The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1952
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 1952 BLYTHEVILLR (A.RK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Air Force Says 'Flying Saucers' Not a Menace; Check Continues By VERN HAVGLAND AP Aviation Reporter WASHINGTON Wl — The Air Force says It's still checking Into flying saucer reports, but It's certain of one thing: the saucers— whatever they are—don't seem to be a menace to the United States. Most of the sightings traced to date have turned out to be natural phenomena. A Hurry ot reports that scores of unidentified objects had been spotted by radar in the Washington area during the'past 10 clays led Ihe Air Force to call a special news conference yesterday to tel what It knew—or' thought—of the saucers. The official Air Force conclusion announced yesterday: About one-fifth of the sighting reports are "from credible obser vers, of relatively incredible thing, —so we keep on being concerned about them." ever. No visual sightings were reported. The two generals added that the lot weather of recent weeks well night be related to the current outbreak of saucer reports. They said that a temperature In- erslon—a layer of warm air over cool air—sometimes may be sufficient to deflect radar waves and cause a fnlse response on a radar set. Temperature Inversions can occur In perfectly clear skies. Samford said such an inversion was present In the Washington area early last Sunday, when up to a dozen unidentified objects appeared on radar screens both at Washington National Airport and nearby Andrews Air Base. And radar itself Is not perfect, officials said. It can be "Iricked." Adenauer Wins Court Fight For Ratification of Alliance KARLSRUHE, Germany f.fl — West German ChanceUdr Konrad Adenauer won a court victory today in,his fig hi, for ratification of his country's alliance with the ] West but the way was left open Of the one-fifth for which there | Is no explanation, MaJ. Gen. John A. Samfoid, intelligence director, said: "No pattern has ever been found that reveals anything remotely like a purpose or consistency that can in any way be associated with any menace to the United States." Samford is one of the Air Force's two top experts on saucers. The other is Maj. Gen. Roger Ramey, director of operations. Both attended the news conference to answer whatever questions newsmen tossed their way. Samford and Ramcy announced that since 1047 the Air Force has analyzed about 2.000 reports of t' sightings of strange objects in the sky. The bulk of these, after cross- checking, have been reasonably well identified as the product ol friendly aircraft, out-and-au 1 hoaxes, or electrical or meteoro logical phenomena. But every effort is being made 1 to Identify the mysterious one-fifth. One new step being planned is use of a newly-developed . telescopic camera which can photograph a ISO-degree area of sky on one plate. Some of the unidentified objects nhow up distinctly on radar sets- Early Tuesday, for example, the Civil Aeronautics Administration at Washington National Airport reported strange blips on its^ radar screen—dots which normally would represent airplanes moving through the sky—for a pre-daybreak period of almost five hours. Other radar units In the area failed to pick up the objects, how- or more legal battles that could delay German Rearmament. The Constitutional Court ruled it :onld not consider Socialist clial- em*es of the peace contract with he Allies and the fcluropean army recment until the jiacts had been enacted into lav? by the West erman Parliament. The two treaties, ending most occupation controls and obligating 9 Businesses Under Controls Putnam Announces New Wage Rules WASHINGTON (/P> — Nine type.' of . i mall business enterprises have been put under wage controls b; Economic Stabilizer Roger L. Putnam. They fire; Trucking outfits; tool and die en :erprises; automotive repair; log operations and snwmills auilding and construction industry; nit Alaska concerns; new small businesses which expect to hire more than eight employes; soon; concerns in which the pay of one OT more employes is set up on an industry or area basis; and enterprises other than banks which get 25 per cent or more of their business income from dividends, interest, rent* or royalties. Congress exempted small btisi- ness-defined as one employing eight or fewer persons-from wage and salary controls but allowed President Truman to relxnpose If he thought it necessary. West Germany to raise 500,000 roops for the proposed European rmy. come up for final vote after he .lower house of Parliament, the Bundestag, reconvenes in Septem- er. The court decision was a big joost toward ratification, since ihe ribumil refused to rule on Social- si contentions that the pacts could ie approved only after national 'lections chose a new Parliament and after a constitutional amend- iient authorizing rearmament. Socialist leader Kurt Schumacher had predicted his party would :e swept into office if a national election was ordered this year. Otherwise, the Adenauer government is not scheduled to face the electorate until 1953. It is generally admitted that the government can not muster the two-thirds majority of the present lL'sing necessary to change the constitution, although the numerical superiority of its coalition over the Socialist-led opposition alliance appears to assure ratification of the treaties. -luge 'Flying Saucer' Hovers Over Driver on U.S. Highway "WOODEN CURTAIN" FOR GERMANY—East German workers erect a long line ol wooden poles along the East-West German border near Hohegeis and Braunlage in the Hartz Mountain district. Communist East German government sen( thousands of workers to the border to complete a 10- yard-wide "dead zone" no-man's-land. Poles arc being strung with barbed wire. This picture was taken with a. long-range lens when the workers' Communist guards were out ol sight. Radar Is Tricky Gadget, Soy Experts, ot 'Saucer' Spotting WASHINGTON Wl — Air Force j gate a suspicious "blip" locked in- ixperts say there's nothing to be on definH' ENID, Okla. m — A photo- ;raphic supply salesman told police he was almost swept from the highway last night by a huge "flying saucer" which swooped low at terrific speed. Sid Eubanks. 50, Wlchila. Kan., tarn Blaze Proves tattle of Troubles •or Fire Department NASHVILLE. Tcnn. Wl — Suburban Woodbine firemen put out a barn fire last night, but it was a struggle. l The first truck sent out overturned during a thunderstorm. Firemen clalborn Ross and Curl- Is Hall, both 21, were unhurt. Ross hastened to a nearby house to call the department. The woman who lived there refused lo let him in to telephone lie was too wet. On his departure, the woman's dog bit him. Plush Airliner Bought by King WASHINGTON f/Pj—The King Saudi Arabia is getting a four-engine American airplane equipped with a king-size bed and an etc vatcd revolving throne, complete with safety belt. Transocean Air Lines said the plane, one of five Douglas DC4 Skymasters sold to Saudi Arabia, is being converted at Oakland, Calif., into the "most plush of all personal transports." The throne and 18 luxurious seats will be installed at Transocean's Bradley Field, Conn., maintenance base- experts say there's nothing excited about when radar picks up unidentified objects, or flying saucers. Radar, Ihey say, Is a tricky gadget. Called to Washington in the wake of a flurry of excitmenl following the radar-spotting of scores of flying saucers in the past 10 days, specialists in the field said: It is not unusual for radar lo pick up rain squalls, birds, water spouts, and even surf spray. Warm air over cool air can deflect radar waves and cause false responses, At Wright-Patterson field, Dayton, Ohio, objects seen on radar circled high "in such a manner that we became concerned." Aircraft sent up to investigate found that the radar sightings were < kind of ice formation in the sky But this was about the trickiest trick of all: At one base, the airborne radar of a night fighter sent up to investi- ,e sighting. The pilot fo!- owcd the screen image until he suddenly discovered it w*as leading lim into the ground He swerved upward just in time i avoid crashing, then flew back ;o his starting point and followed the same radar sighting two more times. Both times it led him earth ward. The conclusion: a radar wave somehow bent ground ward and rebounded from an object on solid ear In. Farm Prices Rise 1 Per Cent WASHINGTON (/I 1 ) — Prices re ceived by fanners between June 1: ;ind July 15 rose one per cent, main ly because ol increases they got fo hcgji, milk, eggs and commcrcia crops. The. AgilculLure Department, an .oimclng this year, said that ciur- ;ig Ihe same period prices dropped or beef cattle, potatoes, wheat, cot- on, calves and several other products. The department's price index .-cut up three points to 295, well. >elow tha record. 313 of February The index ot prices paid by aimers remained at 286. Truman Fades From Limelight KANSAS CITY (fl>, — Reporter covering President Truman's tri home became increasingly cor vinced today that he has droppe out of the "hot copy" stage. And the President, enjoyir greater freedom nml getting mor relaxation than he has for month seemed to prefer it that way. Prom the time Truman * intrc ducert Adlal Stevenson to the Derr ocratEc National Convention as tl party's new presidential nomin the Illinois governor has taken ov the Democratic spotlight. Oregon has the fifth largest percentage increase in population in the nation during the 1940-50 period, according to Department ol Commerce figures. THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY IT'S THE MID-SOUTH'S LARGEST SELLER old his bizarre tale to Desk Sgt. "crn Dencll. who said the man •as slill trembling when h» walked into the police station. Eubanks said the mystery ob- ect. appearing as a "yellow- green, then yellow-brown streak about 400 feet long." suddenly iwooped low over U. S. Highway 81 nnd completely reversed direc- ,ions. disappearing in a few seconds into the west. He said the "tremendous pres- .ire nearly threw my automobile If the road." The object loomed suddenly out of the night between Bison and Waukomis. south of here, Eubanks said. He described it as a huge round ball when directly over him. "Your daughter would be better off dead" This was the verdict for little Karen Killilca, afflicted from birth with dread cerebral palsy. They said that she'd never walk —that permanent helplessness was her almost certain doom. Here is the inspiring story of, the unflagging courage of Karen's parents to fight appalling odds in the slim hope that therapy miKht win. Read S)ie Lircd a Miracle in the August issue oftha Ladies* Home Journal. Il'a an unforgettable success story on cerebral palsy! 507. IT'S ALL VEGETABLE Save up to «_/v//o 011 Helena Rubinstein's Beauty Pairs! * ^"tatiff^ , PAY FOR ONE...GET ONf FtEE! —LIMITED TIME ONLY BIG BANG for the Bored Car Owner Have you ever driven a Buick SPECIAL? Do you know how it feels to touch off the most powerful engine you'll find in any car of its pounds and price? Do you know that it almost steers itself —holds its course like an airliner on the beam—even comes back on course after taking a turn? Do you know that there's silken magic in its Dynaflow Drive*? Do you know how many miles it can get from a gallon of gas? Do you know that it has a Million Dollar Ride? JVlister, if you haven't found out such things, you're missing a lot of fun every mile you drive. "You're missing the fun of bossing around a big hoodful of high-compression, valve-in-head Fireball 8 Engine. \bu're missing, in short, the fun of owning a Buick. And it's nobody's fault but yours because —at the prices we're asking for this beauty — you can afford a Buick if you can afford any new car. How about checking up on what you've been missing? Equipment, aiccuorici, trim and models are subject to change uithoul notice. ^Standard on RoadmaHer, optional at extra cost on other Series. 2 for Aging Skin "Pasteurized" NightCrenm plus "Herbal" Exlrait. Com bination value, 2.38. BOTH FOX ONIY 1.S4. 2 for Eye Beauty Waterproof Mascara plm Eye Cream Special. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.00. 2 for Dry Skin "Pasteurized" Face Cream Special plus Skin Lotion Special. Combination value, 1.88. BOTH FO* ONLY 1.25. 2 for Oily Skin "Pastcurizcd"FaccCreajn plm Beauty Washing Grains. Com bination value, 1.70. BOTH FOR ONLY I 25 2 for Coarse Pores Deep Cleanser pliu "HcrbaP Skin Lotion. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.50. All pnllt flu fid 2 for "Wele*" Mok Silk Sheen Cream Shuapo* p!us Headliner. Combimtioa »ake, I.SO. BOTH FO* OWT ».»». 2 for Daintiness Hcaven-Senl Eau De Toilette p/tu Heaven-Sent Deodorant Cream. Combination value, 1.85. BOTH FOt ONIY l.ZI. 2 for All-Day Make-Up Silk-Tone Foundation plui Silk-Screen Face Powder. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONIY 1.59, 2 for Perfuming Command Performance Eau DC Parfum plus Cologne Stick. Combination value, 2.55. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.7J. 2 for Body Freshness PcrfumcSprayDcodoranlp/uJ WhileMagnoliaCologneSlick. Combination value, 2.05. BOTH fOR ONLY I.S5. e missing the fun — and comfort — of riding on four big, soft, easy-acting coil springs. "Yfou're missing the fun of feeling daisy- fresh with ha!f-a-thousand thrilling miles behind you. Sure is true for'52 ROTHROCK DRUG COMPANY 205 W. Main Phone 4451 LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555 the Peach Crop Is Short! , . It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEV1LLE CURB MARKET Main Street lilytheville

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