo oolohrnt- at llm mootlnff of tho Naugatunk 'JMit-TnaoliorH aHHootntlou, at 8 o'olook tonight In thn auditorium of Iho Halnrn nohool on Morulosv Htroot, Tlui aMMfioolallon IMIM arran^od a pronranv for thin ovcmliiK Umt Is of pitrlliuilar IntnroHt to puronla of hlKh Hohfiol HtudontH. A fianol dlHoiiMHlon on "'Vocational Advloo" will ho hold with Ihroo Hpnakorn takliiK part, TI.IOHCI who will partlclpalo In thn dlHiui'9H(on arn liOHMoi 1 Donlny and M!HH Stolla Moflanii of Iho Indunlrlal HplnllpiiH dtvl.ilon of thn 'local plants of tho Unltod HtatoM Huhhnr Co, and Mi'H, Mary Dowoy ( mann«or of tho con- nootluut Stato Hmploymont Sorvloo, All pcu'ontH In llur borough aro ooi'dlally Invltod to attund' ON AC'I'IVK DUTY ' March 0— (UP)—Bi A, Tal't ,fr,,. Harvard law Htiuimit and iininoHako'Hpn of tho Mnpublinan U, S, Hfuiator 'from Ohio, wnnt on notlvo duty today ci wook at'Uir li<i\i\K oor'ni'nl'H^lo'no'd.'ln liu naval ruMorvo, l(o Kraduatod NOVENAATST. FRANCIS'CHURCH Services Conducted By Rev, Frederick Bailey, S, J-.j Largely Attended Tho nlno-dny 1 Novona at St. KrnnolH 1 ohuroh, \yliloji .bognn last WodfioHday,. will );o brougiil to' a olopo'-on TIjui'Bflay b^cnlng of this : wook ,wlth Hor-vloos- at/7 iSO.-o'olook. 'Pho Novonn, whlolr Is bolng oon- dUQtOfl hy the; Ucv: i?roclcrl(ilrnallcy; S. •',;„•'of .thn -.Inftiill .-MIsHlon B.fuuPof. 1 PoniiI'rtit, IUIH boon largoly attGndoci and" many opmmimloanLs • of - ! the olujrol.f linvo'laltoji aclvantago of thi? HorykujH to vocolvo Holy Communion. • .' .-.-.• •' . . • \ ', Sorvlrum will bo hold thia evening at .MO/ o'clock and' .on' Tuesday, Wodno.sday and. Thursday at 5:30 anrl 7^10 a, in, and = at 1:30 o'clock In tho/ovQhlng.' , • ;...-. ' •'•-'. •-~- » « » :.— •-. -. / 11EU M.07TH UIIUHDAV Oanlcirlniry, N, H,, Maroh. 0—(UP')- .Miss.Myra.,0rccn'observed her "J07t'h '.birthday'at ihrv Shaker 'Colony here today.' Miss- orcon, wlio lias Jived with members of.Uhtcs sect mpro than a cscnLury, Is a native of'Chuinpldln. N. Y,- She is sLIll in good'health nnr.i 'Is able to,knit, and sew. , >-—* •.», "'—— . : :..';• C. P. Radiophoto These ruin? are .what wa« left of the.V.'post offic^, at -Darwin-, northern Australia, after Jup bombers had attacked it.''Darwin may become the United Nations' naval base of operations. This photo was radioed from .Australia to. London and. relayed to; New York. and B\yopt.. the, sky with search. ,, . , The . plane was discovered .to be not Lhal- of an enemy, ai.'iny•autboi 1 - Itlos did..not disclose, details. No. civilian, .alarm was sounded. NEWSPAPER PI LOfM 45 Pi'oslclohl-, Josepli.'.Kqn'ishoa, Steve Kn ap I k .' an cl ' A| b or i Pa tchlcosky , •" who • roocntly- attonclbcl .'th'o' jolrit ponfqr- ; ' cncc of •.Lhc. ; TJriit,cd'RuJ5'bc! i of .America who -^laye' working .'o St|i!,os . luhhqr ' . -. tbrpu'gou.t' •HP, •P^^^iSBktHBBBpBi ^^i^H^ /Who are the best friends of advertising? . ;, v The manufacturer? .- . , Ye3, for advertising gives him a chance to acquaint thousands of people at once t ^^^^^^A\JI * • ' • • * ' * * with the fine product he has made. . ; •. • , , . . , . ,.'.....,, v,.'.''" ',;•• -'. The merchant? . , .-,- Yos/for a'dvertisih;g'dra\ys/pe[p-' ; ; pie to his store who might never have known:abbut:th^ outstanding goods he has to sell. ?.; ' :v' ' The consumer . ,. , you? , . . Yes, because' adver-; tising informs, It tells what, it tells where, 'it t^lls when, :lt t0Hs how much,, It saves you infinite|trouble, and makes life easier> more economical, more; • satisfying.' bfeotf •-' ' • '',.'.' . i *. .'•'''•' Every i on«p profits from advertising 1 . TKsit's why:ad-; ; friends are many . . .and loyall:; ?"'-•£• ' v the, Country, »mttcfe..:yy6|iv!;-i i cp6r't.-.o'n tho con'fo.i'dhoc at-Ji jTiootlng'oi:. Locaj, •'•S; U.-' : n ?• • W.' A; i 'y.os terday ;aftei'h oon at ,St; Ooorgo'H. Imir,.' JjTndeii /park,;,' Union ..City./' i '•'.:•.. ,". '"':'^.-';-. j.-^'. • :•:.'/. No-'aotlon,.'"\yo,s' .lakijii ^pn ;thc 'jmat- !,or of a : rnncwal, of '.ili$ (jpntracl, bc- Uyoon the- locjftf uhlpri; arid', the JNau- tuol<;jDlarit^ ; p;f;tho.. u W.--S;'V-:-: : v li? 1 I VI'MT 1 IfYI n IS LYIWG IDLE The that '!. : ^ew, York, .Maroh 9—ru-'P)-' PM sold .today chough steel ,to b'ull.d .500 modi urn ianks • is. lying idle, .in;'a"Massaohu- sptts .ammunition i.'p.lrt'nlr: war'ehchiso, Tho 15iOOQ':"lipns.-o£ .s|,cel) aiid-Vnoarly. 250 tons of'.coppci. 1 :.arc', o\vned;by the BrftJsh.-;-s.o i v;ernmen i t. y |'../' .•-, Meeting 'Of '';'*' mittee; Tonight;; At 8 Boroug-li C'ourt lipbni Coin- In ••.. A . fipe.c 1.0.1 'mecUn'g,'.pi; ; : tho ' watcv' motor - cpilVm i.ttoo,, ,.wh Icii.'_/'inpl udes^-; 11 itv•mai.iib'oi's .oj'-tho.'Ji'darcl'. 1 pr.Wdi'r' flon and• J3ui 1 gcsses.;and-.'s.oyeral. clU-:. xons of. NaugnLuolc, |Vas : 'bben .oa'liqd; for'S' 1 o'clock lQnigli't,iin"tli'G' bpr.bugh; oourt rpoiri l\y,- Wai'dch • Leo -'Jv 1 Bi'o-; pl.iy, ;'"• ... ' ';•' •:•-•. •;' '•'••;.•'•'•-.;,'•;... '•"'•.\- T}jo opmmiitoo will oxaminc -the data presented • 'at' -the'-•; •prcvibus. meeting'of 'tlie 'cohimiltee by."'local l'/iCna and .in addition tlie • dnla that has b.eon given, to\thp- borough- clerk since that'meeting. The: data 1 will be stitdicd and liroscntcd 'to i officials' of the. Nduga'tupk Water' company. • -It Is: expected ^-that• another public meeting pir-the 'matter wl 11 be called by NYurdon' v Brqpby. : " ' ' ' ' ' : ''" the '.form of un; .jackets intonded fpiv British and-FroncH : fprcos on th e Magi not' r .r;i np '.before ;.l n ii G| 10-10, 1 ! mlgh't^bavo speeded' a liiggihg 1 -shIp- .•PM ''salcTi-V adding: that; : \,\\.v> ma'L'ci'lal building -program; which ,.;!;h c '• wai 1 prdduc.libn bdnrd 1 ' reppr'tcd. Fi-iday. ' '"One - .hundred', thousaml, ' steel Jackets, .each'•"WUh^aHhlok• base of .coJ3pel:, are in , the- SyaruhoUso,'. 1 PM s'a'Icl. ; jVl'IVe' dppi5er,''• n'6w•/• u'ri'der' tho striotqst;./ wa'rtim.o 'priority••- could h'a vc . be"en>, used •' f or"-'- el ee-lr J oal Vvi r- - MARY MaeSWINEY DIES M IRELAND ATTHEAGEOF67 This little touch of spring injects new spring Wood into your wardrobe _ it means a gay, colorful new note and a touch of spring' in your blood. You'll be amazed at our showing of fresh spring neckwear in our popular $1.15 numbers and the great spring shirt display at $1.95. Gen. Hurley "„ Hurt equipment: and- '.on'.iuiidrcds of other weapons;" . ' " •': -•• "•'•' '''• •.''••'• ' . ''' Coi-k, Irolnnd,. March 9 — (UP)— Mary- MncsSwincy, G7,.o]io of the loaders .in the..Jong, fight .foiv.Irish' inde- Ipendqnoo, diod Saturday. ' - She'was''p.locted to the Bail after tho Jr'lsh Revolution, but broke with/ other loaders, refusing' to pledge allegiance';'to. Eire!'..uhdcr- Eainon de Valei-n: • •'•.- •,- -.- '•' '. '. : J-ier brother, Teren'ce MacSwincy, -.Lord Mayor..of Cork,'died in Brfx- jton.'Ri-'ison. (Lt'Xondon lnV-J020-as .tlio '.result : 6f R hujigi?.r strike, .•• ;,Miss '.MacSwiney,- one ' of. th'e • load: ers ol' ibc •lrl8h/'s''Arniy during the Revolution', was' imprisoned at. Moun!, :; Joy", in- 1922, but was TC- 'leased aftci". a v .h'ungcr : strike of- M days..; ; ;v ;- '•_.-. v : .'•: v/ : .' '' y ''•'•• ' .' Her.^sistfj'r . had- -started • a ; .hunger, strike- oulside"- tlie prison. Although she 1 ,, was 'rioir'urreslGd,' and both women vha'd . Lo , b.e taken to -a ' nursing honied..' •'.', .-;\ ...••'... ... •' '. She;'oniiQ 'si 1 ', up- a'.;,'countor-par)in-' men(/'-(;p'--Db • A'alera's ;on the ground t. was 'the •-.Itrue"-- repi'csentalive of Ireland. ' " '.'"'•'•'"• •' .,,Alis,..Ma,cSwjn6y, ,v/sjLed..tIic-United 3lal,es'-at. loas'twice, uY>J'J2i and .again in ,J925; and-'\yas 'an, eivriy memb(ii of-LIjO S'JnnvFein;, organization. She recently liad-'bcan.teaching in;a private. sciiooJ/- '.'• ; /'•' "• : • •' •• "•• - • . • WITHDRAWAL UKPOHTKl) London, March- J)~ (UP)-^n r j( forces have been • \vlthdi-a\vn from the smolco-lJlAnlJclctl Hunnoso M |.nl of Rangoon,- the all lndl« i-jJ said today, and Gen. llavolii n. | ( G. Alexander has beun named com-' mnndcr-!n-ohlcf of Ihc crlllcii) Burma fnmt. , WAR PLANNKI) iAPPOINTED '.. Mart'foi'd, ; Conn.," Mnrch 0~(UP)— C. }•£.-'•'• Wa-lleriborg,-';-: i^ead .'.of the state's: .aircrai 1 .!, warning; : service.- name'ctva staff', : pf' : four members, to-day :tp, assist,;hiiin • hr'a'dmJhistering the fqi^Ilu'n^.solAip.. • ^ ••"••• ••",.. .'-.-.j . He' 'n'ames':. 'Andrew J.",.'Lphneiss, iddietbwhi.: as. Vh.ead of, the engi- neerin'g:'. division ;• Frank Nel.tlcton, fs'cw . liaycn, communications ;• Glen- doh Scoboria,,'Cromwell; personnoi, and 'Joseph. Troadwcll, ."'.".Dunbury, supplies. • ' . ' • ; ,• Wallenberg also announced that the American Legion 'had .appointed Eugene. P. -Armstrong,/ New I'laVL- ford,> former-, past .national vice-com- V/of;-, the 'Legion, as head of ',."'.'• C. P. Phonepholo .'• Gen. Patrick Hurley, former Secretary of War recently .'appointed L/rs. Minister to New Zeal and,.was wounded slightly in,-a Jap bombing, raid on his quarters at Port Darwin, Australia. ;y other telegram 'from the War cle- ^pai'tment. 11 said: . , , ... , ; ' "R'cfciM : Jn6" to ; my, telegram "of."J'aii.' 31, am deeply gi-n'tified to inform you that the commanding general •of -the- United, Stales-armed forces .in the KHP .East. MacAi'thyri reports as of'this date that your son, Technical Scrgean't .Jacques -W. • Merri- lleld, previously 1 report'ed- killed' .In action on December '30, lias J^ecn found alive and well," Physicians said today Mrs. Mem'-, [Jlold had taken a turn for the better; . ., its omiimitteb 'lo..cpopnrate with tlie .statov-u'lrcrafl/ 1 \yarnlng service', • , Rveriy ,ho'useh'oid should' haVc a refuge:'room- 1 for use during 1 nil nir niicl.' "• ' May\vbod,. 111-., 'March 9~(UP)— A moiith-agd the Rev. Roy W; Mcr- rilleid •j'ead. 'to jils congregation a list ,:0t soldiers from western Chicago, ..suburbs- • fighting with Gen. Douglas MacArthur on B'ataan. In conclusion lie said ; ' "And also., hiy'son,' 'JaGnue^ who was ' killed .while 'guarding Clark Field on Luzon- Dec. 30, according to a -teJegram J received from the War depa.rtmenL tin's morning." •".. As members of the congregation filed .out'.oC the church,;.Mcrriflcld greeted, them .with his customary handshake.' • , , . • , .Subsequently the young soldier's mother..became'-III with influenza. Physicians-said, grief had further weakened 'her. •• -. • . •Last' night MerriHeld'received an- PICK PAYS $4,000 Hnrtford,. Oonii'.,. March 0—(UP)— Throe candidates were in tho field today to succeed State.'Dairy, and Kood Commissioner ,)nines" B. Lowell, whose term expires May 4. Seeking the $/i,000-a-ycar. job, to which the governor must, make an appointment- on or before 'May.' 1 •woro:.;. -••"'.., ••' ' Fornier New -London County Sheriff John Sweeney, Bo/.ralf; state liquor'••conl.rol ooniinissipner-. inspector .Merliert Webb,,' Gre'emvlch", and Rep, i\ • Hoffers,-" New Canaan: All are Democrats. nartford,\ Conn,, March 9~{ljp). State- Tax 'Comm{ssi6ncr Charles j, McLaugblln . ,.said toady, ft " rally" would- be held April G Bushnell Memorial hall lo unveil a plncquo listing the- namfis of about 300 stale'. employes who now serving In the armed' forces. Is an intelligent mental attitude toward one's own personal finances, ' "*•'"• * / For more 'than 70 years this Bank has tried to help the people of Naugutuck toward this end. Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual" Seattlo,' Wash",',-. 1 ;-M.nrdh: •• : 0'~(\-),P'i .•.-;• Na vu I; o ill cor.y' t'o'dfry,. i n VCH tiga'tc'd: th'rj crash' OL""a Navy , patrol .-p-iane.Vin which .eight .iheri. ; wei'e"Killed'.. 1 ,;' 1 • -The J3lh'!Nftva| JDistvlotran'nOu.nocd that (jlip,piano, ci'a'shpd'.'ns It 'took dfl on 'a'rouUhfl- patrol, fligiyt''yestcrdai; lY'om. thev;T,onguc;.Pplhi,;,0r,c., Na'yaf Alt 1 ' Station, •-,-.:';.v^'': : :?'.''',''''->' : "••.•'"' ';• '< Knslgh.'.H';'' R. Gan'Gtt,. Por.t Wort,h,; Tex!, was- the onl^.crcvy..member -to" escape •;the/draft;; whTcii .'sdnlc,' Imme'-'' dlatoly-' .. '•'.-;.-'•.•. ••.' •"!i'-" : :-7 ; ;V"'v'.. : -'.i' '<'.^ : "''-^ . •'.Leonard ,' •,•'^Aoi'ojjpnpliciy is|, 01us.s,'',Ada : msi..MassV •'''','•;•'.'.'.'/./..•• '"-.v,'' : --f-i Boston ,:.. identity" of-iah .airplari'd .V l-h o -i\ i\s t m lght : ..a ( i'-i' 1 ^ if J . alarni .'.among; ft n -a I ' ' • 'n - : »• 'a'i> 'on nci ''~ ' ft n M j-a I I'd r'a f t ton , K.tlll .was ';.. undisG.lp^ofi, .'...tbclay , though- '•'[&*• was' 'bolloyofl-I^thio.-^iillpth eltr )'- iJ'=-'i elthor .ffovv? oratlrfg'wl. Th o .:. 9 o u v'f ='. '. tli'6' , i ane'^....;mo,i'b j i;.. < a, m. ' yosterday.,ahcj[ ^ >y 1 th : lni'-./sio^eii'';: mlnutofr sdldioi's'''al'VTor.ts aiid ! ''vah';U- : ' ; ; •fl I'l. • Honeydfpped nouohnuts Danish Pastry , , •;,KuMftr l\o : \\s • ', Hoiiic Hljiidc Hyc Dread llnif-irnlf, Cakes Whole AVlH'Ut' Hi-cad Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEt.'8«7» — FOB SALE - Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street- Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary BIdg. " Phone 2080 To New 1941 Super De Luxe Fordor Radio Heater —• All Tires Practically New — Also 1940 'Studebaker President 1940 Lincoln Sedan These cars should be good for the duration of ority; Buying/' v ' :• . , Demonstrsition Oh Request, atuck Fuel Co. 8TChurch Street .>,''' ,/.' v TeL- 2219 FORD — MERCURY — LINCOLN

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