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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • Page 5

The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • Page 5

Jasper, Indiana
Issue Date:

I A SP F. DTI I "Hand8 are facing a Cleve- aoir-n uuaiLn iand Co8 fence arund Soldier3, Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report Jasper Lodce No. 68, A. 0. U. Will have a special meeting at its Monument this week r3-Don't forget the G. A. R. ice cream and strawberry festival tomorrow night. In the school grove if pleasant weather. In the court Hall, on Saturday night, May 18, 1895, to consider special business. JiCome to Jasper and see how we All the brothers are to be present. By order of the Lodge. house, if not. Go, and take your lady, and get a chance on a beautiful picture, and have some fun. noun 01 mail nosing at Jasper p. u. To (five time to make lip th mails pniprrly the mails will be closed ut the JaHper 1 as follows: K. Mail o'clock, a. 9:50 a. ni 8 60, p.m. French I.lck star route 6 a. m. Ireland twice a day, upon arrival of morning and afternoon trains. Portersville: Tuesdays, Thursiliivs and Saturdays, 7 a. m. Chas. Kuu, P. M. Jas. S. Milbcrn, Recorder. imtxli-llve on the 21st of May. L. Jenkins. Decoration Day will be observed as usual in Jasper at the several grave yards. After the-services the Post will participate with the Ireland Post at Shiloh. The Bill A I I TO BROTHERS HLLL0 DESIRE TO Absolutely pure Has started to roll, and the "Red Jack ets," the champions of southern Indiana, win their first game this year off Dec. 21, 1894. ly. The Tell Cltv and Evansville Bands Call the attention of the public to the fact that they are still in the igy Don't forget German Day at Jas-per next Tuesday. Clothing at cost at a picked nine, but it took ten inning to decide the game. This goes to show that are looking for a grand time at Jasper on-j PERSONAL. wo sihi, ana mey win not be disap- Jasper has notonly the champion team, Eckerts' New Store. MMTjULLNG ems, Town Board Proceedioct. The Jasper Town Board met in you want homemade tinware go puiuieu, you uei. "Seethe new advertisement of Alles Bros, this week. regular session on Monday night, May 13, all members present. 7 to Lorey Bturm. at. FlSDid you hear our choir and quartette practicing for German Day? out another one to spare, i he game was interesting np to the 10th inning, when the Mixed Pickles went to pieces and scores were piled np against them. The new ground is all that a team could desire, and the boys promise some interesting games for the season. The following is the score by innings 12845678 9 10 Total Red Jackets 2 20303084 1532 List- of. Letters Allowances. Veronika Krodle, ref. license te8For fine ice cream and cakes, call Kemaimng unclaimed the post Cloth covered caskets same style fees 85 on Hennr Moutoux, the Baker. 34-3t omce at Jasper, May 1, 1895 Jos. Buchart, coal oil. 11 00 Raymond, Mrs. Clara, Weston, as above cut for 17.00, and upwards. Wooden cases trimmed complete for fll.OO. gasoline stoves go to Lorey Mixed 341041031 0-17 (hd anaatoaBAi4mant Mrs. isirdy. I Lampert, blacksmithing. 6 20 Aug. Dupps, street 7 50 Batteries Red Jackets Fierst and 1 11 1 111 VUGJT iJ V. 11V. IHlgvl W.J.J.J 1 at low prices. 3t. When calling for above letters say will furnish Metalic Caskets. bCassidy. Henry Berger. engineering within 5 hours, at any price from "advertised, giving date of list. Charles Ego, P. M. JSTFor bargains in 'shoes go to the new fhoe store the only excluaive shoe Main Bt. grade 1 1 00 Mixed fiCkert and Seibert. Frank Taylor, Umpire. The club has received a challenge to $75.00 and upwards. S. Rich, team on streets 15 00 store in town. All goods delivered free of charge r. Jos. Dick will have the dining play the Gilbert club, of Evansville, and M. Lampert, team on streets, 28 75 Miss Jessie Traylor came home from Bloomington last Saturday. Miss Lottie Doane is spending aJ few days in Petersburg this week. Mrs. John A. Sermersheim and children are in Louisville this week visiting her mother, Andrew Berger. Mr. Kerr Traylor and bride arrived at Bloomington on Saturday last, and were heartily welcomed by friends. 1 Mr. Peck, of Chicago, the adjuster of the Washingtoi Ins. of Hammond, was in town Thursday and paid the claim of the Jasper Mfg. Co. in full. Mr. Jos'. I. Schuhmacher, of Anderson, was visiting his parents in Jasper this week. He represents the natural gas city as i booming. He left for home yesterday, his father, Mr. Isidor Schuhmacher, accompanying him for a visit there. will likely accept it. any place in the country. Furniture delivered any place in town. 17 00 C. Doane, printing. tables on the. picnic grounds on German Day, May 21st. And will furnish first JfiyGet your floats read, and don't sleep and wait Jor others. German Day Jos. Friedman, Sr. appraiser, 2 00 class meals for all at 25 cents each. All needing this kind of service is neanng. A Household Necessity. No family should be without Foley's Geo. P. Wagner, 2 00 Leo F. Spayd, 2 00 De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cures will please give us a call and examine our stock. We also carry a fine line of FURNITURE of all kinds. scalds; burns, indolent sores and never Born to W. W. Gullet and wife Sunday morning, May 12, 1895, a girl 10 pounder. The Prof, is Eckstein Dupps, lumber. 3 diarrhoea and colic cure. Perfectly safe and will 'give instant relief. Price 25 and 60c. M.Friedman.' fails to cure piles. M. nedman. Andrew J. Berger, Clerk. 8 25 Everything sold at reasonable JKgTan shoes for ladies and gents, at happy. Benj Schrader, stone 3 00 H. Pfau, Trustee 20 00 L. h. Spayd shoe store most in style prices, boliciting your patronage we are prepared to guarantee satis- For Sale! I have alotof whiskv kegs and bar lor summer. els, ErJrKempf, 20 00 W. H. Flick, 20 00 JwlJBi very body prepare joienjoy themselves, and to make visitors happy next German Day next -tf for sale cheap. J. RTaem an. tttTlf you want an ice cream freezer go to ixirey Murm, tney sea tnero acticn. ALLES BROTHERS. N. W. Corner Public Square. Jos. Rottet, 20 00 Mileage Tickets. 1,000 mile mileage cheap. st. Tuesday. Give it a boom. tickets for $20 are now being sold by the A. Sprauer, 20 00 A. Steinhauser, teaming, 8 75 tCitizens, don't forget to decorate JASPER, INDIANA. Hall's Hair Renewer renders the hair lustrous and silken, gives it an even your business houses, and dwellings on is. et. Li. k. good over the following lines Bluff, Rochester Pitts- hnrv- Ontrslia A T) jQTCerman Day will be remembered the 21st. color, and enables women to put it up in by all who attend. Don forget it. C. Soliga, Treas. 15 00 F. Vonderschmidt, Marshal, 40 50 H. Benedict, team on 6treet, 2 50 Cleveland, Akron Columbus; 4 JUL a great variety of styles. OlUCKSKIf. r-rt ft I Wt La Grippe is here again all of its old time vigor. One inute Cough Cnre is a reliable remedy. It cures and cures St (big 4) Columbus, Hocking A Toledo Columbus, Sandusky JSTMr. Joe. Dick will have the dining tables on the picnic grounds on German Day, May 21st: And will furnish first Geo. Mehringer and others Baby Carriages, 4 rincllay, ind- ins. Iowa; A fine assortment, which we do not want class meals for all at 25 cents each. election board. 17 50 Phil: Kunkel, teaming on st. 27 00 A (Monon) St yji.Lfiu.iti to carry over to next season, and conse Ohio Central Lines Ohio Southern quently will close them out at rock bot" quickly. M. Friedman. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. IQTTnvitations were sent but. to torn figures. All reed bodies Total $345 78 A Shen. Toledo, St Kansas City O. Louisville 4 Cincinnati; Cincinnati A Ya: 4 BEST HADE, BEST FITT1K8, BEST WEARlkf tlje celebration of the 25th anniver nicely upholstered ac prices ranging from Treasurer submitted his annual sary of the marriage of Mr. Anton $4-00 up. ihe finest lor I12.U0. Our 10c. counters have been re Habig and his worthy wife, at the Our patrons will find De Witt's Little For persons who travel over extensive territory these tickets will be a great advantage, R. A. Campbell, SPA report, which was approved, and Clerk directed to publish it one plenished with a complete new assoit- i.arly Risers a safe and Tenable remedy couple's cosy and handsome home ment of all Kinds of novelties wonder for constipation, dyspepsia and liver week in Jasr er Courier. Jos. Benedict, Agt Jasper. tf on North Main street. According complaints. M.Friedman. Marshal Vonderschmidt submit fully cheap. You are invited to call and inspect the same. Alles West Side Public Square. May 10-2t Lost. Pi of. Mouchka. of Chrisnev. will ly last night, May "16, a large number of friends gathered there and spent a pleasant evening with their ted his report of street work, which bring his band to Jasper to celebrate German Day, the 21st. Prof. is one was approved and ordered 'filed; One Buckeye binder twine order-book, QrThere will be some good mu Henry Pfau, Trustee elect for 1st genial hosts, and wished they might of the best Band masters in Indiana. containing orders for about 4,000 lbs. of twine: orders are in favor of Q. P. sic at the ice cream and strawberry Wagner. Lost on Jasper and Porters Nearly every onerequires a tonicblood festival to-morrow night, and comrade Hunter will make a speech on ville road, Monday evening," May 13. Return to S. 8. Winemger. Portersville, medicine in the spring, inere is notn-ing so good as Foley's 50c. Sarsaparilla, M. Friedman. "How to retain health, beauty and live io cujuy uitar guiueu weuuinij, and some valuable and- beautiful presents were left. Decoration Day. The G. A. R. Post, of Ireland, or G. P. Wagner, Jasper. 17-lt JEflfl PflfiTS XIV 'X'HJI WORXJP. Wi THE GOOD Wll CLOTHUG CO. EVANSVILLE. IND. lsx roKTHix. itot ran viuina a fine bead of hair," which will be well worth hearing. Go and enjoy Sick headache, constipation and indi All Free. gestion are quickly cured by De Witt's ward Philip Kunkel, 1 rustee elect for 2d ward; Wm. H. Flick, Trustee elect for the 4th ward, each filed certificate of election and oath of office. The Clerk, Marshal and Treasurer also filed certificates of election, and oath of office, which were ordered filed, and it was further ordered that the Clerk give a bond of $200, and the Marshal a bond of and the Treasurer a bond yourself, and assist a good cause. Those who have used Dr. King's New Jiarly Kisers, the famous little "Ten people out of a dozen are in Discovery know its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it Free. Call on the advertised drug For Sale by S. KUEBLER. reb.V95 ly. JASPER. INDIANA pills. M. Friedman. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. and Guckes-Welman Post, of Jasper, will observe Decoration Day, at All other societies are invited to attend and assist in the exercises. There will be good speaking and good' music." Let valids," says a recent medical authority. At least eight out of these ten, it is safe to allow, ate suffering from some form of blood-disease which a persistent use of gist and get a trial bottle, free, bend your name and address to H.E. Bucklen 4 and get a sample box of Ayer's Sarsaparilla would be sure to Dr. King's New liiier jriiis tree, as weu MU of $3,000. cure, men, don be an invalid. as a ronv of Guide to Health and House every body come with well filled baskets. G. A. R. Committee. A lady at Tooleys, was very sick with bilious colic when M. C. Tisler, a prominent merchant of the town, gave hold instructor, free. All of which is The, old board Ijheh adjourned CEDAlt Garden. This beautiful guaranteed to do you good and cost you her a bottle oi Chamberlain colic, chol Marriage Licenses, nothing Martin neamanrUrugstore, sine die The nevvoa7d6rganized by elect 'ing Henry Pfau President. era ana aiarrnoea remeay. lie says sue Fred W. Brace and Maria M. Moreen- was well in forty minutes after taking R. R. Excursions. thaler. Treasurer Soliga filed his bond in summer-resort-has-been-jemodeled and fixed up by Mr. Lauer, who will open it for the season by a big dance on Pink" Monday. See advertisement in another column, and if you want a good time make your arrangements to attend the opening the first dose, tor sale by M. fried-man, Druggist. Doctor H. R. Fish, of Gravois Mills, The L. St. L. Cons. R. R. will $3,000, which was approved by the JASPER, INDIANA; Headquarters for VEHICLES Fred Wellman and Ida Lowenstein. Dexter E. Rummel and Emma Rauscher. Bernard A. Knust and Maria Schwartz. Henry Wibking and Roxena Songer. sell excursion tickets to the following Board, ordered recorded and nled. events, and on the following times The, Board then adjourned to meet a practicing physician oi many years experience, De Witt's pworth League Convention, Kock in special session on Monday night, Witch Hazel Salve has no equal for in- Frank Begle, and Cath. Wendholt. Jos. L. Sander and Paulena Haase. Jas. Wilkey and Mary E. Kays. June 3d. port, May 20th and 21st; at one and one-third fare for round trip, good returning on May 22d. May 20th, Iy5. dolant sores, scalds and bums, it stops pain instantly, heals a burn quickly and Fred W. Schmett and Lissette F. Peters, Persons who sympathize with the af For Philadelphia." May 20-24. at And Fanning Imple-ments of all kinds. Free Pills. flicted will rejoice with D. E. Carr, of one fare for round trip, on account 1. U. Under Bond. Mr. Wm. E. 1235 Harrison street, Kansas City. He U. celebration. An U. OI lOOi; nananm lioVol. a I leaves no scar. rneaman. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla Hutcheson who was ordered arrest Send your address to H. E. Bucklen.4 Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial is an old sunerer from inflammatory rheumatism, but has not heretofore been troubled in this climate. Last winter he one fare for round will be sold to Binder Twine the lamous Hot Springs, which has will convince you of their merits. These went up into Wisconsin, and in conse been openea to wepuoiic. xicKeugooa pills are easy action and are particu A. Richardson, of Jefferson City, "Chief Enrolling force 38th general at the lowest figure. on day ot sale going, andjeturmng inn larly effective in the cure of constipatjor and sick headache. For malaria and ited to twenty days. assembly of Missouri, writes I wish to quence has had another attacK. it came upon me again very acute and severe," he said. "My joints swelled and became inflamed; sore to touch or al To Indiananohs Mav 2021. 1895. on liver trouble thev have been proved in Brighten Tour Homes valuable. Thev are guaranteed to be account of I. O. O. F.Grand Lodge meeting and Rebekah convention, at fare ed by Judge Welborn during last court, for failing to obey subppena to testify in the case of Mrs. Phillips vs. T. K. Dougherty, and who in defendant's answer was accused of being moie intimate than the law allows with Mrs. and who left town when the trial began to avoid testifying, returned this week and gave bond for his appearance next court tdf answer the charge of cpn-terrjpt. testify to the merits of One Minute Cough Cure. When other so-called cures failed, I obtained almost instant relief and a speedy cure by the use of One most to look at. LTron the urgent re perfectly free from every deleterious sub for round trip, good going day of sale, MRS. M. B. SALB stance and to be purely vegeiaDie. inej do not weaken bv their action, but by and. returning till May 24tb. quest of my mother-in-law I tried Chamberlain's Pain Balm to reduce the swelling and ease the pain, and to my agreeable surprise, it aid both. I have used To Indianapolis May zs 23, lattt, on giving tone to stomach and bowels great Has the only exclusive ly invigorate the system. Regular size account of Grand Lodge F. A. Masons, at one fare for round trip, tickets to be Minute Uoqgb Cure. M. nedman. Dr. S. F. Scott, Blue Ridge, Harrison says: "For whooping cough Chamberlain 8 cough remedy is excellent." By using it freely the disease is three fifty-cent bottles and believe it to be the finest thing 'for rheumatism, pains 25c. per box. Sold by Martin nedman Druggist. 4 sold May 27 and 28, good returning till and swellings extant, tor sale by May both. Wall Paper Store nedman, Druggist. These excursions will furnish a good deprived of all dangerous consequences. There is no danger in giving the remedy to babies, as it contains nothing injuri chance to visit Indianapolis during the Philip A. Guckes, prettiest part of the year. In Dubois county, and Invites the Inspection of her stock by all who want to make their homes look attractive. Round trip tickets for French Lick, Dealer in all kinds of Furniture and ous. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by M. Friedman, Druggist. good 60 days. Will be sold by the L. St. L. Con. R. R. at $5.70 from Jas Coffins informs the public that he has a complete line of Furniture, and sells cheaper than any other house in the AIL THE LATEST STUES B. H. Bowman, Pub. Enquirer, of Bremen, writes: Last week our per; $5.35 from Huntingburg, until fur ther county. Will give you some prices for EVERY ROLL NEW! CEDAR Home Seekers Excursion June 11, cash sales: IQQC; aha aa iwwil OCi Full Oak Bedroom suites 24x30 Bevel 4itis, a. ACtlO 1UUUU MjWU POPULAR PRICES! GARDEN Glass Mirror for $13.75. days, to points in Colorado, Idaho, lowa, little baby, the only one we have, was taken sick with croup. After two doctors failed to give lelief and life-was hanging on a mere thread, we tried One Minute Cough Cure and its life was saved. M. Friedman. Oak bedsteads irom $3.00 upwards, Indian Territory, Kansas, Minn. N. Oklahoma, S. All paper trimmed without extra charge. Now is your time to Hz ud. Come and at PARK. other large size bedsteads from $1.20 up. Texas, Utah, Wy- figures. M. B. SALB. In front of Court Bouse, on 6th street, one door west of Dr. Salb's onloe. Kitchen sates irom jz.ou upwards. Glass 6 foot high, $4.50 Mar. ft, 9S and upwards. T-v-l i i i mm we 1 1 STILL IN THE LEAD. Dining luuieu J.o arm upwururj. A full stock of Parlor Suits -ranging On the Jasper and Portersville road. from $27.50 to $65.00, any style you want. When Baby was sick, wa gare her Castorla, -When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla. When she became Hiss, she clung to Castorla, 'When she had Children, she gave them Castorla, MACHINE SHOP. Baby carriages, any style, from $1.75 PINK MONDAY, JUNE 3, '95. up to 18.50. All new goods, no oia, out oi swie Comber or Niwton awd 7th JASPER, stock like in old stores. Call and see Instrumental Concert, PHILLIP A. GUCKES me before buying elsewhere. Store on North Main street, Sturm's old stand. Respectfully, P. A. Guckes. DANIEL F.J. MILLER, Proprietor. By the Jasper Star Band, at 2 o'clock with special pieces m. by Announces to the public that he is the celebrated Durlauf Trio. IB AVI la thU shop stt Iselllty for' rspsii ic( Usm mscklnsry ef sll kinds, snd auks special. the leader in everything in his line. One of the best evidences that Ayer's of building and rspstrisg STEAM IHGlJiEg and Hair Vigor is an a tide of exceptional Undertaking a Specialty. ILtlj A Fine Dancing Flnnr merit is the fact that the demand lor it is lslra kocpea hand supply of dHAFTUfd.PtPIa aoe wui turn sasmas ssy siss reasired. constantly increasing. No one who uses this incomparable dressing thinks of try- i i. v. 1 bar. an acsncjr for LEATHER ABDBUBBI8 Cloth covered Caskets, as above cut, $19.00 and upwards. Wooden cases completely' trimmed for $12.00, and upwards. BELTING, snd will fnrnlth snr oa short aotlco. Will rspstr TBRBSBinO MACHINES, fEPARATOka ing any outer preparuuuu lur uie uiui Sunday Excursions. PABHE R8 PAHTICULABLT aoadVttted to slTshas Lost apfpelatei l08' ambition, lost interest in affairs can be recovered by taking that splendid medicine, Foley's Sarsaparilla. Trial size, 50c. M. Friedman. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The Beat Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and psi-, tively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Martin Friedman. April 1895 ly. Can furnish Metalio Caskets in ch.DC. to msks thtli sppsrontly worn ont Blmlsro Bsapors snd Mowers, Drills, Ac; rally ss GOOD AS The L. E. St. L. R. R. will resume 5 hours after ordered, any price Has been placed under the Cedars and Dancing will begin at 4 o'clock, p. m. with a Grand March, led by Mr. Frank Taylor, of Petersburg. EVERYBODY IS INVITED To come and enjoy a pleasant day in the grove. Special Marshals have been employed to see that good order is maintained. Conveyances will leave Jasper for the Park every 15 minutes, beginning at 1 o'clock, for the benefit of-passengers. N. LAUER, Manager. June 17, lS953t. its regular one fare for round trip excursions on Sundays, between all local sta and style wanted from $100.00 up. Can call at store at any time day tions, tickets good day of sale only, on May 5, 1895. The excursions will be or niBht. Always tnere. Ueliver continued each Sunday during the sum any where in the country free of mer. i tf charge. Have full line of Burial HiHi snast ont mil. expense. If enny ssrtd is two earned," 1 can save yoa many dollars this way. Try It. 1) ARIEL P. J. MILLER. Madison Township Trustee Notice. Notice ia (riven that hereafter the Trustee of Madison township will be at the store room of Mr. John P. Norman, in Ireland, on every Saturday for the. pur-pose of attending to township business, and all persons 1 living business with the Robes and Burial shoes for any one $13.75 wishing same. A complete set of Ba an elegant Oak bed-room suitcom- plete witn Bevel Glass Mirror, 24x30. WOOL! We are the only furniture store in Jasper- that carry a large, full and com CUlTi Trt I1C Th 1ro-Mt rmtulnn Hnn itt th South. Th noat llhOTSl UlTllI' W. T. Sanford, Station Agent of Leep-er, Clarion Co. writes: I can recommend One Minute Cough Cure as the best I ever used. It gave instant relief and a quick cure. M. Friedman. a. Warm Friend. Foley's colic and diarrhoea cure is very hot, but when diluted it is a warm friend indeed to those suffering from bowel complaints. It never fails. 25 nd50c, St. Friedman. I cm, and best facilities for getting; hig-h prices. We sell to the Kutera factories and sst the middle man's profit. Issue warehouse receipts aad store free of chafve. Sacks far-i nlshed free of charg-e to those who ship us. We solicit shipments of erery Hung- la the pro- Embalming Instruments and can do EMBALMING on short notice. I am prepared to take charge of Funeral until buried. See ad. in another column for Furniture. Store, North Main opposite the jail. Hay 10, 1890 tt. township areef pected to (Jbnflne it to those days. line. Write us fot prices. CO. plete line of goods of all kinds. We have many would-be imitators, but no equals. More absolutely new goods of the latest patterns than any other store in the county has all together. Come and see. ALLES West Side Ihe Indiana ecnooi doom win ue no. 14, a ia. 1 a 4io muiiwi whii, LwwraiihM, ni. found at Norman Gray's store at all times. C. J. Evrabd, Mar.22,'95-y Trustee Madiwn Tp, Feb 8 '-y Public Square, Jasper, Ind.

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