The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1934
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX ELYTTTEViU.)::, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Farm Roy Who l'tanam<! King ' mi 4? TO 35 locals Asscil Supniiovily Wilh Onr-Sid.xl Win Ovr-i Wr-i Coin-Af. The- rhalli-h'.v cl fiiki'Mmi':. i-jili 1cam. (Tack ii'i'in'sr-nintl'.!-'. ill fiOiilbt-a:,l MisM-imi. laili-c! Ihe iiwiiln.'udiility i.f iln thevillc- Koti'c-n, iivf-i- ihf- . course ye.stfnlay. 'lbi> vniioi:.. \vlio tuv lf-:'iillni'. llu- yiMilii-i'-i Mi .- sotnl golf n^n-lallnn ifu-r, '.i-i-l. 1 cnislu-d. \1 in ^5. Ths Sunday lii-hni- Hlythi-vilV golfcvs had li.iu-ly nintia-,'<l u> oke out :i mu- [>:iii:i \u.-ic.\- i» hand MIL- KilLrilniilair; th-ii tir.s! defeat iivi-i- ilu- ttlkrsinn i-.iiii.M-. Yeslerdny SlkeMon had lni|.i- -, nl avenglii'i llr.u ilofeat by in ii'.;i Klvlng Hie liit-iU.s ilii-h- fii~4 uniini:- ing over the lllythevilif i-onrs-. Tlie !rltmi])h «ss ihe Mnvnth straight for ihe l!l.vlli:-vilK- n«. grcgntion in hii.'r-i-inli c.imirlt- tlon this y.-ar. Despilc Ihiir drri^iv:- j\-s ih:- KfLssourians fair- av.ay ...nm:- me: 1 ,- aire of rbtiFolaiioii In the i:er- formanee of l/-e. who wns medalist Will! a 70. l.:r MO] eel his all.lii-.hl win ovr-r Jimude l-o-.slt-l:. Ulyllu- villn jno, who caided n 75. .llininy .Gitard,. yojuthful local slar. tied ... mrith.FoisIck for. iinin"i--ii|i lionor.s «-_d»itlieVnicaiit v '.(.<im|)eiliiiiii ulcli a MH^ilfe^.v? 1 ""' ^ - •••« I)»j.-')iflKii|>ffl]r rain --ld>. *iia!l)r -cM-d'^ V'coic-s >onieu-|ieiv i;i ItHV'flO's or ' belter to linil ihem- sclves light |nu to k,-e|> nndei 1 1110. flayer Fossick .... 'Lee O. l,nnisd:-n Gee Scoll Lynch Maloae .... Pnllaril O. Kirk .. Lcntl Morris J. Caiidill Alcxander Halne.'i Galloway .. England ... Out In Tl. n. S. . -in 30 an n . -it) .1(1 "fi :i •n -1C so 48 -n •10 •i'i 42 •14 00 42 02 :«) (IB 40 m 41 111 •H no •11 87 -LI S3 •13 S5 42 Kl Sbnne Medley Gooch Binlctip C. Llnlwnicli r,u 44 Florida Harly Barnell .... McClu're n Roland .15 -]fl HI Kl •13 -ir> mi 44 0^ 4G D5 43 (W 47 VI !li 4!i 4:"> III M 4-1 y:i 4i m 01 4'J •90 4S \V. AllllCk •Mntliis ... Branson .. Keith .... G7 Caudill 48 Guard Fister Wliltworl'n .. Pola.shnic ... Buck Hcbtnson .... Farr • Sswell- Batiisier. .... J. Mattheivs David Goldman ... Kirshner ... Rollins Finliy Mann ....... 45 ••!! •1! ii •17 4!) . r )2 40 40 47 47 •1G 3'J :i4 :i ai 2 95 fl 53 r»:i i <A •isi :i U2 91! 2 D5 88 2 97 <:c-MM|i>r,o;i v:itO i-i/JAi.i'/ yill.i. Ml.I''I JIM LOW DO i\\ >.«' -<- toe,'. ...._. '> ft'A tCM'jrSlC-fOR At W-..VYjlA-W)G mm Bi'olliiM'-s Tii Cardinals; ID iiiillhtis, e ar N ;i I s li-:i(l;-l:.,| ..,|)lll '.Jill)" lh<i T, 'I he Ol.fill.-i'deiVlitVil' |]|,i- Soc a Pen nanl, Charley? 52 43 47 54 •n 14 41 •Hi 51 103 86 U! 92 By Harry Gray son Huck Ncwscm is frankly a sports jmfc'e headline hunter. The Brawns' bin recruit from the Pacific Const l.i:iiliiu: gloats In (he calcium glare. !lle cliallmgi'd n'na.v Dean to t _ jlilichlni: 01- talkiiiK conlusl. and . Hint Dizzy's kill brother. Niil!.y, a.silM him, FO that. cither allair wonldn'l In' loo lopsided. The Tigers. Yanks, mid Senators ..n: 1 'cmi-pros to ihe Uucknroo. : Like I he Deans, Ncwiotn nnl cu- lly talks ii nili'liiy pood ball came. I tnit pitches one. with one o[ the trickiest vvindiip.-; in ycurs aeeen- Umlinn Ills fust ball, which really .ilijcsn'l ictmlii- any liel]). Tin: I rocky cliiicjkrr from llarl.sville, S. t a., wind.; up likir nit <-if>hl-day tried;. lit imllulrs u intin- ' tier of the .signal coriis \vii»\va^- jliiiii; 10 a dlslant. ship. Then he | crosses his nrms, pivots, ami !in- liill.v appears lo pull Hie ball from .In:: hip piKkit. l "I'd :>l:md tu iln Mini i in- muni,))). Thr: llnuiklyj'l l-HiiluM.-, <• Ii v.'ly Cini-iiiuaii lloits In two mi-.. Tin- M-.II.-S m-iv ^ en •> i.ii !• In '1. !><•:> n bmiiwis. Paul nnd .ii-iT 1 Hi:' 'winning ptcili- as the Si. Louis Uaidlnajs -an- 111-xcd a pair of triumphs 'over the Philadelphia Phillies nl -Si uK Paul weni. the route in f HIM caine bin Dlray J, 1; idii,ri 1:0 0111 in ih:.> sm'nd' in niv'oV relief hiii-l<>i-. Tij.. ..cores U lo Ii and 7 to S. -. -. '['lit 1 Posion liravi-s hail time riiim-otlln;; iheir atifr- . ie Hill Stewart lln.t Chuck Klein's 17lh lioino- of the foul and ilien cli-.m:icd !'.i.s mind, '['he: alxml-farc uavi- thf- Cubs a :i 10 L' -decision in II innings. The Graves had won ihe firsi game. -1 lo '.'.. A men: liO.OOO fans Jammed Uic Yankee stadium to wnlcli the Yanks win from Ihe Deli oil Ti-,'<-i«. :i (o '>. and tlich los:'. 5 10 2. Gomez scored Ids lltli triumph in.Uie nr.-,t uaiuc. Riil!) wenl hitlc-ss in seven nips to (lie plate. The Boston lied Sox polished otl the Ui-uivnle.s (i lo 3 in llos- lon in n second iiamc aflcr los- IIIB the lirsi, 10 to 7. Nnvsoiu. inlkaiive comuedlor of ihe Dr-ai's lor bramjiiij; honor.-;, mm tin- Brown's winriiiii; pilehcr. liail Wliliehill's Iriclu; meant I nothiiiji to Uic Cleveland Indians. I They won from ihe Senators i;| in 5. Pearson cot circlii inr ilie' •lory. Knickerbocker and ii.,:.- tn-iwci-'M Lhem diovt- in seven rm:^ The Allilelii-.s defeated Hie cin- i">BO While Eo.v A ninth imiin;.. .IllC V.'lll- TllL- SICMf Was A Clown Becomes King MONDAY, JUNE IK, 10SJ OlEDD Last Time Today Mat. Nile 10-2fw DOUGLASS MOHTGOMtSy I'liiaiiKHini News Alttsieal (Inniody— Stoui Niglil Tuesday - Weds. The onlci'tainmenl talent of (he nation parades in th(V- brcalh-takins wonder showl 1 ill' lhc-:»se. WARNER 'BAXTER .MADOIC KVANS. SYLVIA KROOS, JOHN HOLES, JAMKS DUNN, "AUNT .IIO.Ml.MA", SHIRLEY TKM- I'l.R, AllTHUIt UYItON, llUU'H MORGAN, NICK HICK. MITCHELL ii n ,1 DUIt.VNT and STK1MN FETCH IT Wearing a mock tliiulem ol the lieavy-.vei^lH division willi all the •amiiiiu-.v; of a clown, Max 13acr sports uis mast infectious smile for ihf cameiamau. The picture was taken the day following Hs?r's tk-fi'.it of Primo Caitii-ia. Swinging His Way to a Title my hi'iid if E ont that way," wlm in:i:;;cd 30 no lexi, lh:ni .~>li los Angeles club my wincliip orisinal." Cliar'.ey Griimn, nlx>ve seems to hi- lookln" Inlo (lie camera " and pili-lii-rl in Btmu-s Ini- [hi' •last MWOII. ! "Nor jAiid II I uoei inlo CIT.II di-t.iil ivlaihi; i now h-.. took great p.iins to dupli- j ciiti 1 the mopncl mannerisms of i one Harp Walters, in u .semi-pro- Ii FIRST LOSS! Drop Cjiinie to Tiickcnnaii al Iiickcrnian by Score of 2 !o I. 'I'he IllyirievilU- 'nno.i.-. mci fil.M (ii-f-.-iil of I lie y«isoi> in ihnir hr . . u-.a iic'.s u., ? i,i, out th,:,-e in ihe field al ,hc flng "pole in the Cute 1 ! , Uce League down in '" S " aliU ' Sn "'" C! "' 0li " ;1 •47 **" Mayo Dowell; Collier Wins Stale Cro\v inrk vislonin:; n ;< I.i-aciin pi-nnant. Tlie reason for glances i<, shown nL Icfl—Dnn Hiir^l. former Phillies' wicker, uhu cam? ui i he Ciii>s in a liadi- Inr nolph Cmullli. and who will hike Grimiirs place in the lineup. Hi.rM':, baiiiiv; punch is n-.-.uml to br |juf( whai il-.e Cub.-. n:-ed. 'Mayo took advantaijc of a bieak j Di<tr:cl Attorney Ceor 10 i;o one up on MIL- :iO:h. D,iu-cll; made a hole in" on- of (lie Mrd" evened nuuters on the :i!lh. (we- (,,,d golf conrfc he won- iiu; Uic- niiitch (lircuuh rei!iila(inn exlra hole. With W. A. •Munie" Dowell forcing Bc-n Mayo of Foil. Sinllh lo Uic 37th hole to win a •enii- fiiial matcb Saturday, at L:ttl" Reck. (l,o ciiiry of tho ulyilie- vilie country club into competition in the s:ale amstenr golf tournamciu was an auspicious on:v. Mayo lost to Curtis Collier, alsai of Fort Smith, in the; Sun-! day. C too. Collier hart defeated Jacr. Tinnin or Litre Hock In th; olher semi-final mntch S-itnr- day. Dowel!. Klio had iMrlicipatcri in Hie star event before, carric-d ihe tanner of the local club inlo the Flat: event for th; first tune-. nj s Merlins play placed Dowell in a posilion immediately behind Col• Her. medalist, in the qualifying A free operation. Free burial. s.Cf,0 feet of lumber. A kcs of Ix^er. Codding collccied ihe Trick llrlivrrirs liMially AIT,- ( -l Cniilrcl "t-wa.s tired ihrce times 1 saw llaip Wallers." he a.^-.'iis. "It w.i.s Hnrp who ]>ui the biiu in . my bonr.i'i itiat ;:ot. mi- by. : "I hiuu'lvHt al Wallers' crazy jry- Coikling' r.ilions. hul he was talkh:!; si-n.-e •- - when he said: 'LUick. you're out ilicre io fool the hitter. Any fought 2 ui I man. Aik.. yrMcrtliiy. .Itilln Sjiiil]i. iiKina^er '•' 'I-,- lilylh-villi- ti-ain. ir»k tin. jjame on sliort nniii-c and preienled :i patched up ;v;i;ie;;a(ioii that Ixuv little rcseinblaiire to the team ihat l;ns j:erfoi-iin'il for him previously Ihi.s .season. However, the iiame a rlo'-'e and excitinir one. \iOOO Dazzling Girls?± •5 Rands of Music. 1 '* Vocal Chorus of 500! J,200 Wild Animal*! l,m Planers! 335 Scenes! Tiii-kriniaii si orud in the nrst sho: (.stop, made a when Jenkins, you can get 'em sHineing at your delivery instcnil of the ball, you're iniH-h ahead.' I was getting [ nowlKMc in b:iste JILSI pumping oiH'inlion! that p.'!loi ilirouuh there, so I . ihrow to !ir.-,t. _Tnckerman's Mcond rim was scored in Hie nth ianiiilj when Ifarris. Ulythevilie calcl'.ci-, made a ])erfcci [inow lo (•ateh a runnfr bin an intiekle.- Tailed lo cover ihe tag and lei. tlu- b;dl F.U ;inon;;ii. The nmner reaclu-d third ant! scored on a Ions Hy. llam,n. piicher borrowed from the Osceoia Engineers, hurled a sieady name. Conncrs' sinsle nnd .by havini; Ins uife's tonsils n--! di'dticd to Ko in for some of (he j moved. He said he was willing to' now-yoii-see-il-and-now- you-cion't |:asiponc collrciion of the socnr.d business myself, i Ix-licvc I've liron ; otter. n gcxxl pitchi-r ever since." Spiii ;r\v 0 \vitiii Smokies; Chicks nn<\' l.cokouts Halve. Himnirul Takes On Welch; SloU To Fare ttiim>' lound and carried him (hioiiirri lolil'.e Mayo was forced to ,sink a hand- Ti,. ,... ,,,,,,. the nrc ! ,|-"-i '7'"' ' front "of ti; ^ UI Z '.:on pack yf-sterday. \\"o:i i\vo toir '"' i What : l;cst iivoaioiers claim is the. (i "'^ '«« secured for '™t br'm-e.nued" TZ "irmorv ioni..m ' ° T p ." * " "" ,l mllcl ' wl malc " of a B °lime lunll. iwo out ol But only a limited • of pitchers with trick dclivei IPS i make a po of it. It generally af- .fccts their control, either because • (hey arc off balance when they out of Ibelr contortions, or lu-e sight of llie pb'e. Tl:e whole works is a handicap ln-l n [f. v The vicious :\nKir.;sivi--m-ss Ihiu enabled Ma;; Dacr lo caplure ihe heavy\v:i"hl title frcin Puma Caineia is slrikinyly illusirnled here as Ihe rugged -JS-ycar-old chnll:ns;er lorn California landed one of his "haymakers" In Ihe lirsi round. Camera fell down afier the blow ivas struck. Bacr defeated the champ on a technical knockout in till Harris 1 double accouulcd Tiger run. in the fifth. Tlic lt«x Score: Hlylhcville AH Envory. 2I> 5 Jenkins, .ss ft Conners. 3b 4 Harris, c 4 Davis, If 4 Sliced, cf 4 Corbe'l. if 4 Liberman. Ib 4 Ban-on, p ^ for (he Tola Is ar.ct waste of ctlort to some piich- ers who wrap themrelvcs ui> like a pif-i/ol, inasmuch as they have to str.ugluen ap and point liie ball al tin- plate upon iniiavfiin' Brnder. Conlctt. 13.ivrnixi.-i •I'lif Knasviilp fjiiidliirs spill iv.oi ,V ' Fa. Carawav. who was with ,l,c They beat Hie Birmingham Rar ThnrmomK Hi Corbert. t[ Sinlls. If lluller. c ... Ellioii. ]i Dowell »as Ivo domi to Mayo 61 the end of- 18 holes of play Saturday moming. Do;iell recovered from this disndvantaBj with . ft. birdie three on the 20th hole and a par four on Uic 21sl. The match proceeded evenly to the 26lh which Dowe.ll won with n : par. four but Mayo immediately \ .overcame his op|xi:iei.-fs lead widi .;a par three on the 27th when . Oowtll three-putted. :; ; twy h»lv«d the . next Iwo and Tbc Nfemphis Chicks and Clm- inooga Lookouts divided a pair •it Chattanooga. The chicks won Ihe second. G lo 0 nfter the Loo!:- oiils grabbed the rtrsi. s tn -t. In the opcnor. Iwo out of tlircc •• • i falls lime Imiil. John Stole iit-.d Cyclone Burns will '", ' llr " octl ° :<l rt:| V5- ^ n/\fu «v« . — n u.., r..^* *-'iane. wl.o toilfd lor turned clear around meet. Doth are small bill fust , vvl.o tojltd lor ihe Browns mv. 1.1. jjiriu lilt; bill ill I mid liioL . --••-•-11 i.'i mi i ji \j(% iu nnd aggressive workmen. Dough " 1: " » nnl =ccs 20 years ago. seemed - - - lo vans ihe ball from the pit of I Stuff Is ti l!0lh ..he more scientific angle and their . . -:• —•• imaic'n is e>.p^c(cd to prove a grip Jli;; ' P 0 "' 11 " to look at. Free Burial Prize For West Coast Hole in One;' nEDFOKD. Ore. (Upi - Whcni Rend Cnuvlcr Ne'ra Wim Ads. Is lu their line of work but [ p ! V mK lhc bnl1 fro: » Hi" 1 PH ol know ihe grip racket from , ~ >cl Y S!lln Lnvo stamped an; lore scientific nnnle and their U!!s ™- "•"• the tall Yankee wa: cf AB •I •I 4 4 4 •I •! •I 4 lltn round of a ychediilcd den Bowl. -round bout at Madison o(|U:u Island Citv. N. Y. Comic Opera in U.S. ; Had "Yankee Doodle" PHILADELPHIA (UP) — where M- and when did ihe tune "Yankee II: Doodle" orisinnle? Well, here'.-: ; one "The nixapnoinnncnl." (lie firs: comic opera composed and |inb- umphs Over U S Vis- I:shc;1 , "' Ulc Unilcci Slat(vs - co »I ^ w ^,1 w. j. v is ! la]nc( , a son c]l!illc(l -Yankee I Doodle." and |he tune is prac- U. S. Team nt Osccola Tvi- 30 7 2 1 Score by innings: Blytheville 000 010 Tuckerman 100 010 Ti. H. E 000-8 1 2 OOx—7 2 1 of pivots on his htp. Firpo Nfarbevi-j' losses his left fool liish m the nir, nnd rears iling Aggregation. The Osccola U. S. Engineers de- . fra(cd Memphis U. S. Engineers. 5 lo 'J. in o Bfime al O.-ceo!:i Sm>- , clay (ifternoon. j Slnit of (he contest was dc-I iayed for more Ihan an hour Ix 1 - er.nse of rain and a smaller crowd Milan usual sal in on the game, ''lay finally started nl 4:15 o'clock fler Hie baselines had been imrn- d off with jtnsollne. Ntemplils opened with a run in he first and added another in lie fidh. Osccolii scored three •im.s in the Ihlrd, added one in he si.x-i and another In |j le 'cvrnlh. Binjhnin started for Mcmptiks but was relieved by Cook, liettt- on caught ibeir onrrinsf. The brother battery of Porter nnd 1'or- ter worked for Osceoln. Osccoln will be host to liales- ville next Sunday at Oceob. llcally the same as we know it to- i day. The composer «ns Andrew ' Barton. A copy of trie opera, first, print- i cd in New York in 1707, n-.ns re- 1 wntly exhibited here by the 1 : brary Company of Philadelphia. Its Marvels Never Cease! The Show of 1,001 Surprises! HATS OFF! . ..lo Ihe bifrgcsl, liveliest, niosl glorious of all (imc! n round ader a He has ex- Of K h, Klin ickc-is. Karl \Viiiie- 'way back, . M , lcs like jello us lie son ceptionally fine control tor oile wilh a freak delivery. Da??.y Vance believes he screens the ball and at the same time diM-onccrU the hitter with a rag- !,vd sleeve, and Sluieks Pnictt had ihe same idea. But no motion or trick will n pitcher over unless he has ' Fluff Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 llad "liar Trouble VANCOUVER. Wa.h ,Tj P) _ County Clerk Oral Cain had "rat (rouble" in her nmomoblle motor Her car behaved peculiarly on several occasions and after a ond vlfii (o <!!i-crv:rctl prisoned under a mechanic h.ilf-^arved rat im- hood. R«od Courier Vows Wont Ad*, j you WANT-ADS To-day t Paramount News ^Ungdon Comedy Marie LeggeU won Ihe Ronns Voles Sunday! BONUS TONIGHT 2^.000 extra votes to ll\ contestant directly responsible for the largest number of people attending the ?hcnv tonight. 3,000 votes with each aduli paidadmission tonight.

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