The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 4
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PAGfe FOttfc THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor < H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Bole"; Nitton»l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Ddilles, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis,-Dalits, Kansas City, Mem plus /- lPublished Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the pott office at BlylhevlJle, Arkansas, under act of October 8, 1917. Served oy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier l:i the City of Blythcvllle, Ific per week, or $6.50 |»r year, In advance. By ninll, within n mcUus of 50 mites, (3.00 per year, $1.50 lor six months, 75o for Uiree months; by mall In postal ami's two to six, inclusive, {6.50 per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year,' payable In advance. • 'Strong Man' Rulers Riding for n Fall One or these dtiys n '• human race is 'apt to deckle it hns been 1 keyed -up' long 'enough. Wlion it comes lo that decision it; will perform (lie muss equivalent of letting its hair down and putting its feet up on the porch railing, and »t that point the. assorted dictators, strong men, and rabble-rousers of the present em will begin looking for new jobs. The world as a whole lias been living on its emotion 1 ) for years. It has lK«n keyed up, oralcd nt, harangued, ordered about, and generally bedeviled in 11 way lit lo drive its people to asylums by battalions. And the :race can't keep on that way uny more than in'i individual can. Sooner or later there is bound to be a lot- down. Heio, for instance, we have Bcuilo Mussolini addressing tho people of Italy in line, inipassioned plnasos: "We must be strong! We must be always stronger! . . . To this supreme, categorical principle must be subordinated and will be subordinated nil the life of the nation." Like the speech of a football conch in the locker room between halves, this sounds line. It is the sort of thing Hint, addressed directly to you by someone you admire and respect immensely, makes you want lo hammer on your chest, hitch up your pants] and take a fall out of the man who doesn't like it.' ~' '.. 7 / •'Bill you' can't go on "feeling that way indefinitely. There comes a lime when such appeals begin lo bo a trifle boring. You, feel that they are old stuff, that you have heard it all before, and that getting noble and tense is just a bil of a nuisance when yon have to do it too often. And, the next time the strong man approaches and bids you b\> strong and vigilant, you are more Hum likely to lell him lo go and fry his hat for himself while yon go out in the garden and weed the young onions. Now the point .lo remember is that it is only by such emotional ap|H>als that the dictators and the demagogs keep themselves in power. They live on the emotions of their followers. As long as they can keep on whipping up the fears, hatreds, suspicions, and unfulfilled aspirations of the mass, OUT OUR WAY SLVTHfaVlLLB (AUK.) COUftlEft NEWS they are .safe; the moment Hie whip stops swishing, they are done for. The Kalians, the Germans, Ihe Russians, and the others—they have been under the lash for a good many years. Periodically, each group is called on to face some "crisis" or other—In assert Us heroism, lo live dangerously, to be violent and bravo and .self- denying and all the rest. One of these days they fire more than likely lo decide that they have bad enough. They will greet their leaders' frenzied appeals with an "Oh, I,only—do we have to go through all that again?" They will act, in other words, as people always have acted when the tension has been kept up too long. And when that day comes, IIhe beetlebrowed strong men, Uie voice- cracking orators, the men' of destiny in general, will be hunting for a new line 'of work. —Bruce Cation. SJDE GLANCES By George. Clark .Orchid To Hollywood Everybody is familiar with Ihe criticism that Hollywood movie productions pander to the .salacious and miss no opportunity In drag in a parlor, bedroom, and batli situation. 'Pbose responsible for such criticism usually make knowing reference' to the supposedly higher plane on which British tin,:l contiiicnlal films are produced: Now comes the report of the Australian ccn'sora for 1!K!5, revealing ihat last year they rejected li.t per cent of American films for such reasons, while at tbo same time banning li.5 per cent of Rritish lilms. Hollywood movies have captured the world because, considering the entire' production o r the industry, they have Ueen inlinilely better than those ui. any other country. The Australian report would seem lo indicate that they're cleaner, loo. Amid all Ihe dead cats thai have been tossed toward Hollywood by the higher critics, let's include one orchid when it's deserved. KflBflM In some. European countries men and WOT men live In fear of an invisible hand. Yet we Americans me advised by foreign apostles of thoRc fanaticisms to set up a reign ot feu- lo solve our economic problems. —William c. Bullltt, U. 3. ambassador to Prance. * * * I don't think funs would want n baseball tlwl would nmkc for too much low scorlny. A good pitcher cnu still make monkeys out o[ bnttcrs. ^-lillly Sonthworth. manager of Memphis club. • * * American economic policy and social action Is over-simplified. Americans arc piUcnt-mcrtl- cinc minded.' They want shorl-citl solutions. —President Olcnu Frank, University of Wisconsin. * * * II used to be that a voice was all that mattered lo n grand opera singer, but loday n singer must be attractive and Intelligent, If she would win success. —Qnceun Mni'Io, Brand cpcra singer. SfiDID imniiV limn; TODAY .IIJIMTIl JIOW.1IIII, emrii STI'l'UUX I'OVVI.HK Mr "Please don't mention lo anyone that I'm ulwav.s here so laic. V,u see they mighl Ihink I'm not experience;! enough iur I he job." THIS CURIOUS WORLD i-d (o fmir - Hilliii! SU-i>!u-ji In iiinvlllliiir lo • iMiirry IUT nuj lot IUT cor.llmu: wllh her lab. .Imlltli !„ i.,i v uur- i'd'il III Hill mure Jiy her frleail. VillCI.YI.l. HUM'. I.»nfljr nnil niilinjiii,-, Juduu BiU'« for ii v.-iillc niiJ Mriix In Irani 01 III! llll|iruiu<liIi, K auliiuiul,!!,.. Til nvolil lildlnj; ],,. r , ,| 1C ,| tlvcr •meryi'S inn] nCrlki-» u (] re |,,.. ilninl. lie In li,j,, u .,l , nnl l,,^.,, <" u liusiillnl. Jmlni,, fi'dlug rc- llMinsilil,., eul ., „!„,,_ Al (l,c liUM.IUil you, i:ilU.V 11AIJIUS IclN her lurlsl'.i Iiijurl,.., „„, „„, M . r | oll ,,, 1-ulvr Dr. Jlnrrls Inlu's- her fuinu-. 1" .-I liurnl of I'uiillUi.iire Judllli <HN lilm iiljoul JUT Ijtukcii cil- KUKVIIU'llf. Dr. HiirrtK nskx If lie can dime lu cull nn iier. xow (jo o.v WITH 'nn: STOUY CHAPTER VIII j\JSXT morning Judith Howard telephoned Iho hojpilnl soon utter she hud come to work. I a moment's silence, after which But Bob was morn • i . /-I the switchboard operator told W inthe™a c " lh a f.T" * Mr. Francis Javvis, a moment's \«,it ARE THE ONb/ MAMMALS THAT DEPART FROM THE RIGID STANDARD OF Sj*V£TA/ ' , . IS" ONLY ONE A4ALE HOP-PLANT LOUSE TO A SCORE OF OF AND THEy DEPAR FROM IT 7VWOET/ ONE SPECIES OF; SLOTH HAS NINE: KECK VERTEBRAE. ONE HAS ' AND ONE HAS ONLV OLJRJNG , eARTHQUAKE SHOCKS, PICTURES OFTEN TURN THEIR. FACES TO THE WAU_. "How is please?" There was „ while the operator consulted "her card file. Then: "Mr. Jams was ilisthiii-ucd early this morning luii injuries were very slight." liiil Judith's conscience wouldn't let it go at that, she realized •she had been the indirect cause ol Ihe man's accident, and she wanted him to know she was ready lo accept a certain responsibility. In the telephone directory she limnd Jarvis' office number icncalh that of his home number. Deciding thai it would be better to sec him personally than to try to explain matters over the telephone, she oblainedfipcrmission to Itikc an hour off. When she had reached the of- Francis Jarvis she was 'oum; during the „ sisting exclusively of males is VEH, 1 KNOW- PUT "A 1 KIDS THROUGH SCUCXDL. DOCTOR DILLS - AM' THAT. BUT THAT OWLV TAKERS ABOUT THIRTY VEARS — THEM VOU CAM QUVT, AM' LOOK. FOR. SCMETHIN' BETTER. AN ! START AT TK BOTTOM, -JU9 FOR A SHORT TIME, THATS TH' WAV I STARTED -TILL I COULD GET 5OMETHIN' BETTER. THEN I GOT MARRIED AM' WHEN t NEARLy HAO THAT PAID> PER,THEN T BOUGHT A HOUSE THEN A CAR - ' THEN A RAOIO. J GUESS WE CAN USE HIM IN THE BRAS5 ROOM. Till HE CAN GET SOMETW BETTER- WITH (Continued From I>atn- 11 when Roosevelt lost state by 157- Thc Middle Wesl OHIO: "StrciiBth of Union Parly in Ohio will determine outcome vvh , Wh , n «.' S votes il (loin UckS n o4vcH bor nn "re bik In H lo.«m, r ' lc ' t , T I'"' in 1S32 Tn<Urati '"« arc ° r Roosevelt rather than constructive " new female ' ""'ii, bear generation alter generation of female summer. But when autumn comes, a brood eon- produced, to start llic next season. liccs of flue for a surprise. They were luxurious hnsiuess quarters, indeed, and she quickly discovered that in them Hie name of Francis Jarvis was important. Of course file had noticed that his automobile had been no small model- but nowadays even the moderately fixed may drive more than eight cylinders. The girl in -the- walnut-paneled reception room regarded Jutlilh with polite suspicion. "What did you wish to sen Mr. Jarvis about? Perhaps Mr. Pomeroy, his assistant, could be of service to you." "I'm afraid not. Yon sec, Mr. Jarvis was' injured slightly in an automobile accident last Highland I was responsible." "I see. Just a moment, please " Expertly (he Rirl plugged in. And apparently Jarvis'was guarded by still .another yotintf woman "Please tell Mr. Jarvis that a Miss Howard is here to ECU him. It's with regard to—n—an automobile accident last night." There was majority for Democrats in November." •; IOWA: "Roosevelt best bet no'.i but claw shift away airceuly noticed. This'Is'onset somewhat by strengthening of Democratic state ticket. Labor strong for •Farmers' trend not settled. Di-;.satisiiicUun with mounting public dclit but there is confidence that Wallace mid farm program should help Administration." KANSAS:' "Light primary ballot indicate:] less interest coming caiu- Judith, "Please go right in." She nodded toward a beautifully figured walnut door. Hesitatingly, Judith opened it, stepped onto a deep, soft carpet. At the other end of the good- sized room was a broad, Hat desk which held nothing more than a green blotter pad and an ornate pen set. Behind It sat a man of middle-age, slender, a bit florid. His (lurk eyes were younger than his face, but when iie smiled—as he did now—his face complemented the eyes, and he seemed lo drop live or six years. "Miss Howard?" he said. ".Won't you please sit down?" « *• * JUDITH thanked him, choosing J the nearest leather-cushioned chair. Suddenly it occurred to her how absurd it was for her lo be ottering Ibis man responsibility for Lhe accident. "You wanted lo see me about last night's liltle accident?" With a smile Jarvis touched the side of his head where a broad patch of white tape covered his dark hair. "You're not by any chance that very preoccupied young woman who caused me lo swerve into an unyielding Are hydrant?" ^ "I'm afraid I was," Judith said. "I came lo tell you how sorry I am— and to assure you that I feel Francis Jarvis. "You say he took you,. J and address?" inquired Bob ^ Virginia laughed. "Judith" Ihuik! Maybe you've putyo self m me for a yacht and a rage full of cars." "Don't be silly, you two," J u admonished them. She did not say what was her heart—that what she wan and all she wanted, was a SI Fowler 'who would come back responsible lor any dam- loolied at her amusedly. age." "Just what do you mean? Judith resented his apparent mild amusement. Getting to her feet, she said, "Of course I didn't know what your circumstances might be, and—" "Oh, please don't think I don't appreciate your thoughlfulncss." He laughed pleasantly. "The bond busBiess hasn't been quite as good as it might be, you know. I may hold yoif responsible, at that!" "That would be fair enough," Judith said, and gave him her address and telephone number. « s s gMlLING, Jarvis wrote it down on a desk pnd. Then he tossed down the pencil and grew serious "Really, Miss Howard, I think this is splendid of you. But I assure you that the matter isn't serious, and I'm more than willing to lake cnre of the damage." He smiled again. Francis Jarvis accompanied her to the door of his office. "Goodby, Miss Howard. And I want lo thank you again. I'll be glad lo have you drop in any lime." Virginia and Bob Bent were mightily interested when Judith related her meeting with Dn Eden Harris. "It.didn't take you long to get under way after you'broke the lease wi;h Steve!" was Virginia's comment. .,jii want fi that's all right with me. U u love you so much that I've not have you!" * * * J-JOWEVER, this Steve Fov didn't appear, that day or Hie days that followed. She not even hear from the Steve \ wanted lo argue her into prolo ng a mere engagement. "I hear Stove's out of town business trip," Bob fold her . "ght, his voice tentative and eyes alert to catch Judith's re lion. "Is he? Virginia arli Judith's slop) "I'm sure," worrying about wliere "sieve"' Cut she hadn't. When the Be had left, Judith realized this smiled at ,.„ ^uuvi uiu Bob's oflr lo make her feel belter. No do he was lying about Steve's bi. ness trip. The chances were g< that he'd invented the tale so to explain why Judith ha, heard from Fowler. And the revocable fact was that she thought of Steve in her wal hours, dreamed of him in sleep. Then one evening, just as i and the Bents arrived home fr. the workaday world, Dr. EC Harris telephoned. "I want," he said, "a beauti, companion for dinner." Judith was delighted to h< that bantering voice. "Well!" ^ said. "Let me think a momc Perhaps I can make a suggeslio "On second thought," said H; ris. "I'll make one. It's you. ] be around in an hour." He took Judith to a new resta rant in town. A dclighllul lit place called John's Rcndczvo with a groaning lable of Swcdi "smorgasbord" lo be dealt with 1 fore they had ordered the entr But before the entree arriv there was a telephone message : Dr. Eden Harris. He relun. from it with disappointment dar ening his usually pleasant face "I'm sorry, Judith. Emergcr case. I might be able to roll in an hour—and I might not ma it until morning. Would rather I took you home?" (To *c Continued! CHURCH EXCUSES — By G. W. Sister and Junior had only been borne a few days when a man who said he was, or Is, a minister said he had heard o[ the trouble I had been having in trying u> find some. suitable person to take them to Church, mid how anxious I sun to have them got some training and n -n , "„ " u, •-.•! knowledge of my church. He said Ihcy will vote Republican ticket i as 1 api>:arcd to bo a very account chance to vole for a Kan- j person, he could not. undcrsta srin. Indications are strong for ' why I did not attend to that duty Kaiibiis Boms Laudon; however, j myself, i tried to make him un- cast heavy Dcmo- farmers will cratlc vote." Tiie Far \Vcsl CALITOKNIA: "Rcoscvelt lional candidates. General Chicago business ucst since 1930 and m some lines since 1920." most certain ll:nn 250,000 carry sfatc by more majority. Town.send derstand that I had been especial-I ter so much. ly trained in social matters Hint our Saturday Night Club almost iis valuable to the cointii ity as the Church, and that vvcs ; such enjoyable times that it impossible for me to get horns time to get my rest and get uu lime for church. Well, the m 1 tried to explain, the less he set stand i "— 1 -° l " Klcrstami - I fol " u! out was not ths Pastor of any cf better Churches so it did not in ing what would otherwise be easy al- Democratic victory. Roosevelt, liow- figlit ever, should pull WASHINGTON: through.' "Strong and bow out, with the assurai 1 that no matter who is elected i country—its land a) $, mines, r crs and fords, factories and pi clems ins tot to null his follow- being made here y Republicans.! i>lc-w I V.te Us own p lg cs C, nooscvcll but they will t Townsend also doing everything! history a 1 d TV out U J i not irspond in sufficient number I He can deleat Hooscvt-il. Chancel'destiny WISCONSIN: "Attempt, of lie ' "rnrrm? 1 ' 1 L ooscvcll ' s '"anccs.-.arc Roosevelt will carry state." I ' . publican leaders to make a bid' drive ViTiLt RrTlTu S - ve ! sallM '• Aml so wl(h lh:a r » !>«<• "IB One; hundred forty by-uroilu for support of liberals and pro- - " b '"" bl - ""-"_"!,Ja harm- cou-r on my portable typewriter j are macie. from livc's'ocr v Eiosslvcs on the claim thai Lan- ' don is n liberal grp not lakim' bold in Wisconsin. London's per-1 fcrmanccs to dale have lett progressives cold. There Inis been m> marked trend among progressives OU.I1 iJOAKDING HOUSE Demo- vie- ! toward:; Lcmks. I'los'rcssivcs .skeptical of Union party .set up. Present indication!! are'Koosmrlt will' carry Wisconsin l;y a comfortable margin." "•" •>• muit/mi: | J ^* I^NI^bO J t\'. "KCIUJ.MtCalls PTi- of Presidential election here tf|vately concede Minnesota still in ,"'°", ,.? ct ?_?" ballo! - Union | Roosevelt column. Hamilton's vls- .cinkc gets might i hopes of carrying' state. to give Ohio's 1C i crats expect only lory." — - — "•" ''nuj'nyi IstFiKASKAi "CJo T ,'ernor Lan-' nlimir^" „!!,„ f ovcr ';°«hlp com- clou ims been MipDing in Nebraska I- iornl U«i , cle ' 1r - c "t na-i since the days immediately fol- Irrllf rt 7, C /, Miclllg(ln is ; ll)WI "S ''« 'wmhialioti. A good , rL , ,,""' col »"in wilh|n:any factors are responsible. 'I cdse in Hoofevelfs favor." I Drouth is foremost. The state has Democralic faction- lost virtually ail j, s 1)!iln t cd corn '> give Indiana state i -9,2{,S.OOO acres, the third largest ..„.., In the nation and the foundation votes. La- i of Its livestock industry. T h e Roosevelt but; drouth served to revive the manner in which Koose^ll met .similar crisis in 193;. LVdon's accejit- nncc speech hurt him with inde- hc Democratic organization Wilh Major Hop j )]| -t6M>, L£\PS/ ^( \V YF.R GOIM 1 % AS IT & THE CUSTOM OF AU. ciTREW W ~T r MAKE A ^rHOOPu£ HUK1T6MEWTOVRE5EUT IROKA^S Jf SPEECH ^ MLA -^ TOBEQUEKW OME TvAM 1 DUWVJ6 MY L^T EXPEDITION WTO THE WILD WEST,70 NW CLUB ceREMOMV,'BE 1 F\TTIKV3 SUCH WJSPICIOUS, occ^sloM / I SHALL. HOW TV\E v\aous Landon. Demo- Cominittccman building np of cratic National Nash Is working I 0 brins"iionie'r Kelly factions together, with reports lhat entente is certain Relief Pitiiation still in ,, umble ' and L'.xhtbitinp a ne 1 CKLAHOMA: "Oklahoma primary reiiilt and conservative Sen' alor Gore's defeat in primaries show New Deal is .strolls: and thai state Is not in the doubtful column. l,cc. new Dcmoeraiic Ken- atonal candidate, anrt Governor ( Marland both backing Reoscvcit n^mnr M i PUt "' cans l °' l ™ d hl slnlewidc senatorial uom- Dcmocrallc stale and na-jlncc fislit. Survey indicates nuge

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