Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 7, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1942
Page 8
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^TmATTimt.DAILY NEWS. SATURDAY. MARCH 7, 1942 '''-•'.'';',^'v^s! 1 ..^-' v,, .--. : •• >;;;'-<' >.Y:;';••'••<'.: ' ' , .••• -v?. :•' -;.v: -> v ;;.,>. .• ••• : Ilffht EJESSON < By Alfred J. Buescher jiiiii Appoint* and Teaches the Twelve United Niations May Strike Blows Soon v —('GpnUnuwM'rc One,) . ,uul. had Ueeiv^cut; olT fc»5'»W^ ^OS^.v?;^*!jg k « ' Bandoeng -was ]w .Japanese * I T1Jl I I V IJ IJ»3 i v. r*)*-' 1 - 1 .. IJ v. . ' i * ,. .^ at ^ig&soon blanket, the u^ci-vitiie/^ilence--or ocou- lcaS-' r ^ ch ? ;tiri'Llsli: in anks eoun tor-thru^ : ;. nortlrcas't of Rangoon whe. e ports indicated 11ml.,the J Panew. Invasion drive ;had been stalled ioi aponUert: for th jfortott," are com . He further tavight thorn, -merciful; ' for they : morcv." •Blessed are shall obtain Je»'ii» Appoint* and Teaches the Twelve Blessed are-the peacemakers, sai^.: the,, Master.; for they shall 1 * be , called, ; the children-of.-Godv.;.•;-.,;;,:{-.-:/;•>.. ye^rsbto'kingdom v of God,: and; His righteousness." HIOHUOHTS ON. TUB "SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ^ r 1 ' (Tho t«A*on ; T7l . IntornatloruU Uniform on tho. above topic- , I« Mark 0:13-10; Matt, 0!UM0,-tho Golden Text ifc'Mait, 0:10, "KJvou «o lot Voilr lltfht'anlno bofoi'o mon; that they may *oe your good woi-kn, 'JSSfcf glorify your *'athor who IN In. heaven," >'• . ' ' ' • " '• ' * • UNO 'multitude*, rt mountain Mono .. all tilffht, Wh'on mornlnff cumo oivmo to Htm, and Ho oMNm tb bo.oon«lant y }Ilrn --ahd <,to,do Mia work , iitor'lJflm. HO chOKO Simon, whom Hi,aurnAmeci Poloi', and Jame.M, «tin b'( ; Haboclpo, and John, hl« •' bTqthftr; Andrew and Philip, Bar' th'oionlow,* and .Matthew, Thomnn j> ami "Jamo*. '«on of Alphaeua, MrhftcUM*' »K<1 Simon .tho Canan. ' -jti; -.«wd JiKlafl Inoarlot, who wan X£t^ followed Him ' there htfio, and iioolntf thorn Josua .Went-, up Into a mountain and ' , . . ftro th« poor In spirit j <\\\6\r* l» tho kingdom of wro they that mourn; bfi comforted, _ o tho rneok; for they Inherit the purth, ,. 6*fl4d ; a>o they, which do hurl- iir-ancl Khirut of tor rlflhtoouanoaa; * L r't'hoy Jih'ftll bo filled, "Mft«Hc.d are the. merciful;- for ' '' ' " ' '",ih morcy. „__, j.tho.'puro In hoart; fop thoy Vhnll «oo Oocl, : 'itJtoHrttuI afo tho poftco rmiKeni; jfor; they.t\hi\li •bo.oftllecl tho chll- uce ,thoy, .vvhld'h tiro , _„ fot' riffKtoou»nos th«lr« :('« tho kingdom of Uv'to bo -happy, to b*''prospe,igmi«, not In tho. worldly bilt (h the true {lonao, Noth- more ^tl«fyln^r. than to fcol Tho , ''po'or -In uplrlt," ,not Vpl.rltod, lacking- lit proper but thrw* who aro' noudy, A f fill I Krtlrt'tho.klnKdom of-hortven, *irho»o ; whO'rnourn,«haU bo comforted i tho rn«ok and lowly fihall be. the ont«« to inherit tho earth: t|\ey who Mro hungry for tho rl^ht, 'bo, filled, Tho morolful «hall rneroy for thomM<ilvo«; tho In hoart nh^ll have tho joy lnjr Oo<K nnd tho p«aoo mak- «hftll b« culled tho children, of Ckkl, Tho«e who .miff or for tho >akt,/of rlKht, will Inherit tho kingdom of heaven, • All through our leaaon today wo aro told what our conduct am, thoiiffhtfl should'be, whatever tho , olroiinwtnnooa of our'llvo«. ; 1o be trulv "bleat," wo Hhoiikl. not more- • ly obey tho UXWH laid • down . by Moiioa for the guidance of h •.•pco- plq, ftfl tho Pluirlaocfl did, but oboy . the Impulses of our hourui no trwittor.wlmt happens to.AW, Thla l« what Joans taught Hi« upoatlofl'ftiul tho multitude^ who cwrno to Uflton to Him, _ •;. , Not to clo.Mtroy tho law,. Jesus wnkl'Ho cumo Into tho wc-rld, but to f'lvo finer, Innor lavv.M which. If obeyed, would mwo.tho world foi- over Tt l» no oa«y taak Ho sot no who try to follow Him, .Even *\* best-Christiana find-It hard to do, but they koop on trying, . tho law Hinted that wo should not kill, but JOHUS said that who- woovor. l« ovon angry with ; h a brother without cause, shall bo In danger of judgment, Don't go to church oxpoctlng to be ho pod Mf you havo a grudge against a brother or friend, First go.and tip reconciled to your brother, and, then whatever gift you bring to tho altar will bo acceptable, JLovc, Not Hiitc A now law-Ho gave:".Ye'have hoard ft said Thou shaU.lovfe thy neighbor and -hate thirto -enemy, Bilt'.I say unto you, .Love-.your ohoinles, bless them that curse you, do good to thorn that hato you, and. pray for thorn that despitefully u«o you, and persecute you. 1 From practical experience wo know that hating people usually comes from .mlsundera.tamung; thorn, If wo do our part to .understand and do what wo can > for thorn, lovingly, AVO arc almoot sure'olr' angor and flnd wo 'can be friends. '" • ; , Ih thlH, . remarkable sermon, Joaua taught His-disciple* how-to pray, according to Matthew,. Ho gave thorn .what wo call the Lord's prayer, and'warned them not to pray like tho hypocrlt6s, standing In public places so that everyone could hear thorn and think how re- llglous thoy were, but pray to God tho father-In secret, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon oarth, whore moth and rust cloth corrupt, and thieves break through and steal, Put lay up for yourselves treasures In hoaven «'« « for where your treasure Is, tlicro will your hoart be : BEACON FALLS 1 ; "United Church , , ,,Thc: ; Ghlidren pT'thc Sunday school Classes will-mect^at the church parlors 1 at '0:i30 'o'elo'eK/ the - di^- lrectJOD, : (3.t ; : : !.ho,Sunciuy school tcacJV- \ • '' : Th& Everymanls. Bible- 'class will imoet^at--flic onurclr at r - 9:30 . o.'clock -witli.rPrcsicieiit' Clayton Dulrqi.s.. in .charge -of 1 t-hb 'mce'ting. "Rev, Stev r •'ens-'Svill-'address .the..class. , . .. • Morning 'hour or worship sorvluo iwlll; be\ conducted at 10:--i5. o'clock, •with Rev; Millarcl, S.tcvens,- the- pM3 : '•tor, omci'ating:' and 'delivering the -in tli'e even ing the suoavor- .society .will iohuroh (if-7'o'clock,. •' •-•.;-••• - l •'••',.••'• ' ' ' • 4,» »•'• Christian meet at tho ;Rev, St' Miciiael's (Roman Catholic) Jerome Cook- Pastor. "Even so let your shine before men; ,tlmi they mny' nee yoiir ' __ ii _l.i^». i,. 1.. krn»»rrtii ff> ^f^ IVlilttt 5 tlv" .The of f ,^ : cclei>.[ mrtsscs'..Tor .the piuilshloners \s church will be S "o'clock, 0-;:lf),o'clock o'clock "oh Sunday morning hall -.on.' Maiiv street AI1U v, , r'tlie parish ni-q urgcc to;-ajitcn^?UlVe,0.:15 o'clock Mass and • -- : - 1: '••-•••--•••• oiigjous.. instruction ;Mass. Dljttrltnilod by Klntf ronturos "Judge not,, .that ye .be not juclgocl," Is another admonltlpn of tho Savior which Is difficult ^or ui to remember and to practice. / " Ino, , II; .-,MH, In the h'oyH who belong to th'o' Pi'OtuHUinl KplHoo'pal. church hut. jiolnK us.od sloucl'iy- Tor all who oood-It who nuiycoine to Llio chaplains. ' • '-The Mov. 'Arnold A. Kenton, \\-ho svlll Hpoak on WodndHcljiy.cymilns, March IILIV at St.. Mlalmel 1 ^ churph,. was born In Now .Jmsoy f-on o - a clergyman, Was odiicatod In lor- n'nlo and tho. •• Philadelphia s»m-. nary tih'd sva.s/iii'charge Tor u while ol'-mlsBloiis ln".\Vyomlnp,- Me has huurv -doing .very good work In An- so'nla' f for a • dovion yoar«t .nncv- is very much 'llkml. All i\re Invited .to take. .advUntaKO ot - llio • opportunity o'r lieurlhg. him. , .. , "'•' ' , ' .- • 4 » »—:—— JSalem Lutheran ' (AugiiKtrinii Synod) \VU1lam B, Frendbcrg, Pastor Third Sunday 'In I<pnt. Tho power nnd-Authority of Jesus V.IJt-in) , '.- ' I'S—Mliuor Sun ford and Alnior SvonHQn, : , ' ... , . 0:00 a. in, Swedish service. Mixed miar'Lot, SolblHl—Conrad Hohs. JOiOO a.' in. Ulblo sohool—Auto Horvloe: Manno , LoronUson, Eric 'Uabrleltfon. i • ,, r.i A\ |00 HI nh UiiiKl'"''. 1 p.v'i-Niv*-»,.M choh ( islngs, Soloist—M>s. -Adolph ;' isngllsh sorvloo. Church TVio8dwy,,;0:90 n, ;m. p™ 1 ! 0 " 1 ^ r( ;* hoarBiil, 8:0() p; m.'Myangellno Circle inoi'.ting, % Hoadloy;iitroQl,..HoH.toss- • Ser- 0:00 o f' o LI r 10 ji w o r th lea g u e. Wednesday, March • 11; 8 p.-'m,— GhLirch Get-together I 'Tvyo amusing skits I Music,, ganies;-.rerrqs.hmcnts. Gome and bring other, friends pi .tho; church' and let'sy.have a goo'.l tinio-toguLhor I .Don't .fqrgef.tho date, •aiid pass thtr.word--along. • •'.- /riiiii'sday, ,' March '. J2, ,2. P. .nv.— Meeting- of tlie badies.'. Alii Society. TluirHday, [Marcji ^2, _7:30 p. rn.-r- ClVpir roluJarsal...: •..- '^' •', The fourth quarterly conference Will bc^-'hehr oiv Tuesday, .March 17' ul 8 p.- in. Presidents,^br-'al.!, organizations -.will ; pro8eny.'i,hoir-''reports. Full Go»pel rra^ernacle 96 Prospect Stroci/, Union City. Rev. Ray Unsderfeiy Pastor. 9:30 a,rn. Sunday scii v bol-, . . 10-30 a," m. Morning ^worship. . , 0:30 p. 'm. Young;Pebp.J.e's .meeting- •••• -':. : ' 1 -v i .-:• -,v'•••••.:'•:• . - 7;30.p.'-.m.-.-Evfihgbllstlo.service. -Wodnesday 7:30< p'. , in. Prayer mooting. .",.;'•• '-'V'C••'•'"' ; ' : ' '•-.•. St, Paul's Evangelical R«v. Henry S. ; Biiistat t PMtor 9 a. m. Sunday sclibpl. • , 10am. Morhtiig" worship' with 1 sermon by'-Bey'; .Henry S. Brustat ( pastor, -v. •'• •/ 1 .-."i-J '' : - • -:-.v- ''-. •••" • :—*-*•*—-——... • And in tHc- S^M-- ••;;-.> vns reported that- a . : J>ifc r ly was piassing^men. ancMTia- rn'ila but Tor'^offensive' action.: that ill'eaW may hivye been startedr.t ' 0 Aitnoush ; Japanese 'planes, -asahi m bod tnc'New.^GuinGa ports of 3 byand Ue, dispatches rrom :f 0 nourhr:ancrf^m a London^Da.y vrail- -correspondent- : In. Ausiian i nkl'^l-ecr ih«^- tho --W L j* 8 -S ..irrlo'd- to the enemy, with snaip •H]"t"c'rGd" flow's ilTn't" (ire,, expecl.eii !o' deyelpiy .into: maximum' striking ^Ssr: 5 |s« $&££&&* •ouiidaU6n3,.fop-Hi i ?-oom'nB p OOunl-. .r-brronslyp, •HtepKlin.B to "10 . wide ' Hn the „ claim was made that it took iiine tailors to make a mah^today'-one of $14.75 ;stiits will do the trick for a young man. W^" ^^^ ^^ . • ".-.•'• •••,-' . •• i .-...'• ( ;> In IPrep Shop— Setond Floor. There's any number of fine tweeds, light, medium' and/fairly dark — there's three different shades in the much coveted Coverts besides some very handsome • * ^^ , ' • ' 1 . ' **** ' A * —-k ^ •" ^^- *" *^* ' '" *^** *^ ^ *" shetlands. Sporty ja colorful, $9.75 to $17. ol Japanese iTroops - ' OnMindoro Uodl'uU., ' cxprcssoc crloftii forces wni'o slnl I »« npctrfl blown" a mi " Tor In formed lo "u.nilccr,.KaUons »U a •(soiinlci-io.lTonsl.yo al llio (Continuctl '.fi-oni Page One) emu wnnlod lo. Oontlnn n <>onhoclion, will, proposalh o Zamboanga, danao. from . , .-,,.. "2. Th'er.o., is 'nothing Vo vc\)ovt ot'ii or-, areas." • . iViohiM/.ctl l.o UK wru .:_l,h(U llio | | I | I I V • « •• . •groat task" .H.cs '"(GorJLiiVuqd; •from 1 Png'o One). orn tuv .. •Wo«'lnoHday,.8',00'p. vl'oo, (JsJiiKJlHlO'. 'Ohuroh -oholr. LJliirroli uliolr . •Tlruraday, a,:00 p. m. Confirmation olas,s <,liinloi'H),a:45 p^in, Children's oholr. r>:00 p.m.. P.tibilo HUPPOI; (oh'uruh). Sponnorod hy the l/udios ' 'Saturday,.0:00 a. rn, ;Connriuation a, Congregational Afihtu Jolmnon in,— Hundtiy unhool and Thu morning worship at II o'ljlouk will l»»i " tlominunlnn Horvloo, 'I'horn will a HO •'••rooopllon of now inomhni'H, Tin ' Irtplo. IM MilKhlH In thu <( '.svlil'oh IH tlio Mral In f\ of ,-thnio .Sunday mornlnK on tlm PUbJcuM "(lod und of Hufforlng," - -'Wo»!n«i''d A, •HuwklMHon, thu of ,thn (lovonanl, tlongi'r.Kii" ohuroh In llurlf^nK will 1m thu prmoluM' nt .tho twonlnK. -Horvh»» Aid ,, nilwilon will hoxln .on TUOH«l«y QViiMlnK ol 1 thin o .wbok, Thrr -(Ifw," K, -'A, Wrlnnon, lar^'of ' tho • Hulom HU gationui lohuroh In ' 1 -''' Sm'v- Joint inon U.S. . loo*; '\vlll l'n> ImUi'on ouch At (4 o'olnok,; -OXriopllliK, Tho Korvlivo on TtioMduy wrilbu I ntho SwodlHh lunKiwtfp. All •of tho othiu' ifuuHlngH will f>n In of 11)0. HorUm will bo hold u \vonk from' iomori'pw (Htinduv), St A, r at HI, :•; Mlohaol'H on Sfituiay, MuvQfi H, Third -en...,..., -In l.niU, will ho'ftH rollowH! Colol.ratlon or. Iho Holy, (lornwmi on at -7iJK) a, m, Hunday nohool In tho »li hoiiMo nt PilK) n, in. Mor ,„• and Hoi^iort'fit'|l"n. rn, Jtuhjool. "VAln WordH," K<illow«hlp choir In oholr •ooni at #v^^«ii'>..7ilM^iv. ; '^^^ ' fp 1 IN nnrlMli houfti 1 - Mondny:- rt:«0 P. rn,"' nminmar 'Hnhool fdrlM' oholr In oholr roam, P, in. HI-, MIohaelM dulld Kli-sl MaHH In jmrlHli hoiiHO, /t:(K) |), in. Snrvlisn tu youiiK I"M)plo In Junior ohoir. Buhjoot; "The Ssvord or Ti'iilh, 11 n:llV.|>. in. Warden's and vontry In oholr room. ; u :!K) ' p of Church Woman Auxiliary. Thoro svlll ho Nhoi'l. lillHlnuHM montlngM -of -oaoh orKanl/.atloiiH followed I>,V tho KOU- ui'ul nroollntf ut M p,'in. at whluli tlmo tho Hpoakor • wjll . ton , Mrn, ChurloH M, Hhoul'o, .M 1 ., ncorotary of UIM dloooMim ohuroh .Porlodloal oluli. Mrn- imy.nnrcl, Now Haven Huorolary, will, also ho 7;0() |i. 'm.--Mtos and 'Hoft;(K)'|i, in,—Sorvloo uiul-snr- (11V(ll with -HIM Hov. Arnold A,'I'un- ton-o.f AiiHonla; HH Hpoakor, Thursday—7:IU). p', m, Trop 7. . A.' In liarlHh lio'imo. ,,.,..'. './Kt'liliiy—DHK). n, in, Huly Com- inuiilon. Jl:(X). a, m.-Hukory and foiiil Halo In parlAh IKHISO,Tho ooin- mlt(,oo'OOn«lH(M .of Miu Konnoth, MPH, William Mrs, ChoHtnr Isholl, Ml'H,: Stanton '(Uovur, Mi'M, IMilllp Walkor and Mi-H. Krodorlok Nawrath, 7;(X.) p. m. —Alton and .sopranos; onllro ulioli at 7:1)0 p, rn, • Tho Hpoolal olTorlnK <>n Sunday al hoth HorvlooH will ho for tho work or'Ufa army and navy oowmlHHlon 'I'h'ln ''inonoy IH holng o.vpondor through tho oommlnslon to asnln tluJ ohaplalns Iti llio army and navy In KlvlnM lo Iho inon In. the Hoiwloo Huoh thhiKs as thoy ma> noml and HUO!I, thoughtful caro :\t nja'y help In tholr morale hUlldlnK ||. alMO IH hnlng oxpondod UV.UHMIH Did pdi'}8hOM Ihat-aro nnal 1 lo 1-lu onmpH HO lhal. llioy may hf> 'ihln tn Hlvn, not only hol.lor .-uji-vhy, ..\\\\ mnro roKUlnr and also ruitrouUoiui fiftHlHtaiion, Infncl, It l*» holng nx- pondod lo hnlp Iho hoys .In tho Moi'Vluo; Of (.'QurMo lioliiK *W*. Oongfregational Ilov. Edward ^P 1 - j/hB :: lTotorTal'tbn/ near tho in- tei'SoclijJprijr-'-JjcToi'c j I. 1 ..'' was <•. consumed iry... llrC'-Vi.liimQS, "\vhicii • To I lowed- tho blast, W'ii' ; em'c : ]V.said l.lioy:'saw iU-loasl throe iVoclios-in'thG.ruins. Many ol those removed had hcc.n Injurud.. Cork!n'j^Ta'vom,' beside thn vyay, -boilapsod '.from -Ibe-force QJ lire'-- explo>io'n, and several personi; wero -Injurc'd there'. : .' • , Tho.-4.ruok,, own.pd'-J)y. the Hishof.' TpanspbiMV-'Co., -of •'Chaiiloton, S.- C. \yasfia rising u load of black, powdei nnd' Lianii grenades on Ar.iny'consign- ment,'"aocord!-nfi .the drivers, Do- Carlor 'antl' Ilaymdrid ^ O'Nel I A very Avcry-'.was; injured ssllglilly. . ••. l?ire'.Chief ID", I,,. -Woodall;oF Smith- field,'N.TJ., saifl he received a call about. 1:30'a.m., and /.found- that .;• o'iir driven by Mrs., M.innic;Lewis, 23. of.Raleigh, N. Ci, had collided \viLh 'the truck; at the hi'ghway int.ersec- tion,,-and.;tlva;t: hoth. the truck and the car-.were-on fire. .. ^ Wooclalt.:,said'-l-hnt when.- he founc |,hc truck-Ccpntain.ed explosives anr Min't th'e ; m-e 'cOuld not be put on I with 'available 1 water, and equipment he ordered back 2r>0 yards . (PolWi Roman, Catholic) ' ' The Masses at sfl- Hedwig's chiirch .celebratod'-;at.i-'6:_30;:.8. ,9:30 •and 11 a..-m., ' .,',..-•;.. -."•' ...; The regular w.e'ekly vesper;service vvlll be .at 3 o'clock:'Sunday arfter, .noon. • -.....'• :• . ;.r y '- .':•••.. .'-' ' The -'lowest -, lemperal-ure eve i'ccowlcd-^in;:'Alaslca-, was 78 degrees Fah)'6riMl't-;bel6W.-qn .Inn. (|uicK" cc nv- cost, in make a almost hoi United Nations of order to throw can ,oon to - talce ^onM. action toward meeting Indian ^manclsfo in o nonclp'noo in order to•• sollaii-y -ine count!^ millions behind the allied cause • ' ' i ~ J -The : National defense Council was summoned;;»oQL.for two days at Now Doli 11 in April.. • • On the European .front, .he Russian -army was .-still punching.hnid at tho "German -.lines and -Berlin radio said that particularly violent attacks had been launched northeast of Vyazma,'.probably in the ruhcv sector whore, the .Hod .army has surrounded a German strong point. .-. ... • ;'-.;, Canadian : coal mines produced J8i5-d,-V ; i7 tons of coal' In ml as compared with 17,5G6,88/i , tons m J940, a gain'of 3/i per cent. lY^Tjlalcd'-bfTiio islands b^ is very rich in natural resources -suoli "'war' department's 'morning, communique also reported . 'desu- | (0 ry lighting between patrolb, on. the outskirts of .Zamboanga, on the island of Mindanao, where- .Inpa- nese troops landed earl er t h s week. The department said , Wednesday that the city of Zamboanga 'was '-'in names,"".Except fO' 1 slight; art.llery Hre and an • ineffective' a'ir raid, there was no activity on Bataan, the department said/of the-last M hours- in Uiat, theater Avhere the"^ bulk oi : •Mir- American 1 , forces under Gen. Douglas MacArthur are holding Ollt.' •''.-. • • Meanwhile; observers sa\y the .possiljlllty that .Japan's - drive .to smash remaining allied resistance in-Java and^Burma-li i: -the drive is- successful-might ••. free -•; additional ISMpponcse air- and -ground-.forces, for' action against MacArlhur s Ba- Urnn defenders. ... ...''. \Vhr Dcpt. Communique Washington, March 7-MUP) •— Text of War- department communi- que No. 138' as of 0-:30. BWT; today: ' 1. "Philippine theater: '- "Except .for.-.slight .aiM.illery.-l re and an ineffective enemy .air raid, there was no.uctivity on I^/itaan. 1 "A comparatively, small, force o] •Japanese troops,--accompanied "by tanks, landed at Calap(u.i on the-island of Mindoro.-Several ports on Llio east coast of tho, island-were shelled by enemy naval craft. . "There was desultory fighting between patrols on the outskirts o'f GOOD S A LESM ANSIU|» Springfield .Mass., March 7-f.UP, —Daniel Manning Jr., 21, who wciU. |;o the U. S. marine corps rccniiUr oiTicc here yesterday to repair typewriter,'Will report for duty:.,, two weeks. Before lie got the type, writer fixed ,a recn^Hing officer had. talked him into Jojfljng.Uicjimrlncs. '. 'The...Department,' -of Commerce effected administrative- reoi^an tion in some'branches to fund? .effective cpnlFllJullons to Hie war effort. . • LEGAL NOTICE Manv viously articles of merchandise pro- imported -by Bra/il are now accordln|^.; Lll , c . Department o'f! boilig".*'produced locally,, according to the Department of Commerce, , . . : St. Mary^s ; ; .-., (Roman Catliblic) Key. Thomas M. GrWf In e ' m'lisses ;»ti St. ;r Mary's ; church will be ..celebrated ; at '.7:30, 9:30 , and H a.-oiv- ' : • •'••••>'"• "•• ; --.' " '"•' ' • The Junior, intornwJlate • anti-Honor drMHirtmon.ts. 'of ; tho - . will .moot a. m. Tho and'-.primary, department will moot' at ,11 o'clock... ! Morning worHhlp, with tho Sao- •rinionl of tho, fvord's Suppor, \vlll ,0 hold'at li o'clock. The minister, l\ov, Milwni'd-Il, .Hanon, wlllpreach on "An • O.mon for Kvory Man, Ac- oordlng to tho Numbor of Your Pcr- MC ''':KII(lren'H subject "The Ox and llln -Miilo," • . ••• - . • . :MUHlc; ; introductory voluntary, O'.SuiU'oil lloiul,' .once Wounded,- Kuiinau; proc6«Hlonul hymn No.'^f); anthom,'(GlrlH'\lunlor choir) "Dona Noliila. Papenv," ;0ld .flonnari Hound ;• offortory, • "Surnly lie- Hath Borne Oiir GrlofH," Yoltl ;• concluding/voluntary, "Ootlii'c March," Fosolilnl,", •Tho Young Ropplo's Fellowship Will moot fit .7-p. rV), Mr. Olaronco 13. jonnH, chalrnum ol 1 the Nnugatuck. DofoiiHO Council; will :-fipeak on "The Dol'onso. -Council, Hod Cross NYoi'k, and Wlial- Young Pooplo Can Do To Help." •;;' .-•••'. Nauffatuck Methodist W. M, Ne«blt, Ph.D. • ',' '.. .' ' j_ _<'_;* .-;'. liwv. \Vliilam :M. Nosh it, Ph.IX ' .in L'o 10:50. a, in. .Sunday Kchool (The world of'today needs .Icnow.l- od«o of God). 11 a, m; lo'12 m.— Public worship, .Serippn—-"A . MAS- sam) of Comfort for Today,' 1 /-Wo gladly.wolijbmo; -l.o -p^r.Uo.lpn't'.oi •In ,|.hls sorvlcn...-our .nruvly,..organ: lind Junior choir, . conrlucted , h? Mildred W.oyh, •'•• •-.•••• Mnrt-.h •IO.-.8 • p, m.-—A of McthodiHt, Young People l,hn churoho« of lh< rally from II I/Ill 11*11* * ' 1 I 1 I • +r * i - ' • - bury group will inpol al our ohure! RCV; •\'St.. Francis'/ . (Roman Catholic)' J. J. -Fitzgerald, 1 Pjwtor. Masses will be celebrated in St. Francis'' chairch Sunday morning at 7, 9 and 11 o.'clock. •'; . ;- *-*,+ ; • • . , '••: Holy Saviour ', ' (Polish National! Catholic) ••! , Rev. I/buis Wrzosiws^i Masses- at 8 and' ; iO:Ba a.m. •' •-.-, "3 1 '.. x-j-v .--...' • ' .- . • . TRY A CLASSTPlipD/AD .'..'• IN Till Wfe&ses , will be',. cele1?i i ftte<i at St Anthony'^, cliur.oh in 'Prospect.Sun day7morplnjDr Rt 8 tihd^lO; o'clock. St. Paul's -vEvangelical - i) n.m. Sunday school;,'/ ';.; - .,..', •' iO'00' a.hi. Service and'.sermon. ' - /i p',m." l Oh I jdiron. wil l. : , ityoscn t' ..program 'of Cn'rls!|mas carolS' 1 ..and..recitations^ _'•' ;_... ••r-.:'V : ':J': > :^;.-.,'!.;••'-.. : ... JFirst : Church W; : Christ, ;: Scientist^ Coriiftr -Holhios niid MltclVqll Avonucs. • Sunday services, JO ; ? i5 r a; -m' ' '' fl^WerOancing When Cupid "Cut In" '*$&&& (•->••.7'-^-.i'i 1 .?'--;/:-, . Su'nclny ' m. •' The--govf!riinV(ml-i"- i oF. devoting Increased .attohtipn to';on-. larKOfl ',production ';:,olVI ( foodstuffs, says Iho ])opa|lpicnt ( of Commerce. > x * "i j ' District of ; Naugatuck,. ss. .'••'••' •' • Probate Court, March 7,-1942. Estate of- Gladys Brodcrick, • lai-c of Naugatuck, .nr said District,- deceased. The,Court of Probate for the Dis- Irict of Naugatuck 'hatli;limited and- allowed six months 1'roni date hereof for the creditors 'of said estate to exhibit their claims for settlement. Those who neglect, to present their accounts, properly attested, within said time; \yill be debarred- a recovery. All. persons indebted to said Estate aro requested to make immediate payment -lo . , '','•.. -JQSISPH-- L. BHODBR1GK, Administrator. No.--HG Wo.odbinc Street, NaugR- tuck, Conn. .. 3-7di 1NCOMIC TAX I5TII Is Eiisy To See. Why Nol For-All Vour Biff Expenses? NaUjBratuck Savings Bank The Old Time "Mutual 11 — FOB SALE- Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street Order a Delicious < Coffee Cuke „. l''oi' Sunday's Breakfast Fillfnos. .Of All Khids. Plain and Frosted ColVcc Cukes t Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 3«78 Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 liiiiiiiliid. illusiral.ion;sd)ovi;,and when you ,,..-.,: it will revr'nl N'oi'nia 'Shearer and Slolvyn Doujjlas ii» Dillons., .For-Unv firsl |> coiMTcUy asscMnhlnl pliolos- sen!, lo lluv 'TheaieV,; a ^air-:of- {jnesl. 'tickets' each will he n\viu;<l< i ,<l (o sr.o ^iniincinn," which opens n flve-rdny; shorll'y al lh« wllli Norinn Shoaror nnd Mclvyn Houjjla^ in (lit slm'i'inu roles. Best To New 1941 Super De Luxe Fordor Radio Heater — All Tires Practically New — Also 1940'Studebaker President 1940 Lincoln'.Sedan These cars should be good for the duration of f( ? r1 ' ority Buying." Demonstration On Request. • v FORD ^^'^l/^i^iv^f^. 1 '? $$ ? v'' — LINCOLN Co. Tel. 2219

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