The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1945 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1945
Page 4
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c-AUE *OUh BLYTHKVILLE COU1HKK NKWS rHE.BLYTHEVILKB, COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. tt.'.W; HAIKE6, Publisher SAMUEL P. NORHIS, Editor . JAMES A. OATEN3, • Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representative: Wallace Wltmer Co., New York. Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis/ . Published Rvery Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as o.iiond class matter at the post- office at BIytheville, Arkansas, under acl o/ Cou- iress, October 9, 1917. . Served by Die United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the city of Blythevllle, JOc per week, or S5c per month. By mall, within a radius of 40 miles, 14.00 per year, 52.00 for six months, tl.00 for three months; by mail outside SO inlle zone, J10.00 per year payable In advance. Sure As Death and •High Taxes .A long lime ago a ghost chased :i superstitious aclm- for six miles after which (lie. actor fell to the groinul exhausted. ''That was quite a run we had, wasn't it?" "Yes," gasped the actor, "and just as soon as 1 get my wind back we are going to have another." Tliis roughly is the case with our current "unimaginably high" taxes. They may be unimaginable, but they are here, we are paying them, and we are going to keep on paying them Cor an indefinite time after the bugles blow a surrender. Most-Americans have adjusted their minds, their tempers, nnd their plans to this. It is important that all Americans should. It is not the purpose of this piece to' suggest that ponying up 'unprecedented taxes is jolly fun. it certainly is not. But there are no cases'on record where the prompt and ungrudging pay- n".nt killed anybody (unless you count Japs and Germans). Americans in this time of crisis have the duty, yes, and the privilege, of universally contributing these huge funds for tiie protection bf their .beloved country,.for. the hastening of the peace, for formulating a true and happy peacetime. •American taxpayers should occasionally take time out in their anguish and consider what it must he like for the citizens oToccu- pied countries (o pay taxes for the benefit"of the invader! .There is a tendency on the part of ?ome-.pci>:5!is of lesser incomes to say that: this, is all true, .but that (he rich, .who won't miss the money, should'do nearly'all the paying. Now of course the rich are actually paying, at a clip hitherto undreamed, but that is not the actual.ecc nit point. Paradoxical as it may sound, it is not the rich who have the' vast money now needed. No, the • people who have it are you and I and :tcns of millions like us. The revenue department infinitely greater sum by taking a couple of bucks out of forty-dollar weekly pay envelopes than it does by taking eighty per cent from the great millionaires. It's just'a ;case of there not being nearly enough •millionaires. . ;; Paying .axes" can 'be .Compared tu daily .shaving. It's never any fun but von get used to if. And very few men choose the.only alternative, which is raising a beard. tend IB UN n in thfc wlUU »1 «MH b M Court-Martial Sentences Tnc hc-vy sentences Imposed by American Army courts- martial. In France ,„»„' soldiers convicted of stealing gasoline, cigarettes and other supplies and selling them lo the French black market have perhaps surprised and shocked civilians In Hie United Stales. 'Jlie reports Hint most of those convicted are members of cue battalion and the inference (hat, these men have been made scapegoats tor a much larger circle of offenders may likewise be disturbing. The public does not as yet have enough Information, however, lo justify final Judgment on the mailer. Were thesfi men Involved In a "professional" criminal ring? Were the items stolen with use or ihrc-nt of deadly weapon.?, thus making the offense armed robbery'/ Have the tirocccdhiKs, findings, and sentences of Ihc ceuris been approved by final reviewing authority? If not, the sentences are not final. It Is (i-adiUomil IP. American military Justice for courts to impose cither (lie limit or very nearly the limit in punishment with the expectation tl;sl the convening and reviewing authorities will mitigate the sentence. There is one aspect of the military courts' aollon H'hidi is lm_>x>:tnn( for (he folks back hcme lo i-^-sp. in tin- armed /m-ce.s, in lime of nor, ami rsiic.l.iUy in ihe combat thoater, the prime coiiEWernt-lon must necessarily be Ui C riTscnaliou ol disciplined- conduct, The code Is slirpb, >l:-ki, definite nnd well umlen.tnod. Violations stand out sharply. To make examples of thr.s» M-ho are caught nnd convicted does not fulfill nil the i:'ciits of Justice in a democracy. Bi't il ctoc-s not serve to restore discipline. And discipline is necessary if this «- sr !s lo be won so (hat we may even ire pc:milted to work io- WfLrcl a better realization of iho.-e ideals. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MON1TOH. <* tH?Y SAY There is not; n fcarrcl of snsoline In the country that ciin bo truly defined us surplus, and every lilac* market uperntioii and every wasteful non-essential use subtracts from what already I;, a minimum supply,-— Rr.lph K. Davies. deputy petroleum administrator [or war. • » • The time is overdue for the community to take orsjmUed mul co-or<llnntcd steps to aid children la avoiding the conditions which lead incvltnbly to dsllncuioncy an:l Inter to crime.— Gov. Tiiomns E. Dewey of New York. Until technical ran in uniform arc given better tralntnn. awl until they find a readier route to positions of command, it Ls certain thnt the top !evrb of our military commuud will not fir.isp the full implicating cf innovations nnd will not ba ors.-MiKrd to ):nudle them lo the best advantage In seme possible future highly tech- nU-al \ui".— Dr. Vr.iiiievrr Buth, director Office c-f Scienlii'i'j Hisearch. The piei-uit n:JJI!jiy plan* foreslmrtdow tlic jiossiUlily that tile leconversioii "so ahead" will not cornc immediately rifU-r V-R Day.— George roiri-.o-, (iircotor Automotive Council for War 1'rcdi.ciion. There is something pa-iilfarly incompatible between e&veM-.ment I'.ud humanitarian ncllv- Itlcs. Government always seems to make a mess of them, with veiy lew exceptions. The basic rcn.scn is that govcinmcr.l is not really in- lciTstcri.-J.imcs o. Mrix-nakl, chairman President's Advisor;,' Ccmmittce on Political Refugees, • • • We of the many home fronts, together with our fighting youth, must create a world of the young, by the young, and for the young.— War Munpowev Chairman Paul v. McNutt. It is sheer ncnsmso for Americans to talk of havine won the battle fcr the Philippine!, or fur MacArtlmr to be talking of Tokyo as his next goal.— Jnp Biondrasl, • • • We Irach our pupils the value ol personal hyelc-ne, yet we piovktc no soap and towels in tiie school Hdshi-cotns.-Dr. Gabriel R. Mason New York high sirlioul principal. •• • » The pxpwfcnc" „( ,| oi ,, s a .^ jnl , ,,. n|) education in it s ,if. nllrt lhl; Mwlmon „, „,,„. live Mulls is clwrly allied to the creative 1m- ):Hlsc.--Dr. tvcrett Case, president Colgate U. • * • 'Ihc grcntcst S ain ol this conflict between democracy and fascism lic.s in the fad that it I'.as drawn toaether everything l.hat wa, good """J-.-WrshM Tito, Yugo-vlav r Tlicy keep the movie houses going, don't they? Well, for millions of peopJe a professional baseball game is a much more normal cnjov- incnt than goln s to the movies, other people hke ether kinds of sporLv 'rhey ought to have tl-.em.-Kavy Lieut, Vie nottari. (orra cr U of Callfcrnla erid star, with Pacific task force FUIDAY, FKBRUAUY 1C, 19-15 SIDICUNCIS ant. mi»v«» tnmi. inc. t.U».».0. t MT. OFF Now Cdmes the Fireworks Shi. Not so.Ioud, dciir! He doesn't \v;ini to borrow nnv- (hing (liis time—he just wants lo know 1C you couhlii'l ' «»<! fix oni 1 loaslcr!"' THIS CURIOUS WORLD */ '6REEN ONIONS ARE CHARLES D. FLOOD, IN THE UNITED STATES, 85 PER CENT OF WHOM ARE a-HeA/i STEAL ABOUT 480, 000,000 WORTH OF GOODS ANNUALLY. - Norih America was in the way. In Hollywood •M^^m^i^f-^K^? ,XX ;&&:*(?"•" Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidacies for the Municipal Election In April. Municipal Judge __J3Ep_RGE W. DARHAM II you warn to nay ront-» W», Uimdn SEU, TJ8 THE FURNITURE TOJJ ARK NOT USING, for cashl Usn liberal trad*-tn «ll«wan«i tor nld furniture on new. Alvfn Hardy Furn. Co.' E ' Main I'hnnr ZJ02 Visit (Js In (lor NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. f. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 121 E. Main rhone 212Z Ry.ERSKINE JOHNSON ] plays a bookie who returns from NEA Slaff Correspondent j th c wnl . to discover that- the gov- HbUjYWOOD— EXCLUSIVELY eminent has banned horse racing. I YOURS:',-First, attcnipt to weld Tn,.i/i n ,,,,,n.. .1.. • ...».-.. motion pictures nnd television will bp made when Andrew Stone, the United Artist .producer-director, begins his next, production in May. A pickaback camera, loaded will) 16-mm. film, Kill ride on the shoulders of thc bl? camera—recording Uie picture (or television. Patrick Michael Cunning, a television expert, says lie can do it with the same makeup and lights used on film sets. Lens; shots and medium shots are Impractical, however, nnd Cunning; will concentrate on closc- up.s of each rccnc. Movie makers finally are climb- Ing aboard thc television bandwagon, realizing that thc airwave pictures of tomorrow arc a definite threat to the screen. Warner Brothers just wrote a check for $1,500,000 for a television site and studio in tlic hills back of Hollywood. • • • DUAI, ROIE.S ABOUND Fred MacMurray- has .1 new nngle for Uie returning soldier story iu "Pardon My raft." He boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams "7~^— '• -—^— -..—-. . .. __ ' * H15 30KE5 ( 60N\E LESS CRAMP A. MJW6 ) PMMtjuu 8UT ABOUT HIM. .EOS SOUR NOTES, vou SAY? PR.BCISELV/- IV PRACTICIG URPOSED TO MW<E PlKE>3 HE PLEES TH& R.'-O-EfiAC' T MWV EVEM ' OUT 60SA.B. OP HIS 30KES ' \MASH80fvRO AMD 60WUNJG , -... FLE-VSE DCM'T ELM OVER IT--IT'S A, CHIP COMING OFF MY M-NCHIWE AND I WANT to SEE HOW LOSJo IT'LL GET PbFORE IT SRGALC i M-vr-s \ 1 ,\ F E I. LCAVS"-" S E^ U | T !>f -,-s> RIGHT !.' t/£i^ TH6Re{ •« - W$ SHE'S MORE THAM MOST WHO PULL THO.T S1UMT-- MO&T O' 7KEM ASK. THE OC MVO TO GO AS5OUMD BUT SHE BUILDS A MICE WELL, IP \._ HE EWER. GETS OVER. THAT, HE'LL NEVER. GET i OVER. ,O . Incidentally, there's another epidemic of dual roles. MacMurray will piny two dinraclcrs fn the film. Ditto Uctty Hutton in "Here Comes the Waves." Danny Kayc in ••The wonilcr Man" niicl isetly Dai-is ditlo in "Stolen Life." Day after completing work in "Hold High thc Torch," La'sie the dog ftar was uianrd to a local kennel—to siro three litters of \'ii\:&. . . Hollywood is chuckling over Songwriter Hoaey Carmi- diacl's murdrrom isoliilimiist. parody, "N'yc and Day." It's dedicated to the rx-.';cnutor an^ ex-Congressman. A Mexiran film compiniy is planning 11 rilmbkicr.'iiihy of' tlic late Lupn Vclfz . . . TVo studios are bidding for thc services of George Rfi'.s, tl'!e HriKjUvay ,p>ay;vright. . . . Awake, ye bobby sockers. Since Sinatra left the "Hit Parade" anrt Tihbrlt took over, tlie show's rslliiK has jumped over two points . . , Another celluloid innovation: Director Gustav Mnchnty will film a (hrcc-ivinutc prolosiiu' for "Jealousy." driving into the fUhroiisciQir; minds of the central character' to establish their cmo- tlcnal responses to the audience. John Lodcr and Karen M or Icy are co-starred in the picture. [ "(V i. .101:" SKCU,T:L 1 rrodnrrr Lester Cowan is .so pleased with the first ro»$h cut of "Story of O. I. Joe" lh;il lie's already miking pla'.;s for a .sctiurl. ! Before Ernii- Pylc loft, for the 1M- j;lf(c. (hoy tiisnis'cd n postwar sl-jry jof O. I. Joe . . . Bud Abliotl nn-1 lion Co."lolio's rliariKtcr names in I Ihrir new movie. "Tile Naughty ! Nineties." arc Broadhurst and Dexler. As smieciiil'4 burlesque •lulcd Wil- Whole sole your worn footwear for Winter and oblaiii sturdy »-ct reslsling soles, greally lenglhcii- Ing the shoe's life. GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service MM,— Vulcanizing snd Tim Rep«ir WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. fil CEILING PRICES Phur.= 2291 BUYING LOGS Oak — Pecan — Cypress — Cottonwood — Tupeio BARKSDALE MFG. CO. RIytheville, Ark Phone 2911 Complete Super Service Station! GOO!) GULF GAS AND OILS ... GOODKJCH TIRES . - . WASHING . . . LUHRICATION . . . TIKE RE- 1'AIH . . . UOAD SERVICE. We are never too busy to appreciate your business. BLAN HEATH 421 W. Main AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Phone 8Z8 to REMEMBER, v'^'x?—A ^— '• - Dexler. As smieciui'4 buvlesq f ^JVf'^S /r--^T ~V"J I comics, they onco wore befriend ^w'' 5 '! /'^"^\"i' i l>v Jcllu tv I!ro -- <ilnil 'st and W .lii l ,!-i/ /- , \"~V 'Hiiiti A- IJextcr. owners of a "t.i />V n-iulJ .--^v. .^\- ; show. -»T -ffv, ^' ' [ —i— ( ' ' ^~"i«~- + At- >r,-.v.-l < - ...^.i.-o ff* ,v.^. m& ; Vi I— ~'t «t* AREWADE-NOT BORM Clic'tcr Morris wears so many disguises In his new Boston Plfickic film, tli^t the studio, he rays, is iiliinniiv^ on n surprise endtnrr. "I'm !-.o;ng lo appear in the last, scon?," say: Chester, "looking like Chester iXIorMs." There is ut tho present time an estimated $ worth of Tire InsunuKc ia forte in thc United States. NO ASPIRIN FASTER thim genuine, IHIT,-- St. Joseph Aspirin. 'World'.shrgnsttoKcriU tfk\ None letter. ]tnih> bun'r. \\~\i\ pay more*? ^S'liy rver accept less? Dornaiul St. Jc^eiih Aspirin. TIIIl S I'OHV! VrrilrrTi- C I,n|i IVinUltiKki-K illn.K-r |mrc>- .IK idkctl (u pltiy mi rnuor T1IK DKCISIOX h:id bo-.v«i. Now he sat down. The diners resumed Ihpiv ealiiiy. Freflcric began his Etwfc fn A- flat but had hardly begun when the doors swung open. Had Frederic looked up from the piano lie would have seen three Kussian officers, flanked by laclcoys, enter the dining hall, and Count Wod- ziuski hurriedly rise from bis chair. "Your KxccIIcnry!" • Chnir.s were pushed bneb and tbe guests, takiii!" their cue from the host, stood up. ; Frederic slopped, his fingers in mid-air. The Count bowed (o his new Sliest?, then presented his Countess who made n sweeping curtsy. . The Count in a shrill voice said: "A place for his Excellency!" and a lackey hurried lo obey. " — Ladies oud gentlemen," the Count said, his voice e.\pre:;sin£ ;> kind of nervous pleasure; "ladies and gentlemen — " There was silence, not even the swishing <>t a skirl. The flunkeys halted in their steps. " — may I present to you His Excellency the Governor of Po- iaiui — " ' The gentlemen present bowed; the ladies curtsied. . " — newly appointed by Ms Gracious Majesty, the Czar." • The Governor said lo Count Wodzinski: "Thank you. Hut I don't want lo interfere — " " — If your Excellency please, we ;irc all honored— highly honored — " "Continue, please." ' "Yes, your Excellency. Thank your Excellency. Just this way, your Excellency." Then lo Frederic, he said: "Sit down, please. Go on as you wove," Frederic's eyes were fixed on the new Governor, nnd he seemed not lo hear the words of Count Wodzinski. "— Yo ", young man—you will continue—" Frederic was motionless. "—Young man—you—go on with your music." Frederic still didn't move. "Do you hear what I say!" —H;id he screamed, it would have made no difference. Frederic did not hear. How could he? The inward voice was screaming, nnd it was louder than anything the Count was saying, or could say. "The enrtli, PYcdcric, wet with the bloixl of innocents. Who let this blood, Frederic? Do you know who did Hint? He did that, Frederic— he .ind (he Czar lo whom he bows as master." —The inward voice; it was goading him. Then an overtone that would seem to drown it. Listen. "Frederic, hear!" Whose voice? "Papa?" "Fiedcric, hear!" Listen. "Frederic, play. You must piny. Frederic. You must please the Count. He can decide tonight, you knqwvto make ;i place for you ns a teacher in the Conservatorium. Sit down, Frederic. Sit downplay." —Stand up, Frederic. There are other responsibilities—greater responsibilities. Stand up. How down. One or the other. It is for you lo choose. Your choice? Make it now —make il now—make it now— now—now—now— Frederic's eyes which had been fastened on the poc't-inarked face of the Czar's new Governor of Poland now met the cold eyes of Count \Vort7.inski. "—I do not play—" His tones rang clear. "1 will never play—for Czarisl butchers!" There were gasps, mufiled voices, and ;i shitting of chairs. But Frederic was gone, TN^O'onc had lighted a candle, and the room was in darkness. Mamina Chopin said: "Frederic —Frederic—why did you do it?"j, "What did you think you would! gain by it?" asked Nicolas Chopin. Frederic didn't answer. A candle was lighted and placed! on the table. "—What cotifd you have hoped' gain by it?" Mamma Chopin said: "Dei you think you will ever get lo teach in the Conservatorium now?" "That's done," Nicolas Chopin said. "That's over. That much is certain." —Teli, tch." Jozef Eisner walked back and forth, his hands behind his hack. The kitchen door Hung open. It opened with such n bung that Mamma Chopin recoiled from fright, sure agcnls of Ihc Czar had already come upon them. She was relieved when siie saw that it was Mile. Gladkovyska and two men— Jan Bialoblocki and Tytus Wojciechowski. KonsUnncin WOK the first to speak and she spoke sli.irply. "Frederic, get out of this house!" "—Out of Poland!" said Jan Bialoblocki. "There is no time to lose!" Nicolas Chopin said: "Arc you out of your head? Where would lie go?" "Anywhere!" Tytus answered. ' "There'll be nn order for your arrest by morning," .fan said.""No doubt about it." "Where would he go? There's no place for him (o go." Jozef Eisner said: "As I have sometimes said, Nicolas—there is always Pnris." "—Paris!" "Yes." Wile. Gladkowska pressed n small leather bag into Frederic's hand. "Frederic." Frederic looker! at her, then at the leathern bag. "Polish earth," she said. His hands closed tightly over it.' "—Keep it, Frederic; keep il with you wherever you go. Cherish it, Frederic." "Polish eavth?" The girl nodded. "From under Die birch trees. It will help you to remember Poland and your friends Who arc proud of you," (To Be. Continued)

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