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The Jasper Weekly Courier from Jasper, Indiana • 4

Jasper, Indiana
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COURIER MAY 19, 1893. JASPER: Entered at the Postoffice at Jasper Indiana, for transmission threugh the mail as second -class matter.1 News convicts tunneled out of the Prison Sonth, at Jeffersonville, Tuesday night, and escaped. The Warden offers $200 reward for their capture. Postmaster General Bissell finds fault with the Democratic Postmaster at Haute, for taking the office orders after Terre be bad been commissioned, and him not to turn out the Republican letter carriers. Of course if Postmaster Donbam is to be controlled by a wamp at Washington City, he cannot be held responsible for the conduct of bis office -and the service is sure to be inferior.

Dan Voorbees is justly bot, and when Copgress meets again Bissell will likely find trouble. He sbould be removed before anything is done for the Post Office Department, even at the risk of demoralizing the mails all over the country. A man is fool who thinks be can wisely control. the detaile of a city postoffice at a distance of 1,000 miles, and without knowing any of people or surroundings. the cals out, and Bissell with them.

Mr. A. V. Dupont, one the oldest and wealthiest citizens of Louisville, died suddenly of beart disease Tuesday. Only last week he made $150,000 the city a preseut of a handsome manual training school building, fully equipped.

He was 60 years old, in a U. bach- S. elor, and one of a noted family history. The U. S.

Supreme Court on Monday beld the Chinese exclusion act to be valid, three of the Justices dissenting. The National Cabinet, however, decided it could not be enforced until Congress made an appropriation to pay expenses, as it will cost several milliona of dollars, and the Republicane left the Treasury Mr. Fred. Meinker, of Huntingborg, W88 a fireman on the air line, and with Henry Kline, a brakeman, was killed Saturday night near Belleville, by a wreck of the freight they were working ou. The conductor was badly injured.

On Tuesday the World's Fair. Commission agreed to open the Chicago 8bow to the public on Sundays, notwithstanding their contract with the Government not to. The Government abould withdraw its exhibit, as it seems the show will be wrecked anyhow by 8 horde of conscienceless money grabbers and thieves who are trying to cheat every visitor to it. The Indiana State Board of Education has ordered revision of the ent schools, copy and have indicated to the Indbooks in use in the public Jana School Book Co. what changes they want.

The contract does not expire till July 1. 1894, and if the order is not complied with by that time the Board will advertise for new proposais. The lynching spirit has broken loose again Seymour. Two men were, killed in that county by ruffians, and the murderers lodged in jail at Brownstown. On Monday morning lot of men took some care and an engine at Seymour and went over to Brownstown, broke open the jail, and banged Turley, who dered conductor, and on Tuesday morning another train load went over and banged Louis Trenek, who murdered Henry Faedler.

The coroner returned a verdict that the banging was done by unknown persons. President Cleveland bas moved into his country. bouse near Washington, and is. looking anxiously for a little brother for bis first born. Evansville gained 1,105 in its school enumeration this year.

UT The visit of Mrs. Dr. Scott and husband, of Louisville, to Jasper OD Tuesday last, was taken advantage of by several ladies who knew of the Doctor's well established reputation in the Falls City. This was her first visit to Jasper, but a uumber of our citizens solicited her to come again, and she bas graciously in promised to gratify them some time the near future, when she will endeavor to make arrangements 80 she can remain a full day, in order to accomodate all who may desire to consult both her. Mr.

Scott and the doctor, are very pleasant people, with whom the public find it a pleasure to become acquainted. CHANGED Mr. Joseph Bu chart has sold his market business. to Mr. Heory Cassidy, who took posession on Monday last.

Mr. C. bas retained Mr. Mesmer as the butcher, and expecta to supply his customers with the best of fresh meat at all times. Mr.

Buchart is now a gentleman of leisure enjoying the interest of bis money until some other speculation turns up. NEW NOTARY. -Persona wanting deeds written, or other instruments acknowledged will do well to notice Mr. Frank L. Betz' adv.

in this paper. He has just opened out as a Notary Public, having been commissioned by Gov. Matthews. He has also money to loan in any sum desired. 07 Considerable wheat in White river bottoms in this county was damaged by the rise in the river last week, but the cool weather this week has saved some of it that a warm spell 88 the water went down would have ruined.

BORN, Last Friday to Peter J. Gos. mann and wife a girl. Peter would have liked it better if it bad turned out a Peter. To Jos.

F. Friedman and wife a girl. Hocbgesang Son and Geler Shuler expect to begin burning kilns be of brick next week so that they able to fill their contracts. They will keep right ahead moulding, 80 a8 to not get out of brick again this year. Regular OUR WASHINGTON LETTER WASHINGTON, D.

May 15, 1893. Speaker Crisp, after spending a week in Vi ashington, left for home Saturday night. He was in a glorious good bumor, as be had a right to be, for it is now as certain as anything in the future can be that he will be elected Speaker of the next House. President Cleveland informed him before be left that be had fully decided, notwithstanding the arguments presented by prominent members of the party in favor of an earlier date, not to call an extra session of Congress before September. have it is stated agreed things The leaders of the democratic, party to be pressed when Congress meets, and it is probable that President Cleveland's message to Congress, maybe his proclamation calling the extra session, will be largely devoted arguments for speedy action upon them -the repeal of the obnoxious Federal election lawe; the levying of an income tax; the repeal of the Sherman silver and of the tax on thee currency issued by state banks, and a complete revision of the tariff, lowering the duties.

The repeal of the Sherman silver law, by which $4,500,000 worth a month of silver is stored in the Government vaulte, without doing much good to anyone except the silver miners, is likely to give rise to a prolonged discussion, and may result in a total repeal of all coinage laws for both silver and gold, for a large number of Democratic Congressmen are free in their expressions that both metals must have like treatment -either both coined on a parity, 88 the Democratic National atform urges--or both treated simply as a commercial commodity, without any legal tender quality to either, the same as cotton and wheat, and the money of the country be. supplied br a new legal tender issue of greenbacks, good for all debts, public or private, national inc'aded, and with no promise to redeem in anything else. There is a growing patriotic that the United States should make no agreement with any foreign countries in regard to the character of its money, but should keep clear ot all entangling alliances. Secretary Carlisle defied the high muck-a-mucks of mugwumpery who tried to bulldoze him into retaining the republican chiefs of divisions in his partment, and is proceeding to replace them with democrats, just as he at first intended to do, and working democrats admire bim more than Reforms in keeping with democratic ideas are being quietly introduced into all of the Government departments 88 fast as their beads have an opportunity to investigate abuses which bave grown up under republican rule. Secretary Herbert's order that no more naval offcere sbould be granted leave of absence to enter private employ was followed.

by Secretary Lamont's determination to stop similar abuses in the army, and not only to refuse to allow it in future but to revoke the leaves of all those offcers now engaged in other occupations, except those granted by special acts of Congress. Sec. Lamont bas also annoonced his intention to make almost a reorganization in that important branch of the War department known 88 the division of recorde and pension. This division is closely associated with the Pension Bureau, as It has to verify the army record of every applicant for pension. Some forty or fifty changes bave already been made in this division, It may be true.

that Comptroller of Currency Eckels has bad no experience in the actual details of banking. but the promptness with which be has acted during the past few. days, when the suspensions of national banks were frequent enough to be alarming, has convinced the treasury officials and the banking world that he is thoroughly posted upon the laws that govern banks, and that as cool headed business man he has never had a superior in that office. He bas proven Limself to be a valuable assistant to Secy. Carlisle, and his promptness in dealing with suspended banks has had no little to do with restoring that pablic confidence without which banks of no kind can long exist.

Mr. Clove' and nade no mistake in selecting that young man for Comptroller Commissioner his a Lochren bard is already finding place very one but he is not disappointed; he did not suppose that be W88 'selected to take charge of the pension bureau merely to draw a salary. Already 8 series of frauds all put through by one pension attorney, located at Norfolk, bave been discovered and a force of expert examiners are now engaged in investigating every case that this attorney bas bad anything to do with, the Commissioner being determined to get to the bottom, and to punish the guilty. The worst thing about the crooked work done to punish the guilty. The worst thing about the crooked work done by this attorney is that it was called to Commissioner Raum's attention last year and lie declined to prosecute him, because it might injure the Republican party.

The amount of money tained by these fraudulent pensionere cannot be exactly stated until the aminers have concluded their investigation, but it is already known that it is more than $100,000. But there is one thing that can be positively stated, and that is. that the frauds will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by Commissioner Lochren, just as fast as the necessary evidence can be gatbered, regardless of who or what may be injured the thereby. notorious Judge has files" abrogated rule, which was made by Raum to please the pension attorney who indorsed his notes for twenty odd thousand dollars soon after be took the Pension office. C.

A. S. MARRIAGE LICENSES have been issued since the COURIER'S last report to Rob't Oxley and Nancy E. Cummins. Wm.

P. Beck and Rosa C. Duppa. Jacob Segar and Francis Morgan.Peter Werne and Agnes Remke. Al.

Kraft and E. Lubbehusen, Peter Pfaff and Em. Rhue. Louis Buechlein and Anna Miller. Aura Smith and Lily L.

Severingbaus. Mat. C. Renner and Anna C. Rottet.

Chris. Drake and Mary A. Thompson. (John O. Brown and Alice M.

Kemp. Belford's Illustrated Monthly. Magazine publisbed in the West. Equals the THE ONLY best Eastern Magizines 10 contents and make-up. WESTERRITERS WESTERN WESTERCTURES SUBERB PREMIUMS A Trip 1 to the Feir and STORIES.

GIVEN AWAY AGENTS PAID CASH All Expenses FREEI FREE! COMMISSIONS. Send for, full circulars, for or write FREE to BELFORD'S MAGAZINE MONTALY, Chicago, a Belford's Illustrated Monthly. May 19, 1893, 1y, 1 a m. L7 Does anyone believe that if silver had been recognized by the U. S.

government as money, instead of a come modity, the present lightness in the money market, and consequent suspension of numernus banks, and failure of business firms would be Not much. The right way to relieve the situation is to redeem a few millions of the interest bearing bonds with the government silver -now useless in its vaults. The stringency would cease immediately upon the announcement of such a policy. FRANK L. BETZ, Notary Public -AND General Life, Accident, Fire, Collecting, and Building and Loan Agent.

Also Money to Loan! In any sum from $300 to $10.000 on mortgage security and easy terms. Business entrusted to me in any of the above lines, will be carefully and promptly attended to. FRANK L. BETZ Jasper, Ind. April 21, 1893-tf At the head of the procession of SEW ING MACHINES, a8 shown at all the Faire, were the DOMESTIC and HOUSEHOLD no risk of a law suit for infringement of patent, as the company makes it a point to deal honorably with every one.

It you want the Best Machine on Eartb, get one of these from George P. Wagner, Tus per, Ag't July 20, 1892. taking premiums over every other make Parchasers of these machines, also, run Milburn Co. DEALERS IN Binders, Mowers, Reapers and Binding Twine. Wagons, Buggies and Cartel Pianos, Organs and Sewing Machines! Harness, Whips, Axle Grease! Hay Rakes and all kinds Haying Tools! Bone Meal and Coal Oil by the barrel.

Plows, Cultivators and Double Shovels, Harrows, Scrapers, Etc. Milburn Co. May 12, 93-1y. Jasper, Ind. Notice of Appointment.

TOTICE is hereby given that the onministrator of the estate Mary designed has been appointed AdRigsby, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. R. M. MILBURN, Adm'r.

MILBURN SWEENEY, Attorneys. May 12, 1893-3t. LICENSE NOTICE. TOTICE is hereby given to the citizens of Jasper Bainbridge township, Dubois county, that the undersigned, a male citizen of the United States, will apply to the County Commissioners of Dubois county all their next regular session in June, 1893, for 8 license to retail intoxicating liquors beer and wine. and permit the same to be drank on the premises, under the provisions of the law of Indiana governing such licenses.

The precise location where said liquors are to be sold is on the West half of lot No. 66, as 'shown on the original plat of the town of Jasper, Bainbridge township, Dubois county. Indiana. WM. H.

JUTT. May 12, '93-3w. LICENSE NOTICE. TOTICE is hereby given to the citizens of Jasper, Bainbridge township. Dubois county, Ind.

that the undersigned, a male citizen of the United States, will apply to the County Commissioners of Dubois county at their next regular session in June 1893, for 11- cense to retail intoxicating liquor, beer and wine, and permit the same to be drank on the premises, under the provisions of the law of Indiana governing such licenses The precise location where said liquors are to be sold is on lot No. 103, as shown on the original plat of the town of Jasper, Bainbridge township, Dubois county Indiana. FRANK KUNKEL. May 12, 1893-3t. LICENSE NOTICE.

TOTICE Bainbridge is hereby township, given to Dubois the citizens county, of Jasper, that and the undersigned, a male citizen of the United States, will apply to the County Commissioners of Dubois county at their regular session, in June, 1893, for 11- cense retail Intoxicating liquor, beer and wine, and permit the same to be drank on the premises, under tha provisions of the law of Indiana governing such licenses. The precise location where said liquors are to be sold is upon lot number 90, on, the East side of the Publio Square in Jasper, as shown the original plat the town of Jasper, Bainbridge township, Dubois county, Indiana. May 5, 93-3w JOSEPH HERBIG SPRING IS HERE With its smiles and showers, and flies and flowers, and, the sity of "cleaning house" for the coming heat of summer. You abould be never consequent and hold your temper, your wife's temper and the bired help's carefu failable way to do so is to call on temper. An in GEORGE BROSMER street and supply your house with new sod handsome WALL PA PAPER, Instead of compelling the women to scour the walls.

It is about 88 Brosmer's prices, (from 6 to 30 cents per roll) and a great deal neater, cheap, cleaner at more christian like, than the everlasting scrubbing. You want to same work, too, on your floors by getting save the NEW CAR CARPETS, For them. Broamer bas samples of all styles; 150 patterns to select from, and at prices from 15 cents a yard up, to suit your taste. A new than bill carpet may save you more its cost in a doctor if your wife does the scrubbing of your floors GEORGE W. BROSMER N.

B. If you want good bread and cakes or confectionery, remember my store is headquarters. March 10, 1893 BEWARE OF FRAUD. W. and mine Ask L.

price without DOUGLAS stamped W. L. insist on SHOES. Douglas upon bottom. None having name Look W.

L. DOUGLAS forit when you buy. Sold everywhere. $3 SHOE FOR 1, that GENTLEMEN. A sewed shoe will not rip; Calf, seamless, and smooth inside, more comfortable, stylish durable than any other shoe ever sold at the price.

Every style. Equals customON made shoes costing from $4 to $5. The following are of the same high standard of merit: $4.00 and $5.00 Fine Calf, Hand-Sewed. $3.50 Police, Farmers and Letter-Carriers. $2.50, and $2.00 for Working Men.

$2.00 and $1.75 for Youths and Boys. $3.00 Hand Sewed, $3.50 and 2.00 Dongola, I LABits. $1.75 for Misses. IS A DUTY you owe yourself to get the best value for money. Boonomise in your footwear by purchasing W.

THIS IS THE BEST. L. at represent the Douglas prices the Shoes, best advertised whiob value SHOE IN THE WORDS as tify. thousands Do you can them wear tes- WILL NOT RIP. Will give exclusive sale to shoe dealers and general merchants where I have no kind, agents.

size Write and for width catalogue. wanted. Ifnot Postage for Free. sale in W. your L.

place send direct to Factory, stating Douglas, Brockton, Mass. March 10-3m- For Sale In Jasper by JOHN A. SERMERSHEIM. NEW STORE. Joseph F.

Sermersheim. Has remodeled his bouse on the corner of Jackson and 6th street in front of the court house, in Jasper, and put in a stock of Dry Goods, Groceries and Notions Of all kinds. Customers will fod here a new stock of the best goods, at lowes prices and will always be welcome, whether they bay or not, and are sure of courteous treatment. I hope by fair treatment at fair prices to r'0- ceive a liberal share of custom. Try me.

I will allow the highest market price for butter and eggs. JOS. F. SERI SERMERSHEIM. March 10, 1893-ly BREEDING STOCK Farm Charon 12072 (Standard Bred and Registered) Bred by W.

J. Neely, Ottawa, Ill. Foaled October, 1889. Sired by Neal, 3801. lat dam, Miss, Doyle, by Ottawa -Chief, 2456, record 2:25.

2nd Golden Gate, by a son of Lakeland Abdallah, son of Alexander's Abdallah, 3rd dam, Lady Woodburn, by a son of Pilot Jr, 12. dam, Blondin, by Mambrino Chief, 11. 4th Sire, Neal, 3802, by Enchanter, sire of Ensign, who Sign, Enchanter is a producing son of Administrator is the sire of of 'Bysdyk's Blue Hambletonian. son He is a great Snore Horse and served 20 mares last year at $50, every one of which proved to be in toal. He will make 8 great stock horse and TERMS-810 cash; a race horse if given an opportunity.

$15 to insure with foal or 820 to insure a living colt. bred trotters and pacers on the Other standard We assume no risks. Come and farm. see them. Sebastian Anderson, Ireland, Ind.

April 21, 1893-2m F. C. KUEBLER, NORTH MAIN STREET, JASPER, IND. Desires to call the attention of persona wishing good articles, to his new stock of Silverware of all Kinds Very handsome and darable-just the thing for wedding and birthday presents. He has a great variety of beautiful articles.

Also, a large stock of the LAFEST, STYLE JEWELRY Unique ornamental and valuable, worth their weight in solid gold. Also SOME Fine CLOCKS That are warranted good time keepers. Come and see them, April 21, 1893, F. C. KUEBLER Grand Opening Festival -AT HOME HALL, JASPER, Pentecost Monday.

MAY 22,1893. PLEASURE FOR ALL. This new hall, the largest and most commodious in Dubois County will be dedicated by the lovers of Terpsichore, on May 22, 1893. Everybody is invited, and assured that the proprietor will spare no pains to make their, enjoyment perfect. Come and see enjoy the nicest, as well as the largest dauce, ever in Dubois county.

Persons from the neighboring country will be furniebed the best accommodations for their teams at the botel stable. A fine ten pin -alley has been built below the ball room, where the exercise may be enjoyed by all. The best of order will be maintained and the best people will be there. PHILIP KASTNER, Prop. May 5, 93-31.

Time is Money When The Grain is Ripe, What the Farmer wants is a Light Machine which is a powerful worker! and uses Least Twine! The Light Running PLANO BINDER. Stored Power successfully, applied to the Light Running Plano Binder, by the fly wheel, renders the machine safe against choking or ciogging in bad grain or miring on soft ground. Uniformly successful tests in all sections of country and in all kinds and conditions of grain during the barvests of 1891-92, have fully demonstrated the fact that the Fly Wheel gives the Binder aniform traction on all kinds of ground, furnishes the extra power consumed in binding and discharging the bundies. The Jones Chain Mower Contrast the gallant bearing of your horses with this mower after a day's work, and the spiritless, jaded gait of the team which has "hauled" any "other make." The Jones Chain Mower will go where any other Mower will go, and with less It is built at a factory and by a firm unclogged with old ditiona. It is the most modern, the best goer and the best mower made! The Plano Self Dump Rake.

The tripping device in this rake is novel, simple strong, and is the only faultless and adjustable tripping mechanism made. We also handle the Plano Twine which is made for the best imported fiber, ALOIS FUHS, W. C. RENNER Apr 21-2m Agents, Ireland LOUISVILLE St. LOUIS AIR LINE! E.


MAIN LINE. No. 3 NO. 1 NO. 2 NO.

4 No 4.29 8.25 8.10 LV. LOUISVILLE AR. 6.55 7.00 11.50 7.50 11.25 11.10 AN. BUNTINGBURG LV. 3.55 4.15 8.40 11.30 11.20 Lv.

AB. 3.45 4.10 3 30 3.25 EV. MT. VARNON L. 11.40 11.57 6.45 6.55 AR.

ST. LOUIS 8.20 8.25 35 DIVISION. 32' 36 EVANSVILLE A.M. P. A.

5.00 6.30 10 40 1V. JASPER AR. 9.30 4.15 9.55 8.00 6.55 11.20 LV. HUNTINGBURG AB. 9.00 3.40 8.30 8.36 7.35 11.55 LINCOLN 7.55 3.06| 7 54 0.00 9.15 1.20 AR.

EVANSVILLE LV. 6 00 1.45 6 30 45 43 ROCKPORT DIVISION. P.M. 8.40 12.01 8.25 LV. LINCOLN AR.

7.35 11.45 7.25 9.30 1.00 9 42 BOCKPORT LV. 6.40 10 50 6.10 53 TELLCITY DIVISION 52 P. M. M. $.40 12.05 8 15 L.V LINCOLN AR.

7.35 11.50 7.45 9.37 10 10.02 L.V TELL CITY 6.41 10.57 6.00 9.45 1.25 10.20 AR CANNELTON 6.35 10.50 5.45 Sunday. Other trains daily. J. BENEDICT, Agent, Jasper, Ind. R.

A. CAMPBELL. Genl. Pass. Evansville, Ind.

For Sale! Fifty Shares in the Jasper Manufacturing Co. Inquire of Jos. Bauer, or at the Jasper Furniture Company's office. 81 et of of.

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