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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 28

Chester, Pennsylvania
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pjgVujflpAy. 1 April's, mi. Chester Chester Track Team Defeats St. James Double Winners St. Michael's Wins in YMCA St.

James Wins V. Bv FRED WILSON Tourney on Bohan's Basket Springtime is house cleaning time for most people and the Clippers Gain 25th Straight Dual Victory FromPMCPrep other1 day we decided to clean out the accumulation of notes, booksf pictures, with whtch the sports desk had be In Overtime Period, 64 63 St. James High made its baseball come cluttered. Most of the stuff went straight, in to the wastebasket. But we did run acroi one set of interesting notes: They had been com A field goal by Chuck Bohan in the final 10 seconds of an overtime period enabled St.

Michael's to nose out the Chester Hi Toppers in a debut a winning one Wednesday, defeating PMC Prep, 16 to 5, on the college field. The Bulldogs banged out 11 hits iwhile the Cadets contributed eight piled three or four years ago for the purpose of writing a column one Shoved into a desk drawer, they had been forgotten until YMCA Weight basketball tournament Unlimited Class game Wednesday night. The final score was 64 to 63. The Chester High track team opened its 1951 campaign Wednesday afternoon by defeating St. James High, 73 to 35, on the Chester High unearthed in the current cleaning.

The St. Michael's crew, composed of Prospect Park and St. James and three walks to help swell the scoring column. The idea we had then was to interview various local coaches. layers along with St.

James coach Jack Ramsey, had beer, trailing in St. James lost no time In setting athletes, and sports' fans, asking them what was the most thrill tracK. Prospect Park High's stars of the irig moment they had experienced in sports. Colleague Frank The victory was the 25th past season, dropped the winning Johnson acquired some of the notes for us, including one which straight dual meet triumoh Into the swing of things, banging over seven runs in the opening Inning. They scored seven times in the first inning and breezed home.

They missed scoring In only one of the six innings the game lasted. The Hi Toppers were composed of five members of Chester High's Ki for the Clippers, who haven't lost in four years in a meet in which they have faced only one school. wanis winners' for the starting lineup. The team started slowly and at 38 ERNIE TOWNS ve had given mm when he turned the question our way, Our. inawer to our own proposition was the 106 yard touchdown rim by Temple's Jimmy Powers with the opening kickoff against Michigan State in 1940.

It the opening play of as tense and thrilling a grid battle as one could wish for. Temple, our alma mater, finally won by a 21 19 score. Powers' run was one of things which happen once in a oniy jioaie was acie to Kflfeiv mnr than (iw a for Ihn the ena or tne nrst period St. Mi The Clippers took eight first chael's had a 22 13 lead. But in the places, scoring clean sweeps in three succeeding three periods the Ches terites outscored St.

Michael's, winners. He had a single and a triple, batting in three runs. His triple came In the opening inning with the bases loaded and accounted for his three rbi's. oi tne events the no yard low hurdles, the broad jump, and the discus throw. The javelin chrow was blue moon.

At that time the most feared back on the Temple team was Andy Tomasic, latej with the Pitt Steelers in the pro grid drawing even and sending the game into overtime, setting the stage lor LOST TO TEAM Dick Foliett, captain of the Swarthmore High School track team, will probably be lost to the team for the entire 1951 campaign. He underwent an emergency appendectomy Tuesday. Folletl was a crack quarter miler and was expected to be running close to 50 seconds this not contested since Catholic League Konans DasKet. jeague and. with the Jersey (Jity Giants as a pitcher in the Inter scnooia ao not nave tne event in Andy Nacrelll contributed a in homer to the Bulldog cause iri Pete Cochran, county's hifh national baseball league.

their meets. school scoring leader of the past The track was soft and the run Temple chose to receive the kickoff and Tomasic and Powers season, led the winners with 17 the third inning while Steve Ewing accounted for the third St. James extra base blow, a first Inning ays for the various field events ''lined up on the goal line. The Spartan kicker, noting Tomasic's position, took the ball and set it up within five yards of the oppo were also In soggy condition. Hie points while Jimmy Joyce and Ramsay each had 11.

High for the game. poie vatnt; runway at the CHS field site sideline, intending to kick to rather than the Owls unarUe McMillan, of Masters Golf Tourney All Eastern halfback. was so bad that the event was contested, at the St. James pits. the losers, who scored 2i points.

Double Overtime Jack Klotz was the victim of, th first Inning uprising. The only hits he gave up were Ewing's doubls and FUliben's triDle but three walks Gets Under Way Today Chester produced a pair of dou Augusta, Ca. (UP) The greats of i The 120 paund Class produced a ble winners in Jimmy Lee und; three errors helped in produc double overtime game in which the Swarthmore Wildcats won out over urnie Towns. captured the 220 yard dash in 24.3 seconds and too' Seeing this, Powers switched places with Tomasic, putting Andy in line to receive the kicknfT. When the Spartans noticed this, they abandoned their original kickoff position and awitched to near the opposite sideline, again intending to kick to Powers' sector.

Tomasic and Powers' merely switched aeain. But when the goi: teed off today In the 15th Masters golf tournament and the man! with the best spectator's seat would' the Nether Providence Eagles, 31 to ts. James' next game In Friday Itertioon, the Bulldoes visirino CHUCK BOHAN Sinks Winning Goal gladly have traded it for a spot in field goal in the second South Philadelphia Public High. the entry list. overtime period by Bill Hoot, the broad jump with a leap of 20 feet, 10 inches.

Towns was a winner in the shot put and discus throw. Coach Jack Crawford's charees indicated that thev will be excep Ailing Bobby Jones sat on the Sr. James PMC Prep owarenmore riign. The Nether Provldenee team Iph porcn oi nis white cottage near the 18th green as chamoions In all di Michigan State kicker tried to change position a second time he was forbidden by ths referee. So instead of kicking straight he angled across field toward Powers and got off a hoot.

10 10 5 1 4 0IDanato, 3 2 13 CHS Ball Team Defeats Media after one period, 7 2, and at the half, I O'Donn'Ub tionally strong in the broad jump 16 13. Nether Provi visions competed for the crown he established himself when be laid villi mis year since au tnree place win dence, after three periods but a 10 7 Powers took ths ball six yards behind the eoal line and set 3 0 0 2 10 0 ners exceed 20 leet. out the beautiful Augusta National course. edge for Swarthmore in the final I evened the count at 23 23. Each Lee missed a triple by a margin itn.

1 0 0 3 16 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Chester High opened Us 1951 isU. Owl hlocker formed upfield and starting cutting down the Spartans. By the time Powers, a real speed merchant, reached the Owl 40 he was close to the sidelines and beinjr approached two yards, placing second in the scored five points in the first Jones, chair ridden by a spinal ailment, was In the spotlight al Kourl lb baseball season Wednesday after noon with a resounding 15 to 4 vlc from the' side by two Michigan Staters. Both, however, were cut overtime with both getting two points In the final before' Hoot's basket. I though ne can no longer play the Masters, for many years 2 1 7 OiKafle.lf 10 2 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 11 0 Dov er.rf 110 0 110 1 Cody.p 10 0 0 100 yard dash to team mate Bob Wilson by that margin in 10.2 seconds, fine time for so early in the season.

Meaia Hltrh on the CHS Diamond. down by Tomasic, allowing Powers to romp on to a touchdown. By halftime" the score was 21 0 in Temple's favor. lone competitive appearance. And! St Robert's Fetes The Clippers pounded two Mus nz pitchers for 1 1 hits and re.

Vall.p ,0 0 0 0 In addition to the four first places taken by the doubles of Lee and Towns, Chester's other win School Teams ceived six walks and received the snaring it witn him was a man who himself practically crawled off a death bed to record one of sports' major comebacks Ben Kogan. Hogan was far and away the fa Totals 33 11 18 3 Totals 23 IB 3 Denent oi tour errors. St. James 7 4 2 2 0 1 lfl ners were Wilson in the 100. Walt Jack Ramsay.

St. James Hieh All of Chester's scorLne took Dlace Barrett in the 880, Jimmy Williams School basketball and baseball The; second half kickoff almost duplicated the first. Michigan State again kicked off but without worrying about "who they didn't want to receive the ball. They kicked it straight to Tomasic on the goal line and Andy got into the clear and was headed for a touchdown when a Spartan hauled hint down from the rear with a desperate tackle on the Michigan State 1 1 yard line after an 89 yard run. The Owls didn't get a touchdown out that one and actually rep 0 10 1O3I Runs McCann 2.

OTJonnell 2, Nacrelll 2, Fllllben 2. Pappano 2. Boques 2. Naude, fiwlng Zlaza. Scbultz.

D. Mi vorite on the basis of his' apparent in three innings. The locals got! ihree in the second, five In the third; coach, spoke Wednesday nteht at in the low hurdles and Bill Crews In the high hurdles. St. James Produced winners in complete recovery from grave auto accident' injuries received in 19 19.

Another SwaTthmore team, the Red Raiders, composed of Swarfch more High varsity players, advanced in the 135 pourid Class with a 52 29 victory over the Ridley Park Rangers. The winners used only five players, all of whom hit for at least sis points. Lansdowne Team Wins The Lansdowne Firehouse Five, drawn from present and recent Lansdowne High players, moved ahead in the 150 pound Class with a 53 to 43 triumph over the Nether Providence Biildogs. Jake Munch dinner honoring the boys and girls basketball teams of St. Robert's overcome a 4 3 deficit, and seven tare unneeded counters in the sixth' Surprisingly, big Jim Ferrier, the the persoas of Bob Quinn in.

the School. ex Australian from San Francisco, was only mildly liked. OTJonnell, B. Mahone'y. Sc'hultz.

Planned and prepared by thi Dick Barraclouah's Dilchinz was completely outplayed the rest of the way. Michigan State iw, uenry Bufano in the mile, Jerry Harman in the high jump, and Joe D'Amico in the pole mothers of the youngsters, the din cagea tntee Jong marcnei lor scores but missed the extra roint one of the Chester features. The CHS junior toiled three Innings and Warriors Win 30th ner was neiu in tne school audi torium, 20th and Potter streets. me closest race or the day was 3, Mahoney 2. Klot auowea oniy one mnem mt.

He twice. A fourth time they got rolling but time ran out inside the Owls' 20 yard line, preserving a narrow 21 19 triumnh for Tern me oou wnicn triumphed by the narrowest of mar 1, Waldron I Mabor struck out two and did not issue a Coach Eddie Connors presented Pl. on balls. vards to members of the St. Rob gins over Jim Brennan, of St, The West End Warriors traveled to Lansdale, Pa.

and handed the Lansdale Eagles a 56 19 trouncing Wednesday, ten Winlarski and Don tallied 24 points to pace the win That was our nomination in but it wouldn't be todav. If Three for Lockwbod Aside from the broad lumrj. the. Howie Lockwood was the big man In a 105 pound Class semi final Albany led the Warriors to their we were to ask ourselves that question now, the answer would be "Ponder's Tic tory in the 1949 Kentucky Derby." That whs our first Derby and the thrill of seeing the big show at Churchill ert's quintet which captured the St. Robert's CC tournament last month while Coach Madeline Marron, of the girls team, presented awards to the girls team, runner up to Our Lady of Peace in the same tourna with the wood for the winners.

raD best performances were in the 100 and the shot put. In' the latter Beldeld Tourney CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF (Merlon ,1 win with 15 points each. The victory gave the Warriors a season record plng a double and two singles and driving in two runs. Jody Ambrosino the Swarthmore Flub Dubs erased the Folsom Characters, 32 to 24. to reach the final round.

The game was close for three periods, a six point edge in the final session clinching us was multiplied by the cashing of a modest wager on the of 30 wins and only one loss. comnouiea a tnree run double and Harry Towson drove in three runs with a single' and double. event, Towns won with a heave oi 47 feet. 1014 inches, and Ron Sing ley, Chester, was second with 'a toss of 43 feet. lQtl yard dash 1.

Bob Wilson. Cheater; 2, Jimmy Lee, Chester; 3. Bol Quinn, St. James. Time 10.2 aeconda Mrs.

Walter Micka was chairman 0 0 0 Marklln.g ie win Swarthmore crew. Only two games are listed on to ot the affair. Guests included Mayor Media was leading 4 2 when Ches It must be good It'll the largest selling beer ter came up with five runs in the! aim ivirs. Jrtaipn Swarts. Rev.

Daniel C. Gatens arid Rev, Edward 220 yard" night's schedule. At 6.15 the Lam okin Aces tangle with the Spider third. Singles by Gene Arrineton. St.

James; 3. Ken i stant rectors at St. Rob the 105 pound Class and at 3 0 6 Arcade, 10 2 Rlst.g .113 Palco 0 2 2 Graham 0 0 0 Kurlan 0 .0 0 19 13 13 1356 In the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. JC 27 7.S Totali Lockwood, and Towson combined with three errors and a fielder's choice to put Chester ahead to stay. 7 o'clock the Prospect Park Midgets ert's; Mrs.

Anne Retlly, president of St. Robert's Catholic Club; Joseph Logue, assistant football coach at I St: James High School and Kay! battle Bailey AC in the 13o pound Class. Other Sports on Page 30 nr.s wfil. Ls, and T. accounted for the last seven runs in the sixth.

ureen, noire uame, High School basketball star. John Delaney was toastmaster Chester goes into action aeain to ty, meeting Upper Chichester Hizh a.t 1. 0 2 Cochra and introduced the guests and speaKere. a turKey dinner served. at Booth wyn this afternoon, ah a'letil abho Mlcha 3 0 I 0 Banshart.rr 2 I 0 1 Louis Mingione spake behalf of the boys team and presented r.ilfc'r.ssb 3 1 0 voacn on nor 5 witn a 5 Totals 26 12 54 13 17 la 263 Mary Ann Vail was spokesman for 12 13 14 St.

Michaels tne girls and presented Miss Marron with a gift. ohn WeavCrtster; 3. John Jones ihJster'S hwllllama riyssea'. Gtnn. Chester.

Time "120 yartt high hurdles i. Crewe ihestei 2. Norman Chartler. St. James ecorids stansbur? Chester.

Time 1 High Jump l. Jerry Harman. St amcs; 2. tie between Charles McMl an. Chester, and Joe Shomson, St ames.

Heights ft. 4 in. Broad jymp 1, Lee. Chester: 7. lie Illlnn.

Chester; 3. Olnn, Chester. DIs ancc 20 It. 10 In. vault l.

joe D' Am tea. St ames; 2. Wallace rjmberger. Chesier 6' Chester. Height Discus throw 1.

Ernie Towns, er; 2. Bob Secor, Cheater; J. Jac Chester. Distance 115 f' I Traditionally Pennsylvania Dutch Local 10 to Drill USSKanahan.r 0 i.r The' Viscase Local 10 baseball 3 2 a 0 1 HE.BItte oijorinst Distributed by MARCUS HOOK BEVERAGE CO. CHESTER 5 2624 team, members of Delco League, will practice on Sunday at the Vis lsiiori cose Pield, Harvey avenue.

Linwaad.lgH" Anyone wishing to try out for thejswaisKe team is urged to renort at that! Slngley, Chester TOU1.1 23 7 13 11 13 6 '3 chU 2, Lockwood 3, Glampalmi. J. IRidlej rarh W. Wright, Whelar Towson, Are tfou really satisfied with the whiskey you are now drinking oul By 5 2 5. Herbster 1.

21 10 52; Totals 12 i2jon balls OtT i dough. LostiiR pitcher 0 0 rTNeu ft eller.r 0 BE YOUR OWN WHISKEY EXPERT! Depend on your own taste to pick the brand that satisfies. Because the whiskey that taste best I the one to buy. That's why we invite you to compare Calvert and your present brand. We honestly believe you will choose smoother, mellower Calvert Reserve; But if you still prefer your" present brand; stick with it.

Fair enough? 2 5 6 10 5 POUN'D SEMI FINAL Norway to Practice Norway Cleaners, of the' Calvert Challenges Comparison Make this test today Delco baseball league, have sched 1 uled practice sessions at the Pros i pect Park municipal diamond Sat i urday and Sunday at 1.30 p. m. All candidates are welcome. Jlr $253 Pint THE NEW SHAPE SUIT Regufarly SS0 JUST ASK A FRIEND or barman to pour about oz, of Calvert into a glas3j and the same amount of your present brand into another without telling you which is which. Compare each brand for smoothness, flavor, freedom from bite, burn or sting.

Then pick the one that really tastes better. Our Price s29f There's a reminder of the good old days in every delicious golden drop of Gretz Beer, for here is a. beer that is still made the old fashioned way slowly naturally. Gel next io aged in beer goodness. time you gel beer, get Gretz.

Willi.m Bt.wing PhiUJ.lphl. made ths old fashioned BERRY'S Gov. Printz Claymont Phone Holly Oak 6461 OPEN 7 A. M. TO MIDNIGHT For the Famous CHINOQTEAGUE Salt Water OYSTERS CLAMS ALTERATIONS mM mart switch to Calvert GEORGE'S CLOTHES 115 117 W.


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