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The Herald from Jasper, Indiana • Page 1

The Herald from Jasper, Indiana • Page 1

The Heraldi
Jasper, Indiana
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THE VOL, JASPER, INDIANA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1918. $1.50 A YEAR "INFLUENZA" GEORGE KilODEL First Jasper Young, Man To 1 All however, slight, should bo treated as possible attacks of influenza. Patients affected by colds should stay at home and sterilize discharge from the nose and throat. 2. Avoid spreading 'the disease. i 'j 3. Avoid, crowds. 4. Regulate bodily functions and keep so. '3. Avoid the breath of expelU ed secretions from people Give His Life In Fight Epidemic Has RaachscJ City And Quarantine Was Es- tablished Saturday. SCHOOLS CLOSED For Democracy. ipr-iXn The report slates, that" donations made by the American Red Criss to Uhej British RedMqross' with whom it has been in close reached a total Nof by the end of June Various institutions engaged in relief! work wil! receive $119,250 during the Hatter half of jthe year; More than 2,000 workers, mostly volunteers, are now employed in American Red Cross work rooms in England. They are producing about surgical- dressings every and recently filled an urgent order, from the American Army' fori 200,000 first aid packages, 'a total output of 2,240,000 separate articles, Six hundred sAnierlcan women, now residing; in lEngland, are iiK'hibcrs of the "Care Commit-teep They keep in touch with every wounded American soldier jlhat country. -Thi DIED FRIDAY, OQTQSER 4IH At Gamp Grant, Where Ha Was Stationed Thai Past Month: Heailti Officars Giva Jollce That. Citizens Should Remain Horns. ing iromJ colds. 1 G. Wash out' lhii nose and throat two or 'threw times ai day With a nasal spray or dou.he and by gargle with a "normal salt solution" (1-2 teaspoonful I salt to-one "glass, ounces wfJlcr. 7. All in attondaalj patients will influenza4 should wear 8. Clothing shou'd bo- inn nd dry. Foo 1 st.nple an 'K- Under the name of Spanish Influenza'," "the. old time influenza is rapidl spreading "aver thi country. Massachusetts reports 70.0U0 cases with' about 1,000 i' nmm cast everyi i -d '( 1 mVi' ddiriMon I TP fr-LI'J TS---L' TSfe TT' i S-JfiSH-J -i I- 1 hsssmm. i r. vi'nt Til 1 y.uWT- 'A' ir ''( Ji-y digested. Drink watcrxfr.S'Kv. imakes about 5,000 visits to Iwounded soldiers 'every month, ichccring the men land supplying them with comforts. i 'I'he Americun Red Cross'is the service of ievery American from the time ho lands in England, until- he leaves fo:" i' rnce. i -j- "The Red Cross has established iwih stocks of clothing and first laid! outfits sufficient to care for On Saturday, Oct. 5th, J-A. Bigham, County Health received the following) telegram from" Dv. J. N. Secretary of the Slate Board of Health, which affects ihelcouuty a a whole: i Indianapolis, Octj .6, ici 8: Dr. O. A. Bigham are hereby ordered to close alt schools, churches and places -of public amusement' and forbid' all puDlic meetings in your, county until further notice, account of epidemic of Require your physicians to repbrt i all cases of epidemic influenza to heaUh officer and health oiflcec report. daily; to. State Board of Health. Communicate this prdcr promptly to all health officers in your county, By order, of the State Board of News reached this city last Thursday that Pr. George Krodel. who was stationed at Camp, Grant, was seriously ill. His two brothers, Fred and on the evening train to go and see him, but arrived too late as George died at 4 a. m. Friday of Spanish Tnlluenzaj PY. Krodel left' here September 3rd with 10 other limited service-men for' Camp Grant. He volunteered to go into the service, as'he'had made arrangements to dispose his restaurant business on W. Gth street, which conducted for several year's, to -his brother, Carl, and wasxready to answer the call of his country. leaves a wife and child, an aged mother and-three and Caii of" this and Pr. of, Camp Taylor. The remains were brought here Tuesday afternoon forxbur-. The bereaved have our heart- felt sympathy in tqeir hour of bereavement. Mr. Krode.l is the first Jasper boy to give up his life in the great battle for democracy, and his name' will be remembeitd by the sixth golden star in tho Dubois county service flag. News was also received here Monday that McClelland Evans, of this city, who left with the same contingent as Krdl. was a.IsoTseriously ill with Spanish influenza. 1 1 ir- 'V' I -'I i i 1 i -f -i i .1 wilf increase lor canl be HENHY BUECHLER I i'Th up toi the Ipreseut time is 51)0 comfort kits, and 100 Writes Letter Stating He Ar. iv- absorbent pads, i ed Safely Overseas. bred out by careful; selection.1: i i Ears from -j strong stalks in hill produce strong stulks'j weak stalks will grow si.alks that easiy I Size of ear has i little to do with the yield unless coupled with the above considerations! The folhnvirlg lctior was by Joscjiii Buochler of this city! front his son Henry, whol is 0,000 shipwreckd i Americans in tho shortest possible time." The apfpropriatioiu for this emergency service in addition to I $200,392 already spent, is $238,500 for Ihji last half iof (Many of thej American soldiers i wounded in jtiic severe fighting ii Northern France have been taken to England landj the American Red Cross hopes I to have all Uiejse nicn transferred to its ow hospitals, where attended to by American physicians and nurses. Jt has also appropriated 8180,000 to coyer thj cost of Christmas presents. 1 Lake Division ftel Cross heau-quartersi issues the statements regarding the I shipping of Christmas parcels 1 to men in the American Expeditionary Forces: The War department wishes Health i -l J. N. HURTY. with the Canadiana Expeditionary 1 A shipment of knitted garments AVas; inadivl last week and contained pair. of i socks, lt)0 swealers'i and 20 prs.i wristL lets. I Another shipment lis to be madejin 'a few days. The following townships have contributed to these i i Cojumlbia township, 55 i prs. socks, 15 sweaters and 10 1 prs. II 1 Madisbni; township, 87 prs. i Yields givenj above kre front September 1 12th Dear Folks- actual tests made and. carried on deaths. It is not yet epidemic in Indiana, only in a few places, It has invaded several t.f our training camps and has become epidemic in civil life. There is no specific remedy. Wc must depend upon' the "ounce of prevention. The infection is in the secretions of the mouth and the nose. If all spitting would immediately cease, and if. ail coughers and sneezers would hold a cloth or paper handkerchief over their 'glioses and mouths when eoughiifg or snetvz-ingY then influenza and coughs and colds would almost disappear. Wa also, must not forget to tone up our physical health, for even a few microbes nw find lodgement in low-toned boa-4 ies. I 'J gain high physical. tone.Jget plenty of sleep in jwall ventilated bed rooms. Don't worry, don't, feast, don't hurry, don't fret. Look carefully after elimination. Eat only plain foods. Avohi riolious eating of flesh. Go Plow on coffee and tea. Avaid alcohol in every form. Cut out all drugs and dopes. Especially avoid such drugs as morphine. Esperine, ascentariilid and the whole host of German-made coal tar -poisons. Take no medicine except' under advice and. prescription of a phsiciarw 7 Stay out of crowds. If perforce, you are in a crowd, beat a rapid retreat from the region where any person, spits or coughs or sneezes without holding cloth or paper handkerchief over his mouth, and nose. If influenza overtakes you, eo home, go to bed in a well ventilated room and send for a physician. "Don't doctor yourself; "While no deaths have occurred in Jasper over 200 cases are now in the city. The city council, met in special session last. Friday evening and instpuetco the Secretary of the City Board of Health to uso whatever power he had or what he deemed ntc essary to stop the spread of the disease. The following notice Will write ai few lines to let you lor three to eight Conl know 1 1 1 arrived safely in Eng sidering the' aboje" there I are and aiii i feeling tin.1, only inanv i advanlae-fv jn ueid selcc-i having Utile cold L.I lion. will hot even save! fa llad quite a trip coming ovo nor, because it will take mot- pocks, 34 sweaters. 1 wasi sea sickj 'for lour days. I It was not a ver j'jt. pretty winldy Dii the s-u and he; water wouldl come rigid, oy(r the: ship sometimes, and the shit was not a small vny either. Ther labor: to growl a bushe of corn next iyear from ncrib' sehfclftt seed than field selected seed' be cause of the higher 'ield ot the latter. If you- want ia denionstra-j. Joach man to receive only one par COUMTY AGENT NOTES Many farmers found out this year that top dressing wheat with straw was' a paying propor silioiu But ta l)c sure of one thing Don't top dress with wheat straw ur less it has gone, through the stables as bedding, for wheat'en -mies so prevalent this year, will -'be scattered 'in next year's The joint worm, the littie orm in the first joint down from the head, did much damage to t'h-o wheat this year. 'By 'Time" the careful poultry raiser course," have the culling process over- and the pullet's and hens, which are expected to produce the winter os. in good condition for their 1 Harhisoil i township, 47 prs. liT Marion township, 35 prisocks. 4 sweaters! -U- I Ha'U-township 1 0 1 pr. socks. -v Boonej township, 53 pr. socks, 52 sweaters, 3 pr. wristlets' Knitted articles turned in; since last report by I if -K'-M -h: in all. in.slly tion of seed corn picking, keepj wei.e ing the above points and inanv 1' was on cruiser. others in mind, call the county- aii(1 wu took thtt lead all' the wax agent's office -and bac will be arj When' We cam'-J within two davs ranged for your neighborhood. of lhe English we were mH What we need is belter disi 1)y 12 jintish 'submarino chasers. S6cks4 Mrs. Henke, 50th, Dona Oborn, 6th Mrs. Fred Jackson, Miss i Florence Doughprtyj Mrs; Raymond 12th, Sarah CooporJ 7i.h. iiuuuuu 01 xne throe sednlanes. who plans for his 'futurji farhving About i ciock, wo. heard a cel; of standard size and vyeight. Tcij carry out this plan, the ar my! authorities are distributing Christmas parcel Jabels to men abroad, who will Imail them to their relatives and friends. No parcel will be accepted for mailing by any posloffice unless it carries a label received from 1 man abroad, i 1 A few days i ago 1 was announced that Red Cross chapters would provide cartons in wnicb Christmast parcels I could be abroad, but these cartons wi 1 i.Ot be ready' for- distribu-luia to local, chapters until the lotier 'part of October, aording to advices our national headquarters will give lime for parcels to reach llieir destination by Dec. 25th. Mrs! Mich Durlauf, L14lh. old stock should be-changed to I ia chrmlrt hn chanered to work lias more time doanurt The otherj day Hwai on a farm where the following needed to be done at onct i I Siln Oiling Mrs. George Kup.r. 1 Sweaters hot. and an American! ship by a torp'ido: The ship was abut, a -hundred yards from UiJ II! jwas litt about (50- feet th wal'rr line, so it aid Mrs. jEiferli. 2nd Miss-ara Eifert, 8th, Ernestine 6th Bar Fuerst, ind.i Marje Dupps, 4th. nut sink. There Wheat ground were 1.830 thb Mothers Soel From solJiers and i i I Cowpea hay tto Clover hulling. I 1200 Red Cross Ishio, but none i i JURORS Have Been Drawn For October Term of Court. The October term of the. bois circuit court convened Mo'n-, day. (' The ftiic-wing jurors TTavj beta drawn I. "4 i Grand Jury: Wm. Wilson and Sylvester lA. Bainbridge-: Louis Katterhenry.Patoka,'; John Blesch, Cass; Linder Ferdinand and Grant Morgan, Columbia. Petit Jury M. A. Bainbridge; Poetker and Philip Dilly, Patoka; Wm. Heit-man and J. Herman Miller, Cass; Jos. Barth and A. Reinecker, Ferdinand; Anton Troxler, Jackson; Mike Steinhart, Ben Tedcr, Hall; James Glenn, Jefferson and Mike Agnes, Marion. Contingent- Henry. Hoffman. Boone; Adam Freyberger "and Martin. Stamm; Harbison; Ed Bohnert, 1 Marion; Andrew, Schnell, Jefferson and Levi Jacobs, Hall. Mesrlames C. i Rcimbacli.i 3r 1U i.v;v is, their winter quarters so that they will be accustomed to the place by laying" Comfortable quarters for tho laying stock should consist of a hous that is dry. tight, free from draughts, but with plenty of fresh air and sunshinb. A 'in-oVitv fet square will en' nurses fJo! Hoffman, ttlli. Win. jFli-A noumau, i-imj in. Sorghum stripping and cutting 7lh, i Jo. 7th, Tobacco cutting ilandj- hangingi 6th, Frcji Beckman 1 Fritch 7th And jiuL-chlet 4t1 and before 'all this Could be done the corn would need to be cut explains itself The Ichampiou, ic'nutcr for thi sriven to JZrmrAck nne hundred leg- ijaspei 'ilvd Cross, chapter pie I Dubois Coun(y Council of were hurt; 1 A-sub jchasor cam uj) at once and; at lhe second shot of the; chascif the submarine came up in a ousand pieces. We had 1 ibut three hours' ride on the itrkiih and 1 then jw walked 1 thre and a half miles to 'our L-amp. We munt. hero fv! fi8 days'. I hen will get ilj havo, 11im Vcolh'jri 8 or .111 weeks'; drill and Busy rThat farmer was tpo busy; to think about any: future mns who i ci sn'it in I Of course, the weathef ofM hani ier 50th pair ii r- Ir citizens -of the city of Tasptr liorflsTlliast -of adequate thata state of. quarantine vvinter quarters" for tlic flock hereby estaWiihed within lim- nfed npl worry the average farm its of said city, and all -pietur- p0uitrv raiser, as often a house yhows and public meetings of all cau bQ constructed of lumber to be J'h ii mm fron wreckcd buildings nd kiijt so: -i: changes the plans of fapmers, The I Division of the -A. sometimes a lew hours spent' in R. C. sent the following in-portarJ. mil ice i I The govt-nuni'iit ackiiig for then 'we b1 ready l'o' il iho cuarantiai 'i Iimg boards from, nearn- of la snau- jlh'y cailing many bpy all kinds of nut shells to av- Are from i iHouud 1 oil mwl omev iiuy take closed and all public meetings' of all kinds are to be discontinued until the quarantine is raised. This is to call your" attention fact that nv is the, Hm-to nick vour seed corn. About sent Jin. will making gas to 58 used in! men up ears here. A Lir- a nybody wnlkinc COMMISSIONERS son don't see Evansville baa been chosen for the county All the schools of the city suaa ivns. Ail lactone. around lhe sir hV closed and all public meetings llrive to buy seed of the oth the shipping center for held ils first session hefe Monday to I 1 inquire into why wealthy farmers, owning large farms and having, thousands of dollars worth of personal property, have been failing tc I buy 'bonds according to" their wealth. Somo farmers owning hundreds of afcresl of good land, soine of it cohered. with valuable liinbcr, have iboen 1 buying only a few hundred dollars' worth bonds when' they I should have bought thousands, of dollars worth. The Council of Defense intends holding sessions until evry part of the county has been covered; by the investigations. The official court, stenographer lakes 'down all' of the i evidence, which may be used later, by the historical committee which the eopncil has appointed to write the Ifislo'ry of Dubois county in lhe war with Germany. planning during th wntef months will save days of hard labor next summer when thf sun shines. Let the livctocli help harvest next year'o cops The time -and labor! of 1 th "hawg" is ccnidcid rt'iv nothing to some people nut it i3 worth a lot wbeo labci' is scarce and riaeas mgh. -i; -I 1 Now that you have thought you" fourth Liberty bondv do tbe next best thing nfl Jan insur ance policy for next, year's c(rr prop by selecting your corn. H. G. THOMPSON. Co. Agricultural Agent. ed with orn Indiana;) and is supposed to girls-. I Catholic chnipel liavO a send at least two All are 111 We here. jit is okly 50 yards fi i nuts can be used excepting alr have mass in lhe irionds, peanuts, buckeyes 'my tenl. We or or every character are- hereby ha. Can', we depesd on you prohibted until further order of ouy-lo pet enough i for rJrtrCTtv Tioard of Health. r. whr. may any All citizens of the city are r-i- Jt will an seji Vcry vfU neit, quested to stay at their own 'homes as much as possible to -Ibe Gemination con-prevent the spread of the terribh; gilcrally. it lrt3- bien known to shr sh mornihg and rbsary at night GKGOH I am! now working in the cook Old imts' from horse chestnuts hours'. The i Insf vinr are all 1 risht. i houscJM' Have about 2 to e-at. Will keep pn Hp.m in our miast wiuuu A.rexWiV 20 nor ce work and lot lhe Job for a )but a month, How soon will we have such now reached the number of one Of Dubois County Met In Regular Session Monday, The Board of Commissioners cf Dubois County met in regular monthly session last Monday. The session was a busy one as 143 claims were allowed. The quarterly reports of the auditor clerk, sheriff and rc-corder'of 'fees collected wiv examined and' approved. The reports were as Clerk $142,80 Auditor 42.50 280.10 Sheriff I 32.00 The, road petition of George V. Meyer, et was granted. ionowing nuis are iwuiuwi; Cans, seeds, 1 cherry pits, prune pils'J date seeds, eherify pils, bill le'rnilt -khells. Hraz-iluul rhe Herald sent to Try to get freeze? Pick from the stanaing I 1 Real Estate Transfers right ddd corn. ess, as 1 only iy of I was in the army, his time. With fol twice sine 01 shells, wamut shells Uickorynut Josie McCormacV (o: Manoril What we know about tne Will close ttoia KAn Home Ties HENRY. 1W Khells.1l!,lj; 1 Nut-she Is may bo Sent to the Red Cross shops, public! and wirochial schools. iLet usis we can.t Icomci up I with our RED CROSS MOTES I Ulunk. et acres, $450. Henry Hartke to Reuber, lot 4 Hunthigburg, 150. Anna Martin cf'al John 1." Collins; 40 acres $1700. John II. Weber to; John Weber 40 acres $600. Mary H. Nash to Fvn; Davidson. i ilorhard Koch to Lm 'quota in this just as wc have in hundred persons affected in our city. Children must be" kept at home. DR. JOHN P. SALB, Board of Health. Jasper, Ind. The following prefcautionary rules for the avoidance and. lessening of the intensity of the epidemic of influenza, have been prepared by.Dr, Win. F. Lincoln, advisor of the Lake Division "American Red Cross, for distribution throughout the, entir-Lake Division territory, consisting of the states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Here are the lowing conditions when crib sp lected: Height of ear, Position of ear, nothingj Number of barren stalks in the same hill, nothing. Strength of stalk, nothing. Field selected: 4 Low ears. 3 1-2 feet, yield 59 bushels-. Olieh. t-2 feet, yield 5 bushels. Upright ears yield less than overhanging ears, Tho Red Crpss sluip has been closed the past week due to the quarantine: f.ojr influenza, if the quaraniirie should bo liflcd at thff end of the week, th Red shop then be ojen a The Evansville Courier sent tc the boys in camp I is like a daii letter from home; It keeps tn-home ties. If you coula see how eager the boys are for The Courier not one would be with out a copy. 1 I In the first I and second zones. The Courier is daily one year ahd $7.50 daily and 1 .1 i 1 Buy a Liberty Bond. cverythjngi else, i i iActivities of the American Rfd Cross in: England since this countrj-i entered the! war, is the subject of, the latest report of lhe War i Council to the American people; i regarding! ther dis nositioii of the Red Cross ifund. et aL, pt. lot Wonder how many an article of merchandise there is city not known to be kept in stock and which is bought in cities away from here under the impression that it is not kept in It is not advertised. 1 I 1 iusualjiand al ladies" are urged burg, $5. Gerhard C. Bcpken to Benhard (o corne aTid 'hip' to get tlw quotas! ready! for shipment. Ai Benken, $1.

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