The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER -I, 1936 Women's Sewing and Preserving C o m p c t i live Events Are Ackicd Additions to tlic competitive events and prize lists (or tlic Mii- Etsslppi county fair, to be held Fx>pt. 29 to Oct. 4. supplementing t!i» events and prizes listed in the county fair catalogue, have been announced by the fair management. Among tile added contests are several in the women's department, such as llic making of house dresses and clothing for members ol the family and the canning and preserving contests. Only some of the standard breeds I OONT KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED, P I DRANK A LOT OF MILK FROM CRAIG'S DAJRY AND IT (SAVE ME SO MUCH PEP > I OUST STARTED JUMPING AROUND The food-energy value of .-FllKSlI CRAIG'S milk will contribute, to tin: splendid physical development and pop of youngsters. GHADE A RAW MILK : Quart Iflc • i'Pint lie : Hultormilk, Ql (ic I of poultry were'listed In the catalogue. Similar prizes will be awarded for exhibition of any other standard breeds of poultry, the'man- agement has announced. In addition to the wash cotton tlress style show exhibits in cloth- Ing all women over 18 years of age may make and wear as exhibits wash dresses. The dresses must, be entered and Judged according to Workmanship of seams, hems ami finishes. They will be ivom by the entrants In a "style show" and judged as to suitability and u'com- Ingncss. This' will take place at the fab-grounds auditorium. Friday. Oct. 2, at 7:30 o'clock. First prizes of 50 cents and second prizes of 25 cents will be. awarded In each of the following classes: Class One, cotton, wish dresses, kitchen aprons, night gowns, combination suite, Class two, children's clothing: Eirl's wash dresses, rdmiwr suits. Email boy suits, child's wash hats. Class three, Infant's clothing: dress, hand-made, sacquo, handmade, pillow, hand-made, boots, hand-made nml complete layette Seventy-five for firsts and 50 cents for seconds In this class except layette, si.OO and 50 cents. Class four, embroidery or handwork: vanity set, three pieces; luncheon set, colored; luncheon • set. white; linen tablecloth and napkins Initialed; sheet and pillow cases, white; gi:est towel, while; guest towel, colored; bedspread, colored; fancy pillow, colored; pillow eases. One dollar, first, and 50 cents for second prize in each. Class five, quilts: cotton pieced, cotton applique, wool pieced, silk pieced coverlet; oldest, Quilt, woolen coverlet, woven. One dollar first and 50 cents second prizes tn this class. Two dollar first prizes and one dollar second prizes will be paid for the winners fn the thrift garments contests as follows: aprons, smocks, pajamas, romiwrs. children's aprons, sim suits, collar and cufT sets and hand bags. ... The following suggestions are made regarding thrift garments: 1. The garment must b e planned and .constructed by the person entering the contest., should be pressed carefully and carried in a box so it will not wrinkle. 2. Garments will te Judged according to the materials used, including trimmings, the .workmanship as seams, hems and the general ap]>earance, also the relation of the value lo the cost of remodeling. 3. The fabrics used must be durable if made from used clothing, or weak or worn parts must be discarded. Colors must be combined with harmony .in mind. First, consisting of the individual and' sec- JBLlfMfeVILLE (AfeK.) COURIER NEWS I "I know what I want!" My these eyes "I get what I want!" »ys this chin ^{Thrifty buyers are finding they can enjoy a perfectly delicious whiskey for very little money. It is Kentucky's "double-rich"straight Bourbon! 90 PROOF- KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY end ef lux) or more colors when used togelter. Small figures should be used fot small children. In Uils conltst llie garments may be'made from feed sacks Or (lie good portions of a larger garment made into a suit for a smaller member of the family. The score card for Judging ihe thrift garments will be ihc some ns the score card (or judging other cotton dresses. It consists of: (1) materials used, Including trimmings, suitability lo design and purpose of garment, durability, cleaning qualities, cost of upkeep; (2)' workmanship, details of construction, seams, collar, facings, pockets, fastenings, trimmings, pressing; (3) general appsarance: Individuality and style, posture and carriage, nt of garment, personal neatness, effect of underwear. In the canning groups" nrc the following: Group I—Canning and Exhlb- itliiR of Fruits: 3 square glass.-top quarts tomatoes. 3 square glass-1 lop quarts berries. 3 square glas-l top quarts penches Ipears or plums), 3 square glass-top qunrts! ivjples; 3 square glass-top quarts' of pumpkin. Group 2—Canning and Exhibiting of Vegetables: 3 square glass- to)) quarts brans, beets or car- rols; 3 square glass-top quarts torn, pens or okra; 3 square glass- lop quarts soup mixture; 3 square i!lass-top quarts cucumber pickle. First prize t'2.00, second prize $1.00. third prize J .50. Group 3—Cunning Preserves: 3 squnrc glass-top pint jars of strawberries, figs, peach, pear or apple preserves; 3 square glass- lop pint Jars of berry jam; 3 square glass-top Jnrs of apple, upe. or plum butter. First prize {2.00, second prize $1.00. third prize $ .50. Group 4—Plain watermelon preserves, gingered watermelon preserves, apple preserves, blackberry im, pliim preserves, pear pre- irve.s, peach preserves, strawberry preserves, strawberry jam,' preserves and jams and marmalades, (square pint jars, glass tops). First, prize $2.00, second prize $1.00, third prize $ .50. Group 5—Fruit Juices and Vln- egnr—(six ounce catsup bottle preferred), cnlsup, ripe tomatoes, carrot catsup, bottle grape juice, bottle vinegar, bottle blackberry juice, bottle apple Juice, bottle peach juice. First prize »2,00. second prize $1.00. third prize $ .50. Group 6—Pickles (cucumber relish, square jars, glass tops): Dixie relish, pepper mash, cucumbers, sweet; cucumbers, sour; chowchow, mustard pickles, sweet pickles, mixed; chili sauce, green tomato pickle, walermelon, pickle iMMic (one quart), pickle pears (one quart), pickle beets (one quart). First prize $2.00, second prize. S'.CO. third prize S .50. : Group 7—Dried Fruits and Vegetables: (to b« 'exhibited in square quart glass jars, glass tops), .pears, apples, peaches, okra, corn,. peas, bt'ans. : Group 8—Canned Nfeats: (standard square quart, glass jars glass tops), pork roast, pork: ;sausage, spare ribs, liver paste, mince meat, chill without' beans, chili with beaiw. steaii.' beef roast roast chicken, stewed chicken fried chicken. Any six will make a complete exhibit. First prize 'ts.00, second prize .$1.00, Ihlrd prize j .50. 0ft trial in Edw of Drukman Case i s FJ>«g!;y.D i yi'. 1 >;i!o»i Inc., New Vprk Read Courier. News Want Ads.. if his appetite is any index of innocence, William f. X. Geog- tian, Brooklyn district attorney, eught to come through with flying colors in his trial before Gov- trnor Lehman at Albany, N. Y., on charges of improperly conducting lijs office in connection with lhe.Druk.min murder case. He lunches heartily after blaming the Drukman scandal ori the New York police department. The coral snake does not strike. If stepped on or touched, It will turn, deliberately bite, and retain its hold. NOTICE OK MORTGAGEE'S SALE Under authority vested In the undersigned by a Deed of Trust executed by Thomas G. Wilson, now more than one year de ceased, and Artie M. Wilson, hts wife, to me, us grantee, dated January 30, 1932. and recorded hi Record Book "w-11, fuse ««, of the records of the Chlcka- snwba District of Mississippi vouiily, Arkansas, default having wn innde In Mho payment of the Indebtedness secured by sold need of -iviist, now due and im- l«ld. tind default having been made on pnymi'm of taxes, gen- <™ nml special, upon the land doscrlowl in said Deed of Tnisl nml said rnlliirc to pay Ihc Indebtedness secured by said Deed 01 Trust and the luxes upon the mill described therein, constituting n breach of the provisions of said need of Trust, !, Hie undersigned mortgagee, will on Wednesday. September 10, 1930 wllhin legal hours, sell at public sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at the front door of ihe Court House in the ,Clty of DlJ'tlifvllle, Arkansas, the following di'sciluiHl real estate In the Chlcknsawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas, lo-wlt: Rrty acres of land described »s being Hie Northeast Quar- ler iNKM) of the Northuasl .Quarter INK",) of Section Ten (10), Township Fifteen <15), Hangc Eight (8); to iwy the debt secured by said Trust Deed nml the cosls of cxe- culliiB this trust. D. U. HA1NKY, Alorlgnifct*, 14-21-M-l-l) A Complete Line of Old Mr. Boston GINS WHISKYS LIQUEURS The Little Shop Hotel Noble Lumber Prices Reduced Lumber must be moved before Oct. 1st Some items as low as $1.00 per hundred feel See us before building or making repairs. Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. Phone 800 r . : . : Blythcvillc, Ark. We Pay Cash For Haiid Furniture • -. \ >' " * • ' • •, •<•'•'." ,,'.•'"• I'hone 1031 Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Near (Joff Hotel Sing A Song of Showers Funny, the ways different people like-llicir baths. Some folks enjoy a tingling morning-shower. As the stimulating torrent nishes over them—awakening and reviving—they burst into song, perhaps—clutching at high notes and groping for low ones. While others would rather laze in a ttib- .ful of warm, calm water—soaping and soaking . . . Just taking jt eas y. Constant Pressure To Meet Any Emergency —When the lire alarm sounds 11 Is imperative that the water pressure be adequate to Insure Ihe throwing of a powerful stream to linlt ravaging blazes .. .our pressure has never failed In a cilsls. Then there is another group of bathers— the in-betweens—who follow no routine. Sometimes they desire a bracing cascade of water; again they want a relaxing tub . . . Depending on the mood. But no matter how you prefer the water- hot or cold, in tub or shower—you will agree that a refreshing i )a t|, j s nar( | to beat for making yon feel like a Brand New Person. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Ph °ne 80 113 s. Broadway PAGE 11 gasoline, not a single 4mc,'U Etj <UTH- r(llc/yin<iiL-/iL'il to t/K.'l'oii.ifrnil clidiLxi-j in your cllimilf. In September or April, rvcry ilny In llie yrar, I'lillllps 66 I'llly Ciis Is 10M cuslnm.lallurcil lo tin; weather (it lJi L - very J)lcicc in which you are driving. Every cation Is, inailiUllon,enriched with, cxlracncrgr mills by Ilicputculc;! I'OLYmerliiillon process. So less Kits ikws more. This not only helps mile- u«f, hut steps up the power-output of ymir motor. You'll notice that the txtn power wives slilfllHc hi a lino of crawling Iralttc. You will fill (he fast, fnuwth, flexible reipoiue every lime you'r'lne says "fa" lo the engine. Knock anil noise iire so reduced llut the motor h us easy on tlie mn as thl* improved Wisullni! Is ensy on ihc pock cl book. I'or greater driving economy and pleasure, miilvcymircaraiumlKlii performer... by nlllnn lip with I'h fifl Poly Gas ... live naml-out gasoline that costs nothing exlra. Phill-up with Phillips for TMt modern motor 08 U'rich;-tun-bodied* *n,d' mo ra carlio n- fro*. At * prko which rnikea It \ t money-Having . In cans,30^ a qt, uIk,2Gf i.qt. • • MY StOE GIN GIVES YOU AN EXTRA AND EN7KEIY DlfHKENT DRINK FROM YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE Miss Half the Pleasure long Tall Drinks Girt i,nxr,,ll mm* gomr *•<•«(« lt,r rfc.fcr ./ <«•» nap* to thf mnmr haff, rrtmll. Ocra-iioH- nlly, nut us n Ml!>slilul« for I ho fHMiilinr pleasure of your rnrnrilc Inug; lull ilrinkx l.iit ns :i,i «t ra enjoy.) infill, Iry using Olil Mr. Kosluii Sliw Gin insttHil of III* Ol.l ,Mr. Ihislnit I>is<illo(l Dry Gin y,,,, likc»o wcll.j You'll likft'1lii» plriuuinlly ililTorcill flavor, too, «' wiiu-y Inng . . . ,„,! Inrl, not »wcct. You'll like llic wny il lins willi iitipnliciit summer lliirsts. All you nr«l for Iliis now <u-l-ii|» of rcfrcsliingly new • Irinlis is n Ixmlr of Old Mr. Ihnto,, Sloe Gin. You linve cvrr)•tiling riylit in jniir home . . . lemons,' snjiar, ire anil ginger ale or Kpn'rUing wnlrr. Com-' I)Inlc >»i:r thirst cqitii>in«iC . . . buy n bottle of OKI Mr. Boston Sloe Gin tonight. Hen Burk, Inc.,! ISoston, Muss. OLD M Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main ami Division, Carries A Complete Slock of the Above Products

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