Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1948 · Page 1
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Chester, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 28, 1948
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SPORTS For results cf lasl nitht's bwKet - ball james In the county ee J IS and 17. Cljcsfcr rfiifa Last City Edition COLD Chester Area; Eair and cold this Afternoon and tonlsht with lowest temperature near zero in the county, Thursday fair and continued quite 72ND YEAR NO. 21,940 CHESTER, PA., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1948 PRICE, THREE CENTS COUNTY WATER ' COMPANY ASKS RATE INCREASE Ten Percent Boost Would Affect Many Delaware Countians Users of Springfield water today farort a in oer cenl rate Ooosc as a periencedy the Philadelphia Su - i The company will put the increase I into effect March 29 if it obtains 1 approval oi tne ru. uv mission in Harrisburg. Annrnvimat.fiiv i families lr Delaware, Chester vand Montgomery counties win pay uic wi made necessary by 'greatly in - A spokesman sam tne muwac m, Knncf if ir is sanctioned by the PDC, will be the first one since ifton niVi, ioio the eomoany has Inflected five reductions that saved k nsumers more man juu,uvu mo 'iwinrert that the action in ti. in nor ppnr. boost was taKen "oniy alter wicm bj due consideration, which have led to the unavoidable conclusion that in the lace ot greatly lncreascu Tender adequate and satisfactory service at its present rates. This information was contained w, - maiiPri tr, nil customers. Title letter saia umi faced with the prevailing increase in cost of living, have been given raises, and that cost of materials has zoomed - Tt - ,vaC Pnlainp.d that only of more than 50u,000 gallons of water ; will nave uneir mw man tne iu per ccul The company said the aveiage bill for a one - family house .at the present time is aruium m j". - Fifty boroughs and townships with total population of 400,000 are served by the PSWC, which calls its f ..cnrinofipiri " The area ex tends along the Main Line beyond1 Paoli, in addition to a large part of Delaware County outside tne district served, by Chester and Media companies, and takes in a section througn onsnonucn east to the Bucks County line, including Flourtown, Willow Grove "AW1.; nerience an increase more than the' 10 per; cent, it was stated. New Federal Reserve Job IsTomMcysum Fifth Tough Assignment For uncle aam SJSm t 1940, By JACK B. THOMPSON "Well, here we go again. Jack." This was Mrs. Thomas B. Mc - Cabe's greeting to this reporter as he called Tuesday evening for an interview with her husband, who a few hours before had been n - od by President Truman to be chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system. Four different times sine to Washington to handle tough assignments for the Federal Government, so she has a resigned and relaxed attitude about tne commuting between their lovely home on North Chester road, Swarthmore, and the nations CaThis' fifth assignment is - just about as tough as . any of those he was called on to tackle during the war. including the handling of priorities Tor the Office of Pro - d ctlon Management, depu.y Lend - Lease administrator and finally Army - Navy Liquidation Commissioner and special assistant to the Secretary of State. Tom was completely relaxed, too about being named to head the board of the "bankers' banks - which just about describes the Federal Reserve System, with its 12 lain and 25 branch banks spread around the united States. T'.ie abllltv to accomplish assignments - with an easy, relaxed stride is one that has marked the 53 year - old Scott Paper Company president, his frlentU say. in 20 years of interviewing business executives and public officials, we've found that the more successful fchev are the bigger they are - the easier they are to approach. They have a simplicity and directness that wins friends, influences people, and gets cooperation and results in the most complex situations. Over a big slice of deep dish lemon meringue pie, with Mrs. McCabe, their eldest son, Torn. Jr., and three dinner guests, Tom McCabe Tue - day evening laughingly told how reporters and photographers had been dogging him all afternoon, following receipt or word from Washington that the President had named him to be chairman of the Federal Reserve B"Ifd' confirmed 'by the Senate, what are your plans with regard to Scott Paper Company?" we asked Mr. McCabe. - It's a full - time job, and 111 probably do as I did on previous Washington jobs - take a little apartment, in the Capital and return to Swarthmore weekends," he said. . "I assume the board of directors of Scott Paper will grant me a leave of absence," he continued. Matters of financial and monetary poHcv, either his' own or those of the Federal Reserve Board, Mr. McCabe would not discuss, pending confirmation oi his appointment by the U. S. Senate. From previous statements and his business record. Mr. McCabe has shown himself to be anything but a "tory" in his business policies, in the direction of Scott Paper Company, he has shown an advanced and enlightened policy that has made the company a recognized standard for modern manufacturing and sales operations. For example, he introduced music into the local paper mill during working hours; stock - purchase plans, insurance, hospitalization, recreation and retirement plans. Employment In the Scott Company has increased from 300 to 3500 since he became president, in 1D27. . tL Under McCabe chairmanship, it is expected that the 12 Federal Turn to Iae 2, Number i ti s. TREASURY BALANCE Washington (INS) Treasury balance Jan 26, S3,937,H6.923.74; internal revenue, $17,367,505.15; customs receipts. $30,090,831.54: receipts $23, - 737',305l HAVERFORDBOND ISSUE DEFEATED BY WIDE MARGIN Spurred by pleas of real estate men and others who warned that a S500 000 bond issue for improvements would mean enactment of the controversial property transfer tax. terday soundly defeated a proposal to float the loan to finance a new municipal building and expand .sewer facilities in the First and Ninth wards. n - TV.: iw? for the loan and 1B79 against it. Only 17.5 per cent of tne regiiteieu : the townships w prei - u l. " 3Rini haii was definitely Stilled bv the vote, it was not w with the sewer issue. It was learned today that the township will borrow S100 000, without a referendum being required, ana go UMU. '" project to Install sewers In the tt wards affected. A Spokesman fjaiu inai iui. cannot be deferred because ml - rtpnts are usine cesspools at tn Turn to Paje 2, Number 1 LAST MINUTE NEWS TEN DIE IN FRESNO CRASH Fresno, CaL (UP) The sheriff's office reported today an American Transport Company plane crashed at 10.30 a. m. today and 10 bodies have been recovered so Jar. ' The plane came down on Los Gatosi road a mile from a Fresno county road camp, the sheriff's office said. Other bodies were feared to be in the fiercely burning - plane. Southern Penn Schedules Reported Back to Normal Castor Operates Laundry In Church - Congregation Sues Th. ULl .MU, oi the &K saying about cleanliness being next j,, o permitting the eontin - tO Godliness Starteo a law sun, j. uca - ,JR(j use 0l uie citurcu. ne ima day in the Delaware County Court terfered" with the conijr.tiuivs u; at Media. , . Because its former minister has a booming laundry business in its church building, the Church of God in Christ of Montgomery and Delaware Counties. Inc., has filed a bill in equity. The case will have a preliminary hearing in the county court next Monday. The suit was brought by Charles c Ttinmninn nresident. and How ard R. Wilson, secretary, in the name of the church which was incorporated in 1937. Named as defendants are Edward Crudup, ex - minister of the church, and his wife, Mane. They are living in the church prop - " ertv at 747 Bucklane. Haverford. According to the bill in equity, forts to hold services," the bill states. He recently installed a laundry, they claim, and advertises his service in the papers and telephone book. The bill complains that he rc - mnut - rf nliimhinir and heatinE fix tures ana wans fo mat HnmnUcl - iPrf and wasted." The bill specifically asks that the iCrudups be restrained from interfer ing witn tne conoucmig ui and be restrained from removing fixtures . . . and that they remove the laundry Jiiriirp Henrv G. Swenev allowed; the rule to permit the hearing next week. It was presented by H. Joseph Harrison, Ardmore attorney, with Charles Heldmann as co - coun sel. !i - nini ahmit. iL but other wise you'd hardly suspect that thej Soutnern reiuisyiviima jjo pany had a $750,000 fire that wiped out its headquarters and one - third !of its fleet less than a week ago. In other words, as far as the public is concerned, things are back to normal. "Every line is running on schedule and the company is even running chartered buses to . accomodate schools ana otner jjluuhs u.,b 'About the only difference as far as the riding public is concerned is fact that we nave to u&e auuii ur old buses to maintain our schedules, saio acting on perm undent of Transportation Ralph M. 'Betore, we naa enougn new uuscc fhat. wp used them exclusively during the base period between 9 a. m. and 3 p. m., only using the older ones during the peak hours. "Now we have to use the old ones al! dav lone, but we expect delivery of 15 brand new buses in a matter: of days and they will be placed m The token and transfer business is back to normal today, too, tnt company having replaced those de - ct - rfvupri in Inst. Thursriav's biff fire. A Philadelphia ticket company did the regular ones, were oacK m f,,r ;hc firs: ' l.iiis inonun? Zone checks those identifying! stubs handed out wnere more uian iag. MERCURY TO HIT Gibson New Commander Of ZERO MARK HERE Chester Veterans' Council An active campaign to do more for veterans in the way of jobs and housing was advocated last night by Ravmond W. Phillips, retiring commander of the Chester Veterans' Li Speaking before more than 100 - gates at the YWCA during installation ceremonies for new officers, Phillips listed jobs and houses as two of the principal problems fac - .in tt,pti tnriav. "An active campaign should be started to secuie jnn. - , .101 n n i. With so many - veteran organizations, no 'vet' who really wants to work should be idle," he declared. "The housing situation is a problem that we should all face squarely. - With everybody thinking along con - eimrt.!v Htip.; norhans some mem bers will bring forward an idea that will help." Phillips also urged a campaign tc secure, more posts as members ol the Council, and asked the appoint ment of a full - time service officer. He suggested strengthening of the aisasier Rroup as a means oi pre - Smedley was the installing officer, ; Vivian Foreman assisted ay - niinps, as uommanaer Harry Gibson and other officers were Inducted, Albert Reading was installed as senior vice - commander, Mattie Cir - igliano as junior vice - commander, Dr. Albert Federman as quartermaster, Howard McCoy as adjutant, HARRY GIBSON Taylor as chapiain rirriinnrilv the buses were stored in the heated garage at Thirteenth street and iiagmont avenue whbu thev weren't on the road, and no alcohol was required. "We were fortunate enougn obtain all the anti - freeze needed," Moore said. "It came up here bar - el after barrel, ana we ve no aim - culties an that score. eilng, they're parked on the Smed - He commended the Chester School Board for letting mem use u trvnnnris and the small school build ing at Eighteenth and Upland streets, which Is now in operation "The school board has certainly treated us fine, ne iaici. All eassinit and oiling is still be - 1110 - riniiE at the Diamond Ice anc li'r,l ( - nmntinv rlnnnt. at, Eiehleeiltll street and Edgmont avenue, which! has virtually oeen turncu the Viin: firm. Heavy maintenance work is done at tne aDutnern rcun juu( m mington and inspections are carried nut at thp PTC carace in Folsom. While the pubUc is experiencing no inconvenience as a result of the fire, worst in Chester's history, it, a different story with the bus com "Things are anything but normal in our temporary offices," Moore pointed out, "But we're getting along and one of these days straightened out." SEN. TOBEY SEEKS REASON ECCLES WAS BY - PASSED Senate Banking Chief 'Deplores' Truman's Action Washi inrlon U.iri Chairman Charles W. Tobey of the Senate Banking Committee today said i deplore" President Truman's de - .. Eccles as Federal Reserve Chalrnmn. "1 propose to nno, out vuy ute President, is dropping Eccles from the chairmanship in favor of a Republican, Thomas B. McCabe, Tobey Ai'lhnneh Tnhe.v is a Republican. from New Hampshire, he frequently out of line witn majority muunts his mri.v There seemcri little doubt that his committee and the! Senate would approve appointment! of the more conservative McCabe to the Federal Reserve Board. This is a necessary prelude to the Presi dent's designation oi Mcnoe at chairman. Eccles a New Dealer oy conserve - hoirmDii nf thp unserve Board. "1 uunK tne rresmeiu yiitti u mui - seif in a very weak position by what he has done" Tobey said at a Banking Committee hearing. "I deplore It." "It s nothing m me uini uie hihji is a Republican," he said, referring "I'd like to know who the forces; this committee deserves to know Tnhpv'c nrlf.taisms earlier ' echoed' by two Democratic members, of his committee. But a majority of U'.e group appeared willing lo confirm McCabe of Philadelphia as B .. .successor, imp fne.h that McCnbe is a Re publican virtually assured his confirmation bv the Republican controlled Senate. President Truman asked Eccles yesterday to ster down from the post he has held for 12 years and make way for the Pennsylvania paper manufacturer and banker. Tobey said tne snaitnnp nno mihh. - a;iinnt.'i of inconcrulty ana incon sistency if we can take utterances j of the day at par." He was apparenuy rcieimis President's assurance lo Eccles, who has been at odds both with Sccre - Kr rrvpotnrv .Inlin W. Snvder demotion renects nti iih - g. uj. r - nnnt - iniin.! sources interpreted the shift as a victory for Snyder. But the Secretary's aides steadfastly denied that he was gunning for Eccles. They Indicated that Snyder, at most, played a passive role by not going to bat for Eccles Mj - Pflhn'.i annnintment was garded as. an administrator, gesture towards business and bankers, who have bitterly opposed some Eccles fiscal policies and proposals. Fnlbright. D,. Ark., of the bank ing X ncuv: w change in the face of present conditions, with prices continuing ti spiral in inflation." Turn to Page 2, Number 2 Democrats Claim Measure Threatens Nation's Security Vashintton (UPl The Republi can bill to cut income taxes about $6,000,000,000 was hailed today curb to inflation by its sponsors, and condemned by Democrats as a threat to the nation's economic and. mllhary security. The Republicans ana Democrats let fly with a preview of wftRt may expected when the Knutson oi" reduce income taxes goes to the: House floor tomorrow, puw - r,i Hip lilil is staled for Monday. in the majority and minority committee reports on the .bill. The measure was approved yesterday by the Ho' ie Ways and Means Com mittee ay a straigm. utuij 15 Republicans for and nun The Republican report said the Income tax cut could be made and. at the same ime, the National debt still could be reduced about tU.DOO, - 000,000 in this and Ute next fiscal vcar. The Republicans said the proposal by Presldmt Truman to give a $40 tax cut to Taft - Stassen Feud Building Up To GOP Convention Brawl By LYLE C. WILSON Washington (UP) The Taft - Stassen ruckus is building' i m in a nnrrv hrawl likelv to cauliflower Republican ears and flatten noses before the GOP National Convention closes its doors. It could be almost as Woody as the 14 uernocrauc performance when Protestants, Catholics, wets and drys combined to knock themselves out in the names and caused of Al Smith and William G. McAdoo. That was when John W. Davis finally accepted the compromise Democratic nomination less for hope of being elected President than that it would hcln his law practice. . Now the Republicans are slugging . among Uiemselves in the first year J in 10 tnat any oi mum iu unu t real hope of winning the White 1 uonsiaerttoie mud - iuji e'll be DURING NIGHT Pacing the cold facts. Delaware: Gountians are cue uj ncic ore tonight. T h e Weattu Bureau made its most frigid forecast of the - winter with a prediction o i temperatures near zero for the countv tonight. While the mercury this winter GARCHINSKY IS APPOINTED CHIEF CLERK OF COUNTY vbody and make for the loss in revenue by a 75 per cent excess profits tax would be inflationary. t I tion President Truman s plan In their minority report, but confined . iv,amni.. i.n attack nc .the bill sponsorM bv Rep. Harold R,. Knutson (R - ), Minn, ( . the Knutson bill passes both houses' in anything like its present form. But Republicans have high hopes that they can override a veto this time. , .. . The Republican majority defended the bill on the grounds that it "esscnUal to the long - run im provement in the American stnnu - ard of living". These (wartime? ium . . sdtute a serious nbstnele to the in crease in production needed to tended that the Knutson propositi threatens to k. ucuwk v, 100 000.000 in the 194D fiscal year. "The majority, is proceeding in sional experience in attempting tr reduce expenditures uuiuw hil li ident's budget for 1948," the Demo - :rats said. , ri, trUnn toy W ! ralla for H tmn Inrpnsn in the 1500 personal exemption, tax cuts of from 10 per cent in the upper brackets to 30 per cent in tne iuwli, mm k. sion of the community property The Republican report criticized president irumans biu - iui - tvi.. j body tax cut to be made up by i 75 per cent excess profits tax. Tin r - . - ,o ,.n,rt cnl.i thp President: nroirram is "Inflntionnry" and the n,f nrnflis l.aX WOUld tlOl - ninimnH hv thp Presidenlprodi 'sufliclenl. revenue lo onset the loss through the S40 cut. The conflicting views of the Rc - nrl HomncraU wlil Ket a further airing at closed meetings later today rti'htinir wns to be ex oec led. with all hands convinced President Truman should not be as hard tol beat as the late FDR, whom the! GOP couldn't beat at al). But noth - lmr was foreseen like Uie bone - crushing battle now beginning within the OOP. Dispatches reported Uiis week, that Sen. Robert A. Taft was an - vt - rnri when Harold E. Staasen de cided to Invade his Ohio door yard seeking deicgutc support lor me republican presidential nomination. On the beat authority it may now be said that the senator was annoyed alher than angered. Tnfl; is n. nrettv cool customer. To say Uie senator Is annoyed is liki savins some hotter - headed character Is boiling mad and fit to burst. Preparations are being made to receive Stasscn in Ohio where it is planned to swat him with evcry - uving loose ana nniiay. xjil: umu presidential preference primary in which Taft and Stussen collide takes ice M:iy I. be terrific and' the play will be strictly for keeps. In a general way il will ue the party rcgtiiais asmiihL the young Turks In an Ohio contest which will carry Its Bitterness and maybe Into a 1048 version of Lb - 1 siuokv room. Taft can cscanc damage in the Ohio primary only if he gives Stas - sf - n a r.iassln licklnc in their single delcgate - nt - largc contest and in the 10 districts wncre tjiassou is puui - ning to enter delegate candidates.; If Stasscn falls to pick up a handful or delegates and give Taft a good contest all around, he will not have helped himself any, either, other man d.v tne puDjiuiy wiih.ii na be eettinr from now to May 4. Qov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York can observe the Taft - Stassen row with considerable satisfaction only so long as it falls short of jarring party harmony right down to its foundations. CANCEIl KILLS EXPERT nmh h nli'i Dr. Albert M. Harris. 35, who last week announced he had developed a new, simple test for discovering cancer, died today of SOCIALISTS 'PASS UP' BALLOT AND SAVESCHUMAN Warmer Weather Rolls East To Break Bitter Cold Wave thr above in By United PrcsK Warmer weather roller! across the! Middle West today and the Weather - Bureau said it meant a "definite brcai:" in the sub - zero cold wave! which lias grippea tne n.iwun - u,, the past 14 days. The mass of warm air moving southeastward out of Canada, was the first break in the erazy quilt pattern of weather which saw an iin.un Uoai oravp f re P7.incr weather in the gulf states, heavy snowfalls! on the East uoast a no a pi """'b' - " drought )n uamornia. p.iris MJPi The Socialist party decided lm - ihl to abstain In the ri - ii.lcal Assemblv vote on devalua tion measures, tuns apparenuy averting the threatened overthrow of Premier Koncri ocnuman The Socialist decision to abstain broke up a majority in the National Asscmblv which had banded wtlier to defeat the cDvernment proposal to create a free market in (rnlri. The ffnvfniment had threatened if; rirfTronciartrr n. meel.iiic earlier todav to re - bclow zero at 1 a. m. I'M ST). Den - j sign If Parliament persisted in flglit - ver reported 20 below, the corneal mg tne uuvaiuaiion day since Feb. 3, lB3ff. The tern - "The position or the government t ninniir Ta , kn was.woulti become iintcnahic if the very 20 below i substance of Its linaiiclal project In New Mexico Governor Thomas '.was questioned." n spokesman said. J Mabry ordered the State Capitol The cabinet met to map its course jsunaing ne ciosen wuo . I Tuii . A7r , 5 Cent Cigar? That's What We Need Now By FRANK TRIPP Of all the botch jobs that could have been inflicted on the people, nothing within the imagination approach the mess that is being made of things for the average house - . hold. Out of a victory which begins to look worth less than the left ear of a wooden Indian comes an Tripp exhibition of ' economic administration that mnkes sober citizens stomach - sick. An exhibition af amateur lncpt - ncss by iob - hugging politlcos who are a blot on the party that harbors them. And harbor . is the word, for little that they da bears relation to the principles which once distinguished one party from another. A political party has become a place to g"t a life job and live iff the people, with a nice fat pension to 'tail off a career o "unselfish public service." Wc once had unselfish service and pretty clearly defined lines between party programs and policies. A citizen could work up a lather ot enthusiasm over the things for which his party stood. There's little of It now among the rank and file who are trying to make ends meet and paying the fiddler's bill with 31 cents out of every dollar they get hold of. "Just be patient; times are tough; vc wizards will lead you oi;l," .say the wiseacres who are making mincemeat out of peoples' lives and savings. Inflation, says they; the Com - mnnrvs will get you; rebuild the world; let British Socialists peter away nn empire and our four bit - lions with it; give 'cm some more; . let Russia rob conquered countries blind; we'll replace their loot with another 17 to 22 billions. A Marshall plan again. We had a. Marshall once before, He made a classic wisecrack that became Immortal. He was Tom Marshall, Hooslcr from Indiana, Woodrow Turn to Page 2, Number 6 'fni r, in fvir.ii Mew Mex - ! Assembly ico cities schools win oc cioscu m - cause of the gas shortage. tVip annnlntment of Hugh Gar - chinsky of Clifton Heights as chief Iclerk of the County Commissioners was announced tuesaay Dy me Commissioners. The appointment, though pre - jd ro ugnt 'cIureasLcr at lhE;the first states I l,,, :;Wrr two vears hc!f the northern portion oi tne ; u.,h - 'f0Cfl said served as' chief clerk in the bureau i Um ,buL tVlP, - .Lnnrmal ' While the cold wave began loosen - ! ,ot Elections and before that time jrcly a relief 00tEse;normal ing It, g , r tern half o wmirasswnOT, - ; - nnt , lh nat!on ,tnc nation, omnomm U ,U Jap Ferryboat Hits Mine; 260 Lives Are Lost Tokyn (INS) Two hundred and sixty Japanese lost their lives by drowning when a ferryboat struck a. niine and sank with a violent explosion in Japan's inland sea at itn ago, came ; - - :r - rl ,v,o:the j Garchinsky.;Cnscago we.iine. "ILU - 7'" iclimb back to normal over the en - rr'r,,...t.,r. , nvnprted o ooservers cave bchuman np - j, am 10 lo 20 degrees above per hand over a dissident, assembly aero in Minnesota and the Dakntas, after he rallied from an earlier de puties to consider lhe bill as an urgent question, alter a virtual threat to resign. servca in the County C for five years. The announcement was made fol - early today w Media Water Works, lowing the presentation of 75 - year - old burgess of Sharon such low readings. The Weathermar of warning this time nVt w ?d wrist watch and it rnnnrv'rMirientf fair skies will ac - was presented by Judge William R. San I m very cold weaZr of iToal former solicitor for - the county Umight and Thursday. The exacted j "Wjne of 1 Ztn of the area and there was;"We have come together on this three inches of snow as far north January afternoon as Norfolk .and along tne eastern shore of Maryland. Fraser, Colo., "where Today's News Summary Turn tn Page 2, Numb"r 5 Among tne guests went rreaiucui, Mrs Crowley of the Gold Star Mothers. Chanter No. 1; Comman der Neff, of Division 4 - 11 of the Naval Reserve, and Theodore O'Tanyi - of the National Guard. man of the annual banquet, gave a Where To Register Today Upper Darby Township Municipal Building. Drexel Court ' Apartments, Woodland and Drexel avenues. Thursday Upper Darby Township Municipal building. Drexel Court Apartments, Woodland and Drexel avenues. Courthouse hour Monday through Friday, fl a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Saturday, 9 a. m. to noon. Risine Dressures kept the precipi tation from dropping here, the arsri Weathe - man explained, and this sergcant - at - i area was just on the dividing line. Turn to Piffe 2, Number 3 detailed report and announced that Max Slepln, of Philadelphia, will be the principal speaker at the banquet to be hel April 3 In Columbus Center. Dr. Federman was chairman of arrangements for last night's din - Commander Gibson appointed the following committee chairmen: Memorial nv. Henrv Peterson: disas ter, Clarence Bell; housing, James j uevun; employment, unvcr ruunua, and nnh'lHf.v Rnvmnnd Phillips. i omcoiey was reappoint juugc 1 advocate, and .lofteoh Hufnal was Hirs for roving' reisistrrs - - 10 j reappointed service offlcer, Delegate 10 - p. 'm. ' 1 for n appeal originating In Ridley Today's Weather Temperatures for 24 hours - High yesterday, 31 at 2 p. m.; low this morning, 9 at 1.30 a, tn.; average yesterday, 26. Precipitation In 24 hours, 0; this ionth, 4.95. Sun rose. 7.13 a. m.; sun sets, 5.1a p m. Moon rises, 6.21 p. m.; moon sets, 9.03 a. m. New moon, Feb. 9 - 16. Today's tides Off Chester Tidewater Terminal Pier: High, 2 a. m. 2.29 p. m.; low, 9.05 a. m 9J9 P'ucI forecsl Fair and cold this afternoon and tonight with lowest temperature near zero In the county. Thursday lair and continued quite cold. Cipected temperatures High today. 23; low tonight, .0; high Thursday. 3d. honor ho started out on life 1 ber of years ago. Bill Duncan has ; served his community and his Icounty a great many years. He has Oeen, ana is, a conscientious pumu, servant," he said, as he presented the Chief Clerk with the watch "as fakrn 0; united resiKi 1 atu card for you as a man from the Commissioners and your In accepting tne gill, r. uuncan Tf T've been able to do anytlilnE - and I've tried hard it was due to my fellow workers. My term as chief clerk has been pleasant," hi CAR DAMAGED BY OIL TRUCK An automobile owned and driven! by Peter Datillo, of 922 Barclay street, was damaged when an oil truck DacKca inio 11 at rt aim Franklin streets at 2.30 p. m. Tucs - Th. rtHvpi - tnld nollce he stopped, about 10 feet behind thci nf MrM Hrrfik. when the truck tmcked up and damaged thej front of nis ieaan. How It Looks To Us . FJY THE EDITORS At Home New officers of the Chester Veterans Council were installed last night following an annua report by retiring Commander Ray Phillips; Haverford voters have turned down a bond issue; water rate increases are being sought for many suburban residents using Springfield supply; Tom McCabe of Swarthmore is making plans to take over the important job as governor of the U S. Federal Reserve Board ; the weather man who was wrong on that snow prediction yesterday - promises more cold weather; basketball games were played throughout the county last night, and results are on the sports pages; Dot Sibel Skirts the County on the women's page; and county commissioners named a new chief clerk Tuesday afternoon. . The Nation The Republican - controlled tax committee in the House has passed the income tax cut and it will come to the floor for debate on Thursday; Lyle Wilson writes an interesting political item, while nearby on the front page, Columnist Frank Tripp makes a plea for a good five - cent cigar,; Detroit is feeling the oil shortage acutely; Pcgler writes a column about a meeting with the late Joscphus Daniels (page six); and warmer weather is creeping across the Mid - West headed our way. , , . . , . The World Premier Schuman's cabinet is shaking in Paris as debate on the devaluation continues (see also Constantine Brown on page six) ; a Japanese bank borgia is front page news, as is a story about a ship sinking in the Orient; and Barbara Hutfon is seriously ill in Switzerland. quarters in Tokyo termed it a "major sea tragedy" in an announcement todav which stated Ho occupants of the crowded vessel had been rescued. Among the rescued were three Rrit.nns. British headcitiarters in The premier won a demand for Tokyo said one British army officer assemwy achate on tne o:u 3 a to aim two ; - . Bi - wc im J84 in a midnlc.SH Mi.on afier lie early ;tu mornins afrcr they had warned, "to refuse discussion would 'leaped into the sea Srom the smk - make impossible the existence of, In? vessel. I his Kovernment." Hcadniir.r! its rr.rr; no Americans The measure is a vita! nlank in were aboard the :crry. and the Jap - Schum fin's program to devalue the ancse government did not call upon franc. It provides for a free money I American authorities for aid, market, wlere the franc may seek Its I The tragedy occurred near Shi - own level on a par with the black koku island, off Southern Japan, market rate of 330 to SI. :The ferry was cn route on a recru - Schnman called nn emergency lar run from Japan's main island cabinet meelir.i; alter the rocialist. of Honshu lo the archipelago's opposition developed, but TPE cap - southernmost isie 01 K.yiisnu met ma not auinorizc mm to nia&u'ait ""j"s the issue a vote of confidence. undetected vestige of the war. Cyanide 'Preventative' Japanese 'Borgia' Poisons 12 In Bank Robbery Prelude Editor's nntc: A bank robber any other In fucj. or llctlon Is hunted throughout Japan. Sean potion Pol lowing 1s a; account or the bizarre ci Jlro Ymhltla. nCtlUB m ill said lie had been ordered to I riisinfenr. fhr n(!i"hbnrhOOd. in - rludlhR the bank premises and tt. - was bchic assisted in the task by nn American army lieutenant I named Hhrnctt. He explained the bank had to he disinfected be - Turn lo Papt 2, Number 1 By TAKKJ1RO YOSHIDA Tokyo (INS) I closed the bank as usual at 3 p, m. and left the vaults open for customary after - hours banking business. Fifteen minutes later a man claiming to be a doctor from the ToKyo Municipal Health Department appeared at the bank and said an outbreak: of dysentery hart been reported in the neighborhood by General MacArthur's headquarters. i Today's (Hester j 15 Comics Crnss. Punic Deaths Editorial Erlson Finucane Helen Hunt MarrlalS Lie. Obituaries is. n 18 rcsler in Rlesel R Snorts fl Times Files 5 Tripp i S Tucker fi U Welcome 11 2 Women's P H

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