The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1945
Page 5
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l''Un>AY ( KKIJRUAUY 10, 19-15 Swift Employes Are Commendet Blyfheville Workers Played Vital Parr In 1944 Production Employes of Swift & Compui in Blyllievilie, today \voii th praise of John Holmes, preside.] lor llio coiilrilmlion lo the con iwny's record-breaking prodtictto • and distribution of food and oth products during llic past year, Mr. Holmes i;avc Uiis praise his nnntml message in a special r t 1'ai't lo employes released by J Ciuim, local Swift manager. Tlie report contained names , •ill local employes with more tha 20 years of service with (be con PEII.V and referred also lo llic Hire employees who have gone from tl Blythcville organization into tl armed forcrs. Mr. Holmes (old employes th company plan;, to improve its fa cililieji at a number of plants an will expand alone- certain (in iifler the war. The company.s post war change over in its manufacturing opera lions will he relatively simple h Diluted out. ' Tl-'" docs not ineai). howeve that the post war period will pr c sent no difficult problems" h said. "There will he need for nev products, new processes of maim actnre. and uew .selling distrlbu live methods. "Our company will endeavor, s far as possible, to provide em ploymeiit for ,,11 Swift employe upon their return from war serv Ice. Us first obligation, hou'evei is lo reinstate all of its regiila employes. Special steps alrcad have been taken to find jobs lu i-ctiii-niiif! service men and womci that will make use of their ncv abilities and skills, and also ti Ijlace handicapped veterans. "We can be proud of the fac. that our armed forces, fighting O i many battle fronts throughout th world, have been better fed thai any other military organizalioi in history. Our company has dom Us share. A considerable part o our production, which has bcei greatly increased is being util ized by the armed service,? and fo lend-iensc distribution. 'The ability of (he meat packing industry to develop new method of preparing fooil to meet the ex acting- requirements of modcrr war and our achievement in lian dllng record breaking qunittUle: nl the time many of our e.xpcrienc cd employes were serving in tlu • armed services are wartime ac complishmenls of which we nil cm be proud." Tlie report contains names o more than 10.000 Swift employe, having 20 to 51 years service will the company. Youth ifTHeTd At Russellville For Auto Thefts RUSSELLVILLE. Ark., Feb. 16 (UPt—An Ib-year-olci boy is being held in tlie Pope County jail a nnssellville in connection with n series of automobile thefts in Pin Bluff. Mon-ilion, Atkins and Rus sellville. The youth, Luther Manns, is said lo have confessed 1 to stcalinc five automobiles and then abandonin" them. lie was shot by a posse east of Applclon Wednesday night following ;i 10-mile chase, but Sheriff and Ben-ksdole Mfg. Co, South Broadway TOP CE!UNG PRICES for late inotli'l, clean cars. See ;i jiian \vht> li;is given yon fair (Iwitiiigs for 18 years. .... Lex Clninililm Wo have a complde REPAIR skiffed by compete-ill mechanics, . . . Also good stocks of parts and acccs- soric-s. Hi-ing u.s your re- p;iir work. . . . (Jenc Oshnrnc Service Manager. \Vo havfi .several lalo morl- cl cars in stood comlilion on our used car lot. SALES CO. Asli & »;ii!ni;i(l Sis. I'll. 2105 Olongapo, Flattened by Japs First Triple Amputation Reported By Army To End Rumors Of 'Basket Bases BY DOUGLAS I,,\USEN NEA Slaff Corrcsponrlcnt WASHINGTON-One of the most iheorful guys in the amputation Mird of Army's Walter Kced Gen- :ral Hospital has tlie least reason 'or Ills sunny outlook on lite. He's 3]>1. Ralph A. Brown, 28, of Youngslown. O., the first man to Ose tliree limbs In cither World War I or II. His legs have been amputated at mid-thigh, and his riglit arm just ibove the wrist. His left arm suf- 'crcd a compound fracture and is slowly becoming useful. Tliis fa the War Department's answer lo ru- nors tliat there are untold numbers of "basket, cases" — men with nil Tour litnlxs Rone. Corporal Brown tells how it hap- Jeiicil. He was a tank gunner with *.hc Sixth Armored Division in France. The date was September "We started at dawn. I was in :he company commander's tank. It vas a patrol mission. They said were in eiieniy-hcld territory, but nothing happened until about loon. "Suddenly one of the officers •elleri to stop. He spotted two rcraian aniniiinltlon trucks hidden behind a barn. I fired two shots and blew up both trucks. "Then they started shooting at is from somewhere. We were hit, >nt nobody seemed to be hurt. It mist have becu the track because vhen the officer shouted 'let's get he hell out of here,' we couldn't nove. "The next thing I remember I round myself lying in the lank ohn Forehand says the youth suf- ercd only slight shotgun wounds Sheriff Forehand says Manns, a csidcnt of Dover, escaped from the Boys Industrial School at Pine Bluff Sunday. He was sentenced to the ndustrial school from Pope County n January for grand larceny alone. I kncu- J u'lis badly hint, I fii:nr«l the oilier guys ' probabb (htmnlil I was dead. 1 inillod my- ff\I to ilk' td|) or the inrrel mid Inni!; by my armpits, A llculeiiant yelled and saiil li ( > was Bellini; liclp. 1 must have [.asscd out then. "When 1 irKiiiiiKl coiiKciousness 1 was in a dilrh. 1 saw other guys from my lank rmmhi|> an around. The ni'iion was prelly pussi'fj nut iiijain. N CX L |) mc i fc ll what was i:oini! O n 1 was lying on « tank that wa.s moving, t wckc up auam in a litter on a Jeep. Thill's all 1 remi'inljiT until I woke up in tin. 1 hospital." Army's answer to the "basket case" rumon is Ciil. Ralph A. Brown, 28, ,,f Youngslnwn, 0. lie's llic first soldier of World Wai- I or II to loose tlirce limbs. Here lie jokes wilh Set. Max Nat-oil over (he new arm Narad lias made for him. Formerly u Philadelphia plmnlifr, Naroil is niu . of t)lc , Vrllly ' s ] H . s i experts on arlifirial arms. Brown will soon gel :i pair of arlifirinl legs and will l.c ;\ lo w.ilk. The action the patrol ran into was so toiijih no medical men could get lo it. The wounded, like CiM-pprnl Brown, were carried 10 hospital jeeps on tanks. When he finally came to, the the three uni- PUlalions wi-re .ilreiulv completed The im of plasma and' whole blood nloni; with ])Ienty of gills, according lo Hie doctors, kept him alive, uelore the wnr. Curporni Brown was ;> dairy employee. He made ice cream and wsis in charge of distribution. The fact. Hint he's the first from either World War to lose; three limbs dislurbs him not one wlut. What's n man win, tl , al handicap going lo do? "There are plenty O f jous I can do around (he dairy, fill not wor- Jie has two brolliers. one ill home And llic Army's going to do nil I ran to Rive him ;, c)i;mce to get back to eurniny n living. While he talked lie was bring fitted for an artificial arm ami hand. He grinned (as he tried it out. There's no twos, lion hi i lis !„(,„, t , 1(lt ,, c w)|| be able to walk again, either, wllli two .artificial legs. He knows he will. J He has l«o brothers, oiu; a home, ami another recovering froui j wounds in a hospital In England jHe Is UiimiirTlwI. •i 12th Armored Division i Receives Recognition '• Sei-Kt. Mclvin n. nnyd of Houle 3 Blythevillc. was amons the n«l in the 12th Armored Division to receive Presidential recognition after the illvision's arrival overseas. A member of the 134th Ordiianc- Mniiitrnanco Battalion, his unit ha been awarded the Meritorious Scr America's Largest Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively -" State 4-H Girls Make And Mend Clothing For V intent upon following llu- wurllmc example sot by .J.jl Club ini'iiibcrs jii "Making mul Mending fur Vk- lor.v." Mirul girls in this stale will rnioi tlielr records of caring for. conserving mul ^pairing family waidrobf.s In llu. 19.15 National .|-|'[ Clothing Achlevenicnl. Tills Is tli,. riflh consecutive year ol the netlvlly. which is omdii'ded by i he Intension Service ufilii'j Mate Agricultural College mul Uy- | UA conprniiini;. Awards doniilcd by the Spool Cotton Company's l<:du- cMllciial liurenit coinprlse silver medals to county winners, an ull- f-xi'ense Irlp to (he 21lh National 4-11 Club Co.'icrfss. Chicago, next December lo the stule cliniuplon mul $2(10 college scholinships to lli iiiiliiiiinl ivinners. Ainon|.||u.ucllvIly'K objectives are I" linve partlclpaniK learn how in ili'ess appi-oprhilciy. brciiiningl inn! lif'illhfiilly, i,, keeping with a well- plnnned fmuily budget; lo develop Initiative and hnagliuiliim dial will eiinliie ilH-m to use to best advantage »l] available olotliliti; inaterlul, line! in be of service lo community orKinilniilons that nr« farrylin- on civilian or milllury c]iHhln(j pm/ms Last year's .slnl(. winner In Ark- misiis WHS lieululi A. 1'oss. ol Nasli- vllle. _ County winners were named In £>. Arkini.s-iis. lienloii. Unidlcy. Carroll, ciuy, Conwiiy, Cross.' Drew Franklin, Oianl, Clrccne. Howard Linvrcnrc, lx>c. IJnroln, iMadisnn, Monroe, Montgomery. Nevada New- (on.Ouachltu, Perry I'ike, I'olnselt, ''"Ik, Pope. Saline. Scull, S Sehiis- tian. Stone. Union, Washlnglon. 'ell. N. Arkansas, Columbia, .lack- son, Ixjiiokc. Piiluski. i/iinl, Jnhnson RRndolpli. Scarcy, and Iloone coun-l vice I'luiiiie for Hie period from .Jan I, iai-1. to Nov. :iO. IfM-l Commiindcd by Lieut! C<il Paul II. Wood, the until was one of the oriKliud -lliuvestcr Hfitlallons" .1111! came to ihe I2tli Armored upon [he »ivision's activation at Camii Cumpbell. Ky., | n Keptumlicr. 11)11! 'I'hc 12lh Armored Division ).; cominauitcd by Major Clcn. Roderick fi. Allen of Mmvihiill, Texus- Sergeunl Uoyd's wife is 'muklni' her home on itoiilc :i,' Hlythevllle I.t.-Rcn. Sir William J. Slim. Jtlun'e, rMUMiftmis Iho Hiilbh Illh Army lluliliiii! toward I hi! road lo Maiiiiiday. chk'I .lap Mvoniihold In ceninil Dunna. PRESCRIPTIONS Frtaliwl Kiock «uar*itlceri HesS IVlc** Rirfey Drug Store? Bronchia! COUGHS (Resulting From ColJs) BuMcy's F.imous "CANADIOL" Mixture Acts Like .1 Flash S'ron.l a fcvv <:,.,it« imlav nl fiiy ilrlis »t.)r,- f,,r u I,,,,,!,, „, Uuchloj-'s CANA 1)101. Mlxl,,,., (triple nctlM,;). Till<o u coiipli, ot nil"! nl li<Mllliiie. I-V ( .| 1| H |,„..,,,f howortul orfcctU-n ,, t: il,,,, "pnjViil i If." ', r ,"" 1 ; llc "' 1 tl1 " 1 "f«> chin -;.. It HlnviiT'Vrt oniMi io"iui'"t'ii thick ..Imhlnir ,,|,1,, K ,,,, .,„„(,,„ iiii:i]ilniilii;f;a ii[iil [iiHko bl'L'alli- IHK ou.sler. .SufroriTH from lliono iiornlsUn t Vrili'll"' 1 " 1 ""^ cn ",' ;h -' 1 or I'rulHiliJiii f y i' '"' ll . lK " 'Illicit "ml «rrw!llvo"i ('•- nillol touuy. Voii B cl re'l'l'ef i'lialiiiiil"'^ •"" Diiurjs l-'OJl SAUi (.'ONCKKTIC STOUM SKWKR AM, Ki/i;s Clu-apcr Tlian llrid(;c f.umbcr Osccolo Tt!o & Ciilverr Co. ''I" 1 "" Ml 0«™>l.'i, Arlr. Siivo M>% On TRUSSES Kli't-l and Kliisdc S T E W A R T' S Dr u g Store in !*i l,:iliL« I'luinc 2 WE I'll,!, ,\I,1, DOG'l'OltH 1 PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU KONIJY STEWART'S Drug Storo ftfaln & l.ahu I'lionn ER t i fT* l : J. L. buard Optometrist 's Jewelry 209 W. Malr. _ America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relics on Sin- c an- ennsylvania Motor Oil ,^-^ to lubricate its gnat fleet of moS^A t y ,° Ur , Car UlC Klne Proleclion given cosl! ^ ai ^no motoia. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil It hab so long it saves you money-give, your car safer, quieter J- £A PkneZIIS ~ Ark, The D ™K of the Souiharn Gentleman" GLENBY-FRASER & CO., Newark, N. J. iTi-i) M(tuoKs < "-'i.rrn,i: iwiui^" PAGEFTO Deed i'J OVHKU-rER, Iml, (UI')-A pat- i' nl ilocil from the U. s uovDrii- iiiont licnrliix the slBimlurc ol I'lTsldeiil Jolui Tyler, dated Anvil 1, HM'3. WHS nicd for record In Hie oil Ice of riilton County liccordcr IJH' Moore reccjillj, |» „„ e /rort to u« t iilrt! title to nn ao-ucro trnct, l«ii-t of wlilcli Iwnicrs on Ijike iiriu-o. Moore snlrt the deed vas (Unwii 011 slit-cusklii hi ncconlnnco wilJi custom ami mis In Rood con- illtlon (losi)lle Us old 11150 of 101 yvars. w .IVAKM.VU OliDEB , , t Una Aline, jcmlgjin Is warned'to appear In. the Chancery court tor llic C'lilckosawha District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thlr- ly clays from the dale hereof to answer n complaint fllo'd against her by Rnyford J. Jcrnlgani Dated this January 25, 1045,'. '".";' HAIIVEY MOREIS, Clerk Ky Boris Mulr, Deputy, Held & Evranl Alloineys for Plalnllrt. ' Ilcad CoiuJer News Want Ads. '& M 9U ... BUT IT HAPPENS AGAIN AND AGAIN. Mtnl: FOR SAFETY, DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IN A THRIFT ACCOUNT AT OUR BANK. The First National Bank T/io Only National Bank in Mississippi County < NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS~ Termites mity be ruining your properly. Call me lo check up without cost or obligation.' ll/VTS, MICK AND KOACJI CONTROL' '' ' GUAHANTKK1) \VOHK' ' ' "'''"' 30D E. Kenlcicky H.C. BLANKENSHJP I'iione 235B Expels carbon. Improves, ignilio,,. Oivej more^ower ,ny climinalinG friction in upper cylinder wails and rings. "' '° " ''"""' Exlr ' 1 Ml'" In' Every Gallon" F. B. JOYNER Corner Second .t Ash Sts. SERVICE STATION i'honc ZGZ1 DON EDWARDS 'The Typewriter Man", I ROYAL, 8MITH, COUONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE . TYPEWRITERS '' '' ••'•*'•• ' '• •• U8.N. 2nd STREET •', . ''•...' . rraoNE 3382 (KM/T Transaction Moat Be Hallsfaclorjj .' REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED City Radio Repair W-l LAST MAIN ACKOSS FrtOflf I,IM,Y STRKET NOV/ LOCATED 107 West Main (Next Dnnr To City Suncr Market);• ' " Foster's Liquor Store YVHISKIKS—MINES—UQUEKS - ; ••• ITionc Z127 '"•'' ""' ''"' -- Full Stocks of r '~ J '•••"-"••• ^ DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- We have ;t complclcly cqtiipiied service dc[mr(nienl j' n "' flclcnl mechanics. We service any make car or 'BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR co. H9 W. Ash Karl Stone, Service MET. Fhcne 122 (I'ormrrJy Very Scarce) • r STEEL WOOL IN 1-L'B. PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. Aluminum Paint. Night Latches. Electric Churns. Padlocks Electrfc Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglers. Shannon SpihHers. —All In I'JcnlifuI Quantities Al PLANTERS HARDWARDE CO. 120 W. Main TiiK Complete Hardware -Store. ">' .Phone 515.

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