The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEI'TKMiMl S, 1936 (AUK.) COUU1ER NEWS 0 BEST LITTLLMIIIIIT OUTFItLO_ POST Success o{ Youlli Stresses Good Fortune of First Year Men. Stand Out In Initial Whirl On Big Time PAGE FIVE By 1IAIIKY GKAVSON Spcrts Kdilur, NKA Service NliW YORK.—Ducky Harris of Washington has an iitea that Roy Wcatherly of Cleveland may. be heller than Joseph Paul DIMag- Uio, ,ir., of Hie Yankees. "Wcalherly can clo everything,' says Harris. "There is a lot of power packed in his 105 pounds. He's a streak on the bases and EUI-C in the field." Clark Griffith, president of the Senators, reveals that lie held the 20-year-old Wcathcrly in such high regard when he first saw him last season that he offered the New Orleans club ?30,000 for the then 10-year-old outfielder. "1 knew Wcalherly was going to lie ii Brcat little player even Ihough it was only his second year in organized baseball and even though the day I saw him lie twice was picked oft base," e>plains the venerable GriiTith. "I liked the way he hit, ran, and fielded. I knew that lie would get over that dumb base running with a litlle experience. I'm sorry 1 couldn't get him. He's going to be the best little outfielder since Willie Kceler." Weathcrly's success with Cleveland since reporting in mid-season brings lo mind that others in addition to DiMaegio and Johnny, Mize, home run hitting Ih'st -baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals, have done very well In their first season in the majors. llassclf, Scarsclla Stand Up Unlil it was proved thai, tile Bieat Dizzy Dean couldn't, pitch the Red Birds to' the National League pennant all by himself, Mizc threatened to bat the das House Gang (n the flag. Frisch benching Mize the other afternoon with the explanation that he was in a baiting slump was a bit difficult to understand Inasmuch as the burly Georgian sports an average of .302. Joe Cionln of the Hod Sox and a Johnny MI/c Dennis Gatehouse ISwlAy Lewis Sluarl Martin White Sox have shown that they arc of major league caliber. The peagrcens of , 1036 have given good accounts of themselves. By Harry Grayson number of trmrbled field marshals would like to have a clubhouse of players in a slump of that proportion. AH hough lie has neither the ability nor color of DiMiiggio, Jimtny Ripple has been a. tremendous factor in the New York Giants' remarkable drive. '" "'i It required more than a chaiigc of name to restore Ihc Bees to favor in Boston, and Outfielder Gene Moore has done more than his part. The blond fugitive from the Cardinal chain gang has been the Hub's foremost baseball hero for weeks. Other (list 'year fly chasers of note arc Mike Krecvich and Rosenthal of HID While Sox, Poocli Pucemcili of the Athletics, Sulik of the Phillies, and the 34-year- old '-' ers. Brooklyn bobbed up with classy first baseman in Buddy Hnssclt and Cincinnati with one wiio swats the ball for mngnili- ccnt distances in Les Scarsclla. Stu Martin played phenomenal ball at second base for the Car- dinuls until he look sick, and came back nicely when he recovered at a time when (he Red B|rds needed him most. . f Buddy Lewis, not yet old enough lo vole, stepped right into the lliird basing job for Washington and has smacked the sphere at n better than .300 clip. Wilbu. lirubakcr has been highly satisfactory as a replacement for Pic Traynor at (he far turn for the Pirates. Oilier first year inficld- eis who have, stuck it out arc Johnny Cooncy of the Dodg- Lnmnrc Ncwsotnc, .shortstop for the flawles but Cardinals, and Leo Norris of the Phillies. Alwond of Phils Catching Fii Phillies came up wilh catching find of the year in Alwoott. Brusic Ogrotlowski has caught most of Dizzy Dean's games for Ihc Cardinals and lias demonstrated that ho is an intelligent workman. Washington has Waller Millies, who is hit- tin? .292. Greek George has shown enough to be carried by Cleveland. Harry Kellcy, past 30, was well on his way lo a 20-gamc season for the Athletics when stricken by appendicitis. Connie Mack uncovered a sizable and slick right- hander in young Buck Ross. The old gentleman also wishes that lie had brought up Randall Gunmen sooner. . Denny Gatehouse 'developed Into a starter for Cleveland and has been particularly against the Yankees, effective but the ---- - .......... , pitching prospect with the Indians or any other club Is 17-year-old Bob Feller, who fell one shy of the American League record by striking out 15 Browns. "Nearly every great pitcher had to go up and down for the first couple of years, but FcHor doesn't ] 'ave to," asserts Clark Griffith. "He's like Waller Johrfon that wa y. Johnson was riady the <'-iy he got off the train from his wi* (cam in Idaho," Claude Passcau has fared fairly ell despite the Phillies. Jeffcoat t d Al Butcher give promise of In There is a definite swing toward tougher football schedules among major colleges.- It has been demonstrated that it does not pay to warm up against soft ones. The shock is too severe when the varsity bumps into the real article. Last, season such a keen observer and anliiority as Bcrnie Bierman of Minnesota gave Ohio State's comparatively easy early season setup as one of the principal reasons for the Buckeyes' defeat at the hands of Notre Dame. Couches have reached tlic conclusion that It is just as well lo give their creations robust tcsls right from taw. The result is terrific encounters oiv the campaign's opening Saturday afternoon, Sept. 26.' Mighty Minnesota, unbealen in three years, travels-lo Seattle that day to combat Washington in a game likely lo have as much bearing on the mythical national championship as any other singed between then and early December. ! Both Bierman and Jimmy PJic- lan of the Huskies will know just where they stand after that one. On that same afternoon, and while the major baseball leagues arc winding up their seasons, Colgate goes to Durham lo engage Duke, Rice journeys to Baton Rouge to grapple wilh Louisiana State, Mississippi squares oft with Tiiiane in New Orleans, Ohio State has it out with Southern California in Los Angeles, and TuLsa deploys against Major Biff Jones' Oklahoma squad at Norman. Any of these contests would do quite well as "big'' games anywhere in the land and much later in the grind. * * * One Bi s Battle After Another Big timers aren't even waiting for the following Saturday, Oct. 3, when the World S3rics will be on, to get back into the thick of things. Certainly, Rice and Mississippi aren't wasting any time. Only six days after combating Louisiana Stale, Rice takes the Held aqainst Duqucsnc in a night game in Pittsburgh. And tile array from or Miss,' with Us remarkable halfback, Hapcs, comes lo grips with Temple in Philadelphia. That is what I call sandwiching in long kips between real battles. The schedule for Oct. 3 reads like one for the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day. On that afternoon, we find Carnegie Tccli cpsning the Notre Dame season at South Bend, Cornell under the capable Carl Suavely taking on Yale, New York University In Columbus for a scrap wilh Ohio State. Iowa at Northwestern, Michigan State at Michigan. St. Mary's at California, Auburn at Tiilanc, Tennessee at North Carolina, Lafayette at Pennsylvania, vandcrbilt at Chicago. Manjiteltc at Wisconsin, Oregon at Southern California, Washington at Stanford, Arkansas at Texas Christian, Baylor at. Centenary, and Louisiana stale running its host plays against Texas at Austin. Yes, the feather schedule is past Even Army, which formerly liked lo pace the Cadets, las stiffened up a bit. ' Lou Little gradually has added to the Columbia bookings until the Lion this fall plays Maine. Army Virginia Military Institute Michigan, Cornell. Dartmouth Syracuse, and Stanford. The schedules of Minnesota Forciham, Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Tech will do until harrier cues come along. I'rincclon Still ricks Spots Opening with Washington Minnesota tackles Nebraska, Michigan Purdue, Northwestern, Iowa, Texas and i\farsliall, Southern Methodist, Wayncsburg, St. Mary's, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Georgia, and New York University. Pittsburgh is to meet Ohio Wesleyan. West Virginia, Ohio' State, Duqucsne, Notre Dame, Fordliam, Penn state, Nebraska, and Carnegie Tech. Starling witii Notre Dame, Carnegie Tech lakes on Michigan Stale, -Temple, Holy Cross, Purdue, Duquesne, and Pittsburgh. Princeton is one of the few remaining major Institutions which obviously still tries to pick its spots. It is for this reason that Frltn Crisler perhaps has received less credit than he was entitled to for the flue job lie has done at Old Nassau. It was a shame- lo see the last two or three Princeton classes be graduated wilh so little real fool- ball under their belts. Princeton should get into the swing of things. Schedules are .taken inlo consideration nowadays when laurels arc distributed. The , - usn, an wi (he Reds and Chelini or llwlham is p ailed with Soiunmi i.cngiic W. L. Pet. Atlanta 91 40 .050 Nashville 81 58 .583 Birmingham New Orleans ... Little Rock ... Chattanooga Knoxville Memphis 74 CG ..;. ..72 G8 .....C8 12 62 78 .020 .514 .1111; Battle For Positions On Chick Squad Is Wide Open BY J. P. FlllKNn Civil war Is on in the wlgwiim of the Blythcvlllc Chlcknsaws. It is dog eat dog; every man for himself as Head Coach Carney Graham Laslie, his first lieutenant, James Ace Puckelt, and Stanfill Culchhi, who will have charge of (he Papooses, lightened reins on the Ihirty nine gridiron candidates yesterday in the second day of (mining. And it is going to be in- Icrcsling to watch the various scraps for Hie eleven pos'ls, for, with but two or three exceptions, every position is wide open to the boy who ean quality. Especially is that true in the case of the forward wall. 'Grndu- J-.iicn stripped, last year's' strong line of five regulars, Gene Blackwell and Robert "Red" Baxter ends; J. w. fiaydcr nnd Kay Larkln. tackles; and Elmer Lindsey, guard. Only Byron "Hipper" Wnlkcr, center, James "Bob" Roberts and Calvin "i'lickcrmit Head' Moody, guards, are left who could be classed as regulars. ' ' " Missing from the bail carrying department are the brilliant piir- formcrs, llcrshel Mosleyi who gained All-Southern as well as All-stale recognition, and Eddie Saliba. named oh; one of the slate selections, and John "The Great Wimpy" Burns, a reserve back. 13 Lcttcrmcu Hack 4431 Cf lllc thirty-nine who have re- SR si 4n ! l !ol ' tc<1 ' thirteen arc members of ..o» 81 .111 ,„,.» ycar . s ml(|| ...G2 85 .377 American ' New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago Washington Boston ..; St. Louis Philadelphia W. L. Pet. ....8G 4:1 ....70 59 ....70 62 ....(i8 62 ....67 63 ....U5 G5 ....57 82 -..47 83 .007 holdovers in an effort lo plug tin yawning forward gaps. Walker, o course, will be hack at Ihc' snap pel-back post, and many are go ing to be disappointed If the bl fellow doesn't make the all-stat grade this season. Lcoti Smlt' will again be Ills understud; Moody likely will have 'first en" for right glim-el. O'Ncli Ci-nlg, n pound nephew of Pclc Craig famous Qhlck of All-America National League . New York ............ 79 W. I,. Pet. .... 49 .614 Si. Louis .....75 52 .591 Chicago 75 5 ., 581 Pittsburgh G7 61 .523' Cincinnati ..,.G1 G5 .484 Uoslon 58 C8 .4GO Brooklyn v 51 75 M5 Philadelphia -...52 83 33G team, co-champions with Pine Bluff. Several others arc Papoose material and will be cut from (he varsity squad soon. The lettermen include: Walker, Moody, Roberts! James Burton, Bill Harrison, Lloyd " [ "Tonr" Wise, Joe Bartholomew, ^ t linemen; Russell Moslcy, Homer Bcsharse, Alfred Meredith, Oncil Craig, Max Hutchins, and LeHoy "Bronco"' Brown, backs. Coach Laslie, former University of Alabama star tackle, plans lo play checkers with some of Ills American I.carttR Detroit at Washington. Cleveland at New York. Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Northeast Arkansas T.c.iguc W. L. Pet. Newport Osceoia Joncsuoro .792 .674 .417 Norllieast Arkansas League Osceota at Newport. I'arajiould at Jonc.sboro. Only games scheduled. Read Courier News Want Ads. Caruthcrsville 21 37 .ml- fume who later performed we for University of Tennessee, being groomed for the other guard Craig wns one of the quarterback Insl year. A bad knee kept hii out of action most of the time but during the summer he undei went an operation for the removi of a bad cartilage, and appca for a groat year. He is a fin Mocker and may fit well Into 11 new position. Everett Craig, younger brother, Dick Bums, an Eugene Hoed are other bidders to places. Big Tackles James Burton, 200 pounds, Lioy Wise, 220, Joe Bartholomew, 10 and Bill Harrison, 200, have free-for-all fight on for the stari ing tackle berths. All earned the Official "B" for the first time i 1935. Leon Slafford, up from tl Papooses, and Alvln Justice, transfer from Armorel, may "mu.. clCjln" on their little party. Roberts lias been sent to le end and, based on pro-season lie Ivlty, looks like the real IvfcCo ate, appears lo have the inslc track for the other terminal. HI clred Bunch, "Shoeless" ,BI1I Got win. Carl Lay, Paul Abbott, ai Jay Smith, arc on hand to mak a fight of it and all merit coi sidcration, j . 'flic brunt of the ball carryir. duties will fall on the experience members of last year. Russell Mos ley and LcRoy Brown will do th kicking. Homer Bcsliarse, Ma Hutchins, and Moslcy are pax ers, and "Slick" Meredith can be depended on to clear the way as the "blocking back. Roland "Skeeter" Bishop antl Bob Scott, have impressive junior records. They are small but shifty. "Skcetcr" is a pretty fair passer. OtKcr backficld hopefuls include: Herbert, Childs, I Starling Bunch, Dec Locke, Hugh Harbcrt, "Peck" Hardin and A. Allison. Buddy Storey, recently moved from Stci'le, is working daily but will not be eligible lliis year. He is a lineman. Batcsvilie IB 3n Paragould '.; 13 34 Baseball Result* Soulhcrn I,cacne Memphis at Knoxville, rnin. Nashville 13, New Orleans 4. Atlanta 2, Little Rock 1. Only games scheduled. American I.paciir Cleveland 4, New York 3. Detroit 3, Washington 2. St. Louis 13, Philadelphia 11. Chicago at Boston, rain. National Tx'agnc Chicago 4, Brooklyn 0. St. Louis 4, New York 3. Boston at Cincinnati, rain. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, rain. (10 Northeast ArfcnnKa , Paragould 8, Batesvlllc 5. Carulhcrsvillc 3, Ncwiwrl 2 Innings). | Osccola at Jonesboro, rain. Today's Games Southern Lontruc Memphis at Knoxviilf. Liltlc Rock at Adsitita. Only games scheduled. National League Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Boston at Cincinalti. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY SPECIAL ONE RKTTY BRIGHT MOP A scir-ivrmginj; household mop tested and approved by Cowl Housekeeping. Free With Each $O.OO Purchase Limit of one. to a Customer HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 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