The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1934
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Served by flfc United Press IE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NKW8PAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHZABT M188OORI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI —NO. 81 Bljrtheville D«lly Nen Blytheville Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythertlle Herald 151, YTHEV11.I.K, ARKANSAS, WIWNKSDAY, JUNK 2n, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ilPAif AX ATTACK VICTIMS Death Pact Survivor Faces Murder Charge m us ON FLIP IF NICKEL Police Doubt Story Told' by One Who Says He "Lost My Nerve." .. ;! JpNfcSBOHO. Jimc 21). . (UP)-* A first degree murder charge was filed .today agajnsl I^onard Hodge, 22, Survivor of n strange, suicide pad . Ijriwccn iwo Jrmeslmro youths. Hodge, questioned closely by police, admitted he flipped a coin with Clifford Miller. 23. to set- which ono of tlie pair would shoot himself first. Miller lost, lie did. "I lost my nerve." Hodge told police, "and couldn't shoot myself when I saw the blood.' 1 Officers Doubt. Slory Tlie murder charge was placed agalpsl Hodge .when officials expressed disbelief in his slory of the 'tragedy. •.- Chief of Police' W. C. Crale paid today he believed Hodge shnl Miller when Hodge,'lost on 'the filp of the coin. Hodge steadfastly, denied this. •.-. He will be glwn a. preliminary hearing on the charge Monday morning In, municipal court-. •' Miller's death was the culmination of a (lilrd atlempt by the youth to take his life, relatives .said. Miller wa*..found on the floor of a bathroom al his hrtfiie wllh ;..wound. In his head. SI00,000,000 Available |p|TU [\[ to Buy Cotto,, (or Relief LI I I U! WAWllNfiTON, .Inn- t'fi 'HI'! oif.lvo piiivhii.>.r-.-i of cm Ion ur, n rellel measure were atilirjp:iied hi 'idniinislnition circles loilay und^r authority of icliei' sections ol 1 lilt 1 lflicicm:y :i|;pro])ri:itimi bill. While II was nm nrflrlnlly Mnlr-d low much rollon v.-oiilfl be [mr- eha.y>d. or v.lien, inveMigtillnn revealed thai a clavi^ in Hi" ' ! li icmalivoly car-marked $100,000,000 (o pay for any couon thill "may have Ix-i-n or may l>e acquired" by Ihr :.ivrei:uy n] »nrl- cLillure. Section 11 of Section -1 of Hie act, provides I hat the secretary ol the treasury may tfrnnl up lo <I00.nflfl.000 until March 1, I!KW, to the Mcreinry of agriculture for purchases of cotlon In the pasi or future. Will Open Municipal Pumps in Effort to Combat Discrimination. Mrs. Dal! Walk Divorce Trail OSCKOLA. Aik., June 20.—The city council of Osceola, in an effort to protect local consumers of gasoline and oil, and resident retidl dealers :is well, has iiuthnr- i/ed Mayor A. S. Rogers to use municipal facilities already available to operate gasoline filling stat Ions. Tin- six com spread In gasoline price;, between Mississippi county sliillons and slaltons . jusl acror.-J the counly line in Criltenden county and In Missouri, Is liellcvcd by (lie 10 be Ihe result of unjust discrimination on Ihe pail of Ihe major oil companies, p r> .1 -n A wno arn charged with entering former LamtherSVllle AC- into an arbitrary price fixing agreement which Is working 'n hardship not. only on local palrons, but on the resident dealers us well. Mayor Rogers yesterday nego- liatcd for a wholesale shipment of gas and oil products which will be slored In tanks already avall- heavlly, masHc-iind with the hotly. Hodge Tuesday.'-night, after several hours qijestlohrnstradmitted thai te had promised.Miller, ."When joii-go, i gb,""in'ff>r. Miller mfri-. tlo.ned .'.illciile.: -•'"'Hodge said: , .'• . - : "f diiln-l. th'lnk .hc-'d 'go through Tllh It. I didn't have 'the--nerve." . Officer:-, are "working. ' on Htie theory thai., Hodge:. tost on' Ihe flip .of a nickle' whScli was- to ilecMn- the '.slayer"-.In rtlfc- suicide murder pact, -ond, *• after 'firinv a bullet from his- .38>njihre pisiol into Miller'.-: 'brain, lost" h\r, nerve. Bpih rmeri were allegeelXv drunk at ths'time. Ifodge'Var/jiysterlcal when - arre.-ued 'several 'mini' later. :•-'. : . r.ountant Arrested After Recovery of $13,500. MEMPHIS—The recovery of $13,500 worth of stolen New Madrid county, Mo., St. John district drainage and levee bonds hers ye.s- terday from an ift-year-old Nee.- Madrid girl made public. Ihe Iheft or ?S1.000 wonh of' the f liond'i several inonlhs ago. Officers loot the bonds from ; Mlssr Frances Thrailkill. She \vas riol-prresled. ing/.Jil.-'Caruthcr.wille vaj* arrpsfcd"''in Miami, Pip..' for rjijpslinning in connection wlllr : theft. ' Young was form- lo do." lie nridfd. New NEW YORK, June.20 (UP) Cotlon closed barrty .steady. open High - low close July Oct Dec Jan March May 1212 1213 11!)7 1231 1237: 1224 1224 1255 1250 1236 1235 1255 1255 1242 1242 1285 1265 1252 1252 1275 1275 . 1262 12C2 Spots' closed .steady; at' 1220.- oir 16. New Orleans Cotton NfiW ORIJiANS.'Jnhe 20 (UP)Cotlon traders liquldaied sales here Uifs afternoon and prices dropped 75 cents a bale. The close .n'as barely iteady. Mo.'il of the llnui- daiion was in July but olher moiv fhs came in for n sell-off too. open high low close 1212 1212 1200 1200 erly 'connected, with a Csnithers- vllle Miriilfng firm. -.U. P. Sharp, attorney for Ihs jxKird.-and W. J. Peek, head of I Re CaniUiersville auditing flrjn. i came to Memphis early yesierd.iy morning and told officers llial Ihey hid Infovmailon thai the oi-.-l was here and that she liad said slic "had some bonds for sale." ;The girl frankly told u-s the. A'hote. story," officers said. "She said that she. cami: here six weeks ago. A few riay.i after her arrival. Young, with whom she had been going .in New Madrid unlil he disappeared ;i" shod while ago vent to see her. "He told her Hint he bought Ihe bonds several years ago and asked ier lo sell them for him while she was In Memphis. She prom:=ed lo do ibis, but had laken no action until yesterday, except to make a few inquiries." Yonng yesterday denied that ie had any knowledge of the bonds in question, but volunteered the nformatton that he personally had purchased $12.51)0 of the issue at 14 cents on. Ihc dollar. He refused (o return lo Now Madrid without! rcnuisillon papers. JQ Mr. Shnrp and R. S. Baylies, rFCpare t attorneys for.'the drainage and levee district, last nlghl said: "The bonds were in the office of the, W. J. Peck Auditing com- able al ihe local jjowcr plant. where there is also a filling station, and al lcast> three other pri- ralely owned pumps, noi now In use. hare been leased for retail distribution. Gasoline and oil prodnelr, can be bought in wholesale quantities tropi . independent, companies at rates which will permit its resale lo consumers at prices on a wllh Crlltenden county and MIs- Kourl, Mayor Rogers said, "and thtu. Is exactly \9lmt iw-' intend °" lllp (V!1 " " 1IU lemis lri dhoirc. Mrs. Anna Roosevelt noli, blond Whitewash Predicted; Scandal Threatened If President ,1s Retained. i MONTfCEliT-O. Ark., June 20 (I) 1 I'M—A .student demand for Prw.l- :lent llorsfatl's Immediate reslcmi- lon wns presented In Ihe l:o:ml ol Irn.slcc.s of Monllcello A. and M. college when It inel totlay n consider charges ngninsl Hie college president. The board announced II would Like the citse under ''mh'l.semenl 1 and reixirl its findings June 211, Tills was iKllGk'ed by .iliulenU lo presage a complete whllewnsl of Hie president. Wilson Scnrts Hnrsfull emy-sSx of the in summer school stiideiils ap|ieared before the bonrd with a petition asking (he retention of President llora- fnll. Sonle of Ihe 7ll were among Hie .100 orlRlnnl slRner.s of Hie pe- lilinn asking his /eniovnl. R. W. Wll<:on, nltoruey representing Ihe students, delivered ringing charge against Presidcn Hor>rull. demanding his eoinplel removnl frotn any I'oimeelloii wii'i the .school. C. T. Harris, chairman of th :oard of trustees., resigned nl A. M.. today, one hour bernr 1 111 MVird met. "I mil tiiclt nntl lined of. Ill 1 lORi.-' he anid. !fl(:--ref,lgnatlo v;a.< InterpreteH afi an Ihdlcatli the Ixxird would wlillewasli llors all, ns Harris stas bitterly oppose to Ihe college head. Scandal Withholds Decision in liayti Death HAYTl, Mo.,' June 20.—Follow- ig preliminary heiivini; iwlay foi Irs. linn Oiuskln. admltle<l i;lay• of Charles Spencer, night of- ccr. Jnsllcc of Ihe I'eaec Charles mm Moitian. Ihe presiding mag- iruto. withheld his decision peml-1 ig word from Prosecuting Allor-: ey Ilawdns as lo wliether or not e would consent lo reduction of le chavpe fifim first degree., lo Tnnd degree murder. In I ho nplnlnn of Justice. MM-- iiii. expressed Inforinnlly, evidence roduecd lit Ihe hearing was suf- .clent to hold Mis. Uaskln fou eeond degree murder, but nol or Ihe degree offense with vhlrli she was charged. Mrs. Claskln admitted killing Ipenccr. but elalinnl Ihc shonl- ng win accidental, she said Ihat after emptying his gun and puling (he Irlgftef several limes lie landed II lo her mid told her i ct:n, Ciller of Ihe Vuniily. is slinwn In Ihn lop pholo ns slie lefl July Oct Dec Jan March May Casollnc. sold nl Osccola sin- htr (rain al.Triickoc, Cnlil., preiwrnlory to inking up Nevada resi- cents a'iif af WiSn to'^'T-" ""'^ ™ h ""' aS S " C " rr " s ^ S °"' Il " fl!lc - down l " C rall * n > cents. It was obtainable across the county line in Mteoiirl for if, lllp track. Is Sam Plait, her Reno uliorney. Below is the log collage on ccnls raid brmiplu tfi and 15 l-z week;', twfore tlllnB suit cenlr. In Clrlllendfn counly. ' shore of lake Tnhun. whoif sho planned lo live for sly ,' Remands Cut .—At llw request ol Die city council. Mayor R. K, Whiiehiirst cnlkd a meeting of! lilting station operators, remiesl-l Ins thc-m lo reduce prices of gasl-' line to 18 cents. In event of failure to cut the price, it was .staled Ihe city would operate n municipal filling slation to sell gasoline at Ihat. price. Mayor said the cily was reluctant lo lake this step, but was compelled to do so because of numerous complaints of residents and lotirlsis who said Ihey were charged more than al other points east and west, especially Memphis and Little Itoek. Curtis Dall, New Yovlt broker. [fl SIEEL I\V. J. IJBimnoTid Will Die of injuries; Bride of a . Month Seriously Hurt. S1KESTON, Mo., June 20 (UP)— '. A coupl". found mifonscloiLi In their a'lilomobllc, aprm-enlly attacked with un ax foiind nearby, 'cnllllPi!' by police today as lummond, :12. I^panlo, Ark., and hln'Mirldi! of one month. The bride, pollen said, was-Ihe tamer Miss F!nlh Jones; of Marked Tree, Ark. '.:• Tlie pair had been' camping near hero for three days. A ybflth. who was seen with them was miss-'- 1 Ing. ire was last seen Jiltchr hiking toward Slkeslon last night. George Caulk, a farm hand, found Ihc iiiirnnsclau.1 couple''to- day whtln en route lo work. Police' removed 'the ninn and wife to a Capo Cllrardeait hospital • where 11 was found (he man w«s ' suffering from n compound frsc- lure of Hit- skull and Is not ex^ lo live. The woman was ^primlled TnT ST arS P™"' ^ > ^*™^ killed hlhi "iBECi. ami len; | ,, |1(1 s]m ni ,p ar j nr j lr hatl ^ n Morraii Oaskln, Hnytl waterworks iBlnccr mid street commLssloner, njiiworcil In his wife's defense. Ho lesci'llx'd Spencer us an old family iilend and dcclnreri there wns nn busts for Impnlhie the killing lo L love nffBlr hetwcn Mvs. Clas- ttln ami the dead man. letters Irom Mrs. Onskln to Spencer, taking him lo Inslc for his nlleged Intimacy wltli another HoyII woman, were presented In court. Mrs. Oaskln admitted writing t IIP in althmisli they were signed only with the.word "Lovf". Loan Authorities PromisejFrances Perkins Named New Investigation ofi President's Representa- Water Supply. live in,Negotiations. Rolerl W. Wilsr.n, attorney for sludenls who, brought, charges ngainst Horsfall (alxiut two-thirds nf Ihe itiulenl bodyi declared thai Hoiafall's whllewash would result in o "jcaudal, Ibe stench of which would shake (be very slate." He Inl[mated ouster of Ihe whole board would iw asked Wilson hinted at a. scandal In Hie trustees rants regarding an attempted purchase last year nf a Monllrello hotel, for use as n Miiik-iii doKullory. J. W. iiU'iiai(t r ^n. Iruslce, \va: ; nulled last w«k by Clov. J. M Fulrell, on charges of mismanagement of college business affairs J. B. Duncnn. of England, \vaa appointed lo .succeed him. 'II-.P tonrd was inslrueled to "act- In the tost Interests of the college" nl the meeting today pany al Cnrnthcrsvllle In charge of Young at the. lime of ihn theit. We. are unable to determine Ihe exacl diitc that they were*(aken." W. S. Edwards, sccrelarj' of I he drainage and levee district, verified the figure as $51.000. He said 12M 1235 1222 1223 ithat some of the bonds were neso- 12-16 12.1-1 121i 1250 1251 1241 1241 1262 1212 1230 T2G1 Spots closed steady at. 1215, otr in. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 20 (UP) — An expected rally on congress' adjournment failed lo develop liable and some were nol. Officials of Ihc drainage atid levee board declined to say who would stand the loss for the $38,,%0 worth of bonds still missing. President Roosevelt Made Doctor of Laws NEW HAVEN, Conn.. June 20 IUP>—President Franklin D. Roose- 3,000 Northern Cattle OSCEOI.A, ATI:., June SO—Preparations are being made today liv ihe Rural Rehabilitation Commit- lee to lake- earn of :UXM head of South WASHINGTON. June 20 (UP)— j WASHINGTON, .lime 20 (UP)— The Farm Crrdil AdminislratioirThn delicate lar.k of brlnqlnq ]>cace will conduct n detailed invesliga- ; 10 Ihe steel I'.as iiitva'.k-d lion of waler .supply poMlbllilles; today lo Ihe nation's lirsl. woman in Ihe Stullgnn. Ark., viclnliy : robinet minister, Sfcrotary of Lti: before deciding wbether to resume ; tor Trances Perkins. jlong term Innn mong.-i^e loan-: i Mis? Perkins' inr.l: was that o( in thai region. ' recoiicihnj urojo:.od compromises 'flip loans were discontinued after jruhmitied by Hie AmaUjnmntcd engineers for the St. Louis Fed-; Awociniion of Iron. Steel and Tin eral Land bank reporlrd waler • Workers iiiui Ibe Iron and nici-1 supplies inadequate for rice EVOT.'- • Inslilute. Ing, the principal support ol larm-1 Bailing lo achieve thl-, Iw m- Lgoildlioilh. "Serious cliarges have Ijecn broueh against Horsfall," Governor Fulrcl .. _ el dcclaved. "and they must be ex amlned llioroiigtily." Students charge Horsfnll Is a tyranl. that he used abusive lang u.ige In forbidding them to dance and llial school Intolerable. ers In that nrra. A delegation of rice growers ap-! foimal confcrr-r.rr.s, shr- Is expect. i rd to rocommend to I'i'cMdent Mississippi County bank and which Jt was agreed lo slort an in- has been leased by the commit- ve.stlgalion, afier which Oo.w will tee. and preparations ore also be- take action on their appeal, ing made on Ihe Dyess colony Inj doss said the survey would deal the south end of the county. Fif-> w Hli possibilities for: tb fcriniin? teen hundred head will be carcrti wal(lr lnl ° the rc?IOn hv pi for at each place. i and other methods; (2) reservoir |control; i3> dry innd airn.i..- ... ! Ihc event rice growing w.if, found again today and many disappoint- i velt nn <i James Bryant Conant, ' ' ' ..---. First PemiiCOt Cotton ilo be imnraclicnble.' Bloom Found Tuesday ed traders sold Ihfir holdings. A few Issues rallied from lows after a general decline and the MS Irregularly lower. A. T. and T 115 ,1-8 Anaconda Copper 151-8 Bethlehem Steel 34 1-4 Chrysler 40 3-4 Cities Service 23-8 General American Tank General Eleclric 20 I-8 General Motors 31 7-8 International Itarrcster 33 1-4 MlddlcwcM. Utilities .... 3-16 Montgomery Ward 27 Mew York Central 30 I-2 J>acXard 3 7-8 Phillips Petroleum 18 5-8 Radio Corp 1 1-4 Simmons Beds 10 3-4 Standard of N. J 46 1-3 Texas Co 24 U. S. St»el 40 1-2 president of Harvard university, vere among tho:< who received lonorary degrees today from Yale university. . Degrees of doctor of law wore inferred upon ihe president and Dr. Conant and Professor Emerliiv; William Ryan Phelps by President James Rowland Angel! during the 233rd commencement exercises. Chicago Wheat op-m high low close July 94 1-8 94. 1-4 92 1-8 92 1-8 S«pt 31 1-2 94 3.4 92 1-2 92 1-2 M:e adnnnlstrjiTiim is striving for advance agreement as lo how it shall proceed. 'I he knotty dispute was placed In xriss Perkins' hands by the president, who directed, after a White House conference with labor leaders, that flic represent him in rcskhu; to effect a compromise. hnkr.d. Local Insurance Men Orgaize Exchange At a recent meeting 'of repre- entallves of.all of the insurance igent-les of Blytlievllle an organl- 7,11 Ion to be known ns Blylheville Insurance Exchange was formed, and articles of Incorporation filed. The objects of the exchange, are lo support right principles -aiid oppose had j)ractlces in Insurioce imderwrUlngj to ndopf' aiich lilies for their enforcemeiit as the'beac Interest of the Insurance busl- ne&3 may seeni lo Mqiih^, to cooperate with th6''stat«" ihd city authorities lri. the reduction of fire woste and th. accident pre-' ver.iton, and to eodpeJatB'With {fe. slate Insurance depafthient In enforcing the Insurance lows aid' such rules arid regulitlqns' BS the ceportmeht miy promulgate! . •. This organization' has beeoine a memt»r of tile state and national Insurance associations. ' . The officers of (fie . corporation are: Cl. Q. Caudlil, prestdent; W. .T, Pollard, vice president; J. Nick Osceola Youth Lost in Mississippi River Near Butler Yesterday. OSCFIOI.A, Ark., June 20.—Th xxiy of Howard Koonlz. 19, Os- icola high school student, tlrown- Thomas, secretary »hd" treasurer^ •d In tire Mississippi river at. But- •• ••• •••• • •' - er nl noon yesterday, had nol wen recovered when efforts to ocate the body were stopped be- cnus of darkness last nlghl. The search was resumed Ihls morning. Yomig Koonlz, son of Mr. and ^frr.. Henry ICoonl?. of Osceola, was working on the U. 3. Engineers fleet as a carpenter's helper. Sent from one iargc to another after a keg of drinking wa- ler, he secured tlm waler an'd Is believed lo have lost his balance Walter Maxwell Kills His Second Rabid Dog Waller Maxwell, 'who lives 01 noulc One out of Blylheville, wa shooting spaiTOWs In the yard o his" home Monday morning whe .1 dog. apparently suffering from hydrophobia, approached him. lie kilted Ihe animal before It could hltc him. and" now has to his crcdll Ihe deaths of iwo mad dogs. Several months ago he killed the dog which ' had previously bitten Jack, little son of Mr. and Mr.s. W. Leon Smith, of Blylheville. There seems lo be no question ibul Ihat the dog killed Monday — ; -~~ — I was rabid, and residents of the .Fans Upholds ' rtflnHy are warned to kill or con he tried to sjcp from the barge to the small row boat that was to carry him back to Hie carpenter crew. Searchers believe Uio boy's body, dragged down by Ihe swift cmrent In 80 feet ol waler, U imprisoned bcnenlli Ihe barge.s. > Young Koontz completed a bookkeeping course at the Osceola high school this year. He has lived with his family here for several years. He is survived by his parents, and one sister.-Mrs. Waller Mulkey Jr. Arkansas Goal Concern Ordered to Obey Code PITTSHUnOH, Kansas, June- 20 (UP)—A pcrnmient. Injunction Has lieen kstted enjoining the' Blue Ribbon Conl corporation of Paris, Ark., from violating the code of fair compellllon In the bituminous coal Industry, Robert S. Lemon, member of the conl code author-' Hy. aimoimced here today. Lemon, who retiirnert here from Fort Smiih. Ark., r.ald Federal Judge RaRon sronled (he Injunction. ',;: ;, ' I.omon hailed the injunction • as n victory for the NRA and said' (he injunction, first In the southwest coal fields, was granted on nine separate counts of violation of Ihc code. CARUTHEnSVlf.LE. Mo. —The first cotlon bloom of the 103-1 season In Pemtscot counly was brought to Ihls. cily Tuesday by W. II. Ourlcy. who lives two mlle.s northeast of Braggadocio on the Frank Orton farm. The first bloom last year was. brought in by K. D. Ivory, negro, on June 21. Colton in P«miscot county ts in good condition. Chicago Corn op;n high low close July S< 3-4 5» 7-8 57 5-8 57 3-1 Sept 60 66 1-8 51 1-8 59 1-8 Smith New Chairman of Taxpayers Board OSCEOLA, Ark., June 20.—C. G Smith, of Blyihevll!e, was named chairman of the board o! directors of Ihe Mississippi County Taxpayers association, to suc«ed the late B. E. Lee Wilson, al a meeting here Monday. raruthersville Expects to Get Big Shoe Plant CAROTHERSVILLE, Mo. — A mass meeting of citizens and tax- Congress' Goid Action ST. LOUIS. June 20. (UP)— Constitutionality of the action of Congress In declaring It againpl public poh(f to make payments i>ayers of Carulbersvllle has been | In gold was "upheld by U. S. Dls- called for 8 o'clock tonight at ihe couilhouso to ratify an agreement between the Brown Shoe company. trlct Judge Charles Farls. Tlie decision came In the Kite, of trustees of the Missouri Pacific fine any dogs or other animals that may have been bitten by U. It was a reddish brown dog. Lepanto Expects Reiser Bank Will Move There LEPANTO. Ark.—Announcement la.s been made that Lepanto will lave a new bonk By July l or Khortly thereafter. Negotiations are being completed this week for' !hc removal of the Bank of Keiser :o Lepanto. Al the next meeting of the stockholders the banlc will Arkansas Allotted $3,428,649 for Roads WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP)— A fund of $200.000.000 was avail- of St. Ixmis, ond the locnl city i railroad, who petitioned that an able today for allotment to htgh- councll and shoe factory com-jOuiManding i«onti l-^ue, due May mittee. ' ; I. 19.13, l« redeemed in gold inon- Thc tentative agreement Is to;ey of the same weight and fine- bring one of the company's factor-i ness as prevailed May 1, 1903, tcs here. The Drov.'n Shoe com-, when the Issue was made, pany, fourih largest shoe company] The court pointed out, slgnific- :n Ihc world, plans lo employ jontly. that If the road were re- bctwecn 700 and COO persons In i quired to pay off Its mortgage the contemplated factory here, indebtedness of $438.000,000 on the About 600 ol these will be local j gold basts It actually would, have labor, It is estimated, with the i to pay 4743,000,000 of present cur- way construction projects in the 48 .states. Hawaii, tmd the District of Columbia. Acting Secretary of Agriculture Rexford Guy Tugwell apportlonec the money after President Roosevelt slsned the Hayden-Cartwrlgh act. which requires that not le-ss than 25 per cent of Ihe apportionment to any state must be applied lo secondary or feeder rotds. —. ... u uivi,»iiwiui,!o int: ijauA. \\lll ,, V«i"H 3c given a new name and dtrec j ! tors will be named. The new bank-' will occupy the building owned here by Houser brothers, now occupied by a branch of the Markei Tree bank. Federal Prisoners Taken to CaruthersviUe O. U. Knapp of Cape Glrardeau, Mo., federal officer, today removed Bill Lee and Jake Crawford from the county Jail here to Caruthers- viUe where Ihey will face charges of possessing an Illicit still. Lee and Crawford are understood to have been arrested tn a raid by federal operatives on a still across the Arkansas-Missouri state line last night, and wers brought here immediately aft«r company bringing in approximately rency to meet Ihc obligation, u The Arkansas allotment was Hodge Child Dies Blllle Eugene Hodge, two-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hodge, of Lone Oalc, died this morning after several days Illness from colitis. Services will be held lomorrpw morning, 10 o'clock, with the Rev. T. H. Van Bibber officiating and burial will Ix made at Elmwood cemetery with the Mots Undertaking company in charge of arrangements. The baby Is survived by his 150 to 200 skilled shoe v.wtcrs. held this untenable. * ti 428,049. No Prayer Meeting There will te no prayer meeting at the first Methodist church tonight. The ReV. W. V. Womact, (lie pastor, was called to Half Moon today to fill an engage-" ment which the Rev. Sam Wiggins, presiding elder, vi-as compelled (o cancel. WEATHER Arkansas — Generally f»tr tonight. Thursday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Pair tonight. Thursday generally fair. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 90, minimum Q, parents and his grand parents clear, according to SamiMl P. Nor- Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hodge. »rls, official wtaUwt ---^——

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