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Jasper, Indiana
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COURIER. JASPER: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1883. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT 2 asks the Evansville Courier upon copying our suggestion that the defeat of Hon. I. P.

Gray for the Democratic nomination, should occur, would be the work of wire pullers and would-be bosses excineively, and not of the masses of the party. Now it is not our province to do anything about it, but the history of parties in Indiana for years has not been flattering to the "bosses," when arraved against the honest masses, and it is sure 1884. will prove no exception. There are enough independent voters to always hold the balance of power between parties, and should wire-pulJers succeed in overriding the will of the prople, these independent voters are sure to vote for the nominee the other party, and of course elect him. That's what 'the people are likely to do about it.

When women generally demand the suffrage they will get it in New York. There ie no doubt about that. Either! one of the two parties will be ready to make them voters whenever it becomes evident that the great body of them really want the -N. Y. Sun.

The Sun's statement about New York will apply to ludiana also, and to probably all the States. Whenever a 08- jority of the women demand the suffrage they will get it without any trouble, and there are forces at work which may bring about that demand in a few years. It will be a charming time when gentlemen escort the ladies politely to the polls. No town can long live and prosper and grow, that does not contain live business men who advertise their goods. Show 118 a town that is without this class of men and we will show you a town where trade is dull, where the people complain of hard times and where enterprise is almost entirely wanting.

Good advertising makes good trade, and that too, at low rates, since he who sells quick can afford to sell cheap. A good trade makes a live town, and thus it is that bueiness men bave much to do with the success of the town. -Exchange. The Insane Asylum. The commissioners met on Monday at Indianapolis and finally settled the question of the long talked of insane asylum.

Contracts were made not long since a switch, and preliminaries arranged for the purchase of a site, which, the selection of the Howard farm, for which $17,000 was paid. This closes all arguments. Evansville is in reality to have the Asylum, and the matter is defnitely disposed of. -Evansville Courier. Professor J.

L. Campbell, of Wabash College, who has been conducting the geodetic survey of the state, has published a table of altitudes giving the elevation above the sea level of one station in each county. The bighest point given is at Winchester, Randolph county, 1,101 feet; the lowest Leavenworth, Crawford county, 308. New Albany is 436 feet. Charlestown, in Clark county, is 588, Cordon, in Harrison county, 595, Salem, in Washington, 716.

-N. A. Ledger. At Jasper, Dubois county, S. Nargen and John Stranes, business men and former partners, quarreled Monday glass- over a settlement and fought with beer Both were badly injured and Nargen will probably die.

-Vincennes San. The above is correct with the excepticns that no such men ever lived of the in Jasper, there fight kind between any persons in Jasper, and that no one has been seriously injured. Eighteen of the Democratic Senators in the Indiana Legislature hold over, and on this basis the State Auditor figthat the next Senate will stand Reures thirty-four up Democrats and sixteen with the bouse a tie if the Reall the doubtful districts publicans, The next carry Legislature will be called publicans upon to elect a United States Senator. WATER. -White river was 80 Monday and Tuesday- that the HIGH high last couldn't cross, and the Portersville do turn back from ferry The mails were crossed in Loogootee stages there.

skiff. A good deal of bottom corn is under water. It is said that the population of Nevada is steadily diminishing. The population in 1880 was only 62,000, and if the present ratio of shrinkage continues, shows it will be only 40,000 in 1890. This the folly of admitting new states before they have acquired a settled population.

05 Serg't Mason, the miscreant soldier who attempled to Guiteau while on duty guarding him has been cepted pardoned an by the engagement President, to and appear has in acPittsburg Museum of unnatural monstrosities. The Times correeted its license notices last week, but they were too late to be legal for head next term of Commispioners' Court, license granted on them are not likely to protect their holders. 05 The French and Chinese are abont to get into a big fight, which will likely create a fair demand- next year for American pork and beans, Patents Granted. The following patents were granted to citizens of Indiana, week ending Norember 20, 1883, reported expressly for this by Jos. H.

Hunter, Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents, 934 Street, Washington, D. John W. Anderson, South Bend, vebicle seat; Charles B. Hitchcock, Indianapolis, toe weight; Nathan H. Long, Muncie, clothes-rack; Jeremiah Lockwood and Charles Mclntire, Sallivan, money-changing cabinet; Adrian Hill, Rushville, road cart; William W.

Wallace, Frankfort, brick and tile machine; William W. Wallace, Frankfort, clay crusher. Transfers of Real Estate in Dubois County from Nov. 21, 1883, to Nor. 27, 1883.

Anna M. Gosmann to Joseph C. Striegel, lot 8. Schnellville, $30. Fred Eckenfels to Anna M.

Gosmann, one-half acre in Sec. 2, T. 2, R. 5, $10. Geo.

Friedman to Anna M. Gosmann, 40 acres in Sec. 35, T. 1, R. 5, 8385.

Adam Stratman to John Malter, 120 acres in Sec. 28, T. 9, R. 3, $1.900. English Reporter.

She Designed now in bran new clothes, to captivate the bothes; Then down the street she gothes, When suddenly she stumps her tothes, Falls down and hurts her pretty nothes01 what a chapter of sad wothes. New Music. -Do not fail to send for a of "Only An Ivy Leaf," "Love's Invitation," "Kiss Me Good Night, Sweetheart." Either of the above sent to any address, post-paid, for 40 cents, by Jos. F. Sermersheim.

8w. MARRIAGE LICENSES. -The following have been issued by Clerk Gosmann since our last report: Henry J. Hohler and (Elizabeth Hopf. Thos.

Bear and Anna M. Hemerlein. Samuel Baugh and Margaret Lemmon. Jacob Propheter and Anna C. L.

Moller. Jas. Schnaus and Anna Wigant. Thos. H.

Glezen and Anna Stewart. Stuter and Rosa Blessinger. John Blessinger and Helen Eckstein. Ed. Sanders and Lucretia A.

Deel. John G. Schaal and Anna E. Blemker. B.

B. Simmons and Hannah O. Evans. Fred. Bockelman and Barbara Habig.

M. Robertson and Elizabeth Paddock. S. H. Alley And Florence J.

Small. Wm. Padget and Lydia Walker. Case Davis and Sarah E. Walker.

John Meyer and Elizabeth Neukam. Harvy Nicholson and Mary Clements. -For st full stock of at low prices, S. Kuebler will suit you. DISSOLUTION NOTICE.

THE partnership heretofore existing in the mercantile business between John Mebne and Conrad Mehne, in Portersville, Dubois county, was dissolved by mutual consent Nov. 1st, 1883, Conrad Mehne retiring. The business will be continued by John Mehre, who assumes all the indebtedness of the late firm of Mehne Brothers, and is entitled to collect all the debts. JOHN MERNE. CONRAD MEANE, Nov.

30, 1883 3w, SURVEY NOTICE. NOTICE is order, hereby the given Surveyor that of pursuant county, Indiana, will on the 15th day of December A. D. 1883, proceed to run the intermediate lines and establish the corners of Section thirty (30), Township one (1), South of Range five (5) West. All persons interested will attend.


22d, 1883. is hereby given by the Board NOTICE Directors of the Indiana Coal Railroad Company that books for the subscription to the capital stock of the said company has been opened at the Recorder's office of Dubois county, Indiana, at Jasper, Indiana. By order of the Board of Directors. WILLIAM H. IRWIN, President.

Nov. 23, JOSEPH SADDLER AND Harness Maker AT HIS OLD STAND from now on steady, ready to attend to the orders of customers. Don't forget the place, EAST SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE, JASPER, INDIANA, WHEN YOU WANT GOOD WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES. JOSEPH TROXLER. Oct.

19, 1883-tf. Riverside, Col. The dry climate cores. Throst, Lungs, full idea, 36 route, cost, free. MARRIAGE AND QUIDE.

Illustrated 200 HEALTH pgs. (All that the doubtful curlous or thoughtful want to kaow, Cloth and guilt binding 60 25c, Mar rage Guide, 144 15c, sent sealed, money or stpe, by WHITTIER OR BIARE STREET, The great specialist, Nervous Debility, Impedimenta? to Consultation and Pamphlet Nov. 16, 1833-Ly. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. NOTICE is J.

hereby Friedman, given that the late Klingel has this day been diesolved by mutual, agreement of the parties, Mathias Klingel one of the firm withdrawing. The said firm will continue under the firm name of Friedman consisting of the following named parties, to-wit: Joseph Friedman and George Friedman. All parties knowing themselves indebted to the late firm of J. Friedman, Klingel will call upon the new firm in Jasper, and settle all their indebtedness, within thirty days from date of this notice, and save cost by so doing. All persons having accounts or claims against said firm, will also call and have same settled.

The new firm is authorized to collect and settle all debts due from and owing to said firm this day dissolved. Jasper, November 20, 1883. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN. MATHIAS KLINGEL. GEORGE Friedman.

Nov. 23d, 1833 -3w. DISSOLUTION NUTICE. A TOTICE is hereby given that the late firm of J. Friedman, Bauer Co.

bas this day been dissolved by mutual agreement of the undersigned Joseph and George Friedman withdrawling therefrom. The said firm will continue under the name of Bauer, Seibert Klingle, consisting of John Bauer, Frank Seibert and Matbiss Klingel. All parties knowing themselves indebted to said firm of J. Friedman, Bauer will call upon the new firm in Jasper and settle the same within thirty days from the date of this notice, aud save cost by 80 doing. All persons having accounts or claims aginst said firm will also call and have same settled.

The new firm is authorized to collect and settie all debts due from or owing to said firm this day dissolved. Jasper, November 20, 1883. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN, JOHN BAUER, GEORGE FRIEDMAN, FRANK SEIBERT. Nov. 23, 1883-3w.

COURT NOTICE. my of the State of Indiana, that Catharine Bueltel has filed a petition and commenced an action against them in the Dubois Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, for the partition of Real Estate, situated in said County of Dubois. Said defendants, and each of them, are therefore hereby notified of the pendency of said action against them, and that the same will stand for issue and trial at the next term of said Dubois Circuit Court, to be begun and held at the Court-house, in the Town of Jasper, Dubois County. Indiana, on the First Monday of January, A. 1884, and that unless they appear on the Second day of said term, and an swer or demur to said petition fled against them, the same will be heard, said action determined in their absence.

PETER J. GOSMANN, Clerk Dubois Circuit Court. BRUNO BUETTNER, Att'y for Plaintiff. Nov. 16th, 1883-3w.

lpf. $6.00.1 TOTICE is hereby given to Henry Bueltel, Elizabeth Bueltel, Bernard Bueltel and Bernard H. Lineman their Guardian, who as appears by affidavit filed in office, are all COURT NOTICE. Nor. 9th, 1883 4w.

Tpf. 810 TOTICE is hereby children given to Charles Doll, the three of Joseph Doll, deceased, whose names are known, Carolina Doll, Catbarine Doll, Rosa Doll, Katie Doll, and Mrs. Hutchinson, Mrs. Ryan, whose christian names are now unknown, Henry Shieler, and widower Shieler, whose christian name is now unknown, and who, as appears by affidavit filed in my office, are all nonresidents of the State of Indiana, that Joseph Jerger has filed a complaint and commenced an action against them in the Dubois Circuit Court, of the State of Indiana, to quiet the title to Real Estate, situated in said County of Dubois. Said defendants, and each of them, are therefore hereby notified of the pendeney of said action against them, and that the same will stand for issue and trial at the next term of said Dubois Circuit Court, to be begun and held at the Court-house in the Town of Jasper, in Dubois County, Indiana, on the First Monday of they January, appear A.

on the 1884, Second and day that of said unless term and anawer or demur to said complaint filed against them, said action will be heard and determined in their absence. PETER J. GOSMANN, Clerk Dubois Circuit Court. By JACOB GOSMANN, Deputy. BRUNO BUETTNER, Att' for Plaintiff.



THERE NEVER WAS A MORE COMPLETE STOCK IN DUBOIS COUNTY THAN WE HAVE AT THIS TIME, CONSISTING OF Dry-Goods, Clothing! NOTIONS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. LADIES and GENTS' FURNISHING Trunks and Valises, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Ladies and Misses Gossamer Wraps, Groceries, Queensware and Hardware. JUST ARRIVED! THE NICEST AND MOST COMPLETE LINE OF Single and Double Shawls, Cloaks, Dolmans and Jackets Ever Before in the County, Our CLOTHING we manufacture onrselves and can GUARANTEE yon GOOD GOODS; GOOD WORKMANSHIP AND GOOD FIT, and can Save the Purchaser Fully 25 Per Cent. COME AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF. Our Goods, at Fair Value and NO MISREPRESENTATION.

or Country Produce taken in EXCHANGE FOR GOODS and the HIGHEST MARKET PRICE allowed for same. Thanking you, one and all, for past favors, We remain, yours truly, LEHRBURGER, KAHN CO. October 12th. 1883 -tf. JOHN F.

ALLES. JACOB ALLES. FURNITURE FACTORY! I ALLES Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of LATEST STYLES OF Furniture! Thankful for past favors we will endeavor to merit future patronage. Particular attention given, to filling orders for retail dealers. for Steam Manufactory on Anderson Street.

-Warerooms on the Corner of Westi Sixth and Publlo Square. UNDERTAKING. KING. We have on bands constantly an assortment of COFFINS AND BURIAL ROBES, and having purchased a fine HEARSE, will attend funerals with it in any part of Dubois County, on short notice, when desired. October 5th, 1883.

ALLES BROTHERS, JASPER, IND. Fashionable FALL and WINTER CLOTHING AT S. KUEBLER'S Best Cheapest Prices! Latest Fashions, and LARGEST STOCK IN THE COUNTY! want the CLOTHING trade, of Dubois County this Fall; am going to have it, it Cheap Prices, Handsome Fits and FASHIONABLE GOODS will secure it. COME and EXAMINE CLOTHING, and I am sure you will buy, My stock of other goods is also complete. West side of the August Court-house, 24th, 1883-tf, Jasper, S.


PESETARY 2D, 1883. J. M. BARTON, Cashier..

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