Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 29, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1897
Page 18
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PlTfiFERENCE. Republicans Meet at Indianapolis to Look Over the Ground t. and Select Issues. LA1GE MEETING POE AN OFF YEAE, fotlHan on Currency Reform and What the D«mocrw<:y I» JJxpecleU to Advocate —CIrl Wlio iov<« a Thief Lvlf Him Out of Ja.ll and Oel» ill Herself—Another Girl Run* O1T with " "I'rodijriil," .So-Culled— Meeting of the State Tencher*. Indianapolis, Dec. 29.—Five hundred representatives of the Republican party of Indiana outside of the city of Indianapolis attended yesterday's conference. Th« meeting was for talk and little else, and \vas the largest "off-year" meeting the party ever held. The influential men in the party were encouraged by the statements of Senator Fairbanks and representatives In congress that there is hope for currency reform, not radical legislation, but such as will tend to "set the party right before the people." The proposition that the currency must be reformed was a surprise to a good many of the men attending the conference. t Democrat* To Ho for Frw Silver. The Democrats, it was averred, will declare for free sliver in their next state platform and the Republicans will oj course take the opposite ground. In the event of the failure of congress to take action looking to the reform of the currency, members of the party said, the >arty In this state would go into the state campaign embarrassed and on the defensive from the start. In the would not neglect the opportunity. It •would be good money, as any Ii gco<l •when backed by the government." Fell Between the Cam and I>i*d. Anderson, Ind., Dec. 29.—Charles Tooley, 2S years old, with a wife at Brightwoo<v, fell between cars on a Big Four train here yesterday morning and was instantly killtd. He was not missed until the train had run thirty miles. Before this, how.ever, the remains had been found in the suburbs. The body was forwarded to Daleville, the borne of his parents. Vetcntn Newspaper Man a Pauper. Flora, Ind., Dec. 29.—"Colonel" William D. Pollock, the veteran newspaper correspondent of Deer Creek, the town made famous by James Whiteomb Riley in his poem. "Prom Delphi to Camden." has pone to the Carroll county poor farm. The "colonel" has had a varied career since he came to this county and began to write for the newspapers Sold Oleo a* Butter, It Is Said. Indianapolis, Dec. '19.— Inspector McGinnis. of the revenue department of Chicago, has arrested William A. 3Ic- Curdy, of this city, charged with manufacturing and selling- oleomargarine as butter. McCurdy's butter factory at Zionsvllle was seized in the name of the government and some oleomargarine was found in the vats in process of making. Wedding of Louis Reibold. Indianapolis, Dec. 23.—Louis Reibold. for many years proprietor of the Bates House, married Nov. 2, at Ghezirah Palace hotel, Cairo, Egypt, Miss Margaret Elizabeth A. Morgan, and with his bride is making a tour of the Old World. Mr. and Mrs. Reibold will be at home on and after May 1, 189S, at the Hotel Bristol, Paris, Prance. firt) Gives Orleans a Scorch. Orleans, Ind.,Dec. 29.—A flre originating in the sleeping apartments of Will- toterrobWM"there wkTa^at deaf of j iam Morrison a blind musician, spread talk against the civil service law. ' throughout the frame row of buildmcs The chief speakers were United States Senator Charles W. Fairbanks and THE BIGGEST CEANE. Governor James A. Mount. SenatorFair- kanks paid a high tribute to the president. t~ GIRL 1FHO LOVES A TH1EJ 1 . to Well That She Is III Jail Tor Letting Him -*• Out or Jail. -; Washington, Ind,, Dec. 29.—Joe DeVine, a thief who was in the county Jail awaiting trial, made his escape by the assistance of his sweetheart, Miss Anna Eads, and is still at large. For several days Miss Anna Eads had been visiting her lover daily. She had been "allowed to stand. in the jail office and talk through the grated bars to Devine. Monday morning she visited Devine again. She wan admitted by the jailer's wife, Mrs. Bowman, who, being called to another part of the jail, left Miss Eads alone. The keys to tiie cage door were hanging in the jail kitchen. As soon as Mrs. Bowman left the room Miss Eads quietly slipped to the kitchen, procured the keys, unlocked the cage door and let Devine out. He Jumped through a window and made good his escape. The alarm was sounded a few moments afterward, when Mrs. Bowman returned and found the jail, door open. No other prisoners escaped. The girl quietly left the jail and vrent to her home in the west end, where she was arrested a short time afterward. She was put in jail charged with assisting a prisoner to escape. Miss Eads is young and pretty, and says that she does not regret what she did. On the Other hand she claims to be glad that her lover escaped and is willing to sacrifice her liberty to release him. She bragged that it was not the first time •he was in jail. Devine is a notorious petty thief. SHE CAX KEPEXT AT LKISUKE. Wealthy Girl Who Slurries in Hitste and with Itiid J udpmont. Alton, Ind.. Dec. 29.—While festivities were in progress at the White Sulphur well Sunday night Mrs. Sallte Undiver, one cf the guests, suddenly uttered a shriek and swooned away, and inquiry) developed that her <3augl>t«r. Miss Mamie. 19 years old, had eloped with Jerry Edgerton, the eloping couple entering a carriage and reaching the station in time to catch the 10:4n express for St. Louis. Kdgerton is said to be a prodigal, who lived by doing odd jobs, •while the bride is wealthy in ht-r own right, besides being a prospective heiress to several thousand dollars. Mrs. Undiver, who came- here from Pennsylvania to take treatment at the springs, claims no permanent residence. and she has no family save Mamie. For several years she has been traveling for health, and is known at all of the health resorts in this country. She Is dangerously prostrated, the result oC the shock consequent upon the elopement and marriage of her daughter. STATK TEACHKKS' ASSOCIATION. throughout the frame row of buildings on the southeast corner of the public square, and all of them, together with contents, were reduced to ashes. The aggregated loss is $S,000, with $3,000 insurance. Hisrus-srs tin* ym'stiou of Abandoning the Smaller District Schools. Indianapolis. Dec. -;>.— A subject of Keneral interest was dlscussvd by the county school superintendent yesterday at the first meeting of the Indiana State Teachers' association. It was "Should Township Trustees Temporarily Abandon Small District Schools and Transport the Pupils tc Other anil Uarsrer Schools at the Public Expense?" Leo O. Harris, one of the oldest educators In the state, said that the tendency of the present time was towards a dwindling >n many country" schools. He favored the plan of having pupils taken in wagons from their homes to strong schools, rather than to have them walk to the extremely small .schools. He saivl that there are in Indiana nximbers of small district schools that constitute an element of evil of sufficient magnitude to demand the application of a. remedy, and that it was a considerable element of weakness in the school system. Other papers were read on the subject. _ _ Plum. "Mort" K»nkiu on Terre Haute. Ind.. Dec. 23.— Morton C. Rankin. treasurer of the national committee of the People's party and the member of longest service on the committee. says the Gage currency plan would bring prosperity if adopted by confess. Rankin says the boom times would be due to the inflation feature of the plan. "Mr. Gaye proposes," says Rankin, "that the banks have permission' f» H»oe more money than th«y^«re a«w permitted to issue. The banks Even In Indiana Ducks. Hartford CUy, Ind., Dec. 29.—While dressing a duck for a Christmas dinner Councilman James Marshall discovered two small gold nuggets in the fowl's craw. The duck is supposed to have swallowed them while searching for food in a nearby stream. NOT MUCH FAVOR IN THIS. Canada't, Preferential Trade a Barren Ideality to John nail. Ottawa, Ont., Dec. 29.—^'he trades and navigation returns shortly to be issued will show- that the total imports entered for consumption last, year were $111,294,021, as against imports of $130.587,480 the preceding- year. The duty collected amounted to $19,891,897, as against J20.219.057—a decrease of $327,040. Exports amounted to ?12:;.9iJO.S2S, an increase of $17.fiSl,OS6. There wore exported to the United States Canadian products; to the value of $43.991,485, as against $o4,-li;o,42S in 1SU5-G. Great Britain took of Canada's exports SiiO,- Yet -Canada's imports from the old country were but $29,412,188. a decrease of $3.f.G7 ii54. as compared with the preceding year, while from the I'nitefl States Canada imported to the value of S61.G49.0-tl. an increase of ?3.07, r ..02:; over imports of American products of the year before. Upon the total imports of British goods there was collected duty to the amount of $6.205,347. an average rate of 21 per cent.: upon total imports from the United States the sum of SS,147,07.1. an average rate of but 13 per cent. Aslilaikd Doing H Kig Lumber llusincss, Ashland, Wis.. Dec. 23.—Since the close of navigation D. "L. Wiggins, representing Weyerhauser & Rutledge, has shipped 500.000 feet of lumber from Ashland, to Michigan and New York. Next w?ek the Ashland Lumber company will begin the shipment of 400.000 feet recently sold to New York parties. Queen Receives Venezuelan Minister. Osborne. Isle of Wight. Dec. 29.— Queen Victoria has received the Venezuelan minister in audience. The Weather We M:[iy Kxpect. Washington, Dec. id. -Following are the weather indications for twenty-four hours from S •[>. in, yestero'.av: For Indiana and Illinois—Threatening weather: warmer; southerly winds. For Michigan and "Wisconsin— Thn-ateninc weather, with light snow on the lakes; warmer; brisk southerly to southwesterly winds, increasing. For Io\va—Threaten- ing weather; warmer; southwesterly winds. THE MARKETS. Chicago Grain and Produce. Chicago, Dec. is. Following; were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat—December, opened PSc. closed 9SVie: January, opened 9-1 Vie, closed 94%c; May. opened and closed 94Vic: July, opened nominal, closed S4VtC. Corn—December, opened 27 Vic, closed -Tc: January, opened 27 3s c, closed 2"V*c; May. opened and closed SOv^e. Oats;—December, opened and closed "2^0: May. opened L'3£c. closed Me. Pork—January, opened and closed SS.75; May. opened and closed SS.92V.. Lard—December, opened and closed nominal: January, opened S4.55. closed $4.57 1 » ; . Produce: Butter — Extra creamery, -le per rb: extra dairy. 19c: fresh packing' stock, 12c. Eggs—Fresh stock, 21c per doz. Dressed Poultry—Turkeys. SfflOc per rb: chickens. SH'S'Sc; ducks. 6(ii'7c. Potatoes — Northwestern, nOfi oSc per bu. Sweet Potatoes—Illinois. $2.00(5 ;1.00 per bbl. Chicago Live Stot-k. Chicago. Dec. 2S. Hos;s—Estimated receipts for the day. IS.000; sales ranged at $S.OOS}3.50 for pigs. $3.35<g'o.55 for light, So.:;05T3.35 for rough packing. $3.40S'2.60 for mixed, and $3.40(j?3.57Vj for heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle—Estimated receipts for the day. 3,000: quotations ranged a; t5.005j5.50 for choice to extra steers. ?4,."iu S'o.OO good to choice do,. S4.40!ff4.S5 fair to good. J3.75@4.40 common to medium do., S3.70«g!4.20 butchers' steers, S3.00!jf 3.75 stockers. >3.60(i?4.15 feeders. Jl.BOfe 3.SO cows. S2.60®4.50 heifers. $2.256-4.00 bulls, oxen and stags, $3.005T4.iri Texas steers, and JS.SOS'tt.DO veal calves. Sheep and Lambs—Estimated receipts, for the day. 11.000: quotations ranged at $3.60 (Jfl.SO westerns. Jo.lO@4.SO natives, and J4.30S-6 23 lambs. Millraakn Grain. Milwaukee. Dec. 2S. Wheat—Steady: Xo. 1 northern. 93c: No. 2 spring, SSc: May. 95V»c. Corn- Steady; Xo. 3. 2Sc. Oats—tSeady: No. 2 whit*. 25@25Uc. Rye—Lower: Xo. 1. 47%c. Barley—Firm; No. 2, 42c; sam- pie, 2 IT IS THE GREATEST MECHANICAL GIANT IN THE WORLD. The Monster In Called the Titan and It Weighs Seven Hundred Tonn—The Mighty Work It is Doing— Easily Lifts Fifty-Ton Block of Granite. Absolutely the greatest m-echanical giant in the world is now lifting stone on a new seawall an the north coast of Scotland. Not even the monster cran«s used for lifting the Governmental great guns can compare with this Titan, as it is called. It Is capable of lifting 100 tons, and it could pick up a modern locomotive, and, so to speak, dangle it in midair with as much ease as the locomotive draws a train of cars. It could lift the cubic contents of 100 carloads and strew them over a wide section of landscape. Its daily work is the placing in position fifty-ton blocks of granite, of which the new seawall at Peterhead is being built. The seawall at Peterhead will be a great engineering achievement. It has been called into being by the curious natural conditions that surround that part of the country. From tin;e immemorial the herring have started out in great schools from the Orkney islands and Hebrides to the north of Scotland, and from about the 1st of June every year until well into August they have migrated along the coast southward. THE CAKE WALK. It Wa» Formerly a Varriage Ceremonj Among Plantatiou THE GIAlfT CRAXB. For many years it has been the principal business of the hardy inhabitant—not only men, but women and children—to follow up these great schools of fish with boats and nets. The business is of such importance not only to the hardy fishermen but to the whole country, that the general Government decided to make a harbor of refuge at Peterhead. for this great fleet of fishing boats. The Coast line Is here indented like a. deep bowl, and across th« entrance of it the Government is throwing out two protecting arms with a comparatively narrow entrance. Once inside of them.the fishing boats and mercantile and naval vessels will be perfectly protected from the seas, which strike with tremendous force on the coast, causing waves in great storms nearly thirty feet high. le is in this work, some of which is to be in water ninety feet deep at high tide, that the modern Titan has been called into play. The length of its arms reaching out from the central point of support is exactly 100 feet, and it can set a sixty-ton hlock in the sea 100 feet deep and 72 feet from the outer edge of the masonry wall. This long arm is balanced by a shorted- weighted arm that carries the engine house with the machinery Tor moving the Titan forward or backward on a railroad set into the finished masonry, and to run out or in on the long arm a traveling car from which are suspended the four-sheaved blocks through which is received the cable that lifts the great pieces of stone. The Titan itself weighs 700 tons and is built of steel. The long arm swings abo . on a turntable, just as a bridge swings over a river. The wall which it builds and then travels over as it slowly advances into the sea is fifty feet wide. The concrete blocks are built in a yard on shore. They are made in plain molds or boxes, and require about three weeks for construction. Holes are left in the concrete blocks in which hooks can be inserted and the great Titan lifts the block, swings it around to the sea, lowers it into the water, and places it exactly where the diver down below wishes it placed to fit into the location designed for it. The work at Peterhead, excerpt where skilled labor is concerned, is being done by 250 convicts, who live in the prison immediately adjoining the works. The quarry from which the granite is brought to the derrick is near at hand and is connected with the sea wall by a railroad track. When this great work is completed it will result in one of the best and most fully protected harbors on the coast of Great Britain. The cake walk proper had its origin among the French negroes of Louisiana more than a century ago. There is little doubt that it is an offshoot of some of the old French country- dances. It resembles several of them in form. From New Orleans it spread over the entire south and thence to the north. It was found of convenience to the plantation negroes. They were not wedded by license, and it was seldom that the services of a. preacher was called in. At a cake walk a man might legitimately show his preference for a woman and thus publicly claim her for wife. In effect. the cuke wall: was not different from the old Scotch marriage, which required only public acknowledgement from the contracting parties. So this festival became in some sense a wooing, an acceptance or rejection and a ceremony. This explains its popularity with the blacks, outside of its beauties, witli the accompaniment of music, which is competent at all times to command negro support. Cake walking has improved as do most things that are constantly practiced. It has lost its old significance in the south. Negroes now get married, when they marry at all, in white folk's fashion. It has become, however, a pantomimic dance. Properly performed, it is a beautiful one. The cake is not much of a prize, though the negro has a sweet tooth. ARCH ROCK DOOMED. A " i*ight" of Sun Fruncisco Kuy to Be Removed. Arcli Rock, one of the "sights" of San Francisco Bay, will be removed by the Government. It is the most con- spicious of the twenty-four dangers to navigation which have been located and charted in the bay. The rock is twenty-six feet long at low water level and rises to a height about equal to its length. It is of soft rock, and the waves, beating upon its base during uncounted years, have worn a hole twelve feet in diameter entirely through the mass. Small boats can pass under the arch. I thus formed, Rev. T. S. Freeman, chaplain on the U. S. ship Baltimore, of the Pacific squadron, sent a number of Lo- gaosport friends Christmas greetings by postal card from Honolulu. How's This! We offer Ooe Hundred Dollar* nnrard for »ny case of Catarrh that cannot b« cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENKT * CO.. Props*, Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, nave known P. J Chtney for tne last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transaction* and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their flra. WIST & TBUAX, Wholesale Druggist*. Toledo. Ohio- vVALDiso, KIKNAK & JLURViN, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure le taken inwardly, aci ing directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggista. Testimonial* •ent free. Hall's Family Pills are the beft. A greater number of Christmas presents were distributed at Longclifl hospital Saturday than ever before. One «ay to be Happy Is IB attend to the comfort of your family. Should one ol them catch a cold or cousrb. cal on W. H. Porter, corner Fourth and Market streets, sole agent, and get a trial bottle ot Otto's Cure, the great German jeinedy, freel Wo give it away to prove that we have a sure cure for coughs, colds, asthma, consumption and al! diseases of the throat and lungs. Large Bl»es 30c and 25c. Stranir' "»p!>enins>- An unusual ?ig);' w:-.s \vitnc-ssed at Cranbrook, in Kent. England, the otli^r day. A swarm of bees settled on a post letter bo.v. ;>r,d soon after'.vard a second swarm loeatPd themselves inside the box. the whole colony foil.-*- iug" ihe r,upen through the aper' -.e provided for letters. Every prep.in.- tion was made for the capture of the swai'm upon the arrival of the rural posiniar. 10 clear the letters; but, owing to the awkward position of the winged yisftors. it was found impossible to hive the bees until night, when they were smoked and safely hcysed. Owing to this unusual incident, the letters posted before the bi-es took possession of the pillar box were deiaved for several hours. , Uses of Tiambo<>. Bamboo is of universal u?e in China. The windows -are delicate lattice work of bamboo, and the furniture is o* slander bamboo, bent and curled and plaited. The water bucket is a good big stalk, sawed off just below the joint and made as deep as is needed above it. For a bottle a slender piec* is tak-en and treated in the same way. If. in the confusion of building, a knife is mislaid a good sharp edge of a bamboo is taken, and it does just as well for everything, except cutting bamboo, as if it were Sheffield steel. White building hunger is kept off by cutting the littl* tender shoots just as they peep from the ground and cooking them lik« asparagus. ASCII HOCK. Owing to the formation, of U;t> rock under the water an area of 3U.C-00 square fee-: will have to be included in the operations, in order that a uniform depth of thirty feet may be o-bri!,n<.d. Tunnels such as were used-in clearing Hell Gate will not be necessary since the rock is so soft as to armit of at'ack by drills operated from boats. Thew.vk will require about two years for its completion, the climax being ons t.e- mendous explosion, by which, if the calculations are correct, the great ledge will be instantly demolished. The spectacle will be grand in the extreme. Very Tliiuk Ice. According to Dr. C. H. Hitchcock, a channel extends from the Champaign county of the St. Lawrence in Canada, past Lake Champlain and the Hudson river to the west side of the Palisades in New Jersey, where the ice movement was due north and south, as is indicated by the striae and distribution of bowlders. East of this line the movement was somewhat over the Green and White mountains; west, over the Adirondacks. the movement was southwest to the terminal moraine in Pennsylvania. At the culmination of the cold period, one lobe of ice must have started from the Laurentian mountains in Canada and spread like a fan over these mountains. The ice was probably 10.000 feet in thickness. R. Chalmers in the last report of the geological survey concedes a similar movement from the Laurentian highlands into Maine. This eastern lobe reached the Atlantic on the east and probably extended westerly to Salamanca, N Y. A Fish Story. The dwellers on the banks of the N'etkar. near the good old German town cf Heilbronu, had an experience the other day which must have're- minded them of the miraculous draught of fishes. A few days ago, toward evening, the worthy Heilbro:!- ners perceived that the Neckar was. toward both its banks, one moving mass of all sorts and conditions of fish, thronging landward in seeming anxiety to be caught. \or was this tacit appeal at all disregarded, for every man. woman and child of the vicinity ran out with pots and pans, with spsyes and rakes, and pails and baskets to help himself (or herself) to a share of fish. The explanation of the miracle, which perchance might prove a hint to fisherfolk, was that the river had become so muddy, after recent heavy rains, that the fish found it difficult to brea-ne in the "thick" water, and had uprroached the banks for more air. New Ueuiedyfor >Ialkiue-;s. A cold storage establishment on North Delaware avenue. Philadelphia, w£^ the scene of much excitement on « recent afternoon. Ice was being hauled :;;'o ti:e side alley and hoisted to the third floor. A large wagon. hauled by four mules, stuck in the alley, the mules balking. Coaxing I proved of no avail, and likewise beating, and as a last resort the hoisting tackle was made fast to the wagon., ancl in a moment mules, wagon, ice and several assistants were yanked into the alley at the rate of about forty miles per hour. A China Xortlty. Candle shades of china in delicate tints are a novelty that promises to become very popular. Lizards Thousand* of Years Old. An expedition sent out on May 1st last to Wyoming by the American Museum of Natural History to search for fossils of extinct reptiles has unearthed specimens which will enrich the scientific treasures of that institution. Dr. Wortiman and Mr. Brown haj-e found two gigantic lizards, each JBiat fifty feet long. They lived jjjb thousand years The Panhandle company pot a force of men at work this morniog cutting Ice at Lake Clcott. The ice there is seven inches thick and of a very fine quality. Rheumatism Cared in a Day. "Mystic Cure" for rheumatism and neu- ralala radically cures in 1 to S days. Its action upon the fiyftem is remarkable and mysterious. H removes at once the cause and the disease immediately disappears, 'iho first dose Kreatiy benefits. 75 cents. Sold by W, H. firing-burst,'druggist, Lojrins- port. While many county fairs throughout toe state are being abandoned, the success of the Lafayette fair has been so uniform that arrangements are already being made for next sea- on. Rheumatism is due to lactic acid in the blood. Hood's Sarsaparllla neutralizes the acid and completely cures the aches and pains of rheumatism. Be sure to get Hood's. Hood's pills are easy to take, easy to operate. Cure indigestion, bilious ness. 25c. Mrs. A. Grusenmeyer of Eel River avenue Is spending the holidays with her son Fred and family at Lafayette. From Sire to sou. Asa atnily meoiclne JBacun'B Celery King lor the Nerves passes from sire to son has gflcy. II' you htVe liHiu.j, >.M~I o boo disorder, fret a free sample package of this remedy. If you have indigestion, constipation, headache, rheumatism, etc., this specific will cure you. w. H. Porter, corner Fourth and Market streets, the leading druggist, is sole agent, ana is distributing samples Iree. Large packages 50c and 25c. A bottle of Dr. Wood'* Norway Pine Svrup in the house saves doctor's bills, saves trouble, and very often saves precious lives. Gives almost instant relief in cases of coughs, colds or lung troubles of any sort. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. A; P. and L. S. & ?i. S. Kailroad depot. Improvements costing 575,000.00 have just teen completed, and the house no-w offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. PIANOS Nothing More Acceptable mf a Holiday Present than a fine Piano. Previous to February 1 st we offer unusual inducements to out-of- town buyers. Upon receipt of mail order will ship piano subjecr to examination, to be accepted if found as represented and satisfactory, otherwise to be returned at our expense. Good Stool and Scarf with each piano. Correspondence solicited. Catalogues sent on application. Old instruments taken in exchange- Our mail business is extensive and we guarantee careful selection from our large stock of Steinway, A. B. Chase, Mazetton, Sterling and Huntington PIANOS. S«-o»d-k*ad Squires, * 25- SwOBd-iuud Tprirtt*, J«°. •jwmribi. $«om«-«»»«I Gr»<»«, 150. LYON, POTTER & CO. Hall, 17 V«o turtn K.. ChlCUP* MILEAGE Tickets to Washington. The Pennsylvania Line* art mow issuing at nil their principal iitket offices, for coupons at one l*o»ain* mtle interchangeable ticket* »f the Central Passenger AsscwliMom'i latue, exchange coupon tickets to Harrii- burg, Baltimore and Washlngfcm, at two cents per mile short line distance. HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL C Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. I I Wounds & Bruises^ ^ Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. Eczema & Eruptions. Salt Rheum & Tetters. E Chapped Hands, Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrilsi S Corns & Bunions. Stings & Bites of Three Sizes, 2Jc, $oc. 3B* $».«». Gold by dru«gliu, *r new roetjaU «• «M*^> •( 1 u». c». , u i » 1 1 1 MAN HUNDREDS •CMC" are eking out « «m»r- •blceziCitence for want of knowing, what todo forthemseJVe*. HUN- DREPS of mem »re- suffcring- fr»im the- meaUI tortures ot Sh*tt*r*d N«rv«* Falling Memory*. Loct Manhood r Impotonoy, Lcwf. Vitality, V«riooO«le, brought on by abuse, excesses and Indiscretions, or by serere HK*UI. strain, clone application to busiucM or «v«r W ° rk DR. PERRIN'S Revivine I* the only r«m«dy that has ever been itfc- covercd that will po«itiv«ry euro tlies* nervous disorders. If taken as directed, Revivlno brings nb»nt immediate improvement and efl«ct» cures where all other remedies fail. It lias cured tbomuatif AND WILL CURE YOU. We positively guarantee it in every case. Price $1.09" a box, or six boxes for |j.w, by mail in plain wrapper upon receipt of pr{c& Order from our advertised apents. Address nil other communications to In* D*. »-•»— MEDICINE Co, New York. For sale at B. F. Porter's and Johnston'*. REGULATOR WILL CURE . •. * ALL COnPLAINTS AN* EA5E5 OP THE Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, Constipation, Pains in the 8kte or Back, Sour Stomach, Dynpcpcta, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of the Bladder, Female WeataeH, Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Depoetto, In fact all arising from Liver or Kid»cy ordera. Price, $1.00 [tart Mediciije Go. HW TDK, I Y.

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