The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1931
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r (I ":• Served by the '' THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPEK Of NCHl'HKABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 8G SKS*!^" <Jouri « r ' BlythertUe DUly new*, .jgythCTine Herald, MiMimlpp l VB llcyLea dpr. LLE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 111 i* i N.GDE5TO WASHINGTON, June 25. (UP)- omcial .Soviet RU?S:HII authorization for Mr. aM Mrs. .Ctarles A. Lindbergh to fly over Sovl-! lerri- .a 1 :: ... C.tir pro|>oiocl vacation c this summer was vt-celve.1 ] hl ' : 'e from Moscow today by Uorls ,r~rr |Ekvirsky of the Russian Informa- Hoover Kelies Uixm I reas- l!0 " Servlcc - DEBT nGREEINI To Fly Over Russia ury Head for Success of Moratorium Plan. WASHINGTON. June 25. (UP) — • President Hoover today rested the fate of his war debt holiday plan on the shoulders of Andrew W. Mellon, secretary of the treasury. Mellon was ordered from London to Paris to negotiate with France in • an effort to persuade her to relent from a stubborn desire to compel Germany to continue partial reparations payments during the year in which President Hoover proposes all p.ivmcnls bo suspended. At the same lime the U. S. federal rercrve hoard joined with tl'r Bank of Eivtlnnd. the Hank of Prance and (he Bank of Inwni- tional Settlement!; nt Basle. Switzerland. In extending a crcriit of $100,000,000" to the strained German Reichstank. The credit will te effective tomorrow. Of the major creditor powers involved in the Hoover moratorium plan only France remained to be brought into line. England ami Italy arc whole-heartedly supporting the proposal. Tlie president's decision to send Mellen to Paris was revealed at the White House last night. PARIS. June 25. (UP)—Andrew Mellon. United States secretary of the treasury, was expected in Paris late this afternoon lo take 1111 oer- J* \ . snally tlie questin of President Hoo* ' ve'r's war debt- plan with the French government-. Drops Dead at Meeting Of Directors of Bank TF.XARKANA, Ark., June 25. (UP)—W. E. Carter, 72. dropped dead here today .11 a meeting of the board of directors for the reorganized Miller County Bank and Trust company. Ills death, attrib- uteil to heart disease, followed announcement that he had been elected vice president of the bank. Hichway Note Board Will Give Mattcv Further! Consideration Today. TO SEU. EBTTOI Cotton Congress Ur^cs Program for Disnosilidn of Three Million Bales. LITTLE ROCK, June 25. CUP) — Following the meetini; of the slate highway note board late yesterday at which it was said only one bid j was received for the fa'n of $15,030,000 worth of highway bonds and $1.500.000 worth of agriculture bonds it was announced (he Ijoiid would meet again today with Governor Parncll. . Proceeds from the sale of the highway bonds will be used to retire short term noles of the sain? amount sold early this year. The notes are clue July 15. Tile money from the agriculture bonds will be I used to reimburse the highway :Lc- partmenl for Sl.5flO.000 which was used in a farm credit plan. I The bid yesterday was .siilunittivl by the National Securiiic-s Crmpany of Little Rock nnd a croup of af- flllalcd investmc-nt house 1 * and banks in the north antl east. 11 was said. Details of the bid v.cre not disclosed by the board. PARIS, June 25. (UPi—The cotton congress attended bv representatives of 20 nations today adopted a resolution urging the U. S. Farm hoard to establish a program for the sale of the three million bales of cotton now held by the. stabilization corpiration. The resolution urged the farm Rimer Simmons board to fix a definite amount (hat L -"" c ' 1 ^"iniUHib would be sold each day ana thereby permit the price lo be stabilized- The congress also decided Melton was due from London atl (1 ° rvcr . v thing legally possible to ex- t '- Apnointments for J.M- to meet Atislide Briand. for_' ' eltOi luiruster. Premier 1'icrre Laval, oTIfl Pierre Etlennc Flnndin. firiiincS minister, have ben made bv Walter E. Edge, dor. the American ambassa- Premier Laval, however, was understood lo have told Ed?e it would be Impossible for the cabinet to negotiate further until parliament hnd made its pronouncement on ttc Hoover prozram. Meanwhile, he said, everything depended on the highly imnortant debate on Hi. plan in the tomorrow. chamber of deputies Gives St. John's Dav tend the use of Esryptian-cpUon and to encourage Indian planting hi order. to terminate ihc oly, : SL monop- HELD FOR II Bound Over Under $8,000 Bond for Killing Ted Cross, KFfJNETT. Mo.. June 25.— Elmer Simmons of this city \vas elven preliminary heaving on first decree .-murder charges here Wednesday af- • ternoon and was bound over to the nest term of circuit court. Bond was fixed at SS.OOO. Failing to make Ixmd he was remanded to the county jail. LUXORA. Ark. -Burglars arc], Simmons is charged with the fo- again frequenting the houses of Luxora, Monday night the cafe owned by Fat Lindsey was entered through a rear window End Burglars Again Active at Luxora This Week business I inl shooting of Ted Cross here on the ni^ht of June G after accusing him of robbin? and assaulting Sim- the cash register rohbrd of twenty- five dollars, nnd Tuesday niRht the dry goods store of M. Bernstein was entered through a rear dcor and a quantity of merchandise taken. T'ne place was ransacked in the search tor money but none was mons' father. Cross was under Imvl on charges of the crime at the time of his death. Simmons has entered a plea of euilty and clafms self defense.. Thnre was only one eve willies* in to Simmons' wife. The n in ! tne search Tor money but noi to USCeola MaSOnS | found, tost fall practically _ (Store in town -was robbed and no OSCEOLA. Ark.. June 25-r, eu .. , Ctuc-key of Lcpanro. district deputy msl * nce ° nl >' grand master of the Arkansas !tfa- Eonic Ledge /uade the principal address at a meeting of Masons celebrating St. John's Dav hern last evening. Other addresses were made by Geo. Abrev, Rev. Eli Myers and !•:. R. Bogan of the Osceola lodge and impromptu talks by J. B. Bunn and J. T. Coston. The meetim:. which was attended by more than a hundred mem- I convictions were made, and in thl; one arrest has been made and he has not yet been convicted. Services Held Today For Mrs. Susie Bishop Funeral services were held ot 10:30 o'clock this mornine for Mrs. Susie Bishop. 59. wife of Abner Bishop, who succumbed at The urelimln'xrv hearing was b"- (ore Justice of the Peace M. P. Foster where it hid teen taken on r'mnrre of venue from the court of Judie Rover. Proscciitlns Atl^-nsv Elocrt - p ord stated lint he will prosecute Simmons on first desrce murder clnre- es in circuit courl. the family home in the Lone Oak community hers of the Masonic and Eastern Star organizations, was presided over by B N. Wilson, Worshipful Death followed Mnslcr of the Osreola Lcrtce. who I tuberculosis. delivered the address of welcome! The Key. WiHiams officiated at ye.stcroTiy a long Illness of to which response was made by Mrs. Cora Chiles, Worthv >fatron of the Osceola Eastern star Chanter. The program was interspersed with music nrovidcd Masonic quartette. by tlie local the services. Interment will be made, at Map'c Grove cemetery. Funeral plans are in charge of 111" Cobb Underlain? company. The deceased is survived by hor husband, two sons, three daughters and one brother. Announces Pipe Line Assessments LITTLf: ROCK. June 25 <UP>- Assessmcnts against seven piiv lire companies operating in the slate were anounccd by the Arkansas tax commission and will Iwcome final in ten days unless a formal urotest Is filed with the commission for a hearing, it was announced here today. The assessments are: Southern Pipe Line company of Baton Rouge. 54.241,610: the Mississippi River Fuel corporation, St. Louis S3,=i!X).150: the rado JPipe Ltm Shrcveport-n Do- ic company, $348.400; the Memon!* Natural gas company, $341.400; the Texas Pipe Line company of Fort Smith, $297.450. and the Rex Pipe Line company of St. Louis, $100.100. Young Farmer Admits Theft of Farm Tools Ernest Cockrell. youn? farmer who lives northeast of Luxora. cn- t'red pleas of Builty lo three char^ei of petit larcenv in Justice R. L. McKnight's court this morn- fns and was fined S10 on each charge. Cockrell was arrested by officers out of th« office of Constable Harry Taylor. They of farming recovered a implements number Cockrell bad stolen from farmers in the Promise Land and Clear Lake communities. near here, it was stated. WINGING THEIR WAY.AROUND TIIK WORLD, two Americans, Harold Galty, above, 28-year-old navigator, and Wiley Post, below, one-eyed pilot, are speeding over the 14,000-mllc route shown above in an attempt to beat the Graf Zeppelin's globe-circling record of 22 days. Their sturdv monoplane, the Winnie Mae, Is shown below. Mileage lor tho various hops on the long globe-trot follows: New York to Harbor' Grace. 1200 miles; Harbor Grace to Berlin tvia England), 2850 miles; Berlin to Moscow. 925 mites; Moscow to Irkutsk (Siberia), 2600 . miles; Irkutsk to Yakutsk or Khar of 1931 Season Reported Today Cotton blossoms, the first of the season, wer« reported to the Cornier News, todav from three nlnnlv :ioiis, all south of niyllicvlllc. C. \V. Ramcy brougTi: :wo bloims to Ihc Courier News'office, They were from a field cultivated by Joe McKlnnls, negro tenant on the Gll- chrlst farm, east of Unrdelte, and are of the Trice, variety. Mr. Ramcy not know t*Te planting dale but said that the first blossom was noticed lust Saturday and that a number have appeared this week. L. L. McDenrman, cashier ot (ho Bunk of Luxora, phoned that Cliamn Mention's had brought to his ofllce a blossom from the farm of his grandfather.'W. H. Meadows. Ihrce or four mllrs northwest of Luxorn. Tlie cotton, of tho Acala variety, was planted April 17. O, R. Pmart Is the tenant who produced It. ' S. 11. Tlradley, manager of I*e Wilson farm number three nt Mc- Ferrhi, telephoned that he had found three blossoms today. Bradley's cotton Is Wilson Type Big Boll. La'sl year he hnd blooms a few days earlier. borovfk, 1100 miles; Yakutsk to Nome (Alaska), 'SJW miles; Nome to mites; Edmonton to New York, 2000 miles. Edmonton (Canada), Suicide Missives Products of Forger, Handwriting Experts Declare. NEW YORK, June 25 (UP)— The musterioiis death of Stan' Faithful was no nearer solution today than it was jon the mnrn- Ing of June 8 "when the"girl's body was found on Lens; Beach. L. r. The letters which Dr Carr witness, who gives the name of Bos- | brought to this country have teen well, v.-as bcinc held in iail as n I described as "extremely different" material witness to the crime. He' in handwriting from Starr's other was released and ordered to 'a:>- '• letters. Stanley E. Faittifull. stcp- n?ar at the next term of circuit: father of the dead girl, hud said court. | tho letters were written by a Bursars Cash forger who was Intimate with the details of Starr's life in an attempt lo commit the perfect murder. The letters, made public by District Attorney Edwards, detailed plans to commit suicide and also expressed a "mad and undying love" for Carr. Miss Louise Rice, handwriting expert, said the letters were "cisy for a forger to write." J. V. Mar- Ing, another cxoert. declared the handwriting could hardly be that I ol a person about to commit, suicide because it was too regular to ™ me rooter Dnisr store carlv-' exhibit agitation such as a person 'his mornm? an, J "ol away with' nbmi ln die would feel. S20 in cash from the cafi; re-;s- ter and a quantity or rimre.lins Tirl rbnwinir t /i, ]n . Entrance was rbtain'vi '.hrri'Tli a screen above 'I 10 ">lnpF front. T'T-re have bren a number of similar hnrelnrics IIT- in rec"it >'"' in no M L !• x» merchandise at Cooteri months. cfTi"crs oM^'ncd any guilty parties. at have the trace of the Canning Demonstration at Hatcher Well Attended i Govern Bean in Throat Fatal to 2-Year-Old Girl NORTH LITL& ROCK, ; ju'rie'35 (UP)—A bean lodged In the throat of Mary Jane Chamhart, 2, which defied efforts of doctors to remove it, had caused her death today. The bean had stopped up the air passage to one lung. JUSTICE MS Young Huffman Farmer Who Shot Brother Released After Hearing. Hatcher, youus Huffman has bfen cleared of a Henry farmer, felony charge of shootlno with tn- lent to kill by Justice Tom Halfield. Hatcher surrendered to officers Arkansas Light and Povyer Will Undertake Further Development of Ouachita UTTLE HOCK. June 25. (UP) — Plans for hydro-olcctric power plants in Arkansas which will cost millions of dollars, pive employment to thousands, and hasten the Industrial Rrowtb of the slate were made known by R. I. Brown, assistant to Vice President C. J. Grlf- Uniform Scale of Bank Fees Particularly That — Already In FJfect Here No charges of consequence In the service charges now made by Bly- thcvlllc nnd Osceola banks will occur as tho result of the adoption of a uniform sonic for members of ,the Northeast Arkansas Clearing House association at a meeting ot the board of directors at Parngould yesterday. The new scale, which has yet to be ratified by the member banks. Had Been in Air 32 Hours,v Post anc! Catty Plans Moscow-Irkutsk Hop. ; FRKFELD, Germany, Juno" 25-Vv (UP) — Otto Hilling and Hplger.'g Vlolrils enrouto from New -York, to.';? Denmark In the piano Liberty-,',' Innded here todav at 5:30 p. :m;,/; German time, after having beehyj: lost lo 'the world since their • de-':V pnrturc from Newfoundland .'at 3:-'-*/ a. m. easier n stnncarci'time. yes-. .!'?• terdny mornlne.•' . ...'''.• :..-•:& After n halt here of an -hour;;; during which.the piano was:re--;f fueled the flyers again took off at'.*; 6:3(1 p. m. for Copenhagen. .•'-:$ When they landed here' they had i/ been In the nlr 32 hours since Icay-. ;.'-* Inir Hnrbor Grace yesterday xno'r-'"': nlng. They explained 'thiy worev< forced southward off. their course."; and had down over S»ain . andr'M Prance. Krcfeld Is In the • Rhine-.H Industrial region'300 miles from Berlin. . : - ..:•. ';.',-•• fith of the Arkansas Power company. Light and A dam which Is to be located 2-1 miles above the nearly completed Ciirocnter dam at Blanco Springs, which will develop 300.0M horsepower from the Ou n chit a river when comnlclcd, has been nlanned at nn estimated cost of $10.000.000. Another oroject, which will rcn- after shootingTls"~brothV"'.Tess!' ro5<;nt nn invcstlmont of S50.IXJO.OOO Halclvr, early Sunday night at their-home near Huffman. Henry staled lint his brother was nt- ts-cklns him with a knife when he firrd. The iniur"d brother, who is rn- uort-d hnnrovin" at n Mcmnhis hcsDllnl. is subf-ct to fits of nnfer II is understood. He was bronchi here several vears aeo by his b-o- thcr. whn secured his dkchnree from (he stnte insani> asvlum at. Jackson, Miss.. It is stated. or OSCEOLA. Ark., June 25—More than a hundred 4-K club girls and fnrm women yesterday attended an all day canning demonstration in which tile communities of Hatcher. West Ridge and Stiliman on Little River co-operated, the meeting being held at the Hatcher school house. Beans, squash ond I beets were canned and instructions I given in the grading nnd scoring Pi., "iPi—Cupid [of canned products. Aged founlc Succumb To Arrows of Cuoid bcfi Tlie couple is oiv ow. of the oldest Lack of Politeness Cost Him Liquor Load TiEFiKELEY. (UP)—Tony P. Ar- auio. 26. forgot th2 eld saving thai lilllc things count, and was In Jail 'here todav on a.liquor charge because he had failed to be polite to a traffic officer. Arango foiled lo make n boulevard stop. When Policeman Donald Simpson began questioning he grew Impertinent. The of- j ever to apply here for a permit to wtd. Demand Impeachment of Tennessee's Secretary NASHVILLE. June 25 (UP)—All article of lmpcachn-J nt- against Secretary of State E. N. Hasten ne'er became hard-boiled, and es- churem? his retaining fee by the : corted Arauiro and his automobile Tcr.ucs're Electric Power company j to th.? city jail, demanded his disqualification was] A search revealed that the ear presented lo the Ten.iessec house I contained 120 gallons of alcr.hcl In National Qualifiers Fail to Make Par PITTaBURGH. (UP)—None of the eight qualifiers for the N'a nt Etowah. Tlie demonstrations are being given by Miss Cora Lee Coleman of Blvthevillc, County Home Demonstration Agent. Kidnaoers Free Man Held . Blindfolded 100 Hours CHFCAGO, June 25 (UP)—Uninjured but temporarily dared by (tonal Open here June 8 succeed-i being blindfolded for ' 100 hours, cd in shooting par golf In the 36 ' Samuel Levin, former vice prcsi- hoto lest over the Oakmont Conn-1 dent of the Consumers Gas and try Club course, considered to be •. Oil company. WP.S released today by one of the hardest tests of golf In kldnaprrs who had held him prls"- the country. O nfr since lust Saturday night. Emil Loeffler. pro at Oakmont. Levin and his attorney William lea (lie Hold -v'th a score of 148, ! J. Robinson, denied after his re- l lilr " ''oh" Capeblnneo,; lease any ransom had been paid dmboro. Pa., succeeded in quail-1 although they admitted demands | for J&.eou Imd befit mndn, fyln« (S7 Had Plenty of Time AUSTIN Toy.. (UP)— Governor Raw sterling tells this one with a ii-kie: 'I .hnd :.-een visiting l!y Imoe- l orison farm. . ni-ar Houston. They furnished me with a car and on rfftrlent driver to ret'jrn to Houston. " 'If It will not make you too ate. I wish you would drive me on to the Bnv.' (Sterling's summer owe). I said." "rvrtalnlv. Fir." "Vou y.-lll h->'^ mounh time?" "Oli. yes sir. T have seven years." He has since br?n paroled. j War 'Veterans Meet at 7:30 Tonight The Herman Davl; post. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will hold Its regular meeting at 7:30 ttmlghc at the city hall. Tooth Tennl 1 ; Player MEMPHIS. (UP)—After Clifford Suiter, nationally prominent tennis star of New Orleans, had finished an exhibition match here recently. Larry McCormack, nine, borrns-et a racket and played him. Sutler said the youns Memphis star was n "naturnl tennis" player and showed a surprising knowledge of the ' Li the building of four dams whirh will center their production forces In the northwest part of the state for the develomnent of a new mining urea, will be located on the Willie river. Tests for the While river projects have been under way for 18 months and several hundred thousand dollars have already, been spent. Mav Ask Grand Jury Probe of B. and L. Irregularities JONESBOKO, Ark. — Irregularities on tile part of 0. G. Brooks, former . secretary of the Young Men's Building fc Loan association through loans made ' to himself nnd the Homebuildcrs corporation, were revealed in the audit of the association's affairs which has been completed by Auditor W. L. OaU anil which war. submitted to IV the stockholders of tion heM Tuesday Thc hint criminal liability existed was made In discussions, it is stated. Offi.-ials of the association Indicated today that a prand Jury investigation of Brooks' deals would bo asked. The audit shows that Brooks in several Instances made large loans without the consent of the board of directors. Uwrance Chosen Head of Osceola Farm Bureau OSCEOLA. Ark., June 25—C. J. Lowrance was elected president of Is nractlcally the same as that which has been in force here for three years. Thi directors, representing banks of Mlsslsslnpl, Cralijhcad, Polnsctt, Qreenc, Clay, Lawrence and Ran- clolnh rmmtics, approved a renlon- I Gloom Tims to Joy ..'-•'iji COPENHAGEN, Denmark. June 25 (UP)—Gloom turned to -wil^ Joy tonlaht-whcn news-was'wy cclvcd that the -airplane .Liberty,y.-$ almost given up for-lost, hnd made;>^ a, safe landing In Krefeld, Ger-;i-'' many. The message said • Otto'."} Hllllg nnd Holger Hoirils expected:?, to resume their flight from Kreteld nnd reach here about 9 :P. M..v.i The news of the landing at Kre- '{'> feid created th« greatest sensation. ; 7 j in years. Thousands who had left ''-<• the airdrome nfter an nil day wait .4 hurried back "and 15,000 were on ; : .; hand to .give..the flyers a, stirring v< reception. Flowers, and. ,wreaths'X which had been put- aw»y --wefa*-5J brought oul again. Plan, Siberian Fllglit 'MOSCOW, June 25. (UP)—The . monoplane Winnie- Mae, the Post- V;Gal'.y plane, clipping' off another t r - - : 000 miles on Its 15,000 mile fl'shl 0 over land and sea around the i world, landed here at 5:40 a.m. Mos^ : cow time from Berlin, completing ' on"-llitrd of the Journey In less . '.l'.i\\ three days. • -. '' : ,• Tiie American, Wiley Post,'i nl clearint; house agreement afirt bv- tho Australian, Harold Oatty.speed- iaws, nnd these, Includlnc llic uniform scale of proposed <?rv!ce nharges. have been forwarded t" the mcmlx>r banks for proposal. If they receive the exnected ratification It is planned to nut them in effect August 1; M. L. Simmers, vice-president of the Bank of Osceola. and John W. Snydcr. cishicr of thn First National bank of lily- thevllle. are. the Mlsslsslnpl county members of the board. Organization of the regional clearlnc house and adoption of tir- on with a determination to"set : '*/J a loccrd by circumnavigating the '•••! globe in less than ten days,-left ; > Berlin at 7:38 a-tn. (12:38 a.m.: .1 central standard time). After halt- .'«! Ing here to retiwl the flyers plan .•;,] to push on to their next so-hed- o uled halt, Irkutsk, on Lake Baikal, | In the mountains of northeast SI-' ••-. oerla. '" -'; • Irkutsk Is 2.BOO miles from Mos-"•;•.'! cow, the longest single jump the fly- ;';-. I ers have attempted so far. At an average speed of MO miles an hour '.-. uniform service eharee is o.irt of [the trip would take more than 18 the nrogram for the stale-wide I hours. When they reached Moscow adontlor of (be code of bank management nonrovcil nt tile annual me°tinK of the Arkansas linnkers "ssoeltitlon .1!. LUMi» Rock. B. A. I.vnnh. nresMent of th-> state association, hns Inkcn the le^dershln in the movemnnl. which hns for !(« fundamental nunraie the nlicln<? of Arkaiisos: bsnbinf 0:1 a- basis that will make Inioc-.slble such an enl- f^nilc of bank closings nml susocn- 1930. as swcoL the staie late Hawthorne's Condition Still Reported Serious MEMPHIS?. June 35. (UP)— The condition of John w. Hawthorne. Jonesboro attorney, was r'ieardc-1 i |C seiicips hv phyiclans nt. thn TJanM«' here todav. hut hk skull the flyers had covered 5,000 miles from New York or their Journey. one third of Taken to Hospital for 4 Auto Crash Injuries " CARDWELL, Mo.—The Howard- ' '"Anderson ninbulance took -Mrs. T. -7 G. Stone and her daughter, Mrs. '' Schnffer, to the Paragoiild hospital l- Tuesday. They were injured in an •'• auto accident north of Cardwell, Y one being cut b> glass and the ."-other receiving a broken leg and a •'. broken arm. '.]•- Barton-Mansficld Plan Branch Yard at Hope not fractured as first b-l'cved. HOPE, Ark., June 25. (UP)—The He Is suffctintr from several se'"In wmmHs and hss a badlv cut hanrt. Anolh"r x-ray t.ik-fn today to determine the be 25th unit of the Barton-Mansfield Lumber company, with headquarters at Jonesboro, will be ready for here July 1, it ten'. of skull injuries. Hwnltal at-i ' ounce '? today follo '''n? cloiinir of 'iches say they do not know how Irnf he will be ronflneil lo the hospital. His condition was described as very painful arid "Jncomfortablc. Lifhtnin» Tnesdav Hits Barn South of Cardwell CARDWELL. Mo.-In thp. rain and thunder storm n! Tuesday afternoon, the barn of R. D. W«l!s, the south Mississippi County FarmlSr.. some 4 miles south of Card- Bureau at a meeting here lost I well, near Pauldine. was struck bv cvenlnj when a temporary organ- llshtning. The lightning did not izatlcn formed some weeks ago,set (he bam on fire. It tore a was perfected and plans for the Inree hole in the roof of the barn years work outlined. — J •- • -•-• •• - • W. J. Dyess was elected vice president, O. L. White, secretary an-J other directors as follows: E S. Wildy. J. W. Edringlon, F. P. Jacobs, Hllll A. G. Brlckey and O. M. llahting system. A hired man, who was In the barn at the time, was knocked doim by th« shock, as was three mules. Neither the man nor the mules were sertowly a building lease yesterday by E. C. Barton of Jonesboro. ' ' Masons Meet Tonight The Chickasawba Lodge No. 134 P. & A. M. will hold their stated communication this Thursdfg night at 7:45 p. m. visitors are welcome. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Generally fair tonight and Friday. AccordhiK to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr, the maximum temperature here yesterday was 91 and the mlnimuni, 73 degrees, partly cloudy. Today a year ago the maximum.t»|nr«r«-

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